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  1. Rupp’s Thumb might be broken? That can’t be good news. Do we need a Bel Biv Deveaux type to fill in or do we need a ^hobbit wizard^ to step in?

  2. Thanks for playing.

    If Rupp’s thumb is broken, it must not be so bad that he can’t play, because he played last night.

  3. billybleedsblue on

    Bring back “one a day” he made me laugh.

    I was trying to attach a picture of Avery and Brodeur in the chat… it wouldn’t work. Arrrrrgh.

    Carp, you’re right I guess about Dubi NOT getting the A, I was just tryin’ to say that awarding that to him might have given him the psychological edge to compete at a higher level… (in case you didn’t infer this)

    That was fun, I’m glad I was around for it.

  4. I will tell you who deserves an “A”…it’s Dan flippin’ Girardi. I can’t believe it isn’t no his chest anymore.

  5. Good afternoon again, Carp! The game was stressful and kind of boring, but I had a great time!

    Mama, “Flying Bison laryngitis “flu” tomorrow” LMAO! I’m actually doing okay. And it would have been “EBC Pale Ale laryngitis flu”….

    Manny, you recognized me in the picture! Even with my Sabres hat disguise I was wearing to try to fool you!

  6. I used to not be able to tell whether Girardi or Staal was the better of the 2, but now it’s definitely Girardi. Staal may be playing hurt, who knows. Girardi also had a year where he scored over 10 goals.

  7. Manny, don’t worry… I promise I’ll start from scratch for the 3rd (Sometimes Bi-)Annual Paul Mara Playoff Beard Competition. I play fair, I win fair!

  8. Hey Carp – I am good friend with Manny. I promise that you *can* trust Manny when it comes to opening and/or checking mail/electronic mail.



  9. Pastrami and Corned Beef on Marble Rye with melted swiss…side of cole slaw and Kettle Chips (Sour Cream & Cheddar)


  10. Whole Wheat Fiber One Bread with 2 slices of 2% Shop-Rite Singles. I am still hungry! Surprised?

  11. Carp,

    All this talk of signing Parise — any inkling that is something he wants? To be a Ranger? Or he’d just stay in the Tri-State area and love the Blueshirt Billions.

  12. NYR, that sounds delicious! My lunch was boring. According to the rules of the lunch point game, I can win a point by creating a more colorful description of someone else’s lunch, right Latona?

    NYR_FAN licked the sweat from his upper lip and stared hungrily as he watched the swiss cheese slowly melt over the folds of his pastrami and corned beef sandwich. A quick glance to his left assured him that his side of cole slaw was ready.

    “I’m all yours,” whispered the cole slaw.

    The sour cream and chedder Kettle Chips waited patiently, selflessly, hoping to be noticed and taken seriously. NYR_FAN resettled his attention on his sandwich. He could feel the heat rising through the slices of marble rye, the warmth registered in each of his ten fingers as he tightened his grip. At long last NYR_FAN raised the sandwich to his lips and devoured it passionately. The hunger in his belly subsided.

    “This will win me a lunch point for sure,” he mused, unaware of the theivery that was soon to occur.

  13. Sally sounds like she got that out of one of those books you see at the checkout line in the supermarket, the ones with a Fabio-esque looking guy on the cover.

  14. Wow!! Sally….you are something else, HAMBONE!

    I hearby award any potential points that Sir Latona may distribute to me, on to Sally!!

  15. CTB, maybe I’ll give up on social work and start in the food porn novel industry.

    Manny, I definitely see the resemblance. Is that why you ride on horses all the time and never wear shirts?

    NYR, very kind. Thank you.

  16. Lunch: Progresso Chickarina soup.

    Good afternoon, Sally!

    I trust all of youse guys … as far as I can throw you.

    Chris, I imagine Parise will be like every other pro athlete and go for the most dinero.

  17. Carp,
    In the CHat you said that Bickel isn’t that good. I am no Hockey Player/ coach/ reporter so I must not be seeing something. I think he makes some mistakes, tries very hard and makes some very good plays here and there. I think he fights much better than RUpp ( something I can speak about with true life experience) and he should get more minutes because there isnt any other way to learn, right? I guess what I am asking is, in order to say that and Torts not playinig him that much , what is it that you You and the Rangers staff are seeing that I am missing. I appreciate your time. Thanks

  18. Dammit, I missed a good chat…

    Too bad about the book, Carp. I’m sure it was a pain in MZA, but it’d be a good read. You now have a bit of a different view on things too, I’d imagine.

  19. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…David Klein. The stories….where shall we begin? Apparently Sally missed the *whole* thing

  20. David Klein is somewhat of an enigma. He has multiple personalities and he loves the Mets. Sadly, his blog, Defending the Core, was stricken from the annals of the interweb. Too sad. You will never be able to read about the 5-12 New York Mets. They were having a tough go at the time, you see. David Klein is also deeply concerned about his daughter and the purity of her mind. He doesn’t like her to read swill even when he is the person producing that swill. He enjoys posting fake phone numbers and claiming they belong to other people. His hobbies include harassment, not getting his way and starting fights by saying, “I don’t mean to start a fight but…”

  21. I don’t mean to start a fight, but that guy sounds like an asshat. Was he givin’ you a hard time, Carp? You know I got yer back.

  22. ilb, of course I did! There were a ton of Rangers fans at the game, but I wasn’t really close to any of them. I really want to go to a game at MSG (it’s been almost 3 years!) and be surrounded by crazy, rabid Rangers fans again.

    How are you & Mrs ilb?

  23. Detroit-Vancouver
    Nashville-Philly (The “hey Peter Forsberg didn’t work out for you either game” or Ryan Suter’s audition to replace Chris Pronger game).

  24. Sally come to the Feb 25th game against the Baby Buffaloes. I’ll be there with Mrs CT.

  25. Ilb – Sally didn’t know about David Klein. As a valuable member of this blog community she deserves answers to her questions!

  26. No need to bring it up, ‘heads…

    Sally, all you need to do is tell us when you are in NY, we will take care of crazy, rabid Rangers fans part…Mrs and I are doing fine, thanks….

    CTB- thanks, I’ll go with Preds-Philly i think.

  27. CT, I would love to! Unfortunately I can’t take any time off until mid-March cause of the new job. I’ll figure something out! It’s been WAY too long.

  28. billybleedsblue on

    what’s this about striking the interwebs in the annals?

    Lunch: Progresso Pea Soup with Ham

    mmmmmmmm… HAaaaaaammmmmmmmm…

  29. Don’t be so elitist, CT. WCNI is the best college radio station in the world! (Well one of them)

  30. I mostly prefer KPPX 103.6, “Rebel Radio”

    (but no one will get that reference…or will they?)

  31. billybleedsblue on

    Sally, ham and jam indeed! I felt bad there wasn’t more scoring last night for you, but a win is a win is a win! Nice head start on the beard contest BTW.

  32. Joe, I don’t think Bickel’s bad. I just think he’s very raw and inexperienced. I think they’re bringing him along slowly and not putting him in situations where he could fail … and it doesn’t help that every single game is 1-1, 1-0, 2-1, or 0-0.

    I think they’re doing the right thing with him. If they thought he stinks, he wouldn’t be here.

  33. Haha, funny comment on Parise’s situation in Puck Daddy:

    @Parise saying something like: “I don’t always sign $60 million contracts…but when I do, I make sure to do it with a team on the verge of bankruptcy. Stay thirsty, my friends.”@

  34. To which an obvious Devils fan said:

    “Zach knows that new jersey is a quality place to play and has a bright future with the youngsters Henrique and Larsson, as well as Kovy finally looking like a world class player again. He is happy and his father will tell him if he is happy, not to take it for granted. The finical situation of the franchise will work itself out and won’t affect the team. If the coyotes are still afloat, the devils will be fine.”

    Which kinda reminds me of this:

  35. billybleedsblue on

    Manny, that link… all I see is a Camel up top on the tab and a feather that says Apache on it… seriously though, the web page says:

    If you have problems receiving the streams,
    please see “If You Have Problems” below.
    If this does not work, contact fful*

    I’m going to email them and tell them about my laundry “problems.”

    Then it says at the bottom of that page,

    If you have problems receiving the stream,
    please contact fful*
    Between July 12 and July 19 contact help*

    what’s so special about that week in July?

    I am so confused. And I couldn’t get the stream to work. But I’m not on a ‘normal’ computer.

  36. Hahaha. Sorry, billy. College radio isn’t the most reliable. Although Clear Channel just selected WCNI as one of 12 College Radio stations to stream so maybe something more corporately reliable coming soon!

  37. Wow, billy. That’s a nice comp. You must meet some really nice gals while typing away on that in the salon. Do you by any chance drive a really cool, unmarked, windowless van?

  38. Just read the not-so-live-chat.

    Carp – any chance of interviewing Parise after games?

    Yes, if I cared enough to go into the other lockerroom


  39. billybleedsblue on

    I actually really love college radio. I listen to WFUV like ALL THE TIME. I also listen to WMFU and sometimes I check out my alma mater’s stream, although it’s scratchy and poppy usually so I won’t include the link…

  40. billybleedsblue on

    hahaha, Manny, what the heck?! Ahhh, the dangers of making fun of oneself…

    correction on radio stations I listen to, I mistyped.. it’s WFMU

    Manny, I tried and tried but I don’t think that I have software that will “listen” to RTP (real-time transfer protocol) otherwise I’m down to try out some new college radio for sure.

  41. I knew you meant FMU. That place is “da bomb” as the kids say.

    It’s ok. The whole show is over and it’s probably a polka show coming on after. Ah, the dangers of “open format.”

  42. billybleedsblue on

    Manny, I found a link that worked off of THIS page:

    I downloaded the .m3u playlist and I’m streaming through a media player…

    I normally don’t give up so easily. :) I’ll give it a shot. I already like it from what I hear….

  43. billybleedsblue on

    Wow, I really misunderstood the DJ… this is not Celtic at all. I’m gonna keep it on in hope though. I liked the DJ’s voice… she sounds like somebody I know :)

    Holy cow, I’m getting serious procrastination and jibberish points today :/

  44. Marji, I wore the old jersey cause my friend and fashion advisor told me I looked “way cuter”. Don’t worry though, I still brought the awesome.

  45. Oh yea. That woman goes by “skeleton lady” and her on-air accent is FAKE.

    Marko’s Punk Rock Jukebox is the best show ever. Second was, of course, my shows. Like my favorite show I did “The Heart Attack Attack”

  46. billybleedsblue on

    Manny, that’s awesome that you did college radio. I need to check out Marko’s show, for realz. what times is it again? Yeah, this current show is very multi-cultural, which I love, but right now I need to rock if I’m going to finish up this project before I go work out…

    That’s too bad about the DJ’s fake accent. That information has for whatever reason tarnished my perception of her.

    Manny, do you play at all?

  47. I play Piano, Guitar, Drums and a number of other useless instruments. Music was my life before my parents reminded me that there is no health insurance in being artistic.

  48. Guess youse saw over there ——–> that Wolski and Woywitka were both sent to the Whale on conditioning assignments.

  49. stevezipay NYR have sent Jeff Woywitka and Wojtek Wolski to AHL Whale on two-week conditioning assignments.

    it figures… they couldn’t have that many W’s on one team!

  50. Sally, it’s a shame that NYR had to go and subvert the tenets of our luncheon organization. One cannot redirect awarded points. Now, I respect your knowledge of the rules, and your description of NYR’s lunch was most sensual and flavorgasmic, but alas, I simply cannot award you the point. We don’t support conspiracies around here.

    Carp gets the point.

  51. billybleedsblue on

    Manny, that’s awesome. It’s so hard to make the time to play these days. That was smart of your parents, no matter how much you hated it. That being said, we should start RR Rockband, lol. Our first song could be titled, “Sally’s Beard.”

    CCCP, btw, you were killin’ me during the chat. Wise assen! :D

  52. I was actually just complaining about living the corporate life and how much I would rather be playing music with heroin addicts. Sigh.

  53. Manny

    not everything is lost… all you have to do is stop showing up at work, find a heroin dealer and buy a guitar… boom!


    thanks! :)

  54. Good thinking @CCCP@ . Actually i just found out that my employer messed up my pay all year and wasn’t withholding properly. Now I owe a bunch of money that I was going to use on my honeymoon. Yay! I might have to leave here.

  55. Latona, what do you mean we don’t support conspiracies??? THIS IS A CONSPIRACY!!! I EARNED that point by STEALING it fair and square!

    billy, I appreciate what I hope you meant by that, but that is not a good song name.

  56. billybleedsblue on

    Sally, LOL I’m glad you took that the right way! I was typing, not thinking!

    Ham and Jam would be a HIT.

  57. Whatever happened to my bands, “The Percolated Collective” and the “Hegemonizing Theocrats”? Boo!

    Don’t even.


  59. Afternoon all. Thanks for the chat, Carp…sorry I missed it live.

    Pretty boring lunch from the cafeteria…chicken salad on rye toast, pretzles, pickel spear.

  60. You know, Sally, I think you’ve grown a little too big for your britches with all the praise, much of it warranted, but some equally unwarranted, around here. And now you squirm in the quagmire of futility as one has enough sense and confidence to challenge you.

    You’re in the lead, Sally. Why would you conspire with NYR in order to receive a lunch point? Especially when he’s trailing by a mere three points? That doesn’t sound like something he would do, now does it?

  61. Okay, first of all, Latona. THIS:

    Second of all, you’ll have to ask NYR why he does what he does. I think he appreciated that I was impressed enough by his lunch to try to steal his point in the way that I did which was, by the way, clearly in accordance with the rules that YOU established. There was no conspiration, only persperation.

  62. Maybe you should ask NYR why he does what he does, considering his behavior ultimately cost you the point. Huh? How do you like them apples?

  63. I’m sorry, Latona. I didn’t mean to mock you and start giving out points like they were nothing. I know you rule with an iron fist.

  64. I, too, agree that by following the written rules of lunch point contest strictly, Sally is indeed entitled to her point in question. In fact, in order to show my full support, I’m surrendering my lunch points AND giving it all to Sally.

    Do I have any, btw?

  65. No worries, NYR. We’re still buddies!

    Not anymore, ilb. You had seven, good for fifth place. Sally does deserve the point by way of the written rules, but is there no elastic clause? Am I not allowed to determine a verdict on lunch point awardery based on overwhelmingly sketchy influences from one NYR_FAN?

  66. I had 7 points? Considering I only eat lunch once in two months or so, I’m very impressed by my accomplishment.

    And what do you mean not anymore?

  67. Fair enough. I thought you decided to unilaterally take away my hard earned points for trying to protect what’s right. That would certainly sound like former USSR. I was about to retain the services of world renowned legal team of Manny, Månnu, and Manfried, PC to represent me in this important debate. For everyone’s information, this legal team specializes in lunch points and logging. THE BEST!

  68. You’d need about 410 more, Tony..

    I’d quickly hire duckbill as my defense attorney, ilb. His rhetoric is unmatched! NYR would join the case as a legal adviser.. and I’m sure somebody else would side with me. Somewhere.

  69. duckBill PLA-t-pus on

    duckbill eats a plethora of lettuce for lunch. Lettuce you might say? duckbill will reply yes, lettuce…LETTUCE GO RANGERS!

  70. duckBill PLA-t-pus on

    the duckbill sees that his services may be needed by good friend and forever gracious latona!

  71. duckBill PLA-t-pus on

    the duckbill would like senior dubinsky to score a goal in his next time at the ol ball game.

  72. Latona February 2nd, 2012 at 5:19 pm
    I’m just trying to protect the lunch contest! Geez!

    I respect that, I do. There’s always gray/grey area in everything. I’m bored of fighting. We cool?

  73. To the duckbill

    I know you R a Dubie fan. To what you do attribute his pulpous thinking with the biscuit? Will the inauspicious continue?

  74. Evening gang.

    I have a very important question to ask you all: Do you know what a deadline is?

  75. I only ask because certain people that I work with do not understand the meaning of that word. They either think it’s a suggestion or ignore it all together. Especially combined with the word ‘accelerated’.

  76. Wow, really, no points or comment about my croque monsieur for lunch.

    You all are bush league!!!!!!

    Mickey, a deadline means different things to different people…cool people meet it, asshats ignore it, editors often don’t get it, it has to be “blown”….Carp, yes?

  77. We’re good, Sally and ilb. In fact, I’ll give Sally her point, and offer ilb a chance to take those points back. Fighting sucks!

    duckbill, I don’t need your services anymore, but if I ever need services of any kind, especially those of the monotremic or wordsmith variety, you’re first on my list. Also, you get a lunch point for eating lettuce!

    Mama, fine. Point.

  78. billybleedsblue on

    wow, this place is nuts, and the blog reads like a weird interweb soap opera sometimes. Hilarious!

    Latona, while you’re just dishing out the lunch points, I DID have some awesome pea soup with ham earlier…

  79. hahahaha all! Latona, thanks for the, grudging, point…mama now must fade to black….too many pre-dawn mornings for me this week….to quote Greg is the opposite way…zzzzzzzz

  80. billy, questions: Do you ever eat anything that does not contain a ham-product?

    Latona, good :)

  81. Yes Mama, that is it! This person is an asshat.. and not very nice either. Ugh, sales people are just not very bright about some times. No offense to any sales people on RR- you meet your deadlines and pay attention to words like ‘accelerated’, I am sure.

    Sally- I got it! And responded!

    I’m eating hot dogs with the last of my awesome chili sauce. Do I get dinner points for that, Latona?

  82. billybleedsblue on

    Nice, are we graduating to dinner points?

    Mickey, what kind of chili sauce?

    Mama, lol, I just felt the need to put that in words. This place is so fun/funny to me…

    Wow, you guys got really serious earlier, what with the Big Lebowski and all. Geez!

    NYR that website is pretty awesome.

    Sally, I try to include ham whenever possible. Actually, I make an awesome baked ham that would surely win me some dinner/lunch points.


    billy, it’s Hot Dog Charlie’s chili sauce. Their own special recipe. It’s not spicy or anything, it’ just soooooooooooooooooo good. Mmm, ham! I made homemade ham and scalloped potatoes for dinner twice this week!

  84. Ham is one of my specialties, secret family recipe.. hot dogs are most likely my favorite food.. and I’m a junk food junkie.. so I just had to give out the points!

  85. duckBill PLA-t-pus on

    NYR_Fan, the duckbill feels that the Dubinsky went to the home of Alaskan king crabs to find his game once again for the second time. He had the game prior to injury, and it shall return with the vengeance of a pompeiian pyroclastic blast! You must excuse the duckbill for continual ancient roman references but he has had his beak firmly placed in the Netflix documentary and history section.

    Duckbill movie pick of the week: Eight Mile High about the luscious Uschi Obermaier.

  86. billybleedsblue on

    All this food talk… I’m totally starving… I love chili sauces, omg. Spicy, not spicy, it doesn’t matter, they are all awesome. Once, I was on such a Sriracha kick that I was putting it on everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, it didn’t matter what time of day or what I was having. I put it on my oatmeal once. I Carcillo you not. That’s when I knew I had a problem. But it’s not what you think. You see, the problem was that I ran out of Sriracha. Don’t worry, I got more. That was the spiciest oatmeal ever.

  87. duckBill PLA-t-pus on

    Latona, the duckbill will cherish his lettuce point and volley with a dollop of gratitude for his verbal prowess which he feels is diminutive when placed against the formidable, indomitable and magisterial lexicon of the great one known only as ‘LATONA’ aka the lunch box magistrate.

  88. billybleedsblue on

    Sally, I’m a huge fan of Always Sunny. Might you say we’re getting “hammered?” hahahaaaaa

  89. Duckbill, “He had the game prior to injury, and it shall return with the vengeance of a pompeiian pyroclastic blast!” From your beak to god’s ears!

    He’s Alaskan. FOUR MILLION!

  90. DZ going all Italian Don Johnson and Dubi, well, nice jacket man, lol ——-> per woywhatcamacalit

  91. Haha! Clearly I have not been keeping track of who’s worn the silly white suit and when. Mickey is now the Accelerated Chief Archivist of Casino Night White Suit Apparel. Mazel tov!

  92. WOHOOO! I have a position on RR now! My life goal is accomplished! :) Thank you so much Sally!

    (err, I just happen to have lots of pics of the team on my computer and they are by year, so it was only a matter of finding the year and the pics, lol)

  93. Genius!

    But don’t get too excited, it is a non-paying position. There are probably some perks, but I haven’t thought of them yet.

  94. Freakin’ Habs really, really suck!! They give up 4 straight goals to the debbies after leading the game 3-1 – what a piece of carcillo team that is!

  95. billybleedsblue on

    I agree! the Gomez site is hilarious. at least the Habs fans seem to have some sense of humor. hahahahahaaaaaa I think WE are laughing more though :D

  96. billybleedsblue on

    actually, Gomez is the one that is laughing… all the way to the bank. And the Habs fans are laughing more too… all those Cups… ok, I’ve just ruined the whole thing, great.

  97. No, Gomez did not score – the crowd was really giving him the business, though – in NJ…

  98. Watching a game from the pebble that my team isn’t involved in gives me a much better feel for the place over there – and I’ve gotta say, that franchise, it’s PA announcer, its TV coverage, and its fans are, to quote Miami, totally Bush-League!

    Really, the franchise should be in Atlanta or Memphis, where the goobers in the seats don’t know anything about hockey whatsoever. It is a minor-league operation, in the biggest hockey market in possibly the whole league, if total population of the area is a factor.

  99. Sam Gagner of Oilers is killing the Hawks with 4 goals and 7 points in a game! Someone should check up on Olga see if he’s ok lol

  100. Sam Gagner scores 8 points in a single game against the Chicago Blackhawks, ties Wayne Gretzky and Paul Coffey for the Edmonton record…

  101. His Dad was a player…taken from Wiki:

    “Dave Gagner was selected in the first round of the 1983 NHL Entry Draft (12th overall) by the *New York Rangers* and bounced back and forth between New York and their American Hockey League farm team, the New Haven Nighthawks over the next several seasons. He remained with the Rangers’ organization until 1987 but was never able to completely get over the hump and earn a full-time roster spot, largely due to his being considered *too small for an NHL forward.*
    His career took off when he was traded to the Minnesota North Stars in 1987. ”

    Let’s not make the same mistake with MZA :P

  102. Dave Gagner was a really good player, drafted in the first round in ’83 by Craig Patrick. But traded by Phil Esposito with Jay Caufield for Jari Gronstrand and Paul Boutilier, October 8, 1987. Good deal.

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