It’s Go Time!


Game 48.

The ticket contest is now closed. Thank you for playing. And a special thank you to the guys who did it wrong (deep exhale of exasperation). 

And may I just say that it’s going to be really easy to judge the contest if the Devils win the game, because you guys were relatively wildly optimistic.

In case you forgot, since it’s been a while, ya boys have won two in a row, three of their last four, and 14 of their last 18. They have won five of their last six road games, and 11 of 14.

The Rangers are 9-2 in Patrick Division games, and are unbeaten in regulation (6-0-1) in the first of back-to-backs (5-1-1 in the second game of back-to-backs).

They are 18-7-2 against the Devils since 2007-08, including 9-4-1 at the Rock.

The Devils have lost three in a row, all at home, the last one in a shootout.

Battle of the Martins: Biron vs. Brodeur, which means Henrik Lundqvist starts tomorrow in Buffalo. Otherwise, same lineup, so Wojtek Wolski and Erik Christensen are prucha’d


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  1. Mama, nice. I had turkey chili, but I’m regretting it now cause there’s a bunch of free pizza here. Too bad I’m workin til 8 cause I could really go for a lucky beer right now.




  3. Speaking of which, Yev…and Latona, I had an awesome, um…some region of the country clam chowder today with rustic bread….fabu.

  4. Mama,

    I really don’t want to give you a point, but I’ve denied you of enough lately.. so here you go. Point!

  5. billybleedsblue on

    Mama, please say it was Manhattan Clam Chowder… not… CHOWDA. Weak-sauce, lol. :P

  6. isles-devils playing a preseason game next year at barclays center in brooklyn.

    carp, any word if Rangers will get a game there too?

  7. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    Lloyd, that just sucks. would you watch the game online? I can get you a link

  8. Linda:

    I usually watch them online when I’m not actually there or when it’s on that NBC channel nobody gets.

    Thanks in advance for the link.

    It’s just absurd that viewers/fans in the largest TV market in the world with the large cable provider in the area are being completely shut out from their teams.

  9. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on



    Lets go Rangers!!!!!

    Gaboriks gonaa get a hattrick TONIGHT!!!!

  10. Greg L is PUMPED! Latona handing out points. All we need is some analysis from Miami and we are GOOD TO GO TIME.

  11. billybleedsblue on

    Five guys Burger beats my Vanilla and Peanut Butter Spirutein shake :/

    Carp, I think I’ve nailed the prediction for tonight, let’s just forego everyone’s agony and award me the tix, kthx :D

  12. I know I shouldn’t be complaining since I still have the games on television, but it really frustrates me that the Rangers get relegated to MSG 2 or whatever it’s called and the Devils get to stay on MSG+ when they go head to head. You own the network, Dolan. Make it happen!

  13. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Heyyy Carp , I tried to register sooner but this PC is driving me CRAZZZZYYY!!! If only you could see how hard it is to get this piece of junk to work!!! I did make it….barely!!!!


    GO GABORIK!!!!

  14. Devils broadcast on Center Ice.

    I get to hear Chico blathering over Bad Marty.


  15. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    anything i can do to help my brotha and sista boneheads!
    Hopefully we’ll be celebrating in 2 1/2 hours Lloyd!

  16. Sally, thank you for asking. If not for the Rangers performance, life would be miserable.
    (Like, if not for the bad luck, I wouldn’t have any…). But I’m going as long and far, as Rangers are going… So, *life is beautiful*, so far!

  17. 4eva, sorry to hear that and I hope things look up for you soon. At least you’ve got the Rangers though!

  18. billybleedsblue on

    Anyone know what radio station the game is on in New York? If I watch the TV, I won’t get any work done :(

  19. Olga Folkyerself on

    Let’s Go Rangers!
    Let’s Go Black Hawks!

    Double header tonight.


  20. LW, Lucinda Williams. Unless you are her… in which case I’m mad at you for not writing me back, but you’re still awesome anyways.

  21. Linda:

    dunno if I can survive 2.5 hours of Resch.

    did anyone see the stream last week from that Swedish satellite television service? it broadcast the direct Garden feed. pretty awesome.

  22. billybleedsblue on

    Anyone know what radio station the game is on in New York? If I watch the TV, I won’t get any work done :(

  23. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    UGH, sorry Lloyd, i wish they’d offer both feeds so ya don’t get stuck with the GINSU KNIVES in the EARS chico whining rat.

    That swedish feed is AWESOME!! i wish i could follow what they’re saying though lol

  24. hey Mama
    are you at the game
    and “accidentally”
    sat in the wrong seat
    just to get an idea of
    your view for

  25. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on



    Gotta loveeeeeeeeee our team!!!!

  26. Linda:

    What I saw the other night had all the MSG people, but the camera stayed on the ice in between periods other than for Trautwig’s interview. Didn’t have to deal with Pidto and his nonsense in the studio. Basically had ice, booth, interviews, locker room after the game…and no commercials. I want to move to Sweden.

  27. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    Lloyd, i watched a feed about 2 weeks ago and they stayed on the ice for intermission but the guys were talking about the football games! It was hilarious

  28. LW3H:

    I know you’re slightly stupid but just so you know…

    My comment about your TV was because you’ve made many posts in which you state:

    “Blah blah blah blah MY PLASMA TV blah blah blah”

    Seems a bit unnecessary unless you’re dealing with some kind of technical issue specific to plasma televisions. Next you’ll start repping the brand.

  29. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    lotsa regs here tonight! wooo hooo! and wait, i missed it


  30. billybleedsblue on

    Lin, you’re right my dear, it SHOULD be on 1050, lol :D

    The Knickerbockers are on that station (of course) and I’ve got the Devils broadcast on 660.


    Not only do the Rangers get bumped on the TV when other teams are playing, but they can’t have a solid ‘flagship’ radio station. C’mon.

  31. billybleedsblue on

    LW, what frequency short wave is the game on tonight, I’m having technical difficulties…

  32. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    billy, maybe you have to find the devils on FAN lol

    ugh the horrific basketball team is on… sorry, i dont keep up with that here in da dirrty souf

  33. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    who does the devils radio broadcasts?? not the station, but the guys

  34. duckBill PLA-t-pus on

    lloyd, this may be a good time to reacquaint oneself with the radio..if it was good enough for uncle miltie it may be good enough for a computer salesman aka the constanza of willy loman.

  35. billybleedsblue:

    you got beef with 970AM? I’m sure people who live within 20 feet of the transmitter love that damn station.

  36. billybleedsblue on

    Yeah, Linda I’ve got the Devils broadcast on. Maybe during the breaks I will ‘scan’ for the Rangers broadcast, although something tells me I have a better chance of catching the Pittsburgh broadcast of the Leaves game. Grrrrr…

  37. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    billy, can you listen on the computer? i posted the link off the Rangers website if that helps lol

  38. Does anyone know how much lower the life expectancy of coaches who coached Kovalchuk is comparing to other coaches?

  39. 970AM broadcast to the end of their driveway. Nothing but the best for an original 6 team at the top of their conference.

    Our Marty is sharp.

  40. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    THanks Carpy.

    oy billy, you need a few shots of Jack after all these hoops you’re jumping through

  41. Lloyd

    You’re monitoring my posts for plasma screen references? Sounds a bit creepy.

    I also make a lot of Brodeur is fat comments, but that doesn’t mean I have shares in KFC.

  42. billybleedsblue on

    Seriously, I know, get XM for hockey, or just watch the game, but seriously, I’ve listened to Caps games and Blues games on AM radio with better luck than the Rangers (when they get bumped off 1050).

  43. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    i pray there is no woman dumb/desperate enough, and NO sperm bank desperate enough, to EVER let carton pollute the gene pool

  44. billybleedsblue on

    LW, I’m monitoring your posts that are monitoring Lloyd’s monitoring of your posts…

  45. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    Sherry Ross, didnt she used to write for the daily news or newsday?

  46. billybleedsblue on

    WOW!!!!! I have no idea what kind of delay I’m working with here but…


  47. duckBill PLA-t-pus on

    ilbster, did you go to ikea before the game?? While i find Ikea furniture reprehensible and disposable duckibill do partake in their culinary items. …please reread previous blog post and the duckbill’s toast to the ilbster.

  48. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    Six more to go!!!!!!!!

    Rangers want 7!!!!

    GO RANGERS!!!!!

  49. hey Linda,

    Link 2 on firstrow is the direct feed from that crap hole the Devils play in courtesy of that Swedish channel

  50. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahan on


    THERE’S SweLi!!

  51. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    i guess the next time i’m at MSG , there’ll be hordes of lil pink Hagelin jerseys worn by the 12 yr old posse

  52. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    Lloyd, NHL Game Center is actually allowing me to watch on the service i pay for, and i actually got an intermission for the first time in a month and a half lol

  53. Anyone wanna make bets that Torts is all frowny faced in the locker room over how it opened up in the last few minutes?

  54. I know, guys, you’re anxious for update. Here we go: Crosby has soft-tissue injury!
    I kid you not. Bwuaha-ha!

  55. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    wait crosby has a soft tissue injury… i’m dying

    yea yea i know they said neck, but it’s just too funny

  56. Barf at the pink jerseys. UGH. They are horrible. Wear a real jersey for the love of the hockey gods.

  57. If Lou doesn’t upgrade their defense, it wouldn’t matter whether Parise is in NJ or not. They’re not making the playoffs with this defense.

  58. that was an atrocious goal. maybe Daneyko was out scoring on the interstate again when they showed the replay.

  59. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    lmfao melted mozzarella

    domino’s is going to rename their cheesy bread Brodeur bread

  60. *Crosby update*

    Ilb, wish I was there with ya! LMAO @ Here is your Swedish meatball, Maaaaartyyyyy!

  61. Sorry, but we have to delegate ilb. to check Cindy for final diagnosis and clever advice about his further career move.

  62. also, I realize this like 9 year old news but I only just read that Joe Corvo beat the crap out of a woman in a restaurant. nice guy. fits right in in Boston.

  63. Orr, that’s funny but please don’t ever compare Mushy Brain Hot Dog Lips to Dolly Parton ever again!

  64. Usually, nobody annoyed me more than homie Chicken Chico, but this time it almost like a comic relieve when he is going with his ninsence.

  65. BYFUGLIEN!!!!!

    pp taking too long to shoot.

    and my online radio feed just
    went kaput!

  66. These guys have got to learn how to SHOOT. Please shoot the puck as soon as you get it on your stick! Think, “hey. if I get the puck here I am going to shoot it. Oh. Here it comes. SHOOT.”

  67. The last time Bryce Salvador looked good on the ice was right after Chris Newbury beat the carcillo out of him….

  68. I pissed and moaned about the PP (or lack thereof) for most of the season, but they’re clearly able to win without it. Additionally, the success of teams with nonexistent PPs suggests it’s something of an overrated category.

    So until they start losing because they can’t score PP goals: F a power play.

  69. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    lmao @ “F a power play”

    maybe that’s the attitude they need lol


    I don’t have the heart to tell Chico that was a crap goal

  71. Well, my first post for several days has to be a negative one – lousy goal to give up from a horrible angle. Lokks like Bickel will ride the pines after that play.


    Just got home, and that is what I had to see!?

  72. being a mediocre goalie is Biron’s biggest issue. fortunately, he barely plays and Lundqvist is awesome.

  73. Linda:

    You know damn well they’re going to lose this game now and it’ll be because they go 0 for a million on the PP.

  74. Sucks that this team is so deep into “decline the penalty” phase.

    Biron, by the way, made some great saves in the 1st. He’s not the problem.

  75. Back.

    Orr, that’s a terrible question to even ask. How can you POSSIBLY even mention that spoiled, obnoxious, mushybrain uglyface in the same sentence as the most talented, hilarious, brilliant, and all-around awesome legend that is Dolly????

  76. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    Rangers hockey saturday early afternoon, CHRONICLE later on
    Rangers vs filthy Sunday and then its all Giants!

  77. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    did they forget to leave the locker room?? OY VEY this has been 15 minutes of YUCK

  78. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    lmao @ the roll of complaints about this period of hockey!! wavelength

  79. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    lmao Lloyd, he should have smiled and uncle daddy and blinded him before taking the shot

  80. Good observation, JBytes….he is a very smart player all around. Stralman is certainly making his case tonight too…

  81. what did Resch just say about Brodeur? I was too busy with my fingers in my ears saying lalalalalala

  82. C’mon, guys!! It’s only Maaaaaaaaarty in net – you can beat him like a rented mule!!

  83. Jimbo, I think only when it comes to Orr. We have that kind of love-hate relationship. I get really confused and uneasy when we actually agree on something.

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!

  84. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    Orr, i’ll pass on the newspaper, i have two pretty lethal fists lol

  85. Oh!!! I must have missed that comparison post, ORR – hmmm……I think Dolly actually had her “assets” reduced in size – maybe Skidley can do the same!?

  86. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    I am shaking them right now at that horrible commercial!!

    Harry Potter is all grown up and in a movie i’d be too terrified to see…

  87. No shifts for Bickel since the goal. And he plays third periods about as often as a Flyers starting goalie in the playoffs.

  88. Girardi may not shoot “hard” but he hits the net consistently and that’s great. He only throws the puck up there in traffic and he looks for a rebound or deflection. I say KEEP DOING IT.

    I assue, based on HBO 24/7 that he knows his slapshot is inaccurate and he realizes the importance of putting the puck *on* goal. Thus, he sucks up his manhood and does whats best for the team.

  89. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    just saw this from Ranger Nation on FB:

    Pierre LeBrun has said the New York Rangers have contacted the Carolina Hurricanes regarding Tuomo Ruutu.

    sorry if its been posted earlier

  90. NYR are playing down to the debbies level – they’ve gotta come out a lot better in the 3rd….

  91. For some reason, Lloyd’s comment made me recall a Rangers set play on the PP utilized in the playoffs against these same Devils. Girardi would slap pass to Gomez on the far post. It failed the first time, and succeeded immediately afterward. Anybody remember that?

  92. I wish “Stoner” was on our team. Sweet name.

    Has anyone mentioned how much Avery annoys Brodeur? I bet we would be up 12-1 right now.

  93. Never mind, CCCP….I just realized I was watching 579, just flip one channel up from 578…’s not listed as available, but I have it! WTB?

  94. Good point, LW. It was a Girardi thought, but, alas, Gomez had to be included for a thorough explanation. Pitiful.

  95. billybleedsblue on

    Nice-interview with Eminger on the-radio…

    Ok, my-prediction’s out-the window. No shut-out for Marty-B…eeron. :/

  96. Literally LOL’ed, Mickey. I’ll give you a lunch point, considering your comment was food-related!

  97. billybleedsblue on

    Mickey, what exactly is Denny’s then? It’s kind of like a diner, I mean, you can get ‘breakfast’ whenever you want, no?

  98. the devils tv announcers are putting me to sleep. at least get to see Deb in between periods. lets GO RANGERS!

  99. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    it’s not a typical diner.. but you gotta see what passes for delis down here

  100. anyone else having problems
    with online radio broadcast?
    keeps cutting out and i have to restart
    radio is a few seconds AHEAD of TV


    Boyle!!! He got a great story written about him in “Catholic New York” newspaper this week!!

  102. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahan on


    had to pick myself up off the floor

  103. Oh wow! Thanks for head up, ilb! Just switched to 579 and I got Sam and Joe in HD!! But the channel isn’t even listed! WEIRD!!

  104. billybleedsblue on



    Mickey, I agree about Denny’s by the way… although anytime breakfast is pretty clutch when you’re on the road and that’s all ya got :D

    Staal, “if Denny’s is a diner then Dominios is an italian restaurant.”
    That’s a contender for line of the night for sure. LOL.

  105. >> I guess MSG2 in HD is QUIETLY available on FiOS

    Cablevision and Dolan are just being stupid. I heard they gave Verizon MSG only, not MSG+ or MSG2.

  106. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    lmao Sally, there’s a waffle house a bit off the corner right across the street!! and another one two miles away lol

  107. billy, I agree with you on breakfast. It is awesome to be able to get it anytime.

    LOL, Devils with the Tom Renney special

  108. billybleedsblue on

    lol, man, I don’t know what to address first…

    anyways, if ever there was a time to need a powerplay goal, now would be it. Shove that bench minor in their face. Yea!

    Waffle House? Great, NOW I’m starving!

  109. I have NEVER been to a Waffle House. Also went to one last year, but I couldn’t stand waiting in line in the smoke filled room.

  110. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    IHop is also very close, and Another Broken Egg.. you guys need to come visit lol

  111. billybleedsblue on

    By the way, Mister Albert is ALSO saying Beer-on instead of Brodeur on the radio broadcast. I personally don’t know how you could mistake our Marty for theirs… unless there was some sort of fat suit… or circus-mirror optical-illusion thingy…

  112. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    lmao JB, Lloyd and I earlier mentioned them not even trying on the pp anymore and maybe the reverse psychology effect would occur lol

  113. I don’t care they are in 1 place, but this so called PP is absolutely SHAME! I can’t take it anymore!

  114. Sadly Staal, there really aren’t an good east coast type diners here in Missouri. We do have a Denny’s and an IHOP practically across the street from each other. The closest east coast type diner is a 20-25 minute drive from here. But worth it on Saturday mornings

  115. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    sally, it’s freakin awesome! soooo yummy.. massive, excellent breakfast choices, yummy sandwiches… soooooo good

  116. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    when i come to NY in the spring, I need to get to a diner pronto lol

  117. billybleedsblue on

    Ugh, I dunno, I’m gonna say Waffle House > IHOP > Denny’s although I like Denny’s hash browns…

    The diners around here used to be really good back in the day, but now, not-so-much. Everything is cheap and bush-league, like the Rangers powerplay.

  118. >>>and they are owned by Greek gods and godess’s

    Absolutely! If it isn’t owned by Greeks, it ain’t a diner!

  119. What, Mickey!? You know I’m right – you know what it is because you’re from up here, but the “natives” down there probably never heard of Taylor Ham…

  120. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    “Absolutely! If it isn’t owned by Greeks, it ain’t a diner!”


  121. Artie got called for a SLASH!? What!? That was like 2 Holds and a Hook plus a holding the stick.

  122. I always had Taylor Ham here in Queens as a kid, Latona – maybe Queens is like the New Jersey of New York City?

    Goddamned Kovalchuk – bastage!

  123. Staal could have stepped up to Kovalchuk also, instead on kneeling down and giving him a free shot.

  124. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahan on


  125. As if he couldn’t get any more awesome…


    duckBill PLA-t-pus January 31st, 2012 at 9:12 pm

    DEL FRISCOS!!!!!!!!!!

  126. billybleedsblue on

    Unreal, sounds like a joke goal over the radio. Awww man, whattaya gonna do?! I really can’t stand Clarkson.

  127. When are the Devils going to stop celebrating goals by singing a song written and performed by a convicted child molester???

  128. I hate it when people call me while I’m watching a match. It seems that Rangers always give up a goal.

  129. I had a phone call too, JBytes!!! I didn’t answer it, but it did the damage anyways!

  130. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    i hope the Rangers freakin win so it doesn’t get to the Rick Carpiniello Honorary Skills Competition

  131. >>I had a phone call too, JBytes!!! I didn’t answer it, but it did the damage anyways!

    From this day forward, we should ignore all phone calls.

  132. Debbies got the biggest ## of wins in SO this season, who are Rangers shooters (in AHL), press box?

  133. no matter what happens
    i’m hoping Carp or someone
    grills Torts as to
    why he’d use Biron tonight
    and not tomorrow

  134. billybleedsblue on

    later Staal…

    who won the contest?

    What a JOKE OF AN END OF A GAME. Where’s Miami?

  135. That was a terrible fuggin’ loss! Just terrible……and uncalled for…….beat ourselves.

  136. Hank got a rest and they got a lucky bounce. We get a point and need to focus on beating Buffalo tomorrow.

  137. Now there’s a DAMN good hockey game.

    Too bad about that skills competition they had after it was over.

  138. ThisYearsModel on

    Total crap. We suck is shootouts, but that bounce was absurd. They cannot build boards and glass that are true?

  139. Gaborik sure doesn’t get a hat trick when players are actually playing defense….he can’t even get one past fatso in the shootout…

  140. worst loss of the season and Tortorella’s illogical decision to play Biron bites him in the ass.

  141. Good game, I was afraid they’d have a letdown. One point, still 19 above .500. On to Buffalo

  142. billybleedsblue on

    Manny “Who had GWG by the Stanchion?”

    At least we can have a little laugh. Ugh. What a let-down. Dare I say… bush-league?

  143. you guys complaining about that bounce, the goal was horrible, as were all the goals Biron allowed tonight.

  144. Atta boy, billy! We got a point. And since this blog doesn’t recognize the skillz contest we tied!

    Don’t blame Torts. Don’t blame Biron. Sheesh guys.

  145. Ehh, they shoulda won but for a flukey bounce and the Bettman Bonus Point. Still got a point out of it. Pocket that and take it out on the Baby Buffaloes tomorrow.

    At least Carp will earn some cash with the negative nancies all coming out tonight and tomorrow.

  146. Yeah two goals where Devils players are given all day to shoot from the middle of the slot, Biron’s fault.

  147. also, according to sage Chico Resch, the extra point didn’t even matter since the Devils accomplished everything they had to by finishing the game timed.

  148. Biron let in a lousy shortside goal, and he’s not great in the shootout…..I don’t blame him for the flukey goal, but the regulation goal by Parise sucked…..and he *still* hasn’t seen Kovalsuck’s SO goal…..

    Just telling the truth…..Hank is golden against the Devs – why change a good thing!?

  149. Honestly we should care more about going 0-for-3 on the PP rather than losing in the shootout. There’s no shootouts in the playoffs.

  150. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruBoylahan on

    48 seconds! FORTY EIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaargh!

    gonna go get rid of this annnngah and work out..

    try to sleep well ‘Heads. BEEFALOES up next.

  151. Be careful, Lloyd, all that negativity will cause you to have an early heart attack some day.

  152. Lol at people blaming the loss on Biron. Come on now.

    Now the power play…that’s something that needs to be fixed ASAP. Fo’ real.

  153. Rangers are bad in shootouts this year, but I’ll gladly take the increased amount of regulation and OT wins instead.

  154. Have no fear… The boys are on their way to Buffalo and there are happy times ahead! LETS GO RANGERS!

    Goodnight, Carp!

  155. Biron wasn’t great tonight but the guy hasn’t played in weeks. Give him a break.
    PP continues to be awful and will be our downfall in the playoffs

  156. Rangers didn’t lose this game because of the power play. They played an abysmal 2nd period, spit the bit in the third and got poor goaltending. It happens.

  157. Oh, please…Biron let one soft goal in regulation. Your back up goalie gave you a point. Move on.

  158. Biron let in two soft goals and a so-so. He was lousy in the shootout.

    Not everything with a Ranger jersey on it is great 100% of the time.

  159. Biron has played better, but if the other 99 times that dump in rings around the glass and into the corner there’s a good chance he’s looking at a W with only 2 GA.

    And I’d say the two games in Montreal and the game in StL looked a lot worse than this one.

  160. fair enough but when you start attributing losses to bad luck, you sound like Chico Resch

  161. Biron did his best, but it wasn’t good enough, obviously…..

    Hank plays well in NJ – and maybe not so well in Buffalo – I would have played Hank tonight, but I’m not the coach…

    I think when fatso plays against Hank he gets rattled because he usually loses to him – he played good enough tonight against Biron, though..

  162. I mean, there was really no logic behind playing Biron tonight except for the coach to remind everyone that he’s the coach

  163. I am thinking about a lot of bounces that have gone the NYR way this year. I think they played well. Well enough to win. I am not upset…other than the fact that the devils got the 2 points.

    I am just about over Anisimov though.

  164. Stepan skated in and shot like he was going up against a 50-year old night leaguer at Chelsea Pier

  165. Anisimov FAILED any audition he was having tonight. The Ducks and Stars were scouting the game tonight. I imagine AA will NOT be in any package for Morrow or Ryan….

  166. They need to play much better on the PP, and for goodness sakes, if they’re going to have to play in shootouts, they need to make the opposition goalie work for his wins! Those Ranger efforts were horrible!

  167. If you repeatedly attribute losses to bad luck, you have a point. But isn’t that tying goal just about as obvious an example of good/bad luck in a game as you could see?

    Carcillo happens sometimes. Doesn’t have to mean there is a scapegoat for every loss.

  168. Giving Hank an extra day of rest and practice is a legit reason. Too bad it didn’t work out. This team is lucky as heck to have Biron, unfortunate goals or not.

    Yeah, AA and Richards need to show up a lot more. And the PP is, as always, a total disgrace.

  169. LW3H:

    Unlucky bounce or not, that’s a save you have to make, especially against David Clarkson at the point in the game. If it was Kovalchuk and it ripped it top corner of the carom, I’d be right there with you talking about how unlucky it was.

  170. CTB, I think Torts was protecting Hank for a not so very good reason….nothing about hate, he was just too smart by 1/2….

  171. You mean a hard rubber puck played on solid ice and deflecting off solid glass and metal plated boards isn’t going to have a 100% predictable path every time LW?

  172. Jimbo I’m joking about Hank. I hardly think Torts played Biron to prove a point to his All Star/backbone of the team goalie that had a shutout last time out. But some people will construct their own silly narratives no matter what.

  173. Lloyd-there is a reason Biron is the backup here. Lower your expectations.
    And the Rangers have a ton of games in March including several back to backs. So I think you will be seeing a lot more of him in important games.

  174. I don’t have any issue with playing Biron once a week, I just don’t see the logic behind not playing the goalie who’s won 90% of the games he’s played against the Devils in the last five years

  175. My God, what a terrible thing about Espo’s daughter – how old was she, I wonder? Sick….

  176. yes naturally when you question a coach’s decision it means you want him fired

    how many of you guys made it through high school

  177. I guess not, CTB. But it is apparently a 100% certainty that an NHLer with 15 goals receiving that deflected puck in the slot and (understandably) having nobody near him should be stopped 100% of the time, just because it happened in the last minute.

  178. OK, CTB – I knew you were being sarcastic, and not to me! It just hurts to lose to the Debs, especially in a game we were never behind in..

  179. OMG, Torts thought it was a ‘bad bounce’. He’s an idiot, fire him right noW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  180. billybleedsblue on

    I’m 99% sure you’re wrong LW3H… and I’m also 99% sure that you know that. What’s worse is, your words are “falling on deaf ears.”

    It’s OK everybody. Carcillo happens. We got a point. Let’s move on.

  181. Once again, the lack of top end skill haunts the Rangers. Cannot help but admire this team for their work ethic and willingness to sacrifice their bodies, but IMO, that shortcoming will be their undoing.

    The question remains: Do you continue the current building process and continue to add the likes of Kreider, Thomas, etc to the roster and hope someone like Parise becomes available, you can fit him in AND he wants to sign or do you use assets to address that very obvious shortcoming??

    Or do you make a significant move (ie before the deadline)?

    Tough call…..

  182. Can someone please fix the weather instead of moaning about the Rangers? It was in the 60s yesterday and today and will be the 50s the next few days.


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