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A few quick notes and quotes from tonight that weren’t in the notes sent out by teh team:


Brian Boyle played just 11:49 tonight after twisting his right foot on a collision in the corner during the second period. It cost him to miss a good chunk of the period, but he returned and even killed penalties later in the game. Boyle had less ice time only four other games this season: 10/18/11 at VAN; 10/27/11 vs. TOR; 12/5/11 vs. TOR; 12/8/11 at TAM.

Ryan McDonagh showed no ill-effects from Saturday’s OT hit by Andrew Ference. He logged 23:43 of ice time and was on the ice for two Ranger goals.

Marc Staal played a season-low 12:06 and a season-low 14 shifts.


Brian Boyle, on re-injuring his ankle/foot:
“It’s been bugging me for a couple weeks. That’s what had me a little scared because it’s been a few weeks now that it’s been hurting.”

Michael Del Zotto, on the key to the first half:
“It’s been the key to our game this year is how consistent we’ve been. Maybe the last couple years, maybe we’d win one or two games but we’d be up and down. We’ve done a good job of getting on some winning streaks this year. If we lose one, we just get right back on and have a winning streak for another two or three games.”

Dan Girardi, on going into the All-Star Break in first place:
“Obviously, on top of the conference is good. But when we’re there, we have to try and stay there and maybe create some separation from the teams below us. We can’t just be satisfied with a good first half.” 

Ryan Callahan, on the need to play even better in the second half:
“We’ve had a good first half now. It’s good going into the break knowing you’re sitting in first place. But at the same time, the hockey only gets harder from here. Everybody picks it up a notch. We have to continue to do the same to have more success.”

John Tortorella, on avoiding a let down heading into the break:
“I’m happy where our mindset was for this game here. This game worried me after Boston against a team that played back to back and is pretty banged up. You wonder how your players feel about it. But I think that’s why we’ve gotten the points this year that we have, because I don’t think we look by anything. There have been a number of trap games and I think we’ve handled ourselves well. So I’m happy with the group. I hope we have a good break and get right back at it.”

John Tortorella, on the need to increase the focus in the second half:
“The league is going to get better. The tempo is going to get better. I think it becomes a quicker game, but there’s also a grind to it, too. We cannot stop working on all parts of our game. We spent a lot of time on the details of it. We cannot stop trying to get better at that stuff because teams will pass you. You look at the standings and a lot of teams win. If you don’t stay on top of yourselves and worry about the details of how we play and remain true to our identity, there will be some struggles. You never know where it goes from there.”



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  1. repost:

    Great win.

    Carp, I liked your article on Callahan. However since i hold you to a higher standard than other journalists, I expected something better. You hit the nail on the head with the theme: Ryan Callahan is the embodiment of this team and that’s why he’s the Captain.

    He happens to be my favorite player because he’s tough, sticks up for his teammates, and does EVERYTHING the right way. His hands have improved and he’s breaking his previous offensive benchmarks. Cally is the closest thing the Rangers have to the dying breed of the power forward. The 5 tool player you hear about in the MLB: scores goals, hits, blocks shots, grinds, PKs, grinds, he does it all. If he wanted to score 40 goals I believe he could but then he’d just be another floating 40 goal scorer.

    Everyone looks up to him and works harder because of him. He’s not the “silent captain” (a la Drury); he says what needs to be said and people follow his example. You got that right and we all get it. This was tapped into a little too much IMO and I found it a tad shallow in the grand scheme.

    Toughguy Tortorella who never placates to injuries looking down his bench and wishing/admitting he had Cally at his disposal was the best part. I would have liked to read an actual quote or two.

    I thought your article on Girardi (which was likely buried), who is the Rangers best Dman, was masterful. You did digging and dealt with the not protecting Gaborik ordeal concisely for the haters.

    I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, and take it as a compliment because I think you are the best Rangers reporter today. I’m likely bias because Callahan is everything I want to see in an NHL captain. Just my two cents.

  2. stranger nation on

    Staal – 12 mins TOI – 2 shifts in 3rd – ??? Stralman just under 22 mins?

    giving Staal a night off with lead and AS break coming?

  3. More like not! He’s been invisible for some time now.

    Great win though! Jets played well…they were pretty physical. Now a whole week of no Rangers hockey! Gggrrr!

  4. stranger i was thinking the same thing about Staalzy

    probably given a break.

    i wonder if Girardi sees more than 2 shifts in the ASG haha

  5. Arty is still young, but this is his 3rd season, and he’s basically on the same 30-40 point pace as his first two seasons (actually slightly off last year’s pace). Hopefully he puts it together at some point and shows some real improvement. Step and Hagelin have already surpassed him, and he’ll keep falling behind as the next wave of youngsters make their way up. He shows flashes of greatness, but has yet to find any consistency at all. He could easily be a 60-point player if he could just level out some of those dips.

  6. Stranger nation on

    SCX – I would give Artie more PP time to get him going – can’t hurt the PP unit, that’s for sure.

    Noticed he has been hustling on forecheck, but has trouble with the low Cycle game as he loses possession or gets out muscled easily.

    Agree he is young and time is on his side for now, but youngsters in the system will push him next year.

  7. Oh, and for all the talk of how bad our PP is, there are 7 teams actually worse. Can you imagine what they’re like?

  8. Yeah we should have traded Artie for B-Rich last year! lol

    Speaking of BR…he hasn’t been very impressive either. 17 assists trough 46 games? I don’t know…thought he was a passing magician…

  9. He’s been OK, CCCP. He gets a passing grade for now. Nothing fantastic. Not terrible. Definitely not worth that contract. But, who is?

  10. Exactly, Orr. If he plays like this in the playoffs, I would be surprised. He’s a gamer. A that’s known to step up when it counts…

    I have to say, he’s been pretty clutch in certain games with huge (huuuuuge?) goals this season. Though he has been pretty invisible for long stretches….

  11. posted by Josh Thomson. Yeah right. we all know he doesn’t exist.

    Awesome Rangers. I love it.

  12. Yea Artie is experiencing some troubles. How long have I been playing, coaching and watching hockey? There are a few select people who dont go through the same thing.

    I have seen some times when Artie makes Malkin-like moves. I have been watching Dubi since he was in alaska. I know hes is only good for 20 goals a year, but he adds a lot more. I never doubted him this year like 90% of the posters on this board. okay maybe 50%.

    Im not worried about Artie. hes got skills, he’s got attitude. for some people it takes a while till that swtich in their brain goes BOOM. Im just worried that he will get traded by some impatient management people. they’ve done it before…………………….

  13. Thats it then, another in the W column, 2 more points – time for those shot blocking welts to heal (take note Danny G, shot blocking is not allowed at the ASG). Time for the rest of us to suffer 6 days without any proper hockey and pray that Hank survives his 20 minutes without any injuries.

    Artie just needs to work on his intensity levels, he has great hands, skills and size he just doesnt always use them to full effect. No need to trade him, if we are to trade it has to be from the fringes of the team, the minor league or the draft board.

    Is Josh still 26?

  14. boy you guys make a lot of excuses for Anisimov. it time you al face it, he is not as good as you think he is, and he potential is not as high as you thought it was.

  15. He’s 23, he’s on pace for a 43-44 point season, he’s under contract for another year (and even then is still an RFA). OK, so he’s not had the meteoric rise of Stepan, but he deserves a little more time to mature before being traded to Phoenix or Edmonton.

  16. Oh – Pretty awesome bumping into eric at the game last night. He even got to meet Mrs. Manny. So he can prove to LW that she is real (or at least that I am crazy enough to pay a woman to come to a Hockey game with me and act like my wife).

  17. Also – Lawrence Tynes was in attendance last night. Pretty awesome when the crowd was chanting “Let’s Go Giants” and he stuck his Super Bowl ring into the camera. Awesome.

  18. Good morning, boneheads!

    Great win last night. Torts is right, this one had trouble written all over it, on one hand. And on the other hand, there were two points sitting there for them. Came out, took care of business. Led by the captain. Gotta love it.

    AA has had more offensive downs than ups this year, need to take it up a notch. Still, he is one of the most defensively responsible forwards on the team. Still young. Doubt they are giving up on him.

    If I were the Jets coach this morning, I’d say to myself- we really had no chance. Played well, physical, tried hard. And when a rare offensive opportunity presented, Hank was there. This is what this team has become, ‘heads! They give you very little chance.

    I do not like that lingering pain in Boyle’s ankle for 2 weeks. Maybe he will undergo an MRI, I’m sure team doctors are all over it.

  19. Staal – the world is not a fair place. Things are never what they seem and people never get enough of what they want. My best advice is to find inner peace.

  20. I’m presuming Carp is sick or has another assignment?
    Like Staal Wart, i await the game review with bated breath, love reading those numbered points and constance reference to “skills contest” and “pansification” and “that piece of Cooke”…

  21. Anisimov and a D-Man for Bobby Ryan? Maybe it costs a little more, I don’t know. But you can bet if we are in the top 2 or 3 going into late Feb trade deadline, they will kick something like this around.

  22. I’d be a bit pissed if i was his team-mate though as he’s completely overshadowed the achievement. Its not like Obama is Pol-pot or Idi Amin or Jerry Sandusky is it? Just join your team-mates smile, shake his hand and then pull faces behind his back or wear a Che Guevara t-shirt….

  23. stranger nation on

    Tim Thomas proves goalies are a different breed which makes *King Henrick I* even more impressive. He is a great guy and teammate. That and the new clothing line?

  24. stranger nation on

    Boyle is a dime a dozen player so his ankle is no problem. We’ll just put EC in his place and not skip a beat (or not).

  25. Well I think Stralman plays better and better. I thnk McD, MDZ, Staal, Girardi, Sauer are nearly untouchable no? Just not sure who gives up anything real without getting one of those 5.

  26. stranger nation on

    UK Ranger – he should have worn a Glen Beck mask, Ann Coulter wig, and a Sarah Palin push-up bra.

  27. UKRanger,
    with the pace Anisimov is on right now ( no points in 13), he may not get to 30 pts.
    with all the Bickel love here, maybe Anaheim will want him in a trade for Ryan.

  28. stranger nation on

    Stralman is playing OK – I just don’t like him with MDZ which gives us 2 undersized D men on that unit. Surprised he does not get more PP time at point given his hands.

    MDZ has played aggressive all year and has a textbook getaway move when chasing down the puck down the boards with a winger on his back which has been very impressive.

    They are probably going with 5 D rotation when (if ?) Sauer comes back as all those goes can go 24 mins per game which is what you need for 5 D over a total of 120 minutes/game.

  29. bull dog,

    While it’s certainly hard to defend Anisimov’s play of late is it a little presumptious to say that he’s flamed out at 23? Not all players growth is linear, particulary the 2nd tier level players who can produce anywhere between 40 and 60 points. Dubinsky is a perfect example where he was stuck in the 40-something point range for 3 years, had what appeared to be a breakout season last year and has regressed this year. At his cap hit Anisimov isn’t hamstringing the organization and is still at least trusted to be part of the PK. Isn’t this part of the growing pains associated with building a young nucleus?

  30. Speaking of a good goalie going to Washington: What are they going to do about goaltending down there?

    And in following: How disgusting is it that the 55 Point Caps are in 3rd in the Conference. WEAK DIVISION.

  31. CT
    good points on the growing pains…as Rangers fans we have never had growing pains to live through…just washed up expensive free agents. I’d rather “suffer” through tough seasons with AA and Dubi than ever go back to Holik, Drury, Gomez

  32. As a long suffering season ticket holder, I am extremely happy with the current effort by the team and coaches. However, the Rangers are usually in first or right at the top at the all star break, and end up fighting for 8th spot in the playoff race come April. I am hoping I am wrong this year. Either way, those playoff ticket invoices are probably alredy printed!

  33. I thought this was the latest the Rangers have been 1st in the NHL or East this late in the season since the mid 90s.

  34. LOL! Impatience, frustration, heartache, selling your team short….

    All signs of a true Rangers fan…

  35. CT,
    comparing Dubi and AA with STATS does not work for me. they are not the same type of player. when Dubi struggles on O, he brings a physical aspect to his game. he contributes in that way. when AA does not score, he does not bring much else. saying he is a responsible player is code for checker. the Rangers have enough of those guys, they need AA score like a top 6 player. I don’t believe he is going to.

  36. Carp you can’t start off the day WITHOUT a top 10 list after a win !!!!

    Or is it a team effort by the boneheads today?

    1) Henrik hangs #40 on Jets. It’s only a matter of time before he is the #1 on the list of shutouts. I wonder if he will buy Girardi a Rolex for blocking all those shots that didn’t make it to him? Just a thought.

    2) Stralman opened a few eyes last night. He had a couple nice shots last night, controlled the puck very well. He is looking like he could provide some offence from the blue line. Perhaps a couple shifts on the 2nd power play should be in order. With 1 goal out of forever, the power play needs HELP!

    3) What a game of inches. Rupper standing in front for a gimme tap in from Callahan. Great pass. Easy to let slide on a shut out win. The other inch is how close this came to not being a shut out. That shot at the end of the third period that went off the post behind Henrik and out the other side.

    4) Hagelin here to stay, do you think he will keep the number 62, or go to 12 his number from college?

    5) Kreider was – is our #1 prospect. Gold medal winner, national champion, has NHL speed, and hands to score. When BC is done this year – could he be the other “spark” that’s missing on a Richards line?

    thoughts . . . . . .

  37. stranger nation on

    Not sure why Stu Bickels doesn’t see the ice in the 3rd period of a 3-0 game at home against a physical team. Why not 1 shift, just 1?

  38. The Rangers aren’t trading McDonagh but Anisimov certainly has become expendable.

    The way I see it the Rangers have 5 d-men that will be here for the forseeable future in Staal, Girardi, Del Zotto, McDonagh and Sauer so the need for young d-men has lessened. That leaves both Tim Erixon and Dylan McIlrath expendable as well since dime a dozen guys like Stralman, Eminger, Bickel can all be the 6th d-man and cost next to nothing.

    The Rangers can package Anisimov, Erixon and some other prospects maybe like a Christian Thomas and a 1st rounder and get someone like Getzlaf or Ryan.

  39. stranger,
    is Stu Bickel really that important of a player that he needs to be on the ice in the 3rd period. the last 2 seasons have come down to the last game to make the playoffs. that tells you every point is important. you get the points when you can. you don’t sacrifice 2 points to play Bickel so you can rest Girardi for tomorrow.

  40. I’m not sure Dylan Mcllrath is expendable…yet…He’s huge and we need that big crease clearing D-man. I certainly wouldn’t trade him
    Plus with the concussion issue, you never know how long any player will last….Prust sayin.

  41. bull dog: I think the point about Stu’s Bickels being on the ice in the 3rd period is to take some of the TOI away from Girardi and those guys that just play SO much.

  42. NYR_FAN

    the Rangers could get rid of either one of them and it will have zero impact on the future of this team. Those 5 d-men will be here for at least the next 3+ years. No need to have both of them when one can be used to bring us the offense we will desperately need come playoff time.

    The Rangers need another top scoring threat especially on that PP. If you can a kid like Ryan its going to cost some propsects but Ryan is certainly more valuable for us than Erixon or McIlrath

  43. so you want Bickel on the ice in the 3rd instead of Girardi? he not Michael Sauer. he a career minor leaguer, who contributes some minutes early in the game. the 3rd period he belongs on the bench.

  44. Not convinced Kreider can step in next year into a top six role. Would like to see him play in CT first, learn how to be a pro…there is no reason to rush a prospect…

    Case in point….look at Grachev…he should have stayed in juniors for another year before turning pro….

    Kreider needs to have a tremendous camp. That’s asking a lot. Even if he has a great camp, you never know how things will shake out. Point is, if he was that great, he would already be in the NHL…

  45. bull dog- AA still has 2 more goals and 1 point more than Dubinsky at the moment. And isn’t bringing physicality as opposed to scoring another code for checker? He is 23, and his contract is one third of Dubinsky’s. Both are valuable, and both have room to grow. And unless some can’t miss trade becomes available, I doubt either of them going anywhere.

  46. What if someone gets injured, Oleo?

    What if Girardi fractures his ankle blocking a shot? Or Staal has concussion symptoms again someday? Then what?

    Defensive depth is something you need in today’s NHL…

  47. bull dog,

    I’m not using the dreaded Corsi/Fenwick/Zone Starts derived stats here. I defended Dubi a lot when he was struggling earlier in the season but as much as it’s nice to see him play physical and still be involved in the play he got his new contract because he was expected to produce at levels akin to last year. Otherwise he’s getting paid 3 or 4 times and doing pretty much what Boyle, Prust and Fedotenko do. Anisimov has underperformed based on what we thought he was capable of last year, Dubinsky has underperformed in the same context.

    But I have a hard time using a 15-20 game stretch for a player that is still very much in the upswing of his career and saying that he’s never going to reach his potential. Other than in net, the Rangers don’t have one player that is consistently in top form. Gaborik has his droughts, Callahan was on a bit of a skid before the Boston game (with his new deal and the amount of ice time he receives he needs to be more than just a grinder), we’ve seen Richards disappear for extended stretches this year. I just think that to dismiss him this early in his career is premature.

  48. bull dog line

    You are missing the point. They are talking about when the game is out of reach (like last night) you don’t need to keep Bickel on the bench for the entire period…

  49. at what point in the game last night was the game out of reach? it was 2 zip halfway through the 3rd.

  50. Perhaps McIlrath should play at least one period in NHL before we determine he is expendable? We haven’t had that type of projected D-man since #23 called it a career…

    It’s a fine line this year. The goal, IMO, should be to improve the team while not giving up any potential solid players. The team can afford to lose a few, even high, picks at the moment. And when, and if, Erixon, or other player, become expendable, they should wait to have their value as high as possible. The team isn’t in a desperation mode this year at all.

  51. NYR FAN

    if someone gets injured for a few months you play your top veteran in the AHL or your 7th d-man or you give up your 6th round pick and you trade for one of dime a dozen 3rd pair d-men that are available like Steve Eminger or Anton Stralman.

    A rookie top prospect is not likely to be any better than your run of the mill journeyman 3rd pair guy.

  52. HAGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. I’d be careful with Stralman, he is becoming more comfortable as the season progresses and has that elusive R handed shot from R point.

  54. Oleo and Bull Dog – you guys are aware that it’s our DEFENSE that has led us to first place, right?

  55. Hey, Hey Youse! Slept in? :-)

    Dammit, I missed a good amount of g(j)ibberish last night. Without any trolls too. Or NNs…

  56. I’m not saying McIlrath is expendable because he isn’t going to be any good. I am saying he is expendable because the Rangers have Staal, Girardi, McDonagh, Sauer, Del Zotto already and they will be here for years to come.

    I would rather trade him for a top line winger like Ryan who can provide an immediate upgrade and give us a great chance at a Stanley Cup then wait until 2013 at the earliest for McIlrath to make his NHL debut and then wait another few years until he’s at a high level…

  57. CT,
    this is not just a 15 game stretch for Anisimov. this is 2 and a half seasons of the same kind of play. he flashes, then he vanishes for a long stretches. to me, 2 and a half seasons of the same thing is enough time to see what kind of player you have.

  58. bull dog,

    Outside of the guys that are at the truly elite level that’s going to be the case for the bulk of players in the league. At his very worst AA still has value to the taem as a complimentary player. I don’t see the harm in keeping him while he’s still under cost control.

  59. oleo,

    I’d be wary of saying that Sauer is going to be with the team for the long haul. I think he’s a great guy to have back there but his health has been an issue throughout most of his pro career. If Erixon or McIlrath emerge over the next couple of seasons I could see Sauer eventually being the odd man out.

  60. OK. Iadmit i wasnt going to pay much attention to the skills stuff at the ASG and was only going to give the game itself a quick look – but i am curious to see how Hags speed matches up with others in the league now…

  61. stranger nation on

    Now the whole world will see the Hags’ speed. Or at least the .001% that watch AS weekend skills competition. Do they still have the ‘time trials’ around the rink?

    Last night, Hags unleashed a wicked wrister from above the circles that had surprising speed and location on it and the goalie needed to make a tough kick save. This kid has more that one trick up his sleeve IMO.

  62. Howdy Little Buckaroo on

    Hey Josh –

    Since it was reported here, five years ago, that you “died,” does that mean that your appearance here today makes you a “ghost writer.” jajajajajaja

  63. Doodie- is he the one with 3 SC rings? Bet you everyone will be happy if AA achieves the same…

  64. Not the worst comparison doodie, although Brylin didn’t start to get regular playing until he was 27.

  65. His speed will get him into position, but he still needs to finish – so far he’s shown he can do just that. He might be around for a few years if he keeps this up

  66. Doodie Machetto on

    ilb, I’m not saying that Brylin is a bad player. He was a very underrate 3rd line forward. But that’s what he was: a 3rd line forward. And I think that’s what Anisimov is going to end up as over the course of his career.

  67. I could care less about the ASG… But… Love Hags and am proud of him and so happy he gets to participate. He seems like a great kid and I think he will be a solid player for this organ-eye-zation for years to come!



  68. I think with the organizations repeated commitment to youth, I don’t see the Rangers doing too much in the way of trades. I could be wrong but I don’t see them trading anyone. The only way I see a trade happening if its one of those “too good to be true” kind of moves…like Gomez for McDonagh etc.
    I don’t see Dubi, AA, etc going anywhere. The organization is high on Erixon, Mcllrath, Kreider, Thomas, Bourque etc…so I don’t see them willing to let them go unless the deal is unbelievable good for Rangers. Outside of adding a scoring piece at the deadline, I don’t see them doing much. I’d be fine with the team doing nothing and seeing how far we can go with what we’ve got. This team as currently constructed could potentially make noise in the Playoffs.
    Only time will tell…

  69. Howdy Little Buckaroo on

    Also, Josh was pictured and listed here – for four years – as being 26 years old. Josh has some magical powers, like anti-aging and coming back from the dead, the rest of us can only dream about. Sorry to learn that Carp has quit the position, here. Looks like the days he was counting finally counted down. He will be missed, but truly “Josh The Phantom hockey writer” is not his replacement.

  70. For a Ryan type of player I would trade one of Anisimov/Dubi, Top Prospect like Thomas/Miller , and a 1st Round pick. Seems like alot. But I don’t think you get alot of value out of Wolski/EC/Zucc right now. We don’t need the 1st round pick this year, (it will be in the high 20’s anyway) if you add Ryan as a top six scoring forward.

    Not sure of the 3 player combo, for him but that seems like a win/win deal. We get top end talent right away for this years quest for the cup. Ducks get 2 top prospects for the future, and solid core players that can replace Ryan’s points.

    Selanne would look real nice next to Richards. Top scorer for the Ducks, and is on his last year. This might be the Best Vet to sign as a one year “rental”. He would have to agree to it, but why wouldn’t he. A chance to play for a real contender, in New York, on a top end team. You would think of it as a no brainer for him to have a real shot at having his name on the Cup.

  71. The Rangers are the best team in the East right now and they have plenty of assets and draft picks. There is no way the Rangers will not doing something at the deadline, it’s still a Dolan-owned team after all…

    I would absolutely shocked if they stood pat and I expect the Rangers to definitely look to acquire a big time player.

  72. Sioux-per-man

    Anisimov, Thomas and a 1st rounder will not be enough to get Bobby Ryan. It’s going to take a monster offer to get him considering he’s only a year older Artie…

  73. Folks, I think you should run your trade proposals by Torts/Slats before registering them with the NHL office :-)

  74. Ole – I’m sure they would want Kreider/Erixon/Miller/McIlrath picks. With Kreider being first choice.
    but he is the one I would NOT trade, since he would be available at the end of the year, and we would have to unload some salary to get Ryan in. Wolski/Dubi/Artie will have to be a part of a big deal if we trade for a Ryan type player.

    That’s why I like Selanne better, for this year only. Maybe he would sign another 1 year deal for next year, depending on how the play offs go, or retire a Stanley Cup Champion.

    They would take a Wolski/Zucc and a top draft choice or 1st rounder. Still a win / win for both clubs, since Selanne says this is his last year.

  75. I really thought this team was about 3 years away from being this competitive.
    I’m absolutely thrilled with what’s going on here – JUST THRILLED.

    So, this guy that says he’s Josh – Is he on the do not deliver list at Hop Sings ?

  76. The only prospects I would not trade are Kreider and Miller. Anyone else is fair game in my opinion as long as we’re getting back a star player that we can add to our core in return.

  77. stranger nation on

    I know everyone is assuming the kid is coming out, but Kreider is only a junior – Prust saying.

  78. Thankfully I proved not to be the jinx.

    As for the D, I think it’s hard to say that the core 5 will be here for years to come because the salary cap era does not allow it. Del Zotto is RFA after this year and probably will get $3-4M. McDonagh and Sauer are restricted FA after next year. McD will probably get a raise up to around $3.5M or more and Sauer around $2.5M. Girardi and Staal’s contracts are up in 2014 with both probably jumping to the $5-6M range.

    Going to be tough to keep that group intact when you start factoring in how much Richards, Gaborik, Callahan, Duby, etc. will be making. So it’s always good to have guys making close to the minimum that can play meaningful minutes.

  79. Given how weak the East is this year it is even more likely that the Rangers will make a big move. Maybe its someone out of Anaheim or Derek Roy or even Jarome Iginla but someone is going to be brought in with Vinny Prospal as the backup plan.

    Outside the Rangers the only other teams with a shot are Boston Pitt and Philly

  80. All those guys hitting RFA for the first time won’t have arb rights. So in order to keep costs under control I’d be surprised if any of them get more than $2M per year, unless they do what they did with Staal and buy out some arb and a couple of UFA years which raises the price. I’d do that with McDonagh out of all the impending RFAs.

  81. a complimentary is a long way from what he was thought to be. having said that.the Stanley Cup is full of the names of complimentary players. do I think they can win with AA playing a complimentary role, of course. but if that is going to his role, then they are going to need to upgrade the top 6 on the wing.

  82. Tony – Chelios doesn’t lead his team in scoring this year, with 45 points this year he would also lead the Rangers, and would be 6 points ahead of Gaborik. Selanne 15-30 for 45, Gabby 25-14 for 39.

    As a player with no contract for next year, and a chance to play as a top six forward, help fix the power play, help boost Richards line, help a really good team be even better. It’s a win/win for both parties involved. The Ducks are not a playoff team this year. They need Defense in a bad way, and they could really use some of our top prospects for a FAIR deal.

    But Selanne gets to pick where he wants to go, with his no trade clause.

  83. CTB, good point about the arbitration rights. That did allow them to keep Duby affordable until this year. So maybe there is hope to keep at least 4 of the 5 for quite awhile.

  84. I thought AA’s ceiling was a 60 or so point player in his peak years with a great two way game. He’s still got time to become that player. He’s shown at other levels of competition that he can be very productive (including an 80 point year in the AHL at age 20).

    I figured a guy like Kreider would be their answer to a 30 goal/70+ point winger.

  85. The new CBA may change certain things, including the arbitration rights and UFA/RFA age limits…

  86. CT just think if Kreider can come in next year, and have the type of year Hagelin is having for the Rangers this year. Better yet he might be available for the last 8 games this year. He is an unknown NHL talent, but he has delivered every where else he has played. When you put his resume next to Hagelins it looks even better. Its tough to judge the College players, they don’t play near the games the other prospects do.

    Never know he could make a splash on this team at the end of the year. It could happen…..

  87. After watching last night’s game–what aboot Ladd? He’s big, plays hard has 16 goals and 29 last year. Could be a really good playoff guy and a lot cheaper than Ryan. Seems like he would be a Torts type of player. I can’t remember the last time I was this curious to see what happens with a Rangers’ trade.

  88. Just for a moment of clarity, so I can digest what most of you are talking aboot…..


    Sorry for the caps…my trick index finger.

  89. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    Carp was it something we did or said ? Please come back WE MISS YOUSE!! At least I do do

  90. fran

    24 year old, Bobby Ryan of the Anaheim Ducks.

    He was selected #2 overall behind Sidney Crosby in 2005.

  91. Wicky©"I think the NHL Network host was named Kathryn Tappen" on

    Morning ILB, kathryn tappen, and all!!

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news for some of you, but sauer is far more expendable than mcilrath.

    I have been saying it for a while now, I like sauer, but it wouldn’t shock me in the least to see him (if healthy) dealt at the deadline IF the team makes a deal for a top 6 fwd.

  92. Wicky©"I think the NHL Network host was named Kathryn Tappen" on

    I agree with CT, sauer is def the odd man out when mcilrath gets here!

    I’d take ruutu as a “lower cost” option!

  93. I wouldn’t call Sauer or McIlrath expendable AT ALL…

    If Sauer’s health keeps him out of the lineup, then that’s another story….

    Expendable? Woywitka…Caber…Eminger….see where I’m going with this?

  94. Wicky©"I think the NHL Network host was named Kathryn Tappen" on

    I see your point, I just think it is a numbers game and I guess you could say that sauer, mcdonut, mdz, staal, OPG, and mcilrath will be the top 6, but is erixon a 7th? I just think it ends up being a numbers game and the way mcilrath plays, it makes sauer the most likely to go (also IF there is a trade made for a top 6 fwd…IF…a healthy sauer seems the most likely to be dealt of the group IMHO; bickel’s style makes sauer short term expendable, clearly bickel isn’t a long term solution and mcilrath is)

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