Tortorella pre-game


John Tortorella spoke about Stu Bickel’s play, about the need for Brian Boyle (and other third- and fourth-line players to score some goals), about moving Dan Girardi to the point on the PP (right-handed shot), and about the possibility that Wojtek Wolski and Erik Christensen go to Hartford for conditioning assignments …

Here’s the audio:



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  1. I got it, Carp. Evan wants to meet. We’ll try to come up earlier. Understood, you don’t want to get smayer’d…

  2. Joke, Manny lives in Brooklyn – and I can “gar-ahn-tee” that the Center Ice package will black out every NHL game within 90 miles of his home – not only Ranger games, but Debbies and Fishstick games as well – he will see NONE of those games on Center Ice due to contractual obligations to local cable companies.

    I have Center Ice, I live in Queens, and I *never* see a local team on Center Ice – not even the “away team’s” feed.

    FIOS or DirecTV would be his only alternatives.

  3. On iPhone, can’t listen to it. He said “range” and didn’t mention bickels? Heis about to get prucha’d then :-)

  4. “The Blueshirts currently sit atop the Eastern Conference standings, and rank first in the league overall”


  5. stranger nation on

    Kevin – exactly – Torts said something about sending them up to Hartford for some conditioning. This is the state of the team where we are discussing the bench players and the 6th d-man.

    Level of confidence so high right now watching this team. It is a very strange feeling for long time NYR fans.

  6. I care. If their salaries removed from the cap right now, it’ll translate to over $4M in cap space around the deadline in February 27

  7. Christensen has been given so many opportunities, I don’t know what is up with him. He has no confidence I remember years ago on Pittsburgh I thought he had a top-10 shot in the league.

    Wolski just died out.

  8. stranger nation on

    EC = SO specialist

    WW = waste of talent

    Both do not fit the mold of this team. At $3M WW is hard to move, but could help to even out $$ in deal is one happens.

  9. Jimbo/ Manny,

    I didnt know that about the local black outs. I am up in Albany where I had to get center ice becuase MSG would always switch over to sabre games if they played on same night as rangers…I hate the fact that I have to pay extra money to see my team but it is what it is. Now with the MSG black out, its nice having center ice…but still would rather just get the rangers on the regular MSG HD that I pay for regardless. But thanks for clearing that up for Manny…would have felt bad if he went out and bought it only to have all local games blacked out.

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