Rangers-Canadiens in review


Welcome to the second half. The best team in the East, battling for No. 1 overall, better expect that these bottom-dwellers are going to be fired up to play them. That these teams think it’s a barometer game when they play the Rangers. That there’s no more sneaking up or surprising anybody.

That ship has sailed.

And they won’t win much at all against anybody playing this way.


1) So, subbing for Brandon Dubinsky and Ruslan Fedotenko were Wojtek Wolski and Kris Newbury. Oy. And the two of them were each on the ice for three Montreal goals in just 6:20 of ice time, and Wolski made soft, weak plays on two of the goals. Or is that Whaleski?

2) Though it sure wasn’t all their fault. The fourth line got killed — and that included Mike Rupp, who was bad. And the third D-pair wasn’t any better. Marc Staal made a pair of woeful plays on the first goal, which rewinds all the way to Marian Gaborik not being able to get off for a change and the Rangers being pinned, then to Gaborik finally going for a change when Staal coughed up a cross-ice pass in the neutral zone, then to Staal taking himself out of the play behind the Rangers net while knocking the stick out of Henrik Lundqvist’s hand. Oy. Staal did play 20 minutes, though, so that’s a good sign, and he played a bunch of shifts with Dan Girardi.

3) I’d love to know for what John Tortorella was chewing off the head of Stu Bickel after a Montreal goal. His giveaway sure wasn’t the worst I’ve ever seen. He couldn’t get a back-handed shot out of the zone. Maybe he should have gone hard around the backboards. Maybe it was for screening the goalie? But you never hear anybody getting it like that for screening the goalie. So I don’t know what it was. Not being funny or defending Bickel. I really don’t know. But Bickell had a nice seat on the pine for the third period. And that added minutes to Girardi and Ryan McDonagh’s 30-minute nights on the second of back-to-backs, like they really needed that in a blowout loss.

4) Artem Anisimov, in a personal backslide, made a weak backcheck attempt on the fourth goal, which kind of put them away, because they weren’t quitting down 3-1 with a lot of time left.

5) Maybe young players are intimidated by the Centre Molson, er, Centre Bell, or whatever it’s called. But it isn’t the Forum. And these aren’t the pre-’93 Canadiens. There shouldn’t be this level of failure there.

6) Scott Gomez plays about four decent games a year, I gather … all four vs. the NYR.

7) Anybody seen the other NYR No. 19 lately?

8) NBC Sports Network. Geez. What can you say? Clown show in the studio. Cutting quickly away every time there’s a hint of a confrontation. … oh, well, at least there were no Knicks promos.

9) Classic Tortorella interview on the bench with Brian Engblom. I actually expected it to be worse. One day it will be.

10) The Rangers have now suffered six of their 11 losses to Canadian clubs. The Rangers have three good ol’ American clubs coming up, and none of them are going to be easy. Nashville is always a handful. Then Pittsburgh (with Skidney?). Then at Boston in the usual Saturday matinee.

11) I doubt very much that P.K. Slewfoot actually spat at Michael Del Zotto, but did you see this video? As Pat Leonard, who first tipped us off to the video, added, draw your own conclusions. But after the game, nobody had any idea what the fuss was about, so maybe it was a camera angle that made it look like something it wasn’t.

12) Let’s also see if Mr. Shanahan has any onions regarding Mr. Lecavalier’s sucker punch vs. Mr. Malkin. Doubt it. He’s already set the precedent that sucker punches are not suspendable, and that Mr. Lecavalier can get away with stuff for some reason. But what’s going to happen when one of these long-term concussions are caused by a sucker punch?

My Three Rangers Stars:
(this wasn’t easy)
1) Derek Stepan.
2) Brandon Prust.
3) Dan Girardi.


AP photos, above.


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  1. First? Right, it ain’t the Forum, and they’re not the formidable Montreal Canadiens anymore – so what the heck is the problem!?

  2. Boston Bonehead on

    According to your story, Hernandez passes you and starts walking up the ramp. Then you say you were struck on the right temple. The spit then proceeds to ricochet off the temple, striking Newman between the third and fourth rib. The spit then came off the rib turned and hit Newman in the right wrist, causing him to drop his baseball cap. The spit then splashed off the wrist, pauses —in mid air, mind you —makes a left turn and lands on Newman’s left thigh. That is one magic loogie.

  3. Carp.. think you missed the three suckers from Malkin before Vinny actually retaliated.. Malkin got.what he gives.

  4. So Glad I was in the car taking my daughter to college as opposed to watching the game last night. Shpilkis from that performance!

    We need healthy forwards Wolski and Newbury are clearly not the answer.

  5. Boom Boom Bathgate / New York "Hockey" Rangers Analyst on

    Carp –

    Maybe the coach was just trying to wake Bickel up. Bickel made a big splash upon his arrival for three games, since then, rather quiet, albeit nice physical game. He looks like he will be on the Hartford Express, with WW, Newbury, & Co. when that train leaves, before too long. Minus 2 last night in just five minutes ice time does not bode well for him.

    Newbury -3 in six minutes ice time buries him at the AHL forever, unless he gets one more shot and quickly turns it around. Awful night, all around.

  6. Good morning, boneheads!

    Awful game all around. They missed Dubinsky and Fedotenko, no doubt. But I think they would’ve lost even with them in the lineup. They just didn’t have any effective defensive zone coverage, brain-dead plays all around.
    And I agree, Montreal had their A-game. Move on, games like that bound to happen. Doesn’t change the big picture. Take it as a lesson for your young core and think Tuesday.

  7. Richards and Gabby had the inviso on tonight. When the Max Pacioretty train comes to the Bell Centre watch out & Michael Blunden ?? This was a stinker from beginning to end. I thought MDZ, Stralsy and Bickel were PUTRID. not much good in this game.

    That place is always a nightmare for us whether it be the forum or Brendan Bell Centre

  8. I guess scheduling two games one after the other on successive nights wasn’t such a hot idea after all.

    And what has all the clamor about the Habs been? I expected to see a team of players from a three stooges casting tryout…..they looked pretty good to me all night long.

    And on a couple of those goals, the King didn’t appear too royal.

  9. Good morning all. Tough night on the ice, it’s over and get ready for the next one. Not sure about the spit it’s not like PK was waiting for DZ and the spat.

  10. Guys. I love Seinfeld, but as much as I wish it were the 90’s, it is not. Let’s move forward, huih?

  11. Seinfeld 4- Ever!

    Happy MLK day guys. Over 200,000 MLK speeches have been made available online today including his notes for those speeches.

    Go Giants? I honestly just couldn’t be brouht down after that.

  12. And what’s with all these folks who crab about Boyle all the time?
    What…you’re supposed to stock a team full of Peter Bondras, or Guy Lafleurs?
    Boyle fills a spot that is important and he does it rather well.

    OK, so they got rid of EC and Gilroy, and we don’t have to read about them anymore and how lousy they were.

    Avery is in the wind…and who knows who is next on the plank.

  13. It seems like whoever everyone complains about has a breakout game a few days later. Keep on complaining guys!

  14. I think last nights game was a long-term strategy by the Blueshirts – by stinking up the rink and letting Les Habs win, it gives the Canadiens some hope to cling to that they might make the playoffs or that they arent actually that bad and they continue bumbling down their current route instead of doing the right thing and sorting things out with a bit of a clearout/buyout/firesale. The’ve acquired a good player in Bourque, but by letting them win they might not be in negotiations for some of the reinforcements we are looking at.

  15. Speaking of hockey experts, lol…it’s funny how the guys from -VS- , NBCSN were praising Boyle and other secondary players on our team last night. Along with the coach. I wonder if they read the blog too and see all this hoopla that’s been going on for awhile now….

  16. Boston Bonehead on

    McDowell, Hernandez. Either way, when I read about the (non) Spit, that might have been the first thing I thought of. Made me laugh from what otherwise was a not so good game to watch

  17. i was just looking for other possibilities – i think more likely that we just had a bad game, missed Feds and Dubi and were half a step slow to everything, maybe due to it being the 2nd game on back-to-back nights.

  18. I had some Hammer pants (although not gold ones) and used to team them with a pair of White Nike or NB High tops and a “Surf Nicaragua” t-shirt – the late 80’s/early 90’s were a confusing time!! I eventually emerged wearing all-black, with long hair, a Metallica or Slayer t-shirt and teamed it with a black Steelers satin jacket and a pair of Black Ewing high-tops…..oh dear!

  19. Mister Delaware on

    Newbury was awful. Probably a nice guy, but he was downright awful.

    And, as hinted at before the game yesterday, I obviously agree with point #7.

  20. Leetchhalloffame on

    How long before the Philthies make an offer they can’t refuse to Les Habs for P(un)K Subban? How did Phil miss drafting this douche who was born to play on Broad Street? Also, Wolski – enough already. Get him outta here. Know you can’t win ’em all but games like last night just prove that Slats will have to do some dealing at the deadline or before if this team really wants to make a Cup run.

  21. UKRanger, I used to have the NYR Starter Jacket and yes, did wear a Los Angeles Raiders hat (with the team name in script and the city name printed above, though I was/still am a Raiders fan).

  22. Lol, Fran….I was still in Russia when all this awful outfit was in style in US. What’s your excuse?

  23. Not like our offence before were too prolific, but without (believe it or not) key tighten guys Dubby and Fedo, team system went out of whack and become more chaotic.
    As for defense, their just sucked, plain and simple. No concentration, slow and no clue what to do with fast in skating, thinking and shooting, opponents. Mo Fo in a slow mo…
    Think it will go like that: total concentration in one game and win, total failure in another lost.
    Good to have such a good, protective buffer stock of points, b/c I expect second half to be .500. Hope I’m wrong and we will be better…

  24. Doodie Machetto on


  25. they miss dubi. remember that….wolski is EC junior. those guys cannot play on this team, just to soft and they do not compete hard enough consistently.

    good news ec and wolski will be traded this season or just gone for next, those type of players no longer can play for this team….

  26. the house of horrors continues. i cant fathom how a team could go to a certain city and get blown out time after time. outscored 8-1 this year. i mean thank god montreal is done with this year unless we play them in a 1-8 or 2-7 matchup assuming we hold div lead which i dont think we will and montreal gets on a serious run here.

    did i mention our PP SUCKS.

    Agree carp down 4-1 3rd period no reason for bickel to be on bench there. blockness and mac dont need 30 mins tonight

  27. smayer (The boss), Carp should be banned for the rest of the day for that post.

    ALSO: While we’re on the subject of bad music (if that’s what you call it), *WHEN* we get past the first round of the playoffs this year, NO crappy Ranger rap/hip-hop songs. Heard two bad Giant ones on Boomer and the Idiot show this morning. ENOUGH!

  28. You guys can blame me for the loss. I wasn’t realistic enough about how awful these clowns really are.

    The truth is that this team is as Mickey-Mouse as it gets. What you’re witnessing now (the two recent losses) is a microcosm of what’s to come. You think you know everything there is to know about “amateur-hour” from my previous posts? Think again.

    I look into my crystal ball and I see a struggle to get in as the 8th place team. Guys like Bickel, who clearly overachieved, will be exposed for the bush-league, two-bit, no-talent clowns they truly are … and guys like Gaborik will be shut down more often than not.

    Vilify me for my views, if you wish. But more often than not, I’m the best soothsayer on this side of the universe.

    You know me. And I know that you know that I know you. So let’s cut to the chase and come to the agreement that this Rangers squad is composed of Checker’s burger that’s been moonlighting as a Morton’s filet mignon.

    Sweet dreams.

  29. You need to take it up a notch, Miami….Are you positive the bozos will get in at all, let alone the 8th place?

  30. Doodie Machetto on

    Miami’s right. This team’s year-end photo will be the picture you find next to “bush league” in the encyclopedia. It will replace last year’s team photo.

  31. Apparently PR celebrates every official US holiday PLUS their own. 21 in total. How’s that for a healthy economy?

  32. Doodie, that picture will also be taken by an amateur, third grade student from Nicaragua because every professional photographer will be ashamed to add that picture to his album…

  33. And it will definitely be published by some bush-league, cut-rate publishing company that makes a no good, hack dictionary

  34. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Morning ILB, Kathryn tappen, and all!!

    Did we get an influx of negative nancies or ship jumpers yet?

    Thanks for the review and re point 3….I thought ww was the guilty party with a weak play along the boards on that goal. Not sure why Bickel was getting the wrath. That is my one issue with torts, he is not very equal with his discipline. If that was mcdonut nothing would have been said I’m guessing!

  35. If a newbie visits this site today, he’d never come back. And he’d think that there is no reason for us to get professional help because it’s already too late.

  36. Stranger Nation on

    Did Borque’s hit on Hags look Shanny “worthy”? Elbow to the head along the boards to an unsuspecting player. Hags’ cartwheel following the hit was cartoon like.

    Thought Mitchell played ok with gabby and step.

    Newbury is not the answer but he had a hit in the 1st, which was awesome.

    AV or Wolski? Who is a better fit for this team?

  37. Boom Boom Bathgate - FOUR CUPS since 1926 on

    Miami –

    Your sardonic tone aside, you are, by inference, stating that this team needs to upgrade. Exactly right. A healthy Sauer; Hagelin to the PP; Krieder up, and fully utilized – not limited, as Hags has been; and dumping the chopped-liver members of this roster, starting with Mitchell, Bickel (sorry to have to say that), WW, Newbury, plus Fedo is as iffy as it gets, what with his back spasms to go with his inconsistent (to be kind) “inspiration” and contribution, his legion of fans notwithstanding.

    The coach doesn’t seem to be amenable to Hags getting PP time. Mitchell could stay or go, really don’t know how Slats and Torts regard him in private, at this juncture. WW has played his way out the door quite emphatically. Newbury is a joke, we all know that.

    Not much reinforcement offense down on the farm, so a trade will probably go down, hopefully with minor future impact ramifications.

    I just don’t see this team handling its own personnel/roster sitution adeptly, to get over the hump, this year. Next year the sky is the limit if they don’t forfeit too much young talent as this season becomes ever-more desperate.

  38. Morning all,

    Just as the coach always says – there will be momentum swings

    you see them in games – from shift to shift

    you see them between games

    So they lost – big Byfuglien deal

    The Bruins gave up three third period goals to the ‘Canes on Saturday night down in Raleigh

    Think they’re getting ready for the sky to fall up in Beantown?


    Do not be surprised if the Rangers win all three games this week – and yes, one of them is up in Boston.

  39. I am very, very excited for Saturday, January 21, 2012. Can’t wait to see how this team plays Boston.

  40. Hello all,

    Does anyone know anything new about the MSG/Time Warner debacle? Or a place to follow it? It was nice being able to watch the game on tv in high def last night, but after tomorrow, it’ll be another few weeks before we’re on National tv again. Unfortunately, switching carriers is not an option for me as my building doesn’t allow dishes, and I cannot lock into a two year agreement with anyone. Thanks for the help.

  41. Lenny, you will never get the whole story or the whole truth. You, the customer, are being used in a war to see who gets the most of your cable dollars. Plain and simple.

  42. Carp, did you like traveling to Montreal? How was your personal experience(s) up there covering the Rangers?

  43. Ha a watering hole is always a first choice. I’ve been doing a haphazard streaming on the internet and connecting it to my tv, but it’s not the same. Plus, the occasional top quality streams have been the other team’s announcers. While I don’t always agree with them, I’ve gotten quite accustomed to Sam and Joe. If anyone sees anything new on the progress or a place to follow if they’re actually talking, please pass it along. Thanks!

  44. Manny, you pawn.

    ANF, I loved Montreal. A tad cold sometimes. But great city … and once upon a time, when the Canadian dollar was weak and the U.S. dollar strong, it was really inexpensive, too. Loved the old Forum.

  45. Last time those two giants locked horns (2005), it lasted 2.5 months. I hope, for everyone’s sake, it doesn’t last that long. They don’t care about you, it’s all money….The moment I heard about it in December, I made an appointment with FiOS, luckily it was available for me.

  46. Going to a bar for every single game is REALLY expensive. That’s why I got cable in the first place.

  47. duckBill PLA-t-pus on

    edit: to say someone ‘pwns’ one does not include the ‘a’ …as a former online poker player of middling stakes $5-10 NL to 25-50 NL the duckbill has been known to deliver a few ‘PWN-A-Ments’ similary duckbill has also been a featured ‘donk-a-ment’. Duckbill read somewhere that the initial origin was from lazy-aasened video games who meant to say ‘owned’ but a typo of sorts led to a neologism.

  48. TSNBobMcKenzie Hearing no supplementary discipline for TBL Vinny Lecavalier’s punch on PIT’s Evgeny Malkin.

    Welcome to the NHL: You can’t make disparaging/distasteful comments about an ex-girlfriend to the media but you can sucker-punch opponents in the head after a whistle!

  49. Of course you can, NYR. How do you think Mr. Todd Bertuzzi was allowed to continue to play hockey and eventually score an OT winner this weekend for the Red Wingers. Go NHL!

  50. Good afternoon all! Manny, I always thought of you as a giant prawn :)

    And I think of Lecavalier as a giant carcillo.

  51. Is it just my cold meds, or am I the only one who has no idea what one of those previous posts meant. I know I get confused sometimes, but, um…wtb?

  52. That was some game, Manny. Bertuzzi is a criminal on skates.

    I really think the Wings will be there at the end. Jimmy Howard = American hero.

  53. Boom Boom Bathgate / New York "Hockey" Rangers Analyst on

    NYR_Fan –

    The Avery comment was “politically incorrect,” while the sucker punch was just a little WWF extra curricular. Some people, like Avery, haven’t yet heard that “freedom of speech” does not apply to white males, and that Constitutional provisions are arbitrarily enforced or waived, according to one’s demographic category.

  54. duckBill PLA-t-pus on

    blogmadre, the duckbill has been known to confuse many…I do not think it is the SudaFedetenko that clouds the judgment (no e)

  55. Hey Boom Boom – cool second racist post in like two weeks! First the list of white power individuals and now one of these ridiculous posts where you point out how “sad” it must be to be “white” and not be able to say stuff. Waaaaah waaaaaaah. Man it must be horrible to be white. All those police treating you with respect. Helping you when you need something. Never being accused of stealing something. Always being seated at restaurants. Man….tough stuff!

  56. Boom Boom Bathgate / New York "Hockey" Rangers Analyst on

    It just occurred to me that Torts’ screaming at Bickel is the tip-off that his bubble has burst and he is out of here, soon as Sauer-power returns. If Bickel were in good stead with management, he would have not been publicly scortched. Sort of like that Matt Dodge kid with the Giants may have had an inkling that his postion with the club was untenable.

  57. Boom Boom Bathgate / New York "Hockey" Rangers Analyst on

    Manny –

    You, I assume, are a man. You want to fudge up to the N.O.W. just to curry favor with the butch’s, backed by their legal lackey’s, you go right ahead. But don’t resume to speak for me and what my values should be.

    Hey Manny, I’m born in Virginia and named after Robert E. Lee and if you don’t like that I will be happy to come over and fly a REAL American flag of top of your roof. lol.

  58. Boom Boom Bathgate / New York "Hockey" Rangers Analyst on

    I respect your opinion, NYR-FAN, but don’t you think that this was Bettman at his P.C. worst? I mean, what they did to Avery was way out of line relative to what he said. That is vindictiveness and a political agenda to the max.

    You are free to give them the benefit and let them off the hook, here, but where there is no money trail to follow, there will always be a politcial agenda in play. Really.

  59. “If Bickel were in good stead with management, he would have not been publicly scortched.”

    As when Torts chewed Gabby’s head off and pined him? Are you kidding me? The only people I’ve never seen Torts take out publicly are the goalies, for obvious reasons….they ain’t on the bench.

  60. I think Malkin deserved the suckerpunch. He gets chippy, then dirty with Vinny LC, and instead of being a man and dropping his gloves just starts swinging away hoping his teammates would come to his rescue (which they did).

  61. Boom Boom Bathgate / New York "Hockey" Rangers Analyst on

    Hey, Manny – you taking notes? lol

    Look, I don’t really care what you said last week, or ever. You are free to say anything you like as far as I am concerned, so I don’t make a big issue over your frame of reference, as you seem to do, mine. You flatter me too much, you should treat me like I’m a nobody.

  62. Aside from whether the call or play was right or wrong – and I’m not saying it’s not an issue for debate – in this case I can’t get too upset. Two carcillos = two carcillos. Cry me a river.

  63. It was more a P.R. embarrassment for league, than anything else. Bettman felt he had to do something as the Commissioner. Politics had nothing to do with it.

    Dallas should have been the disciplinarian in that situation, not the NHL….it set the wrong precedent….

  64. Home sick and finally get a chance to chat….if you all are getting silly personal, I’m off to bed, or chair, or anywhere….

  65. I agree with, NYR. Surprised? That suspension was so stupid. I mean….has Bettman seen Slapshot?

  66. NYR, agreed. But doesn’t that show that politics had lots to do with it, not nothing…..

  67. I wonder if ANY OTHER player had said that if that player would have been suspended indefinitely? My guess is that people in the NHL do not like Sean.

  68. Boom Boom Bathgate / New York "Hockey" Rangers Analyst on

    “All these police treating me with respect.” I wish, because in the last five years they have tried to entrap me as a child predator, as a stalker, and as a drug dealer or user, whatever. And they have shut down all my attempts at doing business with every person I have made a business proposal to, using the I.R.S. intimidation tactic against my contacts, as leverage.

    All the above has served to break down my health, I have severe respiratory problems, exacerbated by stress and anxiety problems, and have been four times via 911 ambulance service to hospital emergency since 2006 for oxygen therapy.

    I know non-whites are targeted even more than white males, but the party is over in this country for “white trash” males, Manny, and has been for quite some time now. So maybe we have a little more in common than originally conceived.

  69. duckBill PLA-t-pus on

    this is good theatre, blogmamma’s…please allow the constitchuents their space to perform.

  70. Howdy Manny! this builder is busy with the straggletooth missus! She got me running to all these dang gone estate sales like some sort of American Pickers marathon! YEEHAW!

    bob, the good bob

  71. Boom Boom Bathgate / New York "Hockey" Rangers Analyst on

    Blogmama –

    You make an excellent point, but I think it can be modified by the observation that Gaborik is a veteran and Bickel is new here and to the league. Patience with kid mistakes, not public castigation, might work a little better, if it is future postive results the coach is looking for.

  72. duckBill PLA-t-pus on

    Boom Boom Mancini Bathgate, are you aware that us northerners won the civil war, and further this fine here country of ours as run more or less on Alexander Hamiltonian principles of industrialisation and not some fivebit farmers from OHIO who drive Amish buggies and make left turns where permitted by stop on red. Southerners are nothing more than entertainment for us intellectualised northerners. With particular attencion to the income earning residents of the state of New York. May I draw your attention to the Free City of Tri-Insula movement of the Civil War era which i still support.

  73. duckBill PLA-t-pus on

    i can say with unequivocal certainty that Steve Vitamin C has no knowledge of said movements aka Free City of Tri-Insula movement of 1860s.

  74. Boom Boom Bathgate / New York "Hockey" Rangers Analyst on

    It should be “we” not “us,” and furthermore, Alexander Hamilton got his buns shot up by a better man.

    Have a nice, humorous day and thanks for making mine at least intolerable. lol

  75. Boom Boom Bathgate / New York "Hockey" Rangers Analyst on

    Alexander Hamilton was the first “big, centralized government politician.” I wouldn’t extol his “virtues” if he and I were the last two men left in this world.

  76. Duckbill- you may want to talk to duckbill about some of the spellings that he used :-)

    I’m so glad I have a wedding to attend in a couple of hours, and I have to get ready. Otherwise I could see myself getting trapped into a very long and painful conversation. So I’ll refrain.

    Boom Boom- sorry about your health issues…

  77. I agree that Malkin is chippy and dirty.

    But, if the NHL was serious about headshots, then any unsuspecting hit the head would be suspendable….that’s all I’m sayin’…no matter who gets it….

  78. Boom Boom Bathgate / New York "Hockey" Rangers Analyst on

    Thanks, so much, ilb, maybe I made a couple friends here, today. That would be great. People are a lot more than just ciphers on a screen, but it is such an impersonal medium, we can forget that.

    Enjoy the wedding, wish I were getting married to a nice honey.

  79. Manny, if there’s vodka, then easy = hope the bride’s family is rich :)

    just kidding ilb!!

  80. that stinks for you ilb :) awesome that you went though! but hey, you hold well and have a designated driver right :))))

  81. ha! Manny’s right! and remember, ilb hosted his peeps Christmas party…glad I wasn’t in that hospital that next day :)

    (i kid, i kid…..)

  82. Mister Delaware on

    “Some people, like Avery, haven’t yet heard that “freedom of speech” does not apply to white males,”

    I know we’re supposed to avoid politics here, but this is too stupid to leave untouched. Avery wasn’t jailed for his comment, which is what “freedom of speech” protects him from. If you go in to work tomorrow and call your boss a f***head and get fired, you can’t cry freedom of speech.

    In conclusion: The suspension was dumb, that comment was dumber.

  83. Mama- everyone will be too busy to notice, and we have nowhere to drive. By the way, 82 and sunny at the moment. Where is Tony? :-)

  84. I think the problem is Tortorella’s expectations more than the Ranger players…he fired them up against, Toronto, and they put it all out there for him. Human beings can only take so much of this before they fall to exhaustion, and that is what I saw out there last night (before turning the game off by the 3rd period.) They simply didn’t have the energy to accomplish what they had done the night before, depsite trying to duplicate it. Tortorella is going to have to find some kind of pace and rhythm to their energy beyond pounding and forechecking like there is no tomorrow, night after night.

  85. ilb, I’ll share with everyone what I shared with you privately…..don’t be mad…

    I HATE YOU!!!

    Tony is probably hibernating. It’s a low of 62 there…..

  86. Whoah Mama. I haven’t seen all of these but man-oh-man is this making my day! I barely slept last night because my neighbor was having a particularly loud “guest” over and playing particularly bad music to set the mood. This is a better pick me up than coffee!

  87. mammy?

    I agree with everyone who agrees with my disagreement, and disagree with anyone who disagrees with my disagreement.

    wow, that hurt.

  88. LMAO!!!

    Manny, I once had a neighbor, in a very fine nabe/house mind you, bring over “friends” …let’s just say, after my very kind, soft admonition, I was never disturbed that way again….

  89. How did you handle it? On round three of what I am pretty sure was a “hired hand” (because no one makes that kind of noise without being paid to do so) I thought about knocking on the door or banging on the wall but I felt weird about it.

  90. duckBill PLA-t-pus on

    boom boom, my goal is to make the people’s laugh…glad i could be of assistance!

  91. Manny, FB message me on this OK :)

    Off to get more meds…..this has been, mostly, fun :) ta for now!!

  92. duckBill PLA-t-pus on

    I once bought a Mer-Mammy from Ebay for a fishing tackle collection of Americana items. True Duckbill story.

    ilbster, nice use of duckbill third person singular in your comment to me… duckbill loves the subtile humour, as you know..please enjoy that there party.

  93. Boom Boom Bathgate / New York "Hockey" Rangers Analyst on

    wildplaces –

    You said it best. The burn-out factor will hurt this team in the second half, and surely the playoffs, with 17 damn games on the “schedule” in March. This is nuts. Looking at that sked, a smart coach would conserve his players, not treat them like tinker toys.

  94. Boom Boom Bathgate / New York "Hockey" Rangers Analyst on

    Mr. D – The over-reaction to what Avery said was way out of proportion, but I get it, you are just trying to goad me, knowing I have a short fuse. Didn’t work, sorry about that.

  95. Boom Boom Bathgate / New York "Hockey" Rangers Analyst on

    NYR_Fan –

    I could never take the position that “politics had nothing to do with it.” The politics of power and money run this world. You don’t like it, well, neither do I but we have to live with that reality.

  96. I wonder some times at what El Coach, gets his shorts in a tangle about. He watches benignly two full periods of aimless and idiotic and careless passing
    ( Oh year Staal…..that beauty that landed directly on an attacker stick for one), but many more to follow…..this happens a LOT with this team, but has been overshadowed by some good luck and stupid play by opposition, but it’s been occurring with distressing regularity. And it can’t be blamed on EC or Avery now.

    Pray tell why does their PP smell so badly? With all that super skill and equally superior coaching, no less.

    I think that once the fear factor by opposition of Rangers ( they read the papers), they sense a paper tiger, and will cause some bad ice time for the RW and B.

  97. *Just got this e-mail:*

    I just got off the phone with a friend who lives in northern Michigan. He said that the snow is nearly waist high and is still falling.

    The temperature is at fifteen degrees and still dropping… and the wind is increasing to near gale force.

    Even the plows are having a hard time getting around.

    The schools are closed, and alerts are on all the TV and radio stations urging people to stay off the streets.

    He said his wife has done nothing but look through the kitchen window for hours on end, just staring.

    He says he’s concerned that if it gets much worse, he may have to let her in.

  98. Hello , Folks!

    I just thought I’d share some info with you – I just got off the telephone with DirecTV’s customer service department, and if you were formerly a DirecTV customer that still has their old dish and receiver set up and working, you can re-connect to their service and be billed on a month-to-month basis. There is *NO CONTRACT* of any length required to reconnect your service if your old equipment is still in working order.

    Kiss my aasen, TWC/MSG!! Byfugliens!

  99. Thank you, Carp! I try to keep within the family guidelines here, even though it is sometimes difficult. :-)

  100. And as I turn on my receiver, what do I see? A promo show about Amare Stoudemire! Well, I asked for it! ;-/

  101. Wow! The world did not end since the Knicks lost?! I’m surprised the media (sans Carp, of course) has not begun protesting as their beloved Knicks are off the air

  102. I hope the Preds got their thirst for wins quenched for a day or two – no win for them tomorrow evening! If they play the Debbies after us, they can win that game.

  103. When the direct TV person came over to my house to see if we could get a dish; (we couldn’t without cutting down major trees) he was honest about Dish TV and inclement weather. He said that in bad rain or snow you will most likely lose your tv signal. He also told me that if it rains and freezes, you would probably lose tv as well. He said to me: “That’s no big deal, you just go up to the roof with a blow dryer and melt the ice”. That is a direct quote! As you can imagine, we still have TWC! We are now hostage to the POS company. We can’t get fios or optimum, so the ONLY cable based provider is TWC. I can not believe that we are witnessing the best ranger season in over 15 years and I can’t watch it on my HD TV. UGHHHHHH!

  104. Yev, I have to tell you, I had DirecTV service for many years here in Queens, and while there *are* occasional weather outages, they must be *really* severe in order for you to lose the satellite signal. And freezes such as we normally get here in the NYC area have never been a major factor in prolonged dish outages.

    Back in the day, I installed my own dish and receiver, ran all the cables, and it worked fine for me right off the bat. Nowadays they send pro(?) installers out to homes to do the necessary work.

  105. Doodie Machetto on

    Good news for me! Verizon is starting to hook up my neighborhood with FiOs! I just got a notice from my building polling whether people would switch to FiOS if they hooked it up to the building.

    I swear to God, I will reign down such destruction upon my building if they do not demand connection.

  106. Good luck, Doodie! I hope the folks in your building will agree to switch! I take it that here’s no way to have both services supplied to your building?

  107. Doodie Machetto on

    Jimbo, I think they can, but it costs money to have the building hooked up, so they won’t do it unless enough people would switch.

    Honestly, I will murderize them all.

    Carp, it sounds like you’re counting years more than days. Don’t worry, when it finally comes, it will be glorious.

  108. 1-2 since I first posted here. I’m wondering if Carp can go back in time and unpost my post, which should fix the problem.

  109. I getcha, Doodie!

    Bringing the new service into the building isn’t any big deal, really – but getting the new service distributed out to the apartment units that want to switch service providers is where the expense comes in, since the existing signal distribution network in your building is probably owned by TWC – and they’re not going to share their facilities with a competing service.

  110. billybleedsblue on

    unposting any post could become catastrophic to the space-time continuum. The past Rangers would be thrown off-balance ever-so-slightly and that could mean disaster for the present Rangers, and annihilation for the future Rangers. It best be left alone.

  111. Doodie Machetto on

    I used capital letters a lot today, but I haven’t used them to write one very important name, so here it is…


  112. Boom Boom Bathgate / New York "Hockey" Rangers Analyst on

    Carp –

    Not to put words in Wildplaces mouth, but he may be thinking, and I am definitely thinking that the fine percentage winning record in the second game of back-to-backs will start to decline due to the fatigue, wear and tear, burn-out factor, as the season wears on. No team can stay fresh, forever.

    Some of us would rather see this team finish fourth, overall, and be relatively fresh for the playoffs, than finish first in the “exhibition season,” as a burned out team and then blow a fuse in the first round.

    Certainly, the conserving of Lundquist in the first half is the best respect for the reality of the long, grinding season the coach has shown in his time here. We surely need Sauer back to help reduce the first D tandem’s TOI, and I am not the first to suggest that, here. Benching Bickel hurt us because the game was probably 90% a lost cause, and DG and McD don’t need all the ice time in the world to reinforce the coach’s bullwhip sadism.

  113. Boom Boom Bathgate / New York "Hockey" Rangers Analyst on

    So who is up for the job, and I certainly hope that Weinman “duffer” will not be making a comeback, here. If he does I guess I will have to become a Windsor Spitfires fan and trek up to nearby Canada to catch some of their games. They did win the Memorial Cup two years ago, and that is more than the Rangers can say.

    Been a long time since the Rangers won the Memorial Cup, although I do think Redden, at one point, was focused on playing down to and achieving excellence at that level.

  114. Boom Boom Bathgate / New York "Hockey" Rangers Analyst on

    I know how to “psyche out” Les Canadiens, next time we play them. A page right out of Duffer Weinman’s playbook.

    See, we put the number nine on Brad Richards back and change the spelling of his last name to “Richard.” Believe me, Les Habitants will lose their composure and take about 30 penalties in the process.

  115. Boom Boom Bathgate / New York "Hockey" Rangers Analyst on

    Better yet, put the number “49” on BRich’s back, along with the name “Richard,” that will destroy them!

  116. billybleedsblue on

    Foodie, I hope you get FiOs. seriously, go around and politic a little to your neighbors, it couldn’t hurt… although, I wonder how many subscribers would be needed for verizon to send their tech their for the day (or two) that it takes them to set up the system… something tells me it’s a smaller % of the residents that we would think… anyways, good luck! :D

  117. Boom Boom Bathgate / New York "Hockey" Rangers Analyst on

    For those who missed it, Sam Weinman, hosting here a few years back, made a joke that Maurice Richard’s then record of 50 goals scored in a season was being modified by the NHL to a total of 49 goals.

    I informed a Montreal Canadians blogger site of the that temerity, and the predictably impassioned reaction drove our boy Sam for cover, for a few years. lol. He did take his name out of the phone book, too. Smart timely move, that was. lol

  118. Boom Boom Bathgate / New York "Hockey" Rangers Analyst on

    You can come out from under the rock now, Sam, all’s forgiven. Just don’t come back here! lol

  119. For those of you discussing satellite outages …

    I worked for a commercial satellite operator in my previous life. We actually owned the satellites that a DTH provider like DirecTV would lease.

    Any storm has to be severe for a total outage to occur. There are some seriously advanced algorithms used to ensure that the signal is kept “on” for as long as possible. What will first happen (before an outage) is that the signal will downgrade in quality (bit rate decreases) so as to help keep the signal “on”.

    The dish they provide you receives a Ku-band signal. Ku allows a DTH provider to give you a small dish. But Ku is also more prone to rain fade. The larger dishes from back in the day were all C-band and would actually fare much better during storms.

  120. Let me translate for those of you with a brain the size of Christensen’s:

    Your satellite signal won’t go off very often unless you live in an area where it storms frequently.

  121. MSG showing Winter Classic again at 7:30 … light up the Empire Stare Building in Orange Crud again! For those with Time Warner, it’ll be a blank screen.

  122. I got to watch The Simpsons at the Mayor’s house last night (no joke)! I am older than him. Ithaca’s weird.

    Anyways. Sports sports sports sports! I love Bart cause he’s so GOOD at SPORTS!

  123. and the meds kicks in…..not to channel Greg, but…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. niters all! Til the morrow :)

  124. I was hanging out at the Chapter House with my friend who knows the Mayor, and my friend was like “Wanna watch the Golden Globes at the Mayor’s place?”

    So I’m all, “Yeah!” Cause it’s not really something you turn down, even though I thought he had said Golden GLOVES, which would have been way cooler.

    He’s a really nice guy and a Knicks fan and has TWO beer fridges. Totally cool dude! Apparently he’s pretty good at Mayor, too, just really, REALLY young.

  125. Wicky©"I think the NHL Network host was named Kathryn Tappen" on

    cool link about mcilrath on woywitka—->

  126. Miami Pimp is right on the money – he speaks the truth! It takes a really intense storm to knock out the DirecTV signal completely on a properly-installed system. Little piddling rain or snowstorms do not knock out your reception.

  127. I live up in Orange county. Our weather is a lot different than nyc. I just mentioned the weather issue as an aside. The real issue was that we were going to have to cut down two huge, old beautiful trees on our property. Aint gonna happen! What pisses me off is that we can’t get fios or optimum in our neighborhood, so TWC is the only game in town if you can’t or won’t get a dish. It sucks!

  128. >>>cool link about mcilrath on woywitka——>

    You know, I’ve gotta say, after reading the story on the shortened life of Boogaard and so many of the other kids that are simply fighters, I’m feeling a bit different now when watching these fights.

    It bothers me that young kids are scrambling their brains at such early ages. I still like seeing fights, but I don’t think they’re worth dying for.

  129. Yev, I completely understand – is there no other property close-by enough to your house (but clear of the trees while looking at the southwestern sky) that the dish could be mounted on? Even a low garage-type structure? The dish need not be high in the air, as long as tree foliage isn’t in the “view” of the dish.

  130. Can anyone tell me why Rick Perry is still in the race? Is it purely for our entertainment?

  131. Yup. True, dat, Sally.

    I prefer General. That’s what the guys on the beat used to call me. Why?

    We were in an airport, flight delayed, and filling out frequent flier forms. There was a space for “Title” before “First name” and “Last name.”

    So I wrote down General. And from then on, all my correspondence with that airline came to General Rick Carpiniello.

    And I always parked in General Parking. And entered arenas through General Admission.

  132. Sabres have really fallen upon hard times – I wonder if Lindy Ruff’s job might be in jeopardy?

  133. Jimbo, the Sabres are just awful this season. Everything’s fallen apart. It’s hard to imagine the team without Lindy and his yellow mustache but at this point… who knows?

  134. Jimbo, 13 seasons I think? He just got a contract extension last spring. Pegula seemed set on keeping Lindy, but we really just don’t know. People here don’t even talk about a coaching change as an option. The hell you know is better than the hell you don’t, right?

  135. Yes, I understand that, Sally – he’s had that job fr a *very* long time. Isn’t he the longest-tenured coach in the whole league?

    What with their new owner who spent a ton of money, he may be getting impatient – lots of people thought that the Sabres were going to be a force in the league this season, or at least make the playoffs without much trouble.

  136. And what the hell has happened to Miller!? It’s like the bottom has fallen out of his game!

  137. Evening gang.

    I’m surprised there weren’t more NN posts. Y’all are slacking in that department. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

    Just caught up on today’s posts. I like the ring of General Carp. Sounds so regal and stuff.

    Possibly no Suter tomorrow night. Hmmmmm….

  138. He got Luciced. But the bottom was falling out before that.

    It’s Ruff or Trotz.

    They’d be nutso to fire Ruff.

    Sally, would you answer to Hamslice, for short?

  139. Does anybody remember Hambone? I’m trying to remember if it was the Sandy Becker show, or Wonderama or what? I’ll have go Google it now, dammit.

  140. Oh, yeah! Barry Trotz – he must have pictures of his team’s owner romancing a goat – jeez, he’s been there a long time, without too much success..

  141. It’s hard to explain the Buffalo mentality on this. I’m pretty sure people would be okay with trading ANY of the players, but I know a lot of people who would be heartbroken if Lindy were gone. And if Rick Jeanneret ever retires there will be mass suicide, I guarantee it.

    I think people can be hopefully with Pegula on board now. At least to wait and see a bit. I don’t know…. Haven’t been watching a ton of Sabres games lately cause they are NOT fun.

    I prefer HAMBONE, but you’re the General so you can get away with Hamslice. Only you, though.

  142. Rick Jeanneret – now, that’s an acquired taste!

    And Mike Robitaiile – I remember him as a Ranger rookie…but just barely!

  143. Hi Jimbo!

    Do we have to drop and give Carp 20 pushups now? Cause I’m telling you, I can’t do a pushup to save me own life.

  144. Jimbo, I hated RJ at first but I’m sold at this point. HILARIOUS!

    Okay, I’m off to bed. Later ‘heads. Goodnight, General Carp!

  145. I apologize to any who might have been offended by my “pushups” remark – I forgot the venue here for a moment..

  146. No, no pushups, Jimbo! LOL.

    It was something else. And most likely will come to me in the middle of the night.

  147. Oh! OK…well, if you remember, just give me a shout – I’m like a vampire – up most of the night!

    No pushups….. :-(

  148. Sounds like I am normally- a night owl. But getting up at 6am sucks and so I’m trying to get to bed somewhat early during the week.

  149. It’s those people I work for that make me get up at that time. They make me be at work at 8am! It’s awful!!

    And on that, I need to to make my lunch, get the coffee ready and do some reading before bed so nighty night!

  150. Those carcillo-eating byfugliens!! How bloddy dare they!?

    OK, Mickey – goodnight – sleep well!

  151. Carp might be a General but I’m Gunnery Sergeant Hartman, your senior drill instructor. From now on you will speak only when spoken to, and the first and the last word out of your filthy sewers will be “Sir”. Do you maggots understand that?

  152. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    duckbill was offended Jimbo…but that apology was sincere, and duckbill feels you are a kind soul.

  153. Carp, I agree the back-to-back win ratio doesn’t reflect this…but let’s see what happens the second half of the season of all-out banging. I sense a downward trend due to exhaustion from Tortorella’s lack of pace and rhythm. I sincerely hope he isn’t skating the Rangers into the ice (I’ve been a fan since the days of Bathgate and Prentiss) but perhaps simply a bad game in Canada…time will tell. I hope I will not be copying and pasting my email into a post three weeks hence.

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