A little break in the action


We wait until Tuesday for a game, as the Rangers get a well-deserved break and a much-needed mental-recharge day or two.

Gonna tell you, I finally got to see the finale of “24/7”  and I thought that episode and the whole series were, by and large, pretty fabulous. I’m really, really going to miss the between-periods talks by John Tortorella — who has a knack for firing up his boys. Heck, I don’t even root for the Rangers or care if they win, and I was ready to go through a wall for Torts a couple of times.

I’ll also miss the audio on the ice, some really funny stuff, some hard-to-believe stuff, some really dumb stuff.

We’re not going to get to see any of that for a long time. Maybe ever.

A couple of things about the coming week — home games Tuesday and Thursday (Phoenix and Ottawa, the official mid-season point) then road games Saturday in Toronto and Sunday in Montreal:

One, we’re hoping to do a live chat. We sure have a lot to talk about. Maybe it will be Monday in the afternoon. Otherwise, Wednesday looks like a possibility. Depends on my “other job” and a few things I have to get done.

Two, we will have another ticket contest … probably on the weekend. I’ll let youse know.

Finally, want to say again that you guys have been awesome with the traffic this first week of 2012. Not surprising, with the Winter Classic, “24/7” and the Presidents’ Trophy leaders streaking again. But nevertheless impressive and appreciated. And a lot of hockey talk; not much j(g)ibberish. Not that I mind the j(g)ibberish.

Boy, people outside of NY and Rangerland are really standing up and taking notice of the Rangers. Not the record, because it’s too early to base it all on record. But on the way this team plays, the way it competes, the way you’d better be willing to battle if you want to hang in there with the Rangers, and the things they can take away from  you. Plus, Henrik Lundqvist is really getting recognized as the top goalie in the NHL, or at least in the top two or three, and maybe the MVP at this point.


AP photo, above.

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  1. So who do you root for Carp?

    With all that I’ve read on the RR it seemed like you are a NYR fan.

  2. “…Heck, I don’t even root for the Rangers or care if they win…”

    This can’t be true.

  3. Carp

    I can attest to that about how Rangers are being looked at by other teams, because I almost always have to tune in to the opponent’s broadcasting crew, because Rangers get blacked out for some strange reason.

    O/T commentators really hold LQ in awe, and they do indeed detail the ins and outs of the Rangers style. The Pitt crew also recalled that very similar repeat of Dubinski killing them with that late goal from the previous season. Just about a total reproduction of the entire sequence that brought it about, and verbally shaking their heads.

    Over there….send the word, send the word, over there
    ……that the Rangers are coming…their D men are coming, their shooters are coming, and pucks are
    scrumming every where…..so beware…..and they won’t stop coming til they’ve won it everywhere…..

  4. CARP:

    I too am surprised by your comments. You seem like you enjoy this team and do care about them? To remain an objective journalist, is that something you feel like you have to say? ;-)

    I do have a question for you. I have been reading everything I can and watching every video I can of Chris Kreider. I am so impressed with this kid. Rarely do you see a kid that big skate as well as he does. And, he seems to have soft hands as well. WHAT are the chances that we see this kid in the Ranger lineup at some point this year???

  5. “Heck, I don’t even root for the Rangers or care if they win, and I was ready to go through a wall for Torts a couple of times.”

    Carp, you lost a lot of street cred in my book for this. I can understand trying to be objective. I can understand that this is your job. But to say that you don’t care if they win while you know we all are diehard fans who bleed Ranger Blue and that we turn to you for your generally stellar inside scoop and opinion – it’s a shame.

    I personally, am going to find another blog, despite coming here every day. I want to read the words and share this team with a person who cares. Not one who is just doing his job.

  6. Good Morning all!

    I liked 24/7 a lot but I think more should have been done on the game…Honestly could care less about the New Years eve stuff and the “rangers suck” photo op and whatever the older gentleman with the Rangers said…LOVED the Model getting dumped and him showing how much of an ass hat he really was with the waitress…even Prust didnt look comfortable sitting with him…But where was the conversation with Jerknell and Rupp at the beginning of the 3rd period talking about the salute??? More ice time and besides “shut up” where was the other ranger dialogue on the ice? Maybe the Flygirls chat more than the Rangers do but i thought they needed to spend more time at the game…maybe they should have made it a 1/2 longer…I hope they put this out on DVD Uncut and Raw!

  7. bobthebuilder on

    what do you mean you don’t care if they win? is that just a shroud of turinic journalistic integrity?

    best wishes,

  8. Carp,
    Do you ever find yourself rooting for the rangers? You have always said that you’re not a fan, but do you ever, in a moment of excitement, start to feel like one?
    It would be hard for me to follow a team and not start to root for them.

  9. Man, didn’t realize this;

    Beginning March 1, the Rangers have a brutal trek through the first week of April.
    They will play 21 games, including four back-to-backs — three of which are on the road — and there will be little rest. The only time they will have more than one day off between games is a two-game hiatus March 25 and 26.

  10. Good morning all! I have to work today. Byfuglien. I am soooooo nervous about the first Bruins game. Want that one sooooo badly.

  11. Carp doesn’t root for the Rangers; he roots for Rangers fans. There! Do you guys feel better?

  12. Carp, thanks for taking the time during this lull to put something up for us to chew on and motivate some dialog (e.g. Fran’s notice of out-of-town broadcasting commentators) that otherwise wouldn’t be heard.

    Getlynn, (el. al)… no need to abandon the RR ship. Carp’s comment was tongue in cheek, as all the regulars here know. As a journalist, Carp rides a fine line between objectivity and a died in the wool Blue Blood.

    CW, the intent of your reply was equally sarcastic, right?

    Fran, I’d love to hear more of what opposing team’s commentators have to say. Compliments given reluctantly are usually well deserved.

    Regardless of our record and point total this team needs to be better in the offensive zone and has the capability to score more with the roster they have now. Too many passes don’t result in shots because the pass is put in a area where the receiver has to change his position to gain possession of the puck or he doesn’t have his stick on the ice and ready to shoot immediately. One reason Gabby scores as much as he does is because he’s always thinking “shoot” even when he doesn’t have the puck. Our team defense puts us among the best teams but our scoring output needs to be improve to put us among the top of the elite teams (see Boston).

  13. Rod, to your point about the schedule, I posted this yesterday…

    A look at the schedule for the remainder of the season:
    Jan. – 12 games in 31 days, 3 back to back games, no instances of 3 games in 4 nights
    Feb. – 13 games in 28 days, 2 games back to back, 2 instances of 3 games in 4 nights
    March – 17 games in 31 days, 4 games back to back, 4 instances of 3 games in 4 nights
    April – 4 games total, no back to back games, no instances of 3 games in 4 nights

    Reg. season ends April 7th.

    I know I’m counting my chickens before they hatch but this year we WILL be in the PO’s. Getting as many points in Jan/Feb will be vital. LQ (and others?) need to be rested at appropriate times for the remainder of the season, especially in March, which looks like a brutal month.

  14. Yeah, thought was bad news. Didn’t realize it all season.

    Pretty much guarantees a weary team come PO time.

    Will need fresh bodies. Kreider is one at least.

  15. I really hate Rich Chere and the Star Ledger. Even when he does his “Around the NHL” column, never a mention of NYR. Walt McPeek where are you? I guess when the D****s move to Quebec they will only have high school coverage.

  16. Good morning, boneheads!

    Yes, it is true. Carp doesn’t root for the Rangers. The regulars have known that for years. Maybe if he wants, he’ll tell you the story why he doesn’t , once again. But that is another reason, among million of other ones, why we are all here. He is honest. Honest about it, and honest about anything else.

    Getlynn- you’ve been coming every day and still didn’t know Carp wasn’t a Rangers fan. Isn’t it the best testament to how good his writing, views and thoughts are. Tell you what, it’s a free country and you can look for another blog to share your passion with Rangers fans. But you will not find a better one. Not even close.

  17. The fact that CARP is not a ranger fan is a ridiculous reason not to follow this webpage. This is the BEST ranger site around. Not even close IMHO. But as a newer poster here, I would love to know why he is not a ranger fan and what that story is?

    ilb2001, can you tell me why?


  18. Ilb2001 – I appreciate the perspective. I guess it just took the wind out of my sail a bit. I appreciate the effort that Carp puts into this blog then potentially even more in a way. It was just a shock to the system. I will continue to check in daily.

  19. Rod & Heave, the one thing we have now is depth. Barring any (insert “i” word here), the coaching staff will keep or boys fresh. Heck they may be able to force Girardi to sit out a game or two. Factor in a possible Kreider, and Sauer return and maybe a trade and CONDITIONING. I’m not too worried as of 1/8/12.

  20. There is nothing unusual or mysterious about his story, Yev. I just think that he would the best person to tell it, if he wants to.

    If you haven’t yet, read LB’s Slap Shots in NYP this morning. I can’t link it because I’m on my iPad..

  21. http://www.thehockeynews.com/articles/43565-THNcom-Top-10-Underachieving-players.html

    2. Scott Gomez, Canadiens
    By now, it’s almost unfair to keep harping on Gomez and his diminishing skill set. Almost. When you have a cap hit of $7.4 million for this and the next two years, and when you have just four assists to show for it this season, the fairness spectrum isn’t tilted in your favor. Probably the league’s leading candidate for an amnesty buyout if that is part of the NHL’s next labor agreement.


  22. Rotating and resting goalies throughout the first part of the season has been masterfully done by Torts. Assuming no injuries, I am sure this rotation continues and delivers a rested Lundquist in April.

    However, I am. It sure about the lineup. Firstly, I think resting forwards by not dressing them might create a chemistry problem and just potentially add minutes to the regular dressed players. Also would you rest Gaborik and Stepan and dress EC and WW? I think not. Instead, I think Torts needs to give more minutes to the 4th line in any game that is tied in period 1, up 1 goal in the 2nd, and up 2 goals in the 3rd. Even in the Pittsburgh game, Torts hardly played the 4th line with a lead. (the only exception is the empty net when Gabby must be on to get to 50 – lol)

    As for defense, once Staal is in full game shape and Sauer is fully recovered, the Rangers should be giving more time to the 3rd pair plus rotating Bickel and possibly Woywitka into the lineup based on opponents and physical injuries. This is a luxury for the Rangers as the D corp has played exceptional deep into the roster. Torts must take advantage of this luxury.

    Torts has a history of riding players to death, but also willing to adapt. The question is which trait will dominate.

  23. Carp, I’ve known of your impartiality towards the Rangers ever since you took over this blog, so it comes as no surprise to me. In fact, your objectivity towards all matters concerning the Rangers is why this blog is my favourite. The numerous Seinfeld references help too. Keep on rocking in the free world!

  24. That’s good stuff Tuxedo.

    Agree it’s forwards that’ll need breather, especially since we count on top two lines for almost all the scoring. There lets hope for some reinforcements + Kreider helps it along…..
    The biggest flexibilty comes from our position in the standings.

    It so far removed from last year (or the last 15 years), having to win until the very last game & absolutely beating the hell out of everyone, especially Hank, in the process.

    Read Brooks, who couldnt resist taking one more shot @ Torts via Wavery.
    So irresponsible he should be waterboarded and banned from the building.

  25. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    Ilbster, maybe this duckbill does not have the correct grapple on this english thing being that it isn’t my primary language (duckbill edit: i am not referring to the primary colors). I will, thusly, take an attempt at relaying the extent of my pontification. The duckbill repeatedly sees you answer for other people and extrapolate their thoughts. Is their some underlying Superman reference, and your need to save us from ourselvles and the bad editing/journalism at the DAily PLanet? Or are you some fancy schmancy high fallutin arbitrageur as you seem to be in every single discourse amongs the competitors here on this wonderment of a blog (duckbill edit: not referring to chewing gum with use of word wondermint)? Again, please understnad the duckbill means no ilb-intentions, but more of an observation. As a famous Bad News Bear once said, “Let These Kids Play!” ..No need to respond on others behalves or on the msater of this domain, the illustrious carpmeister and greatest hockey writer on this tiny galaxy of ours and yours.

  26. Duckbill – this isn’t the first time you are trying to take a jab at me, and before now I didn’t respond. But I’m sure it took you a long time to create your rant, so I’ll respond now. Remind me please, which part of what I wrote is referring to me answering for other people?

  27. The only thing special about this team is that they’re setting up all of us for a historic second-half collapse.

    Get ready for the clowns to do a Titanic 2.

  28. From Wikipedia about Tortorella. He was involved in controversy yet again after game five of Lightning’s series against the New Jersey Devils during the 2007 Stanley Cup Playoffs. During a press conference in which Tortorella was visibly irate and disappointed, he told New York Post reporter Larry Brooks to “get the fuck out of here” live on CBC television, in response to Brooks’ heckling. Ilb LB is such a nozzle no wonder I never read him.

  29. Wow. I had no idea that simple statement would cause a conversation, much less a backlash. But any reporter worth a dime doesn’t root for the team(s) he/she covers. And if you do at the start, you lose that soon, because you have to deal with the good and bad in any organization, the good/bad people, the good/bad play, the good/bad decisions, the good/bad seasons. If you’re going to be riding that emotional fan-wave, you won’t be able to do your job.

    And if you go to other reporters’ sites because of this, and if they are honest with you, you will find that they are far less attached to the team they cover than I am to the Rangers. I have the attachment of knowing hundreds of people in the organization, of having known and had personal relationships with hundreds of players since 1979, some of those friendships.

    I’ve always said, again through experience, that the last thing you want to cover is a mediocre team. That’s dull and repetitive. You’d prefer to cover a team that’s excellent or terrible, ideally. So you have to have passion when the team does well (like now?) and you have to have it when the team stinks (like, um, 1997-2005), and yes you even have to have it when the team is mediocre. You can’t have that if you are rooting for the team. You just can’t.

  30. Ilb no need for you to even think much about Duckbill’s rant. I for one and many others appreciate when you explain where some are coming from because more than once you’ve stopped me scratching my head.

  31. Carp love the way you cover this team you help me to formulate what I’m thinking and feel fully. Thank you!

  32. Don’t you all see what Carp has done? Like a good coach, with his comment about not being a fan, he’s taking the heat away from one of his players (i.e. Boyle) and putting it all on himself. IMO, the attacks on Boyle were unwarranted and this tactic is working brilliantly!

  33. Rod, I think you mentioned last night a little about Martin St. Louis….I was thinking along the same lines that if he becomes available Torts will make sure Sather is on the phone. And he would be a great addition to this group. But I hope Sather doesnt do it. Because of his cap hit. MSL is signed through 2015 at $5.625M. But most importantly, his contract is “over 35”. Which means ( barring any CBA changes), no matter what he does, or where he plays, the whole salary counts against.

  34. The Rangers’ schedule from 1 March might well be tough in terms of number and frequency of games, but it’s not like other teams won’t face similar schedules, so I don’t see any huge competitive disadvantage.

    For example, the Bruins also have 21 games, have four sets of back-to-backs (all with the second game on the road) and only have one break longer than a day, which precedes a three game West coast trip (which the Rangers don’t face – they aren’t outside the Eastern timezone other than a trip to Winnipeg and Minnesota).

    Not looked at other Eastern teams, but can’t imagine the picture is all that different.


    From Zipay’s piece in newsday today:

    Prospect Watch: BC’s Chris Kreider

    Despite the Rangers’ outstanding record, some fans are clamoring for a trade-deadline deal for a top-six forward such as Columbus’ Rick Nash to solidify the offense. Any such move would be costly, not just in terms of salary, but by shipping out young regulars and draft picks, and might affect the chemistry of this developing team.

    A better option is playing for Boston College: Top prospect Chris Kreider, who has been dominant in Hockey East and is leading the Eagles, the No. 3 team in the NCAA, in scoring with 14 goals and 11 assists in 20 games.

    Kreider, a 6-3, 225-pound forward who has astonishing speed and international experience with the U.S. national team, was a first-round draft pick in 2009 who decided to return for his junior year last September. He has taken extra courses and could sign with the Rangers when his college season ends. The Boxford, Mass., native will be 21 in April, which means he could start in the AHL and possibly turn into an impact player next season.

  36. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on


    1- You do not feel yourself rooting for the Rangers, as a real fan , sometimes ? Why don’t you want to wear the ribbon ?

    2- Do you believe Don Fehr is bad for professional sports leagues in America ?

  37. The sad thing is, MSL would fit seamlessly. His cap implications are too overwhelming, IMO. After 2012-2013 season, the Rangers will have a lot of young, important players to resign, hopefully long term.

  38. Carp, sorry for incorrectly stating your fan status earlier. I thought your involvement here was motivated more as a fan than as a journalist. You had me fooled due to your accurate assessments of the team and Ranger organization as well as your constant attention to our comments here.

    BTW, what’s your take on Kreider and the possibility of his joining the Rangers this year?

  39. And This One, well, when the team succeeds I am happy for the people I know in the organization and/or the players I know. Full disclosure, I root for the Rangers if they’re leading and my deadline is approaching … because the last thing you want at the end of a game/on deadline is a lead change or a final-second/OT decision. Likewise, I might root internally for the opponent if it leads late in a game … just kiddingly of course.

    Who? Who doesn’t want to wear the ribbon? Maybe we’ll just have to teach him to wear the ribbon.

    And, yes on Don Fehr.

  40. Heave. I’ve never seen him play, but all I hear is that he’s NHL ready. If he wants to sign, I think he’ll be on the roster for at least a look down the stretch.

  41. Ilb, agreed and agreed on MSL. I really enjoyed watching him when Tampa came to Buffalo a few months ago, but wouldn’t want to give up our young guys to accommodate that contract.

    Carp, I don’t care who you root for. You’re okay by me!

  42. Carp, your comments on certain situations involving the team not only suggest your a fan…but aren’t very good at hiding it.
    Start with your comments in Avery..
    Don’t get me wrong , I’m a fan of the blog.

  43. I know I am late to the Boyle discussion, but here is my take.
    I think Boyle has played well in his role, but he needs to add some offense to his game for the amount of minutes he plays. if Boyle does not contribute on O, he just becomes a bigger version of Blair Betts. to me the Blair Betts of the world are a dime a dozen.

  44. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Carp…thanks…sometimes I forget that this is your job, that you are working when the Rangers are playing or otherwise making news….my bad to sometimes forget to separate the boneheaders from the boneheadee.

    I got to go the bathroom now for awhile and take a huge Fehr

  45. also my take on trading for Iginla.
    if he can be had at the Rangers price, I am all for it. I would not trade Stepan for Iginla, and I would have a very hard time trading AA for him. I would probably do it, but I would not be happy about it. AA has become a versatile player for the Rangers. is he a little over his head as a first line LW? probably, but I think you can now play him in a lot of different roles. those kind of guys are hard to find.

  46. Anyone else think that Torts and the organization not only are well aware of the schedule(since September), but have actually planned for the last 1/4!?!

  47. Agree, Bull dog. I wouldn’t trade AA either. I just believe ( and call me naive) tgat Iginla could be had for much less than people think. High picks and a lesser roster player( d-man?), plus prospects. Again, if someone out there is willing to give up their core for him, be my guest.

  48. one mor thing on Iginla,
    does Haglins play make AA expendable? or does it make him someone Calgary may ask for?

  49. And to add to it. His cap hit of $7M next year is nothing to worry about. They only have to sign a couple of players that year, as opposed to a year after. Big difference. And his contract is not “over 35”

  50. LW, good point regarding other team’s schedules. However, my concern is that being as young a team as we are that our youngsters might be more prone to breaking down or being unable to play well under the grind a compressed schedule and the late season pressure. Although there is the relief of the expanded roster toward the end. Does anyone know when that happens?

  51. Carp… To preface this I will never change my opinion of this amazing blog, or your great work. But what is your team? What team are you a fan of?

  52. Czechthemout!!! on

    The following trade will make the Rangers the favorite for the Stanley Cup in my option.

    We need size that is capable of withstanding the grueling play of the playoffs while still being able to score in the tough areas down low . With that said, I would trade AA,MZA,Mcilrath,Thomas,Erixon WW ( cap reasons, no sane gm would want him) and a first round pick for Perry or Getzlaf, Francios Bauechamin and a second rounder.

    Also, bring in Kreider in late march and we should be a slam dunk for the Stanley Cup!

    Do it Slats! Get it done!

  53. Manny, I like Coughlin…He is a similar type of coach, no nonsense, loves his players….

    But yeah, he could use some JAM!

    Stiffen up here, Eli!!

  54. Cue the trade rumor mill mongers:

    pghpenguins Pittsburgh Penguins
    BREAKING NEWS: #Pens Staal out 4-6 weeks w knee injury. Neal out “weeks” with broken foot. Details here: bit.ly/yrduvK

  55. Fugg! You know Shero is going to trade for a scorer now….He always does it at every season’s deadline….now he has another reason…

  56. Paul in sunrise on

    Pens salary cap unlimited with long term injured reserve. They could add a lot if they had pieces to move. Don’t know their system.

  57. OK, remember on 24/7 when Hartnell said to Malkin…”You’re the ugliest player in the league, bud.”

    I actually thought that was hilarious….I mean look at the picture at the top of this page!!

  58. Yeah, and Hartnell would clearly have a long list of modeling agencies going after him…

  59. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    As I poted on the previous thread (and now agreeing with this ILB person), if iggy wants to be traded to the rangers, it isn’t going to take a massive package to get him.

    Aha ha ha ha ha ha massive package

  60. I don’t want Iginla. He’s an awesome player, but, I just can’t see him fitting in here.

  61. best news i heard all weekend.

    neal out broke foot staal out 4-6 weeks knee hot dog lips still out one could only hope malkin is next.

    fugg him. hope they all rot in hell.

    shero better make trade otherwise they may miss playoffs

  62. CCCP – Do you have an ear to the ground, hearing rumblings suggesting the hint of speculation being bandied about?

  63. I do NOT want Iginla. Too old. Getzlaf or Ryan? Depending on what you would have to give up, you have to think long and hard about those two. Young studs!

    I would serve either of them soup…

  64. Pens were after Iggy before those guys went down.

    They’ll put the pedal to the metal now – and they have the assets to get it done.

  65. Czechthemout!!! January 8th, 2012 at 1:02 pm
    “The following trade will make the Rangers the favorite for the Stanley Cup in my option.

    We need size that is capable of withstanding the grueling play of the playoffs while still being able to score in the tough areas down low . With that said, I would trade AA,MZA,Mcilrath,Thomas,Erixon WW ( cap reasons, no sane gm would want him) and a first round pick for Perry or Getzlaf, Francios Bauechamin and a second rounder.

    Also, bring in Kreider in late march and we should be a slam dunk for the Stanley Cup!”

    Hey why stop there? throw in Staal, Girardi, and MDZ…We could blow the whole organization up and start over.

  66. LW3H

    i have two ears to the ground at the same time! so yes, there has been a lot of talk about what i know and you don’t…and it is heating up big time! so when it hits the fan, don’t tell me i didn’t warn you about the things i know that you don’t!

  67. Orr, I agree that there are worse but, I don’t have to listen to the bad ones. Doc voice is just grating, like nails on a chalkboard…My wife dislikes it so much that the volume goes off if she is watching, which I’m cool with…lol

  68. Johnny Boy said this:

    “Carp, your comments on certain situations involving the team not only suggest your a fan…but aren’t very good at hiding it.”

    Which, I suspect, is why Carp said this in the first place:

    “Heck, I don’t even root for the Rangers or care if they win, and I was ready to go through a wall for Torts a couple of times.”

    My take:

    He’s a fan. From a “hard news” angle, he does a great job not showing it. But his feature coverage gives it away sometimes, especially his heckling of the Fishsticks and Debbies and Broadstreet Bums.

    Plus, even if we take him at his word, there has been real continuity in this organization for a while now. He says he’s friendly with hundreds of people within (and who have passed through) the organization. It’s practically impossible to be friendly with that many people and not have at least SOME vested interest in THEIR happiness and success.

    So even if he doesn’t admit it to us – and even if he doesn’t admit it to himself – he’s a fan. He can’t help but be a fan.

    It doesn’t hurt that the effort and personality of this team are awesome, by the way.

  69. And don’t get me started on Doc Emrick.

    His longevity may entitle him to some accolades, but my God is he annoying with the schtick!

    Do you really have to scream CRAAAAAAAANKED IT! at the top of your lungs every time someone shoots a puck from the point?

    And “arriving in ill humor” and “fistic and/or pugilistic arts” and “pitchforked it!” and on and on.

    Forget annoying, it actually has the ironic effect of draining the color and excitement from the game.

    And Beninati is just as lame, with his references to the “sin bin” and so on.


    Give me the great Sam Rosen or give me a mute button!

  70. we don’t need anyone! i have a feeling Tortorella will be making phone calls to Kreider soon

  71. “Forget annoying, it actually has the ironic effect of draining the color and excitement from the game.”

    That was really well said.

  72. I can’t wait to see Kreider play for the rangers. Everything I’ve read sounds like this kid will be a good player.

  73. I wonder if there will be any media fallout from Harrison injuring yet another person on the Football field and/or the Giants losing TWO players to concussions. Anyone?

  74. There is a HILARIOUS article on The Onion about Tebow that is called: “Tim Tebow success inspiring other teams to starts $h*t!y Quarterbacks”

    Great line: “The Jets are starting a quarterback so bad he lost to Tim Tebow”

  75. >>Give me the great Sam Rosen or give me a mute button!

    Mr. Rosen can be quite annoying too. Must he announce every time the crowd goes “into a Let’s Go Rangers chant”? Must viewers always be given a hockey primer every time there’s a hand pass in the defensive zone?

  76. Yes, Jimbo. They are.

    I don’t know, Staal. I really don’t know. I personally was not a fan of him coming out as a pro-life advocate but that isn’t really why I dislike him. Probably most people hate him because they are jealous. He is critiqued all over TV and he keeps proving people wrong. I also hate Mark Sanchez. I don’t know why, I just want him to fail. Probably jealousy.

  77. Pens will being up Eric Tangradi..who is the one that got run by Gillies in the brawl game…He is Mitchell with a scoring touch.
    when Neil comes back, he’ll be packaged.

  78. While I don’t want the Rangers to trade any of their young players, the Rangers are in a place where some of their prospects have become expendable (Tim Erixon and Christian Thomas to be exact)

    While I don’t see them making a big move, bringing back Prospal makes so much sense. The chemistry is there and he can play on either of the top 3 lines and on the PP plus the cost will be significantly less than a star player in terms of cap space and what we give up.

    A 2nd round pick and someone like Zuccarello probably gets it done…

  79. I have a hard time considering making a trade of Doan.

    He’s a veteran all purpose player, pretty reliable, but I just can’t think that he’d do overmuch for Rangers as a late fill in…several of their younger kids are equal or better than he is.

    I really like the idea of Iginla, as I have always considered him an under rated star player. I too have some hesitancy about Boyle……. he has made a number of bad moves in critical situations, and he is on the slow side. I’d like to see them make a move toward the west for someone. but……….I’m not oversold on making any rash moves now. My thing about Iginla however is that anything they can do to keep him from Boston is worth it.

  80. Love Vinny Prospal.

    One draw back though. It’s not enough. It’s not enough help.

    Right on Fran; keep Iginla from Boston. And Washington. And Pittsburgh. And maybe Toronto. And Philly, etc.

    If you read the tea leaves from Calgary this weekend, the bidding starts at a quality young NHLer, a No. 1 pick, and an additional high pick. ‘Starts’ being the operative word.
    Remember Iginla’s signed for next year, so it’s not a pure rental situation.
    You’d be trading for him outright.

    Billy Jaffe was saying before Flames will leave it to Jerome, presumably meaning he must provide a list of teams he’ll accept a deal to, probably 3-7 teams, and they’ll begin bartering in earnest.

  81. This moving cemetery of cheesstakes lost. Mr. Deep hartnell Universe thinker let in and confident that it will be more…

  82. Hope Doan not going to make another hattrick Tuesday to impress Rangers for potencial trade.
    We don’t want him, right?

  83. JimboWoodside on

    “Universe” didn’t look so great today – and his teammates must like to deflect pucks past him. It happened a few times today.

  84. Has anyone seen http://www.thehockeyrodent.com and the we’ve got your back, John (Tortorella) fund?$2 donations towards Torts fine, to show fan fan’s support of him. If he doesn’t want to use the money towards fine, maybe he could give it to his favorite charity.

    Anyway, names of donaters scroll by on the screen. I donatedt I saw Christopher Drury. Do you think that is the previous NYR Captain who donated?

  85. “I have a hard time considering making a trade of Doan.

    He’s a veteran all purpose player, pretty reliable, but I just can’t think that he’d do overmuch for Rangers as a late fill in…several of their younger kids are equal or better than he is.”

    my thoughts exactly.

    no too iginla either. although iginla on Boston is scary.

  86. I see we are still having the overrated “we need offense” conversation when this is our competition in terms of their GAA. Florida (12th) Phily (23rd) Ott (28th) NJ (17th) Toronto (24th) Pitt (10th). As long as they continue to play defense the goals will be there. And yes, I know Boston is doing what they are doing but you don’t make trades for 1 team, especially when it’s very rare 1 plays 2 in the NHL playoffs. Remember Boston was an OT goal away from elimination last year. Things happen.

    We are now 9th in offense and 2nd in defense. No big splashes needed. Depth additions like a Prospal are going to be just fine.

  87. All you have to do is watch that flyers – sens game today (currently 4th vs. 5th) and realize Hank and our defense doesn’t the majority of those goals which is why offense isn’t a problem. The goals are going to come against those soft defenses.

  88. Want more stat proof not fan overrating opponents and underrating the Rangers system… In the East, looking at the team goal differential. Bos is 1st with +68 (ok yes they’ve ran the score up on teams) Rangers are 2nd with +34. Pens (a team we are 10 pts better than) +17. Flyers are +16 (but have given up 121 to our 82). Toronto is now +2 and Wash +1. You think maybe defense matters a heck of a lot more than scoring 6 goals. Ok to score 3 or 4 when you give 1 maybe 2.

  89. The Flyers were forced to score 5 goals this week to win their games. Worked on Tuesday vs. Hawks 6-4. Tonight it did not as they lost 6-4. The Rangers have won 9 of 10 and needed 3 goals 5 times and never needed 4 goals. Which way you think is probably better served long term.

  90. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    Steve C, I was addressing the ilbster, and as I said not in a way signifying malfeasance, malnutrition and malcontentment. Maybe you need the help understanding things because the tenor of your brain is at a lower note. Some of us on this planet are actually what many may consider space alien raconteurs. AS such, we don’t need another party to decipher what the master of the blog is saying. If you feel you need the training wheels to the paradise of thought that is your issue. I don’t want to rehash this, but It pet peeves the duckbill to have the carpmeister’s blogs constantly summarized by the avatar known as the ilb. this does not mean that I feel the ilb is in anyway doing something negative more along the lines of not displaying a certain set of decorum (you may need to reserach that word Steve Vitamin C before you tell other’s not to respond to me..my vernacular seems to be thrice that of yours and yet I am not writing in the english as first language.) I also find the ilbster trying to referee the mini arguments…this blog metes out its own justifications and policing…some of us like the opera of the arguments and having someone applying arbitration avpoids that…just let these kids play already….(watch the bad news bears again to know the sentience I am eschewing.

  91. Wicky©"I think the NHL Network host was named Kathryn Tappen" on

    I have a hard time giving anything up for prospal, a player we could have kept and lost nothing in the offseason but didn’t.

    I also don’t think we are “offencively challenged” like some do, but I would add iggy in a heartbeat.

    always vibin’ bro!!

  92. Wicky. Proposal would cost like a 5th rounder or something conditional like that. Nothing important. As oppose to a guy like Iggy or Doan (who by the way neither team is trading anytime soon since they are both a win or two out of a playoff spot) where it’d cost actual assets.

  93. Wicky©"I think the NHL Network host was named Kathryn Tappen" on

    damn, my fave vicki secret model is preggo

  94. Wicky©"I think the NHL Network host was named Kathryn Tappen" on

    I agree prospal would cost much, but why pay anything for him. Could have had him for nothing (aside from salary obviously) in the off season.

    I don’t think iggy or doan will cost us “the farm” so to speak to get. Considering both basically only go if they ask to and go where they basically want. Both have been with their current organizations for a long time and the organizations will honour their requests out of respect and not ask for too much and “blow” the deal…IF either of them ask to be moved.

    If you want a deal for a player that is going to cost “the farm”, then think one of the ducks or nash etc.

    FWIW, big no to little MSL!

  95. Wicky©"I think the NHL Network host was named Kathryn Tappen" on

    sorry, should be “prospal WOULDN’T cost much”

    damn typo

  96. Wicky: I think it’s all mute because as long as Phoenix and Calgary are close enough for a playoff spot they won’t move them.

  97. How about we bring up Zuccarello when he is healthy? OR do you all think he is done as a Ranger? The kid deserves another chance…he can help the power play…He isn’t EC…he plays with jam and snarl…

    People here think Sauer will get traded and I don’t see that happening. He is too important to the core of this team. Jeff Woywitka, Anton Strahlman, Steve Eminger, and Stu Bickel have done well, but they are nothing more than journeymen filling in until our youngsters can step in…

    Erixon, also, isn’t going anywhere.

    Iginla? Meh… Seems like he would cost a Stepan or an Anisimov…That is too expensive!!

    Selanne…. I like this idea a little more because of cap hit and fact that it’s only 1 year…picks/prospects would be enough, most likely….

  98. NYR – Disagree on MZA as you know but you are right about the rest. Why trade anything they could use going forward when they could acquire a Selanne or Prospal for low level prospect or pick.

  99. This Iginla talk is so pointless. This time last year they were 18-20-5 and made the playoffs. This year they are 19-19-5. They still think they can make the playoffs.

    As for Doan. Game 42 last year – 20-13-9 made playoffs. This year 20-17-5. No reason they can’t make playoffs.

  100. Wicky©"I think the NHL Network host was named Kathryn Tappen" on

    I agree with that

    I think MZA only gets a shot if injuries happen to a scorer.

    I also think sauer might be dealt if healthy. while I love the way he plays, bickel makes him expendable IMHO. Not that bickel is a better player (he is a better scrapper, but NOT a better player) because he isn’t, but due to mcilrath…and a lesser extent erixon. Sauer shouldn’t be keeping mcilrath’s spot in the top 6 warm, but bickel could. So why not move sauer? I mean you would think that mcdonut, staal, OPG, and MDZ are staying right? So where do sauer, mcilrath, and erixon fit? Mcilrath a first rounder that the organization is clearly high on. Erixon cost 2 second round picks. Do you see either one of them being the 7th D honestly?

    I don’t see the 4 I mentioned earlier being dealt and it isn’t like they are over the hill anytime soon, so even if it takes mcilrath or erixon another season or two to get here, there is enough stralmans, emingers, bickels, woywitkas to get 9 to 11 minutes a night on the 3rd pair.

    If they are going to get a good player between now and the deadline and sauer is healthy, it wouldn’t shock me to see him as part of the deal.

  101. Wicky©"I think the NHL Network host was named Kathryn Tappen" on

    oh thank tebow for that, it wasn’t Lima!!! Sweet!!!

  102. And by the way. Prospal now with 2 assists tonight is a mere 3 points less than Iggy and would cost a fraction the price.

  103. Wicky©"I think the NHL Network host was named Kathryn Tappen" on

    figures, should have sent her my beard contest entry pic, she would have dumped him in a heartbeat!!

  104. Rangers are ranked 20th on the power play. 26th on the road.

    Rangers are 25th in shots on net.

    Real offensive juggernaut.

    Know what happens when you play a team like Boston, with no power play as a deterrent?

    They beat your brains in.

  105. The same Bruins team that Won the Stanley Cup by going 10 for 88 for the playoffs. But as usual, why use facts when unbacked opinions sound better.

  106. Anyone wanna go to work for me tomorrow?


    Awesome pic and write up, Carp.

    Who are we bagging on today? DZ cause he’s not scoring enough goals??

  107. Shots on net? Really? So if the Rangers score on their first shot, that’s a bad thing. LOL! They are 9th in the NHL in scoring. I guess the puck must be going in the first time. You wanna know how many teams get 30+ shots and lose. They are 13-6-4 when outshot. It’s really effecting them. Try again!

  108. I love that shots comment. LA is 10th in the NHL and wait Columbus is 11th in shots for. Clearly, shots on net average = wins. HAHAHA!!

  109. Wait looking at the list. Carolina is 13th. Can’t any other random meaningless comment abt. how they don’t score enough when the stats don’t even bear it out.

  110. I would think some combination of WW, MZA, AA, Sauer, Erixon and then maybe a prospect like Thomas or St. Croix and a 2nd pick would be more than enough to land Bobby Ryan or a Bobby Ryan like player. No? I’m not crazy about trading AA or Sauer but who else would we trade to get something of value? In a playoff situation I’d rather have Dubi than AA (Although cap hit wise we may need to trade Dubi). Do we even need a trade? I feel like we don’t but do find the idea of bolstering our offense intriguing but not if we get a soft goal scorer type. Then again how many 30-40 goal scoring power forwards are there to be traded and what would we actually have to give up to get one? Adding Kreider down the stretch if he can handle the jump, but I would imagine he would provide some speed and maybe some offense to the third line. So he wouldn’t be an answer to our power play.

  111. Know who thinks the Rangers don’t score enough?

    The Rangers!

    That’s why they’re trying to bolster it.


  112. Yes Rod – As usual the insult from the man who gets his trade rumors from the voices in his head. I’m sorry that you are so jealous that I might actually know something about the game, been involved in it and you have to come on here and pretend you hear things anyone can say.

    Like: I hear Anaheim is looking to deal. WOW! Only every credentialed NHL person has said that. Or Carolina may make a move.

    Please. You have all these sources yet no actual credential or availability to anyone in the League. I’m pretty sure if you had actual sources you wouldn’t be posting cause they’d stop talking to you. See, when you’ve actually done this for a living, you’d know that you could get fired for posting on a blog about something you’ve heard like when one our interns was. Unless you are Dreger or McKenzie no GM is giving you anything and therefore it’s all bull. Sorry to burst your bubble.

  113. And by the way, since I am related by marriage to an NHL scout I would never even considered coming on here and repeating what he’s said to me because it’d be our last hockey conversation because when you’ve actually been in the NHL locker room and front office, you’d know rule #1. What happens in the locker room stays there.

  114. Rumors in my head? Ok.

    Mark Messier was on radio the other day talking about how you must have a good PP in the playoffs, and it was definitely an area they’re looking to improve.

    On the radio. Public airwaves. Anybody could listen. Even the Wirthless.

    You’re the guy jealous with what and who and what I know.

    And Im sorry sometimes I can’t tell you; cause it’d shut your ignorant hole up for good!

  115. Rod – Your hearing things are no more reliable as Eklund’s nonsense, who has yet to ever break an actual story since no GM or Agent talks to him whether he wants to admit to it or not. And at least he now has a credentialed and still posts crap that won’t happen.

    Example A: Today he says the Devils will trade Parise? HUH?! The Devils are in a solid playoff position and they are going to trade their captain? Really? Lou would never throw away a playoff chance because he might leave.

    Just keeping throwing it against the wall. One Day it might stick

  116. Another threat! You are like the kid in the school yard. You can’t back anything up with fact or proof so you lob another insult. It’s actually fun doing this with you. Makes me laugh.

  117. Rod, you seem really angry–it’s just a hockey blog. Remember what happened to Anakin Skywalker? Stay cool, man.

  118. Rod – That’s 3 insults already. Real jock sniffer I am. Cause I’m the one claiming inside info. and can’t back it up with any proof. I admit I am related to an NHL scout, worked in the NHL and have never once come on here and claimed to know anything about a trade rumor because I’m smart enough to realize that it’s all speculation because things change daily in the NHL.

  119. Staal Wart and the Overachievers on

    The Debbie’s won’t trade Parise because they need to make the playoffs. They need to make the playoffs cause they need money. They need money because they signed Kovi.

  120. Staal – No tension here. Just pointing out reality to a phony who likes to lob insults and claim stuff he can’t back up with any fact or proof. I’m actually laughing at his stuff.

  121. What threat? You retarded?

    I am angry when Wirthless starts in.

    If he knew anything, he’d know the front office sees they need to be stronger offensively.

    But he doesn’t. Cause he’s Wirthless.

  122. Staal – Of course, but phony insiders like Eklund can’t get viewers to their site without throwing crap like that out. See how this rumor game is played.

  123. and I wasn’t claiming any inside knowledge; that’s your obsession, pal.

    I posted 3 stats, and you got your panties in a bunch.


  124. This is my personal favorite because of course the GM has stated 100’s of times he’s never even broached the subject with the player.

    Rod November 29th, 2011 at 1:16 am
    Was used to trumpet the new Patrick administration, I meant to say.

    Anyhow, heard Iginla has submitted his list of teams he’ll wave his NMC for and we’re not on it.
    (Ill get into reasons I’ve been told IF he’s dealt elsewhere; until then, you never know…)

    All kinds of stuff flying on him, because he’ll be dealt soon, before Xmas for sure.
    Supposedly he’s said he doesnt want to be far from his young children and Calgary will remain home. Same time I’ve heard he grew up a Habs fan and would love to play there. Dallas, who drafted him, and with tons of cap space, supposedly also in hot pursuit.

  125. It must be your favorite Wirthless, you keep re-posting it, and forget every time Calgary went on a run that brought them close to a playoff spot, which made them wait.

    They were also waiting (and pocketing gate receipts) on Iggy’s No. 500,which came yesterday. You want to bet Iginla’s not getting traded?

    Put your money where your uninformed mouth is. Or shut it.

    If forced to defend myself I will, if anybody’s bothering to read this crap.

    Go back to one of the very first things I ever posted here, that the Rangers were interested in Kovalchuk and made an offer. Me & Carp got in a big fight about it.

    Nobody said a word when it was later substantiated by Eliotte Friedman, only one of the most respected hockey journalists in Canada.

    Deadline last year, said 100 times they were getting McCabe for a No. 3 and minor player (I had Gilroy, Panthers opted for Kennedy – I must not know anything!).

    Almost every single transaction this summer I posted beforehand, not that most took a genius, if someone wanted to apply a little deductive reasoning.
    Even those that weren’t mentioned a single time later proved to be so.
    Told you they were going hard after Brent Burns. Later came out in 3 different places they were in there bidding.

    I don’t have to prove anything to you Wirthless.

    You don’t like my posts, scroll on by!

  126. Rod – I actually took the time to go back and look at the posts around July 1st. You had nothing right. All you did was do what you always do. Spout a bunch of nonsense or stuff that anyone who reads any real credentialed writer had already said and then insult guys like CCCP and others for calling you out on it. It was actually fun reading everyone call you a clown.

  127. Of course! Ignore everything I did predict!

    How convenient! Wirthless.

    You’d better get to bed.

    Sean expects his buttboys to handle the OJ refills in the morning.

  128. Here’s my favorite contribution from Wirthless.

    HWirth January 9th, 2012 at 12:19 am

    Real jock sniffer I am.

  129. Rod – Look at you. You are like a 5 year old child in the playground. The minute you are disagreed with you go to the personal insults and nasty comments. It’s kinda funny, though, Maybe you feel tough when Carp bans you. Personally, keep coming with the personal insults. It shows your true class.

    I’d call you a clown like everyone else has but that’d be an insult to clowns everywhere. I prefer phony tough guy. I know I know… make the living in the basement comment again….. I love that one… Probably cause it hits close to home.

  130. Boom Boom Bathgate / "Sloppy Firsts" on

    Re: “Rangers are ranked 22nd on the power play.” This is arbitrary, but it seems that this team has turned it around, when it comes to PP efficiency, showing a 56% share on the PP vs. opponents since December 1st. Understanding a 50% share would put them about 15th, overall, you can extrapolate that a 56% share puts them strongly into the top-10 PP teams in the league, over the past five-six weeks.

    Plus Hags doesn’t get any PP time. So what if he starts getting PP time, and Kreider too (?), although in Tort’s system, that would be crass optimism – to think Kreider will not also have to pay his dues, first. If Torts has Hags penned in for PP time starting in 2012-2013, I am going to be disgusted.

    By the way they just sit Aves in Hartford, now, (probably coming from New York) he hasn’t dressed since four games ago, down there. Happy now?

    Point is the Rangers PP is now an asset, not a liability to this team, and it’s a reality some here are having trouble coming to grips with.

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