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Courtesy of the Rangers:

January 17, 2012 (Game 44, Home Game 20)
Madison Square Garden – New York, New York  

Team Notes:

–        The Rangers defeated the Nashville Predators, 3-0, tonight at Madison Square Garden, and are now 12-3-0 in their last 15 games.

–        New York has posted a record of 29-11-4 (62 pts) on the season, including a 14-4-2 mark at home.  The Blueshirts sit atop the NHL standings, two points ahead of Chicago and St. Louis, and have opened a three-point gap over Boston for first place in the Easten Conference standings.

–        The Rangers have won seven of their last nine games at Madison Square Garden.  The Blueshirts’ 14-4-2 (30 pts) mark at MSG is their best start at home through 20 games since 1995-96 (15-2-3, 33 pts).

–        The Rangers’ .705 win% through 44 games is the team’s best start in 40 years, when the 1971-72 Blueshirts began the season with a 30-7-7 record (.761 win%), and is the third best start in franchise history.

–        With the shutout, New York is now tied with Boston for fewest goals against on the season (87), and their 1.98 goals against average is tied with St. Louis for the lowest in the league.

–        The Blueshirts’ penalty kill was 3-3 (4:05) against the Predators, and has now held opponents scoreless in 10 of the last 11 games (23-24, 95.8% over the span). New York is 48-53 (90.6%) on the penalty kill with five shorthanded goals in the last 20 contests.

–        The Rangers out-hit the Predators, 36-27, and were credited with 18 blocked shots in the contest.  Entering tonight’s contest, the Rangers led the league in hits (1,245) and ranked third in the NHL in blocked shots (704).

Player Notes:                           

–        Henrik Lundqvist made 27 saves to post his fourth shutout of the season, the 39th of his career, and record his 20th win of the season.  Lundqvist is the third goaltender in Rangers’ history to reach the 20-win mark in seven consecutive years, and the first since Mike Richter accomplished the feat from 1995-96 to 2001-02.  Ed Giacomin holds the franchise record with eight straight seasons of 20 or more wins (1966-67 to 1973-74).  Miikka Kiprusoff (Calgary) is the only other goalie in the league with an active streak of 20+ wins in seven or more consecutive seasons (courtesy of the Elias Sports Bureau).

–        Lundqvist improved to 20-9-4 overall, including a 10-4-2 mark at home.  He has allowed one goal or less in eight of his last 13 games, and has held opponents to two or fewer goals in 22 games this season.

–        Dan Girardi opened the game’s scoring at 6:15 of the first period, was credited with two blocked shots and posted a plus-three rating in 25:48 of ice time.  Girardi is now tied for second among team defensemen with four goals.

–        John Mitchell notched an unassisted goal at 10:42 of the second of period, and was credited with two hits and two blocked shots in the contest.  Mitchell has recorded two goals in the last two games.

–        Ryan Callahan tallied an unassisted, empty net goal with 51 seconds remaining in regulation, and was credited with a game-high, seven hits in 20:53 of ice time.  He has recorded 21 points (seven goals, 14 assists) in the last 26 games, including nine points (three goals, six assists) in the last 12.

–        Marian Gaborik recorded an assist and three shots on goal in 18:57 of ice time.  He has registered two assists in the last two games, having tallied his 300th career NHL assist on Sunday at Montreal.  Gaborik leads the team in scoring with 36 points on the season.

–        Carl Hagelin registered an assist, three shots on goal and posted a plus-two rating in 17:01 of ice time.  He has now tallied seven points (three goals, four assists) in the last 11 games.  Hagelin is tied for fourth on the team and second among NHL rookies with a plus-12 rating on the season.

–        Brian Boyle registered a team-high, four shots on goal, was credited with six hits and won a game-high, 9-13 faceoffs (69%) in the contest.  He ranks third on the team with 119 hits on the season.

Post-Game Quotes:                                                      

–        John Tortorella on Carl Hagelin…

“I put him on lines, and he ignites lines with his speed.  It’s just a dog and a bone mentality as far as chasing down pucks.  He played really good the other night on a different line, with Boyle.  I bounce him all over the place.  I thought all the lines contributed tonight.  Step’s (Derek Stepan’s) line, for the majority of the night, played really well.”

–        Henrik Lundqvist on the team…

“I think we’re more mature.  We know how we have to play.  So far every time we lose our focus on how we have to play, we correct it pretty quickly.  That’s key if you want to stay in top position, you have to correct things right away.  You can’t let it slide, and it’s a really good thing to have.  I like the way guys prepare, and after a tough game we really want to come back with a strong performance.  I like to see the way guys look at themselves and how they play, and try to improve and get better.”

–        Dan Girardi on tonight’s game…

“I thought Nashville came out hard. They are a similar team to how we play and I thought that helped us to get back to our game. They’re a hard-nosed team and (they play) in your face. That’s how we play, so it was a quick transition for us.”

Team Schedule:                 

–        The Blueshirts’ practice schedule for tomorrow, January 18, is 12:00 p.m. at MSG Training Center.

–        The Rangers will return to action when they face-off against the Pittsburgh Penguins on Thursday, January 19, at Madison Square Garden (7:00 p.m.), in an Atlantic Division match-up.  The game will be televised live on MSG Network and can be heard on 1050 ESPN Radio.

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  1. Stop with all the new posts, Carp!

    MickeyM January 17th, 2012 at 11:24 pm

    BANJ, If I had that kinda money, I wouldn’t be living in Missouri away from my family. And I would buy the Mets before the Rangers, they need more help

  2. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    do you guys notice the Manny pattern?? never with us for night games…he henpeckled already

  3. Dolan is such a jerk. This team has developed an identity and a philosophy based on what Torts has done here and he’s 1- going to come in and praise Sather and 2- go completely against the Philosophy and wishes of the guy who turned this team into what it is and start trying to run his mouth. Tell him to stick to hanging in hot tubs with ‘Melo and Am’are and leave the hockey to the people who don’t have their heads up their rectums

  4. FisolaNYDN Frank Isola
    James Dolan comes out of hiding to say Rangers are close to winning it all. Last time he was his sure of himself he traded the farm for Melo

  5. Love the quotes by Torts on Hags!

    “I put him on lines, and he ignites lines with his speed. It’s just a dog and a bone mentality as far as chasing down pucks. He played really good the other night on a different line, with Boyle. I bounce him all over the place.”

  6. I’m kinda sorry that Dolan has discovered that he owns a hockey team….nothing good can come of this..

  7. That’s just the point I was trying to make NYR, what Isola said there.

    Dolan & Co. do nothing “off the cuff”. And we had some pretty odd occurrences today on the rumor mill. So, in short, I think they know something and tomorrow (or real soon) everyone here should be pretty happy.

    I stepped out for a minute only to come back and I see the RR hyenas are after me again, for reasons I’m still unaware of. Whatever. It couldn’t be clearer at this point I can’t function here in a friendly way, for whatever reason, so I won’t be here again.

    Gee, thanks for the offer Mickey (whom I don’t think I ever conversed with here even once), but I don’t need the help. I’ve been recovering from a little misfortune and thought I could spend some down time with like-minded folks is all.

    And even if I did need the work, I don’t think you’d be too keen on hiring me if I walked in and smacked you right in the face, which is exactly what I’d do after that unprovoked sneak attack on me.

    And that’s it.

  8. Oh! Thanks, NYR – just the usual bear-baiting going on here, then? People coming in and looking to fight?

  9. Rod

    Calling people punks and and threatening to punch people in the face? Gee I just don’t why you can’t function here in a friendly way.

  10. billybleedsblue on

    wow, this is really eerie… Wikipedia (and some other web sites) is in a “black-out” right now to protest SOPA. Check it out:

    sorry, back to hockey…

    Miami, you’re totally right about that guy and that thing that he said in the locker room, I dare not even repeat it. What a maroon.

  11. Rod, You are just an arrogant jackwagon. Go back to your little ‘friends’ and whisper to them about you so-called rumors or whatever the hell you call then. I am sure they would love to be in your company. Oh and if you dared to punch me in the face, I would sue you so fast your head would spin. Now kindly bugger off!

  12. And PS, in case you hadn’t noticed, YOU and the rest of the people are NOT like-minded. Or are you too dumb to realize that??

  13. billybleedsblue on

    Ha! Google is kind-of in a black-out, but not really

    I guess they don’t have the show balls to flip the switch. Imagine a day without google?

    Carp, are you going to black-out today too?

  14. billybleedsblue on

    Mickey! And how!

    Let’s not feed the trolls though. It’s moments like these that make me wish for a “hell-ban” option on this site…

  15. Oh, so Mickey’s a woman? That’s news to me.

    The only thing “she” ever said to me was on the previous thread,
    and I wasn’t even here at the time!

    “Oh and Rod, seriously, stop being an arrogant Know-It-All and shut the hell up.”

    Nice. You people here deserve each other. Hockey people laugh at you;

    Nor do they understand why the heck the blogmaster runs this place as he does. Whatever.

    Not my problem anymore!

  16. now, what’s this blackout thing about? because if I can blackout tomorrow (the blog, not me) that could save me a lot of work.

  17. This appearance by Jimmy gets me thinking that they will try to make a move that can make the team a cup contender.

    I ask you this NYR fans, do you mind seeing Dubi go with a prospect for a guy like Nash? Honestly as much as we all love Dubi, we need to start considering he isnt a 4mill/year player and his inconsistent production throughout his career is indicative of that. I hope that prospect isnt Krieder FYI because that will be dumb.

  18. “now, what’s this blackout thing about? because if I can blackout tomorrow (the blog, not me) that could save me a lot of work.”

    Well Carp, you have the rights to speak about the Rangers. SOPA could make me tweeting about the rangers a criminal offence.

    It’s an over simplification, but it stifles the creativity and open flow of info that the internet allows us.

  19. Dubi for Nash? In a minute! And you know how much i love Dubi!

    Is this Kreider kid legit, though? If he is then losing Dubi and getting Nash ain’t so bad!

  20. Carp, there’s some protest going on about a new law giving the government the ability to “shut down” the internet – Wikipedia has voluntarily shut itself down for a day as a form of protest.

  21. billybleedsblue on

    Carp, I just wrote a nice post but I must have included too many links in it, because it got the kabosh…

    Stop Online Piracy Act… basically, Hollywood and Entertainment industry trying to recover what they feel they have lost from new electronic formats and piracy by creating a new class of criminal and increasing their powers when it comes to shutting down websites that contain any copyrighted materials. There’s more to it, but that’s it in a nutshell.

    So, a bunch of popular websites are ‘blacked-out’ today in protest of SOPA in an effort to get more people to sign petitions and contact their representatives about opposing the legislation that threatens to censor the Internet as we know it.

    So, make a post titled “Rangers Report Blacked-out in Protest of SOPA” and kick-back with that hot cocoa by the fire!

    Hhahaha, what would we do with ourselves?!

  22. billybleedsblue on

    note to self: to clear this place out, just talk about tech babble stuff after-hours on a game night. hahaha, wow.

  23. I Rarely Speak on

    Farewell Rod.. Never to be heard from Again.. thats why it can be better to “Rarely Speak”!!

  24. And sorry if I caused any trouble, Carp. I normally ignore him, but for some reason he got under my skin tonight and I had to respond, even if he is major league troll of the highest order.

  25. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    Carp maybe you can dig deep & find out what Junior Dolan gave Mr. Sather when the lockout ended and told him to give it back to him when we win the cup? Just curious the only thing I can think of is Cablevision’s checkbook? What else could it be?

  26. Ria, Carp can’t do that, he has to spend all his time looking for emails from Rod and asking Torts why refused to put Hagelin on the PP. Also, hiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

  27. Boom Boom Bathgate / New York "Hockey" Rangers Analyst on

    The implications of Dolan “going public” when it comes to praising this team are not good. It means that privately he is putting pressure on Slats to make a “big” (translation: short-term patching) deal. Together, the two of them could really wreck this express train.

  28. The general idea is that these two bills (Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect IP Act) are being promoted under the guise of preventing “piracy”, but it sets up architecture for the government that allows it to shut down any website that could be assosciated with “copyright infringment” in any way. Sites that rely solely on user submitted material (youtube is a prime example) can be effectively shut down entirely if one user is found to “infringe copyrights” in a submission. The big picture is that this bill sets in place a lot more power for censorship than should ever be possible.

  29. Boom Boom Bathgate / New York "Hockey" Rangers Analyst on

    Right. How did the Rangers power play do, yet again, tonight? How much PP time did Hagelin get tonight? = you don’t even have to look.

    Some nerve, that G.D. Torts saying he is “playing Hags all over the place,” when he is NOT playing Hags all over the place. He has a leash on him.

    I don’t like this coach’s sarcasm, and smirky attitude, one bit.

  30. And here comes Boom Boom with his “Hags on the PP/Torts is a retard’ schtick.


    On that note, I’m off to bed. Try and NOT let Rod ruin the place tomorrow, eh?

  31. Boom Boom Bathgate / New York "Hockey" Rangers Analyst on

    Rod isn’t going anywhere. He will just be pulling the “new name” bit and continue cursing us here, forever. lol.

  32. Boom Boom Bathgate / New York "Hockey" Rangers Analyst on

    Torts is NOT a retard, MickeyM, he is not that bright. lol

  33. billybleedsblue on

    The DNS blocking scheme of SOPA and PIPA is the same technique used in China to censor the Chinese Interwebs. Yikes.

  34. Torts told me he’s not putting Hagelin on the PP just to be smirky and sarcastic, and to piss off anybody who thinks he should put Hagelin on the PP, and anybody who thinks he hates Hagelin, plus to prove again that he’s an egomaniacal bully who will torpedo the team’s season, if necessary, to get his way and prove he’s right.

  35. billybleedsblue on

    Carp, I knew it! We need to move to phase II now and make that surprise press conference behind the bench happen in the first 5 minutes of regulation against the Pens. Only then will we get some more accurate and revealing answers!

  36. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Nice game and like seeing prust with brich. Good for cally on the goal.

    I’m going to have to check out the Dolan link in a bit. I’m wondering what the hell he has up his sleeve and hope he didn’t just jinx us somehow!

    Love you too

    Life without wicky? Am I going somewhere?

  37. Boom Boom Bathgate / New York "Hockey" Rangers Analyst on

    Carp – The post above is not really from you, it’s from Rod, PRETENDING to be you. You guys get together and have lunch, or something? lol

  38. Say goodbye to the internet as we know it.

    Maybe the government controlling the content for us is a good thing. I’d ask North Koreans how that worked out but I don’t think they are allowed to talk about it over the internets. Without getting sent to re-education camps, that is.

  39. Boom Boom Bathgate / New York "Hockey" Rangers Analyst on

    And if Torts is your brother-in-law, Carp, you should divulge that, here, for the sake of journalistic honesty.

  40. Oh, Lord – Ken Hodge – That’s a trade I don’t think I’ll ever get over…scarred for life!

  41. Boom Boom Bathgate / New York "Hockey" Rangers Analyst on

    “Listen, Babe, or Ruth, or whatever your name is, I’m the manager of this team, and if I flash you the bunt signal with the bases loaded, you better bunt or you will be packing your bags for Peoria, got it, kid?”

  42. And those John Ferguson uniforms – I wish I could gouge those memories out of my brain tissue…

  43. Boom Boom Bathgate / New York "Hockey" Rangers Analyst on

    “But Mr. Huggins, I swear I can hit the ball out of the park.”

    “Don’t give me any of your, lip, kid, besides, you struck out twice, yesterday!”

  44. Boom Boom Bathgate / New York "Hockey" Rangers Analyst on

    “But coach Tortorella, I swear I can help this team out there on the power play.”

    “You just skate like the wind, kill penalties and leave the coaching to me, son. This team doesn’t score power play goals, and you have some nerve, thinking you can come in here from the college ranks and change that before you have been a “professional” for five years. Who do you think we are, the Boston Bruins who know what we’re doing?”

  45. Boom Boom Bathgate / New York "Hockey" Rangers Analyst on

    Carp – Thanks for not busting my “hagels.”

  46. Boom Boom Bathgate / New York "Hockey" Rangers Analyst on

    Life, and people are strange. I mean, we hear a lot about “not fixing what isn’t broken,” but we have a legion of Roman gladiators here who don’t want to fix what IS broken. Funny as hell – human nature!


  48. Boom Boom Bathgate / New York "Hockey" Rangers Analyst on

    Carp – You have to be kidding. The PP has been out to lunch for two weeks, and yet some people here are reluctant to as least try Hags out there. Maybe we can agree that it needs an injection of some high-octane motor oil, or something, in lieu of taking a shot with Hags.

    How damn prideful, stubborn, arrogant, and just plain STUPID can a coach be, not to address a glaring problem, the BIGGEST problem confronting this team, right now? What are we missing here, because this is psycopathic in its implications?

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