Rangers-Devils in review


What can you do? The Rangers sure have gotten their share of last-minute wins this year, and a few bounces along the way.

This one was one horrible bounce, then a puck sliding across the goal line, then one of those unfortunate breakaway contests they sometimes hold after the hockey game is over and done.


1) I expected some sloppiness after the All-star break — which, by the way, is now one day longer than it needs to be because of that silly TV-themed choose-up they do on Thursday. And there was some sloppiness. Or lack of sharpness. Or whatever you want to call it. The Devils’ Ilya Kovalchuk and Martin Brodeur both made horrendous giveaways in front of their own net in the first eight minutes — in the Devils heyday you wouldn’t see two plays like that for months.

2) … and the Rangers weren’t without their own gaffes, the biggest perpetrated by guys with letters on their sweaters. Their captain (Ryan Callahan)  and alternate captain (Marc Staal) each coughed up a hairball that ended up in the back of the Rangers net.

3) The Rangers should be better when the other alternate captain gets back. What’s that? He is playing. I know, that’s a cheapshot. But what is wrong with Brad Richards? Is he hurt? He’s not only not producing, but he’s been brutal on faceoffs, has done diddly to help the PP, and looks soft. Maybe he is hurt.

4) When you see a couple of goalies like the two Martins and the way they handle the puck, or at least when I do, I wonder why more goalies aren’t good at it? I mean, how much practice would it take to become adept at shooting the puck with a goalie stick? I did it.

5) Ah, the breakaway contest after the hockey game ends. It’s keeping the Devils (9-2 in BCATHGEs) in the playoff race. Tell me you wouldn’t rather have had the one point for a tie, and just one point for the Devils, than a win and two points for them, and what feels like a loss to you.

6) I’m not going to say what I really think here — I usually don’t pull punches — but what could the Devils organization possibly be thinking with those dancers?

7) The game was announced as a sellout, despite a lot of empty seats (it filled up a bit, but at the start of the game there were seas of empties) and although a ton of the fans in the house wore blue. I thought it was a bad idea moving to a new arena and thinking that was going to fix the attendance, and thus the financial problems, etc. I don’t pretend to have any clue about how things work in the accounting department. But I saw a team that couldn’t draw when it was winning Stanley Cups and sharing a perfectly good arena with an NBA team. And now it was going to move into a new arena, as the only tenant, in the same general area of New Jersey and all of a sudden draw and survive?

8) What was Brodeur doing on Brian Boyle’s goal? Snow angel? Break dance?

9) The power play. Oy. Now they’re using Artem Anisimov, and then John Mitchell on the PP? How bad does it have to get? Why not Stu Bickel? Seriously, I thought the best of a bad lot was the PP with Ryan McDonagh on the point. But it’s not going to matter what personnel they use if the forwards don’t move, and if they don’t try to get pucks to the net and create. I know, that’s all cliche, but they sure aren’t doing any of it.

10) You have to admit, Kovalchuk can sure play when he wants to.

11) How about that near tuck by Derek Stepan in OT? Kid’s got some mitts. Great pay by Andy Greene — he of the dump-in off the stantion — in OT, because as he swept Stepan-wolf’s stuff try off the goalline, Marian Gaborik was crashing. And I thought Gaborik and Carl Hagelin were really strong in this game.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Michael Del Zotto.
2) Marian Gaborik.
3) Brian Boyle. 


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  1. How can they expect an already weak fan base to travel to the neighborhood where they put that arena? I drove my daughter and a few friends to a concert there a few months ago. Even the cops told me i was crazy. Went to get something to eat at the applebee’s nearby, they had a Newark cop sitting on a stool inside the place to try to keep it safe.

  2. Carp,

    What is it that the Rangers can never accomplish on the PP that other good teams can? Is there something they are not doing or it personnel? Are they having bad luck? Do teams pressure them harder because they know they suck on the PP?

  3. Jshim,
    just my opinion, but it seems whenever the rangers are on the powerplay and in the offensive zone, they continue to pass the puck several more times to get that perfect shot, instead of just unloading a slapshot towards the net and into traffic to try to put it on goal. It’s frustrating to watch.

  4. Good morning all! Has everyone been fired yet?

    bk, that is sooooo weird. First thing I thought when I saw him last night…Huh, is he dying his hair?

  5. Carp, according to an article in yesterday’s paper, the NHL commish said his poll showed that 80% of the fans approve of the skills tournament to decide a winner after overtime as opposed to a tie. Do you buy that?

  6. I thought Biron looked a bit rattled after the Clarkson goal. He looked like he lost a bit of confidence. Did you guys see the replay of Kovalchuk’s goal, Biron had his pads so spread apart, I could have scored and I play tier 5 hockey.

    Carp, couldn’t agree with you more about the shoutout, novelty’s worn off. Let’s go back to ties again. Last night certainly felt like a loss to me.

    Another point not mentioned, how about MDZ’s goal from a nasty pass by Gabby…wow!

  7. Also, that’s not a knock against Biron, think he’s having a great season and was a victim of an unlucky bounce. He should be one of the first Rangers to be resigned in the offseason.

  8. Christensen might as well play, this squad is a shadow of its pre- All-Star self.

    My recap: Utter amateur-hour with a topping of bush-league drippage.

    Get ready for a second loss tonight.

  9. I had 3-2 Rangers in the Contest… UGHHHHH!

    Such a frustrating loss. The dev’s are like the Rangers last year, take away their skills competition points and they are in deep do-do…


  10. DZ’s goal was nice, but do you think that Fatso of even 5 years ago let’s that in? I know post to post/lateral movement has been an issue with him before but that’s Brodeur’s answer to Biron’s poor coverage on Parise’s goal (although I thought Bickel could’ve done a better job of tying Parise up on his follow up attempt).

  11. Good morning, boneheads!

    I thought it was pretty entertaining game to watch. Both teams made some good plays, both had some breakdowns defensively. I was happy they didn’t have a letdown after one week without any action.
    The second part will be exactly that: teams on the bubble will play hard against us, trying to get points, and it’s up to the coach and team leadership to make sure they maintain their focus well. Plus you can certainly expect the refs to be much more forgiving, tge game will have less flow. And expect to see Biron more often, especially in March. Blaming him is pure nonsense, you can only argue tge fist goal. Even then, remember, he was in the right position to stop Parise’s first shot, it wasn’t that easy to adjust from his knees to move back and cover that gap.

  12. How can a professional sports team’s arena produce that many bad bounces off the glass stanchions? You see it a lot lately around the league, the puck coming off the stanchion, out in front of the net. Not blaming that on the loss because I feel if Biron keeps his pads together, he makes that save and we win. But these bounces out in front that turn into scoring chances are embarrassing.

  13. I think we all feel a bit down this morning because it’s against the Devils and because they should’ve won the game if it it wasn’t for that crazy play. But would you rather be in Devils shoes this morning? No, thanks. And I’d be very worried if I were their fan. Because with their defensive breakdowns, making the PO is a stretch…

  14. CARP:

    When I have brought up the PP problems before, you remind me that the Bruins won the Cup with a putrid PP. I agree with this, but I think it is clear that the PP is a major problem. Maybe if our PP scores one goal last night, we are not in a situation where a ridiculous bounce beats us?

    Not sure what the answer is? There is enough talent on this team to have an at least “decent” middle of the road PP, isn’t there?

  15. PIMP:

    I loved your contest prediction of 9-0 Dev’s with winning goal by Brodeur! Classic…

  16. Stranger nation on

    MIA – Brad Richards –

    Lack of hustle. Cally? Worse part of his turnover was not hustling back to D zone, very out of character.

    That rink is a joke – how many pucks came off bad caroms. Now we understand how Clarkson is scoring – wrap around boards and head to front of net.

    Artie did OK, actually played the body and hustled forechecking. That penalty was questionable at best given what they were letting go.


  17. Snow angel…I love it…lol. I knew the Devils were having money issues but I didn’t know it would have that big of an affect on the boards. How many weird bounces came off the boards.

  18. Re #8, I posted last night that Brodeur looked like he was trying to lick an ice cream stapled to his achilles.

    But I have revised my view to thinking he looked like a hungry upturned tortoise on a turntable with somebody dangling a whole tortoise cake on a piece of string four feet above him.

  19. Stranger nation on

    For PP which is now less than a trickle, why not leave Off lines and D pairings together. Would much rather see intact lines 1&2 out there than a fourth forward on point Especially B Rich who is no threat from above the circles. Teams know it, pack it in and close passing lanes.

    MDZ and Stralman should be first pair D for PP. Both can carry into zone and make the smart pass.

    Hags with another point, Prust saying…

  20. Somehow we forgot that Biron made a great save on Kovalchuk’s breakaway during PP. Also we forgot how Stepan undressed Marty in OT and could’ve easily finished it right there. One inch inside the goal line and the game is over.

  21. Hey! At least we got a point. We are still Number One in the Conf. and only two points back in the league.

    Just a question: (not trying to out think Torts or any of that junk) Can you swap in Hank for the shootout or do you have to keep Biron in there (rules wise)?

    Calm down everybody. Calm down.

  22. Yes, Manny, I believe you can. But what kind of message would that send to your back up goaltender who’s been solid for you and will be relied upon down the stretch?

  23. Stranger nation on

    My bad, Hags with 2 pts last night.

    Who is struggling more? B Rich or Dubi? Poor Cally has to carry both of those slugs.

  24. CTB,

    Agreed, I don’t think Uncle Daddy would have let that goal in even 5 years ago…I was admiring the entirety of the play, Gabby’s backhand pass thru two Devils to MDZ who scored a nice one. I yelled so loud that I scared my wife.

  25. Ilb – i understand that stuff. Which is why I clarified in my question. I was merely curious about the rules of the whole thing. I am sure subbing in Hank, cold off the bench, is a recipe for an injury as well. And you’re right, Biron stopped Kovalchuk on the break away.

    As I said last night. The final score was:

    Rangers 3
    Debbies 2
    Stanchion 1

  26. bull dog line February 1st, 2012 at 7:25 am

    Christensen could not be any worse than Anisimov right now.

    AA was noticeable only as a liability to the Rangers. He took the penalty that led to the Devs game-tying goal at a time when the refs for the home team were obviously looking to give them a chance to force OT. You dont wrap your arm around a red jersey at that point. Of course his stick was being held but it doesn’t matter. He played well for like 2-4 weeks earlier in the season, but he looks really bad lately. He needs to ride pine for awhile.

  27. C’mon, we all know that Richards brings that dynamic personality into the dressing room even though he isn’t scoring and is playing soft………oh, wait…

    Maybe it’s time for Dubinsky to take a conditioning assignment in CT? At worst, he can play on a line with Voros and Avery….maybe riding the buses in the minors will wake his candy aasen up! His play has been unacceptable!

  28. Good morning, Carp! That picture of Maaaaaarty is hiiiiiiiilarious!

    Manny, I was wonderin the same thing.

    Brian Boyle? Dime a baker’s dozen.

  29. Oh, those are good, Staal…

    No NNs today? Yet? Impressive…I heard someone blamed Torts last night for playing Biron instead of Hank just to prove that he is in charge. Can it get any dumber than that?

  30. ilb, that’s pretty dumb. Everyone knows Torts played Biron just to confuse the announcers. Duh.

  31. Even better ilb was someone saying that Torts put in Biron just show that he’s the coach (as if being one of the guys not in uniform that is still allowed on the bench wasn’t an indicator).

  32. Medical fact- the only available treatment for stupidity is brain transplant. Unfortunately, neurosurgery doesn’t really have it down pat yet.

  33. billybleedsblue on

    Carp, “BCATHGE?” My goodness, I pity the fool that doesn’t come here on a daily basis. :)

    Mmmmmm… tortoise cake!

    On el radio last night Mister Maloney mentioned a loss like this (paraphrasing here)… and a win in the last second in Phoenix… they have a way of evening themselves out throughout the course of the season.

    Carp said, “What can you do? The Rangers sure have gotten their share of last-minute wins this year, and a few bounces along the way.”

    That seems like a fair assessment to me.

    You know, I’ve been laying-off the whole non-existent Brad-Richards problem, but pretty soon, maybe come March, the kid-gloves come-off. Then at some point if things don’t change, I will just give up, like I have with the power play. Who said last night it’s like they ‘play defense in the offensive zone?’ Sad but true — I just don’t get it, and I’d rather focus on the stuff that works.

    Miami, you were pretty close with your prediction last night, I’m sorry you didn’t win the tix.

  34. Carp — great write up as usual. I was thinking after the game how this is just the hockey gods balancing things out. The Rangers have gotten plenty lucky this year with breaks (b/c their effort helped create luck) so you can’t really dwell on this too long.

    On another note – I’m heading on a plane to Buffalo this afternoon to meet with a large account. After we meet I’m taking him and his boss to the game tonight. Sitting in section 105….supposedly really good seats center ice 19 rows off the ice. Cant wait.

  35. Outside of a lucky bounce the Rangers won this game and dominated for long stretches. They played a weak second period for the most part. In a 7 game series the Rangers win in 4 games maybe 5 if the Devils get some lucky bounces, like last night.

  36. I wonder if it’s time to try Richards with Gabby again. Maybe that will get him going. Hags-Rich-Gabby, then Dubi-Step-Cally (where maybe Step can help get Dubi going too).

    Also, as bad as the PP is, at least we’re not giving up shorties. Remember the Tom Renney Hat Trick? (too many men penalty, shorty against, SO win).

  37. i am more upset today not that we only got one point last night i could live with that but that the devils were 47 sec away from none and the fact that the penguins behind malkin heroics again come back from 4-1 down with 9 mins left and win there 8th in a row.

    keep this in miond boneheads. the way things are looking right now and the rangers flyers and pens one of those teams will be out in the first round of playoffs in the 4 vs 5 matchup. the two teams not winning the div will have to play each other.

    i dont know about you guys i dont want to be in a 4 vs 5 matchup with the penguins if we dont win the division. i think it is IMPERATIVE if we are too have a long playoff run to win the atlantic.

    any thoughts?

  38. I just downloaded the NYR February calendar and half the games don’t have start times. Is that normal.

    Oo I hope we get our revenge against Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarty next week.

  39. >>Who is Brad Richards???

    My sources tell me the Rangers will make a big splash at the trade deadline by acquiring him to fix the dreadful and much dreaded power play.

  40. Will Mr. Zuke get a call-up soon or can he not come up due to cap reasons?

    In theory he could help the PP.

  41. I’m a big Marty Biron supporter, but I don’t think he played particularly well last night. His job as a back-up is to keep us in a game, and he’s done that superbly over the course of the season; I don’t think he’s won or lost us any single-handedly. But the first Parise goal, regardless of the required movement and lack of coverage, was from a bad angle. He lacked reaction on the third goal, which I am not blaming on him or anyone in any way. And I don’t buy his comment on Kovalchuk’s shootout attempt; that puck would have went five hole no matter how early or late he released it. Marty Biron definitely kept us in the game, which is his job, but I would say it was one of his worse games of the season.

  42. Stranger,
    I agree with you, Stralman, and MDZ should be on the power play together. they should be out there for the full 2 minutes.

  43. I can’t blame Beer-on for the Parise goal. I think Hank would have given that up, too.

    It was an unreal shot. Parise rifled it perfectly over the shoulder of Beer-on from an impossible angle. Pretty amazing, since the puck rolling. Not making excuses, just sayin’.

    @BAD BOUNCE@ on the Clarkson goal.

    I hate the skills competition.

  44. of course later on in the season, if all Dmen are healthy, Bickel is going to play instead of Stralman. right?

  45. billybleedsblue on

    I’m still chuckling to myself about “BCATHGEs.”

    Carp, when are you writing another book, and do you plan to include a chapter on the Boneheads and the language that you (and others) have us speaking (typing)?

  46. it’s hard to believe that a team with this much talent…actually, forget talent, how about just a team of NHL professionals who have been playing this game all their lives…can suck this much on the power play and seem to have no clue on how to fix it.

  47. bull dog line

    Bickel wont be on the team come playoff time. He isn’t very good and really doesnt belong in the NHL. You can’t have him on the ice during a playoff game, at least past the first round.

    Eminger and Stralman are much better options…

  48. yergs,
    they are not a talented team. they are a grinding hard working team. they are the kind of team capable of having a great regular season, but not the kind of team capable of winning the cup. more talent is needed for that to happen.

  49. The most shocking part of last night (imo) was not that horrendous bounce but the lack of hustle by Cally on the back check after that ugly, ugly turnover; end of your shift, on the PK, gotta get it in deep……i’ve seen a lot more cases of bad bounces off the boards then I have seen of Cally not busting it. I suppose he is allowed a mistake every now and then.

  50. Hey everyone…great blog here…been reading it faithfully for a while now, thought I might pipe up…on the pp, I’m wondering why they don’t try Del Z on the right point…seems like he’s more likely to hit the net from there plus they could use Stralman on the other side and have 2 one timer guys…of course they must be aware that’s a possibility yet they don’t try it so maybe it’s gotta be off the table…another thing about the pp i saw somebody suggest that maybe the set up is also about not giving up a shortie which might be more apt to happened if shots from the point get blocked…

  51. Also, can’t understand why Chico and the Can were so surprised Marty Biron was in…surely it’s because the Rangers were saving Hank for Mr. Snider’s game… j/k (cough)…

  52. c giacomo, I don’t buy that at all about the shootouts (or BCATHGEs). Maybe the fans in non-hockey cities like it. And people do get excited. But I’ve said many times in the past, if they had a spitting contest or played tiddly-winks, or had a fight, or one of those human puck races, to decide the game, people would stand and cheer and love it until their team lost.

  53. Lunch = Brunch for me. Hadn’t eaten. Went to Court in Downtown, NYC and decided to pick up the wife for a brief rendezvous. We hit up a little kitchenette called Kitchenette and had omelettes. Mine was Cheese and Spinach with breakfast potatoes, hot sauce, a biscuit and coffee.

  54. czechthemout!!!! on


    I don’t think they played a particularly good game. That could be explained by the long layoff or just that they don’t seem to generate enough scoring chances. It doesn’t help when players you are counting on to produce like Dubi and AA are bringing zero to the table on the score sheet. It also doesn’t help that there is no one who can shoot from the point on the PP. I do however agree that when MCD was on the PP is when they had the most chances. This PP issue is goin to bite them in the ass this year unless something changes drastically.

  55. The shootout has run its course as far as I’m concerned. It was nice to give the fans something but its not like we are seeing Stamkos doing spin-o-ramas or Kane and his superman antics every shootout. Majority of the time we get guys snapping/wristing shots and nothing more. Not only is not as exciting as advertised but it is painful to put the outcome of such a team effort onto individuals like that. Not to mention the point system is so screwed, teams like the Devils this year and our beloved Rangers of the past don’t/didn’t deserve their place in the standings.

    Play 4 on 4 for 5 minutes then go to 3 on 3 for 5 minutes if after 10 minutes its tied then so be it. I for one would much rather watch this scenario. 4 on 4 & 3 on 3 hockey = pretty darn exciting.
    Death to the shootout!!

  56. billybleedsblue on

    Lunch: toasted poppy bagel w. natural peanut butter, 1/2 an avocado with olive oil, salt, pepper. Coffee. Black.

    Somebody needs to go shopping, lol.

  57. billybleedsblue on

    I might need a second lunch today. That wasn’t enough and I totally skipped elevensies.

  58. What about Stepan? aside from that chance in the OT he’s been pretty invisible for a while now…and how about that SO attempt that he missed by about a length of two hockey sticks! Unacceptable.

  59. Here is a question that maybe someone can answer. It is a given that the Knicks will always be on MSG (1) – and then the Rangers, Devils and Isles will be relegated to the other 3 channels MSGplus MSG2 and MSG2plus. I think that’s what they call them. The latter 2 not only are not HD but but the broadcast is far below what we should expect in this day and age. It really grinds my gears to have to watch NYR in low D while the Debbies or Icelanders are being broadcast in HD. Anyone know how they make the determination as to what game goes where?

  60. what can I say, i don’t think 3/4 of your team should sit on the bench while the game is being decided without them

  61. Carp,

    I know torts doesn’t like answering questions about the PP, but he DOES generally prefer and tend to answer straightforward rather than open ended questions.

    To that end, can you PLEASE ask him why he sets up the PP so that One-Timers are difficult to get off? The rangers have difficulty getting the puck on net because they get VERY few shots off the pass. Granted it doesn’t help that their players aren’t great at this, but what helps even less is putting a LD on the left point and a RD on the right point, making it basically IMPOSSIBLE for either one to take a shot off the pass. He does this EVERY GAME for the past few weeks, and it slows down the PP incredibly – it even makes passing across to the other D partner take longer than if the LD and RD played opposite points on the PP. In short, this is a mind-boggling approach, and it would be a great specific and pointed and fair question for the coach.

  62. shore ranger

    the knicks and rangers will always be on msg and msg 2 while the devils and islanders will be on msg plus and msg plus 2.

    usually if whoever is the home team from isles or devs that night they get put on msg plus while the other gets shifted to msg plus 2

  63. billybleedsblue on

    lol, LW, I was waiting for you to some up with something on that one!

    ShoreRanger, honestly, I’m guessing “they” say, “Hmmm… which team has more fans? Let’s annoy them (Rangers) because we frankly could care less about hockey, and nobody should take it seriously to begin with. Who cares that they (the Rangers) are in 1st place by the way, actually, that makes our nefarious plan even more satisfying! (evil laughing)”

    Frankly, I’m not THAT much of a conspiracy theorist (although I am convinced the media just doesn’t take hockey seriously). That being said, that’s as good as any explanation because there really is NO reason of the state of affairs on the Carcillo Box and how they move the games around like that. It just doesn’t make sense at all.

    It’s painful to watch any hockey in “low” D at all now that we’ve been spoiled with the new technology. :/

    Could you imagine if some other professional sports team in a major market got arbitrarily bumped to whatever “low” D station? There’d be riots in the streets.

  64. I think the main issue with the PP is just speed. These guys need to move the puck faster and more deliberately and then shoot much, much quicker. A pass to the weak side is only effective if the shot comes QUICKLY.

    That’s my follow up to Alex’s question. I would like to see some passes strong-weak followed by a one-timer.

  65. billybleedsblue on

    On the Power Play, you’re supposed to lead your opponent to a space and make them over-commit. THAT’s when you move the puck to the ‘extra’ guy so you have that extra time and space to find the next opening, or the shot. I feel the Rangers, in addition to not moving their feet enough, are guilty of moving the puck too soon.

  66. there is no cure for this pp. lets face it its unfixable.

    its a been a problem for years and it will continue.

    manny your points are valid but the rangers wont listen

  67. billybleedsblue on

    Sometimes (when all local teams are playing), the Rangers wind up on that guide channel, and I’m all like, where is that channel and stuff. A couple of weeks ago, the Rangers game was listed on the guide, but WASN’T on ANY channel. That was on whatever amateur-hour cable my buddy has up at Lake Carmel.

    I was seriously hoping the NBA would just call the season off because it would have made finding the Rangers games (on Carcillo Box AND el radio) easier and more consistent.

  68. Man that was an all time bad bounce last night. The byfugelin rock, yuck. Good news is I just pulled 100 level tickets for tonights game so truckin to buffalo after work. Look for me on Versus..errr..NBC sports in my 1926 anniversary jersey tonight. p.s. My little cousin(protege) accepted an offer to play D1 puck. Very proud. Lets go rangers

  69. Shore, they simply want to develop identities with each team on its own channel. so the Devils will always be on one, the Islanders always on another, and the Rangers get tossed to the third when the Knicks are playing. Sad.

    How about playing 4 on 4 for 10 minutes of sudden death instead of five? It would take less time than the shootout, especially since they Zamboni the ice after OT. I think most games would be settled in 10 minutes of sudden death with all that open ice. And I’m OK with a tie after that.

  70. Speaking of creating space, I really like Callahan’s use of the Gretzky move of flying into the zone and then pulling up to create a pocket of space. Nice.

    Can we also point out that Callahan was 100% to blame for the PP goal the Rangers gave up. How does he not get that puck DEEP!?

  71. billybleedsblue on

    Carp, if you’re ok with the tie after that (a 10 minute OT), wouldn’t it be OK to just play 5 minutes of OT?

    What I mean is, back in the day, after about 1/2 of OT, teams would pull-back and play for the tie, unless there was points needed for the standings on the line.

    Wouldn’t they just do that same thing in a 10 minute format (with no guaranteed extra point)? Know what I mean?

  72. I agree Carp. Like I said earlier, I’d even be willing to give 3 on 3 a shot. Its a little gimmicky but if it helps gets a winner and avoid the shootout, I’m all for it.

    Manny – Captain Cally was also pretty slow on the back-check after that turnover……I guess he is human after all.

  73. Carp, I haven’t seen him yet! Where is he?

    Latona, Mike’s Sandwich: toasted everything bagel with cream cheese, egg, & cheese. Very good!

    GO TONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. billybleedsblue on

    Sally, that’s an awesome bagel! You should try “Billy’s Sandwich”

    Toasted Everything Bagel, butter, strawberry jam, ham, egg, cheese, black pepper. ‘Mazing.

  75. _Want to improve the Rangers’ anemic power play with more creativity?_

    Bring up Zuccarello.

    _Want the Rangers to have more confidence going into a shootout?_

    Bring up Zuccarello.

    _Want a guy that will give 110% on every shift?_

    Bring up Zuccarello.

    _Want to create an offensive spark for Dubi and Richards?_

    Play them with Zuccarello.

  76. Less than six hours til puck drop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  77. stranger nation on

    Bickel with primary assist on what should have been ‘winning’ goal. Kid gets on the ice in the 3rd period for the first time in 2012 and he produces.

    thought McD is adding from toughness to his game – couple of times was protecting crease and knocked some guys down. Would like to see him trust his offensive instincts more. At end of game when he is taking Ozone chances, always creating for others.

  78. Tony, it’s missing the jam AND the ham, but billy can fix that.

    I am READY!!!!!!!!! SO ready! No wait! I need help with one thing. Do I wear my awesome heritage jersey that is huMANgous big on me, or do I wear my kind of not-super-nice jersey that actually fits me? Decisions decisions! LGR!

  79. billybleedsblue on

    Sally, I wasn’t sure about it either until it happened. Obviously between the pork and the jam, it’s really sweet (and salty too), so stay away from the ketchup, and no salt needed. Pepper is a nice touch though.

    When I order this sandwich, I usually get some weird looks and also have to repeat the whole thing because it’s so different, but that doesn’t bother me. It’s well worth the long stares and fascist opinions of an oppressive delicatessen grill cook.

  80. “It’s well worth the long stares and fascist opinions of an oppressive delicatessen grill cook.’

    If Latona gives out points for lunch non-conformity you deserve at least a handful.

  81. Callahan Human!? I refuse to believe it. The guys is essentially infallible in my eyes. Just saying. I assume because it was CALLAHAN that made the mistake the team was really motivated to bail him out, which they did. Then they got killed by that stanchion.

  82. Glad to see so many have come around to my way of thinking on the shootout- which I’ve hated since 1994 olympic gold game. Last year I took to not watching- its so depressing ,win or lose, to see the low skill level of most NHLers- and that helped some. Hopefully fans will someday rise up and leave building at end of OT (I won’t hold my breath). Devils use like- what? five fowards virtually every third period when I watch them play- hardly a recipe for playoff success. Best thing for NYR is another game tonight- at least its the best thing for NYR fans. Power play…what power play- better think of a new name for it. Can’t we bring in a coach who’s had power play success from the outside- the whole philosophy of the thing is wrong no matter who mans it.

  83. Biron wasn’t set up for shootout goal because,
    like everyone else other than ilya,
    he expected him to zig zag on his way to the
    crease rather than take a slapshot.

    my bigger problem is with the powerless play
    and as has been mentioned before
    the lack of people moving around.
    this team has GOT to WATCH other teams
    in action and notice what they’re doing right.

  84. Poor selection in the shootout. Don’t agree with Brooks this morn. Biron didn’t cost us the game First star of the game should have been the glass panel

  85. Hey jerks: I asked a question. Answer it please before I throw up from nerves!

    Manny February 1st, 2012 at 1:26 pm

    Versus is carrying the game? Is it blacked out in NYC?

  86. billybleedsblue on

    Why bother reading that Hartnell-Head (Brooks) anyways? Pffft….

    Sally, why are you so excited about the game tonight? o:)

  87. Devils Martin B. > Rangers Martin B., Brodeur is a great goalie for backup.

    If you think that Rangers were unfortunate last night, just watch Toronto vs. Pittsburgh game recap. Malkin scored the tying goal on a deflection with 6.6 seconds remaining in regulation, Pittsburgh Penguins surged back from a three-goal deficit (one good Toronto’s goal was disallowed) to beat the Toronto Maple Leafs 5-4 in shootout.

  88. Manny, I will make sure to wave to you, jerk. Also keep your eyes open for a giant neon “ON THE SEVENTH DAY, BRANDON PRUST CREATED GOD” sign.

  89. “Don’t you feel stupid for getting Direct TV now!?”

    Feel even stupider that I didn’t get it sooner. Like 5 years ago!

  90. Verizon FiOS now officially lists MSG2 in HD, channel 579 in NYC….It wasn’t listed as of yesterday even though I was watching it by simply advancing the channel up from MSG (578). Speaking of lucky bounce….

  91. Also keep your eyes open for a giant neon “ON THE SEVENTH DAY, BRANDON PRUST CREATED GOD” sign.



  92. The Rangers rarely succeed on OLN/Versus/NBC Sports, or on NBC itself, although they’ve been better on NBC itself as of late. MSG only, please!

  93. Sally,

    While everything tells me not to be blasphemous and even mention the post about your sign, I feel compelled to do so. I’m gonna give you a lunch point for it; Prust is gonna feast on some Baby Buffaloes tonight!

  94. Today’s a better day for 18 holes…rather than a hockey game….Is it really Feb 1 right now?

  95. Unfortunately I’m way too lazy to actually make a sign and carry it all the way downtown with me and then hold it and, like, not fight people. That’s a lot of energy that I would honestly rather spend on consuming beer. Prust sayin’…

    I’m sorry to disappoint! If some boneheads ever come down here and go to a game with me I promise I will make a big neon Prusty sign.

  96. Carp, just curious, If Stepan scores, who would have won ticket contest? I had RGR 4 dev 3 GWG stepan, shots 24 rgr 30 devs….would have only been 2 shots off on rgrs and 1 on devs…damn

    BTW, anyone out there have 3 tickets for sundays game? would love to take my guys to it…not many matinees left!

  97. duckBill PLA-t-pus on

    Para los pinches pendejos que no hablan espanol? Ven al carajo y no me molestan porque ya el Pico de Pato esta harto de tus tonterias!

  98. billybleedsblue on

    Señor Platypus, yo para uno no entiende cuáles es la necesidad de confundir otros con idiomas extranjeros. Restrinja por favor sus comentarios al inglés o a una cierta clase de Tikkanese. ¡Gracias mi amigo!

  99. Pico de Plato, mi amigo. Tus palabras como una puesta del sol muy hermosa. Tengo muchos deseos de escuchar sus palabras al día.

  100. Because my grammar is PATHETIC. My friend from Espana and I joke that we always live in the present when speaking each other’s language.

  101. stranger, don’t give Bickel too much credit for that assist. He took a shot that hit Boyle in the skates.

    Sally, I’m pretty sure he’s somewhere in Buffalo. or environs.

    Manny, were you being a punk earlier?

    Rob, scroll through the thread and you tell me if you would have won if Stepan scored.

  102. OK, I have bitched about being a Time warner customer and NO verizon or optimum in my area. Direct TV said I had to cut down two big beautiful trees on my property to get reception. Not going to mess with my trees and pay some guy 2 grand just to get a Dish!

    Now it is time to BITCH about the NY Rangers Radio coverage.

    WFAN has a 50K watt clear channel. You can hear that station anytime of day or night in the city and deep suburbs. I live about 60 miles north of NYC. When the sun goes down, it is VERY HARD to hear ESPN, so the game sounds like CLARKE!

    Also, anytime the game is switched from ESPN to 970 the apple, you CAN NOT hear it on the radio. It is as if 970 is a college radio station their signal is so freaking weak.

    It is PATHETIC that the Dev’s are on WFAN as opposed to the Rangers!

    Well, at least I can see the game on NBC sports tonight and don’t have to watch it on my laptop.

    NO SOUP FOR ANYONE! I am in a pissed off mood…… BREAD? $10!

  103. as tough as it was to pick against blueshirts, called playing the odds. figured 85% of predictions would be for a rangers W.

    got lucky with the score, thank you bad bounce!

  104. Carp, I’m pretty sure Dubinsky is wandering around the 1st Ward trying to figure out where the Cheerios smell is coming from.

  105. Manny,
    Again, for you specially, if you still have TWC, schedule for THE games (for the rest of regular season), which will be NOT, and I repete NOT, blacked out, so you can see it on TV:
    Feb 1 at Buffalo
    Feb 12 vs Capitals [NBCS-former Versus]
    Feb 27 vs Devils
    March 4 vs Bruins [NBC]
    March 13 vs Hurricanes
    March 19 vs Devils
    March 21 vs Red Wings
    April 1 vs Bruins [NBC]
    April 7 vs Capitals [NBC]
    Enjoy, if you can, punk.

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