Post-game interviews


Here is the audio from the post-game lockerroom and the coach’s press conference:

John Tortorella:


Henrik Lundqvist:


Derek Stepan:


Brian Boyle:



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  1. Actually, Cunneyworth maybe should learn to speak Alaskan – might light a fire under Gomez’s aasen….

  2. CARP:

    When are we going to get away from amateur-hour flash so that those on our iOS devices can listen to the embedded audio clips?

  3. Carped

    *NYR_FAN* ^January 10th, 2012 at 11:00 pm^
    Boom Boom,

    Do you give any credit to Fredostinko tonight? I mean, he half-aasen’d his way to the team’s only goal, for Avery sakes…

  4. need an addtl forward with skill if the ywant to go far in the playoffs. maybe it is kreider but need 1 more guy who can score.

    defense is great. sauer will be back soon also. bickel appears to be 7th d man when sauer comes back. appears that Torts likes Stralman.

    take all the points whenever you can get them.. man 58 points unbelievable……

  5. Allow ne Pimp.

    That was one of the key points you made;

    Miami Pimp January 10th, 2012 at 10:56 pm

    But when all teams become “defensive” in the playoffs, you DO need more offensive difference-makers.

    Rod January 10th, 2012 at 10:59 pm

    How about Mark Messier, does he know what he’s talking about?
    Cause he said we need more offense.
    How about John Tortorella?
    Cause he’s said it any number of times, any number of ways….

    You want to feel good scratching out a shootout win against 11th place Phonenix,
    by all means, feel good! Free Willy!

    That last part is true, you don’t need the best offense. You need an adequate one, and an adequate power play, at a minimum…. and the rest of your game had best not fail.

    Right now, they b-a—r-e-l-y meet the minimum offensively.

    And collectively, it can’t last forever.

  6. Good point about the PP. it’s currently bush-league and will lead to our downfall in the playoffs, no doubt.

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