Dolan speaks post-game!


Some weird happenings after the game …

First, because somebody asked, Dan Girardi got the hat.

Then Jim Dolan — who hadn’t spoken to the hockey writers since 2005-06 — walked into the press conference with John Tortorella, and talked about the direction of the team, and when he started talking about the Stanley Cup, Tortorella stopped him … and after Dolan left, Tortorella said the Stanley Cup talk is “bull-carcillo” (only he didn’t say carcillo).

Pretty funny. Really funny, actually. Some of it was “R” rated. FYI, the JR and Barry mentioned in the presser are John Rosasco, the team’s media relations/player recruitment VP, and Barry Watkins, who’s in charge of PR for Madison Square Garden.

Here’s the Dolan/Tortorella exchange. Dolan leaves the room after answering two questions.

When he mentions “Stanley Cup” Tortorella can be heard saying, “Easy.”


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  1. CARPED:

    thenyrangers Mr. Dolan: “I am very proud of the organization..I am particularly proud of Mr. Sather…it’s all about the system he built…”


  2. Seriously, I hadn’t spoken to him probably since Messier came back in 2000. And he hadn’t addressed the hockey writers since ’05-06. We all thought he was coming in to give us news about the Time-Warner fiasco. But he was just in a flippin’ good mood and trying to be funny.

    Tortorella was shocked. And you might be able to hear him in the background when Dolan says “Stanley Cup” … Torts says “Easy.”

  3. billybleedsblue on

    Oh man, Fran kind of got Carped… so from the last thread, I’m just gonna quote him because I’m rolling on the floor —

    Isn’t it also amusing to read the pre – game estimates and then notice how many folks were wrong, and the most wrong of them all is the ever opining of the Pimp of Miami?

    I can imagine him sitting there in his cluttered little room, contemplating his navel, and muttering darkly to himself,” Bush league lucky bums,”, and then penning some unsigned letters to the NY Post, and threatening to halt his subscription.


  4. Dolan’s pretty p.r. conscious, to say the least.

    I’m betting the reason for his appearance is he knows something’s about to go down

    that will make this team even better.

  5. billy, LMAO! But we know now that we need Miami and his bush league rants in order to win games! He’s doing us a HUGE favor.

    Miami, don’t stop doin what you’re doin!!!

  6. repost:

    Sally January 17th, 2012 at 10:45 pm
    C3 and Wicky, just in case you didn’t know this already… I love you guys.

    Also I need to be better at not totally neglecting my fantasy hockey teams.

  7. cant wait for tomorrow when Dolan will retract his comments… least he knew he was at a hockey game and not a Knicks game…

  8. Oh and Rod, seriously, stop being an arrogant Know-It-All and shut the hell up. If you’re so damn important and ‘big’, what the hell are you doing hanging around a team blog and not actually working. If you are this ‘in-the-know’ person you claim to be, you’d be too busy doing your job to come here. And if you need a job that will keep you busy, my company is always hiring.

  9. Thank you Sally. I just deal with enough arrogant asshats at work, I don’t need to deal with an annoying little one when I am at home relaxing.

  10. um, well, it wasn’t really a deposit. you probably had to pay somebody else. sorry. they’re still asshats.

    too bad Linda wasn’t here tonight. Lot of asshats being thrown around. Broadway Asshats.

  11. Yeah, Midas and I still have to pay Honda for a new freaking wheel when I get out there. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

    They are all asshats!

  12. billybleedsblue on

    hahaha, Fran is hilarious, I wish I was half as funny!

    …muttering darkly to himself, ” Bush league lucky bums,” — LOLOL

    MickeyM, what is your company that is always hiring? And holy cow, I think Rod’s gonna be emotionally injured!

  13. Looks like the revisionist history is full swing , I gotta love these guys just for their pure nads. the youth movement was started in 2004 ? Proud of the system Glen Sather built ?

    Calling that weasel John Rosasco JR made me vomit a little in my mouth.

    Usually I have a good quip or two to comment on momentous occasions when ranger brass comes down from the mount to talk to the little people.

    I got nothing Jerry. Nothing.

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