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I’m back from my little, ahem, vacation. Got the cleanest garage in the Northeast.

Anyway, I guess the All-star game was as good as it could have been from a Rangers standpoint, with all ya boys — MVP Marian Gaborik, Henrik Lundqvist, Dan Girardi, Smilin’ John Tortorella and Carl Hagelin — front and center throughout the weekend.

I’m not reviewing the game, but I must say that once again the NHL has proven to be completely inept at finding pre-game and/or between-periods entertainment for its big events. How else do you explain the selection of those two clowns yesterday, two fine young men whose top songs contain some of the most vulgar lyrics possible? I guess there are no other entertainers in Canada or America.


We’re going to do another ticket contest tomorrow, thanks to our generous Bonehead donor. We’ll review the rules later today, and entries will open and close on the morning thread tomorrow.


While I was away, I read a story about goalies in Sports Illustrated, by my friend Michael Farber, who is, IMO, the best hockey writer on this hemisphere.

At one point he was talking about some of the insane long-term contracts given to NHL goalies, when he came up with this paragraph:

The eternally goalie-bereft Flyers, belatedly embracing a Neale-ist approach, signed the chatty Ilya Bryzgalov to a nine-year, $51 million contract last June after his four seasons in low-pressure Phoenix. He has rewarded their faith with a save percentage of .891, well below the modern Mendoza line of .900. Goalie. Nine years. Philly. Nothing possibly could go wrong here.”


Here is the transcript from Gaborik’s post-game press conference, courtesy of ASAP Sports:

Q.  Marian, this game was supposed to be all about Swedish guys and Alfredsson and so on.  It ends up being all about Slovak guys.  How satisfying is that?
MARIAN GABORIK:  I think it was about Swedish guys, you could hear it out there.  I think, you know, there are more Swedish guys than Slovak guys.
But, overall, I think we had a lot of fun.  I’m glad I could play along with Marian and Pavel Datsyuk, and I was glad that he picked me in the draft.  He got me sweating there a little bit at the draft, picking me late.
But it was a fun event.  And I had a lot of fun.

Q.  Why do you think it’s so easy to score on Henrik Lundqvist?
MARIAN GABORIK:  It’s not easy.  I was just fortunate to be lucky against him.  But I think he’s one of the best, if not the best, goalie in the league, but I am glad I could get a couple of goals against him.

Q.  What was that goal celebration after your first one?
MARIAN GABORIK:  I was thinking about before the game if I score on Henrik, I wouldn’t do it any other way, but I wanted to do it against Henrik to get a celebration there.  So I don’t think he was too happy about that.

Q.  Was the thought to get into his mind early, I think you were tugging at him behind the net earlier in the game?
MARIAN GABORIK:  I was trying to get into his mind over the whole weekend.  And I think it was a pretty good challenge against him, and worked a little better for me.

Q.  What was it like to play on the line with Datsyuk and Hossa?  Looked pretty natural.
MARIAN GABORIK:  Marian, we played together on the international level.  But with Pavel, he’s one of the best.  You can just see pure talent, and he’s got all it all and just to be playing also with all the other guys was a lot of fun.

Q.  Do you think Torts will be okay with your celebration?
MARIAN GABORIK:  He was just jealous we won the game.

Q.  Will the Twitter war with Lundqvist continue after this weekend?
MARIAN GABORIK:  I don’t think so.  I posted up a picture hugging him during the skills last night.  So I think we’re good.  But it was friendly and it’s always?? we always have a good competition, even in practice.
And it’s challenging to score on him.  So as I said, he’s one of the best.

Q.  In regards to the Twitter war, was there any like prize outcome for the winner or loser that they’d have to do?
MARIAN GABORIK:  We haven’t talked about it.  So, no.

Q.  Do you think you did that celebration as well as Anisimov did?
MARIAN GABORIK:  No, way.  Did you see him doing that?  No.  It was?? I just wanted to it if I would score on Henrik.

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports


AP photo, above.

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  1. cool game yesterday. loved girardi getting a goal, even if they gave it to spezza. watever. that malkin shot is insane. hank didnt move at all. gabby got some easy(kathryn) tap-ins but good for him. alfreddson was great. surprised theydidnt give him the mvp. hes like 37 or38 right? well, bring on the playofs!! lets stay on top boys.

  2. Good morning all! Heck Grabby! I thought only ilb might beat me this morning! Hartnell I hate this hour…..

    Welcome back Carp!!!!
    So, now we enter the heart palpitating portion of the season. Oh boy.

    It is perhaps just me, cause I’m still asleep, or did that AP reporter come off a little, I dunno, too serious, or dense?

  3. hi babs! its been awhile since ive been here. and i got a first!! BUT, now its the homestretch and i’ll be here posting more. i work different hours now so i’ll be here later after games.

    banj- naa, all the goalies get burnt in all star games. if anything, i think it wasgreat for gabby cuz he was slumpin bigtime so hopefuly hes got his touch back andwill get some pp goals too. we need that to work. richards time to step up now too. hank will b great. this is when hes at his best and thisis hisyear all the way. by far the most consistent hes ever been.

  4. no its not u babs, thequestion “why is it so easy to score on hank” was pretty stupid. and the whole twitter deal was blown out of proprtion. holy carcillo. it wasjust friendly banter between teammates.

  5. Drake is the worst. Even if you like “rap” or “hip hop” he’s the worst.

    Gaborik is really good when paired with other skill players and with the lack of defense played in this game.

    Too bad Carey Price didn’t play the entire period backwards. Bummer.

  6. Good morning all! I have never heard of Drake and I guess I am glad I did not see any of his act. What I saw of the game was ok but I am glad there will be real hockey played tomorrow!

  7. Watching Drake, all I could think about were all those old-time hockey fans in Ottawa, sitting in their seats saying, who the heck is this guy? Gotta say, couldn’t they find a talented performer to entertain? Geez, I just don’t get this style of “music”!!! Now, can we get back to the “one game at a tame” hockey that is our New York Rangers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Maybe a Canadian performer. How about one from Ottawa! NHL off-ice entertainment is out of touch with the fans. Is that really possible? You Bettman

  9. The NHL obviously came up with the Fantasy Draft format to get Team Crosby vs. Team Ovechkin but that never happened, and may still never happen.

    I think they’ll have to change it whenever they redo the divisions.

    Maybe North America vs. The World again?

  10. Yo Grabby!

    Manny said “Drake is the worst. Even if you like “rap” or “hip hop” he’s the worst.”

    Amen, Manny. Amen.

  11. Vibin, NYR. (What’s new?)

    The all star game I want to see (in every sport) is the winner of the regular season (or previous season) facing off against an all star team comprised of the best players on the other teams. That is the only one I would watch (with much interest).

  12. That’s not a bad idea, Manny. I would like to see the defending champs and an all star team combined facing off against Prust.

  13. It really is astonishing what the league comes up with for entertainment, and ill lump the Rangers into that. Just scrap the junk, actually made me turn the channel, forget the game was on, amd miss half the third.

  14. Also – it’s not really _my_ idea. It’s how the original six (insert crowd cheer) used to do it.

  15. billybleedsblue on

    Carp, thanks for the laugh-out-loud, “Goalie. Nine years. Philly. Nothing possibly could go wrong here.”

  16. ThisYearsModel on

    Not to be too rude, but what was up with the anthems? We get this hippie with his guitar singing ours like a Woody Guthrie folk song, then the Canadian dude blasts out an incredible O Canada. I couldn’t believe it. Clearly a Canadian conspiracy. As for the game….a huge waste of time. Give me a Columbus-Phoenix midweek exhibition game over that nonsense.

  17. *Woody Guthrie* Rules! Muleskinner! Sacco & Vanzetti! Buffalo Skinners! Dust Bowl! Hard Travelin’!

  18. Good Morning fella’s. Glad to see Gabby light it up at the ALL STAR weekend. Even more happy to see our Rookie as the fastest skater. Great job Hags. Class act by everyone, lots of fun to watch.

    How much fun would it be to watch Hossa and Gaborik play together here?

    Now back to work – see you all on Sunday!!!

  19. nyrfan!! sally shortstacks!!! silver dolla pancakes wth maple syrup, whip crea, a cherry on top, and to wash it down, a old fashioned egg cream!!! wopo!!!

    btw, i liked that guy rendition of the star spangled anne. very cool. we dnt need a freakin opera singer. but as for drake im no big ip hop fan. or rap. some old schol stuff but not todas garbage. gimme rock n roll. rap + hocy doesnt mix. that would be like having metalicca at an nba all star game. i know rap is popular amng the young kids and all that, and nhl is trying to reach a broader fan base, but i had to change th chanel cz his song sucked so bad. nothing against rap, but i cant get amped up for a hockey game listening to that. need something where guitars are involved

  20. I was hoping they would have asked Rebecca Black to sing “Friday” or Justin “Tough as Nails” Bieber to sing anything. NHL drops the ball again.

  21. Some rap, like Beastie Boys, is good hockey music…

    LMAO at the thought of Metallica performing at the NBA All-Star game!

  22. Great Canadian Artists:

    1. The Band (not counting Levon Helm)
    2. Neil Young
    3. Neil Diamond
    4. That blonde skinny woman that plays guitar and sings.

  23. OMG. Manny, I love you.

    Manny January 30th, 2012 at 11:11 am
    Great Canadian Artists:

    1. The Band (not counting Levon Helm)
    2. Neil Young

  24. Yea after those two the list really drops off remarkably. I was just trying to think of people that played with The Band on/at The Last Waltz

  25. You’ve seen The Last Waltz, right? Do you think Robbie Robertson looks kinda like Ron Duguay? Maybe it’s just the hair…

  26. FYI Drake is from Toronto, and I guess he’s hip with the young crowd, but the guy probably couldn’t name one player on the ice yesterday. Save him for the NBA All Star game (is there one? I feel like EVERY game is a show-boating skills competition). They should’ve gotten Locksley to play, that’s something everyone can enjoy. Look em up, they’re great. (And they played on the “Blue Carpet” on NYR opening night this year ha!).

  27. Morning All,

    Regarding yesterday’s match – and the entire weekend in general…

    These events, which are meaningless in the standings, were in my opinion certainly not meaningless to the Rangers.

    What was shown this weekend is that the Rangers have come a long way in terms of their skill level and their team speed. Their 31-12-4 record is certainly no accident.

    And the truth is – winning breeds winning. So for Marian Gaborik to be recognized as the MVP and for Carl Hagelin to skate at 62 MPH for all the hockey world to see are very good things. These players have to be feeling good about themselves. Collectively, the Rangers mental state heading into the second half has to be extremely positive.

    We’ve seen a lot of winning with this team so far this season. Granted, there is much more work to be done. But we have to be absolutely thrilled by the body of work to this point.

    Let ’em keep it going.

  28. My favorite member of the band is Rick Danko. Second, and my favorite voice, is Richard Manuel. Robbie does kind of look Duguay-ish. Levon is awesome and it’s really great that he’s still out there kickin’. I will not discredit Garth. But he’s the same as Ria(the silent bonehead) in that he’s Garth (the silent and weird member of The Band).

  29. I’m not trying to be xenophobic or anything, but Levon is totally my favorite. Always wanted to head over to Woodstock and see him “jam” (ugh I hate that word) sometime.

  30. Yea, Sally. I really wanted to do that also. Unfortunately, the tickets are about $160 per person and it’s a hike for me.

  31. Always wanted to head over to Woodstock and see him “jam” (ugh I hate that word) sometime.


    Can we trade Wolski or EC for him?

  32. Wait, I take it back. I like that word when it’s like “Oh, drunk sledding? That’s my jam!”… but not in the context of a bunch of dudes playing music.

  33. speaking of Paula Creamer, did you see how the PGA tour’s first event of the season ended yesterday?

    Kid named Kyle Stanley (descendant?) just needed to make a 7 on the final hole, a par-5, to win. Laid up, hit his third shot 10 feet past the flag, but it had too much spin and it spun back into the lake, dropped, hit his fifth shot over the green, chipped short and missed a 3-footer for the win. Made an 8.
    So it went to a playoff with Brandt Snedeker, who was getting ready to leave, figuring he would finish second. And announcer Gary McCord, who was working the 16th hole, was already in his car on the way to the airport and had to turn around and come back and get up in the tower for the playoff.

    Snedeker won on the second hole.

  34. Wow, Carp. What a story. That’s a rough hole for the youngster. I have had those days playing against my dad. Can’t beat the old man.

    Brilliant, CT

  35. Trade news! TSN just reported that the NY Rangers traded EC for Edmonton’s best concessions stand guy. It’s reported he can serve up to ten hot dogs in the time it takes your average worker to serve 4. Killer deal!

  36. Just remembered, this was the first All-star game in history where a Ranger won the MVP and I wasn’t there. I covered Don Maloney (’84), Mike Gartner (’93), Mike Richter (’94) and Wayne Gretzky (’99).

  37. If only! I’m sure the baby buffaloes would show you around, Carp. They don’t have anything better to do.

  38. I was once at the GHO following Greg Norman a/k/a The Shark when he went in to sign his card, realized he was playing with a yet unlicensed ball and after turning himself in, was disqualified.

    Strange day out here at windswept fields.

  39. Also I once watched Kirk Triplett three-putt from about 6″ away from the cup. The second one was an angry stab at the ball which bounced in and out.

    I also once watched an old favorit of mine, Sasaki, build and blow an 8 shot lead in 2 days. Shooting near course records on the low and high.

  40. so is this how NHL will look like (ASG) in few years when most of the contact and all of the hitting will be eliminated? Though, i did enjoy baseball like score…

  41. Fox – Drake is a pretty big Leafs fan actually. Hence why he spent most of his time hanging out with Phaneuf, Kessel, and Lupul.

    Also, I thought I heard on the news that we traded WW to the Oilers for Hemsky. Then I woke up realizing that didn’t actually take place and for some stupid reason I was dreaming about an NHL trade.

  42. Incredible that on a hockey board nobody is able to come up with the best band Canada has ever produced RUSH. Now that would have been a between-periods show.

  43. >>Incredible that on a hockey board nobody is able to come up with the best band Canada has ever
    >>produced RUSH.

    We made plenty of Rush references during the game yesterday. By the way, Signals is the first record I ever bought [at Sam Goody].

  44. which one is you, Manny? :P

    great shot! you shoulda hired me as your photographer! I am REALLY good! (i am so in love with myself)

  45. but seriously tho… you are one lucky dog, Manny! And i mean it in the nicest way possible. And you know, i am not a very nice guy! Wish you guys all the happiness and luck in the world! :)

  46. Wicky©"I think the NHL Network host was named Kathryn Tappen" on

    Morning ILB and all!!


    We need a photographer, do you travel??



    welcome back sir!!

    I still say malkin looks like seinfeld on roids!!!

  47. billybleedsblue on

    Manny, one could easily understand why you sold your soul (for such a pretty wife)!

    Seriously though, may you live a long and happy life together! Mazel Tov!

  48. “Oh, and remember: next Friday… is Hawaiian shirt day. So, you know, if you want to, go ahead and wear a Hawaiian shirt and jeans.”

  49. Manny,

    The shot really captures the moment. Great stuff.

    BTW – Natasha is pretty as a picture as well.


  50. Actually, Ben – our photographer just got engaged. That was the first wedding she shot with a ring on. I am sure it was extra special for her.

  51. Wicky©"I think the NHL Network host was named Kathryn Tappen" on

    jeez, all this talk about weddings and engagements makes me sad that I am single….oh, wait never mind!!

  52. Bob Porter: We’re gonna be getting rid of these people here… First, Mr. Samir Naga… Naga… Naga… Not gonna work here anymore, anyway.

  53. Manny,

    She’ll probably be extra picky when it comes to choosing the photographer for her own wedding.

    And – I’m sure she’ll snap quite a few herself that day as well.

  54. Tony, I think it is really me. To the best of my knowledge.

    NYR, I’ll be checking to see that everybody’s wearing a Hawaiian shirt when they comment that day.

  55. Yeah, I just stare at my desk; but it looks like I’m working. I do that for probably another hour after lunch, too. I’d say in a given week I probably only do about fifteen minutes of real, actual, work.

  56. I saw that movie, “The Descendents” last night. Lots of people wore Hawaiin shirts in that.

  57. “I’ll be honest with you, I love his music. I do. I’m a Michael Bolton fan. For my money, I don’t know if it gets any better than when he sings “When a Man Loves a Woman”.”

  58. “The Descendents” was a pretty good flick…I enjoyed watching the *pirated* copy of this movie in the comforts of my own home. :)

  59. Wicky©"I think the NHL Network host was named Kathryn Tappen" on


    555 Moose Dung Way
    Middle of Nowhere, BFE 51212

    The last 5 hours of so of the dog sled ride are the best!

  60. 3 way trade:
    Detroit gets Wolski and Avery.
    Chicago gets Christensen and Redden.
    NYR gets Pavel Datsyuk and Marian Hossa.

    Gaborik scores 4 points per game for the rest of the season. Do it Slats!

  61. Wicky©"I think the NHL Network host was named Kathryn Tappen" on

    5 hours “or” so not of….damn it!!


  62. “Not right now, Lumbergh, I’m kinda busy. In fact, look, I’m gonna have to ask you to just go ahead and come back another time. I got a meeting with the Bobs in a couple of minutes.”

  63. Wicky©"I think the NHL Network host was named Kathryn Tappen" on

    bad typo, somewhere a duckbill is rolling over on its keyboard

  64. Carp,

    Hope you enjoyed your time off.

    And thanks again for the guest spot.

    Everyone here was extremely supportive and appreciative.

    Glad I could help out.


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