It’s Go Time!


Game 49.

First, about the ticket contest. I’m still tabulating the results. Looks like we had two contestants with 4-3 Devils, and neither had Kovalchuk with GWG. Hope to make it official shortly.

Next, we’re planning a live chat tomorrow, Thursday, at 11:30 a.m. So plan on bringing questions/comments and pretending you are working while at your computer. Also, please use a screen name when you ask/comment.

Ya boys, thanks to the BCATHGE (breakaway contest after the hockey game ends), are NHL-undefeated in their last three (2-0-1).

In case you missed it, the Devils’ Eric Boulton was fined the max $2,500 for his slash that stung the left hand of Mike Rupp in the second period last night. Tortorella was livid when it happened, but said that Rupp is fine.

Henrik Lundqvist in goal tonight against the Buffalo Baby Buffaloes, puck drop around 7:37 on NBCSports. Same lineup, meaning Erik Christensen and Wojtek Wolski — BCATHGE specialists — remain prucha’d.


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  1. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    Estoy Harto de pinches pendejos poblanos pero amo a mi querido Manny-uel, Latona y el ‘ilbster’..Son lindos y me caen super bien!

  2. I don’t understand all this Spanish!!

    Also, my alma matter just called looking for money. I gave it them, but I would rather they give me free tix to the basketball game tonight here in STL. GO BONNIES!!! First place in the A-10!

  3. On the pre-game show, Mike , while trying to compliment Hagelin, claimed that he cheated to win the fastest skater contest. I haven’t heard this from anyone else – any one know what he’s talking about?

  4. Typical bitter drunk Mike Milbury can’t give proper credit to the NYR. He is referring to Hags jumping the gun in the first heat of the all star race. Doesn’t mention that Hags BLEW THE DOORS OFF the guy in the next heat. Silly drunk. He will never be Don Cherry.

  5. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    ilbster, i iwill look into that…when i said pinche pendejo poblanos i was also referencing a joking way to refer to poblanos o gente de los pueblitos en mexico…we call them ‘pipopes’…but do not say that with malice for it is harsh when not said amongst friends as gentle ribbing. …i like to use this when I laugh in spanish on the internets: JAJAJAJAJA.

  6. As long as the crowd doesn’t throw stones, sticks and chairs at the Rangers at the end of the game like they do to first place teams in egypt, ill be happy.

  7. How the hell did Milbury get that job anyway?!? It’s like Bernie Madoff getting a job as an analyst on CNBC.

  8. seriuosly we need arty to show up the next two weeks so we could trade him in a package for ryan suter. one could only dream

  9. >>la puerta esta abierta. LA PUERTA ESTA ABIERTA!

    What’s the story with the Spanish? Did Gomez score a goal?

  10. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    ilbster, my nephew also uses this a lot ‘XD’ when he texts me…the eyes closed and mouth open with laughter…jajajaja!

  11. not a milbury fan
    but he’s making some sense on
    what Rangers are doing wrong on pp


  12. >>As long as the crowd doesn’t throw stones, sticks and chairs…

    Now, THAT’S what I call a rivalry.

  13. It’s my alma mater, Jimbo! Nothing like a Bonnies game at the RC, the students going beserk, throwing cookies at John Chaney, the old ‘warm up the bus’ and ‘you can’t win here’ chants.

    Man, I miss my college days :(

  14. Ryan Miller kind of looks like he’s about to either make bathtub gin or play a washtub bass.

  15. “Pierre and Ryan Callahan at centre ice in a moment.”

    Wow, the Sabres have more injuries up front than I thought.

  16. Let’s go Rangers! You better win since I decided NOT to go to see my alma mater play basketball and watch you instead

  17. If there is one subject Milbury can speak with some authority on, it’s players who leave somewhere before they should.

  18. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Let’s GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So glad I can watch the game on TV tonight. MSG SUCKS!

  19. You might be right, ORR. He did go far post with it, so it could have just been a fail pass.

    Oh, wait, you’re always right!

  20. Tonight my phone rang and a ref got brained – I tell you, these phone calls are lethal!

  21. You can watch it on TV, NCountry, but you have to listen to Doc – good thing Chico isn’t still with him…

  22. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Carp, I was wonering if you’ve seen an increase or decrease in site visits since the whole MSG vs. TWC bull carcillo?

  23. billybleedsblue on

    Dave Maloney, “I think they have hot dogs here in between periods, don’t they?”

    hahahahaaa, they hadn’t cut away to commercial yet, Dave :D

  24. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Jimbo, i’ll put up with Doc, it’s still better than watching a choppy internet stream.

  25. i like how when the team passes the puck out of their zone, doc says, “its punched out of the zone.” why?

  26. I hear ya, NCountry – the streams were giving me fits and yips….I couldn’t stand them anymore!

  27. Why is NBC sports so terrible. They don’t follow the puck, they don’t commentate, they show irrelevant videos… / sigh

  28. Doc has creativity. He’s the hockey version of Walt Disney!

    I love it when that happens, Billy! I remember during a broadcast, Sam was complaining to Joe that he didn’t want to go to a party his wife was going to. Haha! Then there was the Howie Rose incident.

  29. Tyler Ennis is the first NHLer whose initial and surname form the name of a sport since Frank Ootball of the 1978/79 Atlanta Flames.

  30. I think it’s my lucky day and won those tix. I had 25 ranger shots and the other dude had 22. Actual yesterday was 26

  31. eric, prust doesnt score anymore. plus, the rangers arent allowed to until the 2nd period anyway

  32. atta boy Boyle


  33. I think they mentioned Kaleta told Prust he couldn’t fight because of his hand issue….They did show what Prust said:”Byfuglien bull carcillo!”

  34. what a pile of crap McGuire is trying to sell … Kaleta won’t fight Prust because of a hand issue? Kaleta wouldn’t fight Prust if doing so would save the world.

  35. jimbo- i didnt see the jersey game, but they look crappy tonight. 1 chance and it was shorthanded. where is richards? is he playing? benched?

  36. czechthemout!!!! on

    Another lousy period. That’s now three out of the last four periods have been lousy.
    They are looking stale particularly on offense. They need to figure out hoe to play in the offensive zone.

  37. ORR!!! Beware the Blogfather! ;-D

    Grabby, *worse* than last night – at least they got a goal and had a few more scoring chances in the first period last night – tonight so far, nothing much at all…

    Richards is an enigma lately…..

  38. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    the sixty million dollar man should take a few g’s and fix them choppers ;-) AND FREAKIN SCORE PLEASE

  39. Was making dinner and researching what exactly a billiken is. Did Dingleberry say anything insanery stupider than normal?

  40. czechthemout!!!! on


    Agreed. No one carries the puck for more than 1- 2 seconds or like a hot patato. They don’t pass it either. They just dump it in so much now that they are becoming predictable and easy to defend.

    Torts has said in the past that he doesn’t coach offense only defense. Perhaps he should start.

  41. Since he was in Texas, Richards might make some good ‘que……or at least chomp some with those big choppers!

  42. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    lmao Horse Chompers.. you crack me up every time you type that

    Mr. Edchards

  43. miller didn’t look too good last period
    a bit better this period
    need more more more shots on him

  44. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    Cally’s prett feisty tonight, he’s got his Irish AND his Italian up

  45. No Pierre, Ehrhoff’s plus/minus shows you how good it can be playing with the Sedins and a career year Kesler.

  46. billybleedsblue on

    “Kaleta wouldn’t fight Prust if doing so would save the world.”


    Carp, Richards is still adjusting to his new team, give it time! I’m also of the opinion that I’ve almost lost patience with the whole thing. He’s ours for better or for worse :/

  47. List of people grateful that Jeremy Roenick was in the booth for the All-Star Game:

    Jeremy Roenick
    Anyone involved with a network showing alternative programming at that time

  48. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    one things for sure, it wouldnt take him long to gnaw off an arm or leg to get out of a trap or cuffs lol

  49. Torts must really believe in this line-up to not put in Wolski/Christensen/Woywitka after a loss in which they gave up three goals. Though it was very close to a regulation win.

  50. Had to go back and read what I posted when NYR signed Mr. Edchards:

    NYR_FAN© “Dey tuk ar Jags!”© July 2nd, 2011 at 11:55 am
    This is disgusting…9 years? Manageable cap hit but I still think the Rangers had no business getting in a bidding war. He better have a few 80 point seasons and click with Gabby or this contract is a disaster. So, this makes us elite right?

  51. Dubinsky demoted

    It’s games like this where these types of players and the 60 million dollar man need to step up

  52. Who really impressed me quetly for a long time now – is sweed with a russian name Anton, which I unfortunately can’t say recently about Cally.

  53. Dull game with Emrick calling it and waffling (waffleboarding?) on about nothing reminded me about a post when I tried to articulate it before…

    “One of tonight’s goal judges is from East Nozzleford, Minnesota. You might remember his great uncle Stanley playing for the East Nozzleford Nuggets of the old Western Colonial Hockey League in the late 1950s…”



  55. billybleedsblue on

    I’m glad I’m listening on the radio again. It’s on 1050 tonight BTW… no Knickerbockers.

  56. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    gawd, now nubbed is going to be done to death by this shrill arsed harpie

  57. so, let me get this straight, buffalo player holds bickel’s stick and the penalty is on bickel.

  58. what the carcillo emerick?!?!?!


    it’s a penalty!

  59. Yeah, I dislike the TMM rule. Theoretically, Buffalo could send all their men onto the ice, and as long as they don’t play the puck, it won’t be called.

  60. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    this game is painful.

    are there officials on the ice? what the nub is going on?

  61. No way would a member of our team get away with that follow-through stick to the face…

  62. I think the non-call on the follow through was correct, disirregardless of whether that’s what the rule should be or not.

  63. Staal
    i saw that Full Metal Jousting
    and thought that it’s another
    sign that we’re being dragged back
    to the Middle Ages.

    maybe, we’ll be seeing fights in the
    lion’s den soon.
    you know, brought to you by the producers
    of Survivor

  64. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    lmfao orr

    nub, the top of the hockey stick

    nib, a short piece of licorice

  65. ThisYearsModel on

    This is a real snoozer. Since when are the Sabres allowed to play with 8 guys on the ice?

  66. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    lmfao too busy nubbin!!!

    humanity keeps devolving…. this is not a good thing

  67. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    Sally and CJ must be sittin there just waiting to celebrate a freakin win…

    LETS GO RANGERS.. for Sally and CJ!!!

  68. this is a game where it would be nice for richards to earn his money. set someone up and finish. his line needs to be produce

  69. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    Mr. Edchards will score this period!!!!!!! and we will be chompin at the nub with joy lol

  70. No, you are not, 4ever… is horrible – another one of those “first goal wins the game” contests that I despise….

  71. Olga Folkyerself on

    “we will be chompin at the nub with joy lol”

    You’re a cunning linguist linda.

  72. “Dubinsky demoted again. Geez. When is he going to figure it out?”

    That’s been my feeling for a while. But, maybe he needs a change of scenery? CT?

  73. i don’t even have the energy to curse
    anymore on this piece of carcillo
    cooke power play
    how freekin pathetic!!

  74. playing like a squad of 3rd and 4th liners
    during a scrimmage.
    they act like they want to win

    we act like we want to go straight to
    eating wings.

  75. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    a whole lot of nubbin going on………….


  76. for being a supposedly crap
    buffalo sure shows a lot more
    happening in our zone
    as far as setting up and
    taking shots.

    maybe Torts should show film
    of the sabres to show the Rangers
    how it’s done.

  77. hey guys, i don’t know if you heard this yet but…”there’s just no room to make a play out there”

  78. Olga Folkyerself on

    So, if Gerbe sees his shadow tomorrow are there six more weeks of bad hockey in Buffalo?

  79. what in the hell was Staal THINKING?!?!?!

    he has to know that there’s a man
    right behind and that the puck isn’t going
    to be icing
    so he takes his time to move the puck
    and allows all the chaos to happen in the
    Rangers zone


  80. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    i swear, Hanks been in the league long enough to have his freakin name pronounced correctly… ASSHATS

  81. stop icing the damn puck leads to a penalty

    serves them right.

    starting to hate this team again

  82. well Latona
    now that ref has given
    the sabres another power play
    we can all be happy about
    sending the puck all the way
    down the ice.

    it’s almost as if he’s doing us a
    favor since our
    offensive sux a bag of carcillo

  83. N.CountryNYRFan on

    “float”, “nub”, “knife”, “float”, “spun”, “punched thru”. with words like these who would know a hockey game is being played.

  84. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahanub on

    stiff arm Cally!! wooo

    should have been an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on pENNIS

  85. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahanub on

    NC, i think they may have been retired with the introduction of NUB

  86. PS Ryan Callahan is just awesome. I know we know this, but my god has he ever upped his game since he came into the league.

  87. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahanub on

    dude, slow down so your tongue gets out of the way when you’re going to speak…asshat

  88. miller could have been had
    with even 1/10 more
    pressure than what the Rangers
    gave him.

    did the non-allstars
    all head to Europe
    and now they’re playing
    like they did in october?

  89. i’m sorry
    but Girardi allowed himself
    to get clobbered.

    don’t think it was a penalty
    doesn’t matter
    we have no pp

  90. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahanub on

    PLEASE RANGERS!! Spare us another Honorary Rick Carpiniello Skills Competition!!!!!!!

  91. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahanub on


  92. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahanub on

    do you think we can go the entire game post sunday withOUT mentioning the power play? maybe if we ignore it, it will work itself out……..or just go away lol

  93. At least we have a chance in aSO with Hank…However, at least one have to score in our team. Donno about it..

  94. 4 on 3
    no goal

    sabre with open net
    no goal

    neither team deserves 1 point
    let alone a second point


    philly is going to get major revenge
    sunday if these players don’t get
    their collective head on straight!!

  95. billybleedsblue on

    Yep. Another BCATHGEs.

    hahaha, Mister Maloney just said “…silly shootout.”

    Sorry Sally :/

  96. wow!
    was almost gonna do
    a spur of the moment
    drive up to buffalo
    among other things
    headache kept me in town

    glad i didn’t go.
    i think i either would have been tossed out
    of the arena for cursing out these players
    held it all in
    and grew an ulcer that would have bled me
    to death

  97. Lundqvist will need to stop all three shots for Rangers to even have a chance in the shootout. This team is too offensively challenged.

  98. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahanub on

    cant youtube on firefox latona… i’ll try to grab it later when i bring up safari.. thanks!

  99. According to Doc, at the beginning of the game, Rangers had only allowed 98 goals when the official tally was 100. I figured he was leaving out empty-net goals. Now, Doc says the total is 96. *bangs head on desk*

  100. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahanub on


  101. billybleedsblue on

    What a stinky game, although I do rather enjoy listening to Kenny and Dave. I’m glad it wasn’t a complete waste for Sally lol

  102. iDoodie machetto on

    Isn’t everyone so glad we have Richards for the next 8 years?? Look at how good our PP is!

  103. No way our team should d have to cut it this close – we NEED to get the PP working desperately….

  104. N.CountryNYRFan on

    That save by LQ in the shootout was incredible…I yelled so loud I woke up my wife upstairs!

  105. … and now no postgame. unless you consider Pierre sitting on the bench and Milbury and the hammerheads in the studio to be a postgame.

    Wonder why Dubinsky went and got the puck? For Lundqvist for the shutout? for Callahan’s grandma?

  106. N.CountryNYRFan on

    i might go outside and shovel some snow to release some stress…man what a game, seemed like an eternity.

  107. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahanub on

    If Lundqvist does not win the Vezina, we need to commission our own trophy for him

  108. N.Country

    you mention MZ and JAM
    but what worries me
    is that with those two possibilities
    plus Thomas, Bourque
    we’re looking at a lot of small forwards
    on this team.

    here’s to hoping that one or more play

  109. and don’t forget ORR!!

    he’s Canadian
    Hank who is not

    (brought to you by still peeved that thornton got Hart over

  110. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahanub on

    it’s hilarious ORR, i have a friend who has him in her fantasty league and she’s cursing the day he was born ever day! It’s really freakin funny…..

  111. Evening All,

    For all the moaning and complaining about tonight’s performance – and last night’s too, I offer some perspective…


    Twenty games over .500 and still 40% of the games to be played

    Lundqvist is playing at a level we haven’t seen before

    There are some things to be worked on, for sure

    No team is without their flaws

    Here’s the old baseball analogy – great pitching, timely hitting

    Be grateful for the two points – get ready for the Orange Crud on Super Sunday

  112. grrrrr….okay
    check that
    howard is a non-European
    Hank is a European
    even if he feels he’s a New Yorker.

    (brough to you by….blahblahblah)

  113. Hey, Fozzy!

    Expect more games like that especially against the teams that are still fighting for PO.

  114. BTW, still thinking Torts was wrong with choosing goalies last 2 games? Hell-ooo! Where are you?

  115. Carp
    i believe they do a presser after the game
    at buffalo

    i was involved in one when cc was coach
    asked him some question that i’m sure
    angered him (could see it in his eyes
    as well as “who’s that piece of carcillo that just asked that?”)

    later i interviewed Adam Graves
    and Glen Healy
    and took part in one with

  116. billybleedsblue on

    Carp, the radio post game is just a recap. You’d love it, they played the sound byte of both Rangers goals in the BCATHGE

    They are analyzing stuff though. I don’t believe they will have the post game press stuff like Torts and interviews though :/

    They are pre-viewing the Phlyers game right now…

  117. Positive Priscilla on

    I was one of the first to point out, last fall, that the
    Bruins won a cup largely without help from the PP.
    But I also pointed out that’s walkin’ a tightrope, so
    no formula for success most seasons.

    If the PP were the sole basis for hiring and firing, Torts
    woulda been gone long ago (and to be fair, so would
    a half-dozen of his predecessors long before they finally
    were)). I’m beginnin’ to wonder if even Bob Johnson
    coulda fixed it…

    Seems like the staff is working the same kind
    of unimaginative magic on the occasional shootouts.

    Brad Richards is here, at least in part, because of Torts.
    Right now, that goes on the same side of the ledger as
    the PP and shootouts. Cross your fingers that changes,
    ’cause that is some Holy Albatross of a contract, another
    in a long line of Sather Savior Specials.

  118. Mister Delaware on

    Just finished up the game. Right team got the two points, Richards is still pissing me off more by the minute played. Atleast he didn’t get tossed from a faceoff per period like yesterday.

  119. I still would have rather seen Hank in NJ last night. It may not have worked out as well, with us getting 3 points in the 2 nights, but I always want Hank in nets against NJ – to win for us, and to deprive them of needed points. I really want to see them miss the playoffs and lose Parise in the summer.

  120. Olga Folkyerself on

    I don’t see wins and ask “why?”

    I see opportunity to improve and ask “Why Not?”

  121. Priscilla, Bruins scored a lot more even-strength goals last season than we are this season, I believe. So, their PP weakness was less of a factor to their overall game success, if I recall correctly.

  122. I hate that BCATHGE. at least they won. Won’t be here for the chat, some of us have to be responsible! Carp, Sunday, section 112, me and the boy.

  123. yes, Latona – for me, there’s no quarter – I want to see them go bankrupt in NJ and move to Kansas City or Oklahoma…

  124. Right handed, hard shot from the point by someone who isn’t afraid to launch it. More movement without the puck. Imagine if the PP gets hot in the playoffs?

  125. They’ll really have to stink from now on for them not to get 100 points. .500 even gets them 102. Playing with mainly 5 D-men should worry them more than PP at the moment. Staal is far from his best and tge best one we have at tge moment is Eminger. Sather maybe looking for a defenseman along with some additional scoring. Not sure who is available.

  126. When Girardi got crunched in the OT, I feared a serious, shoulder/head injury – but he got back out there. Tough fella!

  127. billybleedsblue on

    Ilb, whoever the guy was during the 2nd intermission radio interview from the Chicago organization (a scout maybe?) was audibly salivating over McDonaugh especially. You’re right, the team better protect their D…

  128. Carp, any idea how far Eminger is from returning? And nothing good on Sauer at all, I suppose?

  129. McD isn’t being traded. He is going to be number 1 on the team within a couple of years, I think.

  130. billybleedsblue on

    lol, Linda, it’s not easy to convey these things with typed words, lol… I’m just doing my best (worst?)!

  131. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahanub on

    i’m kinda gettin a feeling about artie and/or dubi changing addresses

  132. billybleedsblue on

    Thanks Linda! Wow, this place sure clears out! I’m surprised no Miami popping-in over-hyphenating and-all.

    I swear, I spent about 10 minutes scouring youtube trying to find a Nintendo Ice Hockey video of a power play goal and came up dry… I think I made my point though. Please Rangers, study the film. It’s not that hard.

  133. had a power failure at home with 7 minutes elft. did not see the delay of game by MDZ or the girardi getting boarded.

    again Bickell zippo in 3rd period, they cannot do that for 30 more games.

    dubi got demoted in the first period. he sometimes handles the puck like it is a grenade.

    they need more offense…………

  134. emrick the great makes tons of mistakes where he is just misinformed.

    rangers only given up 96 goals so far this year, not true…100.. easily looked up.

    callahan first shootout attempt this year. not true unless the devil game did not count.

    lines and who has the puck he is wrong all the friggin time.

  135. Well, Girardi was definitely hit from behind – whether he was intentionally boarded or not I’m not sure, but it *was* a hit from behind, and he could not defend against it.

  136. I think Bickel is in the doghouse, and not for no reason – I think a healthy Eminger or even Woywitka would be an improvement at this point. Too bad Sauer is not anywhere near coming back..

  137. Olga Folkyerself on

    We need to fix the PP or get someone who can by the trade deadline. Just because Boston won without a good PP doesn’t mean we have to go into the playoffs with one skate off. FIX IT! We could be even better!

  138. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahanub on

    I’m missing Whiskey Sweet and Saure very much!! When he hit the back of his head, i was afraid this was going to be a long absence, but was hoping it wouldn’t be this long ! I truly hope he gets better soon!!

  139. stranger nation on

    Bickel still leads Ranger Dmen in assists after the AS break and he is tied in points!

    In a pickle, call Stu Bickel.

  140. You’re right, Lin – we miss him. All this fuss by other teams about players who concuss their teammates having to “pay the price” the next time the teams meet – well, we met the Leafs another time after that Sauer game, I believe – and nobody looked to engage Sloppy Seconds…

  141. Agreed, not having Sauer and overplaying those 5 D are gonna hurt them in the long run. I wouldn’t mind seeing Woywhatever get in over Bickel. Then again, they might stay the course for the Flyers game and hopefully Eminger is ready to come back next week.

    I love Dubi dearly, but for the love of god, someone get him a shrink. As well he can play defensively, he’s starting to remind me of Mike Pelfrey and that scares me to death.

  142. stuart a – I was guessing that he may not be including empty-net goals or shootout losses? And he said 98 at the beginning of the game. Lundqvist and Biron have combined for 92 GA, Lundqvist has 4 EGA, and I guess the Rangers have lost four shootouts for the other four goals.

  143. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahanub on

    LMAO someone FINALLY noticed, after about 3 hours lol! +2 Jimbo it’s all in the nub

  144. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahanub on

    lmao Jimbo!!

    and on that note, Have a great Thursday everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2 points NYR!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  145. the Girardi hit was borderline IMO but the refs made the right call.

    It was borderline because if you watch it Girardi turns to his left, and is also hit from the left side. But the Buffalo player should have let up with his right hand which shoved Girardi on the numbers, hence the boarding call.

    Many players would have planted themselves into the boards or NOT protected themselves at all. That’s when boarding goes wrong.

  146. Henrik’s save on Boyes number one on ESPN’s Top 10 plays. Still don’t respect ESPN, but, THE KING!


  147. Lundqvist is playing like a MVP right now. just in the zone all his reactions even when the puck doesn’t get through to him and recovering in stance… it’s fun to watch, man. especially as a Rangers fan.

    didn’t know about giving him all the rest with Biron starting but it’s working and he’s going to need that energy in the playoffs. Biron only sees icetime in a blowout or if Mr. Softqvist shows up (Haven’t heard that one in a while have you?!)

    i knew Cally wouldn’t be denied in the shootout. He was so pissed I just knew he was going to focus and rip it past Miller

  148. “Henrik’s save on Boyes number one on ESPN’s Top 10 plays.”

    That save was a thing of beauty.



  149. Never fear, Miami is here!

    What a bunch of amateur-hour tonight. These over-hyped clowns couldn’t score if their life … I mean, game, depended on it.

    Another two-bit lucky points.

  150. I don’t think I will ever comprehend the relentless animosity that some Bonesters have for Eric Christensen.

    I’ve seen where he doesn’t check, he doesn’t skate hard, he doesn’t this or that, he is afraid to make hits, etc.

    Yet in my observations of him I have seen him deal out some terrific body hits – when some one was near him-, and I have seen him do remarkable things with the puck when he has the opportunity. He has amazing hands and he has contributed more to this team’s offense from time to time ( within his limited ice time,) and granted…he is not a very good or fast skater, but he doesn’t deserve the complete scathing that he gets. He wold always come in handy during the shoot outs, but you cannot play a guy simply for a one specific situation. But he has helped remarkably
    in the past. The same was done to Gilroy when he was forced to pinch hit for Staal and play a defensive position that he was unaccustomed to…and he also was used sporadically. I guess that he was supposed to make folks forget about Staal…but he was all too often stuck there as an afterthought. Now he is one of the top D men on the Lightning, and plays a regular RIGHT defense position and with freedom to roam.

    I’d hate to see EC dumped on another team and one day comeback and chill the Rangers in a key situation.

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