It’s Go Time!


Game 40.

Hard to believe just about half a season has gone by.

Ya boys return from their little hiatus on a four-game winning streak, with wins in nine of the last 10 and still in first place in the Patrick Division, in the Eastern Conference and in the whole National freakin’ Hockey League.

Same lineup. That means Erik Christensen, Wojtek Wolski and Jeff Woywitka are all prucha’d.

Michal Rozsival makes his return to MSG.  Derek Morris, Lauri Korpikoski, and Jason LaBarbera too. Video tribute perhaps?

Last time the Desert Dogs were here they had to sign a local hockey coach to be their backup goalie. Remember?

And if the last meeting in Glendale was any indication, you don’t really need to watch the first 59:59.9.


Did you see that San Jose coach Todd McLellan clinched the spot to be co-coach with John Tortorella in the all-star game? Maybe they can talk about how their soft teams are doing. Maybe Tortorella can bench Jumbo Shrimp … if he makes the team.

Our friend miked sent along this link from his Winter Classic experience, and his hockey blog for the Houston Chronicle.




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  1. miked, how did you see anything from those seats!!! Personally, I don’t how mots folks saw much of anything from most seats….I kinda enjoyed by cozy big-screen HD classic :)

  2. And, for that matter, is Nigel Dawes still playing pro hockey?

    Yes, I know, I have google. Just more fun to ask.

  3. btw, if Tony doesn’t show up tonight, it’s probably cause he’s hiding his aasen from me. Where’s your show balls now buddy!!! :)

  4. (From previous thread)

    Joke – no problem! I figured that you were outside of the 90 mile limit on local broadcast/cable outlets, although you have your *own* set of weird issues with NHL Center Ice, living up in Buffalo – the whole system of blackouts is weird!

    You were only trying to be helpful to Manny – and that is much appreciated! Boneheads here in the city that have Time-Warner Cable are suffering right now. If I lose one more game after tonight’s, I’m calling DirecTV.

  5. blogmama, calendar night. working on it. smayer is here and he has one already. ilb, doodie and evan are here, too.

    saw all of ’em in warmups.

  6. Lol, Carp, just read your post. Torts should tell Thornton: “Grab your jock, Jimbo. If you need one. ”

    Nice meeting you, Evan

  7. a quick THANK YOU
    from me and jpg’s sister
    for all the kind thoughts
    and condolences sent our way.

    for a break from reality


  8. Ha!, Yay, thanks Carp!!! Tell smayer I want his if you can’t get another!! Have mercy on a woman!!

  9. iDoodie machetto on

    Foodie machetto’s food review:

    Hill country BBQ brisket sandwich

    Flavor: good smokiness and spice. Tasty sauce. Proper amount of sauce. Bun was soft and delicious. Very tasty sandwich.

    Price: 12.95

    Value: very poor. Was so goddamn small. Came with a side a Cole slaw but I don’t like Cole slaw. Wouldve preferred more sandwich. Cant buy fries there either! I’m still hungry and 13 bucks poorer.


  10. >>>“Grab your jock, Jimbo. If you need one. ”

    Errah….errah……I beg your pardon!? ;-D

  11. Since 7PM, he has now mentioned twice about the body fat % of the goalie and his size…and his youth.

    I’m telling ya, Greece here he comes.

  12. Doodle, minus points for not eating before game and getting ripped off….:)

    Nice one Olga!

    Sigh…iPad f5s too slow

  13. anyone see brad marchand’s response to canucks saying bruins play “stupid hockey?”. he said ” must be smart enough to win a stanley cup”. ouch.

  14. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    there is a certain Picasso quality to the head of the phoenix coyote logo above..or for the student of uccello could be a representation of the horse’s seen in his battle of san romano…pretty sure steve vitamin c. has no clue about any of that stuff.

    where is manny-uel?

  15. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Let’s GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MSG you suck, get a deal done with TWC! These internet feeds suck!

  16. Ha! I saw you shaking someone’s hand, Carp. Couldn’t see who it was. Hello and thanks to Sam.

  17. >>>MSG you suck, get a deal done with TWC! These internet feeds suck!

    *ULTRA +1 +1 +1 +1 +1*

  18. that was close there. I like the rebound philosophy they have finally adopted instead of trying for the perfect shot and thus getting none.

  19. Jimbo, just cause it’s not his name. It’s like the announcer can’t be bothered to learn the man’s name! Grrr.

  20. Paraphrasing but…

    “Is there a forward more effective using speed in the NHL than Hagelin? I don’t think so.” Dave Maloney

    “That is saying something, Dave, considering he’s only played less than a 25% of a season.” Kenny Albert

  21. I got an alternate feed, but it’s the Coyotes one – better than nothing….thanks!

  22. before dubi left the ice he was in pure bricklayer mode. could not stickhandle the puck at all.

    MDZ thinks he is ORR. A little to much up in the zone.

    phx only 5 shots but 2 great saves for Henrik.

    hagelin’s speed is huge.

    mitchell has definitely flattened out or regressed. you have to get a shot off on his 2 opptys.

  23. rangers did dominate the period but boyle the plumber could not put the biscuit in any basket…..

  24. This better not be one of those periods where a visiting goalie (with some help from Ranger non-finishing) allows his team to get their act together and score on Hank early.

    LGR. But finish.

  25. I don’t officially switch to direct TV till Saturday. Is there a free internet feed of this game anywhere online?


  26. Fourth reference to the young goal tender’s physical appearance by Joe Mich.

    does anyone think that Sam gets grossed out? Do you think Joe has been talked to about it?

    He may not mean anything weird about it, but man, he just never stops.

    “There’s a good looking young player”
    “He has only 7% body fat on a young body”

    It is ONLY about the youngest of players.

  27. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    the word trivia comes from the Romans meaning three roads…often messages were left at these intersections..thats what duckbill thinks is sure steve vitamin C woudln’t know that

  28. Coach Torts is building “team” like we have not seen in many, many years. These guys play hard for each other.

    Coach Peter Lav has to “manage” lockerroom personalities whereas Torts “coaches” and is a tough, father figure type.

    If both teams are roughly equal, this is the difference maker.

  29. I am hoping that a low seed team will wear Boston down in a 7 game series OR, of course, pull off a miracle.

  30. Rangers have to break out with a couple of goals here pretty soon.

    we have dominated the scoring chances

  31. Nice (8:11) post Seamus…but after watching 24/7, I think “manages” is too loose a term for how he coaches.

  32. I think they went to the Joe M. school of broadcasting…how many times have they referred to “the 6’7″ Boyle”?

  33. Why? Why? do I have Coyotes announcers? I can count on one hand how many times I’ve had NYR announcers this season. Why? is my point size at 6pt?

  34. Kenny does best play by play, which he should, since it’s radio….When I listen to him, I can see the whole rink.

    I think Sam does do play by play, but gets sidetracked by Joe’s “color”….hello, he actually said tonight, “to finish my story…..” about nothing involving the game, during the game.

  35. I’m getting antsy here – Rangers need to score a few goals here – I hate these nail-biters….

  36. MickeyM,

    Mike Johnson is on NHL network..but I dont believe he is doing phoenix broadcast. My wife likes looking at Mike J when I am watching NHL live.

    and HELLO!!! havent been on here much

  37. Not watching the Coyotes broadcast, but I thought it was usually Tyson Nash and some faceless guy who used to do the Thrashers play-by-play.

  38. WTB?? Fishsticks leading the Wings 3-0 in the 2nd!? That Mayan calendar might be onto something…

  39. Mickey…I have been good.

    Mama…no relation and I was here first :)…I remember when he started posting right around the time carp started “guest blogs”. I dont think he’s posted in quite sometime though??

  40. At least you have a broadcast to watch and complain about. I live 8 byflugen blocks from The Garden and I can’t watch the damn game. I love Kenny Albert, but damn I am listening to the live stream with headphones to my computer. Sux bad!!! To both Time Warner and MSG Network… Eat Carcillo!!! Lets Go Rangers!!!

  41. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    NYC Ranger…why don;t you bring a glass cup and put it to the MSG wall and listen in that way?

  42. NYC Ranger, reminds me of stories of my Grandpa listening to Yankees games on the radio back in the day

  43. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    Time to scoreeeee!! Whewwww , Ive been hookin up my HD box and center ice and now Im good to go!!!! I didn’t have time to say ” Go time ” so now I am ,,,, GO TIMEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

    LETS GO RANGERSS lets go go go go go go go go go!!! Put these dam ‘yote away in the 3rd here!! We should be up a few goals!!!

  44. oh man…I was robbed of my Doan hat trick by the “you are posting too fast, slow down” page. I want a war room review!!

  45. This is one of this funny Rangers games. Or they are outplayed totally by opposing teams and manage to win the game, or they are dominated, have endless chances, get frustrated and let in some stupid (getaway, for instance) goal. Nervous…

  46. Good to hear, Joke! I shoulda emailed when I was back home recently, we could have gotten together for a beer or something.

  47. One good thing about coming back to MO… I can see the games on Center Ice, rather than be shut out by TWC.

  48. Can’t understand why they haven’t scored, or why the power play looks so inept.

    H. Wirth told me over & over they have plenty of offense!

  49. MickeyM, I was thinking the same thing when I saw your posts on here saying you would be home…not sure if it would have worked out, as the holidays were pretty much non-stop traveling between relatives houses etc.

  50. Hey, it’s that former college goalie that backed up in an emergency basis for PHX once, Tom Fenton. He’s at the game tonight.

  51. That’s why I was saying that this is a scary game….better opportunities by the NYR, but you could just sense that a flukey goal by the Yotes could be disastrous…

  52. True, Joke. Then again I was around til last Saturday so it may have worked… Oh well, next time for sure!

  53. Joke, my sincere apologies!! Mama gets confused sometimes, as she willfully admits…yet, is never wrong :) And Hi!!!

  54. LOL, read back and saw the Joke vs Joekuh thing. I’ve been posting here on and off since…..’08 I think? No biggie though, sup Joke!

  55. holy hell, now you’re all just trying to mess with my head….I guess the Joke and Joekuh’s on me….

  56. This Doan hat trick coverage is a little bit embarrassing if you ask me…replaying the game? A commercial highlighting the game? Non stop mentioning it during the game? It was a hat trick, not his 500th goal or conference final game 7 game winner…enough already.

  57. jpg’s sister, there are several tricks for posting…italics, red, bold, that I never remember how to do…someone needs to send me a tip sheet..

    then again, maybe that’s not what you were talking about …..:)

  58. What up Joekuh!! I dont remember the year I started posting…but I do remember it was as Sam was winding down and the girl that looks like Rogue from the x-men was helping out. I was reading posts for awhile before that but it took me a bit to warm up to the idea of posting.

  59. Well, it’s a good thing I turned down two Islanders-Detroit tickets to stay home and watch this “Classic Goaltender Duel”.



  61. Joke, you started posting before me then. Again, no biggie, we’re all hockey, if not Ranger fans in the end!!!!

  62. Nah, Mama, not the first Rozy sighting. I just felt compelled to mention it since the PHX annnouncers were talking about the trade.

  63. ES goal, breaking a tie, 3rd period. Apply the double Fibonacci quotient, subtract the number you first thought of.

    Result: Freedom of his native city in Swedoland.

  64. you could put a new coat of paint on it
    but it’s still the same ol’ MSG
    crap crappy ice

    sad that the ice was better outside
    with temps in the 40s

  65. Joke and Joekuh….let’s call it even lunch points. Anyone who goes that far back to actually check gets minus 1,000 points. We’re all heads…..:) and you’re both Joes to mama……

  66. credit to jpg’s mom
    who when i said
    i was so sleep and bored
    snapped back at me

    “well, the Rangers are always
    a 3rd period team.”

    another reason why i’m my mama’s boy
    don’t tell her!

  67. Fedetenko has 6 goals? isn’t he a 3rd or 4th liner? I could’ve sworn he had 0 goals.

  68. >>coyotes are looking demoralised

    They’re waiting until there’s 0.01 second left to get some payback.

  69. Jimbo,

    wasnt sure if Phoenix cleared then brought it back in…guessing torts wont be happy with that decision at the blue line.

  70. hey, what happened there? I I obviously, accidently, figured out something..:)

    I meant, well, you get the point, I think

  71. I don’t know, Joke – I was just reporting on what Kenny and Dave said…I can’t see squat with this online site….very bad..

  72. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    GO DUBI!!!!!

    Goood game , LETS GO RANGERS!! Man these Coyote announcers SUCK!!!!! The Moron was calling Dubi , callahan!!?? GO BOYS!!

  73. A niece of mine is deaf and can read lips….I wish she were here for so many games! But she lives in California and could give two carcillos about hockey….I’ve tried to learn, yet…..

  74. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


  75. >>Crowd is actually very lively tonight. has been from the first face-off.

    They must be excited to see Rozsival in MSG again.

  76. tomb, that’s usually what I check first but none of the feeds I can find are working right now.

  77. I wonder if Gaborik will be picked for the shootout. Have the Rangers won one of those yet this year? Have they even scored a goal?

  78. … and that ends the hockey portion of tonight’s program.

    I think Dave Tippett is wondering if NBC had a meeting with the league before the penalty shot.

  79. Thanks for that other link!! I am watching again.. All Gabby needed to do was elevate it slightly.. ughhhh

  80. Rangers are 1-3 in breakaway contests after the end of hockey games. Gaborik and Christensen have their only goals this season.

  81. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    YEAH BABY!!!!! maybe baby!!!

  82. you know EC and Wols were
    probably laughing that they weren’t in the lineup

    “i could have put one in the net”
    “no, i could have put one in the net”

  83. So glad that is over…. I couldn’t take another minute of that Phoenix broadcast! That color guy made Chico seem like Pavarati….


  84. Philly won again…Piles beat Detroit….Bah! Hope the Flames are up for the debbies tonight…

  85. wish I were in Chelsea tonight :) enjoy boys!!! holy carcillo……!

    will check in on all that was wrong and right tomorrow…til then, LGR!!!!! and TA!

  86. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Hahaha I was just reading Blogmama’s post and I was like oh my Avery she just said “sh%t”, but i did a double take and it safely said Carcillo…hahaha

  87. ‘Nite, Mama!!

    Carp, please ask your IT guys why my browser always goes off into the weeds when doing F5, F5, F5! It’s getting worse and worse!! Driving me nuts!!

  88. Whew’s right Jimbo.

    Another night where through the magic of Lundqvist and thanks to the skills competition, the Rangers send everyone home happy.

    Except they couldn’t muster but a scramble goal from a 4th liner in regulation against a good but not great team.
    They’ve eeked out so many of these types of wins, it masks the lame power play and lack of true prime scoring opportunities generated.

    And sooner or later, it has to start to catch up with them.

  89. thanks to all the people who provided me with links to watch the game on computer however I am down in charleston south carolina for work until thurs afternoon and I found the only sports bar in charelston that has the nhl center ice package. whats crazy is a few bruins and flyers fans walked in afterwards and we turned this bar into hockey central. even the locals were chanting lets go rangers during th shootout.

    huge win boys and girls now back in hotel room

  90. Rod, I had a real bad feeling after the Yotes tied the game – I expected a loss in regulation or in the OT period…and after the first 2 NYR shooters lost the puck in the SO, I was really bummed – but they pulled it off!

  91. Congrats, eric – glad you saw a win, and didn’t get into any trouble with the good ole boys down there!

  92. Boom Boom Bathgate / "Sloppy Firsts" on

    “M. Rozsival makes his return to MSG, ” = talk about a slow news day. lol.

    Well, I hate it when a loser (or “looser” for the Big Gulp crowd), does just enough to hang on to a job about 10 other guys in the system could do better. But I guess we are now stuck with Fedo until the cows come home. SOB!

  93. Some people saying BOYLE should get the hat?? Brian Boyle? Get out of here. Sometimes I wonder if I’m watching the same game as some people. In fact, during the game I went on to capgeek to see just how painful his contract is looking. $1.7 cap hit for the next two seasons AFTER this one. He’s on pace for 4 goals. He is the slowest player on the ice, constantly.

    With that said….

    Rangers look good, even when they dont have their A game. Just banking points basically since the start of the season.

  94. Boom Boom Bathgate / "Sloppy Firsts" on

    NYR_FAN –

    When winning a shootout becomes the hallmark of a team’s “Greatness” the civilized world is in trouble.

  95. I Rarely Speak on

    Some Rangers fans are incredible.. Smith plays on his head, they win the game, maintain a 3 point lead over EVERYBODY in the league, and people complain that scoring just isnt good enough.. WOW

  96. Boom Boom

    Prust and Bickel earn plaudits for being top of your production rankings, although neither has scored a goal in the period you were covering. Quittostinko gets an ES goal in a tied game in the third period, which I understand is worth a few million Fibonacci points, yet he’s forever damned as doing just enough to keep a job.

    How does that work?

  97. I Rarely Speak on

    so Wolski should play defense for Bickel?? and oh yeah just great lets put wolski in for prust that makes perfect sense.. what in the byfugelin are people drinking tonight?

  98. Wow! Blues shut out the Habs 3-0 in Montreal – Cunneyworth better get his aasen to *Berlitz* on the double!@

  99. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Who cares about Chicago ….talk ’bout shoving there dumbazz scores on us.

  100. This “win” may as well have been 9-0 loss. This team is disgraceful. Any other legit squad would have taken care of business within the first 10 minutes of the game.

    Utter garbage littered the MSG ice. Get Wolski, Christensen, and Redden back in uniform and THEN we’re talking Stanley.

  101. Miami needs SPF 50 he is feeling so burned …. Fug, I have more wickysv than a bag lady earning hundreds a day at the beach….niters all! TA!

  102. Once more, for the learning impaired.

    The Rangers offense just isnt good enough.

    Not if we’re talking championship level play. Not even close to good enough.

    Know who else thinks the Rangers scoring isnt good enough?

    The Rangers.

  103. Coincidence, I don’t think so….Stanley and Cup both looking over my shoulder, then heading right to the litter box to have their say…..

  104. Hey, if you can’t handle the truth, which the Rangers themselves recognize,

    go back to rarely speaking!

  105. I Rarely Speak on

    The truth is that you apparently have no idea what your talking about.. When you are the BEST defensive team in the league with the best goalie you DONT need the best offense… FACT

  106. Actually, Cunneyworth maybe should learn to speak Alaskan – might light a fire under Gomez’s aasen….

  107. But when all teams become “defensive” in the playoffs, you DO need more offensive difference-makers

  108. How about Mark Messier, does he know what he’s talking about?
    Cause he said we need more offense.

    How about John Tortorella?
    Cause he’s said it any number of times, any number of ways….

    You want to feel good scratching out a shootout win against 11th place Phonenix,
    by all means, feel good! Free Willy!

    That last part is true, you don’t need the best offense. You need an adequate one, and an adequate power play, at a minimum…. and the rest of your game had best not fail.

    Right now, they b-a–r-e-l-y meet the minimum. And collectively, it can’t last forever.

  109. Boom Boom,

    Do you give any credit to Fredostinko tonight? I mean, he half-aasen’d his way to the team’s only goal, for Avery sakes…

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