Rangers-Predators in review (updated)


Bizarre night topped by Jim Dolan, all smiles and giggles, popping into John Tortorella’s press conference. I think what happened is that Dolan was in Tortorella’s office and the coach asked him if he wanted to do the press conference instead of Torts. And Dolan took the dare and went down the hall and into the room with him, and when he saw the shock of the reporters he decided to go with it for a while.

But it was pretty stunning. What he had to say, not so much. Just the fact that he came out from behind the curtain, and with some personality, was enough. And the best part was when he mentioned the Stanley Cup and Tortorella said, “Easy.”


1) The game might not have been exciting, but it was pretty thorough, pretty hard-fought, and again very impressive for the Rangers to bounce back from two disappointing games in the past week with nearly identical 3-0 shutout wins the next time out (though the win in T.O. was nearly perfect, and this wasn’t).

2) I said this leading up to the game, and others did too, about how similar the two teams are. Nashville’s record wasn’t far off the Rangers’ mark; the Preds had won five in a row and eight of nine; they play the same style of hockey — aggressive forecheck, battle for every inch and every loose puck, rely on superb goaltending, and with very good coaches (who know each other very well, we found out later). Trotz and Torts. Hmmm. Wonder which one’s taller. But seriously, that’s what makes it an especially good win. And it could have been, with the Penguins and the Bruins up next, the aversion of the season’s first crisis.

3) And I swear I had my hand raised at the presser and was just about to ask about the textbook final 10 minutes of the third period, with the lead, and how the Rangers ran the ball and ran out the clock, when John Tortorella mentioned it. Wow. It was shutdown by possession.

4) The Rangers sure got some ugly goals, especially Dan Girardi’s hideous game-winning bumper-pool shot that also earned him the Broadway Sombrero. I couldn’t help but think that Girardi has probably deserved that nasty fedora many times, but that it took a goal like that to get it for him.

5) Here’s the link to my column in The Journal News and LoHud.com today. I did an analysis of the two losses because my deadline was looming with the 7:38 start time. And in it I wrote about how I thought the losses of Brandon Dubinsky and Ruslan Fedotenko kind of pointed to a potential weakness — depth up front. Because with Erik Christensen and Sean Avery in Hartford, the Little Italian Kid from Norway also there and having been injured twice, and with Wojtek Wolski and Kris Newbury being -3 in 6:20 of ice time in Montreal, there’s not much behind the top 12. At least until Chris Kreider arrives, or they make a trade that upgrades the skill, helps the power play and gives them more forward depth.

6) The Rangers goalies just roll out these shutouts, don’t they. As well as the Rangers defend these first 44 games, every night the goalies have to still make enormous saves, and Henrik Lundqvist was stellar throughout this one. And Nashville comes at you, and the Rangers let them come at them for a while; plus the Preds have some guys who can flat out fire it.

7) How about that call on Marian Gaborik? I didn’t see it until much later. One of the Predators cut his own teammate with a stick, and the four officials all missed it and called Gaborik for a double minor, which the Rangers killed. The call also eliminated what was a Rangers power play, so there was a plus side to it. I thought Gaborik was strong and looked really good with Carl Hagelin’s burners on the other side of Derek Stepan.

8) I may have mentioned this last week, but now when Hagelin is rocket-boosting after the puck, the Garden crowd kind of starts to roar in anticipation of his after-burners. The Garden fans also have, lately, come to appreciate the blocked shot more, and they seem to see it coming and start buzzing, and then applaud when one of their guys takes one for the team. Pretty cool.

9) My favorite Hagelin moment was when he got involved with a bunch of Preds behind the net. Haggar the Horrible.

10) How about Michael Del Zotto and Anton Stralman leading the rush during a 4-on-4?

11) Brian Boyle=Monster. (you guys know who that was for, right?). It got pretty stupid around here yesterday and into the night and early morning hours.

12) My tour of MSG’s concessions continued. Had a food court burger. Pretty good. On a sort of English muffin thing. $8.95. Will do it again.

13) This three stars thing is getting tougher. Maybe I should just make Ryan Callahan and Lundqvist permanent stars, and then name “My Three Other Rangers Stars” because the Captain was darned good again … and got rewarded with the gift goal at the end, the one he would have (and some argue should have) gotten at the Winter Classic.

14) Happy 51st, Captain Messier!

My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Henrik Lundqvist.
2) Carl Hagelin.
3) Dan Girardi.

AP photos, above.

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  1. I wish Dolan would shut his mouth! There should be no talk of a cup. This team has done NOTHING yet. They have performed beyond our expectations to this point. They are getting our hopes up. Can you imagine the reaction of the fan base (not to mention in here) if they go out in the first round. This group has heart. They have character. They need to go out and earn our respect in the playoffs when it counts.

    Besides that, it was a very nice win last night!


  2. I have been calling Sather the GM for life for years now.. just saying.

    i was surprised to hear Torts positive about this game. I thought Mitchells goal was soft and Lindback gave up a goal to Girardi. if Rinne is in this game its a total different ballgame. Rangers did play a stellar last 6 minutes of the third on lockdown but didn’t generate many shots for the entire third period. hank was the difference as always bailing them out.

    The ice was bad. that Ryan Ellis kid looks good. Boyle had a very good game again, but has the hands of Jeff Brubaker. Rangers set up every offensive play by turning their back to the goaltender near the boards or behind the net. MDZ is using more wrist shots. Strader & Engbloom praise the rangers more than Sammy and Joey. The call on Gaborik was horse dookie. David Legwand is apparently Yvan Cournoyer he is so fast.

    thats about it.

  3. The White Plains Batman on

    Glad Dolan at least understands this philosophy and that’s A) what it takes to build success and B)what we as fans want to see. He doesn’t know anything about hockey, but if he’s going to spend, let him spend on scouting, prospect stuff, etc. In the long run having exciting guys on entry level deals saves him $.

    I hope Sather eventually gives the job to Jeff Gorton and remains as President. That is the best situation for everyone.

  4. Stranger Nation on

    That ice was bad even by Garden standards. The ice below corner boards on one end was particularly atrocious, possibly even dangerous.

    Hank was spectacular with some point blank saves.

    Not sure where he finished, but at one point in game Boyle was over 80% FOs. But he hadn’t scored yet so his game was weak.

    Richie Rich is looking a little lost out there. Rushed a great chance in front, slow to the back check, coughing up puck too easily on cycle. I hope this “disease” some have attributed this to is not contagious.

  5. I don’t have a problem with any owner staying in the background for years at a time, so I don’t care all that much about why Dolan might have appeared or what he had to say.

    But how many times has the GM come out and made any sort of meaningful public comment unprompted by a pre-arranged interview, press conference or trade call since the lockout? That is indefensible to me, whether or not it is his decision or a mandate from Dolan.

    Has Sausage Boss by Andrew Carmellini opened yet, Carp?

    Did somebody Brett Favre themselves yet again after last night?

  6. Boom Boom Bathgate / New York "Hockey" Rangers Analyst on

    It is now FOUR GAMES and counting, since the New York Rangers scored a goal on the power play. But let’s not make any changes to it, right “coach.?”

  7. The Rangers power-play is an atrocity for the ages.

    My goodness, do they even realize that they’re up a player?

    Complete and utter bush-league topped with weak-sauce.

  8. Good morning all! Happy with the win but I guess the ice was not part of the Garden overhaul.

  9. I missed everything that happened last night. At least I can’t be blamed!

    Haggar the Horrible. AWESOME nickname General. Awesome. I might just call him Hagelin the Horrible though. Kind of dig his last name.

    Really good effort by our boys. That last ten minutes…sheesh. Can any team in the NHL beat us when we play like that? It was the page the Senators took out of our own book to beat us, swarm the puck. It’s like a bee hive out there with the puck representing the queen bee. It looks like the Rangers have 15 guys on the ice. Wherever the puck is there are two rangers dive bombing it and prying it loose. Wow.

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    Sounds like a lot of work for General Carp to police our free-form word association idiocy that we post on here.

  11. Also – recognize the pattern here people:

    Some idiots around here goes off on Fedotenko – He nets a few goals and has a few strong games
    Some idiots around here goes off on Boyle – he has some strong games and nets a goal
    Some idiots around here goes off on Mitchell – two goals in two games. First line minutes.

    MIAMI PIMP has found the key to winning and others are following his lead.

  12. Anyone know what the Bruins PP % was last year???

    Good for Dolan, he does own the team RIGHT? How serious can you actually take him.
    Interesting line combos…I like Cally-Boyle-Prust …just say’n.

  13. From the game notes, where do the Rangers come up with the .705 winning percentage? Is that just a typo? Because if they ignore OT/SO losses, it would be 29/40 for .725. But the real winning percentage is 29/44 for .659. Or, you could take away their 2-3 record in shootouts and call it 27/39 for .692. Stupid NHL.

  14. Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins PP% for the season of 2010-2011: *16.17%*

    League Average for the 2010-2011 Season: *18.02%*

    NY Rangers PP% for season of 2010-2011: *16.90%*

  15. Bruins PP was awful in the playoffs, I know that much. They were 16.2% in the regular season (Rangers were 16.9%) and 11.4% in the playoffs (Rangers were 5.0%). Check Yahoo.

  16. Bruins are the outlier as far as SC champs go and PP %. Check the PPs of the other previous champs post-lockout and you’ll see they click at a pretty good rate, small sample sizes nonwithstanding.

  17. Doodie Machetto on

    “12) My tour of MSG’s concessions continued. Had a food court burger. Pretty good. On a sort of English muffin thing. $8.95. Will do it again.”

    Carp, my brother tried the burger yesterday and said the same thing. Just don’t buy the fries from them. For five bucks you get this small sad sack of soggy spuds. Just walk over to a chicken and fries place and get the amazing waffle fries.

    Also, don’t forget to get self-serve cups of bbq and hot sauce from the counter at Hill Country BBQ (free). I wonder how long before the extra BBQ sauce and hot sauce ends up behind the counter?

    I went with chicken and fries yesterday because the Simply Chicken closest to my seats wasn’t open yet, but we walked past one later that was open. I have to say… it looks pretty tasty. They are my next stop. Everything looks to have an Asian-style flavor to it.

  18. Good morning, ‘heads! Apparently we did win, mama. The memo hasn’t been distributed yet, it seems….

    Geez, Carp, what a day you had yesterday. I just read the comments. Sorry, wasn’t around to support you, but you did have some reasonable voices around.

  19. The PP is frustrating, but the PK makes up for it. This mirrors the team as a whole….Ala Last years Bruins
    Is it worth bringing EC or hobbit up? Nope..

  20. stranger nation on

    Coach Sean – nothing bad has gone on with Boyle unless you are the opinion that he should be a 20 goals scorer because he scored that many last year. Unlike previous seasonal totals averaging around 4.

    If you don’t score goals, you don’t have value according to some. He may lead the team in hits and face off %, shutting down the opponent’s best center, and blocking shots, but that is not enough.

    Can he improve? – hes they all can – his cycle game has gotten much better in the new year and he is shooting more frequently from the outside. Needs to get sturdier on his skates along the side boards and improve his goal mouth shooting (Tim Kerr style goals).

    If the Rangers are not first in every significant statistical category (and some not-so-significant), they are a basket case, potential first round loser, waiting to implode. Which sadly would make some of these ‘fans’ happy.

    But I digress…

  21. Birthday!? How dare he get older during the season. Do that on your own time, Ruslan. Do play with your Dachsunds.

  22. Again, rumor of the day is just that but hearing the same type of thing 2 days in a row is always interesting:

    CBJ asking for Dubinsky, Erixon, Miller and the #1 in exchange for Nash and a #3…

    That is basically 3 first round picks and a very good, established NHLer for Nash. Depends on your perspective I suppose but as far as this year’s team is concerned it is a swap of Dubi for Nash and I think you have to make that trade. You could also argue that we have enough depth at young D and forwards to give up Erixon and Miller and that our pick this year won’t be a great one. With the Pens hurting, the Caps not playing up to their abilities, and the Flyers D in bad shape along with their usual goalie escapades, the East is there if the Rangers can get through Boston.

  23. The Real Davola on

    Longtime reader, longtime fan, first time poster. Just thought I’d say hello before I go back to reading the complaints again. Hi.

  24. Welcome, Davola

    Peter- I’d do this trade and run away real fast! I think it will take more than that though…

  25. Doodie Machetto on

    I couldn’t even make that deal in NHL 95 when I could override trades that the other GMs rejected.

  26. The KEY TO WINNING is relying on other teams to make more mistakes than our clowns make.

    If I’m the opposing team, I PURPOSELY commit a penalty every 2 minutes to make sure we are on the powerplay and hence don’t score.

  27. Carp, (Cuz), I think they need to dump that stupid hat, makes whomever is wearing it look like a pimp, or at best a Lou Vega impersonator. Secondly, on the 8.95 burger. Before the wonderful transformation, my kid loved the double hamburger with waffle fries combo, 8.95. now the SINGLE burger is 8.95 and fries are extra. Great deal.

  28. Doodie Machetto on

    giacomo, I’m with you on the burger price/value, but I’ll say this: the old burger was pretty crappy other than the portion. This was a tasty looking burger. The other burger looked like two 1/4 lb patties. This looks like one 1/3 lb patty, so you aren’t losing much there.

    But they can’t give lettuce and tomato?

  29. Boom Boom Bathgate / New York "Hockey" Rangers Analyst on

    BlogMama –

    Yes, we won, and give the E.S. lines an “A,” and give the D an “A,” and give the goalie an “A+,” and give the PK team an “A,” BUT, give the power play team, and the coach who runs it, an “F,” for the last three games now.

    I find it ludicrious that some here are content with a win, to overlook a glaring defect which will get us kicked out of the playoffs early, if it is not addressed and rectified. And it is NOT even being acknowledged, right now. You go against Boston in the playoffs with a pansy power play, expecting to win? Really? Dream on, children.

  30. Boom Boom Bathgate / New York "Hockey" Rangers Analyst on

    Manny –

    Thanks for your words of praise re Hags. The really good news is that Krieder is going to be twice as good as Hags. Hags had just an 11 per cent shooting percentage in college. Kreider is going to have a 20+ per cent shooting percentage up here. So much to look forward too. Hope you are enjoying your day.


  31. Boom Boom Bathgate / New York "Hockey" Rangers Analyst on

    Yes, the Bruins won it all with a below par PP, last year. In fact the PP is the tie-breaker, everything else being equal. Even-strength goals account for, latest figure I have on this season 73 per cent of all goals. Ignore that, at your peril.

    Rangers have dropped from a high of 57% to their current level of just 53% share on even- strength goals. This is one hell of a red flag, given that the power play is invisible,and mechanically malfunctioning, right now.

    If the Rangers can hold the fort until Kreider gets here, some things could get patched-up, around here. And, yes, Kreider is not, by any stretch, automatically up here in March, we all know that.

  32. Kreider is going to have a 20+ per cent shooting percentage up here.


    2011 Sean Avery-like. But not as high as Mike Rupp (30.8%).

  33. Doodie Machetto on

    “You go against Boston in the playoffs with a pansy power play, expecting to win? Really? ”

    I’m sure people were saying the same thing to Boston last season. How did that turn out for them? 11.4% in the playoffs. Anaheim, Phoenix, Buffalo, Montreal, LA, and Chicago were 6 of the top 7, all above 20%, all out in the first round. The only teams that were above 20% and won a playoff round were Tampa and Vancouver.

  34. Boom Boom Bathgate / New York "Hockey" Rangers Analyst on

    Boston, by the way, shows a whopping 69 1/2 per cent share at even-strength. It will be truly miraculous if anyone beats them out of the Cup, this year. I’m telling you, the Rangers should approach any trades this year with NEXT YEAR in mind, we are just not the best team in the NHL, right now. Contender, yes, but place or show money is not win money.

  35. Mitchell’s goal wasn’t soft. He used the screen perfectly when he came off the boards and just ripped it near side. Lindback couldn’t see it at all.

    Also Sather stopped talking to the media after the Trottier hiring (and subsequent firing) since he was getting ripped apart. He seems like a pretty sensitive guy so I guess he didn’t want to hear about everyone second guessing his decisions when all he wanted to do was win. His quote about what he could do with the Rangers payroll kind of set him up though.

  36. Carp said it yesterday….how do we know Kreider isn’t another Grachev?

    Size, speed, and a heavy shot….he looked good playing against teenagers that were half his size in Brampton….

  37. Good morning, Hamslice!

    Welcome, Crazy Joe Davola.

    LW, I believe the Sausage boss is open for business.

    Spider, I didn’t do the math, but I believe their winning percentage if the pct. of points gained out of a possible total (two per game). That’s how it’s done in the NHL, where every win is a win, but not every loss is a loss, and some losses are half-wins.

    giacomo (cuz), hope you weren’t out in the cold the other day. you might have frozen! Maybe you should open an MSG concession and have a pig roast.

    ilb, I wouldn’t have wanted to pull you away from your two drinks in each hand on a sunny beach :).

  38. Take total points and divide by (games played x 2)

    62 / (44 x 2) = 62/88 = .705


    Spideraasenski January 18th, 2012 at 9:03 am

    From the game notes, where do the Rangers come up with the .705 winning percentage? Is that just a typo? Because if they ignore OT/SO losses, it would be 29/40 for .725. But the real winning percentage is 29/44 for .659. Or, you could take away their 2-3 record in shootouts and call it 27/39 for .692. Stupid NHL.

  39. Boom Boom Bathgate / New York "Hockey" Rangers Analyst on

    Doodie, see the above post – Boston is so dominant at even-strength which is three times more important than special teams play, they can have almost no power play to speak of, and still win it all. The really bad news is that Boston, right now, shows a 55 per cent goal scoring share on its PP.

    We have to face reality, Doodie, and everyone. We are an exciting ONE YEAR away from winning it all, if we don’t blow it at the trade deadlines this year and next year, or over this coming summer. How terrible is that? The Rangers will win the Stanley Cup in June, 2013. Live with it!

  40. He could be, but I’d be leaning towards him being a more effective NHL player since he plays in Hockey East.

    Most of the guys that come from top D1 hockey schools might not be as full out talented as the stars in the OHL, but they can make more of an impact at the NHL level. The Pens have a few of those guys (Orpik, Vitale) and they aren’t star players, but they are effective since they play against men. Don’t forget, most college players are 20-24 years old, not 16-18.

  41. I should clarify what I mean by that. Top D1 players are less likely to be busts because they play against bigger and stronger competition. Top CHL players are more likely to have better careers if they pan out.

    So to me it seems like D1 stars are less risk, but potentially less reward than those who come from the CHL. So even if he isn’t a 60-80 point guy, he could still be an effective 3rd liner who chips in with 30 points and uses his speed and size to possibly put up even more.

  42. Monster > Beast?
    Solid win, last night. Carp, what did you think of the burger? Have you covered the ($19.00) prime rib sandwich? It amazes me how slapping a “Hill Country” wrapper, on the thing, despite shrinking the portion down, justifies a 50% increase in price (I’m pretty sure the prime rib + beer, prior to this season was about $20.00).

  43. HI Mr Davola…being a word smith and name
    pronunciator as an interest I wondered if the stress is put on the DA or the VO or the LA?

  44. Don’t know if anyone’s floated the idea yet – but i’m thinking the Avery interested party, or one of, is Detroit. They are looking for a 3rd/4th line winger with a bit of sandpaper to his game, one of his old teams, pure speculation on my part (e5), but we are coming close to silly season (part I)….

    Great game last night – apparently the Blue Wall of Broadway aka The King is taking over the @thenyrangers twitter account after practice today so maybe we can ask him about his views on the burger prices?

  45. With Staal getting his legs back, and Sauer getting closer, should last year’s pairs be re-united? Blockness and McDonut seem to really have some chemistry, but Girardi/Staal and Sauer/McDonut were so effective.

    I was thinking that MDZ might actually be a good fit with Girardi, which could free him up more offensively, but that relegates Staal to the third pair.

  46. Boom Boom Bathgate / New York "Hockey" Rangers Analyst on

    Staal Wart –

    Fair enough, the sniping at Kreider, for now. But let’s divine your progression here.

    When he has played his first NHL game, he will be “just a rookie.”

    When he has scored 20 goals in his first half season it will be: “Let’s see it for an entire year.”

    When he has made the E.C. All-Star team he will “Not yet have won an MVP or the Art Ross Trophy”.

    When he has won the Art Ross Trophy and the Hart Trophy he will not yet be in the Hall of Fame.

    When he is in the Hall of Fame, he will “Not have gotten in on the first ballot.”

    When he has led the Rangers to two Stanley Cups he will have been the Conn Smythe Trophy just once.

    I think I get your drift, Staal Wart, and, Little Buddy, you sure are drifting on the high seas with no paddle for your canoe.

  47. Shoot the puck, Barry on

    Nash— nah. More likely Bobby Ryan or Shane Doan.

    I would have traded Dubi earlier this season, but clearly we missed him these last few games. If we can get Eminger and Sauer back, you can probably trade a D man and then some package of kids. Wouldn’t want to take away from the current roster, though…

  48. I think the Del Zotto question is the most interesting. If the top four from last year remain the top four, in any shape or form, how do you not reduce Del Zotto’s minutes? Because he doesn’t deserve to have them reduced.

  49. Can’t look this up right now, but I’ve got more than a feeling that nobody in NHL history sustains a 20% shooting percentage over a career of reasonable length.

  50. … so put Hagelin and Kreider on the No. 1 line and the No. 1 PP, and call the Mayor’s office about the Canyon of Heroes.

  51. billybleedsblue on

    I thought it was common knowledge that Sather is the GM for life? When he first came to NY wasn’t that all but explicitly stated if not specifically mentioned by the Rangers? I always thought it was a bad idea… nobody should be above accountability… but if the Rangers win a cup soon, I will probably just forget about it…

    I love the Garden food reviews, that’s so funny. Foodie Machetto’s tips on the fries and sauces thing got me chuckling, and now I’m starving. lol and Ogerp Jr, “Have you covered the ($19.00) prime rib sandwich?” Hahaha…

  52. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, I’ve been saying that about MDZ for a while now. I think what will help mitigate his minute-loss is that he gets a lot of time on the PP. That time won’t be affected by moving down to the third pair.

    Also, in general, there is likely to be more of a balance in minutes so that Girardi and McDonagh aren’t both playing 27 minutes every night. They play 27 a night because the other defensive pairs are a little weaker. Once everyone is at their peak, you figure the time allotment is spread a bit more evenly so that the first pair plays 25, the second 20, the third 15 (with MDZ playing about 18 minutes because MDZ will get PP time that McDonagh and Sauer won’t).

  53. Boom Boom Bathgate / New York "Hockey" Rangers Analyst on

    How do we know Brad Park isn’t another Arnie Brown or Larry Cahan? We just shut up and give him a shot, that’s how.

  54. yeah, but it all changed by the end, Foodie.

    Haven’t been near the high-rent Prime Rib sandwich yet … highest I’ve gone in arena food is the Luger Steak sandwich at Yankee Stadium, which I think was like $15.95 or maybe more … and believe it or not, almost worth it. … now I’m getting hungry.

  55. so maybe you keep Stahl and Girardi separated and let both pairs handle the opponent’s top line so that the minutes don’t all go to the first pair. That way the third pair gets significant minutes, too.

  56. Boom Boom Bathgate / New York "Hockey" Rangers Analyst on

    Carp –

    I’ve got you down as a Devils fan, for lack of better tangible evidence to the contrary.

  57. Doodie Machetto on

    Or Bobby Sanguinetti? Or Korpikoski? Or Montoya? Or Jessiman? Or Malhotra? Or Cherneski? Or Brown? Or Cloutier? Or Sundstrom? Or Ferraro? Or Stewart? Or Rice? Or More?

    Get the picture? The chance of a guy becoming a huge success is the exception, not the rule.

  58. Boom Boom Bathgate / New York "Hockey" Rangers Analyst on

    Hey, how do we know he’s not another Madonna Ciccone? You know, Doodie, you take a shot with a kid. Knocking him before he has had that shot is rather lame academia cocktail party balderdash.

  59. I suppose they could put MDZ on the third pair. Since he gets minuntes on the PP, he would still log close to 20 on average.

  60. Boom Boom Bathgate / New York "Hockey" Rangers Analyst on

    I wan to take a shot WITH him, you want to take a shot AT him. Fair enough. We are going to see who is wrong here, apart from the fact that it is not me.

  61. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, we eyeballed the prime rib sandwich. We were big fans of the old one. The new one looks TINY. Like 2/3s of the old one, but $3 more. So we stayed away. Also, the old one came with the jus and the horseradish sauce. This one does not appear to come with that, but I may be mistaken about that.

  62. Boom Boom Bathgate / New York "Hockey" Rangers Analyst on

    Korpedo is having a really good year, Doodie. You missed the memo.

  63. Good link CT. God knows who then? Can we send him to Montreal to play with those visor-wearing French-Canadians and get a stud prospect in return or have they got a new GM that Slats doesnt have dirt on?

    Carp i’m with you – even out the top 4 D minutes to save Mac Truck and Blockness burning out and making sure DelZ doesnt lose his mojo (again).

  64. Boom Boom,

    A couple of things with your study of the Bruins.

    First, as sparkling as their goal differential might be, that doesn’t guarantee ultimate success in the playoffs. Look at the Caps and Canucks from the previous few seasons.

    Second, although related to the first, often times a strong goal differential is based on playing weaker competition. Case in point, the Bruins have played 11 games against teams that yield less than the league average goals against. Their record in those games 6-4-1 (pts percentage of .590). Their goals scored average in those games is 2.18 goals/game. Which means the other 32 games have come against teams that give up more than the league average of goals against, including 13 games against teams that are 25th in the league or worse in GAA. Their record in those games is 23-9-0 or .741 pts pct. Their goals scored average is 4 goals/gm.

    They’re a good team, and like most good teams they beat up on weaker competition, but the point is they’ve played some pretty weak competition so far.

  65. Hi Carp,

    What do you think of Marc Staal’s play since he returned to the lineup? Do you ever see him getting 100% back to where he was before the concussion?

    Any word on when Sauer is coming back? Thanks.

  66. Did you guys hear that Sauer said that his visor was what caused his helmet to pop off on the Phaneuf hit and not the loose chin strap?

    Apparently, he is considering ditching the Europånsy visor….

  67. HugeRangersfanfromTx on

    Guys, come to the blog multiple times a day but never post…going to start out now…what do you think of this idea:

    Stars fall out of contention…maybe Branden Morrow??? He’d fit in nicely with the way the team plays. He has 1 more year after this one at 4.1 mill cap hit.

    Watch his games down here in Dallas…he’d be a nice PP addition. Don’t know if they’d deal him though..

    What do you guys think?

  68. Doodie Machetto on

    Boom Boom, I’m not knocking the kid at all. I’m just tempering my expectation UNTIL I see him. Right now he’s all potential. Meanwhile, you have this guy pegged as being as being the next Ovechkin.

    Grachev looked amazing in juniors. It looked like we had the steal of the draft. He was big, he was fast, he had great hands. Then he signed his first pro contract and joined the Wolf Pack. And he floundered. And now he is floundering in St. Louis’ system.

  69. Doodie Machetto on

    10 goals and 11 assists in his 8th professional season? Yup! Korpikoski is a 1st round dynamo!

  70. Boom Boom just trying to temper your enthusiasm thats all.
    The guy hasn’t set food on an NHL rink and your talking Lord Stanley…
    I think you may need to chill a little…how many busts have come down the pike?
    Not saying he’s a bust but geez I think you are getting waaay ahead of yourself…Prust sayin.

  71. Wicky©"I think the NHL Network host was named Kathryn Tappen" on

    Morning ILB, Kathryn Tappen, and all!!

    So what thread do I have to read for all the apparent jackwagonness?? Or do I even want too?

    thanks for the review and sorry you had to put up with the above mentioned jackwagonness!!

    johnnyboy (not jonny D)
    cally was with boyle and feds, prust was with richards and dubi

    talking about all three d pairs getting more evenly distributed ice time, HUSH YO MOUTH!!!!

  72. Thanks Stranger … I totally agree with your perspective and analysis. What in the world are the heads talking about here … Dubi for Nash? that makes no sense on some many levels – if you really want to think about an established skater for potential trade – I think that would be AA. I really think he is the perfect kind of player that we usually trade – streaky, no show somethimes, good hands and skating but does not live up to potential.

    I am half surprised that the mgmt has not traded him to Devs, Islanders, Pens, or Philly just yet so he can destroy us playing for one of those teams!

  73. I think the Dubi for Nash proposal is to help offset the cap hit. Out of the guys making multimillion dollar cap hits, he’s the one that people would be willing to part with. No matter how much people want it to happen, Wolski isn’t getting included in any trade.

  74. Doodie Machetto on

    CTB is correct on Dubi for Nash. Also, Dubi is a better player than Anisimov, so CBJ will not be happy taking Anisimov instead.

  75. Wicky©"I think the NHL Network host was named Kathryn Tappen" on

    Did you guys see the tweet from mcilrath about hagelin on whackamole—>?

  76. Boom Boom Bathgate / New York "Hockey" Rangers Analyst on

    LW3H –

    You make an excellent point re career shooting percentage maximum possibility. Much of it relates to PP time and goals. What I would like to see is an even-strength stat as regards shooting percentage, because so much of offensive production is clouded by PP time, or lack of PP time.

    So, considering your good point, let’s just say I am down for Hags having a good career, and Kreider having a truly great career – and before the fact, too, whatever his E.S. and PP shooting percentage breakdown.

  77. Before putting any trade proposal together, look at it from the other team’s perspective (and how the fans might react about what the GM did) and then think about how it would work with the cap – one or the other will veto most trades people dream up.
    The only trade(s) we will be making will be for a rental 2nd/3rd line winger so that Slats does not have to give up any of the core players and can use picks, our own UFA/RFA players and mid-level prospects.

    No-one will give us much more than a mid-level draft pick for Wolski or a bag of pucks for Christy.

  78. Only one player that’s in the top 30 for PPG has a shooting pct of at least 20%. James Neal, the league leader with 12 PPG has a shooting pct of 12 (and change)%.

  79. Boom Boom Bathgate / New York "Hockey" Rangers Analyst on


    I am confident in my opinion and young player evaluations because I have a high percentage success rate when it comes to picking them. I certainly didn’t pick Jessiman for stardom, etc.

    I did go just about nuts with anger when Slats acquired Lindros for a package which included Brendl. Got to say Brendl was my biggest -before the fact – misread of all time, unless it was Sanguinetti.

    I dont’ know where Sangs went wrong, what with 23 goals as a young D in the OHL. Thinking that if he never did settle in re D responsibility, maybe he could have been shifted to the wing. A natural goal scorer should be able to find a place in the NHL, somewhere.

    So I make no claim to always being “right.” But I get carried away because I cannot believe the level of skepticism here, as regards this brilliant young man, Kreider. His videos of goals he scores at Boston College are truly astounding and breathtaking. Only videos of our dearly-departed Cherepanov can compare for brilliance, inspiration, and creativity. And I love how opposing goalies look stunned, shocked and embarrassed when they are taken to school by a Cherepanov or a Kreider. You don’t see that often, at any level. I mean, one deceased, one alive, they just toy with goalies, at times, it seems.

    So Krieder could, still, be a bust, or he could take over the NHL, inside of a year. Time will tell. If he is the real deal, I think we can agree, this team will be winning multiple Cups in the near future.

  80. Just curious.. wondering if any of you dedicated hockey fans can answer this.

    How is DET always on top of standings and always a solid, consistent team throughout every season? I’ve never been able to watch them unless they play the Rangers that once a year on NBC or VERSUS, I mean, NBC.

  81. Wicky©"I think the NHL Network host was named Kathryn Tappen" on


    Orr disappears and Dolan finally does a public appearance, then Dolan disappears again and Orr shows back up??

    no wonder Orr can afford all of the ben and jerrys…


  82. Detroit has been blessed by a few things:

    Nicklas Lidstrom, he doesn’t age. Still more effective than all but a handful of D in the league.

    Knocking it out of the park with late round picks like Datsyuk and Zetterberg turning into a pair of the best two players of the past decade.

    They seem to dominate the league in late blooming players like Dan Cleary.

    They have stability in their core players, a smart coach and an even smarter front office. A tried and tested system that they implement throughout their entire organization.

  83. Staalwart wrote:

    “I love how Kreider, a guy who has never played an NHL game, is suddenly the savior for a team in first place.”

    I was lucky enough to see Carl Hagelin play at the Yost Ice arena in Ann Arbor. When I saw him play, I was blown away by his speed and thought he would be a productive 2nd line player in the NHL. During the pre-season in this very room, I was talking about how he would help the team THIS YEAR.

    I also have been lucky enough to see Chris Kreider play live. I attended the 2010 beanpot tournament in Boston at TD Bank Garden, where Kreiders college BC played BU. What a great experience! You should put it on your bucket list if you love hockey. Chris Kreider will be a #1 line player for the Rangers IMHO. I PRAY they do not trade this kid. He has speed similar to Hagelin on a 6’3″ 230lb frame. And, I think he has a scorers hands as well. When I saw him play at the beanpot, he scored a goal on an end to end rush where he completely undressed the defenseman with an AMAZING move before he scored. This kid is the real deal!

  84. Boom Boom – I’m high on Kreider, but hold your horses. Doodie and crew are right in the sense that he hasn’t proven anything at the pro level yet.

    That being said, I think he will be a player very much like Stepan for us in the sense that he’ll jump in and add about 30-40 points. Based on his skill set, speed, and size (got to watch him live a bunch in some college games), he should make the roster next year either out of camp or midway through the season.

    I don’t think he’ll be a bust like all of those others listed because we finally have a grasp of what to look for in a draft, especially post-lockout. Pre-draft, we just drafted based on what everyone else had done in previous years (always looking for the Lindros type…hence Jessiman).

    Now I feel like we’ve had really good drafts the last few years, especially in the early rounds. Probably started around 05 (although the Sanguinetti draft I was never happy with in 06 since I played him and he wasn’t all that special). But just looking at the top 3 rounds and guys who have contributed, we’ve taken Staal, Sauer, Anisimov, Cherepanov (who we unfortunately never got to see), Del Zotto, and Stepan.

    The other guys after that 08 draft that look promising based on their growth are Bourque, Kreider, McIlrath (although I think Rangers fans overrate him a bit), Thomas, Miller (also I feel is overrated, but his junior stats are solid for his 1st year). Other guys of note are Fasth, McColgan, and Pashnin. So we have drafted better lately and have more guys getting to the pro level on time (whether it be NHL or AHL first).

  85. Doodie Machetto on

    The only sushi place I saw was closed. Also, I don’t think I would be able to afford MSG sushi.

  86. Also, one player isn’t going to win us cups. It’s the collective group that will. The reason why Torts/Sully wanted Kreider out sooner is so he could learn the system. They see he has the offensive skills that not many players on the big club have right now. They wanted to groom him in their system of hard forechecking so they can utilize his offensive instincts and natural ability to add more front-end skill.

    So that sets him back a bit since he’ll have to learn all that coming into camp next year.

  87. My son is 4 and has been taking more interest in games. One question I haven’t been able to answer, at least in 4-year-old terms, is “why are they fighting?” Best I’ve come up with is “it just happens” or something along those lines. Anyone else go through this?

  88. Boom Boom
    you sound like a stuck up asshat…you said it yourself, its your opinion!
    On one hand, Boyle sucks, Trade MDZ, Dubi should be benched, and yet then Kreider is the savior?
    I’d prefer to see him play for awhile before I formulate an Opinion on him. I mean… come on, I think skepicism is a good thing on this site…if you read the comments for one week its like a bi-polar crackheads worst nightmare.

  89. Carp: Stupidest is a word. I looked it up.

    stupidestsuperlative of stu·pid (Adjective)

    Lacking intelligence or common sense.
    Dazed and unable to think clearly.

  90. Boom Boom,
    You know who I’m high on right now…
    Stepan, a kid who shows great vision and some pretty slick passes
    MDZ, another kid who has taken great strides this year and is turning into a stud.
    Hagelin, another kid with sick speed and another great skill set.
    McDonaugh, another kid with great defensive skills and a fantastic skater.
    I can be sure of my opinions on these players because I’ve witnessed them play games.
    Prust sayin…so take your paddle to the high seas my friend, or should I call you Little Buddy, and paddle elsewhere…

  91. Doodie,
    I suppose “that’s what they’re paid to do”, but I think it’s different in hockey. I mean, you have your enforcers who are paid to do that in a sense. But, you have guys who are motivating their team, defending someone else, etc. Some of those are a bit hard to explain.

  92. so has a bandwagon Dolan said anything else lately?

    Rangers are the best in the league… how convenient it is for him to show up now after all these years and numerous miserable teams we had. I hate him. Just wanted to make that clear. Thank you.

  93. Doodie Machetto on

    Revisionist history BS. We sat down in 2004 and said what do we do? Did you forget to sit down in 2000? I’ll tell you what turned this franchise around: getting lucky on a 7th round draft pick.

  94. Boom Boom Bathgate / New York "Hockey" Rangers Analyst on

    Jonny D –

    I’m waiting for Stepan to light it up and thinking he has a much higher up side. It could start with his shooting more and passing less. Unselfishness, to an extreme, is not balance nor a virtue.

  95. True Blue Mike on

    Chara and Alfredsson captains for All Star Game. I would have liked to see Kessel one of the captains. The irony in that is just awesome!

  96. iWanna, I don’t see why Staal wouldn’t get back to where he was … barring another concussion. He’s looked pretty good at times since coming back, and had some bad moments, too, to be expected.

    Sauer skated again today, said he felt good … still no word on when he will be cleared to do some bumping, which will be the next milepost in his return. Said his stamina isn’t too bad.

  97. Boom Boom Bathgate / New York "Hockey" Rangers Analyst on

    CT Blueshirt –

    Yes, with 30 teams in this league there are some soft touches, no question. And sometimes a strong team will lose to a weak team, Boston got outscored four E.S. goals to two by TBay, last night. That rarely happens as they are a monster at E.S.

    Sometimes, in the course of a season a team, every team will lose when it should not because of the demands of the schedule. We may have seen that Sunday night in Montreal when the Rangers could not sustain their emotional intensity level of the night before.

    You are correct in that Boston is no lock to win it all, and so often the President’s Cup winner tanks in the playoffs. But Boston has earned the right to be strongly favored, and right now, subject to change of course, they are heads above all but Vancouver, past the half-way mark.

    My take is that the Rangers figure to have a much better shot at knocking off this Boston team a year from now, and should not put all there irons in the fire by making a short-term, depleting trade, at this time. That doesn’t mean they can’t win it all, this year, but they haven’t taken over the league in regular season play yet, as Boston surely has.

  98. Boom Boom Bathgate / New York "Hockey" Rangers Analyst on

    Thanks, LW3H –

    Re four players over 20 per cent shooting, at this time. That makes 20 per cent shooting perhaps the equivalent of a .340 batting average in baseball, really special, yet attainable by the best in the game. I stand on my statement that I project that Kreider will join the National Hockey League elite, in all aspects of forward offensive play and production.

  99. Hey Carp – I just split my pants at work. Seems like I am taking after my co-worker now, eh?

  100. Doodie Machetto on

    Boom Boom, maybe you should look at who those 4 guys are. I don’t see the calls for Craig Simpson, Charlie Simmer, and Paul MacLean to be inducted into the hall.

  101. stranger nation on

    Gretzky not in top – we finally found an offensive category where he is not statistically dominant – trade him now!

    Charlie Simmer – blast from past – of the Kings with Dave Taylor and Marcel Dionne formed The Triple Crown line.

  102. Doodie Machetto on

    Jagr’s career percentage is just above 14. That makes him a good, not great, hockey player, right?

    I can’t believe you’re using shooting percentage as a serious metric.

  103. Boom Boom Bathgate / New York "Hockey" Rangers Analyst on

    Manny –

    You have to work for a living? Why don’t you take the pencil out of your ear and the name tag off your tank top blouse and come to work for me, I can use a good file clerk when I am multi-tasking investing in equities and futures markets.

  104. Parrish still marked as an active player on that list, even if not currently (or any more) an NHLer.

    Unless scoring (and bad goaltending) returns to levels of the mid 80s to mid 90s, I can’t see how anyone can get close to 20% over a career now. Maybe Mike Rupp.

  105. Boom Boom Bathgate / New York "Hockey" Rangers Analyst on

    Doodie –

    It’s ok that we have a different frame of reference. Some emphasize totals, I emphasize rate of production. So that, to me, a ballplayer getting 200 hits and hitting .280 is not as good as a ballplayer getting 100 hits but hitting .350. Take your choice.

  106. So what does Kreider have to do to be eligible for the playoffs this season?

    Sign a pro contract by when? Play x number of games?

  107. Doodie Machetto on

    So by your logic, Probert would be the better player then Jagr. He should’ve just shot the puck more often.

  108. Boom Boom Bathgate / New York "Hockey" Rangers Analyst on

    I’ll take Probert over Jags, we know Probert was the most physical basher in the game and we know Jags coughed up the puck like a kid on glue, when he was here. lol – ok, I’m kidding, but I know you will take the above seriously, anyway.

  109. The idea that Kreider can come in now and take Dubi or Artie’s spot, is wishful thinking at best….

  110. Boom Boom Bathgate / New York "Hockey" Rangers Analyst on

    “Mammy, how I love ya, How I love ya, my dear old Mammie.” (Second chorus coming right up soon as I take off my “blackface.” ) lol

  111. Doodie Machetto on

    No, I’m not taking that seriously. What I’m doing is pointing out how one metric does not measure a hockey player’s worth.

    I just started thinking of a few random players that I know are near the top of the career goalscoring list. You know some of the players who aren’t in the top 250 of career shooting percentage? Mike Gartner, Joe Sakic, Marcel Dionne. None of them are above 14% shooting for their careers. Tell me that you don’t think they are good players.

    Your shooting percentage metric is one of the most foolish things I’ve ever heard. And the fact that you thought 20% was something that a lot of great players can achieve shows how little you know about it.

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