It’s Go Time!


Game 45.

Ya boys are 9-1, and on a nine-game winning streak, against the Patrick Division. They have split their last four games and are 12-3 in their last 15.

The Skating Birds have won three in a row. They are expected to get Kris Letang back. He’s been out since Nov. 26.

Henrik Lundqvist starts in goal. Same lineup for the Rangers, which means Wojtek Wolski is prucha’d. Marc-Andre Fleury expected to start for the Penguinos.

Can’t wait for A) the Skidney Crosby updates; B) the Staal Brothers Part XXXVIII; and mostly C) the chatter about How Matt Cooke Has Changed (clarke him, the piece of bryzgalov carcillo).


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  1. You, guys were out of control today, lol. Too bad I couldn’t join. But I’m here to watch the game with you!

  2. Sally, It’s Go Time!

    billy, I’m waiting for you to calculate how much I lost during the Great Blog Crash of 1/18/12.

  3. HageLinMcCalPruStepanlahanauerikel on

    Oh wait I am stuck with NHL Network tonight, damnit to hell. Anyone have a sam and joe link?

  4. What’s the NHLN? Is that a channel I get? Can someone help me? I feel like Grandpa Simpson right now.

  5. >>>jimbo, what is that crazy post you put up on the FB page?

    Huh!? I replied to an e-mail alert of a post you made – it came out looking weird? I’ll go check it out…

  6. Let the troll have a little one. Where else would Pens fan go during their game? Should be fun…

  7. Yes, CARP, particularly Rangers clowns.

    god, I hope someone clocks Malkin, that piece of carcillo

  8. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    Duckbill doesn’t like this Joe Nickel-Eddie on MSG…prefer the hillbillies from Versus aka NBC hockey nightly news without Sam ‘the eyebrow’ Donaldson.

  9. Forced to listen to Pens feed, Bob “the toolman” Erry …”Rangers win by using the ruff stuff.the tom. foolery”

  10. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    HageLinMcCalPruStepanlahanauerikelsupercalifragulous, the duckbill enjoys the good humour.

  11. Pitt broadcast is brutal. Never in the history of broadcasting has there been a pair of bigger homers.

  12. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    anyone who uses ‘FTW’ is clearly behind the times with regards to gamer/poker/internet lexicon…as such they should bring their A-GAME OF VERnacular when you come to the number 1 rangers sports authority aka RR.

  13. Picture would be cleared up had I not inserted a crowbar through my plasma screen during the five minutes I was forced onto the Pens feed.

  14. mad respect to lw3h for not only owning a plasma screen, but finding a bull-in-a-china-shop manner of letting us know about it

  15. Ok, brb folks, driving to MSG to kneecap Malkin and rip out the vocal cords of the Carcilloburgh announcers.

  16. Didn’t realise they were that rare, Lloyd. I saved enough cash by not making Avery banners before every game.

    I’m not actually watching the game on it, of course.

  17. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    miami pimp, are you referring to Maximillian Robespierre? that is a pretty darn good reference for someone who is clearly bush league (no george)

  18. I’m not watching the game, either, LW. Trying to pass the hat so I can get one of those prime rib sandwiches in the concourse.

  19. >>>This broadcast I making me wish I was underneath a guillotine.

    Who!? Gillian Anderson?

  20. On the blog thru the Facebook link…
    format has changed.. its updating automatcly..background color change…condensed font.

  21. johnny, I’m not being funny. I just don’t know what any of that stuff means.

    I say we scalp him (I say we let him go).

  22. Why does every announcer feel the need to refer to Boyle by his first and last name on every reference?

  23. OH wait, it’s the Pens. Why haven’t been playing the entire game shorthanded by league mandate cause Cindy felt a wee tired today?

  24. the troll missed a genuine opportunity ……if he threw in “I say we let him go.” it would have been classic.

  25. HageLinMcCalPruStepanlahanauerikel on

    i was soooooooooooo hoping for that response from him 1940! what a letdown!!

  26. Listening to these announcers, one would wonder why the entire team is NOT in the Hall of Game already.

  27. that was such a nice play by Anisimov, it’s just a shame John Mitchell had to be the guy with him

  28. HageLinMcCalPruStepanlahanauerikel on

    LMFAO Peter Boyle!!!

    frankenmalkinstein needs his face bashed in……oh wait

  29. could we get a freaking call me for me on my bday. i want a damn win. thats it nothing more today

  30. I’m in the Bentley, correct. But rather than watch, I’m having the action portrayed for me in a charming set of pen pictures by a talented Filipino youngster.

  31. Yeah, Carp! You just march right into Tort’s office and *demand* that Hags gets a regular shift on the PP!!

  32. chris f

    homemade meatballs penne alla vodka and crabcakes freshly made. damn good meal. now i need a win to complete the night

  33. ha ha. These Pittsburgh announcers are a joke.

    I loved that goal.

    Way to put on the afterburners at the blue line Hags!!!


    Seee ya!!!

  34. kind of funny how most of you generally can’t tell the difference between Hagelin and Brandon Prust

  35. Rangers don’t like to fight… they like to dictate the game in between the whistles though! (chippy)

    FORTUNATELY Fleury froze the puck!

  36. by the way reason for vinny lecavlier sucker punch was because of a undercut on him just like boyle earlier

  37. “by the way reason for vinny lecavlier sucker punch was because of a undercut on him just like boyle earlier”

    I’ve never seen a more well deserved suckerjab

  38. Redden with a hat trick tonight. All three goals assisted by Christensen. Unbelievable!!!

  39. I don’t whats going on here, but it feels like another Rangers win to me.

    Number one in the power rankings? We all know that’s a stretch, but what a great feeling it is to rub it in to the Canadiens fans I work with.

  40. HageLinMcCalPruStepanlahanauerikel on

    i’m sitting here thinking. what did jim say that he got a language warning lol

  41. Unreal…Fishies leading Flys 2-0, in Philthy in 2nd….Debbies leading Bruins 1-0 in Noork – Maaarty is pitching a shutout, the old hartnell……

  42. Orr

    Those aren’t exactly the words he used but yeah, Frank Vincent is just brilliant in that scene

  43. This power play is EPIC.

    My goodness, what an atrocity. I almost threw myself off the balcony watching the comedy of errors.

  44. extra pass with a shooting lane then rifle one when there are two bodies in front of you……urgh

  45. paul steigerwald and bob errey in all the major sports are the two biggest homers there is. worse then anyone by a landslide. part of my hatred for the pens is due to them. for those who have center ice package i pray for the other teams announcers

  46. “The Rangers don’t get a shot on goal on the power play.” Wow, how many times has Sam said that this year?? It’s unbelievable that it can still be this bad.

  47. Hear that sound? That’s boom booms head exploding with Hagelin on PP! My god…what is he gonna complain about now? lol

  48. Oops…sorry carp…mean to say “as if we need more evidence that Crapiletti and Rosen (to a lesser extent) are amongst the worse in the league, their reaction to the Matt Cooke slewfoot on Richards is indefensible”…

    They should be ashamed.

  49. Orr:

    My two favorite lines there are: “…right away you’re getting byfuglien fresh” and then after the whole confrontation with Tommy he goes, “…byfuglien break up my party.”

    pretty much all classics

  50. I sure hope Staal cheapshooted Cooke…totally deserved. Idiot Crapiletti might underplay it but the Ranger players won’t….

    For those who didn’t hear, after the reply of Cooke slewing Richards, that idiot said ‘oh, that was borderline, but Cooke is way down on penalty minutes because the GM and coach told him…blah, blah, flipping blah’


  51. Homerism I can tolerate to an extent. It’s to be expected on local broadcasts. But Steigerwald, in particular, is so despicably unprofessional with it, I’d rather force rusty skate blades into my ears.

  52. That’s all I got tonight….too tired to play wackamole here :) off to hope for a win and then pass out….a demain…..ta!

  53. HageLinMcCalPruStepanlahanauerikel on

    Mickey, your dinner sure looks tasty! I just had homemade vegetable soup and scrambled eggs on an english muffin, and a temptations jello mousse cup lol

  54. I always liked when they are wrapping him up and tommy says,”I didn’t want to get blood on your floor.”

  55. It would be good to see some of our “big guys” get a few goals in this coming period….

  56. The Penguins are amongst the dirtiest, from a sneaky crap perspective, teams in the league.

    All kinds of nasty stuff they try to pull without the officials seeing. I hate the Flyers the most because of the history, but this team is right behind them for me.

  57. lol@1940

    I mean, I don’t even think Goodfellas is as good a film as Casino but it’s basically wall to wall classic moments

  58. Evening All,

    I’ve got the TV on mute tonight – NHL Network garbage

    Cannot stand the Pens announcers – beyond homers in my humble opinion

    Watching and listening to Sam Rosen all these years can really spoil you

  59. Thank you Linda! The stuff on the hot dogs is a chilli meat sauce from a place in Albany called Hot Dog Charlie’s. It’s addictive.

  60. BTW, interesting (but not unexpected so hurry back Sauer) to see Staal getting more and more minutes with MDZ…

  61. How is Matt Cooke still breathing on his own without the use of a respirator? He deserves to suffer a career-ending injury.

  62. Do they deliver, Mickey? To Woodside…? Not tonight, after that last goal…..but someday?

  63. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    RANGERSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! Dam Computer crashed , I proballly shouldnt have bent it in half….hmmmm . LETS GO RANGERS!!!!

    Lets go go go go go gogo go go go go!!!


    Lets tie this thang up!!!!!!


  64. Jimbo, no, they don’t deliver even in Albany. Too bad cause I would have had them every night I was home if they did.

  65. Wow – Bruins scorch Debbies for 3 goals in the first 8 minutes of the 3rd period…..scary!

  66. Oh, OK Mickey…, you’ll have to bring me some via Amtrak next time you’re up here…. ;-)

  67. Slump time boys and girls, like it or not: Past 5 games, after this one is done, 2 and 3 and going into Boston Saturday, meaning the team is looking at 2 and 4 past 6.

    I’ve watched almost all this game and there’s zero sustained offense from the Rangers – that’s been their problem since late December, IMO.

  68. I hate when I’m right in bad prediction, but so far second half of the season 1 game up, next down. Already a pattern. Damn, me…

  69. HageLinMcCalPruStepanlahanauerikel on

    lmfao ilb.. that’s one of the reasons why i either ghost or don’t come by after losses… the asshat factor is through the roof. then they’ll win a few in a row and ya don’t see them

  70. Carp:
    Again, Bickel hurt or chateau bow wow? Looks like Torts riding a short defence bench.

  71. NYR_FAN

    I was just thinking tr same thing about MDZ…this is a bad habit dropping to the ice. If he stayed on his feet maybe there is a chance breaking the play…but doing the sliding penguin was just dumb in that situation

  72. HageLinMcCalPruStepanlahanauerikel on

    random thought… the kardashian mom looks like that adam lambert dude

  73. Linda- I don’t feel like leaving Carp alone to deal with them…Honestly, I prefer Pens troll to some of “our own”.

  74. I think Mr. Dubinsky and Mr. Richards were enjoying some Pine Time after not getting back on the 2-1 goal. Dubinsky’s out there now.

    Bickel is not playing much at all. But that’s probably going to be his role going forward, especially when Sauer comes back.

  75. HageLinMcCalPruStepanlahanauerikel on

    it’s my fault Carpy, i’m not having a running dialogue about the game on FB tonight lol

  76. Said it last game and tonight.. Staal not skating well. Liability , but ya need toi to get were you are going.

  77. LW: Hope that’s it….we’ll see. This team’s offense has been sparse since December, IMO, meaning this ‘slump’ was inevitable.

    The lack of top end skill continues to be a problem.

  78. HageLinMcCalPruStepanlahanauerikel on

    i hear ya ilbzo. i’m thinking about quitting my job and being Carps muscle lol

  79. HageLinMcCalPruStepanlahanauerikel on

    dyin! Pens, did it really take you 2 hours to come up with that? you’ve disappointed tonight… grrrrr

  80. Richards is the only problem with this team sine the “Winter Classic Hyper Bowl Ed Snyder Celebration of Philadelphia and Bobby Clarke”….He needs to lead by example and he isn’t…

  81. 2-3 is awful, Carp. This team has to go 82 and 0 and score 15631065134856 goals and allow exactly 3.

  82. By the end of this one, they will still be 8 points up on Pens with one game in hand. Sounds ok to me. Should make them mad enough to be ready for Boston

  83. I’m going to petition the league to have the American Idol judges take over as the Pens announcers. They won’t talk about the game or have a clue what is going on, but it would be 1 million times better than these asshats.

  84. We need a strong response vs Boston. We beat ourselves this game. Great players like Malkin will PUNISH mistakes.

  85. May be losing now it not all this bad after all. Notion that team is good as is and there is no need to change anything will be replaced with concern about need of improvement. And it better be before the deadline.

  86. The second goal wasn’t only on Staal, they’re just not sharp. Dubinsky and Richards were too deep without having a solid puck possession.

  87. Tell me, is there an unwritten rule on here that outlaws criticizing this team?

    I get the swearing ban, but maybe negativity expressed towards the Rangers should be banned, too?


  88. Artie I think we’ve seen enough of for it to be safe to trade him for someone we really need now.

  89. It’s OK, much better (today) team won.
    But,if I remember correctly, we already had Pippies in “Kama sutra” position #57 like 4 times last season and already another 3 times in this. So, their balance sheet stinks already and this is not an end yet of them, sniffing cooke.

  90. HageLinMcCalPruStepanlahanauerikel on

    NASH? another large contract? and by the farm, are you insinuating avery and redden? hehe

  91. ION,

    Dan Rosen @drosennhl

    Lou Lamoriello offers bad news on Tallinder, says he developed acute thrombophlebitis of the lower left leg and will be out 6-8 weeks.

    WTB is acute thrombophlebitis??? Is he turning into a zombie??

  92. Oh well! Pissburgh, despite the injuries, is still a good team. You’re not going to beat them three times in a row.

    Bad game for a lot of Rangers.

    I like Hags on the top line though. 1 goal, 1 assist since joining the line! Keep it going!

  93. Offense clearly a problem, but there have been some really bad (and uncharscteristic) defensive breakdowns in the last two losses.

  94. HageLinMcCalPruStepanlahanauerikel on

    hrombophlebitis is swelling (inflammation) of a vein caused by a blood clot.

  95. HageLinMcCalPruStepanlahanauerikel on

    definitely not their sharpest game.
    we belabor this point on and on but the power play is an anemic mess of turdsplatter.
    i swear i can’t remember the last time it was functional!!

  96. another stat

    first loss vs flyers pens and devils we were 6-0 heading into tonight. eventually our lack of off would catch up vs these teams

  97. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    still hurts to lose like this…Malkinstein had his day.

    One more before the all star break , lettuce win it!!!!

  98. Lol, Mickey…venous inflammation with clots. He’ll be OK. Will have to be on “blood thinners” so he won’t be able to play for awhile..

  99. HageLinMcCalPruStepanlahanauerikel on

    lmao fat blood

    and the game is NHL NETWORK on Saturday afternoon, which means Bruins announcers. almost as bad as the penguins guys. Hopefully first row has the msg feed again

  100. Czechthemout!!! on

    Not a good game, and not a good stretch. THere are a lot of troubling signs with regard to the teams offense. It seems like many of the coaches from other teams have figured out what we do on offense. Adjustments need to be made not only in how they approach the offensive side to the game but also a move that may involve a trade because what they are now doing just isn’t working.

  101. The Rangers aren’t changing anything about the identity that’s made them successful this season. Bad game. Move on.

    Everything is about puck pursuit and fighting for ice. The Rangers are a tough team to play against for a reason…

  102. Yes, CTO. Agree. They’ve had bad signs for 5 games or so. And not only on offense, but on defensive side in a couple of them too. Thats why they have a good coach, and the team that believe in him, to make adjustments.

  103. Sorry, Mickey. I didn’t realize you didn’t have the post game. He spoke about the loss, admitted to their mistakes, and said that is expected as long as they don’t make it a habit. And he spoke very well, in general.

  104. Joe Mitch reaming out the lack of scoring from the other lines and BRich (Dreary 2.0?)

  105. Tis ok, ilb. I’ll forgive, this one time ;) Thanks, too. He really is well spoken and there is actually some emotion in his voice, unlike his predecessor.

  106. Ouch.

    Did anyone see Dubinsky picking his nose on the bench again? Fozzy’s friend said she saw it, but I totally missed it. Anyone?

  107. HageLinMcCalPruStepanlahanauerikel on

    when is dubi NOT picking his nose!? imagine what the underside of his desk looked like in school!

    i hate not getting pre and post game… i miss all the extra goodies you guys might take for granted.. sigh

  108. Olga, I have absolutely no idea what’s wrong with the Sabres. Lindy’s job is safe, but I’ve been hearing Regier might be gone in the summer. No one really knows what to expect with Pegula. Sure is painful to watch though.

  109. Olga Folkyerself on

    I expected good things from Buffalo since the new owner took over. These things take time, I guess?

  110. Maybe the NHL should start tracking nosepicking on camera percentages? Dubi’s fantasy hockey value would skyrocket!

    Goodnight, Carp!

  111. Ilb, isn’t that condition dangerous because there’s always a chance of a clot getting loose and causing a stroke?

  112. Maybe instead of counting $$ per goal for Dubinsky this year, it should be $$ per extracted boogers (during a game, of course).

    Might make that contract more tolerable….

  113. Yes, Jimbo…It’s complex. If its a deep vein, they sometimes place “umbrellas” to prevent the clot from traveling. Medicine does know what to do with it, though. He’ll be on blood thinners, should be ok.

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