Christensen on conditioning assignment to Connecticut


From the Rangers:

Erik Christensen Assigned to Connecticut on a Conditioning Stint            

New York, January 11, 2011 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that forward Erik Christensen has been assigned to the Connecticut Whale of the American Hockey League (AHL) on a conditioning stint.

Christensen, 28, has registered one goal and four assists for five points in 20 games this season.  He recorded four points (one goal, three assists) in a three-game span from October 31 vs. San Jose to November 5 vs. Montreal.  Christensen is tied for third in the NHL all-time in shootout game-deciding goals (11), ranks ninth in shootout goals (24) and ranks fifth in shootout shooting percentage (52.2%) among active skaters with at least 10 shootout attempts.  He has not dressed in 20 games this season, including each of the last 10 contests.  His last appearance was on December 17 at Phoenix.

The Edmonton, Alberta native was acquired by the Rangers on December 2, 2009, claiming him off waivers from Anaheim.  He was originally selected by the Pittsburgh Penguins as a third round choice, 69th overall, in the 2002 NHL Entry Draft.

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  1. “Aw, now that, that was nothin’, Mike. Moe didn’t mean nothin’ by that. Yeah, sure he flies off the handle every once in a while, but me and him, we’re good friends, right Moe?”

  2. He’s not going to the Whale full time. He’s just there to play up to 5 games I believe and then he’s back.

    REPOST (about Wolski): Carp I agree. I think he just needs to work hard. I mean Gaby doesn?t go around blocking shots like crazy because that?s just not his game. But he?s been hitting, skating, working hard, and scoring. If Wolski just works hard defensively by backchecking and just at least putting pressure on guys at the point that are shooting, it?ll be ok if he scores goals or at least sets them up.

    If he doesn?t, then he wouldn?t deserve to be on the ice. I think he gets it though, just based on what he?s said and how Torts talks about him lately.

  3. Update of MSG Vs. TWC:

    Not sure about all of you, but during this MAGICAL season, I am not willing to watch my team on my computer on a website. I appreciated being able to do that last night for sure. I really could care less who is at fault here. All I want is to be able to watch my team.

    I am cancelling TWC and installing Direct TV as of this Saturday. They have a pretty good two year deal available for anyone who is getting screwed by this situation..

  4. Doodie Machetto on

    I think Wolski accepts his stint if Dubi plays tomorrow night. He’s probably just waiting around to see if he gets put in the lineup or not.

  5. Yev,

    Do you live in Manhattan? Do you still get internet/phone through TWC?

    I’m considering getting DirectTV as well…do any games get blacked out on DirectTV?


  6. stranger nation on

    Not a big Woofski fan, but we need more production out of the LW on Gabby’s line. AA played better last night, but does not play well along boards consistently. WW has to understand why this team is successful. I guess he is not demonstrating it in practice to General Tortles.

    NYR_FAN – agree on Prince Carl last night, kid continues to impress.

  7. Billy Blu

    I have heard variations of that remark, but I think that it was George Jessel or one of his compatriots who said, Behind every great man there is a great woman….and behind every woman there is a great behind.

  8. Hey guys, the only reason I asked that question about Pilot licenses is because I thought it highly likely that there were some among you and recalling incidents of
    interest that we would all find interesting when you’ve run out of Avery jokes and wanted a few chuckles. I know in my own case I am a Private pIlot but haven’t flown in about 40 years ( eyesight and hearing both began to betray me and I hung up the wings, although I will maintain that license forever because it never expires. ( But your physicals do).

  9. I have seen a lot of women in my day and let me tell you…..not all of their behinds are “Great”

  10. stranger nation on

    Is the conditioning ‘stint’ voluntary? curious why it took so long for either to go up and get in game shape.

  11. CARP:

    Couldn’t agree with you more. NO SOUP FOR ANY OF THEM!!

    We are just pawns in their game. They do not deserve to taste my Mulligatawny nor my Crab Bisque

    BTW, an amazing episode on last night. Kramer and Newman talking about their rickshaw in Jerry’s bedroom as Jerry tries to sleep.. ending with a “Goodnight Jerry/Goodnight Newman” !


  12. billybleedsblue on

    You can expect a future article like the one Sally posted earlier titled 10 CRAZIEST NON-HOCKEY NHL INJURIES to include something like this:

    After overcoming hip surgery, knee injuries, one knee surgery, groin injuries, lower body injuries, a neck injury, a concussion, facial lacerations from a fight with goalie Brent Johnson, and several non-hockey related setbacks, Islanders star goalie Rick Di Pietro, while returning to the Isles, trips over his own shadow, fracturing his soul after falling to the curb just outside the Islanders new practice facility just outside of downtown Kansas City.

    The fractured soul, just another set-back in a long string of what is considered to be the worst luck EVER, is expected to keep Di Pietro sidelined for at least another season.

    “I just… feel nothing,” said Di Pietro in a short interview outside a famous Kansas City All you can eat BBQ restaurant where he was meeting former goaltending rival Martin Brodeur. Brodeur, there to console his fellow net-minder was “unavailable” for comment.

  13. Wicky©"I think the NHL Network host was named Kathryn Tappen" on

    afternoon ILB, kathryn tappen, and all!!

    So my question is if you add a forward (via trade) without giving up a roster forward…who sits? And then who sits when this krieder kid shows up?

  14. conditioning assignments for players who must clear waivers otherwise, I believe, must be approved by the player. so the Rangers had to ask Christensen (and eventually Wolski) to go down. I believe they can refuse … which would be ill-advised under these circumstances.

    but no waivers are required for a conditioning assignment.

    Yev, “Potato Salad!” … “You will have to have a toned upper body … or a shirt.”

  15. Imagine Hags skating ability in a body that is 6’3′ 225lbs…. Meet CHRIS KREIDER!

    Can’t wait till that kid is on the Rangers.

  16. Feds might not be back next year. Wolski/EC/Woywitka gone. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Prust is gone too. He’s a great role player, but I think with how he plays, eventually his body is going to break down to the point where he can’t be effective. Mitchell will be gone as well (also his contract year). That frees up space for Kreider and possibly Thomas or another kid.

  17. If all this is true, which msg denies but without actually naming what their offer is, it sounds like the bid/ask between the two was something like 3% and 6.5% increases, and now since time Warner doesn’t raise their bid, they offer something to make the spread 3% by 53%. Makes total sense to me!

    You’d think if all this is true time Warner would attempt to seek a ruling from an ethics committee. When you offer terms of a 6% increase and make it 53% once you can’t come to an agreement, there’s an ethics violation and gross unwillingness to negotiate ……or time Warner is distroring the facts to the public

  18. billybleedsblue on

    Is it who is faster, or who is faster with the puck?

    I might go Hagelin faster, Gaborik faster with puck, but that’s just a guess as they are both pretty fast!

  19. Gaborik looked pretty good carrying the puck into the offensive zone against a trapping team last night. Fast and Strong.

  20. I’d say different kinds of speed for Hags & Gabby.

    Gabby by a hair on the burst, I don’t know if there are (m)any quicker when he’s healthy and going. Hags you can wind up and he looks like he can fly all night.

    Me & my friends have been hysterical everytime watching the surprised d-men who need to pivot and get a handle on the puck, thinking they have a second, only to find Hagelin hovering.
    Like we were saying, you can’t hide from him cause he’s too smart,
    and you can’t escape because he’ll catch ya and get all up in your business!

  21. With the puck Gaborik is faster. Hagelin is much more of a puck pursuer than puck possessor. But both know speed is part of their arsenal.

  22. Doodie Machetto on

    Hagelin is faster in terms of a pure foot race. Gaborik thinks and acts faster though, plus can move faster with the puck on his stick.

  23. The thing with Gaborik, if you ever notice especially when he gets stymied
    trying to score, his game can take on this almost demonic quality.

    He not only expects to score, he feels entitled!

    I swear there are times he’s traveling so fast it gets scary should he wipeout.

    Haven’t seen many at that level, not even the roadrunner!

  24. Agreed with everyone. The good news is that both know exactly what to do with their speed. Unlike some other clowns we’ve had here dating back to Russ Courtnall.

  25. I always remember Courtnall fondly cause he played very well in those 97 playoffs,
    when we had a ton of injuries and a very thin roster.

    It’s true though that he spent most of his career never fully utilizing that speed,
    and man could he go…..

  26. I think Hagelin’s skating speed is his weapon of choice….he’s knows how to use his speed to beat you…in a number of different ways…He has evident power in his legs and it gets him where he needs to go faster….

    Gaborik has quickness. Quickness in his passing, quickness on his release, quickness on his feet….it’s more of a surprise element with Gabby….

    He is like a ferocious cat who walks gracefully until pouncing on his prey in an instant….

    the cat-like reflexes of Gabby….

  27. My plan to watch tomorrow night’s game in my office’s board room on the gigantic flat screen has been foiled by the office manager deciding to switch from DirectTV to TIME WARNER last night. Why does this happen to me?

  28. WEll there are few people who were as fast as Gene Carr, but that was it. He never could put it to any profitable activity. But if you want to talk sheer speed without effort and with full puck control and a devastating shot, I offer you Raijo Ruotsoleinen

  29. Doodie Machetto on

    Those letters aren’t even anywhere near each other on the keyboard. Looks like a little Freudian slip there, perhaps?

  30. Exactly, doodie. Total slip by Mr. Fran. But it does make for an amazing new term, “Full [p]uck Control”

  31. Aaaaaaand… there’s Tony! It’s like he set some alarm to go off whenever the topic of balls comes up on the blog. Magic!

  32. eddie eddie eddie on

    tony – i call your balls and raise a meat bag of my own….and if i were to drop my german shepherd bag-o-balls on your lap and you would tear a tendon…

  33. eddie eddie eddie on

    tony – i often throw my balls around my rear view mirror and stroke them like fuzzy dice

  34. billybleedsblue on

    lol, and to think, all this laughing and fun in the wake of Christiensen’s demotion… poor guy.

  35. eddie eddie eddie on

    anyone know if caber finished his shift and got back to the bench yet, game 5 last yr?

  36. billybleedsblue on

    It takes more than 1/2 a season to “change”

    As for acting like a normal human being, like Chris Rock said, “People are always trying to get credit for stuff they’re supposed to do!”

  37. Doodie Machetto on

    CTB, interesting coincidence, my college roommate’s friend Frank created that website to try and launch himself into a sportswriter’s job. After a stint as a press writer for the WNBA, he is now the head writer for the New York Red Bulls. Good guy. An actual legit Penguins fan who stuck with the team through the lean years.

  38. Doodie Machetto on

    I actually just saw him for the first time in years at the end of December. Said he was in the process of leaving the site so he could focus on his actual duties at Red Bulls. And I shorted him on his title. I just went to his Facebook page and he is the “Senior Manager of Website and New Media.” Fancy boy.

  39. Ah so you know FrankD.

    They’re a better breed of Pens over there than The Pens Blog. Those guys are absolute asshats.

  40. Speaking of interesting coincidences Doodie,

    We had Chris Botta and even Carp weighing in on Doan in the last 24 hours.

    And now here’s Gordie Clark on blueshirtsunited talking about some prospects.

    Are things starting to happen?

  41. Doodie Machetto on

    I hope not. But I don’t think that’s much of a coincidence. Doan played at MSG last night. Gordie Clark is the Rangers Director of Player Personel. Both sides were just doing their jobs.

  42. Maybe he can stare directly into the eyes of the great fish, Johnny.

    fran, I corrected the typo that kind of got the blog going zig-zag for a while … but didn’t correct the mangled spelling of Reijo Ruotsalainen. :)

  43. YorktownRanger on

    Going way out on a limb here, but what if someone like Cooke (if he has really reformed his game) were to win the Byng? Would it have an effect on the other marginal players in the league who feel their only option is to devastate an opponent?

    Maybe I’m too optimistic, but I would certainly like to see the game change safety wise for the sake of the players before a) the league to ally pansifies the game, or b) someone gets injured to the extreme. There have been some serious injuries in hockey history, but something tells me the next one becomes a major impediment to the sport.

  44. eddie eddie eddie on

    any word on chris christie throwing his hat in the ring in south carolina – and causing a tidal wave in myrtle beach?

  45. Do you think Lundqvist understands he’s a Cablevision employee:

    HLundqvist30 profile

    HLundqvist30 Enough is enough, switching to Verizon tomorrow… NY sports without MSG network doesn’t do it for me.

  46. We have directv up here in Maine and have gotten all the games so far. We have a NY sports package which is really cheap and all games have been on MSG, with the exception of the ones on vs or NBC.
    Directv has good customer service and they are always giving us free stuff for the weekend. I’d recommend it to anyone who is looking to change cable providers over the MSG/TWC fiasco.

  47. eddie eddie eddie on

    i am a dish subscriber and i lost my msg in the same way…i have nearly all of the fox sports channels tho, so i get most of the games via the rangers’ opponents feed…..

  48. All Cable and DTH companies are bush-league.

    Hopefully Steve Jobs really did figure out “iTV”.

  49. Lebrun;

    Funny story Dave Poulin told me after the WC alumni game. He said in his first NHL game, he fought Ron and got beat up. Poulin’s agent at the time was Brian Burke. Burke had warned him not to fight DuguaySo, on the morning of the Winter Classic alumni game Jan. 31, Poulin (who know works for Burke in Toronto) says he got a text from Burke warning him not to fight Duguay… Hahahaha

    Not so funny; I really find this business of player tweets distasteful, and that was only in reference to things like MDZ talking about his zits.

    But using a players’ stature (and his twitter account) to promote Knicks games and interceed in cable disputes is way beyond the pale IMO. And I’m wondering when & if one or maybe all of the players will rebel, because it’s a bit unseemly for them, I must say.

  50. FYI,

    LeBrun didnt add that last bit about tweets, I did.
    LeBrun did say he emailed D Maloney on possibility of Doan getting moved, Maloney said there was no truth to it.
    LeBrun also said he thought we were looking for a d-man who could be a PP QB,
    which I find a bit hard to believe.

    Anyway, I think there’s lots more going on on the trade front than meets the eye.
    And until something does get consummated, I got nothing further. Nothing!
    I will say I think people here will be happy. Or very happy.

    Carp, if you see this, had an idea; if you have a private email, thought I might send you something for safe-keeping.

    Shut Wirth up for good LOL

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