Re-living the most remarkable season


I’m going to be interviewed on this documentary I told you about a while ago — about the 1993-94 Rangers. So last night I was studying up, going over some of the things that happened that year, reading accounts of the season (re-reading my book on Mark Messier), etc.

And I got to thinking how this season is going very much like that one. I don’t think these Rangers are those Rangers by any means, and I do think that this Rangers team is still too young to be considered a favorite this early in the season, and certainly doesn’t have the offensive firepower that team had, nor, to be honest, the overall toughness and veteran leadership. I mean, that team was a win-now team, a team built over a couple of years at tremendous cost. It had one shot, took that shot, won by the slimmest of margins, and never won again.

This team is building toward that, toward being a team that will eventually have a win-now year, and maybe have several shots at the Stanley Cup.

But the similarities that struck me are in the way that team played and the way this team plays, that single-mindedness, the character of the personnel, the head-strong coaches (who are similar in temperament and psychological tactics and in outward perception of toughness). And the way this team and that team avoided losing streaks, didn’t allow a bad game to become two bad games, didn’t concern itself with the standings, and played its own way, dictating, no matter who the opponent was. The ’93-94 Rangers were on an 18-1-3 run in the middle of the season. This team, right now, is 9-1 in its last 10.

Again, not saying this team is going to win a Stanley Cup, or even be favored to win one, not to mention a Presidents’ Trophy or even a division title. Just saying, it’s not a big stretch to find some comparisons.


I know that a lot of you guys don’t give a rat’s tail about other sports, but I like to tell youse what I’m up to. Today is a big day in another sport. The Baseball Hall of Fame announces its Class of ’12. I’m a voter.

This might be the last year I vote because of the steroid/PED issue. I might change my mind over the years, but right now, I don’t think any juicer should be in the Hall of Fame. And we know who most of those are. But we also know that, starting next year, there are going to be some high-profile known users on the ballot, and also some who have certainly had rumors about drug use connected to their names.

My problem is this. If I decide I’m not going to vote for juicers, and then we (the Baseball Writers Association of America) put in a player who’s never been known to juice, and it turns out later on that he did juice, well, then what do we do? Do we go back and put Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, Roger Clemens, Sammy Sosa, Alex Rodriguez, Manny Ramirez into the Hall?

I also have a major problem with these guys being allowed in, but Pete Rose not being allowed in. That’s a different story for another day.

So my ballot, on which you can vote for as many as 10 players, went in this year with one name checked: Don Mattingly. I know he’s not going to get in because a lot of voters think his career body of work wasn’t good enough. But when he played, in his prime, he was the best player in baseball. And there are guys in the Hall, and guys on the ballot now, who were never that. Never considered dominant, or among the top two or three players in the game at any point in their career. And I’m pretty sure Donnie Baseball didn’t juice.

So that’s how I voted. Thought you might be interested. I could be wrong.

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  1. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    duckbill is first, and loves the dialogue of the participants in the page prior.

  2. Second!
    I just read last night’s transcript, oh dear! Rob was on a “everyone worship me and my inside knowledge and no-one else is allowed an opinion” type trip. A$$hole!

  3. As for other sports – not a great winter for my teams. Pujols left the Cards and the Steelers just got Tebowed or Demaryiused (at least Ike Taylor did).

    Anyhow, its a hockey blog – who’d want to be a Penguins fan right now? (Crosby, Staal, Neal and Letang all out – that would be a top line and #1 d-man for most teams in this league).

    ..and what about those Habs fans? They remind me of Basque’s in Spain … and not the variety worn by Madonna…..surely the most important thing is his ability to communicate with the players? Who cares if the coach cant respond to the fans when they are shouting “Nique ta mere!” or “Va te faire enculer” or “Pauvre naze”

  4. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    ahhh yes Carp the 1994 Rangers. Yes this team has reminded me of that team too. I have thought about it a few times and yes we arent as old and seasoned but we do have the ” swaggar ” The swagger of champions. Sure sure you say , ZzZz is bias but I do see a resemblance. Callahan is no Messier but wasn;t he missing last playoffs? I have a buddy whos from Washington and is an avid Caps fan. He says…If he could have anyone of our players it would Callahan. He likes his tenacity and the shoot from anywhere and always makes good plays plus he hits alot. Not to mention blocks shot occationally fights and does agitate a bit.

    This team Carp has Character and Now im watching the 24 7 show episode after another and its awsome . Its done with alot of swearing and great footage and story . I love it!!! Our team can win the Division , Can win the conference and can win the cup . Why not? Wos gonna beat us ? Philly again? haha Fat chance….fat chance.

  5. I can’t believe all the talk about trading for old over the hill players. Has anyone seen the standings? The NYR have the best record in the league. The NYR are in position to be one of the best teams in the league for years to come. They have one of the youngest teams in the league, and every kid that they have called up has played well. Injuries to key players have had no impact on this team. I believe that Sather is building a perennial contender. And Torts is just the guy to coach it. Forget Doan. Forget Iginla. Think of Krieder and Erixon and Thomas and McIllrath. This team has a great future. And with the salary cap possibly decreasing in the near future, the NYR could not be in better position for the future. Slam the door behind Brad Richards. No more overpaid players. Let’s enjoy the “process”.

  6. Gotta agree with CW..let the kids play.

    The HOF should purge all the coke heads out as well.

  7. If theres one other team I care about, Carp, its the Yankees and I agree Donnie Baseball deserves to be in the HOF

  8. And apropos of nothing at all except possibly what Hollywood used to label “comedy relief,” has anyone noticed the mild resemblance between actor Kiefer Sutherland and Phil Kessel? No? ah well…I tried.

  9. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    I love Hall of Fame debates….
    Carp: Quick Notes:

    -Pete Rose should absolutely be in the Hall of Fame…there are worst characters in there than guys with gambling problems….he never bet against his own team and I understand the problems with betting on his own team, but still…..

    -All of the Hall of Fames (Baseball/Football/Hockey) have players in them that should have fallen short of making it there. They have all been cheapened by that.

  10. I’m not a big fan of baseball anymore. I would like to see Don Mattingly in the HOF. His demeanor always reminded me of Adam Graves.

  11. Stranger Nation on

    Mattingly is a classic case of the HOF being as much an endurance race than a talent retrospective. Is it more impressive to be great for 8 years or very good for 16. You can argue both sides, but the HOF is about greatness IMHO.

    They should compare players productivity on a per game basis for all stats as they do batting average (hr/game, RBI/game…) especially in POs which has every Yankee holding a post season record as a result of the expanded PO and their impressive stretch over the la$t 15 years.

  12. Great vote for the Baseball HOF!!! Mattingly was one of my favorite Yankees and unfortunately for him, in his prime, the Yankees weren’t very good, but he was definitely the best player in baseball for a few years. What is the rule as far as career length that qualifies for HOF?

  13. You should also vote for Bernie Williams on your ballot. Not as much power as other HOF’ers, but rest of numbers very good. Plus, one team and a long career.

  14. Great job Carp. Donnie belongs in The Hall. If not for a back injury he would have been a 1st ballot HOF’er.

  15. Good morning all! Ha! Got this off FB….Best Brandon Prust tweet ever: “The reason Chuck Norris doesn’t play hockey…cause then he’d have to fight @BrandonPrust8.”

  16. Good morning, boneheads!

    I do not know much about baseball, but I do admire your position on that issue. I wonder if there are some other voters/writers who feel the same.

    As far as this year goes. I see the resemblance, but I think this team is different. It’s younger, and the leadership is still young and has much to prove. I also doubt, and I hope I’m right, they will do what 1994 team did- trade away their young players. I do not believe they are ready this year, not yet. This team, however, is built to last for years, and contend for years. And even if it still isn’t about this year, they have a chance. They need help up front, more grit and experience. Looks like they have some assets it their system, coupled with draft picks to make a reasonable trade. But if it requires removing as much as one important young roster player, they shouldn’t do it. Not this year, imo…

  17. Good for Mattingly. 100% let Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame. Guy might be the best pure hitter the game ever saw.

    Brandon Dubinsky’s girlfriend played Div. 1 basketball. Cool, eh?

  18. Ilb

    Here;s how to learn more about baseball, and without going to the games….rent the movie, “The Comrades of Summer” with Joe Montegna, and a bunch of other people..great movie…and funny too.\

  19. Bill S – Bernie Williams has 0% chance of entering the Hall.

    Another guy that should be in the hall is Buck Weaver. Poor guy.

  20. Also, Carp – I used to hate the idea of guys that Juice going into the sacred Cooperstown Hall of Fame but then I began to change my mind. I think you have, essentially, four phases of baseball to date: dead ball, live ball, integration and Steroids. Unfortunately we are living in the steroid era and it’s just a reality that will taint any accomplishment by any player of this era. The speculation will surround everyone. Also, players used to do speed, coke and a number of other drugs (e.g. Greenies) to get going for games. I think we just have to accept it.

    Without steroids, Barry Bonds might still be one of the best 3 players EVER.

  21. Agree with the other sentiments about Donnie Baseball. If it wasn’t for his back, he’d easily be in the HOF. I’m glad you’re voting for him, Carp. He’s far too overlooked by the baseball “know-it-alls” in the media.

  22. This team reminds me a lot of the team from 1994. They’re competitive and don’t give up when they’re down. I think we are going to enjoy these guys in the years to come! Love that tweet from Brandon Prust Mama! ( :

  23. The best way I can say this team reminds me of the ’94 team is very simple – I watch every game with the expectation that they can win. When they fall behind, I expect them to come back. When they lose a game, I expect them to bounce back in the next one.

    The identity of this team really is something special. And 24/7 gave us one hell of an inside look at how the players and the coaching staff interact. And why this team has what it needs to make a run.

    Biggest reason of all – Lundqvist. Best goalie in the NHL right now. Coming into his prime. And a man with a pathological hatred of losing. Get him to the playoffs feeling rested and healthy and he’s gonna be scary for ANY team to take on.

    The 4 games against Boston are gonna be something else. Everyone is refusing to give us our due as the team with the best record in the NHL because we haven’t taken on Boston.

    Well…my question is this: What happens if the Rangers beat Boston? Not completely out of the question is it? Then what will the naysayers have to say?

    It’s a great time to be a Rangers fan. ESPECIALLY considering the team is this good with a mostly home-grown, young roster with key veterans providing skill and/or leadership.

  24. Luis Polonia: Cotton is king!

    Good morning, Sally!

    CJP, then the naysayers will still find somebody on the roster who doesn’t have enough goals and complain that he should be prucha’d and that he must have pictures of the coach.

    I don’t think Bernie Williams has a prayer of being inducted. Very good ballplayer, great post-season performer. Not ever considered one of the best players in the game or even the best on his teams.

  25. Manny, without steroids Bonds probably was a Hall of Famer. But without steroids he wasn’t one of the best three players in the history of the game. He was a 30-homer, 100-RBI multiple MVP. Not in the conversation with the Ruths, Mays, Aarons, Ted Williams, etc.

  26. Another Monday morning slaying….

    Aportzline Aaron Portzline
    #CBJ have fired coach Scott Arniel.

    Aportzline Aaron Portzline
    Told Todd Richards will serve as interim coach for the remainder of the 2011-12 season.

  27. Good morning, Carp!

    All this talk about juicing is making me thirsty. Are there free refills on the OJ?

  28. Carp – Probably? Bonds is a once in a generation type player. ( Now we are in a fun discussion). Bonds is a 40/40 guy. Tremendous arm, speed, steals, power, gap-to-gap hitter AND a dangly earring. I abhor the guy but man can he play.

    Mattingly has no shot in reality but in our minds it would be nice to see him get some love.

  29. Yeah this team has a certain swagger. If only they didn’t get off to such slow starts, last time I checked their 1st period goal differential was not too good. Of course it’s balanced out by the their 3rd period goal differential, but there’s only so many comebacks or late game tiebreakers a team can pull off. Given their D and goalie, they could be like dare I say the dynasty Devils teams and suffocate games after going up early.

    Based on some of the trade discussions here, a lot of complications surround the lingering issue of cashing in one’s chips to go for broke at some point. I’d have to guess that all Cup teams add a player where pundits invariably reverse engineer the construction of said championship team and point to one such player as being the proverbial tipping point.

    I tend to think that’s meant to fit an enjoyable and restrospective narrative rather than being actually true. Was it really the deadline deals that got the 94 team over the hump? Seems to me that the best performances that year like Messier in game 6 vs the Devils, Leetch’s Conn Smythe play, Kovalev’s seemingly over night maturation were players that were already on the team. I don’t for a second believe that the Amonte trade was made with the thinking that Stephane Matteau would come up huge for them twice in one series. And don’t even get me started on Gartner for “Along for the ride” Anderson.

    In the cap era, it’s an even trickier game of “know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em”. Look at a team like the Pens. They won the Marian Hossa sweepstakes in 08 only to fall short. With Hossa playing for the other team they lifted the Cup in 09, and then he became the supposed missing ingridient playing for the Hawks in 2010 ignoring Captain Serious and 20 Cent along with an already stocked supporting cast.

  30. we need to find the thread from last season with all the Brandon Prustisms, from the Prustbyterians. Then we can tweet him the whole list.

    anybody up for doing that search?

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  32. That is all of them. I compiled a list that day and just saved it. Good thing my IT guy didn’t delete it.

  33. Any time this comes up I have to throw my two cents in –

    “Barry Bonds was a HOF BEFORE he started using steroids”

    All the more reason why his cheating, dimpled butt should never ever be put in the Hall of Fame.

    Bonds, McGwire, Sosa, Palmiero, Clemens….all should be refused entry into the HOF.

    Yeah, you were a great player before you started using. Which makes it all the more insulting to baseball fans (and all the other ballplayers trying to stay clean) that you turned to artificial means to inflate your numbers and lengthen your career.

  34. You are what is wrong with the HOF voting process. Jackass Hockey writers who do not follow baseball but have ignorant opinions having votes. This is how guys like Jim Rice and Tony Perez get in.

    So why don’t you enlighten us on what is wrong with Tim Raines, Barry Larkin and Alan Trammel?

    As for Bonds… first of all RBI is a horrible metric to judge a player as it is a team stat. Beyond that, Bond’s was one of the greatest before the PEDs. A .400+ OBP, 30+ stolen bases, 30+ home runs, great defense (early in his career) a season. Before PEDs he was easily comparable to Aaron (who admitted to taking ‘greenies’ by the way). After PEDs he was comparable to Ruth.

    Anyway, it doesn’t matter. Hopefully the BWAA starts enforcing stupid ballots. I grew up idolizing Mattingly, but even I know he was not the best player in the game when he played and he didn’t play nearly long enough at a high level. Great guy. Great player, not hall worthy.

  35. They are so great aren’t they, Sally? The problem is that all the best ones were made up by Gift-of-GABorik and he isn’t around much anymore. Bumski’s

  36. Boom Boom Bathgate / "Sloppy Firsts" on

    With you, Carp and if Barry Bonds can get in, why the hell cannot Pete Rose and Shoeless Joe Jackson get in? And why the hell was Shoeless Joe even banned from baseball other than for having a highly productive 1919 World Series? And why is Ty Cobb, in, given that he murdered a man?

    Wouldn’t want to be in your shoes, trying to sort out these issues. Thankless job.

  37. Ryan, he is not Hall worthy because his injuries prevented him from being a HOF. I’m quite sure I’ve seen more baseball games than you have.

    Incorrect on Bonds.

    Nothing wrong with Raines, Larkin, Trammel. They just weren’t among the greatest players to ever play the game. So, IMO, they don’t belong in Cooperstown. Same for others who have gotten in in recent years.

    But thanks for your kind words.

  38. also, Ryan, you are completely incorrect when you claim Mattingly was not the best player in baseball in his prime. He was.

  39. Hi Carp,

    Igninla I think would make us ligit if we dont have to touch the big club…

    Question – Did you vote for Edgar Martinez/

    Yes I’m a Mariners fan and in my opinion he was one of the top 5 greatest hitters I have ever seen and the thing that people dont realize is he had eye problems and before every game he needed to do eye drills…I dont care that he was a DH, not his fault this was a position made up by MLB…if you didnt see him you couldnt appreciate him…also was a late 20’s rookie…didnt give him a change until he was 28 years old…

    NO to ANYONE that admitted to or got caught using roids…

  40. Boom, Rose and Jackson can’t get in because baseball prevents them from being on the ballot, and also prevents voters from voting for players not on the ballot. I think, if Roger Maris was on the ballot today, he might get in.

    And, if we’re talking about Fame … who’s more famous than Maris? A two-time MVP, which is two times more than some HOFs and most of the guys on the ballot today.

  41. Getting off the baseball discussion for a moment (The Mattingly/Kirby Puckett debate, though is always one worth having)

    Carp, the documentary you’re filming for. What are the details on it? I’d love to see an in-depth documentary on the ’94 team. My “Oh, Baby!” VHS has since been transferred to a DVD along with the official Stanley Cup video. I’d love to see something of substance on the ’94 team.

    That being said, I hope it’s not as god-awful as that MSG series on the ’86 Mets. What a joke of an idea – Let’s do a documentary on the 1986 Mets! But let’s not show ANY game footage!! Just old guys telling the same stories with still pictures floating in the background…

    Yeah, that was a horrifically bad idea. LOL

  42. Carp – we had this discussion before. The best player in Mattingly’s prime was named WADE BOGGS.

    The asterisks were to make my favorite ones bold, Sally. It failed. Big Time. I am embarrassed.

  43. I’ll give you the details when I get them, CJP. I know that guys like Messier, Graves, Richter, Leetch, Keenan are being interviewed for this. I think it’s an NHL production, or being done for the NHL. Not sure.

  44. Boom Boom Bathgate / "Sloppy Firsts" on

    Just want to touch on the important Boston – Vancouver match-up from Saturday, because it has a range of implications.

    First, Boston allowed FOUR PP goals in this game, after having allowed just TWO PP goals the entire month of December. So that, from this, we may conclude their PK game is not quite as “Shut Down” as it looked for several weeks, which, in turn, upgrades the Rangers, and Vancouver’s chances for ultimate post season success. First time the Bruins have looked human in ages.

    I am adding the reduction of NHL games to ONE referee to my priorities as to what I think the league needs to offer a better product, going forward. Look, the two-damnable whistle tooters, competing with eachother, called 11 penalties against Boston, while giving Boston SEVEN PP opportunities vs. Vancouver. So that almost every three minutes, on average, throughout the entire game, somebody went on the PP. Ludicrous, ridiculous, totally unacceptable and needs to be changed. Why did the players even bother to show up if it was going to be strictly a Referee Showcase?

    My other top-priority changes I would like to see the league implement include: Kill the damn
    Extra-attacker / Empty Net Gimmick – Please! (And by doing this you give validity to Plus/minus numbers by not awarding them/debiting them when the damn “wider or not” net is empty- Gary.

    Kill O.T. and the Shootout Monster, and get back to just having two-point games. There are enough games on the schedule so that the boys should not have to work overtime.

    Reduce the number of regular season scheduled games so that no team has to play a disgraceful 17 games in 31 nights just prior to playoff time.

    Screw the Union – contract the hell out of Phoenix, Nashville, Columbus and some “Sun Belt” loser franchises. 24 NHL teams would be quite enough.

    Make up a schedule whereby all NHL teams are playing three games a wek, say on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday, with NO back-to-back /time zone changing fatigue games on the schedule.

    Can the Rangers have at least ONE Original Six team in their own division, and yes, that would be Boston.

    Adopt fiber-glass helmets – they offer better protection plus we get to separate the baldies from the redheads by seeing their hair, or lack of it, for the first time since Gordie Howe turned 100.

    OK Mr. Commissioner, I will expect you to get right on the above and report to me ASAP, as to your progress – and no NBA consultants allowed! lol

  45. Boom Boom Bathgate / "Sloppy Firsts" on

    The best player in Don Mattingly’s time was Wade Boggs, who, in baseball season, used the alias “Mike Schmidt.”

  46. Here are ten guys that are in the discussion for “better than Mattingly during Mattingly’s prime”

    1. Wade Boggs
    2. Tony Gwynn
    3. Robin Yount
    4. Albert Bell
    5. Ryne Sandberg
    6. George Brett
    7. Kirby Puckett
    8. Jim Rice
    9. Rickey Henderson
    10. Cal Ripken, Jr.

  47. Ryan
    I agree. This guy is what is wrong with hall of fame voting. Wade Boggs was miles better than Mattingly. Mattingly is not a hall of famer and would quite possibly not be one had he not had injuries.

  48. during Mattingly’s prime, the baseball players voted Mattingly the best player in the game. Some of those you mention were better before Mattingly’s prime or after. And I don’t think Wade Boggs was ever as good as Mattingly was during his prime. Not was Puckett, Ripken. Boggs was a better singles hitter, period. Didn’t compare in any other facet.

    again, I don’t think Mattingly has a prayer of getting in. I know he doesn’t, because his prime was cut short. But during his prime, there was nobody better.

  49. Hey guys – First off – Carp is clearly not what is wrong with Hall of Fame voting. In fact, there isn’t much wrong with Hall of Fame voting. Baseball has easily the most respected Hall of Fame of any sport or music genre.

  50. I will say that I every time I remember going to Yankees games in the 80s (free tickets from friends of family, right behind homeplate) Mattingly was by far the nicest of the Yankees players. He’d always turn around in the on deck circle for a fan asking to snap a photo. Rickey was the worst. I also remember the guys that sat in loge section right above safety nets with the fishing nets trying to vainly scoop up foul balls that came back within reach.

    Other than that, I thought going to the Bronx back then was risking your life. Then again I thought most of NY was like that outside of midtown Manhattan.

  51. and I do think those guys on your top 10 list are all legit HOFs, and I voted for all of them.

    Chris, that’s why there are so many ballots and a very good voting system in place … so that even if people disagree, the HOF remains a pretty legit endeavor. And nobody has ever gotten a 100 percent vote, and nobody ever will.

  52. Cool. I just really like having these historical baseball discussions and now that CT is here we can make it even more interesting.

    CT – I love Mattingly. That was my nickname back in the days I played baseball (1st basemen and obsessed with Donny Baseball). But being nice and being a good guy doesn’t get you into the hall of fame. Ask Bob Uecker.

  53. Manny, we (as in the blog) already had this discussion a while ago.

    It ended with a lot of hard feelings all around.

  54. You’re right. I remember feeling forlorn and depressed that day. I had to spend hours in the park looking at birds to even get my chi back on anything resembling a “track.”

  55. And also I’m refusing to recognize baseball for the next 1, 2, 3….15 years. Or whenever the overthrow of Bud Selig takes place and finally we get a commish that doesn’t play favorites with owners that have run franchises in the two biggest sports market in the country into the ground.

  56. … until the veterans committee gets to you … then nice guys get in: Rizzuto, Santo, etc.

    this discussion, which I didn’t intend to start, is also another indication of why baseball is so far ahead of all the other sports. Because its HOF is more legit than the other sports, because there’s more than a small committee making the selections, and because if people dissent on certain players that doesn’t prevent them from getting in.

    And why hockey lags behind in this, too, because some small committee, with no specific or public election system in place, can decide that Clark Gillies is a HOF.

  57. Right on, CT. We need Judge Kennesaw Mountain Landis back. Just without all that racism he brought to the game.

  58. CT, that ship has sailed. The owners will never again have a best-interests-of-the-game commish. They will always go for a CEO and a CBA-negotiator, and a guy who always has the owners’ bottom line as his main, if not only, focus.

  59. OK – Hockey it is:

    I am still impressed by the Leadership that Richards and Rupp displayed at the Winter Classic. Wonder if Pizza Pants would have provided any leadership?

    Watched a documentary on Woodstock last night and man did some of those hippies look exactly like Carl Hagelin.

  60. Well it’s just mind boggling that a league can let teams in both NY and LA get trashed because of the ineptitude of their owners. I mean yeah if a rich owner can’t build a good team because of bad baseball decisions that’s one thing. But having respectable teams in both markets is virtually a license to print money and they’ve failed on an epic scale in that regard.

  61. As a segue from baseball back to hockey. Man the Pens this year are resembling the 09 Mets. Injury after injury.

    Maybe this sends that franchise on a similar death spiral over the next few years.

  62. No way Calgary doesnt want something legit in return for Iginla, guarantee they would want #1 pick, couple of prospects and a decent roster player – maybe 2.
    Plus we’d have to find room for his $7m next year too.

    I think we’d be more likely to trade for a rental for top line LW, if we can get one without giving up the farm or any of the core – given that Dubi is pretty much back and DZ is developing nicely i’d say Slats is running short on trade chips.

    I cant believe Maris is not in HoF? Won 4 World Series, 2 MVP’s a HR record which stood for 37 years, the reasons i’m reading about why he’s not in sound like excuses from some sort of Ruth/Frick/Mantle-mafia (his average is too low, he played too few years). If it wasnt for Maris i would never have won a trip to St Louis to watch Big Mac hit HR’s #70-73 (albeit slightly tainted memories now with the Roids issue)

  63. Yay hockey!

    Looks like work is sending me to NYC for a training at the end of the month… and the Rangers will be in Buffalo! Booooooo.

  64. Boom, I think Bettman is working on your comment about improving the game. Excellent points. Not a chance, though, that there will be contraction or fewer games, or that the league will ever blink an eye without getting the OK from the union first … at least until the next CBA war (which is coming).

  65. Carp, I’m not 100% sure about any of this yet, but it looks like the only game I’d be able to go to would be against the Devils on the 31st. BUMMER.

  66. Anybody excited about seeing our boys take on the Bruins on January 21st? That team has a ton of Snarl. As Torts would/will say, “this is a good test to see where our team is at.”

  67. Does anybody else think that the photo of Graves on the Rangers website makes the guy look like he has bodies in his basement?

  68. Thanks, Newman. I do love what they wrote about Torts:

    “No Winter Classic hangover for the Rangers as they’ve won both games since their outdoor win. The Rangers have just one loss in their past 10 games, earning head coach John Tortorella a trip to the All-Star Game in Ottawa and *guaranteeing earmuffs for the kids*.”

  69. Didn’t Prust come to the blog around that time and read something and then Carp said he was reading and then everybody started doing that for him?

  70. Someone must’ve told Kathryn Tappen walked in their locker room, Sally….

    This baseball discussion makes me sleepy, sorry.
    Carp, aren’t you glad you don’t have to host a baseball blog? Looks like you’d have much more jackwagons visiting.

  71. I actually went to the Yankees blog before this one. Hate it over there. Bunch of know-it-alls with horrible attitudes. Not like here where we are know-it-alls with good attitudes!

  72. Are clutch performances in the 1989 LLWS enough for induction into the baseball HOF, Carp? Or was that tainted by PEDs too?

    Heard any new rumblings that you can’t tell anyone about, CCCP?

  73. Speaking of thigngs that you “can’t tell people about” I really think it’s time that we were all made privy to this “situation” with Sean Avery and John Tortarella that occurred in Buffalo.

    Speaking of Sean – Had a great lunch at Warren77. I may not need that guy on my favorite hockey team but MAN can he put together a great sports bar.

  74. Manny, did you have the mac n cheese? SO good. I’d give you a bunch of my lunch points for some.

  75. Actually, Sally. Interestingly enough I did not. I usually am a fan of the Chicken “Sando” (although I refuse to say “Sando” and I instead say “Sandwich”) but I was having some bad heartburn the night before so I went easy on my body with the Grilled Cheese which was DOPE.

    Next time: Mac N Cheese for me

  76. Couple of things:

    -ILB, sorry I went incommunicado before the Florida game…got stuck at work and didn’t make it to MSG until after the anthem…

    – In re Carp’s post, I went to the Rangers/MSG watch party on Friday at Blondies on the UWS and Glenn Anderson was there. He took questions during one of the intermissions and sparked an interesting discussion the parallels between the two teams (93-94 and today). The dichotomy is that the team that won the stanley cup in 94 was very different from the one that had the 18-1-3 streak in the middle of the season. It is fascinating to think about what the dynamic in today’s social media world would be if the Rangers traded the equivalent of an Amonte, a Gartner and a Marchant at the deadline (for a Matteau, Noonan, Anderson, McTavish). Not sure who they’d be today but I can’t see the wholesale changes like that season because the team is so much younger this time around. Will still be interesting if changes are made come deadline time and what impact that has on the team’s chemistry and next year.

  77. “Sando”? That is so stupid in a wearing-your-sunglasses-inside-at-night kind of way. Grilled cheese sounds super though.

    I had another turkey/cheese SANDWICH on wheat with pesto and some wasabi peas. Meh. Don’t know why, but I kept having cravings for a pastrami footlong from subway.

  78. There is a Subway basically in the lobby of my building. That bread smell is SO enticing.

    Today I went with a whole wheat wrap with shaved grilled chicken, avocado, roasted red peppers, romaine lettuce and some curried ranch dressing. Delish. Side of Potato-Cheddar flavored Pop Chips.

  79. This Head Coach has one goal and only one goal. Winning.

    NYDNRangers Pat Leonard
    Players saying Tortorella didnt like their intensity at start of practice and told them to go back to locker room and come back ready to go.

  80. “Juicing” will forever complicate the voting process & admissions into the Baseball Hall of Fame. I like your criteria as much as any I have heard & agree with your ‘Mattingly only’ ballot. Unfortunately, the fallout from this is controversy is, there may be very few new members of the Hall if everyone else votes like you do. Maybe that’s a good thing. If Ryan Braun is a “juicer” who can anyone really trust?

  81. There is, LW. Unfortunately they do not sell Butt-Man or Smooth. I have to go downstairs to the Times Square Subway station to obtain that schwag.

  82. stranger nation on

    They need AV to help pick up their practice intensity. That and the free refills of OJ.

  83. I think he told them to go back and hit F5, F5, F5….Could be more F’s than that though….

  84. Leaving Larkin off the ballot is inexcusable. As for Mattingly, as someone who saw first hand Mattingly and Keith Hernandez…and loved watch both of them, Mattingly is not a HOFer but was a joy to watch in his prime. If you vote Mattingly in, might as well take Gooden! He was the greatest pitcher ever to pitch for 2 or 3 years! Unfortunately, he didn’t have a great career and Mattingly didn’t have a great enough career to belong in the HOF.

  85. All this baseball talk is boring me.

    I would take doan for some picks. Prob want a roster player not prospects

  86. Yea Doan is ready to explode after that hat trick. No Longer is he flirting with the record for longest career without a hat trick or whatever

  87. Doodie Machetto on

    I think all of the otherwise hall-worthy juicers should go in. The HOF is a history museum. These guys are major components of that history. The only caveat is that on their plaques, it mentions their PED use, so this way, they are forever remembered as the disgraces they are.

  88. “June 14, 1987…. Mets Phillies. We’re enjoying a beautiful afternoon in the right field stands when a crucial Hernandez error to a five run Phillies ninth. Cost the Mets the game.”

  89. Franklin Kistner on

    Here’s my take. I am a 70 year old baseball purist. I have many friends in Oak A’s and will not watch an American League game–DH. Duke Snider was my hero when I was a young Dodgers fan. I did not think he was qualified. Too many very good got in the last 20 years. HOF means great; not very good.
    As far as Bonds and Rose go; I have a very brilliant idea. Install both of them the day after they die.
    GO Rangers!

  90. Boom Boom Bathgate - FOUR CUPS since 1926 on

    If all this baseball talk is “bush league,” that makes the Miami Marlins and their fans right at home.

  91. Wicky©"I think the NHL Network host was named Kathryn Tappen" on

    morning ILB, kathryn tappen, and all!!

    while I’m certainly no baseball fan, jiggerish/gibberish is just that, so continue if you like!

  92. Wicky©"I think the NHL Network host was named Kathryn Tappen" on

    WOW! Did you guys know that 13 flames are UFA at the end of the season? Did I read that right?

  93. I agree with Doodie. Put everybody in. It’s an era. As I said above….Dead Ball Era, Live Ball Era, Integration, Steroid Era


  94. Boom Boom Bathgate - FOUR CUPS since 1926 on

    Someone, above, said Maris “won” ( really means “played on”- except with added-hype Campbell’s soup commericals) four World Series. Well, 1961 + 1962 + 1967 = 3, not four world championship teams he played for. He was washed-up at 34 years of age, big gap between his production at 33 and 34, and he knew it and got out. Most superstars are productive for about five years beyond that.

    No HOF for Maris, and he was the first beneficiary of the extended schedule, having a total of 59 home runs in the pitching-thin expansion season of 1961, after 154 games.

  95. Boom Boom Bathgate - FOUR CUPS since 1926 on

    Hell, even Norm Cash went nuts in the 1961 season. Offensive accomplishments that year were a “mirage.”

  96. Wicky©"I think the NHL Network host was named Kathryn Tappen" on

    is he the guy that hung out above the fireplace?

  97. Boom Boom – Maris is in the Hall for the fact that he broke a home run record. Therefore, while he isn’t inducted as a player his accomplishment is in there. Just like the first DH. His bat is in the Hall while he is not.

  98. Boom Boom Bathgate - FOUR CUPS since 1926 on

    Who the hell suggested that Maris is in the HOF because they have some of his paraphernia in there? Put words in someone’es mouth, like your own, for a change, instead of in mine. Jeeezz.

  99. You said Maris was *not* a Hall of Famer. I am saying that he is forever remembered in the hall.

    Steve Nash?

  100. Boom Boom Bathgate - FOUR CUPS since 1926 on

    What a pukin’ pathetic stretch, right out of the use car salesman running for political office playbook of “slick” one-liners. Disgraceful, Little Buddy.

  101. Boom Boom Bathgate - FOUR CUPS since 1926 on

    Well, he is not actually in the Hall, but, yes, we do rather want to remember him, here – care for some brie with a cracker?

  102. Agree with the earlier thought that it would be great if realignment could somehow be reworked to have us playing in the same division as Boston or if the schedule could be manipulated to have us face them more. During the period from 1969 until 1973, we had no rivalry that was more intense than our was with the Bruins. It would be a chance for us to grab our own headlines in the group of New York v. Boston rivalries that presently exist now (Yanks-Red Sox, Jets-Pats, Knicks-Celtics).

  103. Boom Boom Bathgate - FOUR CUPS since 1926 on

    John Sterling – Best announcer in all of sports. His classic “This call to the bullpen is brought to you by Geico, one 15-minute call can save you money” finally put the Russ Hodges “legend” to rest.

    “There’s a long fly ball, it’s gonna be, I believe, THE GIANTS WIN THE PENNANT, THE GIANTS WIN THE PENNANT, THE GIANTS WIN THE PENNANT, THE GIANTS WIN THE PENNANT, Bobby Thomson just hit into the lower deck of the left field stands, and they’re going crazy, they’re going crazy – but more importantly – one 15-minute call to Geico can save you money.”

  104. June 14, 1987, Keith Hernandez made the error that caused the Mets to lose to Philadelphia. But Roger McDowell was the second spitter.

  105. First it would have been, “That ball is high. Mmmmit is far. It IS GONE! … an A-Bomb by B-Thom. … Ballgame over. World Series over. The Pirates win. Theeeee-aaa-aaa-aa- Pirates win!”

  106. By the way, Barry Larkin was elected to the Hall of Fame today. Congrats to him.

    From the HOF:
    The vote:

    Barry Larkin 495 (86.4%), Jack Morris 382 (66.7%), Jeff Bagwell 321 (56.0%), Lee Smith 290 (50.6%), Tim Raines 279 (48.7%), Edgar Martinez 209 (36.5%), Alan Trammell 211 (36.8%), Fred McGriff 137 (23.9%), Larry Walker 131 (22.9%), Mark McGwire 112 (19.5%), Don Mattingly 102 (17.8%), Dale Murphy 83 (14.5%), Rafael Palmeiro 72 (12.6%), Bernie Williams 55 (9.6%), Juan Gonzalez 23 (4.0%), Vinny Castilla 6 (1.0%), Tim Salmon 5 (0.9%), Bill Mueller 4 (0.7%), Brad Radke 2 (0.3%), Javy Lopez 1 (0.2%), Eric Young 1 (0.2%), Jeromy Burnitz 0, Brian Jordan 0, Terry Mulholland 0, Phil Nevin 0, Ruben Sierra 0, Tony Womack 0.

  107. Boom Boom Bathgate - FOUR CUPS since 1926 on

    joetex –

    The NHL could easily switch Pittsburgh to the “Montreal Division,” and put the Bruins in with us. Maybe Pitt would like seeing more of Montreal and the two Ontario teams, and maybe the Bruins would like to have more bashing-heads parties in New York, New Jersey, and definitely with Philadelphia. Makes some sense, it does.

  108. “NYR-Fan –
    Hate to bust your “bubble” but on June 14, 1987 the Mets won in Pittsburgh, 7-3, they were not even playing Philadelphia.”

    “Nice game pretty boy.”

  109. Boom Boom Bathgate - FOUR CUPS since 1926 on

    Well deserved, Barry Larkin, whom Bill James put on a career par with Cal Ripken, jr.

  110. We need to get back to what this blog is all about! Cats, facial hair, and Beavis and Butthead. And I guess Seinfeld, too.

  111. Boom Boom Bathgate - FOUR CUPS since 1926 on

    It was Bill Mazeroski who hit the home run off Ralph Terry to bury the Yankees in 1960. Your old buddy Herb Oscar Anderson used to call him “Ma-ZERK-ski. And he called Warren Spahn “Warren SPAN.” Oh, well, he had a farm in Connecticut and I didn’t.

  112. Cats, facial hair, and Beavis and Butthead.



  113. That’s right boom boom. Mazeraski hit that ball into the left field seats right over Yogi Berra’s bald head.

  114. Boom Boom Bathgate - FOUR CUPS since 1926 on

    …”Talkin’ baseball, Kluszewski, Campanella, talkin’ baseball, The Man and Bobby Feller…”

  115. Boom Boom Bathgate - FOUR CUPS since 1926 on

    Yogi wasn’t bald, he was “appalled.” Mickey was crying (through his beer, of course) in the dugout. George Weiss was on his way down to the dugout to fire Casey Stengel. “Ah, yes, just another day in the life, October 13th, 1960, and you were there.”

  116. Pretentious film guy: “What is your raison d’etre?”
    Beavis: “Heh, it’s in my pants.”

  117. Baseball talk on the Rangers Blog…..

    To say it’s pathetic would be an insult to pathetic people…

    Come on boys, we can do better than this. ESPN released its rankings and we are on top. We are 3 pts clear of everyone.

    And the best we can do here is talk baseball? That’s absurd.

    And Miami Pimp…if you are good for one thing, it’s consistently being a contrarian indicator, i.e. wrong almost every time. Keep it up.

  118. Boom Boom Bathgate - FOUR CUPS since 1926 on

    Speaking of the French language, Sally + the peanut gallery, I saw a Steve Reeves movie at youtube a couple hours ago, called “The Giant of Marathon,” co-starring a French actress named Mylene Demongeot.

    In this film she looks like a cross between a young Brigitte Bardot and Britney Spears. Not kidding, it is really amazing to see. Her hair is perfect Bardot, and her eyes, and lips, her facial bone structure and expression are perfectly matched to Britney. Plus, she wasn’t bad looking. lol. Oh yes, she was born on Sept 29th, Brigitte on Sept 28th, one year apart.

  119. Maybe the Penguins would pick him up given their injury issues. Could you imagine Cooke and Avery on the same team? That would instantly be the most hated team in the NHL.

  120. Am I correct that when Avery is waived he is available to any team that claims him at 1/2 his cap hit?

  121. No, Manny…Avery’s true cap hit is $3,875,000 (Thanks, Brett Hull!)

    Another re-entry claim would make his cap hit just under $1m….

  122. Lots of lunch deliberation earlier..

    Sadly, I’m no fan of the Subway franchise, and so no lunch points will be awarded due to their irrevocable presence in the banter.

  123. AH! Thanks, NYR. I knew something was wrong. I still think that’s a reasonable enough cap hit though (@ $1M) to be very telling that no team claimed him.

  124. From Whole Foods I had:

    lamb/beef shwarma, a sliced pita with tahini sauce
    with rice and lima beans
    some potatoes that were covered with chili flakes

  125. Now THAT’s point worthy. A point for CT!

    CT’s coming on strong, literal bottom feeders. Might want to get your lunches together. That’s three points in timely fashion!

  126. Extra bonus

    They labeled it as a sandwich not a platter. Thus $2 cheaper!

    It’s the same whole foods location where Gabby bought his Christmas Tree in 24/7.

  127. For lunch today….

    Mexicue…. a fusion of Mexican and Southern USA barbeque

    2 Pulled pork sliders with pickled red onion and avocado mash

    1 Short rib taco with cojita cheese on a corn torilla

  128. bull dog line on

    this Ranger team reminds me more of the 91-92 team. presidents trophy winners who were not quite built to win the cup. also, while the 94 team was a win now team, I do not think the window on that team winning closed after that season. the 95 team may have been more talented ( Verbeek, and Nedved added), but did not have a go for it coach, and had a cup hangover.

  129. Anybody else still get a case of the giggles when they look at what Chara has become for the Bruins and remembers that he was actually an Islander at one time? And that he was traded for Alexei Yashin?


    Not a whole lot to be unhappy with as a Rangers fan right now. I’m just hoping they continue to play well into the playoffs and we can somehow arrive there in good health.

    This best record in the league for the moment is nice, but I highly doubt it will last. In fact, I’m still waiting for the Rangers to fall into some kind of prolonged slump, even if it’s just for 4-5 games. Every team, no matter how good, has a slump.

    Somehow, these Rangers haven’t allowed it to happen yet. Who knows? Maybe they won’t.

    Knock on wood…let’s stay healthy. :-)

  130. you have to vote for the juicers/HGHers because in this day and age it’s only cheating if you GET CAUGHT.

    and look at the MLB’s Golben Boy Braun. the MLB is going to practically with him every step of the way in clearing his name when he got caught RED HANDED

  131. Bulldog, that ’95-’96 team looked like it was built to win for sure. With Messier and Verbeek threatening to score 50 that year before injuries hurt them.

    Of course, that was also the team that Colie Campbell had primed to play tough, grind, bash-em hockey and they took on the finesse Penguins who made us look like damned fools in the second round.

    I still remember Colie saying “Good luck to anybody trying to stop Jagr and Mario” in the next round….and the Panthers doing just that.

  132. Short ribs and pulled pork are automatic points.

    Three for NYR! He’s got more wins than a Vietnamese phone book.

  133. bull dog line on

    yeah that 96 Pens series was a tough one. that was the series that in either game 3, or 4, the Pens put Lemieux, and Jagr on the same line, and Campbell had no answer. he broke up 2 lines to try and combat it, but all it did was slow the Rangers.

  134. I believe it is at your discretion and last I checked you aren’t much of a “man of the people.”

  135. Good idea! And then, if the world still exists, a new lunch contest will be established with a nice lunch committee that fairly distributes points, and I shall abdicate as sole lunch arbiter, although I would like to be on the committee in some capacity. A mere advisory role would satisfy me.

  136. I just found out the other day that the copier contract we have at my law firm ends 12/22/2012. I was really proud of whoever signed that contract. Nice timing.

  137. I do believe that Mazeroski was the correct spelling

    ( and pronouncing) of his name. I watched that game as a kid … well, young teen) on TV. I don’t recall any of the details of the game however.

  138. 90’s Day! I snuck Nirvana’s “In Bloom” onto my wedding dinner mix. Great moment for me!

  139. thanks everyone for the kind thoughts you
    sent a week in
    regards to my Uncle Jerry
    who was dealing with cancer

    he passed on earlier today.

    still numb but i feel better that i got to visit him
    a couple days ago
    and even made him smile.

    try to remind yourself to enjoy life just a little bit more
    and not get so frustrated by it
    and show your love to the ones who love you.
    (i know i need to remind myself more!)

  140. Glad that you were able to find some closure with your uncle, jpg. Wishing you, your sister, and all your family peace in these trying times.

  141. thanks ilb (and anyone else in the future since i’m not
    sure how much i’ll be on lately)
    while i feel numb

    i really feel bad for my dad
    the two were quite close
    same goes with my dad and his
    sister (the sis of 5 brothers)
    who passed away from cancer
    approx 18 months ago.

  142. We are all with you, jpg. Sorry for your loss that’s always a troubling time. All the best to you and your family.

  143. I pretty much didn’t read any posts when I saw so much about baseball so forgive me if this was mentioned by someone else.

    There are a lot of similarities with this team and the 93-94 team. Here’s 2 more:
    1. Starting the season and bonding in Europe
    2. Rangers being a prominent part of a mid-season event. The 94 All-Star game was at MSG and both events then and now were a huge success for us.

  144. Bravo to Shanny. About time something was done to start eliminating the Rats/phony tough guys from the game.

    FriedgeHNIC Elliotte Friedman
    5 RT @NHLShanahan Brendan Shanahan Marchand suspension video.

  145. Ledger_NJDevils Rich Chere
    Parise on next contract:The money is definitely important. That’s real life. But most important for me is a chance to win. Being competitive

    Ummm….can we forget this year’s trade deadline with regard to Iggy and Teemu? And, instead, make Zach Parise a Ranger in July? Thanks!

  146. You rule, ORR.

    NYR + Manny = Vibin’ I would *love* to have Parise, the best American-Born hockey player in the game right now, on our team. Honestly. We have so much room coming off the books and he’s worth a monster of a contract.

  147. I would have more faith in this team if the power play would start clicking. I can’t wait for 1/21/12 Boston game that will answer alot of questions.

  148. That quote is telling. Being a Devil is not one his contract priorities….Clearly, Kovalsuck is running that organization into the dirt…and, Fat-So is on his way out….

    Zach is one my favorite players…USA!!

    I think Kessler in also in the conversation of greatest USA player right now!

  149. Kessel usually fizzles out. This year he has lasted a bunch longer. I would prefer Zach Parise! Vibe with me. Vibe. Answer me this: Which one do you want on your bobsled team with the world championships on the line?

  150. Love the typical when my player does it “It’s a hockey play and shouldn’t be suspended” but my guy is injured “Throw the book at him. Shanny is too soft on injuries” mentality of all these hypocrite GM’s. Chiarelli, I’m sure, felt Cooke ending Savrard’s career was also just a hockey player where Cooke was defending himself as well. PHONIES and the reason why NHL GM’s should not be making/changing the rules.

    NHL needs a neutral committee of respected NHL people w/o ties like a Bowman (he’s only a consultant for his son), get Burke out of Toronto and back in the front office, Kerry Fraser, Gretzky, Dryden along with Shanny to make decisions on what’s best for the NHL. Guys where they don’t have to worry about wins and losses and make clear decisions.

  151. Why talk about American-born players when we can talk about Sean Avery, the greatest non-American to ever lace ’em up?

  152. Roasted rosemary and garlic potatoes, and scrambled eggs with asparaguys and feta. And a glass of pinot. Can we start a dinner point contest?

  153. I try, HW.

    Prust is seriously half assing it. He only has 56 hits. He’s not hitting enough. I also expected him to have more blocked shots. He only has 21. That’s not enough for my satisfaction. He’s a giveaway machine too. He has 10 giveaways in 29 games. Unacceptable!

    Sorry for your loss, jpg/jpg sis!

  154. I love Cally, awesome player. But, Parise is Ryan Callahan with better hands.

    The thought of having Parise on this team makes me stiffen up. I’ve always been annoyed by him, being a Devil and all, but after the Olympics, I just can’t stop loving the guy, as a player! If Slats can sign him, that would be huge, and arguably the final piece of this Rangers puzzle.

    Throw in Krieder, if he’s signed, and the real deal, then that would be even sweeter!

  155. LW3H wrote: “Heard any new rumblings that you can’t tell anyone about, CCCP?”

    of course! there is always some ruble about things i know that you dont… for example, today i found out even more things you dont know about! its just crazy the way those thing are spread! When i hear those thing i was like “wow… i can’t wait to not tell about the things i know that you don’t on the blog!” Thats how dedicated i am! :)

  156. Do you guys ever think about what this team would’ve been like if Cherry was with us? Makes me kinda sad, but you can’t help but wonder…

  157. CCCP – LOL! I heard from a someone in the know that CBJ was thinking of firing Arniel soon. Oh wait, that happened already, but I know first. My twitter feed of reading the Beat Writer’s post is faster than yours. ;)

    I’m also hearing there’s going to be trading as the deadline approaches. Big news there (as there were like 27 trades last year and the year before)

  158. Sally,

    I thought you were referring to Don Cherry at first and I got realllllly nervous.

    RIP Alexei.

  159. Latona, hahaha @ Don Cherry! And did I get a dinner point?

    Orr, we’re agreeing! This is scary. Quick, lets disagree about something.

  160. Tommy Pyatt re-upped with Tampa today!

    Pyatt was drafted by the New York Rangers in the fourth round, 107th overall, of the 2005 NHL Entry Draft. He was acquired by Montreal, along with Scott Gomez and Michael Busto, on June 30, 2009 in exchange for No Gomez, Marian Gaborik, Brandon Prust, Doug Janik, Ryan McDonagh and Pavel Valentenko.

  161. Wicky©"I think the NHL Network host was named Kathryn Tappen" on

    JPG and sis

    I think the lunch contest should have ended about 6 months ago when I was in second place by a mile (and only behind sally who mysteriously had about 1000 points yet never really posted a lunch…obviously the same criteria used when she won the show ball contest as well…LOL). Now oddly enough, I am not even in the scoring race yet at last post of yours, no one listed had more points than I did…hmmm

  162. Wicky©"I think the NHL Network host was named Kathryn Tappen" on

    that was a definite aberration with weise as far as the fighting goes!!

  163. wicky,

    Why do you create dissent amongst the RRgoers in this way? You’re sitting comfortably in the top ten. What else do you want?

  164. Orr, thank you for clarifying which juices we were talking about. Phew!

    NYR, how (unintentionally) hilarious is AA? Love that kid.

    Alright, I’m done. Night hedz.

  165. Mister Delaware on

    Carp, I love you, but you don’t know who most of the juicers are. You take educated guesses and those guesses have proven wrong over and over. And the voters have proven inept at policing the sport or making those gut calls over and over. From Bonds and Clemens before to Braun two months ago. You guys whiff repeatedly because you’re trying to label players you aren’t qualified to label. Just go with the facts, not some BS gut feel that Bagwell’s shoulders looked too broad while Greg Maddux wore glasses. Also, just go with Tim Raines. If Rickey Henderson were never born, Tim Raines would have been a first ballot HoFer. (Unless its the cocaine thing and, if that’s the case, nice job electing Paul Molitor.)

  166. As much as I dislike the steroid era, I LOVE Cooperstown. One of my favorite places in the whole world. Amazing how quaint the town stays, while being inundated with visitors all year long. Even if you don;t like baseball, you would love the town and the surrounding area. Plus you are less than an hour from Brooks BBQ, which has amazing chicken.

    And now I am hungry, just thinking about it.

  167. Mr. Delaware, I’m not getting back into this discussion again. But that was the point. I know I’m not voting for Bonds, McGwire, Rodriguez, Ramirez, Sosa, Clemens, Palmeiro, etc. That part’s easy.

    What if I vote for Mike Piazza say, for an example, next year? … and I’m not accusing him one bit, but obviously there have been rumors. So now I say, well, I don’t know about him, so I’m voting for him. And he gets in. Then two years from now we find out he was a juicer. Do I then turn around and change my votes on Bonds, McGwire, A-Rod, Manny, Sosa, Rocket, Palmeiro, etc.?

    That was my point. Either you vote for them all, or you have a problem with your personal accountability. At least I would. If Bonds gets elected next year, then I think that says, well, we’re putting the cheaters in. So they should all go in if their careers are good enough.

    I have a major problem with that. And I don’t try to guess who juiced. But I know when the accusations are good. Bonds has never been proven. But, please …

    Gotta go now.

  168. Mister Delaware on

    And proclaiming you won’t ever vote for Raines like its some badge of mislead honor tells me we’re only going to remain BFFs if I somehow erase the fact that you’re an MLB voter from my memory and we both stick to hockey from here on out. I’m willing to try if you are.

  169. THE BEST player in his prime? I assume you are talking about the years 1984~1987. Then how about Wade Boggs, Rickey Henderson and Cal Ripken? Your assertion is simply no truth,man.

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