Tickets for Casino Night available; and a ticket contest here Tuesday


From the Rangers:

Full Team Event on Tuesday, February 28 – Gotham Hall

New York, January 30, 2012 –The New York Rangers announced today that tickets to the team’s annual Casino Night presented by Unilever are now available for purchase. The fundraising event to benefit the Garden of Dreams Foundation will take place on Tuesday, February 28th and will feature the entire New York Rangers team, coaching staff and select alumni for an evening of casino games at Gotham Hall hosted by MSG Network analysts Sam Rosen and Joe Micheletti. The players will deal cards, join guests for a buffet dinner and host a live and silent auction featuring one-of-a-kind Rangers experiences and memorabilia. To purchase tickets, visit or call 1-877-MSG-GOAL.

All net proceeds from the event will be donated to the Garden of Dreams Foundation; a nonprofit charity that works closely with all areas of The Madison Square Garden Company, including the New York Knicks, Rangers, Liberty, MSG Network, MSG Entertainment and Fuse to “make dreams come true for kids facing obstacles.” Garden of Dreams partners with local children’s hospitals, “wish” organizations and community-based organizations to build on-going, unforgettable programs for children in the tri-state area who are suffering from devastating illness, homelessness, abuse, hunger, extreme poverty and tragedy.



Our gracious and generous donor has given us two more pair of tickets to give away, so we’ll have two upcoming contests. The first involves tomorrow’s game at Newark, and the winner will get two tickets to the Feb. 12 Rangers-Capitals matinee at Madison Square Garden.

So let’s review the rules, shall we? (answer: yes).

1) This is the easy part. You pick the score, then a bunch of tiebreakers: game-winning goal, Rangers shots, Devils shots. Your entry should look something like this (with different numbers and names): Rangers 17, Devils 1. GWG: Avery. Rangers shots: 18. Devils shots: 44.

(Do me a huge favor, please. Don’t use NYR or Blueshirts or anything other than Rangers when you make your pick. It just makes it much easier for me to scroll through all the entries that way. Thank you.)

2) The score of the game must be exact. Not closest. Not margin of victory. You must have the exact score to move on to the tiebreakers, if needed. Note that the game-winning goal is the goal that provides the margin of victory, whether it be the second goal in a 17-1 game, or an overtime or (God forbid) winning shootout goal.

The Rangers’ shots tiebreaker shall go to the closest prediction without going over. If contestants are still tied, the Devils’ shots tiebreaker shall be used, and also will go to the closest prediction without going over. If all remaining contestants are over the number of Devils shots, the contestant closest to the correct total wins.

Finally, if still somehow tied, I will either give the tickets to Sally or flip a coin at Blog HQ … or I will wait for the next time I see the donor at a game and let him flip the coin.

3) The most important rules regarding entry into the contest: DO NOT EVEN DREAM ABOUT ENTERING MORE THAN ONCE. I will check IP addresses from any entrant whose screen name I do not recognize. Entries open when the Tuesday morning post goes up, usually between 5-6 a.m., and will close when the It’s Go Time! post goes up shortly after 6:30 p.m. Tuesday. Only entries in the morning post Tuesday will count. In other words, don’t put your predictions in any other thread.

4) Don’t get me aggravated with dumb questions or details.

5) *-The judge’s decision on all issues will be final. (*-I am the judge).

Good luck, and have fun. And don’t make your pick until tomorrow’s pre-game notes thread.


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  1. Rangers need to get a guy like Marian Hossa. Does he have a brother or something? oh….wait….

  2. See, those are all intelligent questions.

    also, sorry for being tardy with this, but special Thank Yous to Authorben for his two fine guest blogs this past week. Great job, Ben!

  3. Rain-jahs 4
    Debbies 2
    GWG Avery

    NY’s Finest 30 (For Hendrick Lunqwist)
    NJ’s Garbage 23

  4. If I win will you pay my airfare and hotel? No? It’s going to cost me fifteen hundred dollars to use those tickets. This is a bill for fifteen hundred bucks.

  5. Gary Bettman told me he wants to guess:

    NY Flyers – 16 (in honor of Bobby Clarke)
    NJ Devils – 87 (in honor of Crosby)
    GWG – Jeff Skinner (cause I love the small market teams)

  6. By the way, The 93 goals the rangers have given up in the first 47 games is their lowest goal total since………


    Just Sayin……

  7. “And a poorly made one, even by rat hat standards. I have no choice but to recommend your prompt termination to the board of directors nothing short of the approval of Peterman himself will save you this time.”


  8. I am going to be in the hospital all day tomorrow so I won’t be able to enter. Could someone put me in please? Rangers 3, Devils 1, GWG Stepan Ranger Shots 32, Devils shots 27

  9. C3, that’s funny. For some reason must think I’m really into beards or something. Strange!

  10. *Carp* – followed by the most important line to this blog ever:

    “No Elaine, that was gibberish.”

  11. duckBill PLA-t-pus on

    is the syndey CRosby going to be back for the playoffs..i do worry much about these concussed players.

  12. Hey Carp! Off topic but I’m reading “Losing the Edge” (I know about 18 years too late) and they mentioned your name in it. I thought it was pretty cool to see that you were one of the 4 senior writers Keenan called in. I had no idea you have been covering the Rangers that long. I read the blog everyday so thanks for all the years hard work!

  13. You once again demonstrate your superlative humanitarianism through your concern for the concussed, and so grant us unworthy boneheads insight into your pure heart, duckbill.

  14. “All the research that we do on a regular basis tells us overwhelmingly our fans like the shootout,” Bettman said.

    Yeah, right. And, Avery is going to win the Conn Smythe….

  15. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    Latona, could it be only made possible by shakespearan sonnet that one could express the fervent joy that you bring to the duckbill. The antithesis of platitude could only express the duckbill’s proclivity towards being lauded by those he or she loves best: the boneheads. How is it possible that the prodigiously kind latona understands the conundrum that is the duckbill? For that he is greatful.

  16. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    billysangreazul, the duckbill referred to the only instrument that could express that sentience. He did not mention in the aforementioned anything about the construction of that reply being in the construction of a sonnet. Does that make cents?

  17. duckbill

    The NYR_FAN has an affinity for scholarly Hadrosaurids. There is no escaping the eccentricity that is the bonehead commonwealth.

  18. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    NYR_Fan, that is because you sir are a gentleman of the highest order. Hounds of Baskervilles shout your name somewhere in Bohemia, and only the one known as Charles Augustus Milverton knows that the sign of four is that of the one known as NYR_fan..a man amongst men.

  19. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    billysangreazul, if i did protest much I would be cantankerousbill and not duckbill.

  20. Holy bananas ! Off for the dawn patrol again tomorrow….fun stuff here today you knuckleheads :)

  21. Wow! I knew Detroit was great at home this year but here are the numbers….

    20-2-1 @ the Joe

    13-14-0 away

    As I type this, Detroit leads the league in points with a losing record on the road…unreal…

  22. duckbill, can I ask a question without being disrespectful or rude? How do you know all these big words and spell them correctly and then finish with a clunker like ‘greatful’?? lol… i think that is what i like best about you.. good night little ducky

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