Rangers-Leaves in review


Shut the front door.

That’s how you smother a good team, how you make their night miserable, how you bounce back from a loss.

Fact: The Rangers are quickly becoming the team you don’t want to play, because they will make you absorb a beating, fight for every inch and for every puck, and will give you every reason to give up and get to the lockerroom … and with many icepacks when you do.

Next team to be tested: Canadiens tonight.


1) Is it possible, still, after these last two games, that people don’t appreciate Brian Boyle? My goodness, how? Never mind that he finally scored a goal. Guy was a beast all night long, starting when he ran over Phil Kessel, who didn’t bother competing. Seriously, can you really understand what these Rangers are about, and not think Boyle’s been terrific? And his buddy/roomie Brandon Prust was a predator, too. Seems he might be getting healthy lately.

2) Because of what the Rangers have become this last season and a half, this bounce-back game was exactly what we should have expected after the loss to Ottawa — in which they really weren’t that bad — left them annoyed and ticked off. And because John Tortorella pushed some more of the right buttons and challenged his top two lines, they sure responded.

3) So when they came out flinging Leaves and setting  a tone, we should not have been surprised. And then when they forechecked the Leaves into oblivion in the second, we shouldn’t have been surprised.

4) Ryan Callahan, of course, leads the way. He phaneufed Dion Phaneuf in the first period and I have no doubt that he had double-digit hits (aside: They should just dismantle the stat-keeping in the NHL if that four hits with which Callahan was credited are deemed “official.”) He had three one one shift in the first. But that’s what a captain does after a loss, and that’s what a leader does when his line is called out by the coach. Though, really, Callahan pretty much does this every night.

5) Remember early in the season when it seemed the Rangers never had the puck enough? Boy, that sure has changed, hasn’t it? Even in the game they lost the other night they had it more than the gifted Senators.

6) This new PP alignment lately, with four guys above the circles …. That really can’t be the plan, can it? Because if you have Gretzky, Kurri, Lemieux, Jagr and Coffey, that still isn’t going to work. It’s not.

7) How about Stepan-wolf? Derek Stepan really does have a chance to be an elite playmaker because he’s so calm in tight quarters, as he showed both on his goal and especially his assist. But it’s a fine line, isn’t it? Sometimes he makes that one extra pass — as he did in a big spot in the Winter Classic, remember? — and really, he probably over-passed on the 1-0 goal that went Stepan to Wojtek Wolski to Stepan to Mike Rupp. Not many players could make that second pass though.

8) How about Martin Biron, best second goalie in the league? Played a fantastic game, and again his puck-handling led to a Rangers goal. The guy has three assists! Good for him. Of course, it helps when you’re winging it up ice to a guy like Carl Hagelin.

9) I was underwhelmed by Wojtek Wolski again, even though he did make the middle play on the Rupp goal. And now that Ruslan Fedotenko (back) and Brandon Dubinsky (shoulder) are banged up, it looks like he’s going to get at least one more shot.

10) He’s not even here anymore and Sean Avery continues to make news (and noise). The team insists that there was no spitting incident, as reported by some nit-twit’s tweet nonsense, picked up by some web sites as fact (is anybody else really scared of what news is going to look like when the newspapers and real reporters become extinct?) Anyway, Avery was back in the Giant Fish, er, Mammal (whatever) lineup last night and, according to those who were there, took a dumb slashing penalty and later got himself a misconduct for mouthing off to an official. Is he trying to force the Rangers’ hand. Or is it a case of Avery being Avery? Or does Ken Gernander hate him, too? (sarcasm).

11) Nice job by MSG 2 to go right off the air the second the game was over.

12) Forgive the star selections. Could have given out a lot more than three (four). And we’re not even talking about the D-pairs, especially Dan (Block Ness Monster) Girardi and Ryan McMonster, who were scary good.


 My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Brian Boyle.
2) Ryan Callahan.
3) Martin Biron/Derek Stepan (and there could have been a lot more).


Photo credits:

Boyle: Getty Images.

Biron, Callahan, Stepan: AP photos.

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  1. And what a spell binding night with the Canadian vets being honored, and with their little girls, who were so proud of their Daddies.

  2. Cliche? yes……..

    But this team has CHARACTER and then some…

    SICK of watching games on my laptop. F MSG AND TWC!!

    Settle the damn thing…

  3. Boom Boom Bathgate / Fire Torts! on

    PP time in Toronto, Saturday night, in minutes, for the forwards….

    Cally – 3.22
    Gaborik – 3.22
    BRich – 3.22

    Step – 2.7

    AA – .78
    Rupp – .78
    WW – .78


    There you go, put an out-of-shape, fringe, soon to be permanently Prucha’d, WW out there, ahead of Hags, on the PP. Not exactly Einstein Country revisited, coach. Or did Hags flunk his 1 1/2 minute PP “trial” the other night? lol.

    Having both Rupp and WW out there with AA = 1/3rd of a Power Play. Hell, AA could probably take a month’s vacation in Cancun while waiting for one of the “nuts and bolts” to get the puck to him on any given PP shift. This would be funny if it were a bad sitcom or Pittsburgh’s version of a Power Play, but, sadly, this is the real world of New York hockey coaching genius, lending us its brilliant light. lol.

    Oh well, my boy Feds has a hangnail or some crap, so maybe the world really won’t come to an end until December. Go ahead and take a month or two off, Feds, wouldn’t want you to put yourself out coming back too soon. Only nutmegs like Avery do things like going through a brick wall for the team. You just lie back and enjoy your paella and sangria siesta. Nobody is putting a stopwatch on your “timely return.” lol.

  4. CARP:

    Could you explain something to me? I know Hockey is the least popular team sport in NY; but we are in the midst of a special season! Yet, out of the 3 daily newspapers in NYC, it seems that 2 of them instead of having their HOCKEY WRITERS report on the game, carry the AP story?

    OK, I can understand if they are trying to cut corners and don’t want to send their beat writers out of town, but why not have those same guys watch the game on TV and write about it??

  5. Boom Boom Bathgate / Fire Torts! on

    Yev –

    Carp will give you a more lucid and valid answer, but re your good question I go back to the media and even MSG bias in favor of the Knicks and the NBA over the Rangers and the NHL.

    More basketball fans watching TV, buying newspapers, and spending more money on their product may be the bottom line consideration, here.

  6. Hockey Rodent drives me nuts! Not my cup of tea. But, when he calls MSG, the worlds most rutty arena…… got to give him props for that! LOL!

  7. Is MSG2produced by amateurs?
    All nite long the commercials were aired while the game was still on.
    Dont they know to wait for the whistle.
    The even ran commercials over the power plays then returned to the ice with the game still on.
    They did this all nite long. Very frustrating.

  8. Carp,
    you left out how wonderful AA is playing. you talk about Wolski game not fitting what the Rangers are about, but you don’t mention AA. AA has not thrown a check in a month,or scored a goal in a month. this despite chance after chance playing top line LW. its time we call him what he is, a checker, who will be a career 3rd or 4th liner. keep going after Wolski if you like, but if he gets the same chance as AA on a a top line, Wolski will produce.

  9. Re: Boom Boom “PP time in Toronto, Saturday night, in minutes, for the forwards….”

    You do realize that they won 3-0 don’t you? Whole lot of complaining after a dominating win.

  10. czechthemout!!!! on

    Nice win. Thought the Boyle line was outstanding. As someone who has been tough on Boyle , I thought he played his best game of the season.

    Carl Hagelin is really impressive. Surely Tort’s will give him a chance on the powerplay soon. I mean Rupp and WW,really?

    Stepan continues to prove that he is a solid second line center. I think he is now working on becoming a first line center.

    McD, what else can you say about him? Just one heck of a dman who should have made the allstar team as well.
    That’s all for now!

  11. Staal Wart and the Overachievers on

    WW will produce what?

    Once again great review Carp!
    The Boyler Maker!

  12. Good morning. I just want to make one point about Lundquist. People may get all over me for this, but I think it’s a legit point.
    If the backup, Biron, can handle the puck so well, what is Lumdquist’s excuse? He’s a great goalie, don’t get me wrong.
    Adding this dimension to his game would make him even better. That’s one of the reasons goalies have sticks, to act as 3rd D-men at times. If Biron and obviously the guy in Jersey can be so good at it, I want to see Lundquist improve this part of his game.
    Thoughts are appreciated.

  13. Gmen. The stick is first and foremost to help stop the puck from going in the net. That’s why it is much thicker than the other players’ sticks.

    Every goalie (in fact, every player) is not great at every aspect of their position. The fact that Henrik isn’t that great of a puck handler doesn’t make him any less of a great goalie. Yes, it would be great if he could add the puck handling skills to his repetoire, but I’ll take him just the way he is.

    Remember, Ron Hextall was know as a great puck handling goalie. Where did that get him? The main job is to keep the puck out of the net.

  14. Gmen

    For several years now I’ve commented on LQ and his failure to improve weaknesses in his technique. Sure he’s a great goal tender, but he does have weaknesses,,,,some he has addressed others not so. He still goes flop when a shooter appears and is oft beaten over his shoulder. He AT TIMES guards the side posts, when he should automatically do this..they sneak shots thru him there that should never go by a major league goalie. This is why I have often wondered about that GREAT goal tending coach he has.

  15. this skill that AA has, do you think he would mind showing it every once in a while?
    as Casey Stengle would say, ” he is 23 now, in 10 years he has a chance to be 33.”

  16. Gmen11, they all can improve parts of their game, yes Lundquist can work on his stick handling. Should he? Maybe some ‘in the know’ hockey guys can tell us at this point in Lundquist’s career can he learn to handle the puck or would it detract from his game. In the grand scheme of things I’d pay Lundquist (in addition to his own salary) all of WW’s salary just to remain the way he is. We keep hearing how great our D is, the hockey I have seen this first half Lundquist IS our D.

  17. Cross Check Charlie – it got him a ‘Moments on Ice’ segment on NHL Network that we have to excrutiatingly have to see multiple times a day!

  18. Hank does not handle the puck well because he is a goalie who plays hockey. Biron does because he is a hockey player who plays goal. Biron has hockey instincts, he knows when and why he is playing the puck. Hank does not have good hockey instincts, he plays the puck with no thought to why he is playing the puck.

  19. BullDog,

    You’re not wrong. Frustration setting in is natural at this point.
    Thing to remember is he’s a real versatile, good team player and one of their most responsible defensive forwards among the high-skill guys.

    You’d almost never know the guy has (according to Lundqvist) the best shot on the team.
    Same time, not his fault if the team had a glaring Top 6 hole (in what isn’t his natural position) and he hasn’t lit it up. Just the way it is…..

  20. johnny,
    not picking Hank apart, I think he is great at doing what he paid to do, stop the puck. question was asked why Biron is a better puck handler that Hank. I just gave my opinion.

  21. I like to see the same, if not better, effort tonight against the Habs. It appears the rangers never play well and win in Montreal. Hopefully that will change tonight.

  22. Boyle had his best game. First star? He has had a couple of good games, but what is most predictable was thought that anybody who has been tough on him this yr is wrong. Plain and simple great yr by the team bad yr so far from BB

  23. I think Lundqvist has improved his stick handling though (at the very least, he has cut the number of errors), so not fair to say he won’t work on his deficiencies.

    No, he’ll never be *elite* in that category, but asking why he can’t improve to that level is a bit like asking why Biron can’t improve the rest of his game to Lundqvist’s level. Some players are better at some skills than others.

  24. BDL… next time , I’ll actually read.

    I fully expect an empty netter from Hank soon. Seems this team has answered every question thrown their way.

  25. Bulldog – agree on the AA/WW comparison.

    I personally thought Wolski played pretty well last night. He’s not a big checker so he’ll never look like Callahan, but his creativity on the puck is something we don’t really have from anyone else other than Anisimov. Both guys are better on the puck than off it, but do a pretty good job being in decent defensive positions.

    Also it seems like Anisimov hasn’t been the same since his “fire weapon” incident.

  26. The Rangers put it all out on the line last night…wonder how long any human being (and hockey player) can keep this up. They looked exhausted after their all-out effort to bounce back from the loss to the Sens. I love the way they are playing…they give it their all almost every night, and delighted they have a young, talented team with chemistry. Lundquist seems to be doing a better job with the puck this year, even if he is not focused on puck handling…that’s simply not his style. He is intense and focused on stopping pucks, and he has given us some amazing performances. I like the fact that our 2nd goalie Biron is a good puck handler…different style, and keeps the opposition on their toes in preparing for these games. Also interesting that we have so many North American-trained players at the moment. College hockey has produced some great additions to the NHL of late.

  27. AA is on the path to being a 25 goal scoring good 2 way player. that is whi he will be. a 50 point or 60 point a year player. a solid good player not a star…

    on a great team AA would be a good 3rd line player….

  28. >>Also it seems like Anisimov hasn’t been the same since his “fire weapon” incident.

    Perhaps he need a couple of nights off to, um, reload? The lad always seems to absorb a heavy check almost every match. I’m back to worry about his longevity.

  29. hank is not good handling the puck and he is also a top 4 goalie in the NHL. to me that is nitpicking…

    henrik is GREAT…

  30. AA gets hit a lot but he does not miss games. he is 6 ft 4, a lot to hit there and he skates fairly straight up..

  31. I’m not picking apart Lundquist. I just feel as an elite goalie, he can improve this aspect of his game.
    Everyone always talks about how he’s the MVP of the team, which is great. But don’t some of you want to see other guys receive accolades, because they are skilled and able to put the puck in the net? I’m still waiting for that day, when Sam and Joe start praising some of our skilled offensive players, instead of our goalie and defenseman. But the fact of the matter is, they still lack the talent and skill to get compliments about their offense. All you have to do is watch Chicago and Detroit yesterday to see the differences between them and the Rangers on offense.
    Please don’t kid yourselves, it’s been a great first half, but there’s a long way to go. I’m just hard pressed to think they can get another 25 wins playing 2-1 and 3-2 games night after night.

  32. easily prust best game of the season. he looked like himself from last year. like the play also of stralman last night. hes getting more comfortable now and this team has tons of character and has responded each and every time.



  33. The Rangers are truly one of the league’s elite, and this could be our year. That said, the Rangers need to make a big move at the deadline to make a big push for the Cup. At this point, I see no issue with mortgaging a bit of the future on some of the now. It seems every team that wins it does it, including the 94 team. Though Sather’s FA signings have been suspect at times, his trading has been great. make it happen

  34. Joe in DE,
    I totally disagree. The devils and the redwings didn’t mortgage the furure to win a cup for that year. That’s why those franchises won several cups in a ten year period. The 94 team did mortgage the future to win that year because there core players were much older and the window was closing. Because the rangers mortgage there future in 94 it took the rangers many years to recover. Also, with the cap era, you need to keep your young talent in the farm. There is no reason to do it. I can see the rangers making 1 or 2 small moves but that’s about it.

  35. Good morning all! Was too ill to post last night, but I sure did want to do this:


    OK, that’s out of my system now.

  36. Boom Boom Bathgate / Fire Torts! on

    Cross Czech Charlie –

    I won’t go into details but no one in sports history “complained” (actually tightened the screws) than Vince Lombardi, following a game. How did he do?

    Convenient how you mention that the Rangers won 3-0, but no mention of the fact that all the goals came at even strength. Were Lombardi alive and coaching this team he would have been up all night following the game, looking at film of the Rangers “power play”, and strategizing ways to improve it. That’s what WINNERS do, Charlie, in case you missed the memo.

  37. I think Lundqvist has improved his stick-handling. He’s not one of the best, but he does it much better than he did in previous years. Biron is exceptional at it. Mike Richter was another one of those goalies who could stop the puck, could make your eyes bug out with saves, but couldn’t handle the puck at all. Lundqvist is miles better than Richter was in that department.

    and I’m not saying Anisimov’s been better than Wolski. Not at all. He hasn’t been. My personal opinion (see how I do that, I let you know it’s an opinion and don’t try to shove it down everybody’s throat that I’m not a fan of the player as a lot of you guys do with a lot of players) on Wolski is that he doesn’t fit, he doesn’t play the way these Rangers play, and so he’d better score in bunches. And he won’t. Anisimov has accomplished “squat” lately, but he plays more like his teammates in all three zones. And he’s 23 and still very raw.

  38. Anisimov is a good player but is not a necessary component for this team going forward. They shouldnt be looking to give him away for a rental but if the Rangers can package him in a deal to acquire a top line player they can add to the “core” then you have to do it.

    Anisimov, Erixon, C. Thomas and a 1st round pick might be good enough to get us a Ryan Getzlaf or Bobby Ryan.

  39. Boom Boom Bathgate / Fire Torts! on

    Hey Czechthemout –

    You’re alright, Man. And right on the money, too, with your input.

  40. Boom Boom Bathgate / Fire Torts! on

    Oleo – You’re slipping, you forgot to throw in Krieder, McD, and Stepan on your trade proposal.

  41. “the Rangers need to make a big move at the deadline to make a big push for the Cup.”

    Relax Rangers fans….Kris Newbury is on the way ;)

  42. Boom Boom Bathgate / Fire Torts! on

    Cross Czech – Good luck to “The Men Of Gotham,” those “New York Football Giants.” lol

  43. Boom Boom

    those players you mentioned are untouchable. While that probably isn’t enough, if there is one thing Sather is terrific at, its making trades and good ones at that…

  44. Boom Boom Bathgate / Fire Torts! on

    Nuts, I was hoping to see “JAM Up And Jelly Tight” come in here and pot a couple goals. (“Pot” in this case, ORR, means “score.” lol)

  45. Carp exactly correct in AA vs WW and how they fit on the team. But where in the world did you come up with Hank being miles ahead of Richter on handling the puck…….what? They are or were both very bad and yet one of the best goalies in the league.

  46. Stranger Nation on

    One facet of the game where Wolski has to contribute is the PP. Makes no sense for him to dress unless they can utilize his skills on the PP.

    Missed last night’s game. What were the PP units?

  47. If Zucc was healthy, I would hope he would have gotten the call…

    But, Newbs, is OK. He’s only going to get like 5 mins of ice…




  48. Good afternoon, boneheads!

    Great review, Carp. On #1- I don’t think it’s worth wasting the words, or energy. I doubt you, or anyone else can change some people’s opinion. Doesn’t matter what Boyle and other secondary players do. I have no idea why that is, I can only speculate. But that’s just the way it is.

    I highly doubt Hank can improve his stick handling skills to be at any of Marty’s (good or bad one) level. But I agree, he has improved some. Bet you any GM in the league would take him “as is”.

    I agree with bull dog that AA has to take his offensive game up a notch. And now, since bull dog got on his case, he will :-). But as much as we bring his name up in trades on the blog, I think the management has very different plans regarding Anisimov.

  49. Before anyone gets their boxers in a bunch, it’s an inside joke with me and bull dog. Last time he got on his case, Anisimov started to produce.

  50. Yeah, I think you can hear how much Artie means to this team when you hear Torts talk about him. Torts knows that he has to get going and that he will. Artie is still a VERY raw talent and many teams would salivate at the chance of getting him in a deal…

  51. At least people got to see the game last night I have Comcast and was lucky enough to see the Islanders on two channels and no Rangers to be found I have watched every game this year until last night. Lets go Rangers

  52. Pretty incredible stat I just read: The Red Wings won their 14th straight at home to match their franchise record set back in 1965.

  53. I’m away and watched the game on my Slingbox. The quality of MSG2 picture on FiOS, albeit still in SD, is better than TWC has

  54. Carp,
    in my opinion, the Rangers need to find out what they have in Wolski. he has what the Rangers are lacking, skill on LW. the play he and Stepan made on Rupp goal is a perfect example. they both new where the puck needed to go, and were a play ahead of the Leaves Dmen. that kind of skill is hard to find.

  55. I might be partial because Giacomin is my fav Ranger of all time but I think he was a superb stickhandling goalie. Superb!

  56. Boom Boom Bathgate / Fire Torts! on

    Why don’t you people who defend the grinders and the grunts, come right out and say you like Fedo and WW and Martha Mitchell better than the Kreiders of the world who are coming in? Put some teeth into your bite.

  57. In addition the the “Pack” line last year, there was another line that produced a lot for the Rangers and helped them win a lot of games in Jan and Feb…

    The line?


    It was essentially the second line for the Rangers for a good while last year…there was visible chemistry….last night, we saw a glimpse of that chemistry on the Rupp goal….

  58. With Avery kicked off the team and Fedotenko and Dubinsky injured Wolski has to play. With Kolarik and Zuccarello injured in HFD, there is noone else to call up that can do any better. Wolski has 3 assists in 8 games which is more offensive production than Newbury or Devaux has contributed combined.

    The only offensive guy the Whale has is J.A.M. who the Rangers can’t even call-up since he is not on the 50-man roster…

  59. Boom Boom Bathgate / Fire Torts! on

    Hey NYR_Fan –

    The time to knock those who think this PP can be upgraded is following a game in which the PP SCORED a friggin’ goal. Because last night all this PP “contributed” was a bunch of guys out for a leisurely skate on the ice in Rocky Center.

    And by all means, feel free to add your name to the legion of those here who like WW and Fedo on the PP more than seeing Hags out there. Say what you mean – Hags stinks! The coach will send you a thank you note.

  60. Boom, I like John Mitchell, the guy who did the Mitchell Report, better than the winger/center.

    Seriously, though, I defend the grunts and grinders, and believe you need those guys … but i’d take most of them out in a heartbeat if they were going to be replaced by a Kreider … or somebody skilled with more heart than Wolski.

  61. I love Hags. But, honestly, do you know how many PPGs he scored for Michigan last season?

    I would much rather see Hags run the PK and score beauty shorties

    It is tough to expect him to be the savior for the PP…it’s not really his game….his game is speed and heady positioning….

    Boom – What do you think of Zuccarello? I thought he helped the PP very much last season.

  62. Would I welcome Kreider (or anybody else) coming in and being ready to perform at a level above the bottom end of the current forward corps? Absolutely.

    Aside from the leap of faith that is thinking that is done kind of certainty in the short term, most of any reasonable “defense” of the incumbents is that it is missing the point to value their contribution on small stretches of games where they have not produced primary even strength assists or whatever is officially recorded as a “takeaway”, as well as being faintly absurd to conclude that a player has quit on the team (or is now even exaggerating an injury) based on that.

  63. *some kind of certainty

    And yes, clearly the coach stubbornly hates Hagelin and is too blind/loyal to Quittostinko to notice that he effectively retired two years ago.

  64. I may have missed a few posts, but I don’t recall anyone mention that they preferred to have Mitchell&Co on this team, and it’s PP instead of Kreider….

  65. Boom Boom Bathgate / Fire Torts! on

    You know quite well, LW3H, that Fedo took two full months worth of games off from hitting people, blocking shots, assisting on goals, scoring on goals, racking up takeaways, while notching giveaways, thus proving he was not totally “invisible.” The fire hydrant in front of your yard can do better than that.

  66. I have two questions for Clarke MacArthur if he really did say the Rangers “bore you to death.”

    1) How is that aggressive, hard-hitting, knock-they-daylights-outta-you, make you fight for every inch style boring?

    2) Who the firetruck is Clarke MacArthur?

  67. Paul in sunrise on

    I heard that that torts wanted to keep hags at the start but higher ups wanted him in Hartford. There was something of a roster bonus that the team saved. But he needed some seasoning. So I pretty sure torts loves hagar but wants to keep him in spots where he can success without pressure. Exhibit A = fine line with AA and his confidence.

  68. Boom Boom Bathgate / Fire Torts! on

    NYR_Fan –

    Excellent question re what Hags produced on the power play re his minutes and goals scored, in college. Frankly, I don’t think I have ever seen a single NCAA hockey stat line in my life.

    But he is HERE now, so we can observe his skill set, first hand, and make our own determination as to whether he can handle more responsibility, or is over-matched, whatever.

    Reggie Jackson came to the A’s and started hitting home runs, almost right out of college. No one was inquiring as to how many home runs he hit at Arizona State. Fact is, most athletes are better at a lower level of competion, but the real winners adjust to their new environment and the greater demands and pressure of playing in the big time and deliver to the max.

    I saw Mark McGwire play for USC at UCLA, one time, and he was leading the conference in home runs, nearing the end of the season. But that becomes a moot point had he not moved up to the major leagues and established himself at the highest level of production.

    I really don’t think that whether Hags was a dynamo at Michigan, or just another face in the crowd has any relevance to this discussion. He is here, and he is on track to becoming an All Star in this league, and he is one of the final pieces in the Rangers near-term championship puzzle. I’m looking ahead as to what Hags and Kreider represent to this team, not behind.

  69. Mister Delaware on

    I really didn’t think Wolski looked all that bad. Seemed like he was atleast trying to use the body a little even though it’s unnatural.

    (There is one guy who I’d wager an outside observer would say plays nothing like the rest of the forwards in terms of his shying away from contact. It’s not the Woj Toy and its not AA. And it may not be a terrible decision on his part, but it is pretty striking (pun) and seems to mostly go unmentioned.)

  70. Does he make $60 million?

    Correction on the alleged quote from Clarke MacArthur (who?): He allegedly said the Rangers try to “bore you out of the rink.”

    Anybody bored last night?

  71. Whether I full well know that or not, how did the coaching staff not notice a player supposedly going missing for two months?

  72. Boom Boom Bathgate / Fire Torts! on

    As regards MZA. Bust or next Stan Mikita? Or next MSL? More like bust, per the first opportunity here, it looks like, but the big question is whether he will ever get another chance, up here?

    One thing we know, this guy has to score in bunches and on a consistent basis, or he is toast, because he brings little else to recommend. That is asking alot of all but the best scorers in the game.

  73. eddie eddie eddie on

    hags is so fast, that after the first intermission, he is already in the 3rd period

  74. Wicky©"I think the NHL Network host was named Kathryn Tappen" on

    morning ILB, Kathryn Tappen, and all!!

    great review!

    sent you a carrier pigeon!

    I have no problem with Rupp being on the powerplay.

    But I also have no problem with the top 12 forwards on a team not all being 30 goal scorers and all stars, of course most teams do have that, oh wait no they don’t

  75. Boom Boom Bathgate / Fire Torts! on

    Oh, the coaching staff noticed, alright. Why the coaching staff did not address that issue before just recently is a hell of a good question for them? How do we know the coaching staff finally woke up to Feds’ malingering and told him to put it in gear? The fact that he woke up suddenly and delivered eight hits in one game, after not delivering eight hits the entire season, before that.

    Look, this coach plays favorites, and he plays the “dog-mea”t game, with certain players. He likes you, you can tank for a long time. He doesn’t like you, you can be Jesus Christ walking on water and it won’t help you. Torts puts his feelings and his manic need to “control” free-spirited players ahead of the best interests of the team. Tired of his bad acting job.

  76. Wicky©"I think the NHL Network host was named Kathryn Tappen" on

    I also loved the cbc broadcast last night, way better than msg or any other channel for that matter.

    The vet thing was great and the cbc broadcast crew went out of their way to applaud the rangers for coming out early and participating for the whole ceremony!!

  77. eddie eddie eddie on

    hags is so fast, be would have beaten Secretariat in the ’73 Belmont by 31 lengths

  78. IMHO, last night’s game could be the game that locks this team into the elite category within their own minds. It appeared to me that everyone took turns driving the Mac truck that this TEAM was last night w/ few exceptions. Their will to win coupled with superior execution and decision making was very impressive.

    WW is a waste on this team. He glides around watching the play around him. He may have skill, but he appears to play with no passion and little desire, not to mention SOFT!

  79. “Torts puts his feelings and his manic need to “control” free-spirited players ahead of the best interests of the team. Tired of his bad acting job.”

    Don’t think I need to add to that.

  80. Boom Boom

    you assume Kreider is ready to jump into the NHL right this second. Are you aware that his first two seasons at BC his numbers were not great? Are you aware that Kreider has slowed down lately after a great start?

    He has a very high ceiling but to expect him jump in now or even in September and be a top 6 player is very lofty.

  81. Boom Boom Bathgate / Fire Torts! on

    Thanks for the Hags NCAA stat line. 14 career PP goals, is impressive. The 11% scoring percentage is lower than I would have guessed it would be. I would have guessed 15% or more.

  82. Afternoon all,

    So if Clarke MacArthur allegedly said the Rangers “try to bore you out of the rink,” why didn’t he and his speedy associates, namely Phil Kesell, Joffry Lupul, Mikail Grabovsky – do anything aboooot it?

    Mr. MacArther should really be asking Phil the Thrill why he avoided any semblance of contact during the game – you know – the type of contact the teams with Stanley Cup aspirations impose on their opponents for 60 minutes – and beyond if necessary…

    He should know, the games will only get tougher from here – and if he and his leaf teammates don’t start doing some raking, they’ll be on the golf course the first week of April.

  83. Boom Boom- I can assure you that people who never read your posts before ( the one from 1:38 pm) and didn’t know that you were serious would think that you have a very sofisticated sense of humor…

  84. “As regards MZA. Bust or next Stan Mikita? Or next MSL? More like bust, per the first opportunity here…”

    C’mon, Bathgate….really? Why does he have to be Hall of Famer? That is a ridiculous standard and I can’t believe you think that…

    The guy is a true talent. He’ll get a real chance in the NHL again. He had modest success last year at the NHL level with limited ice time and I am not even talking about the shootout.

    How come you don’t just chalk this up as another example of the coach’s “manic need to “control” free-spirited players ahead of the best interests of the team”?

  85. Wicky©"I think the NHL Network host was named Kathryn Tappen" on

    rumour “floating” on twitter, the leaves are adding a top 6 forward via trade (ryan) in the net 72 hours……..

  86. NYR FAN,

    Do you really think the MZA has the makeup of MSL?

    The games are only going to get tougher from here – less time and less space to make plays and lots more crashing and banging.

    Teams are getting more and more desperate for points/positioning and as a result – the war of attrition has begun.

    While he does possess skill – does he possess the physicality that today’s game demands?

    I really think that’s one of the big reasons why he’s not with the big club. The coach doesn’t trust him in those situations – at least he hasn’t up until now.

  87. No…when did I say that? I think it’s ridiculous to put him in the same sentence…

    “does he possess the physicality that today’s game demands?”

    Yes. He plays with snarl.

  88. ^THE BIG GUY^ is still injured, no? That hampered his chances to get a look, coupled with the way the team has been winning.

  89. Carp – I took ‘bore’ as:

    “to force (an opening), as through a crowd, by persistent forward thrusting”

  90. ilb, he came back on Friday but re-injured the same ankle at the end of the game. Had an assist in his return! Sat out yesterday. Stinks! Hope he’s just being pre-cautious now…

  91. McArthur played almost 17 min last night. Zero goals, zero assist, and minus one. I’m sure that was what he meant when he said “boring”.

  92. “Just where does MZA fit into the lineup?”

    He can play any forward position and can help QB the PP….

    But, enough about the ^wizard^…


  93. I also hope that his comment has the same effect as Jumbo Shrimp’s had and the Rangers bore the carcillo out of the next 20 or so teams they play.

  94. duckBill PLA-t-pus on

    ilbster, spelling on sofisticated… f=ph and I don’t mean an acidity measure… remember this egg producing mammal is a stickler for syntax and grammar. Hope you are enjoying your trip.

  95. Zuccarello is the next PA Parenteau. He will go to a bad team, get minutes and play well although not well enough to be better than Callahan or Gaborik…

  96. duckBill PLA-t-pus on

    duckbill cannot remember a Rangers team having so much size..not to say the team is an overload of jason and the leviathans, but Atta-a-Boyle is the kind of mobile size that GMs covet along with other hotties.

  97. Thanks, duckbill. I noticed too late. And the iPad didn’t autocorrect. Perhaps because I’m in PR? That’s how it’s spelled in Spanish :-)

  98. duckBill PLA-t-pus on

    ilbster, si puede ser…hago lo mismo a veces. viste, amiguito? Los dos tenemos algo en comun! El ‘Duckbill’ esta obsesionado con las mexicanas…ANDALE PUES!

  99. duckBill PLA-t-pus on

    the duckbill is from parts unknown weights unkown, but has spent a plethora of time in the yucatan in anticipation of working on an archeological dig…the duckbill injured his leg seriously at the time and was unable to take part much to his chagrin. The duckbill is originally from areas close to the straits of Messina if such must be known

  100. Sorry about your injury, duckbill. Those Mexican girls could sometimes be tough to handle, eh….

  101. I immediately apologize sincerely for my stupid mistake. Don’t know how it happened. Unintentionally, sorry.

  102. buckDill would be more appropriate? I hope, real *duckBill*(and I promise to write it no less than 100 times as a punishment) is not too serious about his avatar.

  103. I always believed that a person, who likes to write/talk about him/herself as in the Third party, should have great sence of humor.

  104. duckBill PLA-t-pus on

    4ever, no apologies necessaries…that immediately ran down like water off a duck’s back?? HUMOUROUS?? of course! the duckbill is a fun individual and is a large fan of the folks of this blog, the mastery of all rangers’ domains…..good observation in accordance with my humour…

    4ever, calabria side…other half of family is roman & napolitan (but not three flavars! <–more good humours!! <—yet again another funnies!)

  105. duckBill PLA-t-pus on

    ilbster, the duckbill also lived in the ACA-Pulco area for one year and half… nice ‘location’ across from fiesta Americana where duckbill was well known patron (no tequila) (duckbill prefers Don Julio Anejo) and took many a guest to the club known as Mandara and the Palladium (saturdays)

  106. Boom, you’re a smart guy and you obviously know about hockey … but when you say stuff like that about the coach, you sound like last night was your first game.

  107. BBB- “Torts puts his feelings and his manic need to “control” free-spirited players ahead of the best interests of the team. Tired of his bad acting job.”

    It sounds a little like Lloyd Braun:

    “There isn’t currently a player on the Rangers who could ever be a bigger story than John Tortorella. Sean Avery, on the other hand, is capable of that.”

    ”(Torts) fears a weakening of his power by allowing guy like Avery to call shots without there being anyone to keep him in check”

  108. Like the post. A few things, Carp:

    To call Brian Boyle “terrific” after one decent game and one very good game (last night) is an overstatement (yes if he doesn’t hit the post and it goes on he’s “terrific”). I know you’re not a Rangers fan per se, but you sure are a Brian Boyle fan to name him one of the three stars. Martin Biron who got the shutout with a / like he should share it is a joke. Boyle gets his own? Please. Stepan (moves, assist), Callahan, and Biron were the three stars. But I’ll forgive you since you asked. I’ll agree that he probably has overcome an injury and will be bringing it (which would explain why he was soft)

    I hate to correct you but Tuuka Rask is the best backup goaltender unfortunately. I have a feeling the Rangers will be seeing them in the ECFs. Biron eagerly playing second fiddle to Lundqvist and taking care of business could not have worked out any better.
    fore, and missed

    I’m not sure what the puck possession was, but in the 2nd it seemed like Toronto had the puck a lot. Would like to know what the total puck possession time was.

    Spot on about the PP. Good God.

    Sean Avery is a victim of society.

    Trade deadline: My solution is Kreider. Bring him up and give up nothing.

    Rangers probably dangle AA and a high pick or two but they can’t give up much in forwards. Wolski is unreliable and Dubinsky’s injury sets them back in the forward department. Please let us not rely on the Hobbit Wizard for the playoffs?

  109. Boom Boom Bathgate / Fire Torts! on

    Last night WAS my first game, Carp – Carped Again! – You’re on to me.

  110. hey, noonan, who wore the hat after the game? who set the tone for the game? who was singled out by the coach as the best player in the game before?

    and, yeah, I generally am a fan of the guys who do the dirty work, just as I’m a fan of linemen in football … you don’t win without those guys.

    and you make the perfect point for me when you say that if his second chance doesn’t hit the crossbar “he’s terrific” … in other words, you are one of those people who can’t see past the goal column in the stats or understand a player’s worth beyond offense.

    but I’m starting to expect comments such as these.

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