It’s Go Time … All-star skills competition night


No, not those skills competitions. Not those breakaway contests that they sometimes hold AFTER the hockey game ends.

Tonight is the real skills competition, featuring the NHL’s all-stars, including ya boys, Henrik Lundqvist, Marian Gaborik, Carl “Haggar” Hagelin (who may be faster than Gaborik, according to a tweet by Gaborik) and of course, the passer, Dan Block Ness Monster Girardi.

Oh, and coached by John Tortorella, who has said he’s not going to do any coaching, but instead just sit back and watch … which is what a few of our readers think he does all the time.

The competition is scheduled for 7 p.m. on NBCSports Network, formerly Versus, formerly the Outdoor Life Network … with pre-show on NHL Network (I think).

See the roster for the skills events in the thread below.

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  1. LMAO! Marian Gaborik :
    “@HLundqvist30: I’m thinking about the 5 goals I scored on you in one game right now…

  2. I got it Banj, thanks….my own bad. I confused MSG 2+3++++ :) with versus/vs/anti/against.

  3. wow….you all hear about the (sorry, Crosby update) vertebrae issue? May be back for playoffs my eye. I’m no fan of him, for obvious reasons, but do hate to hear this….I think this bird is done.

  4. I still like Couturier’s better. I don’t like the fact that Kane used his glove to pass the puck to himself.

  5. E^3^ lol at center fielder, no carcillo my father named my dog, Major Major

    good to see Orr showing some class and subtlety offering a healing hand and you accepting, right? :)

    We’re all Rangers fans!

  6. sorry i’m late
    was busy sacrificing
    a virgin
    in order to appease
    the Hockey Gods
    so that
    all our Rangers
    will come out of this
    thing with
    and find

  7. is that skill that datsyuk
    did the hockey equivalent
    of spinning around
    and around
    with your
    head resting on a bat
    and then try
    to run a straight path?

  8. jpg –
    I know this
    will come
    wrong but
    do you put extra
    effort into making
    your posts
    to read

  9. my cats
    chasing treats or
    other toys are more amusing
    and less annoying
    and show real skill without
    capes and Bridgestone tires….and…

    oh fug it….I tried this year to get into this show…

    just…can’t. As I said…Aristophanes….

  10. dedebened
    firm believer in use of white space — learned in journalism class — rather than one or two looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong
    sentences that run across the screen. oh well…………………………………….can’t please everyone.

  11. LOL! ddeb, you shouldn’t piks them….he has
    good thoughts….and it’s not on purpose…it’s
    his computer, or something…..

  12. jpg…..ha!!! and ah! that’s them telling!!! :)

    nobody dis jpg!!! He helped scored me Bruce tix and is hands off to mama!!!

  13. jpg – don’t mean to offend, just telling how it is from my POV. Hard to read, _especially_ in Go Time when trying to read and watch game at same time.

  14. thinking of Cally, Boyle or the Blockness Monster
    going in front of a
    108 mph slapshot from chara
    just made my sphincter tighten up

  15. btw Mama

    got Bruce for Cleveland
    got in much quicker than yesterday
    but i had a new bit of
    to finish it up

    lost my first set cause it was through
    the arena’s non-ticketmaster service
    and i had to type everything in and there
    was something wrong.
    turned out when i got second set
    one section over
    that it was phone number format, which i don’t think
    was displayed.
    oh well.
    i’m in the building!!!!
    jpg’s sister

  16. jpg – hope you hear where I’m coming from, as I said I don’t mean to offend- it’s about readability and just my opinion

  17. yay!!! Where jpg? Sorry folks…off topic….jpg, there were stories today …. ticketmaster can’t handle Bruce…system hartnell’d up yesterday, hence our issues I guess and scalpers and etc etc….

    Get it straight for hartnells sake!!! And don’t get me started on a rant….

  18. some special kind of hsirebbi(g)j here tonight, I see. and I’m not going to attempt to spell that whole sentence out backwards.

  19. Mama

    i’ll send you an email
    about the weirdness
    carcillo-ness of today
    got on site much quicker
    but tickets weren’t very good

    not surprised by
    wondered about that yestreday.

  20. did it have to be a pen to get one past Hank? my ongoing anger makes me think grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  21. omg!! dde
    right now, i’m just messing around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. ddeb, I don’t get it….jpg’s been posting like since always…

    meh…I’m feeling quite bush league….time to go niters

  23. what the byfuglien dde?!?!? i’ve posting on here for years and i’ve received responses from just about everyone on here who posts on her quite a bit and aren’t lunatics in regards to thoughts about players and view of the overall game of hockey?
    so i don’t know what the problem is. sorry that you have one.
    do you also have trouble reading comics/graphic novels?
    i mean, when the words end on one line then you go to the next one.
    i feel it’s a lot better than a huge block of words that lack any white space.

  24. I’m just saying, _this one person_ is skipping reading someones posts because of the way they chose to format them. DONE! :)

  25. WTB? I can’t believe jpg and ddeb are getting all hartnelled up over this tiny issue after all this time…Come on guys! ddeb….love ya, but as I said, jpg has been posting forever…cripes, he’s not like the asshats….we love jpg! and you…so let it go….man, do we need a game or what…

  26. N.CountryNYRFan on

    where was Danny G, all he did was pass the puck during the accuracy event. Lame! I would have loved to see him in the hardest shot or breakaway event.

  27. Mama, see my 9:39 and pour yourself another glass of wine, fill me up while you’re at it. :P

  28. Even the skills competition is hard to watch nowadays. I remember looking forward to this, but not anymore!

    Players were juggling the puck in the air with their sticks.. I hope that wasn’t an actual event!They need to reformat some things because it looked like a circus out there.

    I also remember JR throwing a few body checks during the ASG. You’d never see that today!! I’d like to see a Ranger take a run at Malkin for going strong at him in the net. His knee made contact with his helmet. That’s a nono in today’s skillz competition.

  29. “where was Danny G, all he did was pass the puck during the accuracy event. Lame! I would have loved to see him in the hardest shot or breakaway event.”

    They should have a block Chara’s slapshot event! THEN EVERYONE WOULD WATCH!

  30. ddeb…why so cranky? I’m on water, thanks….and this camel is bidding its final farewell…
    niters til tomorrow……TA!

  31. I woulda sent Del Zotto to this instead of Girardi. The fact that Girardi was picked instead sounds like a Torts decision to me.

  32. ddebened, I have a Charlie Brown head so it’s hard to find hats that fit. That one fits pretty good.

  33. Carp has mentioned it, and recently it has been discernible on TV; the energy at MSG is growing. The MSG crowd must realize the force it _can_ and _needs_ to be. Not just reactive – getting juiced when something positive happens, but being a driving, proactive force. Be participants, not observers. The MSG crowd needs to look at itself as 4th line energy guys -make something happen. Change the flow of the game, reverse the tide -spark the team! That is my challenge to the fans at MSG for the second half of this season.

  34. duckBill PLA-t-pus on

    kinnikinnik: A mixture of bark, dried leaves, and sometimes tobacco. The Longest Palindrome!

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