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  1. they missed dubi. speed, skill, and toughness.

    ww for mitchell, see if that adds more skill.. give it a shot why not…..

    staal is looking good..

  2. eddie eddie eddie on

    olga – agreed on the PP sucking for years…this year it is because they stand, no skating …..perimeter passing in a way they think its a 5-3……no shots….no screens, tho rupp is trying….


    ILB – where are you off to?

  3. Yeah, “Fire Sather” and all currently built team, including coaching and scouting staff, rename team a “Bluehawks” and put Queen Olga on GM’s toilet seat.

  4. When was the last time anyone asked Torts about the horrific PP and why it stinks so damn much? I mean, wtf? Who’s in charge of it? Im sure he doesnt tell them to stand around! So then why don’t the players get the message?

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