It’s Go Time!


Game 46.

Battle of the Beasts of the East.

Ya boys have lost three of their last five. The Big Bad Bears are a point back with a game in hand, and have won six of their last seven at home.

This is the first of four meetings that promise to be all about blood and guts this season. The Rangers beat the Stanley Cup champs three times in four meetings last season (remember the comeback from 3-0 in Game 80 last season, the loudest Garden game of the year, when Ryan Callahan — ouch — blocked Zdeno Chara’s shot?).

They will also be sort-of-rivals in the all-star game next weekend, with John Tortorella and Henrik Lundqvist on one side, and Boston coach Claude Julien and Chara on the other side.

Guess youse also saw that P.K. Slewfoot was fined $2,500 for his slew-foot on Chris Kunitz Friday. So how exactly does this work? Matt (piece of carcillo) Cooke, Skidney Crosby and Evgeny Malkin are allowed to slew-foot, and they are on the Penguins, but P.K. Slewfoot is not allowed to slew-foot against the Penguins?

Maybe you guys really are onto something with this Penguins bias.

Also today Marc Savard spoke with the media, and I’m sure we will see it on MSG today; a reminder of some of Cooke’s proudest work. And yet the clueless media continue to tell us about St. Matt and his new persona. The pile of clarke.

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  1. Interested to see Rangers response to a game that is a good measuring stick for mid-Jan. If they win, it just means that they beat Boston on road in mid-Jan and if they lose it still means they lost to a better B’s team in mid-Jan. But, it’s still a good way to test their ability to repsond to the matchup.

  2. stranger nation on

    Pre-game said B’s have best 4th line in hockey – time for Rupper and gang to bang and earn their pay.

  3. That epic comeback last year was fueled by Prospal and (gulp) WW. None of them is playing today.

  4. Horrid experience at Warren77 with Mrs. Manny just now. Long and short they don’t show Rangers games anymore and the manager told me, “Sean doesn’t care about the Rangers so we don’t care about the Rangers.”

    How’s that Lloyd, Boom Boom, eddie3 and co.?

  5. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    thanks for the update Manny. Looks like that joint is off the list of BoneheadFest when I come up this spring lol

  6. Hey All!

    because the game is on NHL network, I am assuming it will be blacked out for me. Anybody have a link to game being streamed? Thanks in advance.

  7. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on


    funny how i have NHL GameCenter Live and the game is blacked out, so i go to firstrowsports to watch the game, and their links are GameCenter live. LMFAO, ASSHAT NHL!

  8. fyi, if you’re in a rush to find a place in the nabe, Raccoon Lodge down the block shows Rangers.

  9. Im at Mudville. Some girl dressed for mid summer got the game for us.

    Warren turned into an actual fight when the manager got really lippy about the whole thing. Boooooo. I love that place!!!

  10. Woah! Savard got fat! I feel bad for him. Hey…Cooke is playing and redeeming himself…bet Savard feels great about that

  11. Seriously, as I’m sure you’re aware, it takes a lot for Aves to tick me off, but that really ticks me off.

  12. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    not surprised about that at all. Hopefully, since he doesnt care about the Rangers, none of the guys go there anymore. Asshat

  13. I got it on nhln. I better not be blacked out. was supposed to have last game on nhln and it was blacked out.

  14. I cannot believe this. I am watchn a fluff piece on ovechkin. why the hell dont i get the game. I says it on the guide that i should have it. I am about to go postal on time warner

  15. Another good day to have Picture in Picture. Have devs-flyers in small box on screen. Question is who to root for besides no OT.

  16. I hate to say it, but on days/times like these, I’m glad I have Dolanvision. Ick. That hurt.

  17. Linda…thnx. Its the Boston feed, but beggars cant be choosers.

    RE: the Warren situation…I don’t blame Avery at all. He got shafted by the team, why should he stay loyal? I’d be pissed if I was giving my all to my employer and was shown the door because a supervisor had a grudge against me. But i know this is a divisive topic so I will end it there.

    enjoy the game and LGR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Zdeno Chara AND Jason Spezza for Alexei Yashin. That’s all you need to know about Milbury as GM.

  19. Joke, but if NYR stop going there, his business will suffer. And after this season that might be his only income … other than modeling.

  20. Oh wow, Patrice Cormier was recalled by the Jets. Wasn’t he the one that almost killed someone in juniors??

  21. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    may as well have it on the tv if its all the friggin bruins verbal diarrhea asshats

  22. I still dont understand how Richards is supposed to get points with bottom 6 guys on his wings. If they want to get him going play with Gaborik…

  23. I have not been able to watch a dam ranger game since the winter classic! I am so mad!!! MOTHER BYFLUGEN CARCILLO!!! I cant even get the boston feed that is blacked out with the story of ovechkin. wow this sux! EPIC FAIL!!!

  24. It’s about the team. I think it’s an affront to a lot of fans who have made that a go-to place and spent a lot of money there (i.e., um, me) and who really like the place for many reasons, other than it being his.

  25. you guys are seriously whining about a private establishment not showing a hockey game

    come on

  26. Interweb folks, seriously, if you can’t get it at all, at least listen to Kenny and Dave on the Rangers site…It’s a tad behind, but better than nothing, or listening to Bruins asshats!

  27. Hardly a Jack Edwards fan, but at least he is more of a caricature of a homer announcer. Steigerwald is deadly serious.

  28. There is a difference between being aggressive and taking a DUMB penalty! The first goal in this game is going to be huge…

  29. CCCP

    He’s a good coach and all but Torts is an idiot when it comes to putting lines together.

  30. @ oleosmirf… Much thanx!!! i got the vid stream on mute with volume up on rangers audio. Thanx man!

  31. Not particularly surprising they were asleep for the first half of the period. 1pm Saturday games are retarded.

  32. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    anything goes when you play the Rangers it seems. slew foots, hits from behind, tackling, etc

  33. thats actually not a penalty on Marchand. the only reason it looked so bad was b/c Callahan’s momentum was going back…

  34. Maybe the refs see the black and gold uniforms and thinks it’s the Penguins playing. Therefore, anything goes.

  35. Am I imagining things or do teams get away with MUGGING the Rangers and not getting penalized for it?

  36. Next Bruin’s PP, Rangers should put a man on Chara and play the rest 4 on 3. The team doesn’t need to lose more players to that crazy slapshot.

  37. >>thats actually not a penalty on Marchand. the only reason it looked so bad was b/c Callahan’s
    >>momentum was going back…

    I’ll bet you they’d call it if it were near the boards.

  38. Prust on his knees in the hallway after blocking Chara shot. Comes back next PK and tries to block another Chara shot. If someone doesn’t understand his value to this team, then nothing else will ever convince you.

  39. I try never to complain about the refs because I know it’s a difficult job but if you are going to let Boston play right at the edge like they do, then it has to go both ways! No way it should b 3 PP’s to 0. It’s that a call on Cally, then Marchand deserved a call. Why can’t these idiots just let the game breathe and leave the whistles in their pockets.

  40. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    NESN feed, Rangers radiocast lol. few seconds behind but i’m keeping IQ points and brain cells not listening to bruins lol

  41. Prust is a very important player for sure but its inexusable for him to be put on a line with Richards…

  42. Love MDZ’s game. The takeaway from Marchand earlier and knowing when to eat the puck just now.

    Hagelin too. Kid is using his speed and testing everything out. Behind the net battling for the puck 1on1: he committed to one side and got beaten for the puck, then skated all the way around the Penguin to take the puck back. Kid gets better every game! AND SPEED KILLS!

    Though he may want to try to outskate Chara instead of outwork him along the boards hehe.

  43. starting to think whoever said Tortorella drew the wrath of the officials by running his mouth may have had a point. refs have always screwed the Rangers but it’s just ridiculous now.

  44. Noonan great point about MDZ’s game. The kid has improved defensively by leaps and bounds!!!

  45. LW!! LOL!
    I even had a camera in Stockholm, for some stupid reason you managed to avoid it! ;)
    Come and meet us in NY i March please? ;)

  46. Carp, ok I probably am willing to accept that one. But the Dubi call in a scrum when he’s protecting our goalie? So when the Rangers go after Rask and Lucic throws down Stepan, call or no call? No need for a call on that one.

  47. That’s not a bad idea, Vinny. Put Hagelin up at the point to shadow Chara. That would certainly neutralize the point shot.

  48. that’s absurd about the officiating.

    oleo, it’s more about Richards being demoted than Prust being promoted. Richards has stunk for a while now (Drury 2.0).

  49. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    YEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! me thinks I’ve hit paydirt with KDIRT!!

  50. jpg….!!!!!!!!!!!!

    oh, this is going to be a VERY expensive spring :) Makes sense to me that he would do that, instead of waiting til end of summer to play at “home”….OK, some people who don’t care are going to have to help me get tix online when they go on sale. Takes forever just to get for one show……or, come with!!!

  51. Not saying it’s been good, Lloyd, but to think these guys go out there to purposely screw the Rangers because Tortorella said something stupid three weeks ago is idiotic.

  52. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    we don’t think that Carp. it’s a body of work over the past several seasons

  53. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    lmao carp, i was gonna say that’s dirty money, but all the guys on the team get his money

  54. i thought for the first 35 games or so, the Rangers were the NHL’s favored team, if anything. They sure got a whole bunch of good calls for most of this season so far … too bad their PP reeks.

  55. What I did like about that period is the Rangers did not even flinch at Boston’s physical play. They came out hard with those first two shifts and the Rangers held strong and actually generated the better chances rest of period and if they’d stay out of box (GABBY!) they would have controlled period.

  56. carp, I’ve seen horrid calls against the Rangers for the 25 years I’ve been watching Rangers games. it’s been worse lately. in recent games Rangers have been held and hooked all over the ice without drawing a call. today they’ve been flat out knocked down without getting a call while being placed in the box for nonsense. so, either the officials are targeting the Rangers or they’re all just really bad at identifying blue and white.

  57. Carp – I don’t think any teams are favored and it usually will even out, I was commenting more on the idea of the refs not taking over the game with these soft hooks and trips because it ALWAYS leads to guys flopping all over the ice which drives me insane.

  58. Carp,

    I hear what youre saying. But I am guessing the money he makes off NYR fans on game nights is minor compared to the millions he has already put in the bank (Thanks to Brett Hull). I think a lot of fans forget that these athletes dont feel the same way about a team as we do. This is a business to the players and the owners (as you know better than most here). I was just making the point that it would be asking a lot of Sean to feel supportive or loyal to an organization that really showed that they werent supportive or loyal to him. Hindsight being what it is…Sather made an error in trying to force feed the Avery/ Torts relationship. I am guessing that Avery feels like a lot of his time has been wasted and is a little embarrassed by being shipped off to Hartford. I would also venture a guess that Avery wouldnt really mind his establishment being seperated from the association with the rangers or sports in general. He has said in interviews that he hates when fans approach him assuming that all he wants to talk about is hockey. Maybe he would like the bar to be looked at more as a NYC “hot spot” and not a place to go watch rangers games??

    And no need for the Avery haters to point out why they feel Avery brought this on himself.

  59. There is a lot of positive things about this period, HWirth….They didn’t bend, and responded well. Including the physical play.

  60. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    ilbzo and Hwirth, they definitely seem more wired into this game then the pen()s game!


  61. Joke, I know. He should feel no loyalty whatsoever to the Rangers. In fact, he should feel just the opposite. I would.

  62. I don’t root, but I had a long sit-down with Callahan yesterday, and you can’t help but feel good for that kid when good things happen for him. Maybe my interview sparked him ;)

  63. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    wowo i am far behind you guys!


  64. Not for lunch today, Linda. Just had breakfast at 11. Maybe as a late night snack.

    GO RUPPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Carp,

    I think he should feel appreciative of the opportunities Sather and the team provided him…but not sure thats the same as him remaining unquestionably loyal. Even a loyal dog will run away from home if he gets kicked around enough.

    Nice snapper by Cally!!!



  67. if anyone is unable to watch msg online
    you can listen to Rangers radio broadcast
    (if you’re not already)

    Brian Leetch is doing the color today
    not Maloney

  68. I have no issue how he may feel about the team, but don’t take it out on fans/patrons. Prust my opinion.

  69. Peverley tripped Callahan but NHL Head Official Richard Carpinello says everything is on the up and up

  70. I’m no homer but that was a terrible noncall on the Callhan trip. Whaterver.

    Atta King, KING!

  71. fight had no relation to the goal…..was a pretty pass combined with Dubinsky’s bad effort that led to the goal…but about the fight…just me or was the entire Bruins bench on its feet banging their sticks to support Thornton while most Rangers were either sitting or just talking to each other…

  72. Rangers have played their “A game” for about half of this game. They were asleep for the first 10 minutes of the game, and have been sleeping peacefully since the Callahan goal.

  73. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    thank God all i have to eat so far today was a few wasa crackers and hummus lol

  74. Carp, too bad you can’t do what I do- don’t read or respond. I can assure you, your blood pressure would have much less fluctuations

  75. so, do you think the staged fighters will ever figure out not to fight when their team has the lead?

    Ooops, Bettman must have called the referees and told them to call something against the bad guys, right?

  76. whether the fight was staged or not, the Bruins have been a different team since it happened

  77. NHLFlyers Philadelphia Flyers
    #Flyers announced that Jaromir Jagr has a lower-body injury and will not return to the Flyers-Devils game

  78. stranger nation on

    Can someone please go to Boston and help Dubi remove his head from his assen. What is he thinking in the defensive zone – he is skating like carcillo – oy vey

    thats all

  79. It is at times like this when a good PP can make the difference in a tight game. Yes, Carp, I know the Bruins won the cup with a bad PP, just sayin….

  80. but I enjoy the aggravation, ilb. Sometimes can’t believe what I’m seeing/hearing from people who allegedly have watched hockey for a long time and allegedly understand what they’re seeing. And don’t.

  81. Are they gonna call prust for diving??? I will have to see replay, but boy that could be horrible.

  82. ilb claims he “doesn’t read or respond” yet he posts constant lies about all the accounts I’m supposedly using. grow a pair, dude.

    also, job well done, Carp.

  83. Its a hook, no, its a dive, no, its both!

    I never understood that and probably never will.

  84. Because he was hooked and he embellished. that’s the rule, bud. but somebody who watches as much hockey as you should know that.

  85. unfortunately Carp initially had no idea it was a dive. his direct feed from Toronto confirmed the unsportsmanlike act, however.

  86. Linda:

    for some reason, whoever’s hosting that feed decided to switch over to NESN. maybe they had enough of Micheletti.

  87. I know what happened, dont insult my intelligence.

    Its a total contradiction call. It’s either one or the other.

    That’s like calling a ball because the pitch was out of the strike zone even thou the batter swung at the pitch!!

  88. So Girardi can get in front of Chara’s slapper but Chara can’t get in front of Girardi’s (which I wasn’t even sure was on net)? LOLOLOL CHACHACHA!

  89. also, going to make the statement that Tukka Rask, in the six or so times I’ve seen him has not been nearly as impressive as his stats suggest

  90. “So Carp, if you claim that Prsut dove, why was the other player called for a hook?”

    They have to call both players. That’s like the rules, mannnn

  91. Barry:

    the NHL is basically the most black & white organization in the world except where that diving infraction is concerned. then, all of a sudden they get heavily nuanced and start citing degrees of guilt. I agree, it’s a largely silly distinction.

  92. I know what the rules are, noonan.

    Im asking for someone to clarify the silly rule. And to say “That’s like the rules” is they easy way out.

  93. stranger nation on

    quick thought on Richards – if the defensive zone coverage (lack there of) continues, he may be more of a forward, than a center – he is just not holding his own in the D zone. Good on FOs, but his D zone coverage is lacking

  94. for those who dont understand the hook + dive…

    A player can get hooked but attempt to embellish the play in order to draw the refs attention to the fact theyre being hooked. The ref will the call the hook and call the dive or unsportsman like play because the player diving was making the assumption that the ref wouldnt have otherwise seen the hook if the player didnt embellish…its really a very simple thing to understand.

    Prust was barely hooked but tried to make it look like the bruin too his feet out from under him. 2 minutes to the bruin for a hook and 2 minutes to prust for embellishing the play.

  95. The same way you dont want me coming to mcdonalds and telling you how to cook the fries, a ref doesnt want a player trying to tell him when to see and call a hook.

  96. seriously, the rule was put in because they want to eliminate the diving/embellishing. but they decided, correctly, that just because somebody dives doesn’t mean he wasn’t fouled, so they call both players. Now, if Prust wasn’t hooked and took a dive, he would get the only penalty. It’s the right call to call both if there is a foul and a dive.

  97. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    thanks joke, looked to me like the stick was in the skate. thanks for clarifying

  98. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    close for the Pope!

    sheesh i hope SweLi does NOT flame out! This kid is exciting to watch

  99. So if his stick was in Prust’s skate and he lifted his stick, that’s a trip.

    And if Prust throws his arms out, possibly to embrace his fall, that’s a dive.


  100. Just added two more jackwagons to my “no read” list… The idiots are so obvious, it makes it pretty easy.

  101. NHL Head of Officials Ricardo Carpiniello has deemed the game to be over after two periods, with the Big Bad Bears winning the game 2 – 2.

  102. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    ilbzo, forward that list to me. i miss a lot of the daytime asshatness during the week lol

  103. passive aggression, as pathetic as it is, is like infinitely more embarrassing on the internet

  104. Rangers standing toe to toe with the big bad Bruins, in fact have been the better team for most of the game. Faceoffs killer today at 43%. Otherwise, the Rangers have not been intimated or outmuscled. Actually, these teams are proving why they are two best and it shows that not many teams will be able to handle their muscle for 7 games.

  105. rangers have not been the better team for most of the game. they’ve been handled for all but about 8 minutes.

  106. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    lmao Ilbzo!

    pleural”: A thin serous membrane in mammals that envelops each lung and folds back to make a lining for the chest cavity.

  107. Barry,

    You are off base here…

    todays call was good because there was no need for prust to go leaping through the air doing his best Bobby Orr impression.

    However, the call made during winter classic was bad when callahan was hooked up over his shoulder and was pulling the stick away from his neck but was called for holding the stick.

    sometimes you gotta take of the red/white/blue tinted glasses and see that the refs are actually calling the game the way it should be called

  108. Sorry I am repeating this, but are there any internet links to the MSG feed of the game???????

  109. Yev:

    one of them is on the MSG feed right now but they switch back to NESN when the period starts

  110. I think the play has been very even here! Rangers are playing well. Hitting hard and finishing checks. They look like a different team than the one on the ice against the Pens the other night.

  111. the reason they called Prust for diving was because after getting tripped he turned into Superman.

  112. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    ilbzo, i KNEW that was some kind of medical word, i’ve seen it on some reports

  113. Speaking of Bobby Orr

    With a longer career, he would have been the best player of all time because of his play on both sides of the puck.

  114. Oh well…. Thanks Lloyd… Guess I am stuck with the NESN feed. The Radio feed on ESPN is about 15 seconds ahead of the internet feed. Kind of sucks….

  115. I think bruins are definitely controlling play and probably have had the puck for about a 2-1 ratio…but hank is keeping us in the game and we got some timely goals. This may be good enough to win a game, but if we were to meet boston in the playoffs, I dont think we would win a series at this level of play.

  116. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    i dont know how many times i’ve posted the MSG link but Yev, if you don’t want it, that’s up to you

  117. If you are calling me biased/a homer, then you haven’t seen me out here much, have you?

    If the Bruins player hooked Prust then clearly the first intention from the ref is that the penalty is on Boston. But then Prust throws his arms in the air so therefore the ref thinks that he’s trying to embellish a penalty that’s already going to be called????

    Again, it’s either one or the other.

  118. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    lloyd, i got through half of the 2nd with the msg… i’m hoping it holds out for the rest of the game, if not, i’ll just fire up the Rangers radio cast again.

  119. Yev:

    NESN announcers aren’t that bad and neither one of them is as awful as Micheletti

  120. Carp – Some will say Orr better only because (and I know how you feel about TGO) he revolutionized the defenseman position while there have been other great forwards (Richard, Howe, Lafluer)

  121. Lloyd, don’t like the Bruins guys although they are much better than the pens guys. But, I don’t want to listen to a bruincentric broadcast!

  122. Linda:

    They switch to MSG during intermission because Gamecenter is blacking out the NESN feed in between periods (for whatever reason).

  123. that’s a decent argument, but there has never been anybody in any team sport (in North America at least) like TGO.

  124. HWirth- I don’t know about the Rangers being a better team, but it’s at least pretty even match up. And a great, great game to watch. Two elite teams going against each other. When was the last time we could say that?

  125. I never said my opinion is the rule, Carp.

    My opinion is my opinion and I’m sticking to it. I feel that the rule is a contradiction and is silly. This isn’t football, you don’t offset infractions.

    And like I said earlier, it’s either a ball or it’s a strike.

  126. Afternoon gang. Just stopping in to say Let’s Go Rangers!!! It’s going to be a great third period-I hope! ( :

  127. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    Lloyd, i hate that they do that now, they tell you to switch to the away broadcast for intermission. i pay twenty bucks a month, at least give me the intermission report!!

  128. Barry…I dont know how else to explain that a hook and dive can happen at the same time.

    And yes, if you think that prust was just putting his arms out because he was falling down, then I will say you are seeing the game as a “homer”

  129. Yev:

    I hate everything to do with Boston but these guys are far less biased than Rosen and Micheletti

  130. stranger nation on

    Rangers match up well with bruins, looking in the mirror save for big bad Zero – guy is a monster!

  131. Linda:

    Do you have any idea what the logic is behind it? Do they do it with all home team broadcasts?

  132. Its very easy to understand.

    There is a difference between diving and embellishment. Embellishment means you made the foul look worse by making it more dramatic.

    In order for there to be embellishment there HAS to be foul or else it would simply be diving…

  133. stranger nation on

    I would argue that Cally penalty could have been a similar call for embellishment on the Bs player – not that is ended bad for the Rangers however :-)

  134. Barry & cross check,

    If a player is hooked in the midsection…it is a hooking penalty.

    If a player is hooked in the midsection and in an attempt to draw the refs attention he decides to throw himself in the air and do a 360 spin while flailing his arms out…it is a hooking penalty and a dive.

    make sense?

  135. Then a player should get called for diving!!

    Thats why the rule was put in the first place.

  136. Joke, you know what, yes, your explanation does make sense.

    Thank you.

    But it’s still a stupid rule ;)

  137. Joke

    you are actually describing embellishment. What confuses everyone is that the word dive is improperly used by the commentators.

    They use diving and embellishment interchangeably when they are completely different things (even though its under the same penalty)

  138. wow Bruins announcer complaining about Lundqvist “pulling a veteran move” (as they would say with Raask or Thomas) with one of his straps. He really did sound disgusted.

    I bet you he also thinks Marchand’s Houdini play on Salo was a “great hipcheck”.

    These guys are almost as bad as the Penguins announcers.

  139. that wasn’t boarding. nope. if anything, Chara should have been penalized for coming close to the brilliant Brandon Prust.

  140. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    the only MSG link for the game is link number 4 on firstrow its viasat but in a different language. if i understood it, i’d watch it lol

  141. “Then a player should get called for diving!!

    Thats why the rule was put in the first place.”

    It’s really quite subjective. You don’t know if the player dove or not most of the time. So if the idiot dives on his own accord then you usually call nothing and the diver gets taken out of the play.

  142. No Dubi in the PK at all today. Hmmmm, wonder if that shoulder is worse than people think. Or just that he’s had an awful season.

  143. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    probably a bit of both Mickey. Maybe they should just sit him against the Jets so he has over a week to recouperate

  144. Oleo,

    Youre correct. I liked your explanation a little bit better but I had already posted mine. I guess its really just semantics in the end…it all results in a 2 minute penalty.


    Glad I could at least get you to see the refs logic, even if you dont agree with the call.

  145. “Rangers have the most hits so that tells you who has been owning the puck possession category” LOL BRUINS ANNOUNCERS

  146. 4generations 4 cups on

    this is Byfuglien Carcillo. I dont know why they never really call the game straight. I dont sit here asking for a hand-out, I want referees to see and perceive, not look at penalties.

  147. “Boyle knocked over Lucic. But he’s not important to this team”

    That is the only play that will matter in the entire game!

  148. stranger nation on

    Boyle hitting the bully – second time we knocked his assen down today (Girardi hip check in 1st) Bruins real tough against Montreal and Sedin twins – against a team with toughness, ah, not so tough…

  149. I thought the defenseman on the opposite team weren’t allowed to come below the circles after the whistles were blown in the offensive zone for a scrum?

  150. the issue of the last several games have been the abundance of non-calls made when the Rangers are clearly on the receiving end of an infraction, carp

  151. I wonder if Gabby and Chara have any money on this game between them. They are really good friends.

  152. Are we forgetting about some of the CLUTCH goals Richards has scored this year? Let’s give the guy a break! No one forced the Rangers to pay him all that money..

  153. Hey Mama, the funniest part about the guy who commented on that link of mine on fb is that I could get away with hugging him without asking because he’s my cousin! LOL

  154. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    richards is just in a slump. i bet he’s back on track after the all star break! I was just having this discussion with Tiki the other day!

  155. The only thing our power play does is ensure that we don’t get a shot on goal for 2 minutes. It really is astounding how bad it is.

  156. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    if these guys had an AVERAGE power play, they’d probably have 4 more wins lol

  157. can we just be flat out honest, Bruins are far and beyond a much better overall team than the Rangers. We’re good, dont get me wrong, and if everyone does their job plus Hank, we are one of the best in the league, but Bruins just make it seem so easy. If we get this to OT we take the point and try to steal the 2nd, because overall we dont deserve it.

  158. if thats not a roughing than it is a bad non-call…lucic skates right over and punches him in the face.

  159. Linda:

    If you look at trends, having a top power play is pretty overrated. On the other hand, having a power play in the toilet bowl that’s sole accomplishment is kick starting the opponent’s offense is not something that gets you a Stanley Cup. Rangers team concept just doesn’t include taking advantage of having an extra man on the ice.

  160. I’m not asking for the best PP, just, something…..thank you for the PK, at least, again….

  161. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    at least ONE power play goal in games you’re awarded a power play! That’s all we ask lol ;-)

  162. Dubinsky is a very mediocre player

    Brad Richards is having a very mediocre stretch

    there’s a difference

  163. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    shoot i meant awarded power playS. 1 goal out of 5 chances would be nice lol

  164. Michael Jackson on

    this team needs to put more kids on the power play and in the lineup period. i would like kreider and miller in there.

  165. it’ll be an absolute sin if a hard game like this is decided in one of those breakaway competitions they hold AFTER the hockey game ends.

  166. penalty kill is more dangerous because the Rangers really only have success when they eliminate any attempts at being an offensive team

  167. Wow, thought that Feds should have gotten a penalty. Very lucky he didn’t get called. What a freaking game!

  168. stranger nation on

    more of a rhetorical question about their play this aft than a retrospective on their careers

  169. I’m watching online and have the NESN feed…their announcers are such homers.

    While I agree the Feds tackle should’ve been a penalty this was their call…


    great catch phrase.

  170. old school Rangers game here. get dominated for three-quarters of the game, hang on for dear life behind Lundqvist, pray for the loser’s point and hope for a shootout.

  171. this Bruins “color man” is basically saying it was a clean hit

    would almost guarantee McDonagh has a concussion

  172. The announcers trying to blame everyone and everything except ference…amazing. It was mcdonoughs fault or the fault of too much speed.

  173. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    ‘he thought he’d have some time to dig his skates in and accept the hit from behind”


  174. But you know Julien thinks it’s a hockey play unless it’s Cooke on Savard. Then the NHL is getting dirty,

  175. whatever I said about the Bruins announcers earlier, I take it all back

    they humiliated themselves with their assessment of that cheap shot by Ference

  176. 4generations 4 cups on

    I dont understand the dirtiness? This is worse than a Flyers game? Whats up with the Bruins getting into this kinda crap?

  177. what the EFF is sullivan teaching these kids on the powerplay….. it’s terrible and you can see torts screaming at him on the bench……

  178. OK, I’m now on board. The rangers have the worst power play in the league and maybe in history, unreal.

  179. announcers embarrass themselves and then Rask embarrasses himself with the reaction after the goal. I think acts like than should result in a fine…you cant be swinging your stick around like that, someone WILL get hurt.

  180. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Huge win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope MCD isn’t out long term, that was a nasty hit.

    Horrible Horrible power play. What is Richards doing out there he is a turnover king!!!!!!!!!

  181. Say what you will about Richards. He fooled everyone with the fake shot > pass. Opened up a lot of room for those extra shots > Gaborik goal

  182. Gabby continuing his terrific season today and it shows that your best players MUST be your best players to Win consistently. It’s a good solid team win on the road in Jan. and showed they can stand toe to toe with anyone in the NHL on most nights, which is all you can ask for at this point.

  183. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Horrible listening to the Bruins broadcasters during the game on NHLN, made me so mad!

  184. OMG what a sweet win, even if the PP, until the final few seconds, was ridiculously embarassing. And look how they scored that PP goal – by shooting and going to the net causing havoc and traffic and taking advantage of having the extra man.

    What a concept.

    And what a bunch of nobs the Bruins are…cheap shot artists galore…

  185. If Richards can find his game and we can get some kind of PP, then look out. But if neither of those things happen…yikes. Hank cant keep us in every game.

  186. Suspect McDonagh isn’t concussed – I don’t think he even hit his head. He sure looked badly winded….hopefully that’s the extent of it.

  187. GREAT WIN… But, it should not mask the major probs with the PP! It doesn’t have to be great, it just has to be average!!

  188. JBytes,

    the last thing the bruins guy said after game was “well, if thats what it takes to beat the bruins, then I think most fans will be happy.”

  189. What I wouldn’t give to hear the Bruins “announcers” commenting if their own guy was boarded just like that.

  190. Mister Delaware on

    Wearing a jersey (sweater) dropping f-bombs at Ference while holding my 16 week old is not a great look for a grown up but dear god was I furious. And freaked out when Krejci looked immediately concerned. Can’t wait for the Valentine’s Day Massacre when Rupper destroys Ference.

  191. The NHL is almost impossible to watch anymore. They need to do something about the cheap shots. The slew foot on Richards last game wasn’t horrible, but it came from a guy who has consistently been hurting players for years. Without the fines and suspensions somebody could (and long ago would have) come and put their stick down his throat. Now a cheap shot, or completely clean hit between the numbers 3 feet from the boards while skating full-speed if you listen to the Bs color guy, that probably will put a player out for a while.

    The NHL needs to go to an aggregate suspension system for a team to penalize the dirty teams. Since Marchand had a suspendable hit like a week ago, and now they have another dirty hit count it as 2 incidences, not a player’s first offense.

    Go look at the brawls in the NHL on youtube, they’re almost all Boston Bruins and another random team after a Bruin throws a cheap shot.

  192. a win is a win. dubi and richards played horrible. they need to pick it up. they also need to get anisimov more involved.

    please g-d hope MCdonagh is not hurt.

    boston is still better until proven otherwise but the ranges won.

    boyle got a goal today at least……….oopps for the worng team. my bad. he throws his body around etc, i know goals do not matter..

  193. Mister Delaware on

    Bruins post game is excusing away the board. Ference could see the 2 and 7 for like 5 full strides. But “momentum carried both of them into the boards”. Carp, we might need a moratorium on cursing. Just like 10 minutes.

  194. Yeah, really hope Ference is forced to answer for that next game. Hopefully Rupp wont give him an option ;)

  195. “the last thing the bruins guy said after game was “well, if thats what it takes to beat the bruins, then I think most fans will be happy.” ”

    I heard that and thought what a way to end your broadcast, losers.

    Really just angry classless self-entitled jerks. Every single penalty called on the Bs they had some snide remark like “well it didn’t take much” or “just enough to draw the penalty”. As colorblind as it comes.

    I’d rank them up there with Pittsburgh as the worst.

  196. Jim- I agree, I just looked at it again, he didn’t hit his head, I don’t think. More his chest and left shoulder. Should be ok

  197. Great win — hope McMonster is okay — game more enjoyable to listen too with a hockey player who knows his stuff, as the analyst, Leechie!!

    Agree about the stick swinging. Know Rask is ticked, and he felt he should have won, but he doesn’t know who’s around him and by swinging blindly he could have injured his own man.

  198. really….nning already?!!! Carp, please keep us update on Donut if you can….oy….but what an afternoon! I am beside myself with joy……I love hockey and I love the Rangers!!!!

    Gotta run for a bit…later all!!


  199. jack edwards is the ultimate homer.

    fans as well as announcers in new england take a blood oath to root for there teams regardless.

    it is like a gene thing, part of the club thing, it is unreal. find a person from new england that is not a fan of their teams is next to impossible…

  200. my personal favorite was the Bruin announcer who said that Ference didn’t realize how hard he would hit McDonagh

  201. 4generations 4 cups on

    I just want to reiterate, why does a team think this is a conducive style of hockey to play? Big bad Bruins doesn’t mean cheap Clarke Carcillo all over the place with some cooke on the side.

    Rangers are a hard, strong, in your face team, without having a single suspension to a player of significance (Bel Biv Deveaux). Don’t really understand the whole let’s hurt our fellow hockey players with a lot of cheap Clarke.

  202. Jack (Mehoff) Edwards nonsense screaming quote of the day:


    WTF does that mean?

  203. “that should be at least a 5 game suspension imo.”

    I’d give him a game personally. 5 minute major + 1 or two games would satisfy me.

    But I’ll be surprised if Shanny even gives the video a second look.

  204. Richards has skill as shown layoff with the Drurycrap. Boy eom the other hand. Eat it beantown

  205. N.CountryNYRFan on

    How can Torts watch the game tape of all of these horrible power plays and not change things or personnel out there? Richards has been very disappointing on the powerplay, i thought he would give it a boost but mostly he just boost the other teams pk with turnovers.

  206. Mister Delaware on

    “Needed to calm down after that game so I put on a cooking show. LOL.”

    I hope its not Sandra Lee.

  207. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    still shaking but its date day with the man, or, as we know what it is today

    CELEBRATING A RANGERS VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!! i’ll just let him believe its all about him today loL!!

    catch you ‘Heads later, and I hope we have a McMonster is ok update!!

  208. I have to admit, I LOL’d at that line from Edwards, Mrs Eminger. Gotta admit that at least Edwards is SO over the top that he makes you laugh.


    Both players came together and well when a Bruin gets knocked down the announcers like to… how do you say… embellish?

  210. Mister Delaware on

    “MD- put this baby down! Lol”

    We got through it together. She’s in her crib now, no doubt dreaming of projectile spitting up all over Ference.

  211. Softie Shanahan has set a precedent…that was not “Shanaban” material…only if McD is concussed would they give it a second look…

  212. Mister Delaware on

    “But I’ll be surprised if Shanny even gives the video a second look.”

    Eh, its the clearest board you’ll ever seen and McDonagh looks hurt. That’s usually good for multiple.

  213. Mister Delaware on

    Absolutely, Bonehead. They’re just a joke until you’re mad about something, then they just fuel the anger.

  214. noonan

    agree about bruins announcers

    a lot of their games are in hd
    but i can’t watch because
    they are so HORRIBLE BAD

  215. looks like a shoulder problem for McDonut after I saw the replay, hopefully not to bad but could be bad.

  216. Unless McMONSTER is injured, I’d really be surprised if Shanny gives it two looks.

    Dude was flying down the ice and road him into the boards. Call it charging/boarding/whatever. Cheap as all hell.

  217. “Antropov got what for a boarding incident like this the other day?”

    Just a $2500 fine I believe. Could be wrong.

  218. I think Pittsburgh’s homers are the worst. The Tampa Bay guy is tops for being a homer, but he doesn’t deflect and try to say every TB hit is clean like Bos & Pit. I mainly like him because of the finals when he screamed, “Take that Kiprusoff.” Open mocking is rare.

  219. Andrew Ference last year on the subject of dangerous hits:

    “It’s a serious issue and it has to be dealt with. So when bad hits happen, you have to deal with them.

    “That’s the way its going to be discussed. It’s going to be talked about and it’s going to be an issue that guys are going to have to confront, because it can’t happen.”

  220. stranger nation on

    McD may have more whiplash, than concussion. Looked like shoulder hit top of boards.

    Lucic looking small out there and Prusts’ penalty on Chara was worth it.

    Rangers will not be pushed around!

    let’s reel off some Ws now and get that PP fixed.

    Why isn’t Stralman out there on PP?

  221. God, the PP is bad. And they need more sustained offense and puck possession. Great 2 points, though. Hope McD is alright.

  222. Thank God I got to watch on MSG. Usually I end up firing off an email to nesn after rangers-bruins games to tell them how utterly offensive, immature and ridiculous their announcers are.

    And Stuart, I’m a new englander and I LOVE OUR NY RANGERS!

  223. Afternoon everyone,

    We just got a taste of what playoff hockey could be like in the late Spring.

    The Rangers played shift for shift with the Bruins – skated just as hard, hit just as hard – were strong on the forecheck and killed penalties superbly.

    Yes – the power play is in need of major repair – but to beat the Stanley Cup champs in their home rink in THAT type of game really does say a lot about how far the Rangers have come as a team.

    Gritty, gutty performance today.

  224. Wicky©"I think the NHL Network host was named Kathryn Tappen" on

    I thought the NESN announcers were not that bad at all during this game (exception of the feds/monkey thing). I thought they were very complimentary of the rangers and pretty even keel through MOST of the game.

    I am in the minority here, but initially I don’t think the hit by ference is suspension worthy. I really hope mcdonut is ok!

    I liked Rupp’s fight, thought he did well in it!

  225. honestly, I don’t take much from this game other than what we’ve already seen in recent weeks. Rangers were badly outplayed for most of the game, lucked out by that dummy Ference taking an atrocious penalty and scored a 4 on 3 goal in OT. props to them for hanging around and getting the W – that whole finding a way to win thing they’re good. however, I don’t view this as a particularly solid performance.

  226. I sure hope that none of the Rangers bent their arms out of shape patting themselves on the back for this game. They were so badly outplayed by Boston in their attack zone, and they looked lost but lucky in their defense zone……they have a lousy passing game. Period. You all do realize that this was the epitome of a lucky win. They really don’t pass, they just throw the puck around aimlessly in the general direction of where they hope it winds up. They’ve gotta do better than this from now on, because the golden horseshoe won’t always land in their laps.


  228. Wicky:

    I felt the same way until the latter stages of the game were they hit the homer pipe something fierce. The hit on McDonagh was dirty and the one Bruin announcer in particular couldn’t stop making excuses for it. To hell with them and everything to do with Boston.

  229. I think ference gets 3-4 games because major was assessed and repeat offender. Hopefully the shoulder is ok…. But it could be bad since eminger hit his shoulder on the boards and got hurt pretty good…

  230. OK gang. Off to run errands, including getting those cannollis I’ve been craving. See ya on the flipside, and be nice to Carp. OR ELSE.

  231. This is from Bruin beat writer

    GlobeFluto Fluto Shinzawa
    Will guess Andrew Ference gets 1-game sitdown. Injury on play, Ference hearing last year after Halpern hit.

    GlobeFluto Fluto Shinzawa
    Andrew Ference said he tried to let up. But went in with too much speed on McDonagh.

  232. Fran-I don’t think anyone is patting themselves on the back…Not Torts’ style..But I think one needs to look at this game from a different point of view at times. The PP needs to be fixed, but the same could be said about Bruins’ PP. They scored exactly 0 goals, the Rangers scored one. But more important is that, remember that the Bruins never led during the game and had to come back from behind twice, at home, no less. That itself places a different dynamics on any game flow. I think it was a great game by both teams, and it showed why these are two better teams in the league…

  233. Rangers were outplayed most of the game in their own zone. At the end of the second and in the third period I really wanted that timeout back!! Was happy to get a point going to OT but the extra point made the win that much sweeter.

    You could say the Rangers didn’t deserve to win this game but I don’t think you’d be correct because the Rangers are all about goaltending and defense first. They were made to handle this type of pressure and they overcame. They also matched the Bruins physically, especially after the first ten minutes in the first.

    The only player who shouldn’t be smiling after that win is Dubinsky IMO.

  234. Mister Delaware on

    “Usually I end up firing off an email to nesn after rangers-bruins games to tell them how utterly offensive, immature and ridiculous their announcers are.”

    I like this idea …

    “Just wanted to send a quick email to commend Edwards and Brickley on another completed Bruins game! Where a typical broadcast team might have simply said “Ference took atleast five strides towards the 2 and 7 on McDonagh’s back before blasting him from behind, a textbook major boarding”, Edwards and Brickley were creative enough to keep the viewer entertained with talk of Ference being unaware of how hard his contact with McDonagh would be and how it was really more momentum that took “both of them” down than anything else. As always, it was a refreshing change from the standard hockey analysis based solely on factual evidence and the NHL rulebook.

    Keep up the work!


  235. It’s contagious in that lockerroom.

    NHLFlyers Philadelphia Flyers
    #Flyers GM Paul Holmgren announced that Danny Briere is out indefinitely with a concussion

  236. Bill Parcells said it best:

    “You’re only as good as your record says you are.”


  237. Thank, ben…

    Wicky- you might be in minority on this one, look at it again…Ference could see McD numbers from around 3-5 away…A couple of games I’d say.

  238. Mr. D: you forgot the part where Prickley postulated that Ference thought McD’s skates were dug in a little better because he knew the hit was coming.

  239. Are you guys serious about all these quotes from Boston announcers? It just sounds too funnny..

  240. “you forgot the part where Prickley postulated that Ference thought McD’s skates were dug in a little better because he knew the hit was coming.”

    I laughed at that. He also stopped short of saying that McD planted himself into the boards. LOLOLOLOL

  241. “Are you guys serious about all these quotes from Boston announcers? It just sounds too funnny..”

    I listened to the entire thing and none that I’ve seen (except maybe my last comment) are exaggerated.

  242. I thought the NESN guys were surprisingly non-homer until the Ference hit, when they lost their collective minds. Suspension coming. Stralman has to punch Ference there, not just push him a little. IMO.

    And that was like Celtic refereeing. There were a dozen not called Bruins’ trips throughout the game. But, wouldnt have mattered, because the Rangers have a limp #$% power play.

    Dubi is regressing. I think maybe it’s time to try Richards with gabby again, and put Step with Cally and Dubi.

    Man it’s impressive how much better Girardi is since Staal’s injury forced him to play so much more. Not a flopper anymore, just a solid stand-up d-man. Pleasure to watch lately.

  243. Boston is an offensive juggernaut. We are a defensive oriented team so losing the puck possession battle was no surprise. We played them well, holding that team to 2 goals is not an easy task. Hank was great as was our D for the majority the game. Things could always go better but I for one am happy with the effort.

    As for Ference, I predict the NHL goes soft again and delivers no suspension. Then after Valentine’s day one of our guys will get suspended for an instigator fighting miss-conduct or some nonsense of the sort. That would be standard NHL procedure.

  244. what i got from the game. if healthy the Rangers will be a tough out this year in the playoiffs.

    torts is ready for sauer to be back…….

    this team is a legit playoff contender but probably do not have nough scoring depth yet.

    hagelin is a legit top 6 forward. he is real smart defensivley and his speed is such an asset.

    dubi, aa, and richards need to play better.

    put out an APB for bickell.

  245. “I thought the NESN guys were surprisingly non-homer until the Ference hit, when they lost their collective minds. Suspension coming.”

    Considering all the non-calls that went their way they seemed pretty ticked about the blatant tripping calls the Bs didn’t get away with.

    “Stralman has to punch Ference there, not just push him a little. IMO.”

    IDK about that. I think you take the major and write down a number for next game or even next season if need be. Rangers needed almost every second of that 5 minute major

  246. I know all the so-called Rangers fans will be here finding something to complain about but it sure looked that the Rangers were not intimated, over matched, out-muscled, out-played and not in the same League as the supposed big bad scary Bruins. In fact, they looked like they not only belong but need to be dealt with. That’s a great sign going forward.

  247. We beat the Bruins!!! Despite all the carcillo!!! Come on!!! LGR!!!

    that’s my wicky….off into the tundra….later all….

  248. if and when i leave my wife it would only be to marry the rangers and follow them around all the time.

    i love this team.

  249. This is from the great Boston Globe hockey writer Kevin Dupont. Can’t imagine the replies he’s getting to this.

    GlobeKPD Kevin Paul Dupont
    Bruins fans should learn to stop excuse making for dirty, dangerous hits made by their fav players. Seem to forget price Bergeron paid.

  250. Wicky©"I think the NHL Network host was named Kathryn Tappen" on

    I’ll look at the hit again in a bit, maybe I’m wrong

  251. >>Gotta admit that at least Edwards is SO over the top that he makes you laugh.

    I think he makes the game sound like WWE wrestling.

  252. Direct quote from the NESN broadcast: “Didn’t look like there was a whole lot malice there and I don’t just say that because we cover the Bruins”…….wow

  253. kevin paul dupont is 1 of the best writers and most knowledgable hockey guys in the business.

    rangers are a tough defense first team, with a great goalie, and a ton of good yound d men.

    staal played much better then the other night. I wish prust was better getting the puck out of the zone and looked north instead of south more often..

  254. Lloyd. Can’t disagree with you more! The Rangers played them even. The Bruins are better offensively, but the Rangers hung tough. The Rangers hit hard and finished every check! They have heart! They have Chemistry! They have character! They might not win a cup, but they will go down FIGHTING!!!!


  255. Huge win for the team!! That should start another nice streak ..

    F@*k off Bruins !

    good job Dubi and Strals on not taking a stupid penalty on Ferrence

  256. Stranger Nation on

    That clip is not so egregious. Halpern has to keep his head up. Ferrence could have moved, halpern was skating with his head down for 5 seconds.

  257. Joke and Co.: Warren77 was DEAD. Many ‘heads showed up to Mudville loudly complaining that Warren77 had *promised* to have the Rangers/Bruins game available and then didn’t. Oops! Warren77 was also EMPTY. Aside from one table of non-sports fans (who looked like they were having the “brunch of shame”) the place was a ghost town.

    Nice job, Sean!

  258. “Ad the difference between me and you carp, is that if this team came out and looked great, i would be the first one to eat my words and say i was wrong about turderella, and be happy i was wrong. You,n the other hand, refuse to even acknowledge that there is a potential Ranger disaster here, and that the clueless coach “in charge” might be implicit in what is happening, or more accurately what is not happening.”

  259. GySgt. Hartman on

    Want to get rid of or at least cut way down on the concussions, slewfooting and cheap shots immediately?
    That’s the only way to stop the BS!

  260. Looked like McD hurt his shoulder, ribs, hip, lower back, spleen, and bruised his heart but I’m 99% sure he doesn’t have a concussion.

  261. HAHA. Good one, ORR. I forgot about RIR. I was waiting for Lloyd and Eddie to come and whine that Avery has every right to own a bar filled with Rangers paraphernalia but refuse to show Rangers games!

    “Sean doesn’t care about the Rangers. We don’t care about the Rangers.”

  262. Only problem with that — the removal of the instigator — is that Lucic beats the crap out of Callahan, Gaborik and Richards his first three shifts. Just jumps them.

  263. I would like a little credit for today’s victory since I restrained from posting before the game.

  264. Hope that’s not bad news on McDonagh, that the Rangers are only saying they won’t have an update today. If it was minor, I’m pretty sure they’d say he sprained a shoulder, or whatever. Why wouldn’t they?

    OR — could be the smart play, let Shanahan think the injury is worse than it is. Not a bad idea.

  265. Hamslice, all the snow is piled up by the driveway. feel free to come down and get it whenever you want. Or I can have it shipped for a small fee.

    Good evening, Sally!

  266. Carp – They don’t play for two days so no need say anything. Plus, they could rest McD for Tuesday vs. Peg and with the Long ASG break this week. He’d have 9 days off till they play the Devils on 31st.

  267. He didn’t by the grace of Dave Semenko. If he didn’t have those goons on his team, he’d have gotten it plenty, the way Orr and Park had to fight Schultz and his ilk in the day. Why wouldn’t Mike Rupp just drop his gloves and go after Malkin or Giroux?

  268. plus, take out the instigator and all of a sudden there’s two or three of those idiots on every roster. good use of cap space there.

  269. “Think Shanny might re-watch this clip tonight.

    What is Ference supposed to do dive out of the way because that idiot is skating into him? Incidental contact.

    They should start giving out penalties for being stupid and not keeping your head up before they take away all and any physical contact.

  270. Thanks Carp, me and my truck are on my way! Just came back from our big snow party in the park. It was fun but I want MORE SNOW!

    Was obsessively checking my phone for the last 24.56 seconds of the game. My friends from Buffalo said they thought it was unfortunate that I was so excited about hockey while living in a city that is super bummed about hockey. Whatever! Rangers win! Rangers win!!!

  271. GySgt. Hartman on

    Maybe, but in my opinion, it would still curtail the cheap crap. What do you think about the other ideas – the red line and the trapezoid?

  272. Noonan – What does any of that have to do with his sticking his elbow right to his forehead? He lead with his elbow.

  273. Haha. Another good point, ORR! It was probably RIR or Buff’s DR. girlfriend

    Chara played over 32Min. That’s a lot of TOI! It’s not just Danny G.

  274. I recognize that it is a serious and often resented practice to criticize a team that has just won a very exciting game…………………so be it.

    I agree with you Ilb on your reasoning, but it is not this game that has me concerned. It is the games ahead of the Rangers that I am leery about because of their demonstrably poor passing game. They really don’t control the puck once they have it on their sticks, they have a tendency to just dump it and chase it til a defending team takes it away from them.

    This type of passing we thought had disappeared after losing Roszival and Malik and their ilk, but for some odd reason it is still very much in vogue and most notable on a PP. Keep in mind now that if it had not been for Gaborik’s awesome activity and skill this game could very easily ave gone in the tank.

    I am sure that you may have recalled numerous moments of angst I have displayed over their poor passing game. It almost appears that they feel that they have to dump it to put it in play. These guys carry the puck well in other areas of the ice but in the attack zone they seem to go ga ga. Like they are surprised to be there. I’m not trying to be a kill joy, but there are many more games ahead and many more situations similar to this which may arise. All you have to do is get a rewind of the game and just concentrate on the Bruin passing game, with Rangers….the difference is so apparent.

  275. Noonan, the puck was about 30 to 40 feet away at that point. So now players have to watch that guys don’t randomly stick their elbows out as you skate around the ice. If that’s the case, get your ECHL players ready cause the concussion totals will triple.

  276. “What do you think about the other ideas – the red line and the trapezoid?”

    Getting rid of the red line was good IMO. It was unnecessary. Less trapping and it speeds up the game which is becoming more like soccer with the “pansification. It’s something the NHL needed to do to keep interest in the game, and I like how it turned out. We’re not talking about eliminating the blueline here. Sorry not some MTL purist or anything.

    The trapezoid I have mixed feelings about. I feel that the goaltender should be allowed to play the puck, especially with all the boardings going on. BUT he MUST be treated just as a forward if he dares to play the puck and that’s never going to happen. I got so tired of all those tick-tack penalties on players GRAZING the goaltender when they slammed into the boards to stop an around-the-boards pass.

    my two cents

  277. Marc Savard talked just before the game about these dirty hits and it took 62 minutes for one of his teammates to fall right in line. Does Savard think Ference deserves 10 games?

  278. “Noonan, the puck was about 30 to 40 feet away at that point. So now players have to watch that guys don’t randomly stick their elbows out as you skate around the ice. If that’s the case, get your ECHL players ready cause the concussion totals will triple.”

    LOL @ “sticking out his elbow”. He held his ground and bucked up. With or without the puck you skate with your head up and you won’t get a concussion.

  279. That I will agree with you, Fran. Their passing game is subpar. There were a few games this season when it looked much improved, particularly when they used short, crisp passes…It’s been gone for awhile now. Not sure how to explain that.

  280. “Noonan, the puck was about 30 to 40 feet away at that point.”

    And this comment tells it all. So if the puck is nowhere near you you should dive out of the way to make room for someone skating around like a blind man? Sorry dude this is hockey.

  281. Noonan – I love the physical play in the game as well. But what you are saying would cause 100’s of concussions per year. You are advocating players being allowed to throw dirty hits w/o repercussions. I’m assuming you thought Deveaux’s elbow was fine too cause he did the exact same thing and that was on the puck.

  282. I like good clean physical hockey, but what we have no are a whole bunch of rats in the NHL. Guys who have no problem throwing elbows, hitting from behind but would never dare go face to face with someone and fight because of course fighting is looked upon as a bad thing, which is the real problem. More people get hurt from these cheapshots than they ever do fighting.

  283. “But what you are saying would cause 100’s of concussions per year.”

    I agree. If more players skate with their heads down and run into other players they will get concussions. We need to penalize players for holding their ground and not diving out of the way for some idiot who is running into them.

  284. Hard to find fault with a team that is 18 games over .500 with still nearly half the season to play

    Come on, people

    Think big picture

    One thing Andy Brickley said today that actually made sense – something like:

    “it takes a long time to develop teams that play this way” – and he was referring to the Rangers as well as the Bruins.

    Everyone on this board should be proud of how this team gives it their all every night

    How many other teams could go into Boston right now and win a game like that?

    Their passes may not be perfect – the power play needs work – but geez – look at the overall body of work here

    Winning games like this one and the Winter Classic are true benchmarks for this team – confidence builders

    And if by chance McD is out for awhile – they will overcome – they did it without Staal and Sauer – and they’ll do it here if need be as well

    Its what you don’t see on this ice every night that counts

    The leadership behind the bench and in the room – it goes a long way

    Say what you want about Richards – he has had a tremendous influence on the young guys – in terms of how to deal with pressure situations – and he has six games winners to boot

  285. I have watched the video 3 times and have yet to see any elbow or arm extended. Did Ference lean into the “hit” which Halpern initiated? Yes? Did Halpern interfere with Ference by skating into him (WITH HIS HEAD DOWN)? Yes.

    Something similar happened to me in a game last year. I was skating backwards near the net and passed the puck up to the neutral zone. As I’m drifting back to stop my momentum against the boards, this little rat is trying to skate behind me (puck is nowhere near us) between myself and the boards. I stop myself against the boards, buck up to absorb the hit, and he runs into me WITH HIS HEAD DOWN and has to be taken off the ice. Did I feel bad? Of course! But it wasn’t my fault. You are entitled to your space whether you have the puck or not. Keep your head up.

  286. The most important win of the season so far.

    This is what I was afraid of after Torts officiating comments after WC. Unlike that game when they simply were shamelessly trying to send the game to OT during last few minutes, today the referees were consistently killing the Rangers for the first 50 minutes. 7-8 CLEAR Boston penalties not called.

    In fact, a heroic effort by the team.

  287. So based on this Ference comment last year about his teammate Dan Paille illegal hit, what does he say to Shanny. My hit was different.

    “I mean it’s a bad hit, right? That’s what they’re trying to get rid of and you can’t be hypocritical about it when it happens to you, and say it’s fine when your teammate does it. It’s a hit they’re trying to get rid of. I mean you hear it from every player after they do it, they feel bad, and same thing, I talked to Danny and he feels bad. It’s tough, that backchecking forward, to make those kind of hits. It’s so hard to do it in a clean fashion, with the new rules. It is what it is. He hurt the guy, and I’m sure he’ll have a conversation [with the league].”

  288. Tell me what’s wrong with this picture: the team occupying number 3 spot in EC, behind NY and Boston, has exactly the same amount of points as #8 team. And less than 4-7.

  289. ILB – But wait, remember that under the new and more fair realignment plan the playoffs were going to be unfair as oppose to the Southleast division getting that 3rd seed unfairly.

  290. realistico the truly but not quite magnificent on

    Nice, gritty, characterful, little-bit-lucky win. Enjoy seeing the Bruins lose.

    Funny thing is that the fraternity and sorority gangs from Fan College of Sarasota do exactly what they’re climbing all over the NESN announcers for doing: that is, they fail to acknowledge how blinding
    their “fan-ness” is when interpreting realities overloaded with emotion.

    Yeah, it was amusing to hear the knee-jerk excuses for the dangerous hit, “and I’m not just sayin’ that because I’m a Bruin fan.” Well sorry, but yes you are, by definition! And about half the posts here
    are subject to the same judgment – they’re being shaped/said, in part (and sometimes a farcically large part -eg: “the Rangers have controlled play for much of the game” -even the hopeless homer’s best friends slunk away red-faced from that one) because you have embraced/suffer from the same blindness, only from the other side of the looking glass.
    And if you didn’t go to Fan College of Sarasota, if you grew up in a household where fair play and objectivity were the adult standards as you watched big boys in little boys’ pants, and you came away from this game thinking nice, but lots to worry about if the standard is anything like excellence, well, you’re gonna get capital attacks and name-calling from the pouty-mouthed head sorority girl, and His Omniscience wil take back your profanity decoder ring (fug is good and blessed; fking is bad and banned).

    Mel Brooks in Twelve Chairs: “Hwaaahh-hwaaahh-hwaaahh. It is to laugh…”

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