Almost the end of All-star weekend!


Man, it’s slow up in here during the break.

As should have been expected, I guess.

I got nothing for youse today, nor am I supposed to even be here ’til tomorrow.

Here’s your blank canvas.

We’ll do “It’s Go Time!” before the game this afternoon (4 p.m. on NBC).

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  1. I got something, Carp:

    “The past is present. Or … you can go home again.
    First I want to say a big “Hello!” to all the Blueshirts diehards, and I also want to tell you all that I will miss Sam as much as you guys do. Maybe more. He is (and always will be) a great friend and a great writer, and a person who did his job with the greatest of enthusiasm and skill (plus the prettiest practice swing in golf).
    I can’t replace him. …
    So the people here have entrusted me to be part of the team that tries to fill Sam’s skates (or his golf shoes). All I ask is that you stay with us, and here’s why. It is the banter among you that make this blog what it is. It is the sheer numbers of you guys and ladies who watch the game with your keyboards within reach, and who let the opinions and observations fly. Who live and die with every penalty call, every bad line change, every goal, every W-L-OT.”

    Remember this one, boneheads? 
    Exactly three years ago, January 29th. 2009 Sam had to leave  and Carp took over. Temporarily. Until his bosses decide “what to do with this place”. Those were his first words. Everyone knew this place would change. Everyone was anxious and unsure which way this blog would go. Did it ever change! And it changed for the better. Not to diminish what Sam has ever done, but it’s hard not to see that this place is now much more than just a blog. It’s not only a place to talk about hockey, about our beloved team, it’s a community. It was initially Carp, Laurel, Jane, and Josh, 26. It’s now only Carp. One can only hope that he enjoys it as much as we do. One can also only hope that his plan is to continue his marvelous work for a long time. And, once again, we need to thank him for making this place what it has become three years after. Because I don’t think we thank him enough. 

    Good morning, boneheads!   

  2. agreed, and also good job by the posters here.

    going back probably 8 or 9 years ago, i used to post on the first NYR BB which i find similar to here. it was a terrible clunky site but the folks posting were good. then they made a better site and it got very popular. then it got ugly. nasty, vicious posts. then all the original folks left. a few tried their making their own blogs or msg boards. i ended up here i guess. works for me, altho i don’t post very much i lurk a lot ;p

  3. Hello Folks. For those of you who don’t know, Carp was a pretty good goaltender in his day. I believe to truly have a good perspective of the game (any game), you have to have at least played or coached it at one point. Not taking away from those reporters who haven’t but I think it helps knowing what its like to have a guy skating in on you all alone while guarding your cage to be able to describe it in print. He’s done that. Besides, he used to let me borrow his pads when I played. Also, along those lines, Linda Cohn from ESPN uased to be the goalie for the women’s varsity at Oswego State. I used to be the play by play guy for them and the men’s varsity back in the late 70’s. She was pretty good too, actually played against her in a grudge match once for beers. So when you see her talking hockey on TV, rest assured she knows what she’s talking about too. Enjoy the game tonight and GO RANGERS.

  4. Thanks for the input, giacomo. You also need to be a good, honest reporter to do what Carp does.
    I’ll see you all during the game. Happy anniversary, Carp and all the boneheads!

  5. This place rocks! Thanks for letting me part of it. I have loved this team since I was 8 years old and Walt and Billy were the PK tandem. Many of you have been posting here for years. Thanks for letting some of newbies get into the spirit of the community. And of course thanks to Carp for his insightful prose and for his love of all things Jerry..


  6. I don’t miss SAm not one bit…i came here because of Carp…sam could not write well at all. There is no comparison. God bless the Carpfather!

  7. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    All this fabricated “made for TV” crap ranks for excitement with Bobby Abreu winning “The Home Run Derby” off batting practice pitches, a few years back. Thank goodness for having a couple good books to read today, instead of playing the role of “bug-eyed zombie” for some network selling trucks and tires, ad nauseam, as the real agenda that is going on today, interruped by a few offsides calls for diversion.

    Some people just like the sound of a whistle for entertainment, I guess. I mean, come on, what Super Bowl, THIS is really the big one, right?

  8. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    I understand Sam moved to Montreal and ran for Mayor on his “Anti-Maurice Richard Legend” platform.

  9. Thanks ilb, I’ve been here for a aboot 5 years and to this day I can’t remember how I found this place. Maybe I was like those people in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, something was leading me to Devil’s Tower. We have Boneheads worldwide, how did youse find this place? Anyway, thanks again Carp. Long live Rangers Report!

  10. Good morning, Carp! Thanks so much for everything you do for us, please know it is greatly appreciated! And congratulations on surviving these three years with all the asshats, g(j)ibberish-talkers, and bush league commentators. You’re the awesomest!

  11. I also have been enjoying this site since the Sam days. I don’t know when I found this site but I enjoy coming here everyday. (even in august).

    Keep up the great work Carp and to all who post here.

  12. I found this site via Ranger Pundit when blueshirt bulletin went off the tracks. Sam decided to leave and Carp took over. I didn’t know what to expect but between Carp’s awesome reporting and the boneheads senses of humor and love of hockey this has become one of the best sites on the web. Thank you all of you.

  13. Nice comment on Michael St. Croix from ESPN talent scout Corey Pronman:

    “Michael St. Croix, C, New York Rangers (Edmonton-WHL)

    St. Croix was highly touted at the start of the 2011 draft season. He fell to the fourth round after a lot of concerns were raised about his game, but right now he is one of the leading scorers in the WHL. I’m a big fan of St. Croix as he has great, if not high-end, puck skills and vision and is truly an impressive offensive possession weapon, however I have gotten conflicting reports on him from industry sources. His skating was an issue last year, but one Edmonton-based WHL scout praises the improvements he’s made in that area as well as his conditioning, while two other scouts still aren’t thrilled with his speed. His physical game certainly needs a lot of work and he isn’t exactly a crash-and-bang player and for a smaller player he needs to be better in that area. However he has very desirable upside, and certainly has top-six skill level, which you usually don’t find in the fourth round. He’s one of those boom/bust picks who can bring great value or never be heard from again. Right now I would bet more on the former than the latter.”

  14. I discovered this site long, long ago among many others, for some additional, fresh info about the Rangers, which was OK in Sam’s reviews, but what really caught my eye and attention was some unusual, interesting characters in comments “department”. Being opinionate myself, I still am interested in some other people hockey related analyses and exchange of thoughts, but just some… and I really barely can stand endless repetition of obvious and/or authoritative, imperative and annoyingly persistent (like a fly) application of “hockey wisdom”. (I find long ago, this amazing fact, that even the people who understand the game can have totally an opposite view on the same, seemed to be obvious fact of the game, or player). But what really was different for this blog in comparison with others, and what attracted me personally, was, what now we call a gibberish (jibberish) about all unrelated matters, most of the time interesting, but more important showing real life characters and personalities behind it, which, interesting enough, was somehow self filtered, selected and accumulated on this blog, creating creative core or nucleus of it. More than anything (except our team itself) people here are interested in each other (and creative writing of course, where they can polish their skills) and that’s a unique phenomenon of this blog we have to cherish. Let’s keep going and LGR!

  15. Besides obvious thanks to Carp for his high quality selfless routine work, I have to give him a credit in a size of ESB and MSG together, for keeping very fragile eco-system of this blog intact and in balance, like a real Keeper, despite periodical attacks on our integrity and livelihood. IMHO, it is his biggest Merit and achievement, where he really deserves highest praise to protect and have it going the very spirit of this blog.

  16. Carp, Sam, the never aging Josh, and all of you bonehead diehards out there. I have been reading this blog daily since about 2007. I do not comment that much. But I can tell you that this blog and all it contributers have been with me through some of the best and worst moments. I can tell you strait up that this blog, this motley crew only gets better every day!!! Keep up the good work! LETS GO RANGERS!!!

  17. I found this site because of Orr. He was in a verbal war with the BB guys and I think they pretty much threw him off. He posted that he was going to Sam’s site and I figured eh, me too.

  18. From Girardi’s blog for the NHL: and proof that he is a true Ranger:

    “I sat next to Scott Hartnell in the locker room. That was a lot different. We got along fine. No stall violations, everything was OK. It was all fun. We have a big rivalry, but once we get here, it all goes out the window. We’re just enjoying the weekend, but when it’s over, we’ll be right back at it.

    But I guess it was good I was passing to Spezza and Sedin and not Hartnell. No passing to true enemies.”

  19. There was something in Larry Brooks Column that made me smile today. He mentioned that the NY Islanders have NOT WON A PLAYOFF ROUND SINCE 1993. That is an astounding amount of time (Almost 2 decades) to have not even won a single round. The asslander fan base relished and loved “1940”! Talk about Karmic payback. 2013 will be the 30th year since their last cup as well.

    In one of the Ranger championship videos from 1994 they briefly cover the Islander series. There are a bunch of Islander fans seen going into their pathetic excuse of an arean holding a 1940 sign. They are heard saying in the background, “some things never change … never!”

    How sweet that this fair weather fan base has suffered with such CLARKE teams for 30 years!!!

  20. So, Joey the Junior reporter just asked KAthryn Tappen (who a few of you guys enjoy): “Hey Kathryn. Do you think you look beautiful today?” Then she said, “I don’t know Joey, do I?” And Joey said, “Yes Kathryn you look great today.”

    Kid’s got game. Take notes Buff.

  21. What a horrible performance by Drake . Does Betteman pick the performers during the ASG ?

    Am i totally clueless or is he ? I just don’t see the majority of the NHL fan base being fans of rap .

    I could be wrong or just old with good taste in me that wasn’t music each his own.

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