It’s Go Time! … All-star game


And to celebrate the All-star game in Kanata, Ontario, the Empire State Building today will be lit completely in Orange crud to honor Claude Giroux, Kimo Timonen, Scott Hartnell, and of course Ed Snider and Comcast and the Broad Street Bullies. … with the complete approval of the NHL, of course.

The game today, obviously, will be awful hockey. But better than the NFL’s Pro Bowl, which they have to hold in Hawaii to get all the players (some of whom are actually not felons) to show up.

Ya boys will be an interesting watch. Foremost, Marian Gaborik has exchanged a lot of twitter trash talk with Henrik Lundqvist, who remembers giving up five in one game to Gaborik when he was in Minnesota. And what the heck is Dan Girardi going to do in a game like this? Hope he scores a goal. And, is John Tortorella really not going to do any coaching? Is he going to leave the bench to Todd McLellan of the San Jose Soft-shelled Jumbo Shrimps?

Then we can get away from all this silliness and back to the season, which resumes with visits to Newark Tuesday and Buffalo Wednesday.

Meanwhile, here is Girardi’s blog from, and here’s a twit pic tweeted by Gaborik last night:



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  1. So, Joey the Junior reporter just asked KAthryn Tappen (who a few of you guys enjoy): “Hey Kathryn. Do you think you look beautiful today?” Then she said, “I don’t know Joey, do I?” And Joey said, “Yes Kathryn you look great today.”

    Kid’s got game. Take notes Buff.

  2. Anyone going to The Pebble on Tuesday may I suggest starting a chant of either:

    You’re on welfare!
    Bailllll Out!

  3. Joey made Kathryn Tappen blush, but we couldn’t see it due to all the TV makeup she’s wearing.

  4. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    TEAM SWEDEN Ilbzo, or, as I called them on Draft Day, The All Hair Team for Men

  5. >>Is that Steve ” the blonde geddy lee’ Stamkos behind Hank

    Are you trying to say Stamkos is a rebel and a runner, a signal turning green, and a restless young romantic who wants to run the big machine?

  6. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    has PETA complained about the use of the octopus in that commercial yet

  7. I wasn’t clear about the Gaborik thing – I just meant that it doesn’t matter that we are rooting against Gaborik because he doesn’t have awesome hair. We only care about awesome hair.

  8. I hope Bettman informed Chara that his 108 MPH slap shot is not permitted in the All-Stars game?

  9. Afternoon gang.

    This game is not the way hockey is played, but I enjoy it because it’s just the guys going out, having fun and showing off their mad skills. Also, cause I’m not emotionally invested in the game, it’s all in good fun.

    Having said that, go Team SwedeSens! (Sorry Gabby- I hope you score a few goals.. just not against Hank)

  10. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    thought you were being technical with Gabby Manny.. and WHAT IN THE HOLY HELL is this???

  11. I muted the CRAP out of that junk. Who is this moron? I bet all these guys want to pound his flesh with their fists.

  12. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    JB, the players might, the league sucks lol.

    so glad i was perusing some classical selections on iTunes earlier

  13. Are all singers at big sporting events like this contractually obligated to look constipated while they sing? *confused*

  14. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    FOR SHAME FOR SHAME!! a sport of men, playing asexual, horrific music

  15. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    my gawd this horrific song is still going on!?!?! I HATE YOU BUTTMAN

  16. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    this is right up there with Steven Tyler murdalizing the National Anthem last week

  17. I am totally with you Lin. My ears are bleeding…or they would be if I hadn’t muted this.

    Alert: Left-Handed Guitarist! NOOOOOOO

  18. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    Mickey, i believe he made that face as a kid and it just froze there lol

  19. >>Wow….Ottawa should be ashamed playing this music….

    Heck, I’d even settle for Men Without Hats over this.

  20. that Lyndon Slewedge guy who sang the anthem? he reminds me of the Cowardly Lion singing “If I were king of the forest.”

  21. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    part of that is because Canadians don’t try to add their own ‘twist’ when they sing. ;-) and they usually have people who CAN sing, not the flavor of the week. and yes, steven tylers voice is ear wrenching lol

  22. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruStepanlahan on


  23. If you want to know anything about our anthem check out what Eddie Izzard has to say. Hilarious.

  24. They should get The Arrogant Worms to perform at one of these. At least it would be INTENTIONALLY funny then.

    Hank is mic’d up again? HELL YEAH

  25. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    pretty much Banj. he has a voice for that, NOT for the Anthem. that young girl who sang at the Garden a few weeks ago was awesome

  26. We need video of Gaborik doing the Artie Sniper routine.

    Wonder if Hartnell will fight Gaborik?

  27. Also – you think Gaborik is angry that his best set-up guy, Keith Yandle, isn’t on his team?

  28. Gaborik scored from L wing….that’s your answer townhouse can play on Gaborik’s L wing…oh wait. Hank- let three goals on 6 shots? Maybe we can still get a second rounder for him….

  29. In: Gaborik’s confidence…..Out: Hank’s confidence.

    Lol, Hank sounds like Kenny McCormick!!

  30. Anybody read Girardi’s blog? Here is an appropriate excerpt:

    “It’s going to be interesting to see how it goes. Who knows. I may get up there on the rush and try to pop one home.”

  31. Hartnell is really good when he plays with skilled guys. I wish we had that…not him…but someone.

  32. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    did chara become 85? he was skating like he was on his final breath

  33. Hank and Gabby have been awesomely funny this weekend. Need further proof that this team not only likes, but adores each other? Nope, not me.

  34. well it’s clear the Rangers need to get Datsyuk and Hossa to NY asap. EC + Wolski + Avery, hell ill even throw in Redden….that should do it.

  35. yup. he said it. yesterday he talked about Tavares putting the puck on the back-hand side of his stick and said something like the wrong side of the curve “alienates” the shot.

  36. Gabby for MVP?

    You remember what happened at the end of the season the last time a Ranger was MVP of the all star game, don’t you?

    Just sayin….

  37. Yev – I know what you were going for (Richter in ’94), but Gretzky won it in ’99 while he was with the Rangers.

  38. Was Gaborik backchecking there? It must be in his blood. Fire Torts! He turned Gaborik into Wes Walz….

  39. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    lmao! you’re usually ahead of me JB!! you’re slackin today!!

  40. >>lmao! you’re usually ahead of me JB!! you’re slackin today!!

    I was distracted, trying to come up with my next chess move.

  41. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    glad to see i did NOT miss anything whilst on my quick walk lol

  42. Canada had given us some great bands in the past: Rush, Saga, Front Line Assembly, Skinny Puppy. This Drake guy is what these Canucks have to offer these days? I’ll take Alanis Morissette over this garbage any time.

  43. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    aw crap now we gotta hear about drew carey for the next 35 minutes! I Hope he gives up 5 goals lol

  44. I would rather hear Pierre singing the Beatles than that hack they had during the intermission.

  45. I didn’t even know Bieber was Canadian. Sorry, I’d rather listen to Celine Dion than this kid.

  46. Bet you Torts will have to watch the tape before he comments on the defensive part of tonight’s game….

  47. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    he’ll have a Luke Skywalker hand behind the bench Tuesday because he’s eating his off lol

  48. How does it happen? He always plays the 3rd period!! Try playing in the 1st or 2nd, and he wouldn’t get the win! Stupid question, Pierre!! lol

  49. This is even after Alfredson stayed out there the last three minutes trying to get his hat trick.

  50. Isn’t Gabby the first Ranger since Richter in – 1994! – to win the All-Star MVP???

    I think Gretzky won in 1999, but really that was because it was his last season. I’m telling you this year is destiny! We want the cup!!!

  51. BlazingSpeedHageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    “he’s just jealous we won the game” lmao he’s a jokester

  52. >>wow pierre loves gabby’s smile.

    Hey, at least he didn’t say that about Gabby’s cleft chin. That would REALLY be awkward, for all of us.

  53. I agree, they gave it to Gretz in 99 because it was the end of a great career. This is the first time since 1994 (PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THAT YEAR) that a RAnger legit won the MVP..




  54. >>Pretty much everyone is a minus in these games

    Kathryn Tappen just said Gaborik was a plus-3.

  55. Hugh Jessiman must be hurt. It’s the only explanation I can think of for him not being in the All Star Game.

  56. Good night, Carp!

    Hope everyone enjoyed the ASG. I missed it and I’m totally okay with that.

  57. Artie:

    “My heart is not there. I am suspended, so why I have to go there?” Ovechkin told reporters in Arlington, Va., on Tuesday. “I love the game. It is a great event. I love to be there. I am suspended. I don’t want to be a target. I feel like I’m not deserving to be there right now because I am suspended.”

  58. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    Jbitsnbytes, what about a fine for Owretchkin for knuckles scraping the ground caveman style?

  59. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    the rangers do have a rather handsome team which makes them further the envy of the league and makes owretchkin hate us

  60. Good evening all!

    I’m with Sally…missed all but the occasional 2 seconds of game, and I’m OK with that. However….saw in replay….YEAH BABY! Gabby with the AA gun salute!!!! Awesome!!!!

    Why do they bother with “defense” anyway…. 12-9…hahahahaha…what was it? 94 SOG? Yeesh.

  61. Yet, so glad our boy won the MVP….even though they made a big deal in Ottawa about “our” stick salute!!! ha…they don’t have helmet nuzzles though!!!

  62. LOL at Girardi’s blog.

    I sat next to Scott Hartnell in the locker room. … We got along fine. No stall violations, everything was OK. It was all fun. We have a big rivalry, but once we get here, it all goes out the window. We’re just enjoying the weekend, but when it’s over, we’ll be right back at it.

    But I guess it was good I was passing to Spezza and Sedin and not Hartnell. No passing to true enemies.

  63. Wicky©"I think the NHL Network host was named Kathryn Tappen" on

    Three short observations I would like to bring up…

    Patrick Kane reminds me a whole hell of a lot like JR (not sure that is a good thing for Kane)

    Malkin looks like Seinfeld on roids in the face

    Hartnell seems like a guy you absolutely hate when he is on the other team, but would love on your team

  64. wicky….may I edit that last comment?

    Hartnell seems like a guy you absolutely hate when he is on the other team, and would hate to have on your team…because, he is Hartnell the hartneller.

    Prust saying…..

  65. YES.

    duckbill Plat-y-pus January 29th, 2012 at 10:08 pm
    the rangers do have a rather handsome team which makes them further the envy of the league and makes owretchkin hate us

  66. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    wicky, roenick was insanely good before he turned into an idiot…we lettting the idiot in him as announcer cloud our memories of his play..the guy was amazing… i know some funny stories about him from old stockbroker friends from the 90s boom boom mancini days of the nazdaq, cysco sistemas and macrohard (MSFT)

  67. Wicky©"I think the NHL Network host was named Kathryn Tappen" on

    of course you may (did)!

    good point!!

  68. Sally, YES, miss you too lady!!!

    duckbill, that may be the first thing I agree with you on….:)

  69. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    blogmama, is the duckbill that much of a wayward duck? but he appreciates the comments of his peers…thank you madamoiselle.

  70. Mama,

    Methinks your lack of delicious lunches has rendered you incapable of seeing the unparalleled wisdom that is duckbill. Start chowing down in hopes of reaching that duckbill epiphany!

  71. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    OMSBJ! (oh my sweet baby jesus) such plaudits from the great latona!!! OMSBJ! only the pyroplastic blasts of vesuvius could rival the bursting of buttons that duckbill feels to be feted with such graciousness from the wondrous latona!!

  72. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    if the duckbill may take a break from the Rangers Emergency Broadcast system but the MOMA has a diego rivera exhibition thru april…the duckbill shall be a guest there at some point

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