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Someone asked Henrik Lundqvist last night if he knew the Jets hadn’t won the second part of a back-to-back all season. He laughed and said he didn’t, then insisted it didn’t matter. Some team will always be the first, he said.

Despite sitting atop the Eastern Conference at the break, Lundqvist and the Rangers refuse to leave a stone unturned. The idea of Winnipeg, amidst a slump, on the road, on the second night of a back-to-back screamed “trap game” to them. They refused to let that thought become a reality, and beat the Jets 3-0.

Here’s a quick review as the Blueshirts head into the break…


1) Lundqvist said the Rangers wanted to the Jets to realize quickly they meant business. The Jets were a defeated team that was more than 2,000 miles from home and limped into the Garden losing 8 of 11. That means the game plan was simple: Register an early goal and let Winnipeg know that thought hovering in the back of their minds at the opening face-off was a reality.

Indeed, the Jets were in for a rough night. The Rangers did exactly what they wanted, scoring 4:05 in when Ryan Callahan punched in the rebound of Anton Stralman’s shot. Quickly, it was 1-0 Rangers.

2) I know from back in the days when I covered the team semi-regularly that a big complain among fans was the team’s reluctance to shoot. Much has changed since the likes of Jagr, Roszival and Nylander left town, but not enough for John Tortorella’s liking. No, Torts didn’t reference the old Czech core, nor, I’d assume, did they ever entered his mind. However, he did praise Stralman for being ready to shoot when Winnipeg’s clearing try moved toward him. It allowed the defenseman to generate a chance when it seemed like one didn’t exist.

“A big part of what I think we have to get better at are rebound goals. And before you get rebound goals, you have to shoot the puck on the net,” Tortorella said. “We tend to look for the next play where probably the best play is being ready to shoot before it comes to you and to shoot it instead of trying to pass it.”

3) Anytime you have a shutout, the defense usually has something to do with it. Even with Hank in net. But the Ranger D played an especially strong game. Their names were sprinkled throughout the post-game notes. In reality, Stralman and Michael Del Zotto were largely responsible for the first two goals.

Del Zotto’s play seemed especially noteworthy. He skated from the red line in front of the Ranger bench, crossed the blue line, swooped toward the right circle and back toward the center before finding John Mitchell open on the left circle. It was poor defense by Winnipeg for sure, but a creative play by Del Zotto, who earned my third-star vote for the night. He logged 26:16 of ice time and finished a plus-2. Stralman, Dan Girardi and Ryan McDonagh were all over 20 minutes as well.

4) With those four playing major minutes, Marc Staal played a season-low 12:06 in this, his 11th game. Staal had no shots, blocked no shots and recorded just one hit. As you may have read, the Daily News reported that the club said Staal had no issues. That seems reasonable. Perhaps it’s just time for a break. The All-Star Game may come at a good time and allow him to re-boot for the second half.

5) When the Rangers struck for that second goal, they did so shortly after Winnipeg killed off a power play for the second time that period. The Rangers went on to finish 0 for 4 with a man-advantage and are now mired in an unsightly 3-for-41 stretch. If there’s a fear in the second half, is that it?

6) It certainly isn’t Lundqvist. The King recorded his fifth shutout of the season last night and 40th of his career, moving him into a tie for second in franchise history. Lundqvist said the achievement was significant to him because he understands the great men that have stood in the Garden goal before him. (I had a quote from him on this but can’t decipher it on my recorder because he speaks so softly.)

Of more importance for the stretch run, Lundqvist said, although he can still improve going forward, he feels strong because of the extra rest this season.

7) Lundqvist was asked if he tried to avoid the puck with his right foot on the second-period re-direct by Blake Wheeler that hit the right post and shot parallel to the goal line. As you know, it narrowly avoided Lundqvist’s skate. He appeared to raise it just in time to avoid kicking it into the goal, but that was pure fancy.

“No,” he said. “I feel like I was a little lucky today.”

8) The Rangers played out the remainder of the second period well, but they were fortunate Winnipeg failed to strike early in the third. Tortorella and some of the players said that was the only stretch where they let up, but Lundqvist saved the day, particularly with a spectacular left-pad stop on Tanner Glass.

“I thought we did a pretty good job of it. Other than the first few minutes there to start the third period, I thought we did a good job,” Tortorella said. “We defended well. In the first part of the third, Hank made some big saves when we didn’t. So I was pretty happy with how we played.”

9) In the waning minutes, when it became clear only a miracle or two could even send the game to OT, Brad Richards found an answer to his drought, scoring for the first time in eight games. He gave the Rangers a 3-0 and probably will go home this week feeling better for it.

10) I stopped by Brian Boyle’s locker quickly after the game to check on his foot. I would describe him as annoyed that the injury simply won’t seem to go away. Boyle seems to feel unsteady on it. It’s clear that an athlete has had his confidence rattled when he uses the word “scared” like Boyle did last night.

11) This morning’s final thought comes from your captain, whose cautious, we’ve-done-nothing-yet message reads like it was taken right off his coach’s tongue:

“We’ve had a good first half now. It’s good going into the break knowing you’re sitting in first place. But at the same time, the hockey only gets harder from here,” Ryan Callahan said. “Everybody picks it up a notch. We have to continue to do the same to have more success.”

My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist
2. John Mitchell
3. Michael Del Zotto

AP photos, above (and below).

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  1. Doodie Machetto on

    Josh, thanks for the good write up. But I have to ask, is something wrong with Carp?

  2. This team will certainly collapse after the break. Bush-leaguery can’t hide all season.

  3. Enough already with the players getting hurt in the all-star game. Its silly to think an NHL is going to get hurt skating around a rink as fast as they can.

    Freak accidents happen but he’s more likely to get injured in a car accident while at home than slipping and falling in a skills competition…

  4. If I am the GM of the Ducks and out of a playoff spot at the dealine, I would definitely ponder trading Selanne for something like MZA and 1st rounder….I would never trade my star youngsters like Perry, Getzlaf, or Ryan….Prust sayin’!

  5. stranger nation on

    I would put Stralman over Girardi on PP time and to improve the puck handling at the point and give Girardi more rest. Girardi had trouble getting his shot through and Del Zotto has trouble hitting the net.

    Mitchell may have the best puck handling skills after Richards and Step. Very impressed with his ability to control puck in tight spaces.

    Step is a tough cookie – got rocked a couple of times last night and just gets up and keeps going. richards, eh, not so much. seems to be taking knee hockey classes from the master – Dubi. Hard to believe we weighs 195 as listed, seems more like 170 the way we gets pinballed around.

  6. When Tortorella uttered the quote about rebound goals and getting more shots on net, the first thing that came to my mind was that he needs to drill that into the thick skulls of his PP units.

    As for Carp, I hear last night was just a maintenance night off – like players, like writer :-)

  7. stranger, luckily, Slats won’t take my calls ;)

    But, I do wonder if he got the idea of bringing Voros back from us!

  8. stranger nation on

    Like Selanne, but much rather give young player in CT than pick as I think Ducks would want for fan favorite. Don’t think MZA has significant trade value – more like an Erixon.

    While the reg season so far has raised expectations for everyone, not fully convinced we are one player away from a Cup run yet. Still have some growing pains to get through with the youngsters heading into April.

  9. Doodie Machetto on

    “If the season ended today, NYR would have the 29th overall pick in the draft. That’s worth trading, in my opinion. I think, barring a major collapse, are going to get a low pick.”

    Incorrect. Draft position for playoff teams is determined by playoff performance combined with standing. So if the season ended today and the Rangers lost in the first round, they would have the 21st or 22nd pick, depending on whether Detroit also loses in the first round.

  10. stranger nation on

    LOL NYR – I thought Voros was a no brainer to bring back – young power forward type ready to make some hay…

  11. Oh, is that how it works? Either way, a pretty low pick worth giving up, in my opinion.

    A lot of teams will throw in their first round pick for Selanne, as well as a prospect, so I don’t see him going for any less than that. He has 45 points in 48 games on one of the worst teams in the NHL this season. He definitely still has value.

    But, I do agree, I don’t think they’re one player away from the Cup, but I’d take a risk and trade that 1st and MZA, or even Erixon, for that matter, to bring him in, and see what happens.

  12. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So…who sits?

  13. Good review, thanks Josh!

    On the second goal- it was a nice shot, but it was Pavelec’s ( who was otherwise solid all night ) mistake. He overcommited to the right post, in fact I think he lost his sense of position altogether; there was too much room on the opposite side.

  14. I believe they said they won’t move him because of mutual loyalty. They respect that he came back for less money and that this could be his last year. So it really is all on Selanne; whether he wants to get moved and where he wants to go.

  15. Which makes me think…

    Scott Gomez, Chris Drury and Wade Redden all have the same number of NHL goals this year.

  16. Thats what I meant by saying, “So it really is all on Selanne; whether he wants to get moved and where he wants to go.”

  17. Collecting youth can be detrimental. A proven winger is needed , but not a rental.
    Nash would do well with a NY revival. And the weight of a “C” off his chest.

  18. LOL! If Selanne wants to get traded, he gets traded. End of story.

    Why wouldn’t he want to come to the Rangers? It’s last year of contract. He’s probably retiring after this year…one more shot at the Cup?

  19. What exactly has Nash proven?

    Is he talented, definitely. How would he respond though not being a leader of the team and having to take a backseat to the established stars and leaders of the Rangers.

  20. BTW a first round pick is probably the starting point for Selanne even if he’s a rental. I repeat it often but it’s important to note that Dom Moore has been traded twice for 2nd round picks.

  21. July 19, 2006: Traded to Nashville by NY Rangers for Adam Hall, July 19, 2006.

    July 19, 2006: Traded to Pittsburgh by Nashville with Libor Pivko for Pittsburgh’s 3rd round choice (Ryan Thang) in 2007 Entry Draft, July 19, 2006.

    February 27, 2007: Traded to Minnesota by Pittsburgh for Minnesota’s 3rd round choice (Casey Pierro-Zabotel) in 2007 Entry Draft, February 27, 2007.

    January 11, 2008: Claimed on waivers by Toronto from Minnesota, January 11, 2008.

    March 4, 2009: Traded to Buffalo by Toronto for Carolina’s 2nd round choice (previously acquired, Toronto selected Jesse Blacker) in 2009 Entry Draft, March 4, 2009.

    October 5, 2009: Signed as a free agent by Florida, October 5, 2009.

    February 11, 2010: Traded to Montreal by Florida for Montreal’s 2nd round choice (later traded to San Jose – San Jose selected Matthew Nieto) in 2011 Entry Draft, February 11, 2010.

    July 30, 2010: Signed as a free agent by Tampa Bay, July 30, 2010.

  22. Nash has repeatedly come out and said he would accept a trade, if it was in the best interest of the team
    Hardly a “I love it here” statement.
    Consistent allstar 30g’s…..not much I guess…maybe Prospal will be the one to bring the Cup.

  23. I could easily see Nash being like Kovalchuk. Big fish in a small pond and playing years for a team that let him do whatever he wants. Don’t get me wrong if he could be had for the Rangers spare parts that everyone always wants to ditch (Wolski, EC) then yeah I’ll drive to Ohio myself. But he’s going to take a lot to pry out of there and who knows whether he adapts to more of a system oriented team.

  24. Selanne isn’t going anywhere. His kids are in Anaheim, he has his house out there. He’s won enough that I think he’d rather ride out into the sunset of Anaheim rather than go to NY. His family is more important for him and I don’t think he’d want to get up and move and leave his family behind for a few months just for another chance at a cup.

  25. CT – Kovalchuk was more effective than Nash though. Maybe it’s because Kovalchuk had more offensive talent around him when Savard/Hossa/Kozlov were there, but he always had more dominant seasons/performances than Nash. Plus he was healthier too.

  26. Good point Jonny. But I still don’t know whether giving up a number of core players (assuming that’s the cost) is worth it for Nash.

  27. Staal – Caber was the fat guy on the old Nintento 8-Bit game “Ice Hockey.” That one where you always played 4-on-4.

  28. I’d say its 50/50 – 60/40 that Selanne moves. Johnny’s points are spot on. At the same time though, this guy is an incredible competitor who is still playing at the age of 41, I don’t think you do that just to play, I think you play at 41 because you want to win(IMO). There are at least 4 contenders that want him, he’d only be away from his family for 1/2 a season. So I could easily see it going either way.

  29. You guys actually think that Bruce Boudreu is going to let someone go that has a name that sounds like “Salami”?

  30. If Sather could pull off a deal that would make everyone wonder how bad Columbus’ GM’s drug habit is–I would take Nash. Otherwise the asking price would be way too high.

  31. Keep in mind the speculation of Scott Howson’s drug problem is pretty high given the team he put together this year.

  32. Nash will cost an arm and a leg. But I tend to think that if he comes to NY he may perform better. He will not be the only one to produce, his cap hit is very similar to Gaborik’s and Richard’s, at least it isn’t as far off as comparing to anyone in Columbus. And not being a captain may actually take off some of that pressure. And he is still very young with much to prove. But do not fool yourself with imaginery trades, this one will take a lot.

  33. _According to Boston.com (The Boston Globe), the decision by Tim Thomas to not join his teammates at the White House on Monday may be the first step towards the Stanley Cup champions and their Conn Smythe Trophy winner eventually parting ways_

    _An article on the website notes that both GM Peter Chiarelli and Cam Neely were disappointed in Thomas’ decision to decline the invitation in Washington. The 37-year-old’s no-movement clause expires at the end of the season, and with the emergence of back-up Tuukka Rask, Thomas could bring a strong return on the trade market_

    Interesting…Thomas *is* pretty old.

  34. Thomas for Luongo straight up! Luongo can play in the Boston Garden of Horrors 30ish games a season!

  35. I think a player like Ladd, Rutuu or maybe even Clutterbuck might be cheaper and better options for this team. If any of them or a player like them was available for a reasonable cost, they’d be a good playoff player and would do well under Torts, even if they are not going to score 30 goals in a season–ever. Also, bringing back Korpikoski might not be a bad idea/option.

  36. ilb, I was joking about Howson, but I’m sure the 10 BJs fans have probably theorized about it.

  37. I could see Clutterbuck instantly becoming the best selling Rangers jersey for a few weeks.

  38. Yeah, Thomas’ career started really late. As good as Thomas has been, would you really trade Rask, who’s in his 20’s, over Thomas who only has, maybe five years, or less?

    Rask is pretty solid, especially with reliable defense in front of him. Maybe the B’s could get someone decent for him

  39. I don’t see the point of bringing back a guy like Korpedo. I liked him when he was here, but we have guys like him. If NYR are bringing in anyone, it needs to be someone who can make an impact in the playoffs. Korpedo isn’t that guy.

  40. Rask has the best numbers in the NHL I think (albeit as a backup). Guy’s good. Rangers have a great tandem but Boston’s might be better.

  41. Orr, maybe, but in a physical playoff series I would rather have Korpedo than AA. AA may become the player people think he will but I’d rather have a 20-25 goal scorer with some bite–he’s good at tracking the puck and takes the body. It doesn’t have to be Korpikoski but having one or two 20-25 goal scorers on each of your top three lines (Or every line) spreads out the offense and makes the team harder to defend against. At this point a little more depth up front might be smarter and fore sure a whole lot cheaper than a Ryan or a Nash. Just depends on how much the team wants to wager on winning this year and how much they’re willing to take the chance that the unproven, at the NHL level, Krieder will be the answer.

  42. I would really like to see MZA on the Rangers at some point this season — even if it’s for scouting purposes. He had nine power play assists last season on his limited time here….

  43. YorktownRanger on

    Welcome back Josh!

    Apologies Carp for earlier questions regarding postings. It’s amazing how much the back can disrupt logical thought. Hope all is well.


  44. Do not take me for some conjuror of cheap tricks! I am not trying to rob you. I’m trying to help you.

  45. Lloyd – I believe Wolski hasn’t been waived because you never judge a man by his *groin*, whether it be wonky or not wonky.

  46. Bobby Ryan would be an awesome acquisition. The question is can we get him without giving up Kreider, Miller, Stepan, Del Zotto or McDonagh or multiple 1st rounders.

    Putting him on a line with Richards and Callahan would be awesome to go along with Stepan Gaborik and Hagelin/Dubinsky

  47. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Well, I got Josh’d…..

    Nice post btw josh


    And my repost

    Wicky©”I Think The NHL Network Host Was Named Kathryn Tappen”
    3 hrs, 43 mins ago
    I see your point, I just think it is a numbers game and I guess you could say that sauer, mcdonut, mdz, staal, OPG, and mcilrath will be the top 6, but is erixon a 7th? I just think it ends up being a numbers game and the way mcilrath plays, it makes sauer the most likely to go (also IF there is a trade made for a top 6 fwd…IF…a healthy sauer seems the most likely to be dealt of the group IMHO; bickel’s style makes sauer short term expendable, clearly bickel isn’t a long term solution and mcilrath is)

  48. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    There is zippo way IMHO that I trade anything other than redden, ww, or ec for a rest of the season rental player (so if they are not resigning here or not already under a contract for next, I say no deal). I would not, operating under the above stated logic, go after doan or teemu then.

    I would focus on Nash, ruutu, or iggy (to a lesser extent Ryan) for a forward.

    I would trade sauer vtank dubi aa mza Thomas or some combo of with our 1st rounder to get them

  49. I would trade 5 or 6 of our best players to get Tavares. He’s just unreal. Wow. Howie Rose was right!

  50. lol can you imagine if Montreal fans give Gomez a standing ovation if he scores his next goal at home?

  51. Barry Melrose’s Three Stars of the first half:

    1. Kris Letang (for blocking a Dan Girardi Shot)
    2. Todd Bertuzzi (for his OT goal, not for punching Steve Moore and not getting Banned for life)
    3. Paul Maclean (Obviously the best coach coaching one of the best teams in the west)


  52. wick

    The ultimate plan by the Rangers, I think, is that McIlrath and Erixon would compete for the 6/7 spots and eventually grow into larger roles as maybe we lose a guy on D to free agency or potential injuries that may happen. We still don’t know if Sauer can come back…sigh…

    Bickel is a guy I would group with Emmy and Woywitka —>

    But, I couldn’t agree more about the Undertaker. McIlrath is big, can skate, and is tough as nails. If he can move the puck effectively at the NHL level, you are talking about a potential franchise player, in the mold of a Pronger or a Kronwall…you *don’t* trade an asset like that until you know what you have….

  53. That’s right, ORR. He is. Melrose called them one of the best teams in the West. A clear playoff contender.

  54. LOL! He sounds almost as bad as Fishler!

    Interesting, JohnnyBoy! Even so, the more I think aboot it, we just don’t have “the goods” to trade to Columbus to get Nash. Maybe the Ducks put together a package around Bobby Ryan and/or Fowler? The Preds as well, they could put Suter or Weber in a deal, thought it would be a risk taking Suter, since he’s a UFA after this season.

    All three of those guys are more valuable than the majority of NYR.

  55. At ESPN Insider, Corey Pronman writes that Rangers defenseman Tim Erixon is one of the best prospects playing in the AHL.

    He says that Erixon’s point per game pace in the AHL doesn’t even do him justice:

    Erixon is logging huge minutes and playing at a very high-end level at both ends of the rink. His puck-moving skills and overall hockey sense are true plus abilities and he looks like the kind of player who will be able to play versus the opponents’ better players and still keep the play flowing in his team’s favor.

    He also considers Erixon to be one of the best defense prospects playing outside the NHL right now.

    He had some trouble with the size of the rink and physical play when he was with the team this season, but the reports from Hartford are still showing tremendous upside for Erixon.


  56. true..Orr!! unless they sold the farm..which Sather will not.

    anywho.. onward.. time to wrestle a 3yr old into pj’s
    good night all!!

  57. I have been thinking right along when I saw the word
    Caber come up that they were referring to McCabe who was brought in late last season for the playoffs. ??That’s all I can recall. *I was sure that they gave him the name
    Caber as a knick name.??????

  58. Habs are just handling the Red Wings (who Pierre says is easily the most “fit” team in the NHL).

  59. MDZ maybe best player last night, really coming into his own and a late weigh in on TimThomas for what it’s worth, absolutely horrible decision, selfish and childish. He is a American and a teammate first. It’s the office not the person idiot. How many NBA players agreed with Reagan when he started this idea of bringing in sports teams?

  60. Ty Conklin not fairing much better against this BRUTAL Montreal offense! Bwahaha.

    NYR – that will lead the team I assume, right?

  61. Sorry Ria – I thought we were around the anniversary for your wedding but as I remember you got married in the off-season. MY BAD.

  62. Manny, actually, Callahan has a good chance of doing just that…he’s only 3 behind Gaby…3 in front of BRich…

    Captain Callahan = American Hero

  63. Capt. Callahan = *MY* Hero (except he’s way younger than me so it’s kind of pathetic at this age to have a hero younger than you – so I will say his Gam-Gam is my hero)

  64. Ria – you didn’t get married!? With pictures at MSG? I ABSOLUTELY SUCK. That’s embarrassing.

  65. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    Okay let me try this ” it’s HIATUS time for our fearless leader” Carp lol

  66. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    Thanks Manny i’ll take the pictures at MSG even without the wedding bells!

  67. I vote for the 7 Iron. At least it is relatively shaped like a hockey stick and therefore less noticeable. He maybe should just……retire?

    Who got married and posted pics of their engagement at MSG then!?

  68. Evening gang.

    Habs spanking the Wings?! Did I enter bizarro world or something?

    Nice review, Josh who is 26 :)

  69. billybleedsblue on

    “Just when I thought you couldn’t possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this… and totally redeem yourself!”

  70. billybleedsblue on

    “We don’t usually pick up hitchhikers… but I’m-a gonna go with my instincts on this one. Saddle up partner!”

  71. billybleedsblue on


    “Tell her I’m rich, and I’m good looking, and I have, uh, a rapist’s wit.”

  72. “You keep your liver spotted hands off my beautiful mother. She is a saint. Then you sit down and write Dale and Brennan a check for $10,000.00”

  73. billybleedsblue on

    A Knickerbocker is a New Yorker…

    It’s kind of an old word, and it’s recently taken on another meaning…

  74. Opps, I went to shower, lol.

    I’m alright, Latona. Life could be better, but ehhh.

    Ria, thanks! I am feeling better today.

  75. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    latona, ty..the duckbill feels befriended in this wacky yet wonderful community.

    Orr, do you mean Prustbill? lol

    Manny-uel, gracias amigo..me gustaria decir que el Duckbill cree q eres una persona lleno de luz y cuando estas aqui me das mucho gusto porque yo se es tiempo de sonreir…disculpame si cometo errores en espanol no es mi idioma primera…me entiendes, guey?

  76. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    the duckbill feels like he is among friends when he is here minus the Steven Vitamin C and the liberal foulmouth known as suart A …is there something with these single letter names that is detrimental to our behaviour?

  77. Trying to figure out who this woman doing an interview on NHL network is……I think her name is ….Kathryn…something…

  78. whoever said McIlrath has the potential to be a future Pronger is absolutely nuts. besides being a great shutdown guy Pronger was also one of the best offensive d-men in the league.

    McIlrath has close to zero offensive abilities. His offense is going to be around the same as Sauer or Bickel.

    If we have to include him in order to get an controllable young all-star forward like Bobby Ryan then you make that in a heartbeat…

  79. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    nyr_fan, is Macillwrath definitely NHL material? Duckbill hasn’t seen him play at all.

  80. He could very well be a bust! Not the point! Not likely though, because he can skate. At worst, I think he’ll be a no. 6 d-man…

    He fills a real need in the organization!

  81. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    agree with NYR_fan…we need an Orprust or Bookaboom type. Altho PP QB is greater priority… does everyone believe Stallsie was ok in last game and not an issue with the low minutes? assuming Torts happy to bring staal along slowly and giving him low minutes is a luxury.

  82. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    stall did take a hit in the back that was pretty heavy at one point and near the boards…was a little whiplashy if i may say so..may I?

  83. duckbill,

    You are a wellspring of many wonders. You needn’t ask permission to make your inherently truthful statements.

  84. I love Ranger fans that put down players that haven’t played one single shift at the AHL level, let alone the NHL level.

  85. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    Latona, once again thank you with kind regards..the duckbill speaks in tongue foreign to these lands, but has always enjoyed the queen’s english albeit with a dash of grey poupon.

  86. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    revels in being called a wellspring of wonders by the always gracious Latona and ruler of all things edible and of a Luncheon variete

  87. McIlrath might be a terrific shut-down crease-clearing d-man one day but he will never have the offensive game Pronger had and it’s not even close.

    Pronger put up an average of 68 points in his two seasons in juniors. McIlrath doesn’t even have 68 career points and he’s in his 4th WHL season. McIlrath is likely to be a 10-20 point player depending on minutes like Michael Sauer which is perfectly fine but not Chris Pronger.

    How anyone can say he is more valuable than Bobby Ryan who at 24 years old already has 2 30+ goal seasons is just crazy.

  88. My exact words:

    “McIlrath is big, can skate, and is tough as nails. If he can move the puck effectively at the NHL level, you are talking about a potential franchise player, in the mold of a Pronger or a Kronwall”

    I’ll add this…

    Very unlikely that he’ll ever have a career close to Pronger’s. But, Mac style of play is in that mold. We must not trade the guy away in any deal. We have a need to develop him and mold him into the type of player we want.

    But, we shouldn’t worry about losing him in a Ryan trade… because it’s going to take a roster player like Stepan, McDonagh, OR Hagelin to get someone like Ryan…

  89. Pacioretty might be another player we could get for a lot cheaper than Ryan who would fit Torts’ style. He’s on pace for, roughly, 30 goals. Ryan or Nash would be great. I just don’t know if we need them. A player like Pacioretty, Ladd or Clutterbuck might be enough. Especially if Krieder can come and add some speed and just a bit of offense to the third or fourth line. It’s a gamble because Krieder may not be ready even for the 4th line and Ryan or Nash would be known firepower and really beef up the team making us scary as hell. However the type of players I’m talking about, especially if their team is down and out, might be had for WW, MZA and a 2nd round draft pick. This would leave the Rags a whole lot deeper.

  90. Pacioretty seems like the only decent thing the Habs have going for them. He’s not going to come cheap. Who exactly are you giving up for him? Habs wont want Wolski, so he’s out. The Habs wont give up their leading goal scorer for MZA, who’s in the AHL. A 2nd round pick for a guy who’s on pace to score, roughly, 30 goals, is a steal, and it wont happen. The Jets won’t give up their Captain for a bunch of nobodies, and the Wild wont give up Clutterbuck for those guys either.

    Teams that are out of the playoffs sell so they can make their team better. Those three teams are not getting better with what you want to offer.

    And Kreider is not playing in the NHL this season. It’s just not going to happen. *If* he signs, he’s going to play in the AHL, and that’s that. He’ll compete in camp next season, and *maybe* he’ll be ready to play for NYR.

  91. That’s the risk of going for depth over high end talent. Krieder very well might not be read for bottom six minutes. WW might not have the same type of value he did when he was traded from Colorado to Phoenix, but I think he has some value left–more than we want to give him credit for and there are, or at least were, teams very interested in MZA. Back in the day, we got Antropov for a single second round selection when the big guy actually had some trade value. So it is possible that with one or two 2nd round picks, the nobodies and a prospect or two that we could get a quality depth guy. Maybe not the dudes on my list but somebody of the same ilk.

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