All-stars come to MSG tomorrow


Yes, surely the best team in all of hockey, the Ottawa Senators, will be at the Garden tomorrow.

The best team in hockey has four of the six players voted onto the all-star roster, for the Jan. 29 all-star game in Ottawa (well, actually in Kanata, Ontario, about 40 traffic-jammed minutes outside of Canada’s capital city).

The remaining all-stars — those not swept in by ballot-box stuffing — have been chosen by NHL executives and will be announced tomorrow, before the team with the most all-stars plays the team with the best record in the league.

Just a thought: With the new format — two captains choosing up sides on all-star Friday — Ottawa’s home-standing captain Daniel Alfredsson will almost surely be picked to be one of the captains doing the choosing. And Alfie was concussed and knocked out of a game against the Rangers earlier this year, by a Wojtek Wolski hit. Wonder if Alfredsson will hold grudges when making his picks.

And as we mentioned yesterday, Boston’s Claude Julien and his staff will coach one of the two teams, as defending Stanley Cup champs. The other team will be coached by the two coaches with the best teams in each conference — John Tortorella and Todd McLellan of the Sharks. Wonder if they’ll talk about Jumbo Shrimp Thornton, and how soft the Rangers are.

Still got our all-star themed poll up and running over there ——–>

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  1. Hi, ‘heads – any news on the TWC-MSG dispute? Anybody seeming to cave in on this?

  2. I did some investigating, and it looks like *any* agreement with DirecTV has a two-year contract requirement – that would seem to quash my idea of getting hooked back up to the satellite service for a month or so, while the dispute drags on….

  3. Carped.


    LeBrun didnt add that last bit about tweets, I did.
    LeBrun did say he emailed D Maloney on possibility of Doan getting moved, Maloney said there was no truth to it.
    LeBrun also said he thought we were looking for a d-man who could be a PP QB,
    which I find a bit hard to believe.

    Anyway, I think there’s lots more going on on the trade front than meets the eye.
    And until something does get consummated, I got nothing further. Nothing!
    I will predict I think people here will be happy. Or very happy.

    Carp, if you see this, had an idea; if you have a private email, thought I might send you something for safe-keeping. Shut Wirth up for good LOL

  4. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    I rairly venture capital out into other rangers’ blogs because in this platypus’ opinion this is the best here. some moron said that hagelin was fast but only good without the puck…is this avatar that i saw there a complete automaton? Has he seen enough work of body to make such claims? that kid has shown quite talented play with the puck, and he isnt in a feature role garnering valuable power play time which allows the space to show higher skill sets. Lots of morons in other blogs..please stay here. that is an order.

  5. evn milbury had to defend the rangers from keith jones. wow. he was kissin bostons ass so hard.

  6. jones-“and boston will definitely send the rangers the message”, milbury-” and the rangers will respond”. and he gave prop to torts. weird

  7. Carp,

    Two things:

    1. Milbury is right – the Rangers will respond. If Marchand pulls a submarine on one of the boys next Saturday – things will go nuclear very quickly. This team won’t put up with anyone’s Carcillo – no matter where the game is played.

    2. Wouldn’t it be a delicious irony if the Rangers and Sharks met in the Finals? I’m sure the boys would love nothing more than to stick it to Jumbo Shrimp. That’s right – the soft team that’s
    23-6-1 in their last 30.

  8. Lundqvist wants to get fired. He’s in line to be the new head scout for the New York Mets.

  9. Darn, I missed it….Is that what Milbury said AND praised Torts? Did Milbury undergo a brain transplant?

  10. What’s this I hear about Danny boy making the ASG!!!

    ha, wyshynski on wasecka ripped me off, trying to copy Carp…called folks knuckleheads on his tweet :)

  11. FYI, for all you switching to FIOS, may I remind you that Dolanvision and Verizon had their own dispute for a while……I would love to switch, but not during season at least. I hate paying the dough, but I’ve never lost my boys and that’s the ONLY reason I stick with what I’m stuck with. And those bastages know they have me the …. well, whatever.

  12. Awww carcillo! Just learned I missed fran’s “puck” drop and a huge show ball fight today…..dang it!!!

  13. eddie eddie eddie on

    sitting in my chair, i just dropped my bag on the floor…chipped the ceramic tile, but the sack is unbroken and unharmed…damn near got a sports hernia lifting it back up tho….

  14. I did I did I did

    Don’t forget: It’s Mickey-Mouse time tomorrow night … a 9-0 loss is definite, now that Erica has been sent down.

  15. ok, when the boneheads start beavis and buttheading, that’s my cue….niters all. Til the morrow….TA!

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  17. Erika Christensen on

    No one told me how beautiful Hartford is in January! Can’t wait to meet Sean and that little Swedish meatball

  18. eddie eddie eddie on

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  19. eddie eddie eddie on

    CBJ fired their coach…..If a hancock is hired……..that gives us three cocks in the NHL…..more cocks than any other sport….

  20. eddie eddie eddie on

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  28. You guys are insane! I’m LMAO @ all the comments!



  29. Gunnery Sergeant Hartman on

    I’m Gunnery Sergeant Hartman, your senior drill instructor. From now on you will speak only when spoken to, and the first and the last word out of your filthy sewers will be “Sir”. Do you maggots understand that?

  30. Gunny

    I left that yackety long ago at PI, close out of WWII…..
    I see the young guys coming out of PI now and they’re twice the size most of us were. Can it. These modern young Jarheads are wonderful kids…God bless them all.

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