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This was playoff-style hockey … or more specifically, the way the Rangers are going to have to play in the playoffs. And the way a lot of games are going to be contested down the stretch. Get used to it. Sure, you’d like to see more possession and more offensive creativity, and no doubt you’d like to see even the slightest semblance of a power play.

But this was a game where every inch of ice was a battle field, where every loose puck was a fist fight. Buffalo played very, very well. The Rangers did too.

But, man, it was not pretty, and I could see that, if you’re a fan of one of the teams, if you had a dog in this fight, you didn’t find it very entertaining.


1) The first period set the tone for the night. Tough sledding in the first. Nobody giving up anything, not an inch. Rangers of past seasons — I mean, before last season — would not have been up for that. They might have packed it in after the first.

2) I still maintain that these 0-0, 1-0, 1-1 scores we see for such lengths of games now has a whole lot to do with the ridiculous size of the equipment the goalies are allowed to wear. Ryan Miller weighs like 110 pounds, and when he puts the uniform on he looks like Vince Wolfork.

3) Shut up Pierre. I really like Pierre McGuire. He’s a really good guy and his knowledge of the sport and its players is off the charts. Honestly, it is. But we don’t give a crap what every player’s junior team was, or where he was born. Your cameras are on the moon, so tell us what’s going on on the ice. And, it sure seems as if NBCSports is using the same production people as Versus and Outdoor Life Network — the ones who cut away from the action the moment a whistle is blown to show us a closeup of somebody somewhere else, and missing virtually every single confrontation on the ice. Just God awful.

4) And … Kaleta won’t fight Brandon Prust because of a hand issue? Please. Kaleta is the worst kind of cheap-shot artist, the kind that will never be manly enough to accept the challenge and be accountable for his actions. If the world was about to be blown off its axis and Kaleta could save it by fighting Prust, he wouldn’t. Piece of clarke.

5) Maybe it was because they were down a ref, but the call against Stu Bickel, where the guy held his stick and took a swan dive, was dreadful.

6) On Brian Boyle again. If he had 12 goals instead of three, maybe certain people would be happier, and possibly the Rangers might have a few more points. On the other hand, where would the Rangers be if they weren’t so fabulous at killing penalties? And Boyle has been a beast on the PK. A beast. And he was a beast on the 5-on-3 kill that saved the game.

7) It looked like Chris Dru… er, Brad Richards, caught a shot of adrenaline for a while in the second period. And he played much better as the game went on. It would be an enormous understatement to say he’s a critical piece the rest of the way. And, oh, it’s time to take him out of the top three in the shootout.

8) Brandon Dubinsky, again, began the game on a line with Richards and Ryan Callahan, and again was demoted again. Four shifts in the second period, three in the third, none in OT. I have no idea where it’s going with him, or where it’s gone.

9) At least the PP didn’t have many chances to stink. I was thinking the same thing as some of our readers last night. It’s time to put the third or fourth line out there, intact, for the next PP, and just tell them to play as if it’s 5-on-5. Also, though it’s too small a sample to judge, Anton Stralman bombed out in his shot at the PP point. The PP has been better in OTs, when it’s 4-on-3. And it should be.

10) Meant to mention this yesterday. I was listening to a Zach Parise interview following the game in Newark Tuesday. Parise said he knows the Devils were lucky to get the win on the bad hop, but that he thought his team played very well. And this was the money quote that told how much has changed for the Devils AND the Rangers. He said that if the Devils play that way, “We can compete with teams like (the Rangers).” Imagine.

11) The Breakaway Contest After The Hockey Game Ends (BCATHE): Get rid of this freakin’ gimmick. It reeks. There’s no way either team should have gone away with a loss because of what happened in that stupid crapshoot of a joke of a contest, no matter how much it is enjoyed by people who don’t have a clue about what goes into winning a hockey game. Playoff positions, playoff revenue, coaches’ jobs, players’ jobs, GMs’ jobs, should not be affected by this sideshow. But they are.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Henrik Lundqvist.
2) Dan Girardi.

3) Ryan McDonagh.


AP photos, above.

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  1. Great write up Carp! Could not agree more. The BCATGE is a joke. If not for the BCATGE; the Dev’s would be fighting for their playoff lives. Time to end this ridiculous experiment.

  2. After a Ranger game, I like to read all articles from the local newspapers about the game. Again, it is pathetic that a newspaper like the new york times, with two good writers like Chris Botta and Jeff Klein run a recap of the game from AP!

    What is up with that?

  3. Also.. LOVE Ruppers tweet after the game!

    Rupper17 Hank is good! #goodnight


    Ya Think?

  4. The size of the equipment- lol.

    Great win by Hank and the boys!

    Hope Torts sees his shadow! LGR!

  5. yeah, the size of the equipment!
    the size of the goalie equipment is a joke. every goalie today plays the same style, butterfly. they drop to there knees, and let the puck hit them. back when goalie equipment was not oversized, there were only a few butterfly goalies. Tony Esposito, and a a goalie name Mike Palmateer. you had to have a really good glove hand to do it, and Espo certainly did. today, you just need to be able to drop down and let the equipment do the work.

  6. last nights game again showed you the Rangers do not have enough scoring to go very far in the playoffs. Dubi, and Anisimov ( yes Anisimov, he conveniently was left out by Carp) are in the tank, and there is no secondary scoring to speak of. with Wolski on the team, why not see if he can give you something. he cannot produce any less then Dubi, and AA. I know the next question, who comes out? too many options to choose from, but I would take out AA. he the one who brings the least to the table game in and game out.

  7. Carp, again, Bettman says 80-90% of the fans LOVE the BCATGE. Do you buy this? What does your research say? When I borrowed your pads, not many shots just hit me. They used to call me “the sieve” in college. No online for me this morning, got to run down to Harrison. Me and the boy, Sunday, msg. sec 112.
    Mambo anyone?

  8. Yes.. and those dam composite sticks! Everyone is shooting the puck a Chara like 108mph..

    shall we start nameing the goalies who the Size of their equipment can’t help them stop a basketball.

  9. Anisimov has now gone 15 or 16 games without a POINT! in that same stretch, Wolski has been hurt, and healthy scratch, and still managed to get a POINT! how much longer should the Rangers have an empty uniform skating around the ice in the number 42?

  10. just read the list of 31 goalies that have qualified with amount of games played. there are 31 on the list. there is 1 count em 1 goalie with a goals against over 3. I think there all stopping the basketball.

  11. Goalies are also bigger than then were 20 year’s ago. It used to be the 5’9″ guy in net now a guy like Lundqvist is average height and he’s what 6’1″? And along with the size of the equipment the pads and in particular masks they use are lighter and don’t absorb nearly the same amount of sweat and water. Don’t forget hese guys are in much better condition than previous eras.

  12. Bull dog,

    Wolski is in the same boat as Avery was with the Torts. He doesn’t think he fits in with the team he wants to put in the ice. With the team winning without him, few are going to criticize the choice to keep him out.

  13. CT, agreed. It wasn’t too long ago you’d see certain Rangers guzzling beers in Rye and smoking cigarettes after a game. Ah, the good old days.

  14. Thanks Carp for the recap, always something I look forward t after each Ranger game.

    Too many players on the bench who get no ice time in the 3rd period. Too many players with a uniform on who do not perform when on the ice.

    This team will not make it through the rest of the season, with the schedule they have, if Torts keeps throwing the same six forwards out there every other shift in the third.

    I thought Stralman had one of his best games.

  15. One for the history books.
    As long as people follow the game of hockey they will recall the night of the goaltender’s duel that has no parallel.

    They were magnificent.

    Like Horatius at the bridge…..and the 300 Spartans.

    I defy anyone to find a sport anywhere that can rival hockey for this type of performance.

  16. I understand CT,
    I am just making a point about how poorly the empty uniform is playing, and how he seems to get a pass. someone who has played 3 games (in limited minutes mind you) been injured and scratched has out produced the empty uniform in a 15 game stretch.

  17. Anyone think The Blue Jackets would take Anisimov and Dubinsky for Jeff Carter?

    This would leave open room for either Kreider or Thomas for next season?

  18. leetchhalloffame on

    Totally agree on the shootout. Hate it. It’s no way to win or lose a hockey game, not to mention that we have the worst shootout players on ice.

  19. Marty Biron looks just like Ryan Miller without their pads!!! Also, I am in total agreement with Carp!!! I and most of the boneheads are 20%-ers!!!! Especially after games like this. Apparently, ties are the devil and after a 5 minute OT, a tie would feel like a victory!!! It’s not fun sometimes and I’m not advocating 0-0 ties but a breakaway contest shouldn’t decide the winner of a game!!! But if the NHL & Bettman wants the shootout, then I think the players goals scored numbers should include shootout goals. What do you think, Carp? Boneheads?

  20. Wolski was also a minus 3 in limited ice time in that game up in Montreal. Realistically are you going to give him prime ice time at this point? He’s not going to produce from the 4th line especially if he’s paired with a guy like Rupp.

    And honestly, Anisimov’s lack of production is of much less concern than Richards and Dubinsky.

  21. billybleedsblue on

    Carp, once again, you’ve totally nailed it (the write-up).

    Last night over the airwaves, the fellas on el radio were saying how the goaltending in the league is just so good. I couldn’t help but think of how true that is. Lots of ’em are bigger and have better training than years past. I’m also of the opinion that their equipment is huge. The league wants to increase scoring to expand the fan base? Reduce the overall size of the goalie gear (don’t increase the size of the net). Pretty simple solution, no? (I’m well-aware this has been thrown around before).

    I know I (am NOT alone and) have been beating a dead horse for a while, BUT, if these are the kinds of games we’re going to see down the stretch (low-scoring battles) just think how valuable even a single power play goal would be…

    In the “golden boys” photo up top, the guy on the far right has already started his playoff beard…would somebody tell him the Sabres are currently in 12th?

    Bettman must be lying about the popularity of the BCATHGE, or somebody is lying to him and he’s just misinformed. What kind of stat is 90% of the fan base? I was never polled. Was anyone else here polled? Maybe he means 90% of the kids he asks at a Penguins game? *shrugs*

  22. That Kaleta is truly a piece of crap. It’s guys like him who are the prime motivators for those who say fighting is needed and the instigator penalty removed.

    That’s stupid of course, because guys like him in today’s game even with the elimination of the instigator penalty, will never fight someone like Prust.

    What you do is what BB did behind the Ranger net at the end of the 2nd: Shove him into the boards and rub your glove visciously into his ugly mug.

  23. Artie Art,

    It’s all about creating artificial parity. I’d have less of a problem with the SO if they went to a soccer style standings system of 3 for a reg win, 0 for a reg loss, 2 for an OT/SO win and 1 for an extra time loss. Make them all 3 point games and put more emphasis on winning in 60. The NHL already weakly recognized the cheapness of SO wins by devaluing them in standings tiebreakers but artificial parity keeps more teams in the playoff race for longer and theoretically more fans watching and going to games for longer.

  24. Stranger nation on

    Didn’t Wolski just play a few games and show nothing? At this point would rather see the Swedish Meatball in Hartford up here for a 3 game stretch. Think we may need a SO specialist if recent trends continue.

    While Artie has been MIA, Dubi’s performance has been absolutely atrocious.

    Expect more games like last nights as the calendar has turned to Feb and teams will be grinding more in desperate times. We still don’t have the top end offensive talent to separate ourselves in the tight games when opponents buckle down.

  25. Staal Wart and the Overachievers on

    Great review as usual
    Kaleta would get smoked by Prust.
    He ain’t got the Bickels.
    Though he may have nubs.

  26. Good morning all! lol…”readers”

    Well, Sally sure got herself a game! Gonna miss the chat today :(

  27. I began to make a connection last night that goes like this:

    Dubinsky = Power Play

    They have the same issue. Lack of offensive production, lack of momentum and lack of confidence.

    I thought Anton Strahlzy-man had a tough, tough game. Made a bunch of mistakes. Oops.

  28. Good morning, boneheads!

    Good review, Carp!
    It’s hard to call those games entertaining, and aren’t easy to watch. But if you’re a true hockey fan, you have to marvel the work ethic, the intensity of play, and the goaltending.

    Wolski? He doesn’t backcheck, doesn’t kill penalties, and he is not even close to having the desire and the intensity to match anyone on this team. The only way for him to get in, is to start scoring at TGO pace.

    No to Carter. Forget the length of his contract. There is a reason he was traded away from Philadelphia. Apparently he’s been a healthy scratch from BJ for a couple because of his “disagreement ” with the coach. He wouldn’t fit.

  29. Carp, I agree with #5. Even the announcers talked about the stick hold but they never showed the replay again. (Terrible) Our shooters stats in the shootout are horrible.

  30. Apparently, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow….Since the likelihood of this winter to even start, let alone continue for 6 more weeks is zero, I believe this means we are going deep in the playoffs :-)

  31. Carp is on target with the goalie equipment. It has grown from protecting injuries to making up for deficiencies in goalies. I used to play goal in a weekly pickup game at Rye in the 80’s and my catching glove looked like an over mitt compared to the pizza-pan like contraptions they use today.

    And who can forget the (wrestling version) Road Warrior-like shoulder pads that the “esteemed” GM of the Islanders used to use.

    As to Jeff Carter, I do not want to tie up the salary cap with a decade-long contract. Slats needs to sniff around Tampa Bay to see if he can shake loose Marty St. Louis. I know he has three years left after this (a $5.6 million cap hit per year) and is a bit long in the tooth, but St. Louis might be the thing to wake up Dru-Richards. He knows Torts and his system and his battle-tested come the playoffs.

  32. Very careful with St. Louis, AnthonyM. I agree he might fit the system and will help short term. But his contract is a huge issue. He is signed through 2015 at $5.625M, but most importantly, it’s registered as 35+ contract. The way the current CBA is constructed, no matter what ( buy out, AHL demotion etc.) it counts against the cap. They will have some very important players to resign after 2012-2013 season. This could be a big problem…….

  33. I think AA passed MIA about 10 games ago. he just an empty uniform. I am all for bringing up MZA. just please add somebody to the team with some skill.

  34. Have you guys looked in the background of that picture of Callahan above? There are about 4 ancient farmers sitting front row at the game. Is the one on the right Sally?

  35. HockeymanRangers on

    Sorry guys I don’t like to make fun of people, but this gave me a good laugh this morning. Take a look at the people sitting in the stands in the Callahan picture. Interesting fans up there in Buffallo. LOL

    On another note this is the way a lot of these games are going to be for the rest of the season, every one is out for one of the best teams in the league. But it should prepare them for a long run in the playoffs.

  36. The last two games should have ended in a tie. That would have been fair. Not only as Carp said did neither team deserve to lose, neither deserved to win. Neither team deserved the 2 pts. I really am beginning to like this MDZ, you can see he’s a gambler but there’s a plus side, do not want to see him moved. Staal isn’t back yet. Dubi is Dubi, never understood that contract. Anisimov is another disappointment. Perhaps loss of playing time hurts these guys mentally rather than motivates them. Would be interesting to reunite Callahan/Dubi/Anisimov.

  37. and someone please tell me why Gabby had his ice time reduced. what they did not need a goal las night? Boyle played 20 minutes last night ( and played well), but Gabby had 17. Torts does know that you need to score to win, right?

  38. put AA, Dubi, and Cally together again? what would be the point of that? maybe to drag Cally down too.

  39. bull dog – I thought Gabby was just getting out muscled when it came to driving the puck into the zone. When you can’t get space, a player like Gabby just isn’t going to be as effective.

    That is my theory. Not saying I agree with it. Just saying.

    Also, I thought Boyle had a great game last night.

    ^Hobbit Wizard^ > Artie-Partie (at this point)

  40. your best forward needs to be on the ice the most! if he does not kill penalties, then he needs to double shift. we all know that Dubi, and AA don’t need to be out there, so double up Gabby in place of the slug and empty uniform.

  41. Gaborik has rarely been over 20 min/game this season. Take away at least one or two minutes that they were on the PK and give that ice time to Gaborik at even strength and he’s right to where he normally plays.

  42. ilb2001 – I did consider the contract and the 35+ status, but he has been so consistent the last few years that I might be willing to roll the dice if the price was right. I would not move Kreider or McIlrath and would move Miller or Erixon as long as no other major piece went south. Of course, they would have to take Wolski in order to clear off some salary so it might be worth just get Wojo out of here a couple of months early :-)

  43. Re: Parise

    I also thought he has been speaking highly of the Rangers, complimenting their play and he even said he liked the whole idea of the Broadway Hat when asked. Brodeur said something like its fine but we don’t need a hat given out to motivate the team. But I find it interesting because Parise knows the Rangers could be a bidder this summer and he’s not going to make any bold statements about hating them, ala Fatso.

  44. You guys know that the Rangers are back to tied for 1st place in the league with *69* points. (That’s right, ORR….69 Points).

    We are tied with the immortal Red Wings.

  45. St. Louis would probably cost McDonagh or Girardi as a centerpiece to the deal. Most likely McDonagh since he’s under team control for longer.

  46. I don’t think Parise is long for Newark. I don’t know where he’ll land, I don’t think the Rangers can seriously bid for him without putting themselves in a real cap squeeze going forward.

  47. I was also thinking about a swap centering around Dubi – Carter. Obviously with other players involve… Anisimov, someone else/prospect/picks along with Tyutin? Don’t know if they’d deal Toots tho.

  48. wow McD as a centerpiece to a deal for a guy who is what, 35 or 36. I think you may be over valuing St. Louis a bit. but as a whole, we all seem to over value other teams players, and under value Ranger players. so I guess I get it.

  49. bull dog

    Wolski isn’t the answer. But, I am all for giving Zuccarello another chance. He certainly deserves a promotion…

    The situation with Zuccarello this season reminds me of the Del Zotto situation last year. After Del Z’s sophomore slump, most people wrote off Del Z as a bust and that he couldn’t play defense and would battle for the 6th or 7th spot. But Tortorella said that the minors were the best option for him. My, my, my….how things have changed…he is in out top 3 now…..

    Most Ranger fans now have put Zucc into the bust category…I’d love nothing more than for him to prove the doubters wrong…Just like Del Z, I don’t think Torts has given up on Zucc….

  50. Yeah a guy that would have led the Rangers in scoring for the past 4 seasons and is a point per game player in the playoffs. You think a defensively weak team in Tampa is going to take spare parts and simply draft picks for that guy?

  51. Jeff Carter? No thanks, he was Philthy’s version of Petr Prucha with a contract not far off from DiPietro’s if not worse. He’s a flash in the pan.

    The only player I’d give anything of consequence up for is Shea Weber. Maybe Ryan Suter or one of the Ducks top forwards that are struggling this year (those guys won a Cup).

  52. NYR,
    I think we are seeing that Anisimov is not an answer either. if the give MZA a chance i’m fine with it. but Wolski is here right now, why not find out if he can help?

  53. GOOD MORNING, GOOD MORNING, GOOD MORNING . . . . TO YOU. I can’t sing, but it sure feels like a bright sunny “Jimmy Dean sausage” type of day. If only the SUN would come out on a day like today.

    Carp I agree with you to a point on the shoot out…..but my kids love it, my wife loves it, she even dropped what she was doing and came into the room to watch it. Everyone was yelling at the TV last night, we were all yelling / guessing who should shoot next. Very entertaining END, to a very disciplined defensive hockey game. Crazy how every team has better shooters than we do, at least when they put up the percentages, but we have Hank in net to equal everything out, and he STOLE the show last night.

    This game, I felt, we should have lost. Only when they had Hank down, open net, and the player hits the left post. OUCH. So we stole this game. Hank gets his 6th Shut out, and we win 2pts. I guess it all evens out in the “wash”.

    Looking forward to Super Bowl Sunday with the Flyers at MSG. See you all this weekend :)

    Live chat at 10:30 Central – Order Jimmy John’s and be there!!!

  54. Arty has been fighting it. No question. I don’t think he is the Torts dog house, yet….but he’s on his way there….

    Wolski was given opportunities but just isn’t built to play a physical game in the Rangers’ style. At least Zuccarello bangs the body….

  55. There is a world of difference between Carter and Prucha. The main concern over him would be attitude but he was far from a flash in the pan.

    Nasvhille is fighting for the Central division, why in the world would they trade one of their big two D?

  56. Carp – any stats on our players as far as the BCATHE goes?

    Who are OUR top players on paper % wise?

  57. depends on what Tampa is looking to do CT. are they looking to rebuild, or just move the chairs around. tell me, what did Atlanta get for Kovalchuk? what did Edmonton get for Messier? St. Louis is not a young player, his value is not as high because of that. what did the Rangers get for Leetch? Boston for Bourque?

  58. MZA and MDZ aren’t exactly analogous situations. MDZ was brought in because he had a skillset that the Rangers lacked organizationally.

    MZA has a lot more competition on the depth chart than MDZ.

  59. Carp, Thanks for #3. I agree 100%. Did you know that Mike Rupp played close by for the Erie Otters and that Paul Gaustad and Brandon Dubinsky both played for the Portland Winterhawks? I bet you do now. I was going nuts listening to it. The NBC broadcast is geared toward the casual fan and not true hockey fans. It’s horrible.

  60. How about we just stay the course (and bring up ^hobbit wizard^) and work on improving the Power Play in the meantime?

  61. billybleedsblue on

    Sioux, what is BCATHE? Did you mean BCATHGE? :)

    Seriously though, that’s great you have so much fun with the wifey and the kiddies watching the shootout. I can see how it can be fun, and maybe some of us are missing that point. You guys are having fun and the BCATHGE is making these young fans more interested in the game — great!

    I’m just different I guess because I remember the 1-0 games and the scoreless ties being as exciting (and sometimes if not more so) than high scoring games with gimmicks/shenanigans.

  62. Kovalchuk was an impending UFA that the entire league knew wasn’t going to re-sign in Atlanta. St. Louis has a few years left on his deal.

    The Messier trade was made 20 years ago when the Rangers could swing deals with their checkbook as much as the actual talent they were sending the other way.

    Boston actually got a decent haul for Bourque: Traded to Colorado by Boston with Dave Andreychuk for Brian Rolston, Martin Grenier, Samuel Pahlsson and New Jersey’s 1st round choice (previously acquired, Boston selected Martin Samuelsson) in 2000 Entry Draft, March 6, 2000.

    Leetch was an impending FA as well, he signed with Boston after the lockout.

  63. As I said above, the one on the right is Sally. You can tell by the beard. Ask her about the other three. Probably her pals.

  64. I dont see anybody of the caliber of McD listed there. he may have a few years left on his deal, but how much time does he have left as a big point producer. he’s no puppy.

  65. MZA is far from an elite skilled player. Undersized, average skater and just because he engages himself physically doesn’t mean he actually wins puck battles. But he does have decent passing vision and maybe can bury a couple of goals that don’t seem to be bouncing in for guys like Anisimov and Dubi.

  66. You forgot to mention hank. Best game he’s played all year.

    Patience running out with Richards. It’s probably more of a concern about whether he is the next fluery/ kamensky/holik/bure/lindros/redden/gomez/drury of the NYR

  67. Take Richards out of the shoot out? How about Stepan! No moves or creativity at all. At least Mitchell looked like a good choice even though he didn’t score.

  68. CT – I think you’re wrong about MZA. I think the kid is a very skilled player and last year might have been the most skilled player on the team. He might not be the fastest skater or the best shooter but he does combine a high level of all skills into a a tiny package.

  69. blue,
    there were 3 goals scored in the shootout. not a deke among them. pick a spot and hit it.

  70. billybleedsblue on

    This whole Dubi thing really stinks. What’s gonna become of it? Yikes. What happened to this guy?

  71. Mister Delaware on

    Just put Dubinsky-Anisimov-Fedotenko together and let them figure it out. Artie with Rupp, Dubinsky on the 2nd line until Torts is mad again … not working.

  72. bull dog,

    You don’t see anyone of McD’s caliber because none of the teams (with the exception of the Messier deal where it was financially driven) that traded the aforementioned players could demand someone like him. No one is obviously going to trade a top pairing D that’s got age and cost effectiveness on his side for a rental.

    This year and with strong possibility for next year as well, St. Louis is a point per game player that outside of a freak accident this year has proven to be durable as well. I wouldn’t want to risk his contract since it runs until 2015, but the premium of guys that put up 70-80 points in today’s league his huge.

    I chose McDonagh because the Rangers certainly aren’t going to give up their best offensive player (Gaborik). And the Lightning have been terrible defensively for the last few years.

  73. Dubinsky got a hot girlfriend. That clearly was the maximum he was working for in life.

    Just kidding. I can’t really tell what happened to him. Maybe he needs to take some Greenies and get into beast mode more often.

  74. billy,
    its the biggest story of the season to me. I never expected Dubi to be a 35 goal guy. but at 20 or so, and his physical style, he was a real valuable player. now both parts of his game have vanished, and the Rangers have no replacement for what he had been bringing.

  75. The enigma that is the Dubie…

    I think that cardigan he was wearing on 24/7 softened him up…not a good look for him…actually, not a good look for anybody…

    Also, maybe it’s time to get off Twitter and start working on your shot?

  76. if St. Louis was 5 to seven years younger, he would probably have that kind of value CT. he is 36. Tampa can demand all they want, but they would never get the value you are speaking of.

  77. Everyone wanted to slam Torts for not playing Hank on Tuesday. Where’s the credit he gets for how sharp Hank looked last night?

  78. billybleedsblue on

    bull dog, without a doubt, it’s a top story of the season, the whole decline of Dubi… after a contract season. It’s really a shame, I hope he turns it around. I am a fan of the Dubi. He’s scrappy and a team player and does the ‘dirty work’ but has enough skills to score 20 goals… at least, that’s what we thought. Man, what is going on with this guy? Is he not 100% healthy? Is it just a let-down season after getting the ‘big bucks?’

    It’s disturbing for sure. I want Dubi back :(

  79. Wicky©Hate the BCATHE on

    Morning ILB and all!!!

    off to work in a sec, but….

    Thanks for the write up carp, awesome as always!!

    If (and I say IF) we are all going to say the rangers need more scoring, then I hope the organization is focusing more on ruutu or iggy as an addition instead of doan!!

    That is all!!

    Later aasens

  80. Chara, Callahan, St. Louis, and Bobby Ryan….

    What do they have in common?

    They were all AHL All Stars!

    MZA is an AHL All-Star! Prust sayin’!

  81. Wicky©Hate the BCATHE on

    damn, a laurel…just saying what if last season for dubi was more of a fluke than the norm? I mean what if he had a better than average season last year (kind of like boyle did) offencively. Anyone know what dubi’s avg point totals per season were excluding last season??

    sorry, don’t have time to do the research myself!

  82. Since I really like Cormac McCarthy’s novel, _Blood Meridian_, I will refer to BACTHE as “Bathcat.” Anyone?

  83. Dubi has always been mediocre, if gutty. His decline is the price we’ve paid for Cally’s rise. Now let’s hope the management doesn’t wait too long to keep him where he belongs — on the “checking line.”

    I think the real tragedy, to get hyperbolic, is that AA isn’t making good on what are obviously more offensive skills and potential than Dubi has.

  84. @KatieStrangESPN@ According to AHL website, former Ranger Aaron Voros has been released from his PTO with the Connecticut Whale

    Sad times.

  85. Dubi was increasing his point per game average every season he’s been in the league. Even if he essentially repeated last season it would have been enough to justify his deal.

  86. billybleedsblue on

    I think I’m gonna make the chat! If I can just finish this thing up that I’m doing… OR I WILL JUST PROCRASTINATE MUHAHAHAHAHAAAAA.

    Manny, I was gonna say earlier something like, forget St. Louis, KEEP McD, and call up MZA and pretend he’s the the other short guy. Dude’s like a little cannonball. They should call him up and put him on the 1st/2nd line and give it some time, ffs. It can’t be any worse than what Dubi is (NOT) doing. :(

  87. I thought yesterday that Lundqvist is not human until he lets one goal in shootout.
    I like SO and 90% agree with CTBlueshirt about it. We also can use Baseball system instead of SO. Lets goalies shot the puck to each other and all the players try to catch rebound puck.

  88. love that pic of the young and blossoming buffalo fan base behind cally’s celebration.


    This wins the internet for today.

  89. I love the picture of Miller getting beat by Cally in the shootout. he has dropped to his knees in hopes of the puck hitting him. the style of all goalies today.

  90. Glad to hear others bemoaning Artie. Thought you’d appreciate this summation of his faltering season from Hockey Rodent:
    “Anisimov is a net negative influence on the ice. He’s like an anchor on the rush, which he’s never fast enough to join. The man hasn’t scored in twenty games and hasn’t pointed in his last nineteen.

    I could forgive all if only he’d not play like a pussy. I count 34 hits (15th on the team) and just 22 blocked shots (14th) this season. If you’re not scoring, not hitting, not blocking shots and you’re winning just 45% of your faceoffs…

    … why are you taking up space in the boat.

    Row, dammit!”

  91. If you’re not scoring, not hitting, not blocking shots and you’re winning just 45% of your faceoffs…


    How much is Richards getting paid again?

  92. czechthemout!!!! on

    No to St.Louis,Morrow,Smyth or any other over the hill or nearly over the hill vet. There is no reason to trade for these guys at all. Any trade that may involve young assets should be for impact players who can be here for a while. Guys like Ryan, Nash, Weber, or Byfglien.

    I am now of the opinion that this is not the year we should expect a cup run. We don’t score enough and have no power play. We are still missing at least one more possibly two more top 6 forwards and a big time shot from the point that would improve the pp.

    Also, it is amazing to read how low many of our fans believe our players value is. I mean if we offered McD for St.Louis straight up, the Bolts would think Sather had turned senile.

  93. On the broadcast:

    Carp I agree 100% on Pierre telling us where Mike Rupp played shinny hockey.

    Also, Mike Emrick is a hall of fame announcer. Fine, whatever. He called “John Mitchell” by “John Williams.” Let that slide. But when Cally got hit in the face with the high stick, which clearly the one referee missed, he said, “It was a follow through of a shot, that was why it wasn’t called.” That is 100% WRONG and protecting the refs. You hit a guy in the face with your stick on a follow through, you go to the sin bin unless the refs don’t see it.

    Speaking of broadcasters….from Tuesday night….is there any announcer I hate more than Chico Resch? I don’t think so. “Do you think the Rangers and Devils are that far apart in skill?” Even Zach Parise referred to the Rangers as the upper end of the NHL. But Chico has to talk BS like that. It’s absurd.

    On the shootout:

    These are the rules that TPTB made. We can either accept them and try to win as many pts as we can or we can bitch and complain.

    Does everyone’s heart get racing a little more during the shootout? I know mine does. It’s entertainment and worth 1 point. I don’t love that it’s worth a point. But those are the rules of the game if you want to play. Glad we have Hank in our goal though his record this year has not been so great. I would argue that if Callahan is our most successful shootout guy, we are not going to win that many.

    Bring on the Flyers.

  94. Boom Boom Bathgate - FOUR CUPS since 1926 on

    Re: “it’s time to get rid of the BCATHEexperiment.” Professional sports leagues NEVER rescind bad rules they put into play. Witness: BASEBALL: the puking DH, and the even more puking “wild card” garbage in baseball and football.

    FOOTBALL: the two-point conversion option puts teams that score three TD’s, kick two FG’s, and add a two-pointer in desperation time on a par with teams that score four TD’s. Football also has the “onside kickoff” monstrosity, in its haste to give trailing teams two consecutive possessions at the end of the game and sell more beer, trucks, and tires in O.T.

    BASKETBALL: Foul shooting is entirely unnecessary. A year ago there were 80 (!) foul shots attempted in a Nets – Clippers game. Great, pay top-dollar to attend an NBA game and come away numb from wondering what you saw and what you paid for.

    The three-point shot from mid-range, and from anywhere, actually, rewards teams for their INABILITY to penetrate the defense, and rewards teams for falling behind on the scoreboard when two-point shots were predominant. Great concept there, Dr. Seitz, late ~Harvard~ academe. What more be said?

    Three referees, up from two referees of course ensures we get to see more foul shots attempted, which they now P.C. refer to as “Free Throws.” Right.

    The 24-second clock tampers with the natural flow of games, making them just “gunner contests,” not strategy-oriented baseketball games replete with ball-handling skills and pace-oriented coaching. Every damn game is the same – isn’t that wonderful! Why don’t they just mail in the season and draw straws to determine playoff teams?

    HOCKEY: I stand with everyone here as regards the Buttman NHL version of NBA “garbage time” – the shoot-out. I stand alone in the whole world as regards the “Happy days are here again” pulling the goaltender for an extra attacker gimmick – free power play to the team that desperately needs a goal accomodation to them and a giddy TV audience of hundreds, out there.

    And how did the Rangers fare when NJ got its free power play at the end of the game, candy bar? Guess I am the only one who thinks Biron and our boys deserved better than to have to suffer a “Rulebook Loss.” I know we DIDN’T lose to the Devils. And I noticed NOT ONE blogger here had anything to say about the Rangers losing per a sick joke rules technicality, this rulebook crime is so universally accepted. Hey, zombies of the world unite, and who needs brain cells when we can watch baseball in November, football in February, and hockey and basketball in June? Ain’t life grand?

    End of sermon, boys. Come on, you loved it!

  95. Just to toot my own horn…I made an issue of AA’s play about 10-15 games ago, and I got crucified for it by you guys. I say try to package to get some kind of deal that gives the rangers more of an edge come playoff time, just sayin’.

  96. I have to agree with Smalls. And for how he was touted prior to coming, Richards has been a bit of a let down especially offensively.

  97. you did not just reference drury when talking about richards did you carp? richards offensive contributions this season far exceeds the effort drury put forth during his tenure in new york…

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