It’s Go Time! … All-star fantasy draft edition


TV coverage begins on the NHL Network at 7 p.m., and the draft will be broadcast on NBCSports (formerly Versus), starting at 8 p.m.

Team Alfredsson includes assistant captain Henrik Lundqvist and co-coach John Tortorella (who will share the bench with Todd McLellan of the San Jose Soft-shelled Jumbo Shrimps).

Marian Gaborik could be picked by his buddy and fellow Slovak, Zdeno Chara, the Team Chara captain. And Gaborik tweeted after the game Tuesday that it would be OK with him:

MGaborik10 Important win tonite! Heading to Ottawa on thursday. Hope to play against Hank @HLundqvist30 and will lite him up:))) Should be fun.

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  1. Carp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    haven’t check all day

    concerned that you were in witness protection
    Joe Duvola beat you up

  2. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Why do they call this a “Fantasy” Draft? The only fantasy is that the All Star Game will be exciting…

  3. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    Staal, we have 2 idiots who love hearing themselves talk, and one with a buster brown hair cut! GOOD TIMES

  4. i’m so……ummm….unhappy
    that i wasted 45 minutes thinking
    that they were going to have this stupid draft
    and now i see it starts at 8.

    at least there was a Hank interview

  5. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    these guys sound like some of the local news reporters here..

    did he just say carcilloy hockey??

  6. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    i am so glad i was NOT the only one who thought they heard that

    i think he meant to say shinney

  7. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    “have a ton of fun out there”

    i’d pee my pants if someone told him to kill himself lol

  8. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    Staal, a well placed bolt of lightning there would have been a nice occurrence lol

  9. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    ILBZO, i think you’ll reach your jibber/gibberish quotient for the week tonight!

  10. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    this dude looks like a vampire! and just think we get to see him for a ton of hours on trade deadline day lol

  11. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    i did too Mickey, my daughter re minded me, after telling me about Juan Epstein.

    banj, did you see my status about it?

  12. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    no you nut. on fb lol if we could have status posts here itd be crazier than it is

  13. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    newborns enter the world with a basic knowledge of physics?? i must have missed that day

  14. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    they could have made six picks by now! its like the freakin oscars! get rid of the dumb tweet reader and these other antics and DRAFT!!!

  15. Zdeno Chara *AND* Jason Spezza for Alexey Yashin. If Milbury had any brains he would’ve blown it out with M16 in an apparent suicide.

  16. idk ORR, Alyonka (my fellow russians WHY THE BYFUGLIEN does she pronounce her name that way??) she’s pretty damn cute. and LOL Hank did sound weird there…

  17. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    what orr, you don’t think she’s hot, therefore it makes up for her horrificness? LOL

  18. hey Mama
    should i go for the high price ticket
    or the lower price ticket?
    based on cleveland’s seating
    lower price is highest level
    several section
    behind stage and several section
    straight across from stage

  19. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Still at work, but repost from end of last thread

    IWicky (Leeloo Dallas Mul-Ti-Pass)
    2 hrs, 26 mins ago
    Congrats cccp

    Yes to morrow

    I was kidding

    Mama and manny
    This aasen owes you an email!!!

    Lunch on the go today, had a diet coke, a rice krispy treat, and a bag of Annie’s chocolate chip bunny Grahams!!!!

  20. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    lmao Orr, it sounds like Miami Vice.. i’m waiting for Crockett and Tubbs to appear

  21. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    Youse, but they sure have some outrageous hair! Team ALfredsson sponsored by Suave, Paul Mitchell and Head and SHoulders

  22. fug…gabby v. hank…um, is it just me, or did they totally screw up the rookie order on team Alf….duh!!!

  23. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    at least we don’t have to worry about hill jack hartnell running Hank during the game lol

  24. i got two glorious boneheads lined up to help me get Bruce tix tomorrow. Need one more…who of youse is up for it….will pay back, obviously. and Carp knows where to find me if you don’t trust mama, which would be so wrong :)

  25. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    time to get my arse kicked working out! Have a great one ‘Heads… awesome laughs tonight!

  26. ilb, Springsteen tix on sale tomorrow for 5 local shows … ticketmaster nightmare means you can only get tix for one show per try usually….they sell out FAST! so I always need backup for other dates…..someone needs to be at computer at certain time for me…or have an in for tix, for which I will gratefully pay…..

  27. Wow! I missed a very funny night here…

    Lin, LMFAO!!!

    HageLinCalPruStepanlahan January 26th, 2012 at 9:08 pm
    lmfao orr… he’s like Sampson.. he needs his hair lol

  28. I’d offer Mama, but my tomorrow is looking beyond zany :(

    That is one quality website, leetch! LOL

  29. Thanks Mickey, I know….when I had a full time job, I was lucky enough to do it from work, or come in late :)
    Once, on a Saturday, 4 of us came in to the office to do it together cause the computers were faster and we could easily share how we did….I’m telling you…getting Bruce tix is more of a science than getting Rangers playoff tix….Swear!!

  30. LOL @ Keith Jones and JR for not recognizing that Gaborik was clowning on Hank for walking to his side after being picked by Chara. I’m pretty sure even the crowd figured that out….

  31. Thanks everyone for your congrats! Real work starts now!

    Fantasy Draft was a lot of fun! Gaborik is hilarious! But how predictable Alfredson was with all Swedish / Senators picks. Now let’s get this theatrics over with and get back to the playoffs push!

  32. Jeez….I’m just watching the replay of the draft….those Ottawa fans are so dopey- booing the Leaves every single chance they get…

  33. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    NYR_FAN, canadian fans are uncivilsed buffoons…they need to use more grey poupon to gain same savoir-faire..does that make cents?

  34. rangers trying to get Stamkos?

    Wow. He’s most of their offense. And the way things look there, Gilroy is probably their best defenseman ….at this point in time.

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