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  1. rocketnyr – Torts doesn’t like big players, he likes effective players. St. Louis is one of his favorite players he’s ever coached and that guy is like 5’6″.

  2. HLundqvist30 Enough is enough, switching to Verizon tomorrow… NY sports without MSG network doesn’t do it for me.

    wow…..he’s not a Dolanvison customer!!??

  3. Actually, don’t know if he can get Dolanvision where he lives, but I find the comment hysterical :)

  4. eddie eddie eddie on

    mama – orr chases a lot of people away…not just tr 80……my sabbatical too….notice how its much more decent without his added genius?

  5. eddie eddie eddie on

    tony – assen flyer fans wonder if the ranger fan instigated it all….i hate that team, its city, and its fans

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