Thank you and preliminary congratulations


First, thanks to all who joined in the Live Chat yesterday. These things have become a big hit (and a bigger hit with Rangers-fan boss) so we’ll be doing them regularly the rest of the season. Gotta say, it was a lot of fun. Plus I could do it in my PJs.

Second, preliminary congrats to our ticket contest winner, Koy.

Koy had the Devils winning 4-3, but had Elias with the GWG.

Mikey F had Devils 4-3, and Clarkson with the GWG.

So we went to the next tiebreaker, Rangers shots. Koy had 25, Mikey F had 22, and the Rangers had 26.

So, it appears the winner is Koy. I’m giving youse half a day in case I missed another entry that was closer than that, or in case my calculations were incorrect. If you think you won, email me ( by 5 p.m. Otherwise I will declare Koy the official winner of the tickets.

It would have been a lot more complicated if the Rangers had won the game.

We have another pair of tickets to give away, probably  with a contest in the Rangers-Devils rematch Tuesday. Stay tuned.


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  1. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    Just in case Spider has not mentioned it… to all our friends who need links to the game

    First Row Sports was seized by homeland security. maybe another version will pop up soon.

    Have a great Friday ‘Heads!

  2. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    and OY VEY Ilbzo! Cryin Ryan?! He’s certainly not making us any younger. It may be beneficial in the short term, depending on who is going. If it’s WoWo, PeeWeeJudasFredo and Faux Gawd, just do it!

  3. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    Carpy, if I ever win the tickets, i’d have too many ‘heads to choose from, we might have to do a side contest for that lol!

  4. I also prefer to root for a team that doesn’t treat the power-play as if it’s a life sentence.

    That 4-on-3 in OT the other night was abysmal. I almost switched channels. What a bunch of clowns.

  5. What was on the other channel, Miami? Nicaragua-Bolivia women’s amateur summer league pick-up game?

  6. Selanne may cost more, especially if LB is right and Smyth does want to come to NY. They both scored 16 goals a of today.

  7. I don’t know if a rental will fit in with the M.O. of this team. It would take a special player for sure. But Smyth is a UFA July 1st, so that it good for the Rangers. Morrow has the extra year. Smyth certainly will help the PP. But more importantly, he ill be gone over the summer…

    …just in time to sign Zach Parise on July 1st.

  8. Why would we want to sign another Devil “has been?” Were Scotty Holik and Bobby Gomez not enough?

  9. If the Rangers are going to make a run, they sure are going to need the help of a veteran. The question is, are we ready to make a run………….that is debatable.

  10. Interesting choice of Smyth. As far as any Devil I am always against any of them but Parise might be my only exception. I would be surprised if he wanted to come to NY.

  11. the key about ryan smyth is the ufa come july 1st. i would deal for him. he is a proven playoff player and can be like holmstrom around the net on pp.

    getting rid of wolksi and his 3.8 could be first step in getting smyth in here.

    i dont think it will take our A Prospects

  12. Devils has been? Don’t forget MIKE RUPP!

    I will take anyone that will make us better. I don’t know if one player would, or could, mess up this locker room. Our boys are focused. They might appreciate the help.

  13. Parise is the real deal. Every Devil you mention previously was a question mark signed by a desperate GM bidding against himself. The NYR need an elite RW. Parise is that. Call me crazy, but I would take Parise ahead of two Dubinskys. Parise’s style would be great for the NYR. He was brilliant in the Olympics and Torts got to see it first hand. Parise would be a more obvious/logical signing than Richards was.

  14. Forgot to mention that I went to the Bulls @ Knicks game last night. (Calm down everybody). Ryan McBust and Derek Step-ON were there. They got a really nice hand from the crowd. Although no one joined in my “Let’s Go Rangers!” chant. Weak.

    Also, walked past Julia Styles outside MSG. Suh-weet.

  15. One complimentary player who I think would fit in perfectly in Paul Gaustad. He’s very similar to Boyle in almost every aspect with the one exception being he’s consistently one of the best face-off men in the game. That is one thing the Rangers don’t have and can be crucial in the playoffs.

    If the Rangers were to acquire a star player like Ryan, Selanne, Iginla etc and they lose a player Anisimov in the process, I would definitely look at Gaustad to be the 3rd line center. I wouldnt give up anything of importance for him but considering he is a UFA on a non-playoff team, I don’t think he would cost anything more than a 5th rounder.

  16. Parise is an elite player, probably the only US born player who would have gotten picked to Team Canada had he been Canadian. Gomez was on the decline for years and Holik never was what we signed him to be.

  17. I think Anisimov is expendable. I just think he has ZERO trade value. A little below average at best.

  18. “probably the only US born player who would have gotten picked to Team Canada had he been Canadian.”

    Haha, this one took me a minute…

  19. Doodie Machetto on

    thenyrangers whoops and hollars from the #NYR bench as Torts tells Boyle/Prust/Fedotenko to take turn on power play!


  20. “I wear my sunglasses at night
    So I can, so I can
    Watch you weave
    Then breathe your story lines
    And I wear my sunglasses at night
    So I can, so I can
    Keep track of the visions in my eyes”
    – Corey Hart (not the baseball player)

  21. Linda – Like I said last night, they haven’t taken the original firstrowsports with the .eu ending. Maybe that’s not actually run by the guy in Michigan. Theres still vipbox.

  22. Noah-auer-inger, 29 on

    Not that I’m not happy to see him go, but I’m confused why we would deal Christensen for an AHL-level guy and not save him for some sort of package where we see an actual return.

    That said, when it comes to trades, in Slats I trust.

  23. Maybe if Wellman doesn’t have to go through waivers to get sent down they can immediately demote him and save some incremental cap space.

  24. Doodie Machetto on

    BTW, all of the people who thought they were sweetening deals by throwing in EC, this was his value. Him and a 7th rounder for an undrafted AHL guy. So you weren’t really sweetening anything.

    Nice to see that Sather did EC a favor though by sending him somewhere where he gets another shot. He probably could’ve made that deal with a lot of our fringe guys.

  25. obviously its a cap saving 950k here in this deal.

    this could be a start to something bigger. maybe smyth maybe ruutu. who knows

  26. I’d be down with Smyth if he is willing to leave Edmonton and it doesn’t take much to get him.
    I think he’d be a fine rental let let him go.

    Wow I didn’t think Christensen we could get rid of a real dime a dozen player…
    Guess our BCATHE stat’s are going to suffer without Christensen’s SO domination…

  27. It does say something when a pick had to be included to get rid of him (especially when there is not a huge cap hit).

  28. kinda don’t get the point of this trade unless the Rangers are far more desperate for $950k of cap space than I thought

  29. Wellman is 24, on two-way contract (AHL salary less than $105K), and only played 27 NHL games. He can go to AHL and back to NHL without clearing waivers or re-entry waivers….

  30. The experiment moves on to Minnesota lol

    stevezipay Been told that the 7th rounder in 2013 is conditional

    wonder what that condition is? hope its not life threatening ;)

  31. 950K today is just above $1M by deadline. WW next- via trade or AHL route….They might be looking at around $10M cap space by deadline…

  32. And EC was 0 for the season anyway in his SO attempts. Gaborik of all people has been their best SO player.

  33. Doodie Machetto on

    Everyone thinking this was a cap clearing move for something bigger, calm yourselves. They could’ve easily Whaled him if they wanted to just clear the cap space. This deal was doing EC a favor while helping restock the Whale’s cupboard. Don’t read into it too much.

  34. the rangers need the cap space of 925k or 950k whatver is contract was. he wasnt going to play and this is no shootouts in playoffs.

    im assuming wolski will be back up now from his conditioning stint since there is no spare forward or maybe not and have no scratches up front

  35. That too, doodie..But it’s never a bad idea to get extra bodies in AHL. Injuries etc. EC, if Whaled, would have to go through re-entry. If someone picks him up- the Rangers are on the hook for half of his salary.

  36. no one is taking Wolski at that salary. going to have to send him to Connecticut like they should have months ago.

    dumping a draft pick in order to be rid of $950k doesn’t make much sense

  37. Doodie Machetto on

    Parise won’t be a Ranger. Just not happening. Devils aren’t going to trade him. They need the playoff gate money too much to move him. And in the offseason, he is going to get much better offers than what the Rangers can give him because we spent our money on Brad Richards.

    Remember? He was supposed to be our bonafide #1 center, fix Gaborik, and fix our PP too. 0-3! Only another 8 years!

  38. It’s a 7th round draft pick, the likelihood of that pick ever making it to the NHL is small.

  39. Doodie Machetto on

    ilb, they were NEVER putting EC back into the lineup. If they needed forwards from CT. If they lost a top 6 guy, they would’ve gone with Newbury first, bumping up a guy like Fedotenko in the depth chart.

    This was just a move to restock the cupboard and do EC a favor. This was not a salary dump for something bigger as just Whaling EC would’ve been easier and not cost a draft pick.

  40. This move isn’t about Parise at all. Not until the offseason. But I wouldn’t be so sure Rangers can’t get him in July, Doodie. Money talks. CBA expires in September. They can still give him a nicely sized signing bonus in July of this year to protect him from roll-back…

  41. Doodie Machetto on

    Lloyd, they do plenty wrong. But this to me is a low risk, middling reward move. Wellman looks like he can score well at the AHL level. Who knows, maybe something comes of him. If not, we have our own Jason Krog, and having some consistent guys in the AHL isn’t a bad thing.

  42. Didn’t Ryan Smyth go to LA because his wife wanted out of Edmonton, and then leave LA for Edmonton because his wife wanted to go back? Is that really what the Rangers want?

  43. Doodie Machetto on

    Dr. Evil, no, I don’t think this hurts our depth at forward. EC was, at best, 3rd in line outside of guys currently in the lineup behind Wolski and Newbury.

  44. Smyth went to LA via Colorado in a salary dump. Pronger’s wife is the one that wanted out of Edmonton.

  45. Smyth then basically forced a trade to Edmonton from LA (which LA was more than happy to oblige as it freed up money for Richards and Doughty).

  46. When did this become As the World Turns? Are we going to get back to the Flyer/ex-Flyer wife swap story?

  47. Hey remember when everyone was saying that Christensen should be taken out back and shot before getting another shot in the lineup? Why are some people upset about it now?

  48. Doodie Machetto on

    Dr. Evil, if a bottom line goes down, Newbury obviously makes more sense than EC for a grinding role. If a top 6 guy goes down, they probably put Newbury in and then promote someone from the bottom 6 like Mitchell or Fedotenko. In either scenario, EC sits.

  49. Doodie Machetto on

    And if a top 6 guy goes down, Wolski would also have to be hurt in order for EC to get a shot.

    I think this is a very, very low risk move. And at worst, we got a decent AHL player out of it.

    This is just franchise maintenance, not some kind of precursor to bigger things on the horizon.

  50. i kind of like my new Dr. Evil persona! I’m gonna keep it for the day ;)

    Talk to the hand ’cause the face dont wanna hear it anymore!

  51. Erik Christensen sucks and doesn’t belong in the NHL

    that being said, unless they were doing him a favor, packaging him with a draft pick in order to be rid of $950k is illogical.

  52. “He was bryzgaloving cocktail waitresses 2 at a time!”

    “You straightened my brother out?”

  53. Roster flexibility Lloyd, they get a guy that can immediately send down to the AHL without waivers.

    Don’t cry over a 7th round pick, I looked at the past 5 drafts and out of about 130 players selected in that round 9 of them have even made it to the NHL.

  54. Doodie Machetto on

    Lloyd, as I said, they are restocking the AHL cupboard. It’s good for our prospects for them to get some playoff experience at that level and adding a quality AHLer helps in that process. Right now they are a bubble team in the AHL. This guy can probably help them push for a playoff spot.

  55. Doodie Machetto on

    TSNBobMcKenzie BTW, CT Whale haven’t won since Dec. 31, day Sean Avery was assigned. CT is 0-9-2 with Avery on roster, tho he has played only 5 of 11 games

    That says everything right there. And probably more than it had to say. Forget the Avery stuff. The team needs to win and they made a trade to help it.

  56. Wellman is probably higher on the depth chart than Newbury although this move was really made b/c 1) Christensen probably requested it and 2) the Whale are struggling big time and need help.

  57. TSNBobMcKenzie BTW, CT Whale haven’t won since Dec. 31, day Sean Avery was assigned. CT is 0-9-2 with Avery on roster, tho he has played only 5 of 11 games

  58. They (the Whale) are going to struggle even worse when/if MZA gets recalled. The Wellman/Fredo swap clears some space for his recall, if they want….

  59. Avery’s also played I think 3 full games since being demoted to Connecticut. He was benched part way through two others.

  60. Doodie Machetto

    i would assume we would only give it up if he resigns since he is an RFA but 7th round picks are nothing to be concerned with ever.

  61. Doodie Machetto on

    Lloyd, as I said, ignore the Avery stuff. Fact is the Whale are plummeting and the Rangers’ brass is trying to save their season so they can get the actual prospects (Erixon, MZA, JAM, Bourque, Vtank, and maybe even Kreider) some playoff experience, even if only at the AHL level.

  62. “7th round picks are nothing to be concerned with ever.”

    We got Jon Mitchell for a seventh round pick. Prust sayin’.

  63. Doodie:

    I don’t think Avery has anything to do with the performance of Connecticut, just pointing out he’s basically not played since getting sent there.

  64. Doodie Machetto on

    oleo, probably not for two reasons:

    1) EC is UFA
    2) conditional picks for resigning go in the other direction, i.e., if the traded player resigns with the new team, they send a pick back to the original team. The only time the conditional pick goes to the new team is in a scenario where the traded player signs with the original team, and that usually only accompanies a player with significant value, not a piece of junk like EC.

  65. NYR_FAN

    which means we basically got him for nothing. a 7th round pick is extremely useless since hitting a player that low is essentially luck, especially these days with all the technology.

  66. correct, Doodie, the condition might be if Wellman is called up or if he plays significant number of games or accomplishes significant stats or plays in the playoffs for the Rangers.

  67. Doodie Machetto on

    Lloyd, neither am I. I don’t think Avery deserves the blame there. But the fact is that the season was falling apart and it was important to try and save it.

  68. Doodie:

    I guess I can buy that argument and it certainly makes a whole lot more sense than this hysteria about cap space.

  69. the only way Wellman probably plays for the Rangers is if we clinch 1st in the East with games remaining and we sit a few guys in the remaining games.

  70. Doodie Machetto on

    Lloyd, that’s what I’ve been saying the whole time. It’s not for cap space. That wouldn’t make sense. If they just wanted cap space, they could’ve just Whaled him for nothing. I think this was doing EC a favor and at the same time, trying to help right the AHL ship/

  71. It does free up cap space. That’s the other plus. It doesn’t free up enough to do anything major but it could be coupled with another move (like moving Wolski) to open up as much cap space as possible.

  72. Doodie Machetto on

    CTB, I think freeing up cap space is only the secondary reason for this trade. 950k in CT is nothing, especially since he was basically being paid 950k to do nothing but show up to practice.

    This was a trade to improve the Whale, first and foremost.

  73. Yes this move frees up cap space but that is certainly not why they made the move. All they had to was put him on waivers and there is your cap space.

    Christensen gets to crack the lineup in Minnesota and the Whale get much needed help down in the AHL. Win-win for both sides…

  74. Doodie, you don’t think EC would help in Hartford, if that is your argument? He has much more experience than Wellman, both play center. It’s most likely both reasons.

  75. People don’t understand the importance of -The Wolfpack- The Whale to CT’s economy. This move is a business move for CT. I am sure Governor Rell was behind it (or whoever the Gov’nah is now)

  76. This was a move to help the Whale and a move out of consideration for EC. Say what you want about the guys inconsistency, but he worked hard and had some key moments for us since playing for the Rangers. He wasn’t good enough to be on this team (he had the talent, but not the confidence), so they moved him on so he could get some PT elsewhere.

    Wellman isn’t great, but he should help the AHL squad.

  77. Agree Doodie, cap space is a byproduct of the trade but it could come in handy if they decide to move larger cap hits. I don’t think they do a big trade this year. Why not see what the current group can do. They’ll have plenty of cap space opening up after this year to make changes without having to move major assets.

  78. I agree that it’s more a move for Christensen’s future (Sather is a _really_ good guy). Who knows, maybe Glen asked the Wild for a favor or something. Let’s see how much Christensen plays out there.

  79. not to mention that Koivu is injured and EC will probably see top 6 minutes for a few weeks…

  80. Doodie Machetto on

    ilb, he probably would be some help in terms of talent, but what about in attitude? He wants to stay in the NHL, not take a step backwards. I’m pretty dure part of this was motivated by EC asking Sather to trade him.

    Besides, this Wellman kid seems to be a good scorer at that level and he has some upside and a potential future with the Whale. EC has neither of those things. Not to mention, he hasn’t really played very much this year. Wellman already has that battle level going for him.

  81. so yeah maybe they were just doing a favor to Christensen by sending him somewhere he may actually play. I fully expect he’ll be out of the NHL before long, but in theory he’s got a chance with a different team.

  82. ilb2001

    think about it for a second. Would the Whale want a veteran center with no real incentive to help their team win. In fact Christensen or any player in that position would likely want to miss thr AHL playoffs to get the season over with.

    You really think Avery gives a damn about whether the Whale make the playoffs or not? He wants the season to end ASAP so he can get into fashion season…

  83. Doodie Machetto on

    NYRFan, I hope they do. Would be a perfect riposte for all of their detractors. As long as it’s on no better than a bubble Western Conference team, I wish him all the best.

  84. good luck to Erik
    hope he finds his mojo

    at situation with Whale
    didn’t realize team was
    doing so poorly
    til i read Bob McKenzie’s tweet

  85. Doodie Machetto on

    When they let Voros go I was excited because I thought it meant that Sauer or Eminger was close to returning so they were making space for Bickel. While this isn’t as good as that, I’ll definitely take it.

  86. Doodie Machetto on

    jpg, me neither. I knew they were struggling lately but didn’t realize it was that bad.

  87. Doodie Machetto on

    And hey, what do you know? Eminger now being reported as ready to return as early as Sunday. So maybe it was the plan all along and this just came up.

  88. Doodie Machetto on

    Staal, that’s a good point. You’re right. Could also play into why they dumped EC thus clearing away an NHL roster spot for Eminger.

  89. One major problem with the Whale was the Rangers sent very few prospects to them this season.

    Hagelin is up here, Zuccarello has been injured most of the year and Ray Bourque’s kid has been a bust. Next year they are going to get JT Miller, McIlrath, Christian Thomas, Andrew Yogan and maybe even Chris Kreider to start.

  90. Hey guys – just to let you know. I borderline care about the Whale when the Rangers are in first. Prust Sayin’

  91. I forgot Voros got a try with Hartford. I wonder what him an Avery are doing down there, especially without Lundqvist. Maybe opening a bar in Hartford?

  92. Hey Carp – at the battle of the bulge, the allied forces were stretched thin and on the brink of having their line broken by the German Panzer division. How did they survive?

  93. Oleosmirf – also the prospects that would’ve normally been down there are up with the big club. Stepan, McDonagh, Del Zotto, and even Bickel (to a certain extent) are all up with the big club as other guys have moved on (as most AHL journeymen do). It’s one of the issues of having a really young team. We have young talent that is NHL ready and the younger talent is still in juniors.

  94. Curbside Cafe- 100 Route 46 West, Pasrsippany (In the parking lot of a porn/head shop, run by ex-East Orange Cops) 1-chili dog 1 with mustard and marinated onions.
    This afternoon at work is going to be a blast!

  95. Manny February 3rd, 2012 at 12:27 pm e

    Hey Carp – at the battle of the bulge, the allied forces were stretched thin and on the brink of having their line broken by the German Panzer division. How did they survive?

    Answer: Wellman.

  96. The people at Warren77 told me, “Sean Avery doesn’t care about the Rangers, we don’t care about the Rangers. Watch the games somewhere else.”

  97. Noah-auer-inger, 29 on

    I believe it was Rowdy Roddy Piper who once said: “Just when you think you have all the answers, I change all the questions!”

  98. Also, it was brought to my attention again yesterday, but it’d be interesting to see how this team with look if Cherepanov didn’t tragically die in 2008. You’d have to wonder if Stepan would be up with the big club or down in CT.

  99. Hey Carp: Why are the employees at Warren77 under the impression that Sean Avery doesn’t care about the New York Rangers?

  100. re: Winter Classic Jerseys

    maybe because Mike Rupp only has one point since and they’ve got to get “Rupper” going because he’s so important in the locker room, amirite

  101. Sounds good BANJ – me and my new co-worker are headed to Shake Shack baby. Shake Shack, Baby Shakes Shack.

  102. Is this the most press that Wellman has ever gotten? I wonder if he googles himself if he will end up on this blog.

  103. Doodie Machetto on

    What a day! Who knew the trade of a guy who hasn’t played in a couple of months could spark so much discussion. Imagine if they traded Avery!

  104. Why not let McBust go in the Shootout? At least he’s fast. He and Hagelin can just go back to back and go as fast as they can straight into the goalie.

  105. Staal Wart and the Overachievers February 3rd, 2012 at 12:48 pm

    Who’s going to score in the shootouts both WW a EC go?


    Answer: *Wellman*

  106. Doodie Machetto on

    Puck Daddy wins the internet today for this comment about Avery being a judge on Project Runway last night:

    “Hence, being on last night’s panel must be as fulfilling as Dustin Penner appearing as a judge on “Iron Chef America: Battle Flapjacks.””

  107. why not use Biron(he has really big equipment) in a deal, there are plenty still looking for a decent goalie..

  108. Doodie Machetto on

    Lloyd, do you not know about Penner and pancakes!?

    Do yourself a HUGE favor. Google “Dustin Penner delicious pancakes”

  109. seriously… driving in for Philly game on Sunday, what gastoric nightmare does everyone think is the new “not to miss” pick out of the new food court??

  110. I think the Rangers should absolutely consider trading Biron on a deadline deal. The 2-3 games he would have played surely is worth the 1st rounder if some team is desperate enough for a goalie.

    If Hank gets hurt our chances are gone anyways so might as well take the pick…

  111. Doodie Machetto on

    JB, depends on your budget. The brisket from Hill Country BBQ was delicious, but it was wayyyy overpriced for a TINY portion.

  112. billybleedsblue on

    Wellman — In 2010-11, saw action in 15 games, collecting two points (1-1=2) and four PIM…His only NHL goal of the season came as the game-winner vs. NYR

    Sather is eliminating the competition by buying them. How Yankees of him.

  113. Oleo- the chances of that happening is much lower than recovering money lost in Madoff’s debacle.

  114. if a top team’s starter is out for the year and they don’t have a capable backup, they could get desperate, ya never know…

  115. billybleedsblue on

    lol, I copied and pasted those stats on Wellman from the wolfpack whale whatever site and they have “1-1=2” hahahahaha ONE MINUS ONE EQUALS 2.

    obviously we know what they meant, but still funny in a this-might-break-the-universe-kind-of-way…

  116. good luck to Erik Christiansen, felt kind of bad for him, he has skills, but somehow he didn’t seem to fit in, seemed like an outsider.

    jpg’s and jpg’s sister’s mom said, when she heard of Erik’s trade, “so where is he going so he can do good? “

  117. I Rarely Speak on

    Carp how do you feel about “Brooksie” reading your chat yesterday and then writing an article about Ryan “the Crier” Smyth?

  118. christensen a serial underachiever. huge skill but cannot bring it every night.

    traded a 28 year old13th forward and received a 24 year old13th forward. and saved a few bucks.

    Wolski is a higher priced version of EC… He is not a 2012 Ranger player, not tough enough, does not bring it enough.

    the lunch pail rangers who would have ever thought!!!!!

  119. billybleedsblue on

    …see a little sign on the side of the road that says fif-teen miles to the




  120. Doodie Machetto on

    Ryan Smyth can fill the need for crying that this team has missed since Messier retired.

  121. eddie eddie eddie on

    if dollars were ranger pp goals, how many will i have from now till the end of time?

    a) zero

    b) less than 1

    c) all of the above

  122. eddie eddie eddie on

    i havent had time to bust a rhyme, eating jello or is it slime, i had 2 nickesl or one dime, i love lemons more than limes, i ring bells and sometimes chimes, i love to divide and do my times – tables


  123. Tony, Wellman.
    I Rarely Speak, Wellman.
    Sally, Wellman.
    eddie, Wellman.

    I think it would be an enormous gamble to trade Biron. not worth it … plus you’d have to trade him out West, right? Though Philly might give you Giroux for him.

  124. Doodie Machetto on

    Yeah, I wouldn’t trade Biron either. If we had even a remotely capable backup I would consider it, depending on the return. But Dos Nueve and Talbot are not remotely capable.

  125. eddie eddie eddie on

    allright my bruthas and sistas…..i be back … the crack…..of one my time, in the pm, auntie em, i love peggy flem ing


  126. Doodie Machetto,
    agree 110% and have been thinking the same thing since people have been throwing around trade proposal’s on this blog.

  127. Yes! Prospal. We need his tan, necklaces and goal celebrations. He can keep Artem Anisimov’s celebrations under wrap (should he decide to score another goal this season).

  128. Yup. Cheap rental and keep the cap space open for July 1. … unless you think J.P.’s kid won’t be available and you can get Iginla for a reasonable price. Because if you’re going for it this year, he’s the guy I want, the guy who fits all the criteria.

  129. Prospal should be an option. Yet, there are probably better players available.

    I’m not advocating a trade…Prust sayin’

    What does this team need…A vet leader or a young scorer?

  130. the way i see this might be the Rangers best chance to win the East since the East only has 4 real contenders and Crosby might be out for the playoffs.

    I have no problem giving up any one of our top prospects not named Kreider or Miller and a 1st rounder plus Anisimov as well.

    If we can add someone like Iginla, Ryan or Selanne to our already 1st place team, without hurting our NHL roster that surely makes us the team to beat, no?

  131. Doodie Machetto on

    ” unless you think J.P.’s kid won’t be available and you can get Iginla for a reasonable price”

    I don’t think Parise will be available and I don’t think they will be able to get Iginla for a reasonable price. Calgary is going for it. The trade for Cammalleri signals their intention to be a win-now team. As for Parise, I don’t think the Rangers can afford him this summer, and the Devils definitely will not trade him this season because they need the playoff gate too badly to risk missing the playoffs.

  132. Agree, Carp! Iginla is the one…However, at this point it is less obvious that they won’t be able to get Parise…So Sather may stay away. Smyth, btw, should not be a very expensive rental either considering (again, IF what LB said was true) that he may want to come to NY and Edmonton knows that next year he will most likely sign with them only…

  133. Most likely scenario with Zach:

    Devils make playoffs by skin of their teeth. Get knocked out in first round.

    Lou trades Parise on Draft day for a first round pick plus goodies. Somehow, Devs end up with Nail Yakupov….and Parise is out West….

  134. Doodie, I understand that the Debbies need the money but do you really think a first round exit is going to draw enough revenue to put a dent in what they owe?
    I still can’t figure out who thought moving the Debbies to the hood was a good move…

  135. I’d love to have Vinny back. His passion on this team again would be awesome. Plus it’d solve the problem of who to put on Gaby’s other wing. Prospal-Steps-Gaby.

    Plus we’d probably only need to trade a pick for him.

    Prospal – Steps – Gaby
    Hags – Richards – Cally
    Feds/WW/MZA – Arty – Dubi
    Feds – Boyle – Prust/Rupp

    Wouldn’t have an issue with that. Obviously Smyth (who is the Canadian Chris Drury) and Iginla would be better players, but we know what Prospal can do since we’ve seen it the last 2 years.

  136. See I didn’t think Smyth wanting out of Edmonton made any sense. He cried when he got traded from there (although some of that might have had to do with going to the Islanders) and forced a trade back there from LA this past summer. If he wanted to go to a contending team he could have stayed in LA.

    It’s probably a product of writers looking at non-contending teams rosters and finding out who’s an impending UFA. Factor in an older guy that’s never won a Cup and you could write that story for a bunch of different players every year around the trade deadline.

  137. Doodie Machetto on

    “Doodie, I understand that the Debbies need the money but do you really think a first round exit is going to draw enough revenue to put a dent in what they owe?”

    Every penny counts for them.

    And ilb, they won’t be able to afford Parise because they would have too much money invested in too few players. Parise will get 8 million a year, at least. That leaves the Rangers with about 40 million (including Drury’s buyout hit) in only 7 players. Doesn’t work, plus, the team will be in a lot of trouble in a couple of years when guys like McDonagh, Hagelin, Stepan, etc. are up for raises from their entry level deals.

  138. I absolutely agree that Iginla is the guy the Rangers should go after. Parise isn’t coming here next season and Iginla has 1 more year at 7 mil next season so he’s not a rental.

    I think you can package Anisimov, Christian Thomas, Zuccarello and a 1st rounder and get it done. Maybe they’ll even take Wolski as a throw in since he will need to be waived anyway. That package certainly wont hinder the Rangers in the future and gives them a big shot at the cup this season and next.

  139. Do you guys think Wellwood eats a lot of ham? I bet he likes jam on his ham, just like his pet lamb, Sam.

  140. Doodie Machetto on

    I don’t know why people want Iginla. We are good on RW. We need a LW. Iginla coming means less ice time for Gaborik and Callahan, the only two forwards we have that should be on the ice as much as possible.

  141. Doodie Machetto on

    Wellwood definitely eats a lot of something. Ham probably is in the equation somewhere.

  142. CTBlueshirt

    he cried because he got traded to the Islanders, an 8th place team going nowhere with no shot at a Cup.

    There is a 99.9999999% chance he waives his no-trade clause to come to the Garden. Why on earth would he say no? So he has to live in a hotel w/o his family for 2-3 months, he’s a professional athlete and its part of the gig. Plus he can always sign back with Edmonton in July.

  143. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    I think I know how we can keep thinkin I keep the gimmicky shoot out but, minimalise its impact. Instead of the winner of the shootout earning in extra point, the shootout determines whether the point you earned for the tie is displayed in your win column or loss column. 3pts for a win, 1 pt for both in a tie. No third pt given. Winner of gimmicks record is 1-0, loser is 0-1. Does that make sense?

  144. the only move i see the rangers making is for a ufa that contract expires july 1st. maybe a ray whitney. maybe a spacek on d. dont see them taking anyone that has a contract past july 1st.

  145. “I don’t know why people want Iginla. We are good on RW. We need a LW. Iginla coming means less ice time for Gaborik and Callahan, the only two forwards we have that should be on the ice as much as possible.”

    Someone goes to the off-wing. Not a big deal.

  146. Could we get anything for a package of WW, AA, MZA, a 1st round pick and one or two prospects? I would not include Krieder, Miller or Mac Truck–but any of the other prospects. Could we get a 25-35 goal power forward under the age of 27 with a package like that? Maybe throw in some of our spare part/Superfluous d-men?Seems like we should be able to get somebody but my fear is that a package like that would only yield a player we don’t want and be a waste of prospects and draft picks. Really how many Bobby Ryan-like players are there in the NHL. Not as common as we would like to believe.

  147. because of the cap hits of those guys and their minimal productivity, you’re not getting anything better than you’ve already got

  148. Doodie Machetto on

    eric, I’m going on Sunday, but definitely can’t start drinking that early if I’m going to do it up for the Superbowl.

  149. Hey Everybody: Really great to be traded to the New York Rangers. It’s really thrilling to be part of an organization that is in first place. Your well wishes are much appreciated. I can’t wait to make my impression.



  150. and I repeat, you’re not getting Iginla for Anisimov. it won’t happen. Zuccarello has zero value.

  151. Doodie Machetto on

    Hartford Whalerpack, if that was the deal I’d do it in a second. Unfortunately, that deal would only work in a fantasy world, and in the fantasy world, we already have Iginla, so it wouldn’t be necessary there.

  152. Iginla could move to the left of Gaborik and Stepan. Why not? Iginla is a legit first-line player. The Rangers need a legit first-line player. He plays the PP, plays tough, has unquestioned character and grit and experience, would thrive in this system …

    Just sayin’ … if you could get him without giving up too much … I’d rather have him for this and next year’s playoff runs. And, again, that assumes you don’t think you’re going to get Parise. Otherwise you stay away from anybody whose contract doesn’t expire after this season.

  153. Doodie Machetto on

    He’s played his entire HOF career on the right wing, but now we will trade for him only to move him to his off wing? Doesn’t make sense.

    If we are going to pony up for a big name player, might as well target a younger one who fills an actual need, like Rick Nash or Bobby Ryan.

  154. Wait, was that really Wellman? Are we actually that popular? Is bacon a ham product? I’m Jewish.

  155. doodie

    screw the super bowl. hope the giants lose by 50. go pats.

    rick nash one could only dream

  156. Iginla, as a scorer, is an upgrade to every forward on the Ranger roster on than Gaborik. If there was a legit means of getting him, you do it in a second.

  157. that trade for iginla is way to generous. a 1st rounder, Anisimov, thomas, and another player for Iginla a 34 year old with 1 year left on his deal.


    again ranger fans always undervalue there own. BTW this team that has so many holes has the bestrecord in hockey at the moment……………………

  158. Doodie Machetto on

    It’s about positioning and muscle memory. He knows how to play coming in off of the right hand side. It’s what he does. He won’t be as effective from the left because that’s not what he has built his entire career around.

  159. “He’s played his entire HOF career on the right wing, but now we will trade for him only to move him to his off wing? Doesn’t make sense.”


  160. Ham? I don’t think I understand. Sorry.

    Ok got to go and pack up my stuff before heading to sunny Connecticut. Talk to you guys again. I can’t wait to meet Sean Avery!



  161. stuart:

    you’re guilty of the worst kind of homerism if you think Anisimov is getting Iginla. those other guys you mentioned are windowdressing, another favorite tack of homers.

  162. Doodie Machetto on

    stuart, you are crazy if you think that even gets you into the conversation for Iginla.

    Remember in the 90’s EA Sports games when you could override an opposing GM declining your trade? Your trade proposal wouldn’t even be accepted with the override. The game would just freeze and your Genesis would get up and slap you for cheating.

  163. lloyd braun could not disagree more…

    iginla is 34, aa is 23, thomas is a legit prospect , and a 1st round pick + something else.

    i would argue the 94 rangers could have won that year and more years if they did not trade good young chips for vets….amonte and weight had HOF type careers for what? Rentals….

    No I am not saying AA, Thomas, or a unknown first rounder are going to have careers like that I am simply saying do a trade like that for Bobby Ryan the guy is 24….He can actually get better . Iginla is not getting better and is gone in 1.5 years………

  164. As much as I’ve tried to put the most positive spin on him, Artie isn’t getting you Iginla. That 1st round pick is going to be a late first round pick and Thomas is a few years away from playing in the NHL.

  165. Doodie and Lloyd, you are thinking of the 27 year old 50 goal scoring Iginla. He played about 6 years ago. He is not as valuable as you think………

    We can just disagree…. A 1st round pick has value, a lot of value……..

  166. oh so now you want the Rangers to land Bobby Ryan with a third-line forward. good luck. maybe start a furious letter-writing campaign to let Sather know what he’s missing.

  167. Jarome Iginla, washed-up relic that he is, had 86 points last year.

    how many Rangers had 86 points

  168. Guys we know that the price for Ryan is going to be STEEP which is why no one was able to make a deal for him earlier in the season.

    Iginla on the other hand _may_ be treated well as a favor in that the Flames will send him to a contender of his choice. I don’t think it’s a lock but there is some emotional aspect of the Iginla decision.

  169. I usually would not agree with Lloyd on pretty much anything said on the blog, but I hate to say that I think he’s right about Iginla costing more.

    If I was the Calgary GM I’d gladly point out that even during Iginla’s down season he’d be the 2nd leading scorer for the Rangers. The 50 goal Iginla was untouchable. He’s not quite that good anymore but he’s still got a hefty amount of value for the rest of this year and next.

  170. Doodie Machetto on

    50 goal scoring Iginla was only 4 years ago. And 30 goal scoring Iginla has been here every year for the past 11.

    Christian Thomas is middling prospect. Anisimov is much more Sergei Brylin than Sergei Fedorov.

    If the Rangers can flip Anisimov, Thomas, and a late first rounder (30th overall if they win the Cup) into Iginla? take it and don’t look back.

    In fact, they wouldn’t be able to do that because the cap dollars wouldn’t work for next year.

  171. Lloyd Braun

    geeze you make it seem like Anisimov is the only person involved. Obviously Anisimov by himself is not enough to get him but he does have value. Him and the 4 other pieces will be enough…

  172. that Iginla-Anisimov is what you typically see from Met fans. they package together all the guys they least want in order to get a top player. then, when it’s time for free agency, they sign the best players for about 1/10th of what they’re worth. can’t understand why all of those guys do nothing but call sports radio all day; you’d think everyone of them would be running a sports team somewhere.

  173. I Did not say Iginla was washed up. Yes he would be our best or probably second best forward offensively. Again he has a large cap hit(big negative), he is old 34+, has 1.5 years left on his deal. Also his skills are diminishing. His production has been on a steady decline those are all real factors.

    the rangers trading a good prospect, a first round pick, a top 9 forward who is 23, and another guy is not chump change…

    Calgary is also going no where fast. look at their roster. there very very good goalie is 34 + years old, they are a limited team. They are going no where and need bodies, multiple bodies to improve the overall talent pool………

  174. Doodie Machetto on

    “.amonte and weight had HOF type careers”

    Neither of those guys even sniffs the Hall. Unless you mean the US Hockey Hall of Fame, which even Chris Drury will make. Hell, even Gomez probably will.

  175. amonte and weight had great careers. look at the numbers amonte would be the 2nd best forward on the rangers today if we took his standard performance.
    weight would be the #1 cente rfor the rangers of today and play PP, and PK… If Stepan becomes DOug Weight it would be a god send…………

    they both will definitley make the US hockey hall of fame….

  176. Doodie Machetto on

    Iginla on a steady decline? Both goals and assists were way up for him last year from two years ago. In fact, last year, he had about as good as a season as Gaborik has ever had. Prust sayin’.

    stuart, you aslo REALLY overvalue Anisimov. The guy is a decent defensive forward with limited offensive abilities. Calgary isn’t going to trade the face of their franchise for him a limited prospect, and a late first round pick. C’mon man, get real.

  177. to include Wolski in a trade to land Iginla, Sather would literally have to be the GM of the Flames, too.

  178. tony amonte has 416 goals and 900 points. not exactly chop liver.

    doug weight 1 of the best us born centers ever..

    who did the rangers trade them, for???? bad trades under any circumstances…

    again not saying AA, and the others are these guys but my point is younger players can improve and all great players were once prospects… Iginla will be 35 in July. Nice you missed the 69 point season 2 years ago… Iginla scored 50 goals twice. Last time was 4 years ago……

  179. I found out today, ORR that Kim Kardashian is now TWICE divorced. She was married at age 19 to a record producer.

    This means her not very PG short film was made as a divorce.

  180. yeah I mean I love Gaborik and all but he’s been over 70 points twice. Igninla’s done it 7 times.

  181. what people don’t realize is in a cap era you can’t just make a big splash to bring in another big contract when you already have two big contracts on the team. This isn’t baseball. Also you need to keep your young players coming up in the ranks for the future because you can pay them cheap for a few years and to pay your young players that are already on the team that will be coming up for raises. The rangers have two big contracts already not counting hank so unless they shed some of the middle range contracts like Dubinsky, stall etc.. it doesn’t make any sense. I can see the rangers trading for a player that has experience and a expiring contract that won’t cost allot but that’s about it. The rangers are not going to mortgage the future to try and win it all this year when they are building a team to be good for years to come.

  182. Doodie Machetto on

    Remind me, how was Amonte compared to his contemporaries? Oh right, just pretty good. Likewise for Dougie Weight.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like both guys and thought they were both pretty good players, but they are nowhere even remotely close to HOF caliber players. Amonte already is in the US hall and Weight is sure to follow. But again, so is Drury, and probably Gomez too.

    But I’ll repeat, I don’t think Anisimov is even close to being one of those guys, and I think Thomas is even further away than him.

  183. Iginla is declining he is. the numbers show it and his teams results show it.

    he would be a upgrade and is a very good player still.

    i do not want to mortgage too much for him, if they can get him at the right price I am all for it.

    kreider, mcdonagh, mdz, etc are untouchable for a 34 year old expoensive forward. we can bicker back and forth on what is a fair trade. I will wait until it happens if it does to give you my opinion if the price was to high.

  184. umm Stuart…..Iginla had 43 goals LAST season not 6 years ago. 86 points overall. 5 Anisimovs wont get it done for a franchise player

  185. They could fit in Iginla easier than they could Parise. For next year Del Zotto comes off his ELC but has no arb rights and Prust shouldn’t cost much more than he’s making now. After next year there’s Stepan and McDonagh coming off their ELCs but Iginla’s deal is done after next year. Parise would create a cap squeeze further down the road.

  186. Doodie Machetto on

    CTB, that’s what Ive been saying. They can’t afford Parise. Richards eats all of the space they needed to sign him. Add that to the list of reasons why signing Richards was a mistake.

  187. stuart:

    Rangers did win a Cup with Tikkanen, Noonan and Matteau, but I don’t necessarily disagree with you. Most of those guys were brought in to win a Cup immediately and Smith obviously sacrificed the future for it. Doug Weight did eventually win a Stanley Cup. Amonte was an upper level player for a number of years. I dunno…

  188. maybe the Rangers can land Parise for John Mitchell. seems fair to me. throw in a 7th rounder for good measure.

  189. Iginla is a R handed shooter, I do not see any reasons for him not to move to the L wing. Just youtube his ASG one timers during relay, he was loading ’em from the L wing.

  190. lev. iginla had 69 points 2 years ago. If you guys want to look at iginla’s performance look at the whole thing. not just good years,great years, good years, and fair years.

    if iginla was on the rangers today as is would they be the overwhelming favorite to win the cup? I do not think so. So why trade 4 or 5 assets for that?

    Also I never compared anisimov to iginla, again first round picks matter. unless you think brendl, jessiman, the death of cherapanov had no effect on all the dark years the rangers had……..

  191. Doodie Machetto

    the cap is of no concern next season as Wolski, Avery and Drury (who aren’t even on the roster atm) is 7 mil right there. Then you have to subtract Anisimov and Fedotenko will also be out of the picture as well but replaced by Kreider so only a small saving there.

    Besides raises to Del Zotto, Prust and Biron (should he not find a starting job), there will be about 9 mil remaining for the two remaining forward spots…

  192. Another thing is if Bettman gets his way the cap will be less than it was this year. I also think since Donald Ferh is the person now le4ading the nhl players union there won’t be a season next year. This is the same clown who ruined baseball.

  193. And, doodie, cap numbers are workable for either Iginla or Parise. After 2013 whoever comes up for a new contract is an RFA without arbitration rights.

  194. I wouldnt put Iginla in LW anway. I’d move Callahan down to the 3rd line since Torts doesnt use a 4th line in the playoffs. In fact i’d go one step further and bring Prospal back too. he wont cost much


  195. oleo,

    That’s for next year, but what happens when Stepan and McDonagh need raises the year after that. Parise would keep them in a cap squeeze going forward because he probably gets a deal that spans for most of the next decade.


    As much as it would have been nice for the Rangers to save their cap space for Parise this upcoming year they had no way of knowing whether the Devils were going to re-sign him for a long term deal over the summer. Or sign an in season extension this year. Richards was a much more sure thing to sign last summer.

  196. we should trade for Iginla and then bury him on the fourth line just to prove that we don’t need Iginla to win! That’d be hilarious, actually…

  197. CTBlueshirt

    I’m talking about Iginla not Parise. I agree that Parise wont be here. The Devils are going to find a way to keep him because Brodeur is fading and Parise really is the face of the Devils now.

    You get rid of him and Marty and there really is nothing left. Kovalchuk is a great player (when he puts in the effort that is) but he doesnt have the personality to lead a team…

  198. Doodie Machetto on

    oleo, cap for next season isn’t a problem, but in 2 years it will be with McD, Hagelin, and Stepan all coming off their EL deals, Sauer will be going into RFA with arbitration rights, not to mention MDZ is coming off of his EL deal this year. The only contracts coming off the books between now and then are all of the ones that are coming off of this year that create the space to sign Parise. So there will be nothing after this year (other than the 1.667 million for the Drury buyout) coming off the books to resign all of our young players.

    ilb, ASG is meaningless because there is no defense being played. Youtube his in season goals. The only time he one-times pucks from the off-wing is on the PP. When plays develop off the rush he always shoots off the right wing boards (assuming its not a breakaway or 2 on 1 where he usually, but not always, comes from the right side). When the goal is generated from possession in the offensive zone he battles to the front of the goal, so in that circumstance, it wouldn’t make as much of a difference other than having to adjust his moves to get open to start from the left wing boards as opposed to the right. Would take a little bit of adjustment, but not much. But put him on the left wing and you lose that great shot he has off the right wing boards where he scores A LOT of his goals.

  199. Stuart, you just made it sound as if Iginla’s production has reduced so greatly that he can no longer produce at an elite level, and I simply pointed out that LAST YEAR he managed to put up 86 points….if last season he had lets say 70 points and the year before 60 something like you pointed out then maybe Id agree that he is slowing down, even though his leadership, locker-room presence, and overall reputation as a quality human being probably still would make me want to pursue him.

  200. Doodie Machetto on

    CTB, it wasn’t just Parise. There were a lot of potential UFAs this summer that would have been worth money and they chose to just blow it all on Richards instead of being patient and waiting for the right moment.

  201. The only time he one-times pucks from the off-wing is on the PP.


    Such a thing never happens on the PP…at least the Rangers PP leads me to believe that.

  202. Doodie Machetto on

    oleo, the Devils just don’t have the real dollars to pay Parise.

    He sure is going to look good in a Red Wings uniform…

  203. Which ones Doodie?

    Aside from Parise there’s Semin and uh a pretty big drop off after that.

  204. I just can’t see Parise staying in NJ. Aside from Brodeur, they’ve rarely been successful at retaining FAs.

    If we’re even to believe that being on a contending team is going to factor into his decision then do the Devils even make sense? How much longer can they rely on Brodeur, Elias, Sykora? They have Larsson and potentially Merrill on D but after them they’re pretty thin on top end defense. The Rangers/Pens/Flyers are all set to be better teams for the next couple of season.

    I either see him going to Detroit and getting fed by Datsyuk or seeing the Wild plunk down a gold mine for their native son.

  205. I’ve learned to like Richards but I don’t think there’s been a doubt since the day they signed him that they overpaid to get him

  206. Ok, Brodeur and Elias as FAs they were able to keep. But a lot more have left them than have stayed.

  207. Doodie Machetto on

    At the time there was also Patrick Sharp potentially available. And I was also thinking they could spend the money on a defenseman. At the time, guys that were potentially available were Kronwall, Coburn, and Suter. Obviously only Suter remains. But this was before Girardi, McDonagh, and MDZ took the enormous steps they have taken this season. But even so, if this season has taught us anything it’s that we can’t ever have enough top defensemen. And if we need to, we can deal from our depth. If we really wanted Bobby Ryan, all we would have to do is ship Anaheim a top defenseman. If we added Suter, and have Erixon and McIlrath in the pipeline, you’re telling me we wouldn’t have the pieces to comfortably make a deal?

  208. Doodie Machetto on

    I was also a big advocate of throwing everything they could at Steven Stamkos in an offer sheet.

  209. The problem with Richards is that he signed a big contract in New York. Very few players in any sport can have great season right away.

    Not to mention he doesn’t have the skilled linemates he is accustomed to. Dubinsky’s contract hangover is hurting Richards especially. Give him Iginla and Hagelin/Kreider as his linemates next season and I’m sure the assists will rack up again. Its not like he isn’t putting the puck in the net at the same rate…

  210. Doodie Machetto on

    He definitely leaves. Only question is where. Best part is if he doesn’t come to NY, I think all of the most likely destinations are in the West.

  211. But that’s the same issue as Parise. No one knew whether any of these guys were going to hit UFA the next summer. There was a risk that had they passed on Richards, they could have come away empty handed the next summer as well.

  212. Doodie Machetto on

    oleo, that’s not the only problem. They signed him for three very specific reasons.

    1) He was supposed to be our #1 Center
    2) He was supposed to get Gaborik going
    3) He was supposed to successfully QB the PP

    1) He’s our 2nd line center
    2) The only thing Gaborik needed to get himself going is Gaborik
    3) Have you seen our PP this season?

  213. also, it’s accurate to say the Rangers had to sign Richards. and the supporting cast around him is lackluster.

    but the contract is bloated

  214. Everyone and their mother wanted to throw Stamkos an offer sheet. But there’s been a handful of offer sheets ever thrown to an RFA since the lockout. And the guy that did it the most times is no longer the GM of his team.

  215. Doodie Machetto on

    CTB, then come up empty handed. It’s better than handcuffing yourself for a decade. A trade could always come up. Imagine if earlier this season we could have just absorbed Bobby Ryan’s contract without sending a substantial contract the other way? Anisimov and Erixon probably gets that deal done at that time. But we would’ve had to send them Dubinsky to make that deal work, and who the hell wanted to take on Dubinsky’s contract at that time (or this time, for that matter)?

    Columbus sounds like they are willing to trade Jeff Carter for a bag of pucks. I would trade them that bag of pucks. It’s still a lower cap hit than Richards!

  216. Doodie Machetto

    Tortorella controls what line they play on. I still think Richards should be centering Gaborik and Stepan should be on the LW but that’s just me.

    As for the PP, i still believe the problem is the way its coached. Callahan is used terribly on the PP and he doesnt really do anything but try to screen the goalie. The problem is the Rangers dont have a booming shot from the point so leaving him in front of the net to wait for a rebound that never happens is counter productive.

  217. Doodie Machetto on

    Since the lockout, 6 offer sheets have been signed. Two were by Kevin Lowe (Vanek and Penner), one by Bobby Clarke (Kesler). They both no longer have jobs.

    One was by Larry Pleau (Bernier) who no longer has a job, but the St. Louis GM is a figurehead controlled by JD, who still has a job.

    One was by Mike Gillis almost immediately after he took over as GM of Vancouver (Backes). Another was by Doug Wilson (Hjarlmarsson). Both still have jobs.

    So it’s about even. And I’m not surprised anyway, since offer sheets are usually desperation moves. Except in Wilson’s case. That was strategic to steal Niemi.

  218. Doodie,

    A ton of alternatives have come to light since July 1st, but they had no way of knowing about any of them beforehand. Nobody knew Anaheim was going to be this bad (even if they were in for a big correction due to their crappy D). Columbus wasn’t going to be good, but they’re worse than imagined as well.

  219. Doodie Machetto on

    5.27, about the same term as Richards. I think Carter has 2 more years. But Richards has full NMC, Carter has full NTC for a few years starting next season, then limited NTC through the end of his deal after that.

  220. Doodie Machetto on

    CTB, but my point is, this kind of stuff happens all the time. You just never know who it will be.

    Did anyone see Philly trading Richards and Carter? On the same day, no less!

    This stuff happens, and I’d rather be ready for it than settle on a B+ player getting A+ money.

  221. between Christensen coming off and the auto-waiver wire Wolski should be, Carter’s only costing you about $500k more than you started the day with. hmm

  222. Also I meant the one GM that had thrown an offer sheet out the most (Lowe) no longer is the GM.

    I think there’s an unwritten rule about offer sheets amongst most of the GMs. It was funny seeing Lowe put the smack down on Burke when Burke complained about Lowe to the press. He said something like “so Burke likes to talk about his Stanley Cup ring, Big Byfuglien Deal, I have 6”.

  223. Iginla moving to LW isn’t a huge deal, but it’s still a big deal. Moving to your off wing if you aren’t used to it can kill production. Look at Kovalchuk’s stats last year when he was playing RW instead of LW? This year his stats are much better (not what they were, but he plays for the Devils so you can’t expect much). But just that move from LW to RW hurt him a lot.

  224. And unless he rebuilds the Toronto defense, and no signing Liles was not a good start, he’s going to run that franchise into the ground.

    He got lucky that Niedermayer wanted to play with his brother and Mrs. Pronger wanted out of Edmonton ASAP. Maybe he can build teams offensively, but he’s failed to grasp the concept of keeping the puck out of his team’s net.

  225. Doodie – Carter and Richards were traded because they were young, immature, and didn’t get along with Pronger (who was well respected by everyone else). Throw in the frat parties and other crap they were seen at (nights before games and such) and everyone around Philly knew they were leaving at some point. So the NHL analysts might’ve been shocked based off hockey talent, but based of their rep and how infuriated Lavy was with them, it was obvious they were getting traded.

    Also Kessel was shipped out because he was considered to be soft and they needed to clear the cap space for Savard/Lucic and some other guys they wanted to lock up. He was often injured (especially after his battle with cancer) and they saw a chance to get a top pick. Worked out for both sides, although I will say that one was a little bit more surprising than the Carter/Richards trades.

  226. Tony

    have you ever seen one of those in person? They sure look like cheap knock offs on the screen here…

  227. Doodie – Thought Kovy went back to LW this year? They moved him back there at the end of last year and his totals went back up a bit.

    CT – Liles has actually been pretty solid for them. Only issue with him is the Concussion-like symptoms. Outside of that he’s probably a top 15 offensive d-man in the league. He was on pace for 50+ points this year until he got hurt.

  228. Eh, I think the Philly media made a bigger deal about the Philly locker room than really existed. Funny how Richards isn’t thought of being a problem in LA. And I imagine it’s pretty easy to find a lot of unhappy people in the Columbus locker room this year.

  229. Offense hasn’t really been Toronto’s problem though Jonny. Being a bottom 5 team in D the last several seasons has. Maybe some of that Liles cap money could have been used to go after Suter.

  230. Doodie Machetto on

    Point is, good players become available, and I’d rather the team be ready to make a move than handcuffed by salary.

  231. Doodie Machetto on

    JD, Kovy has been playing RW on a line with Parise and a rotation of centers. Was Henrique most of the early going, then was Zubrus, last night was Elias. Supposedly they’re going to give Elias another go there in their next game.

  232. Doodie Machetto on

    BTW, going back to Carter. Imagine we could’ve gotten him from the Blue Jackets? How much do you think he just absolutely CRUSHES Philly six times a season?

  233. I was an advocate for making a move for Carter or Statsny in the offseason…made a hell of a lot more sense than signing Teechards to that deal…



  234. Doodie Machetto on

    Well, we weren’t getting Carter from the Flyers, that’s for sure.

    And Forget Statsny. Talk about overpaid. eesh.

  235. We had 7 guys get married this offseason and I do NOT want Carter getting personal with their wives like he did in Philly. No way no how as he likes other men’s wives……

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