It’s Go Time!


Game 42.

Start of the second half of the season … like the first half, it starts outside of the U.S.A.

The Rangers have suffered half of their regulation losses to Canadian clubs (6-5-1) including a pair of home losses to the Maple Leaves.

They Rangers have lost one in a row — and have only lost as many as two in a row (in regulation) twice this season. They are 5-1 in the last six, 10-2 in the last 12. They are 5-0-1 in the first games of back-to-backs, and 5-0-1 in the second games of back-to-backs, and play in Montreal tomorrow night.

Martin Biron (8-2, 2.06) starts in goal. Brandon Dubinsky (sore shoulder) remains out, which means Wojtek Wolski gets another chance.

This is the first meeting since Dion Phaneuf phaneufed Michael Sauer with a huge, clean hit.


Got confirmation that Sean Avery’s problems with the Connecticut Whale were NOT due to a spitting incident, as some nit-twit tweeted.


Unrelated, a source confirmed that the Empire State Building will be lit tomorrow on one side with New York Giants blue, on two sides with Green Bay Packers green and gold, and on the south side in Flyers orange crud … to honor the Packers and the Flyers and Mr. Ed Snider, of course. With a full endorsement from the NHL.

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  1. NYDNRangers Pat Leonard
    #NYR warmup lines: Hagelin-Richards-Callahan, Mitchell-Stepan-Gaborik, Prust-Boyle-Fedotenko, Anisimov-Rupp-Wolski

  2. Bit early for Go Time! isn’t it? Game won’t start for another two hours or so, being a Saturday night in Toronto.

  3. I’m back! $1700 lighter (and I need a new wheel. not a new tire, a new WHEEL. Who knew there was a difference??). However, I have Five Guys and beer for dinner, so my soul is somewhat assuaged.

    Would help if the Rangers win tonight.

    Oh and I get the HNIC crew since the game is on NHLN. Should be interesting.

  4. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! gametime in on!!!!! GO RANGERSSSSS , lets kill the LEAFS!!!!


  5. BANJ's boys can swim on

    Carp, it’s not the same if you don’t write “ya boys”.


  6. Rangers have lost twice this season to the leafs 4-2. It’s time for the rangers to give some payback to the leafs.

  7. eddie eddie eddie on

    if the niners are lucky enough to win this game, and the giants good enough to win tomorrow…..giants will kill the niners…….niner offense is 11 4th line players

  8. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Im pumped , im ready , im set, im good too go , im raring , im ready to ROCK N ROLL!!!



    Go Rangerssss , boy are we mad, we want a WIN!!!!!!

  9. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on




    Yip , Mickey , mesa perty pumped up for this one!!!


  10. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    Its gonna be a real ring-a-ding dong dandy!!!!

  11. Carp

    Great midseason review! Agree with you 101%! This team is on the right path and it is great to be a fan of the Rangers right now!

    We have to win this game tonight!


  12. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Solidiers? Canadians don’t know how to war!!!?? Just kiddin!!





  13. Clueless MSG as always. Great military ceremony not being shown so we can hear Duguay repeat the same crap over and over again. Class as always MSG.

  14. Why do these MSG people keep saying “this New York Ranger team”? Where’s the darn “S”??

  15. tomg, jimbo

    You guys are crazy. The music of the past is much better than today’s music.

  16. Duckbill,

    My old lady likes to henpeck me…but the lady was some straggletoother when she was a young lassie… yeehaw!


  17. CPPP, david dubinsky has sore shoulder…that is, an excuse to rest him and get Wolveski some ice time..but as you know the Woe-tech Wolveski is a straggletoothed player. Always has been.


  18. what channel are the rangers on for FIOS right now??? not on MSG, or NHL Network, or Versus….???

  19. This is just unbelievable!! Blacked out on cable, and their radio broadcast is on WWRL, which has less of a signal than a travel advisory station – I don’t get it!! – does MSG and Dolan really not want us to follow this team anymore?

    Putting the game on a weak Black Gospel station!? WTB!?

    Incredible!! Next, we’ll be on CB radio on channel 19….

  20. >>Putting the game on a weak Black Gospel station!? WTB!?

    Do not despair, they’ll put it on a White Gospel station for you next time.

  21. Jimbo, move to brooklyn and get Cablevsion…Dolan wants everyone living in Brooklyn. BUy a nice little brownstone… enjoy.

    Brooklyn Bob

  22. still cant believe that we (myself included) were all happy about the Boyle 3 year extension in the offseason. Another 2 years of watching this buffoon skate around at $1.7 per….

    Unrelated – How does Drew Brees not get more love from the media than Tom Brady. Guy is a freaking magician

  23. Bob you tell me what is more out of line. My vulgarity or Dolan blocking Ranger games from die hard fans.

  24. >>>Jimbo, move to brooklyn and get Cablevsion…Dolan wants everyone living in Brooklyn. BUy a nice little brownstone… enjoy.

    My GF lives in Brooklyn – and she’s got Time-Warner, too! That’s not a foolproof answer, either!

    >>>Do not despair, they’ll put it on a White Gospel station for you next time.

    Really? Find one, if you can!! Maybe Dolan will start one up? He sure doesn’t know carcillo about hockey, maybe he has some expertise in the radio business?

    No? I didn’t think so….

  25. Parros, only Fran can use those words here.

    I’m pretty sure you can listen to the audio broadcast from the Rangers website if anyone needs…

  26. Parros, ask the admin of the site which is worse and he will tell you its the words you used, even with your ‘creative’ spelling.

  27. >>>Jimbo…you have a better chance of finding the Toronto broadcast…

    Thanks, Stall – I’ve got the broadcast now, but I find it “amusing” that during a time when Ranger fans are being kept from seeing their team on TV that they relegate the radio broadcast to a station that has a *negative* signal *and* ratings!

    Truly, it’s like they don’t want us to follow the team! Next time they’ll move the radio broadcast to the Korean-language radio station..

  28. Has anyone ever compiled all the substitute words we use? Where’s Manny? He likes lists…

    Aasen = tuchus
    Carcillo/Cooke = smelly stuff that comes out of a tuchus
    Byfuglien = firetruckin

  29. >>>Jimbo, move to the midwest and get Center Ice/have the game on NHLN and not blacked out. ;)

    Is that an invitation for me to come crash at your place, Mickey!? ;-p

  30. Good move, NYR-FAN…..definitely! It looks like they’re not gonna settle this situation anytime soon…

  31. >>>Move to Europånsyland and get the Rangers games plus the benefits of communism.

    NOOOOO!!!! We’re getting too close to that here already! No way!

  32. Mickey, I really hope they get a big win for you tonight! Sorry to hear about all that mess with your car :(

  33. Thanks Sally and apologies for the profanity. Dolan is still a big poopie pants. I truly dislike him.

  34. billybleedsblue on

    help, please, anyone with link?
    game is NOT on at my friend’s and we are loosing our minds. it’s not the TWC thing, it’s who knows what. We’ve got every other game that’s on TV but NOT our Rangers. wtf.

  35. >>>Jimbo, move to Buffalo and watch the game on Canadian tv. And eat awesome wings.

    OK on the first part, Sally – but if I did the latter, my stomach and aasen would self-destruct, and I’d be no more!

  36. Mickey, OK on Ted Drewes – sounds great! They used to have frozen custard-type ice cream at Coney Island a million years ago, and it was FAB!

    Sally, I never had beef on weck – I think I’d like it, but they don’t have it down here.

  37. >>>radio 1600 AM

    Which has a signal as powerful as EC’s fighting ability and desire….

  38. I like frozen custard better than ice cream now. But either are gooood.

    Sally, I have to admit that I don’t like Beef on Weck. It’s the carraway seeds on the bun that get to me.

  39. Sally January 14th, 2012 at 8:05 pm

    Don Cherry is yelling with his mouth. And with his jacket. SO loud.


  40. billybleedsblue on

    hahaha, the Rangers are in 1st place and they are on AM1600 and no where to be found on Comcast where I’m at right now. Amateur-hour (tm Miami)!

    anyone on Putnam Comcast and know what the channel is? My buddy was on the phone with their customer service for like a 1/2 hour and then accidentally hung up, it was really funny, but we got nowhere with it :(

    Let’s Go Rangers!!!!!

  41. I also want to make a list of verbs named after ‘heads. To Carp, to Laurel, to BANj… others?

  42. Beef on Weck isn’t my favorite either, but I like it like I like the Bills (just cause it’s Buffalo).

  43. Carp, Nope. I had to use a credit card. I will use asshats when I send a copy of the bill to MODOT demanding they repay me for their idiocy/short-sightedness.

  44. I’d like to try beef on weck *and* Italian beef – but neither is to be found here in New York City…

  45. This scoring drought is not good – we need to put some pucks in the net…..Pronto!!

  46. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Let’s GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First time in awhile watching on TV, game on NHLN! MSG still sucks!!!!!!!!!

  47. I wonder of the Boyle-haters are watching this game … or if they still can’t see past the G column in the stats.

  48. Tough to do, but the Leafs demolish the Rsngers when it comes to the number of fans who can’t be bothered returning to their premium seats by the start of the second period.

  49. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Hey Boneheads, I’ll be at the game tommorrow up in Montreal. Let’s GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. That was almost two passes too many, and it would have looked idiotic if it didn’t end up in the net. But some great passes.

  51. I’d like to see us get a few more goals, and then see one or more of our guys wipe out Mr. Sloppy Seconds for injuring Sauer-power…..

  52. “I hate comcast … fishsticks only with the dreaded knicks”

    I take the Islanders to win at basketball, the Knicks at hockey in that matchup.

  53. >>Tappen? Isn’t that somebody’s name?

    You might be right. I think there’s someone on the NHL Network with that name. I just can’t recall the full name at the moment.

  54. Islander and the Knick? I know there have been rumors about Isles moving I just didn’t think they’ll move them to the NBA. :)

  55. Carp. My apologies to you as well and to all others on the blog I offended with my vulgarity. I had figured misspelling the words made it ok but I understand that it did not and am sorry for that.

    Sally many thanks for the link. Got it just in time to see the goal. LGR!

  56. billybleedsblue on

    hahaha LW3H isles v. knicks

    it really stinks not bein’ able to watch this one. at least there’s Pats v. Tebow. Barf.

  57. Maybe Mickey, but Avery never told Jody Shelley he was “Phaneuf-ing irrelevant out here” That alone makes me want Rupp’s number in the rafters lol

  58. I’m betting Sam has used the Rangers app about as many times as Duguay has chosen not to wear an outfit because it was “too 70s”.

  59. James G, I was being sarcastic :) I would take Rupp a thousand times out of a thousand over Avery.

  60. I’m going to go out on a limb and say Charles Barkley is in better shape than DiPi and could probably survive Torts’ training camp sooner than Dipi could survive a quarter of hockey ; D

  61. Avery is in the Giant Fish, er, Mammal (whatever) lineup tonight and according to twitter accounts took a ridiculously stupid slashing penalty.

  62. Carp, is tonight pink ice night? Won’t that clash with the Whales’ uniforms? #seanaveryproblems

  63. billybleedsblue on

    i don’t know what’s worse– rooting for the Pats or hearing Tebow for another week.

    Prolly will hear Tebow no matter what…

    I really can’t stand the Pats…

    I’ve gotta be polite and not make a big deal we can’t watch the *real* game at my friends…

    What a great Saturday night.

    Please keep me sane Carp & RR.

    Let’s Go Rangers!!!!!

  64. “the Canadian’s have a military?”

    if Don Cherry can show them a little respect you can too, ya JERK

  65. “i don’t know what’s worse—rooting for the Pats or hearing Tebow for another week.”

    Rooting for the Pats cuz you live in “New England”


    If Tebow wins it’s God’s will. And if the Patriots win a game or two, but no Superbowl it’s God’s will as well.

  66. N.CountryNYRFan on

    BOYLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FLAVAH in da House!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. “ok, so now he’s a good player, right?”

    If Tonto scores, he’s a good player.

    If not he’s still a 6-7 punching bag.

  68. Boyle has been working hard all game and CRUNCHING people. He deserved that goal! Love the kid. Solid citizen and hard worker.. Give him a BREAK!

  69. Another player, who, according to some experts should’ve been decapitated… Useless. Can’t score. Soft. Sucks. An I forgetting anything?

  70. “Another player, who, according to some experts should’ve been decapitated… Useless. Can’t score. Soft. Sucks. An I forgetting anything?”

    More red herrings please

  71. billybleedsblue on

    hey guys what lines are the Rangers rollin’ with tonight?
    I’m so psyched about this game that I can’t watch!
    wah wah wah
    anyways, I’m not crying about it, just tryin to keep the guys updated (and myself sane)

  72. Noooooo one scores like GASBOYLE! No one hits like GASBOYLE! No one’s neck’s as incredibly thick as GASBOYLE!

  73. The way “Taste the rainbow” gets displayed on FB is a little less PG. Haha at least when I posted it to her page it is.

  74. billybleedsblue on

    I’m in a heated ‘conversation’ about making NYR rental Team Teemu East… u guys would love it

  75. “HowlingsToday Mitchell R. Beck
    Off the face-off #Avery sounds off to the linesman and gets himself a misconduct at 16:28”

    The Hollywood Mafia is out to get Sean Avery

  76. Anytime, noonan…but has been a good, solid player before tgat goal. Hope you saw it too…

  77. outside of Dubinsky’s recent injury I really think that goal scoring slump helped him find his true game. He’s grittier, a better grinder, values puck possession more, and makes bigtime passes (not just breakaway/breakouts but passes behind the net protecting the puck). This is going to work in Tort’s system nicely and he’ll find his scoring touch. It ain’t as pretty (and sometimes he was too pretty) but it works.

  78. “Boyle got creamed”



  79. Trish is jumping for joy again. Leaves tried to throw their weight around; it only fired up the Rangers.

  80. “Biron-2 assists. Rupp-0. Send him to AHL…”

    Seriously bro you need to stop. You’re not funny and you are losing your mind.

  81. Even the HNIC announcers giving Boyle props. Hmmm, if THEY can see how valuable he is, I wonder what that means for how the Rangers organization sees him.

  82. “Yo don’t need to read it, noonan. And borrrow some basic sense of humor…”

    Nobody laughed at the 50th rendition of that joke, buddy. Get some new material.

  83. well your little minion Staal Wart is here to obsess over Boyle all night with you so you have that going.

  84. Rangers sat in the tarmac for 2 hours cause someone forgot to put Sather’s name in the flight manifest, per the HNIC crew.

    That is byfuglien hysterical.

  85. Staal and Illb: Weren’t you two Tom Renney loyalists up until months before he got fired? Just wondering.

  86. “How many renditions of Brodeur fat jokes are permitted? I might be sailing close to the wind there…”

    Sean Avery rendered the renditions infinite. Fatso jokes all around!

  87. I don’t think we need to resort to bickering over this…They are about to get another win, mostlly driven by their secondary players. Replacing what they do by a 25 goal scorer would remove at least two of them from the lineup and add at least $3M extra. The bottom line is that someone needs to do what they do, and if they score-it’s a bonus.

  88. Boom Boom Bathgate / "Sloppy Firsts" on

    Salute to Prust, who is quietly racking up primary assist/ even strength points, tops on the team for several weeks, now.

  89. Boom, he was really good tonight. Thought he was really good vs. Ottawa. Maybe he’s just getting healthy.

    Dime a dozen.

  90. Wow now MSG moved the Rangers post game from MSG2 to MSG+2 because apparently showing the Knicks losing by 30 points on just one channel isn’t enough!

  91. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Great win tonight!!

    I’ll be at the game tommorrow in Montreal and hope the Rangers beat the snot out of the Habs.

  92. Again it is proven

    The grunts get the goals


    Boyle – the best player on the ice tonight

    And Prust with a key assist

    Great lockdown performance by the Rangers

    Took all the time and space away from Kessel, Lupul and company

    Biron didn’t have a ton of work – but a couple of key saves late

    Superb response to the Ottawa game

  93. Author, every sentence you wrote is 100 percent accurate. The last sentence is what gives this team a chance to be something pretty cool.

  94. I now have to watch games on a different internet live streams(thanks MSG & TW thugs) and sometimes benefit of that, they didn’t turn microphones in commercials and intermissions(don’t ask why). So, there are plenty of curios things sometimes in free commentator’s conversations. In one of them they were talking about young stricture of hard working Rangers team and how every NHL team would like to have Sather for GM. Yeah, it was a long tough journey for him to this compliment.
    BTW, I have to admit, today, surprisingly for me, it was 2 very descent Canadians, as close to be objective as they could in Toronto.

  95. Author – Dead on with every single word there. This team truly hates to lose. They came out angry tonight.

  96. >>JBytes, hey it worked when you said Boyle was gonna score!

    It looks like everything worked for us and them tonight.

  97. Truly was an awesome bounce back game after the last one. They didn’t give the Leaves much of anything all night long. And Good Marty was really good when he had to be. Kudos to all the boys.

    And now I have to do laundry. Boo.

  98. I don’t get MSG other than the game feed, Carp. Just thought HNL on MSG+ was the new Kathryn Tappen for a moment there.

  99. Kathryn Tappen?

    Has anybody mentioned how Miami went back to the bush-league, amateur-hour, clown comments and immediately got the Rangers back on track, after jinxing them with kind words prior to the Ottawa game?

  100. wow!
    after all the years of not being able to
    watch post-game interviews
    and all the extra special shows
    i never thought i’d be pleased to see
    that i do not have msg

    still can’t watch post-game stuff
    but some of it online later
    at least i’m not jumping through hoops to
    see games.

  101. Only really Rask and Schneider plus whoever you might call the backup in the Elliott/Halak platoon in St. Louis, ilb. Emery has a decent win/loss record, but much lower SV%.

  102. are the dime a dozen comments directed towards me? because I called Betts type players a dime a dozen. I said Boyle needed to contribute some on O, or he would be just a a bigger version of Betts. tonight he contributed on O. he needs to put in 10 to 15 a year with the ice he gets.

  103. This team sucks. 3 measly goals against a horrid Toronto squad. I can’t root for them anymore. They are complete amateur-hour clowns.

  104. Couple more observations,

    1. The Rangers just kept going and going – relentless until the end – absolutely suffocating the Leafs – taking their will away – which is precisely how teams survive and advance in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.
    That is without question a reflection of how this team has totally bought in to what the coach is selling.

    2. Ryan Callahan, Brad Richards, Marc Staal and the others leaders in that room are doing one helluva job. This cannot be underestimated in the grand scheme of things.

  105. bull dog-Not sure who said, and who it was directed at. Nor I remember who started a “dime-a-dozen ” thing, but it was this year. Not important. It gives some flavor to the blog, but it also creates unnecessary tension. But Boyle has been good at many other important areas this year. And he produces a half of what you suggested during the next 40 games, it should be plenty, no?

  106. Does EC get called up for tomorrow night, Avery or someone else? Surprised Wolski only got 6 mins plus…

  107. Also, not sure if anyone watches the NHL Network regularly but Ms. Tappan hosts a darn good recap show every night.

  108. ilb,
    I am a Boyle fan. I think he brings a lot to the table. just think if he is going to play 15 to 18 minutes a game, he needs to pop a few more goals. I think he will in the second half.

  109. LMAO @ DiPietro, Carp. Is there a mercy rule in hockey? Someone should put him out of his misery. Seriously, though, I feel bad for the guy…He, seemingly, can’t catch any luck.

  110. ilb,
    also I think it might be time for me to go after AA. he has not scored in about 10 games. i’m going to have to break his slump.

  111. they still need another forward and they miss Dubi, believe it or not. Sit mitchell when dubi comes back and gove WW a few games if he is his usual soft self and does not score, adios……

  112. It was Lloyd Braun who started the dime-a-dozen thing and it was aimed at Prust.

    Also from Lloyd on the same thread (the one with the artist’s illustration of the Winter Classic rink from mid-December), which is rather amusing in retrospect:

    “Can’t wait to see Mike Rupp light it up on that rink.”

  113. Amen, bull dog! Last time you went after AA’s butt, he started to look like a world class player. Go for it! By the way, are you and Miami related?

  114. Stuart,

    Mitchell should not sit at all
    He is one of the foot soldiers – notice how well he plays below the hashmarks
    how he positions his body to protect the puck
    very strong on the forecheck
    that was evident tonight
    WW is not a Ranger – doesn’t possess the snarl and the relentlessness

  115. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    ahhhhhhhhhhhh anutha win ….feels sooooo gooood!!!

    Rangers rule!!!!

  116. LOL LW3H

    Stuart…completely agree that WW is just not a fit on this team and that Mitchell should stay in the line-up. Had a strong game and that pass to Gaborik off the boards was a result of pure hustle and some nice hands.

    If Feds is out, what other options are there in Hartford besides EC and Avery. Deveaux perhaps?

  117. LW- Maybe we need Lloyd to come back and light some fire under few more players..
    And don’t call me Shirley!

  118. On the dime-a-dozen thing…

    I wouldn’t disagree that the Prust/Boyle types are just that to some extent – their roles are ones that more than a few players around the league can perform, and are realistically replaceable without being forced into big contracts to keep them around.

    But it’s the extreme “he’s not scoring, hence he’s a bum” end of the comments and the idea that they can just be replaced by players with the same qualities and a lot more scoring for equivalent cost (or that other teams have third lines made up of three 25 goalscorers) that doesn’t bear much scrutiny.

  119. just finished watching game on dvr. what a win and effort all contributed. love the bounce back abaility. lets keep the train rolling. next stop the house of horrors montreal.

    seriously this is our chance to win in montreal. they suck and we are a gritty bunch

  120. I mentioned something similar before. Between Rupp, Boyle, and Prust, the cap hit is just below $3M. If you replace them with similar players AND add 20 goals per each one, the number will at least triple, if not quadruple…It’s a salary cap era.

  121. Boom Boom Bathgate / "Sloppy Firsts" on

    A player scoring 20 goals more than the player he replaced is definitely not “similar.”

  122. Not to say Boyle in particular doesn’t need to score some more. Of course he does. (Though had he not had that freakish first half last year, would people be on him quite so much now?)

    But without looking, I doubt there are many teams with forwards 7-9 racking up 60-75 goals any more.

  123. Of course Boyle has to score more. So does Prust. But the team is winning. And it is not a stretch to suggest that, perhaps the team is winning, at least in part, because they are doing what they are supposed to do in other areas.

  124. Boom Boom Bathgate / "Sloppy Firsts" on

    Actually, LW3H –

    A team should be seeking players who provide BALANCE between scoring and the physical game. A scorer lending little D and not much physical game is one-dimensional. A grinder with paltry offense to his arsenal is also, one-dimensional.

    These are “role players,” players who are limited in what they bring to the cause. So that they are frequently over-matched when checking two-dimensional or multi-dimensional opponents.

    This Rangers team is top-heavy with grinders. Adding a couple decent scorers who can at least forecheck and backcheck, really puts this team over the top.

    As this team is now constructed, this imbalance needs to be addressed before Cup winning expectations will be realized. Unless you think the present team, as constructed, has the goods to win it all, in which case we disagree with my hoping you are right and I am wrong. In which case you are saying that Fedo and Mitchell are indispensable and not expendable. I wouldn’t want to go public with that pronouncement.

  125. i watched the canadien broadcast so I did not know Feds left early with back spasms…

    is dubi on the trip????imagine the D when sauer comes back. bickell sits and there d is loaded…………

    man this team has such a bright future. stepan on pace to net 20 goals, he is 21 and has such a high hockey IQ… aa, dubi, boyle, and prust if anything have underachieved expectations and they are still where they are!!!

    this record is all because of defense,winning puck battles and there neutral zone play, and goaltending….the offense has been OK….MDZ, mcdonagh, and girardi have overachieved but really MDZ is 21 so you assume he will get better. Mcdonagh is a great skater and we saw his potential last year. girardi has been pretty good for 3 years but this year when staal was out just became a minutes and defensive monster…….

  126. Boom Boom- there are very few truly indispensable players on this team. But I would be very interested to see which two players, regardless whether they’re available or not, you would like to add to this team.

  127. BBB/SF

    I don’t think the argument that Mitchell, Fedo and either Boyle and Prust are “not expendable” or not replaceable but rather what is the cost of replacing them.

    Who else is available via a trade and how much will they cost in terms of salary and cap space? And what is the increased production the team is getting for that increased salary and cap space? Right now, the four of them combined are doing a darned good job at a very affordable price.

    I think the issue is more needing one more Top 6 guy and to me, the reason you’ve developed a stable of young D and D prospects is to be able to trade for a chip when you have too to get that last piece.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if the stayed pretty close to as is headed into the playoffs though…

  128. Wouldn’t say Fedotenko or Mitchell were indispensable and nothing I have said would construe that either.

    How big can you expect the scoring “dimension” to be in your bottom six though? No dispute that the Rangers need more depth scoring, but realistically it’s difficult to stockpile multiple 15-20 goalscorers who can also play in their own end in those positions. Legitimate aim, certainly, but it’s hardly as simple as just ditching a couple of players and acquiring goalscoring equivalents or expecting every call up to be like Hagelin.

    And Boyle’s line clearly wasn’t overmatched when checking Toronto’s top line tonight.

  129. It’s not only tonight, LW. Boyle’s line has rendered plenty of first lines in the league largely innefective. And not by using their amazing skills, but by using their size, hard work, and ability to forecheck. The get the puck, dump it in, and good luck getting it away from them…it isn’t a goal scored, but it isn’t a goal score against by the top line either.

  130. Boom Boom Bathgate / "Sloppy Firsts" on

    I was waiting for exactly that, ilb.

    You want to be first in line to make the statement that adding Kreider at the expense of a grinder will, on balance, HURT this team, you go right ahead. “They” used to talk about Mike Bossy being a sieve defensively too, until, long about his third 50-goal scoring season, somehow “they” went away. Can you and some others not understand that this is what we are looking at, in Kreider, understanding we will be getting less offense than Bossy, but more D in terms of back-checking, fore-checking, blocking shots, and playmaking.

    WOW! Some people are afraid of change for the better, winning, and achieving the ultimate success. Let’s see where Mitchell and Feds are five years from now, by comparison with Kreider. So that this dialogue a slightly different tenor at that time, I “boldly” predict.

    I don’t have a second nominee for a forward addition at this time, as there may not be one ready, in the system. I did add here, this afternoon, that that void could at least be partially addressed via the adding of Hagelin, full time, to the power play. That seemed to actually be an unpopular position to take, with some here. With wonders never cease?

  131. Realistico the used to be great on

    “Boyle needs to score more” Ranger fans, 2012

    “Bruins can’t get past first round without improved power play.” Bruin fans, 2011

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