Some post-game interviews


Had some technical difficulties with my story, and with my recorder.

So all I’ve got in the way of post-game audio is a short Dan Girardi/Henrik Lundqvist interview and the John Tortorella presser.

John Tortorella:


Dan Girardi/Henrik Lundqvist:


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  1. I like Gaborik and his Christmas tree carrying ways, but he is just way too fragile either mentally or physically. I don’t know that this team can be successful in the long run if they have to rely on him for scoring. When he goes cold, he goes sub-zero, and for long stretches of time.

  2. >>>Yes, Jimbo…It’s complex. If its a deep vein, they sometimes place “umbrellas” to prevent the clot from traveling. Medicine does know what to do with it, though. He’ll be on blood thinners, should be ok.

    Wow! Thanks for the explanation, Captain…..Carp, glad you got good care for it!

  3. >>>I thought Thrombo Phlebitis was on the Belarusian Olympic team.

    Sounds like a new Greek restaurant in Astoria!

  4. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    Have a good night ‘Heads! Get plenty of rest for the carcillo storm that will be tomorrows threads lol!!!

  5. Also, the doctor who saved my life … huge hockey fan.

    GySgt, So your computer was SOFA-king slow? LMAO about Prust’s Super Bowl.

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