Richards ticked at Cooke’s cheap shot; Tortorella on Boston


Was busy at post-practice today, working on Ryan Callahan story for the weekend.

But did have time to get Brad Richards’ angry reaction to that pile of carcillo Matt Cooke’s slew foot, and John Tortorella talking about Boston tomorrow.

Richards missed practice with a neck that “locked up” after the game, but said he had no symptoms of a concussion (he missed 10 games with a concussion last year) even though it appeared his head hit the ice as his neck whiplashed from the textbook slew foot by Cooke.

Brad Richards:


John Tortorella:



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  1. Consipracy theory: Shanny has been corrupted by the powers that be in the NHL. Can’t ruin the Matt Cooke redeeming himself narrative.

  2. It’s hard to get dumped by Olivia Munn guys. That was possibly true love and now he’s alone with nothing but his huge teeth. Alone.

  3. billybleedsblue on

    Carp, is it possible the non-calls (slewfoot) and some of the calls against the Rangers are a product of Torts’ criticism of the officials at the WC? Some backlash perhaps?

    Man, Richards sounds really annoyed, as well he should be. There will be a time for payback when we eliminate the Pens in the p……. oh boy, is it too early?!

  4. That’s an interesting conspiracy theory, billy. I actually like it. I could see the refs being annoyed with him so they let a few extra things go.

  5. Stranger Nation on

    Pens will make POs if the flower plays in goal like he did last night. Outside of Orpik, there D is soft, only have one scoring line, but they take the body and send 2 in on the forecheck.

    Eastern Conf POs should be awesome this season. Playoffs, you’re talking Playoffs! Damn straight, mofo.

  6. Whether or not Tortorella put a sign on the Rangers’ backs by running his mouth, the lack of discipline against Cooke is further proof of the league’s preferential treatment of the Penguins.

  7. duckBill PLA-t-pus on

    Olivia Munn is really not that hot…jsut because you guys that play video games dream about her…the beatles bailey aka brad richards can easily get hotter lobster. Stop playing video games, and enjoy the world out there..its out there, man! Video games are for AAsens and Byfuglien faces.

  8. Olivia Munn is hot enough, and certainly a lot better than anything that horse-toothed lummox would be pulling without his pro hockey contract

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  10. no, Carcillo’s not a piece of crap. Just been suspended eight times because people don’t like him. And fights a team’s superstar then says he was licking his chops. Piece of clarke.

  11. Yup, that’s a carcillo-stash….

    And, by carcillo I really mean the word that carcillo replaces…

  12. Carp, I know hyperbole is the norm around here but can you please find where I said Carcillo wasn’t a piece of crap

  13. On previous post….Carp….on the use of the shortened 4 letters….I am not sure how you can infer what I meant to say. But it’s your blog. You can censor what you want. I hear your warning. What if I use the word “forking?”

    I mean if I refer to the hole in someone’s rear-end and preface it with “butt” is that over the edge? What about when people here use the word “asshat.” If you called them “holes” instead of “hats” would that be over the line? So you are against swearing on the blog. I am 100% in agreement. But you let people say “asshat,” and it’s fine. But we all know what people want to say. Again, is the word “forking” allowed on this blog?

    And by fumes on the NYR….they beat the Coyotes in a SO and it should have never gotten there. They got skunked by Ottawa. Yes they beat Toronto. They looked asleep versus the Habs who stink. They barely threw the body around. Fine they beat Toronto because they stunk to high hell (that word ok?) in the previous effort. Against the Pens they did not impress me. Getting outshot at home 8-0 against the Pens in the first 10 mins? Something is amiss. The PP, B Rich, Anisimov, Gaborik….all but disappeared last 5-10 games.

    When I used the phrase “running on fumes,” I meant the machine isn’t running efficiently, has lost some power, is not as effective. Outscored 11-8 in the last few games. .500 hockey in the last 6 games and they should have destroyed the Coyotes, btw. So yes, they have been running closer to fumes than a full tank in the past 6 games. Hagelin seems to have lost the extra gear which would imply his tank is kind of empty too (versus what it was.) Torts shortening up the D and those effects have been seen lately. I would say for sure the team is running on less gas than they were 8-12-15 games ago.

    Also, the burger with the bacon relish is the best bargain/value at the joint. People rave about the chicken and sesame noodles, but I’ve not been there yet.

  14. That’s right, ORR. They found that baby that they tried to paint “mexican” in the trash.

  15. Newman, just try to be a little more creative than just leaving out a couple of letters with the unacceptable words. I’ll accept forking. it’s a judgment call.

    i just disagree with lumping the last five games together. They didn’t play great in the first loss, followed that with a near perfecto the next time out, absolutely stunk in Montreal, played very well the following game against a really good team, and could/should have beaten Pitt if not for a couple of brain-locks.

  16. The standard on this blog is clearly summed up in a question: “Would David Klein’s daughter find it offensive?”

  17. Carp,

    So stating a matter of degree is not acceptable around here? I was hoping that as adults would be a bit beyond, “guy good” or “guy bad.”

  18. OK Carp. Hear you. WRKNG on it….LOL

    Now you and I are waiting for the final buzzer tomorrow to say, “Fumes or no fumes.”

  19. I said Carcillo isn’t as big of a bum as Cooke. That’s not the same as saying Carcillo is a model citizen.

  20. Stranger Nation on

    The first 2 goals last night were caused by Dmen getting caught trying to keep puck in offensive zone, surprising moves for a team that is defensive oriented and has a goalie who rarely gives up bad ES goals. Play to your strengths.

  21. lw3h:

    he referred to something from 10 minutes prior. you pasted a statement I made a month ago. that’s a bit strange.

  22. i can’t find it … apparently when a spam comment is approved, it shows up at the time it was originally posted …

  23. Has anyone seen anything from NHL about the slewfoot? Anything? Even if they said they wouldn’t review it? I’m sure Sather sent a request.

  24. when Tortorella said he wasn’t going to “comment on it here” i guessed that he meant he commented on it to the league.

    but I’d be shocked if anything came of it.

    Or maybe they could ask those writers who have declared Cooke to be a new person.

  25. The league won’t do anything about Slew-Footing even though it’s one of the more dangerous and dirty things you can do. Crosby does it. PK Subban does it.

  26. I was on vacation for a while so forgive me for missing this the first time, but is it true Tortorella told Prust not to fight anymore because he’s too good a player to be sitting in the penalty box?

  27. whats even more annoying is hearing Sam and Joe trying to sell us this Cooke carcillo to us! Just STFU! We ain’t dumb.

  28. Manny:

    You’re right. Historically, the NHL doesn’t pay much attention to slew-footing, including when it results in injuries. I still think the league looks out for the Penguins, though.

  29. At least youse guys got to hear Joe & Sam. I was forced to watch the game on the NHL channel
    Those guys never mentioned the words ‘slew foot’ or even showed replays of it.

  30. Carp,

    Will you be in Boston tomorrow? Always a great game up there with a lot of Ranger fans in the house. Not making the trip this year, but wish I was.

    Any others going up for the game?

  31. yes, that’s exactly what Brandon Prust is. I’d argue the Rangers have exactly the same thing right now with John Mitchell, another borderline minor leaguer. The only difference is the coach hasn’t made any statements about the size of his gentalia so you guys aren’t all excited yet.

  32. Thank you, LW…I was sure that statement was about to get slew footed…

    Staal- did you read Ken Dreyden’s article that ben posted (last post, previous thread). Great read, but also pay attention to who is taking care of Crosby and his concussion. I think I told you last year that medicine has come a long way. Here is one example.

  33. here we go again with the mindless, never-watched-hockey-before assertion that points somehow are the measure of a hockey player.

    and his point was that Prust is a valuable guy to the team, too valuable to be fighting goons for no reason.

  34. how is Brandon Prust anything more than a (smallish) goon

    also, I played hockey for years, Carp. did you?

    grinding isn’t that hard, especially when you have no offensive aspirations. the majority of people who play hockey are more adept at grinding than anything else; the difference is that they’re generally encourage to try to score and contribute offensively. it’s virtually impossible to make it out of juniors if all you can do is pin the puck up against the boards. in the pros, where teams have depth, you’re allowed to take on a role that doesn’t include offense. and I’m fine with that, but to claim, they couldn’t pull a guy out of the AHL who does exactly what Brandon Prust is textbook homerism.

  35. billybleedsblue on

    ha! CCCP whoever made that youtube video is pretty sharp. Good stuff! hahaha, hilarious!! man, that hit on Salo was rough… let’s not forget these shenanigans!

  36. Tony – I share your pain. Seems like the NHL network always uses the other team’s feed when the Rangers were on. As a result, we did not get a decent view of the Cooke/Richards incident.

  37. Just to review these first 45 games in the minds of some of our knuckleheads:

    The Rangers don’t have nearly enough talent on their top six; including a $60M player who stinks and a certain second-line, overrated overpaid left winger, plus a young first-line winger who must be traded; the rest of their forwards are dime-a-dozen borderline minor-leaguers, interchangeable fourth-liners, if that; and their coach is an egomaniac idiot who holds personal grudges to the detriment of the team’s success. Plus two of their top four defensemen, and four of their top seven, have missed extensive time with injuries.

    Boy, they must have some remarkable goalies.

  38. Grinding isn’t that hard!? Lloyd – are you aware of the sheer talent that it takes to be the worst guy in the NHL? That guy could light up any rec league in the world and that guy could dominate in an AHL game.

  39. Prust when healthy is an important part of the time as a mucker, hitter, penalty killer, and shot blocker. Not to mention, he kicked in a few shorties last year. Seems like the coach is trying to lessen his fighting a bit to keep him in a position to help the team in ways that may not be prominent on the stats sheet but really are important to the team concept.

  40. Well, sorry, Carp, but according to some fans, Hank should’ve stopped that 3 on 1 under the crossbar shot too….So there goes your theory.

  41. The inquiry about Torts’ statement was brought up so that we can discuss Prust….Here we go. It doesn’t really matter what we all say….

  42. It is apparent that slewfooting is the accepted sacrament of the Pens, It was totally ignored by refs when Crosby used to do it, and now you have Cooke casually employing it with the same disdain by the refs as before. Maybe it is gonna take a resounding
    piece of utter violence against one of their heroes, to get the refs attention eh?

  43. Manny:

    I’m aware that a pro athlete is better than a guy in an adult league. Regardless, you could pull players identical to Brandon Prust out of the AHL at the drop of a hat. It’s not some great feat to pin the puck against the boards all night long, particularly when your coach exerts no pressure whatsoever on you to score or contribute anything offensively. Again, I think you’ve got exactly the same thing in John Mitchell, a guy who’s basically a minor leaguer – the only difference is that he doesn’t have the coach’s hype to get everyone here all excited about him. In terms of ability, however, I see absolutely no difference between John Mitchell and Brandon Prust. Put Mitchell in Prust’s place and you’ll see exactly the same results.

  44. You ‘heads remember when Malkin slew-footed Paul Mara back in the 2008 playoffs…blatantly filthy play….

    Even Edzo was saying how dirty it was….

  45. billybleedsblue on

    Oh man, we should have a RR Spring Classic Street Hockey Game Extravaganza and Picnic!

    Let’s lace ’em up! Maybe some of these knuckleheads can have some of this nonsense settled out on the asphalt! Hahaha… ok, anyone play goalie?

    We could have a fantasy draft on this one! Make it an event!

    I can play anywhere except between the pipes and shoot lefty. I’m decent on the draw, and can play responsible defense.

  46. Prust only has 77 hits! Wow! That’s a little more than I expected. But, even though he has a lot of hits, he doesn’t destroy anyone. Pathetic!

    He also has 12 giveaways. Such a giveaway machine.

    And 2 goals? Are you kidding? I expected him to be a top 6 forward on this team. Waste of money!

  47. Fran- the troubling sign is that, more often than not, that play could be more dangerous than boarding or hit to the head. The NHL is being oblivious about it, or pretend to be, either way it may end up in a disaster.

  48. Lloyd- guys that aren’t the best player but try really hard usually inspire people around them to lift their game. I can’t really think of a more valuable guy than Prust to the *core* of this team and its philosophy and how it plays.

  49. HAMBONE CLAUS smash anyone who say negative thing about PRUST. HAMBONE CLAUS love that guy.

  50. billybleedsblue on

    LOL NYR! I was gonna say Manny should be a captain, actually! If he wants to be a goalie, that’s up to him! Wouldn’t that be something though? We should have a mock draft, I think it could be hilarious. Or not. Or maybe I’m just trying to shift the focus around here. What’s with all the asshats recently anyways? Asshat annihilation!

  51. bravo, carp. when in doubt, reference sean avery.

    has Master Tortorella told you what to put in your next post yet?

    also, Daniel Carcillo has 76 hits, 11 points and is a plus 10. maybe the Rangers can get him, too.

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  53. Lloyd Braun
    1 hr ago

    So stating a matter of degree is not acceptable around here? I was hoping that as adults would be a bit beyond, “guy good” or “guy bad.”

    Is an hour an acceptable time frame for fishing back for something that you’ve since contradicted, Lloyd?

  54. Ilb! What did I do? Unfortunately a lot of the snow from yesterday is gone. I really wanna go sledding this weekend!

    Carp, do you have any free snow I can have?

    Manny, BAM!

  55. Carcillo’s numbers in juniors and the minors suggest he has more offensive talent than Prust, so what’s the point you’re making there?

  56. Forgive the hyperbole, but reasonably fair to summarise your position at the start of the year as “team has very little talent, coach isn’t very good”.

    Have either or both of those views changed? Sounds like the first hasn’t, so…

  57. billy – amazing. I bow down to you.

    In the words of Big L – “you was never $h!* your mother should have swallowed you.”

  58. despite his recent skid, I think Richards has been really good, and certainly a lot better than I expected. Gaborik has played at a high level. I’m happy Stepan’s played well and Anisimov has certainly shown flashes (though he’s giving strong indications of having leveled off). Callahan is doing what you expect him to do, and he’s a hard player not to like. Carl Hagelin has been a pleasant surprise but it’s too early to know what to think about him. After that, you can toss the rest of the offense in a blender as far as I’m concerned.

    I still don’t like Tortorella, but I’ll admit he’s achieved a significant amount with what he’s got. Given the way this team plays, however, I don’t expect them to sustain this level of success and wouldn’t be surprised if they dropped off precipitously.

  59. Being a center of attention is his goal. And we are thoroughly obliging….

    Where the byfuglien is Eddie3 again?

  60. Last night mrs ilb, who watched around 2 and 1/2 games in her life combined, and probably thinks that Messier is still playing, told me:”They can’t win every game, can they?” I suppose she knows more about hockey than some fans who constantly watch it…

  61. Mrs. Manny went with the classic “ok this game doesn’t look good and you’re getting upset. Maybe you should turn it off and read something?”

  62. LOL! I found this comment on TSN. Leaf fans are more delusional than Rangers fans!!! Notice the spelling…love it!

    “What do yall think about Stall to Toronto for Schenn, Kadri and Colborne? I am a Leaf fan so I know the rule about over valuing your own players. If you were Caolina is there value there?”

  63. “with Michael Del Zotto moving over to the right side when playing with Staal”




  64. she knows more than one or two that I could name off the top of my head, ilb.

    one in particular who constantly sounds like he’s never understood a single thing he’s seen on the ice.

  65. Holy banana trees! Good evening all! A belated shout out to Nasty!!! Miss you buddy!!!

    ilb, I’d say she’s a keeper and then some!!!

  66. No snow yet, Sally. But it’s all yours when we get some.

    noonan, I’d like to have an intelligent hockey conversation with somebody for a change today. So since you brought it up, what do you think happens when Sauer returns (though it sounds as if he’s not very close)? Sauer is a right-sider. and who comes out? I think the consensus around the team is that Eminger goes right back in, and then Bickel becomes No. 7 (can’t go through waivers because he’ll be grabbed), and Stralman and Woywitka probably go on waivers. And how do you not dramatically reduce Del Zotto’s minutes?

  67. >>>At least youse guys got to hear Joe & Sam. I was forced to watch the game on the NHL channel
    Those guys never mentioned the words ‘slew foot’ or even showed replays of it.

    Our guys showed it, but were reticent to condemn Cooke, because he’s “reformed”….(I didn’t know he was even Jewish!)

  68. Can anybody put this into English?:


    TORONTO/NEW YORK (January 20, 2012) — The National Hockey League
    Players’ Association (NHLPA) and the National Hockey League (NHL) issued
    the following statement today:

    The NHL and the NHLPA have reached a settlement of their dispute over
    2010-11 Hockey Related Revenue (HRR). The return of Escrow monies to the
    Players and Revenue Sharing payments to the Clubs were on hold while these
    matters were being resolved. The Players’ Association and the League have
    also reached an agreement about how some of the disputed HRR issues will be
    addressed for this season (2011-12).

    The disbursement of Escrow and Revenue Sharing monies will occur in
    the coming weeks.

  69. If we have to read about Woywitka only on waseka, I can live with that. As for the MDZ question, as they say, it’s an interesting problem to have. You didn’t ask me Carp, but that’s my 1 cent anyway. I’ll add this to the question: Why does Eminger have to go right back in?

  70. I guess Eminger is the logical choice, and since they seem to like Bickel, I guess he stays while Woywitka and Stralman get sent packing. It’s not like you’re getting any major advantage by taking Bickel over Stralman and/or Woywitka, though.

  71. Oh, NYR_FAN, I wouldn’t read the Daily Mail if it was tattooed on the inside of my eyelids, but that’s about as much coverage as the NHL will ever get in the press here.


    TORONTO/NEW YORK (January 20, 2012)—The National Hockey League
    Players’ Association (NHLPA) and the National Hockey League (NHL) issued
    the following statement today:

    We’re all gonna make more money soon. Yay!

  73. Carp, I’m sure you know the escrow percentage changes (each quarter?). The last quarter’s escrow money didn’t get returned because the NHL and NHLPA had a disagreement on what was a shared revenue last year. One of the sticking points was whether $25M given to NHL by Glendale in order to keep Coyotes put was considered a shared revenue. I guess it was resolved, I’m sure LB will have more details soon.

  74. League wanted the $25m that Glendale paid to keep the Coyotes for another year excluded from the total revenue on which the players’ 57% share is calculated. NHLPA disputed this. While dispute went unresolved, escrow money remained in escrow, i.e. the refunds of salary held back from players was delayed until total revenue was agreed.

    Or…two sides disagreed on how big the pie was, so some of the pie was left on the table until it was decided who could eat it.

  75. I like escrowle and cannellini beans sauteed in garlic and olive oil – does that entitle me to any of that money!?

  76. LW, do you know what was the first quarter’s escrow %? It went up to as high as 17% at some point last year.

  77. I wonder how many players are going to go out and buy a plasma TV like LW has, now that they have all this extra cash.

    and how do I get that sandwich?

  78. Carp, only Redden will be able to afford it. He doesn’t pay escrow. Neither is Avery at the moment.

    I think RR agreed to take up a collection and buy you that sandwich. Sally is a treasurer. I’ll be the one delivering it….

  79. Bickel will be gone when all D are healthy! waivers, or no waivers.
    Staal, and Girardi.
    McD, and Sauer.
    MDZ, and Stralman.
    Emminger 7th Dman.

  80. Open Letter to Lloyd Braun from International League of Sexual and Hockey Reform.
    Dear Sir, based on unique and profound stupidity of your last statements we have few qualifying question to you:
    1. What position you had played in mention game – behind goal buzz? (You’re so angry and noisy too).
    2. What team, really, if any, are you fan of? (Obviously not a Rangers, where you hate *everything* and *everybody*, except high in skills and moral –demigod Avery).
    3. Can anything this League do for you to lift or improve your sexual, textual or hockey libido and childish approach and/or reduce your barking overtones of discussions to tolerable and civilized level.
    4. Did Carp deliberately drown your puppy?
    We will carefully observe your candidacy and consider your Honor Membership upon receiving results.
    Accept my sincere disgust.

  81. “noonan, I’d like to have an intelligent hockey conversation with somebody for a change today. So since you brought it up, what do you think happens when Sauer returns (though it sounds as if he’s not very close)? Sauer is a right-sider. and who comes out? I think the consensus around the team is that Eminger goes right back in, and then Bickel becomes No. 7 (can’t go through waivers because he’ll be grabbed), and Stralman and Woywitka probably go on waivers. And how do you not dramatically reduce Del Zotto’s minutes?”

    Does Bickel have to go through waivers to get sent back down? Dang I think the Rangers could get away with carrying 6 defensemen.

    Eminger and Sauer up = Stralman and Woywitka down. I like Bickel over Stralman because of his size and willingness to protect teammates.

    Keep Del Zotto playing with Staal and he’ll get his minutes. I like the idea of having a stay-at-home paired with an offensive threat like MDZ. Staal can move over since he isn’t exactly a scoring machine. See if it works out and if it doesn’t, make an adjustment.

  82. Debatable, bull dog…I agree that Stralman stays, but both Woywitka and Eminger are UFAs after the season, they may want to keep Bickel for his physical play, low salary and because he is an RFA next season. At $600K, he will most likely be picked up by someone on waivers…

  83. Noonan- Bickel has to through waivers because he is 25, but not through reentry because his AHL salary is less than $105K

  84. Stranger Nation on

    MDZ TOI will be reduced overall but will get primo minutes on PP and hopefully hit the net with a couple of shots. Being able to play both sides will put him on PK when one of top 4 is in the sin bin.

    Bickel doesn’t have Torts confidence, Stralman is weak in D zone, willy wonky is serviceable but not needed, think Em gets the nod and will average a Jay Well’s like 6-7 mins a game.

  85. disagree. I think Torts loves what Bickel brings. I think that hollering moment was his Del Zotto moment for the season. I think he’ll stick around and be a situational guy (Philly, Devils, Penguins, Isles, Bruins).

  86. >>>they may want to keep Bickel for his physical play, low salary and because he is an RFA next season. At $600K, he will most likely be picked up by someone on waivers…

    *Fishsticks* – who will have him on ice against us in every game along with Parenteau, where they can play like Mike Bossy and Clark Gillies against us, but like themselves (meh!) against every other team in the league…

  87. yes, I know, the Rangers can’t afford to lose career minor leaguer Stu Bickel on waivers. talk about overrating a player, WOW. most games Torts can’t wait to cut him out of rotation on D, but he
    is going to stay instead of Emminger, and Stralman just to play against Devs, and Flyers? he has been a nice story, but he is not somebody the Rangers should worry about losing.

  88. Habs play Pens in Pishburgh tonight – this is another one of those games where you root for the ice to open up and swallow both teams (and the fans) in their entirety.

  89. billybleedsblue on

    Jimbo, the only thing better would be what you said + the Philly team plane thrown into the mix somehow…

  90. billybleedsblue on

    Tragedy strikes in Pittsburgh as the NHL mourns the loss of 3 entire team rosters in 1 cataclysmic event…

  91. Carp January 20th, 2012 at 5:18 pm
    do I get any of that money? No? Then I’ve lost interest

    They said it was a million dollar wound, but the army must keep that money ’cause I still haven’t seen a nickel of that million dollars.

  92. Hahaha! Yes, Billy – Philly team plane flying over Pishburgh inexplicably gets sucked into the massive sinkhole created by the collapse of the new Igloo, never to be seen again!! ;-D

  93. Yeah, everybody on this team either overrated and dime-a- dozen or not playing to their potential , incompetent, incapable coach is between being full idiot and mostly insane, not to mention of course, the worst GM in entire league. I would love to hear from some of this people a *sane* explanation, for change, – WHY this dysfunctional team is still on first place at the end of January? Is it a Christmas miracle on a Broadway, they believe in or what?

  94. >>>Tragedy strikes in Pittsburgh as the NHL mourns the loss of 3 entire team rosters in 1 cataclysmic event…

    +1!!! (not everybody will be mourning, however!)

  95. GySgt. Hartman on

    GUUUUUUMP! Why did you put that weapon together so quickly, Gump? This is a new company record! If it wouldn’t be such a waste of a damn-fine enlisted man I’d recommend you for OCS! You are gonna be a general someday, Gump, now disassemble your weapon and continue!

  96. Paul in sunrise on

    My 2 cents. Bickel and either woywitka or Stralman both but not all three stay. I think that Bickel and woywitka at combined 1.2M allows you to keep both. I heard somewhere that you will need 10 NHL defenseman to get through a season and playoffs. Rangers have hit that number this year already.

    Anyone think that wolski ever plays for the rangers again?

  97. >>>Anyone think that wolski ever plays for the rangers again?

    Not unless we have an unfortunate rash of injuries at the forward positions…

  98. if Bickel has the value that some think he has, then when the time comes, you can trade him. why do they have to waive him? trade him for a 6th or 7th.

  99. Wolski should be playing. there is absolutely no production on the left side. why not see if Wolski can score. he can’t possibly score any less in 13 games than Anisimov.

  100. Habs beating Pens 1-0!

    I agree with you, Bill Dog! NYR could have traded Weise, but for whatever reason, Slats took a chance on sending him back down without getting picked up. I think Slats could get a late round pick for Bickell!

  101. this is the 3rd straight year that Anisimov has vanished. maybe its time to realize his ceiling is not as high as was thought.

  102. Then Cole marches right down the ice and scores for Habs….2-1 MTL, only a few minutes into the first period – no defense played here!

  103. Carp,
    they need to find out whether he can help with the scoring on the left side. I’m not saying you are wrong about him, I am saying they need to find out about him before the deadline. they need help on the left, and he is right under there nose.

  104. NHL Net has the PGH homers doing tonight’s game again – they don’t like to spread things around much, do they!?

  105. well if thats the case Carp, they have to go out and get a left wing. what they have now is not good enough. the way this team is built they are a good regular season team who is going out in the second round. there is not enough scoring, and not enough size. maybe they catch lightning in a bottle with Kreider, but otherwise the pickins are slim on the left.

  106. and i’m ok with getting a Prospal, or Whitney. it doesn’t have to be a blockbuster.

  107. agreed. rental is the way to go, though I’d take Iginla depending on the cost and depending on whether they think JP’s kid is going UFA. Wolski’s worse than what they have on the first two lines now, and doesn’t compete enough to play on the third or fourth.

  108. I feel that using some combination of Wolski, AA, MZD, Stralman, Bickel, Woywitka, V-Tank, Thomas, St. Croix (SP?) Fasth, Bourque, a second round pick and a third round pick–that the Rangers should be able to put together two separate trade packages and get an older (Doan?) rental and a younger player like Ryan, Eriksson, Stastny or Pavelski? I’d even be okay with a Korpikoski or Clutterbuck type player. Delusional? If not two trades at least one significant trade with those players could be made without having to break our bank. We should have a top ten first round pick this year and I would not trade Krieder either.

  109. at times, Jimbo. That’s the coolest thing about their relationship … they both dish it out and have to take it, and they don’t mind taking it.

  110. Well, he played well here, despite his bad knees – I’d take a chance on him for the rest of this season, especially for an unwanted spare part like WW or Erika….

  111. How many more chances should WW get? He played a couple of games already and Torts couldn’t wait to get him on the bench. He may have a value though, come the deadline. His cap hit. For the team who trades his high salary players and falls below the salary floor. We may get a late rounder back.

  112. just for arguments sake, ilb.
    how many chances has he really gotten this year. he tried to play hurt early in the season, and since he has been healthy he has played 2 games.

  113. You guys are so funny. Thinking this team is one “Doan” away from making a run to the promise land.

    This team is a farce if I’ve ever seen one. If you think this group of no-talent clowns is going to even sniff silver, you are living on another planet. Planet Moron, that is.

    If you really get down to it, this team is composed of 5th liners who should be honing their “skills” in Charlotte … or the Paraguyan second division (whichever will take them).

    Queen Henrik is once again letting them in by the bush(league)el. Staal has two-bit players blow by him as if he’s a decaying statue. And Richards is so lost on the ice that military satellites couldn’t find him.

    Keep dreaming about Stanley, jokers. I’m just praying we sneak into the playoffs.

  114. uh…down here when you say K man you mean Alligator.

    Maybe that’s not such a good idea after all. I go a little nuts at this time of year so just disregard.

  115. he got two chances lately and hardly tried, and the lineup was softer in two losses, including the Montreal fiasco (-3 in 6:20).

  116. Not too many, bull dog, admittedly. I have a feeling the coach has seen enough. We may disagree, but it’s the reality.

  117. Stralman, Bickel and Woywitka are organizational fillers for most of teams in the league. You can get equivalent players the same way the Rangers got them either via the waiver wire or signing them to minor league deals.

    Without knowing the status of Sauer, MDZ is basically indispensable right now.

    Phoenix traded WW to the Rangers so he’s not going back there and guys like Ryan and Eriksson are going to take players like Stepan or McDonagh to even get their GMs to listen to an offer.

    The rest of the prospects are too raw to return an established top 6 player let alone a perennial 30 goal scorer.

  118. Good evening, Carp!

    Wait, I missed the part where we all talk about how awesome Mrs. Ilb is? Totally a keeper.

    Miami, I want you to know that I sincerely appreciate it when you do what you do.

  119. I bring up the left wing situation because I feel the Rangers are closer than being given credit for here. are they 1 player away? depends on the player and the cost. but I would be looking for that player this year. you don’t know how many chances you are going to get at being a top seed. if you can tell me that they are going to get Parise in free agency, maybe I would wait.

  120. I think you have to think beyond this season. Sure, it would be nice to bring in Bobby Ryan to establish the NYR presence on the LW. But, I don’t think the Rangers should mortgage assets to land a guy like that. It took too long for the Rangers to build the young talented team they have now.

    Guys like Staal and Dubinsky would have to be moved to land a guy like Ryan, IMO.

  121. Zach Parise should be the plan. Because all indications are that the he has no intention of resigning with Devils…he has hinted that he wants to be a free agent…remember, he went to arbitration last year…

  122. CT,

    I meant MZA not MDZ. You may be right but I’ve seen some WTF trades around the league over the past few years. I still think AA, MZA and WW with some filler players/draft picks and/or prospects could be enough to land a decent player. Maybe Staal from Carolina–maybe not but somebody who will make the team better. Also, if Doan did ever okay a trade to NYC–I think it would be cheaper than most would think do to the fact he is a UFA bound to return to Phoenix, his age, lack of playoff experience and the Sather Maloney connection.

    Carp any low frequency rumblings as to the trade winds a’com’n?

  123. I come from a hockey family and I played when I was younger ( or thought I was anyhow). And you’d be surprised at how well you can stick handle as long as you skate like a cop handing out parking meter tix.

    Any how, I suppose that from the way you folks talk you all play in some type of local leagues for the fun of it, no? It’s been known from time immemorial that garden ice is the first circle of hell.

    How many of you have ever seen Bill Durnan play? I did years ago when Richard was the numero uno. He was terrific ( ambidextrous actually) and a big guy in an era of smallish goal tenders.( Emile Francis Johnny Bower, Terry Sawchuk ( mid size), Gil Mayer, and the gump was no monster. Turk Broda was medium but stout. Covered the crease pretty well good too.

    A lot of folks probably never saw Jacques Plante, but he was a great goalie. Chuck Rayner was good sized but real slow. And don;t forget…no masks then, til Plante rebelled.

  124. NYR,
    how far beyond this season do you have to look? is Dubi really a deal breaker for a guy like Ryan? while I agree the team is on the younger side, the talent level is not as high as you would like to believe.

  125. Bull dog, it’s going to take more than just Dubinsky…not a deal breaker…maybe throw in Sauer and a 1st rounder…maybe Anaheim picks up the phone….

  126. 4-2 habs come on keep it up.

    would love a rental at deadline unless nash is out there then i would take serious look.

  127. “NHL Net has the PGH homers doing tonight’s game again – they don’t like to spread things around much, do they!?”

    They were nearly salivating on Pittsburgh’s last scoring chance.

    When MTL scored their last goal there was dead silence in the booth.

    These two clowns, whoever they are, should join the circus.

  128. noonan

    as someone who watches tons of hockey on center ice there is no won worse in all the major sports had being homers then paul steigerwald and bob errey throw in mike lang the radio guy with his elvis has left the building nonsense these guys all the worst.

    i hate them as much as i hate the team

  129. yes eric the Pittsburgh announcers are God-awful and they are not that far off from their delusional fans (Est. 2007). Kept belittling the Rangers basically calling them chippy and refusing to drop the gloves (cowards).

    You would think that Brandon Dubinsky was a bigger pest than Steve Ott or Sean Avery for trying to rattle Malkin’s cage a little bit after that dirtbag slashed him.

    I wonder what they think of all the noncalls that go their way and all the extra powerplays they get (when the game matters that is). Purely acts of God.

  130. Evening All,

    Eric – agree with your assessment of Steigerwald and Errey

    In fact – I watched the game on NHL Network last night without the volume – I do the same for
    Joe Beninati from Washington and Steve Goldstein from Florida. Horrible.

    And Coatsie (Al Coates) between the benches makes me nauseous when I have to watch the Orange Crud telecasts

    Sam has truly spoiled Ranger fans for so many years

  131. Jim Hughson is terrific

    So is Bob Cole – he and Harry Neale made a great team

    CBC telecasts first rate

    I also love Coach’s Corner – Don Cherry’s suits are something else

  132. not worried about montrela getting pts we are 20 ahead of them with 2 games in hand.

    our goal is to win div now.

    flyers devs pens root against no matter what

  133. Yeah – Habs are kinda behind the 8-ball at this point…they *can* bounce back, but I don’t really see it happening…

    I agree with your breakdown of the situation, eric….

  134. Olga Folkyerself on

    There is no joy in this game, but yes it is preferable for Habs to get the second point.

  135. Wicky©"I think the NHL Network host was named Kathryn Tappen" on

    LMFAO pens announcers up in arms screaming about pk subban just slew footing kunitz in the mtl pitt game…they say PK has a rep about it and can’t believe the NHL allows that kind of play which can result in serious injury…

    UMM IDIOTS, did you see your boy cooke and richards last night??

  136. Paul in sunrise on

    I think WW should be waived. Get that cap hit off the books.

    Rangers should be in on ducks visnovski (sp). Big power play offensive guy.

    Hope gabby is not content with exceeding last years goal total. He has been good. Needs a little mazel and net one to reopen flood gates. Been one of best night in night out.

  137. Wicky©"I think the NHL Network host was named Kathryn Tappen" on

    catching up on the thread (big mistake)

    I thought lloyd sold computers out of Franks garage, not played hockey!

    We are on Prust now, seriously?? WOW. just WOW!!! Hockey credibility going out the window with some!!

  138. If the Pre-K coach knew how to speak French he would have picked a different shooter, for sure!

  139. anyone else laugh hard when the knicks get blown out at home by teams that stink. the knicks cant lose enough for me

  140. Evening gang.

    I have nothing constructive to add besides thank god its the weekend. I can get my cannolis and start my new plan for a year from now.

    How are you all?

  141. watching blackhawks game

    and a 10 year old kid
    wearing a Rangers jersey
    just did the puck shoot from center ice
    during intermission
    made it
    right in the center slot too!!

    SIGN HIM!!!

  142. Just landed in Cancun. I’ll check to see if the local team is looking for some no-talents like Christensen and Wolski.

  143. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    duckbill used to live in Cancun ….was a nice place before it became overcrowded. Now the duckbill would rather live outside of Merida in a town he will not disclose so no one becomes aware.

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