Post-game interviews


Here’s some post-game audio following the bad-bounce loss:

John Tortorella:


Martin Biron:





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  1. the rangers played fine. 1 really unfortunate bounce and boom.

    not sure what Torts is doing with Bickell. If they are only really playing 5 d men maybe give Woywitka a chance.

    the rangers played fine, keep on getting points.

  2. We got 2 goals from defensemen tonight, and one by Boyle – I think the first 2-3 lines needed to do more in this game.

    And as much as I dislike him, Kovalsuck outproduced our big star(s) tonight.

  3. I am OK with trading Anisimov and/or Dubinsky at this point. If Ryan Getzlaf is available I’d deal both.

  4. DJK, I would not shed a single tear if Dubinsky was traded…

    I would be upset about Artie leaving…but if we were getting a guy like Getzlaf in return (yeah, right) I would probably get over it pretty quick…

  5. Hey Mickey – are you looking for it to snow and be miserable out there? I thought that the nice weather would please you!

  6. Ok let’s see…we lost a game in which we never trailed… in the shoot out, which couldve gone either way…with our backup goalie in net…

    Yeah we totally suck!

  7. I’m ok with trading any of these bums. A good team doesn’t look a game like this. Blow it up.

  8. Any good jokes about Biron’s 5hole yet?

    Me and my brother came up with a few but this is a family site!

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