Rangers-Penguins in review


Maybe we’ve underestimated the Rangers to this point. When we talk about how they find a way to win, maybe that makes it sound like they didn’t deserve to win. Does that make sense?

Bottom line is that, when this Rangers team plays the way it knows how to play, and the way it has to play, it is simply one of the best teams in the league.

Do they win some games because of goaltending? Well, duh. Their goalie is their best players, so of course they do.

But does anything bother this team? Does playing against a very rested, very skilled, very fast team the night after playing a tough game and traveling and getting your butt absolutely kicked for the first 10 or 12 minutes even phase them a little? Nope.

But you know what else? For the last 45 or 50 minutes, the Rangers were better than the Penguins. They were. They are.


1) That first 10-12 minutes, that’s as badly as they’ve been outplayed for a stretch this season, or at least since Vancouver. That first goal by Lovejoy (is that really a hockey player’s name?)  was lousy all around, too. But …

2) Henrik Lundqvist was sensational, not only through that domination, but throughout the game. Question: Does he prefer a ski mask, a stocking, or a rubber Nixon mask when he’s pulling a heist like that? And where did he get that glove this year? Ozzie Smith? Brooks Robinson?

3) The timeout by Jack Adams Tortorella. I don’t know what was said — Tortorella said he told them to not mail it in — and I imagine there was some fire, brimstone and a number of F-bombs. But more than blustery noise and threats, this coach knows what works. And I’d be willing to bet that that timeout was more about convincing his players to get back to what works, because it works.

4) Ryan McMonster & Dan Block Ness Monster Girardi=Monsters. Some play by McDonagh, so simple, to put the bad-angle puck from the wall to the net on the first goal. Yet such a rare play. And every time I rave about this kid, I think about Scott Gomez for some reason.

5) How freakin’ good is Ryan Callahan? You know, the Captain is also part of the reason why this team just goes straight ahead and plays the way it plays, no matter what. And how cool that the short-handed game-winner scored by Brandon Dubinsky was almost an exact replica of the Dubinsky-to-Callahan goal in Pitt last year? And that it was an all-around goal by the Core Four (Girardi blocked a shot before that, and Marc Staal, well, his part was to take the penalty). Dubinsky’s all the way back, I think. Tortorella called him “a bull.”

6) Marian Gaborik looks as if he likes the contact now, as if it fires him up? And, yes, Marc-Andre Fleury fouled up the 3-1 goal, but the foul-up was created by Gaborik’s speed and pressure. Also a good last 50 minutes (we’re not going to talk about the first 10) for the GAS line.

7) Realignment goes down! It’s temporary, and it went down to the NHLPA for all the wrong reasons. But at least next season we won’t have to put up with the idiocy of that plan. If there is a next season. More on that another day.

8) Give me a break about that piece of clarke, Matt Cooke. He ended one career. Maybe others. What if McDonagh had suffered a concussion last year with that ultimate cheap shot? Cooke was completely lucky that he didn’t. Bleep him. He has purposely gone out and caused injuries. I’m not buying this feel-good story. He’s a piece of carcillo. I hope somebody beats the clarke out of him. (I’m an unforgiving son of a bryzgalov, ain’t I?). I was wishing that Brandon Prust had pulled him from that pileup late in the game and knocked the hartnell out of him.

9) Brian Boyle is becoming the new “It’s Just Pain” poster boy. But in this game, once the Rangers got their game together, the third and fourth lines and third D-pair all contributed big-time. They really did. Could have been a lot more than three stars tonight.

10) Man, that Kunitz had a lousy night all around.

11) Just to sum it up once again: Best record in the National freakin’ Hockey League, 9-1 against Patrick Division teams, unbeaten (in regulation) in both the first and second of their six back-to-back sets this season.


My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Henrik Lundqvist.
2) Ryan Callahan.
3) Ryan McDonagh. 


AP photos, above.


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  1. I thought the GM that traded MacD for Gomez should be fired…

    …now I think he should be shot.

  2. JimboWoodside on

    Great work as always, blogfather!

    If this is a dream, please don’t anybody wake me up!!

  3. Boom Boom Bathgate / "Sloppy Firsts" on

    Yes, he will never be back here, but I am wondering what is the Avery story in that he didn’t dress or play for the Whale last night, after playing in their previous game?

  4. Boom Boom Bathgate / "Sloppy Firsts" on

    Current Stanley Cup winnig odds at williamhill.com –

    Boston – 6-1

    Pitts – 7-1

    Phila / Vanc – 8-1

    NYR / Chi / SJ – 10-1

    Detroit – 12-1

    So that you can get, arguably, the best team in hockey in the last decade at 6-1 odds, and hedge at 8-1 odds on the team they are most likely to meet in the finals. Better value than anything on Wall Street that I know of, right now.

  5. Pens forwards were flying that first period.

    Blockness frustrates so much that he gets the final horn stick in the back every game.

    Looks like Rupper will be playing in every situation. Pens had no Asham and no Big Mac, perfect spot for EC to make an appearance.

  6. bull dog line on

    Boom, Boom,
    Avery didn’t play for the Whale last night, because Gernander hates him.

  7. “…Avery didn’t play for the Whale last night, because Gernander hates him.”

    Maybe he was in the hotel lobby wondering if he was getting free orange juice refills.

  8. Good Morning!

    Great win and maybe its me I still think this team can be more dominant…I mean Boston dominant…If they can get a little more offense out of Prust\Feds\Boyle, etc…I don’t mean they need to score every game but if they scored a little more often than they are or are not and the current offensive contributers continue this team would be even better…

    HANK =Emperor
    Avery = Good bye FOREVER!!! Thanks Torts and Kenny g!!
    And Katheryn Tappen = well you know

  9. As a season ticket holder in 1994, I was blessed to be at many wonderful games. Game 7 when they won the cup of course and game 7 against the Devs. (which in my opinion is the greatest pure hockey game I ever saw). I loved that team and I loved their work ethic. I spent thousands of dollars on tickets post 1994 watching many teams that just mailed it in! It was depressing. This team is a true breath of fresh air. I thought it would take another couple of years to get to this point. I thought that the D was so young that they needed to mature. The D has really grown and matured. With a healthy Staal and Sauer, I think that you could make an argument that 1 thru 6, the Rangers have the best defensive corps in the league. When you have a world class goalie at the top of his game behind a defense that is top notch….. you see the results. The question now becomes just how good are they? Do they have what it takes to go to the next level? ARe they in the same league as the Bruins who haven’t been winning, but DESTROYING the opposition. But, it was time to be serious for a moment and pinch myself after last nights game. I used to pray for a NY Ranger team that was full of young, homegrown and hungry players. That day has arrived. What an unexpected treat this year has been so far for all of us who love this team. CARP, thanks for having this site. I enjoy it immensely.

  10. Classic post!

    “Give me a break about that piece of clarke, Matt Cooke. He ended one career. Maybe others. What if McDonagh had suffered a concussion last year with that ultimate cheap shot? Cooke was completely lucky that he didn’t. Bleep him. He has purposely gone out and caused injuries. I’m not buying this feel-good story. He’s a piece of carcillo. I hope somebody beats the clarke out of him. (I’m an unforgiving son of a bryzgalov, ain’t I?). I was wishing that Brandon Prust had pulled him from that pileup late in the game and knocked the hartnell out of him.”

    I would like to see the reaction from a person that is new to this blog, as in, “What the Hartnell is he talking about?” lol

    As for the game, well, if you weren’t convinced before then this ought to do it. They beat Philly, first-place Florida and Pittsburgh. Who is left? Boston. When are they on the schedule so the Rangers can beat the carcillo out of them?

  11. This is the type of team I’ve wanted to see from the NYR organization forever. Young, fast, tough, energetic….and in first place overall!!! Tortorella has finally got a team of “his” guys and you have to give him credit — when he gets his guys he knows how to win.

    Haven’t posted in a long time (since the Sam days I think) but this team has inspired me, LOL

    Now Go Giants!!

  12. Staal Wart and the Overachievers on

    Your 8th point is so funny, as I was reading it I was thinking the same thing as cross check Charlie. Any non RR reader thinks they need to learn a new language haha!
    We speak Carpish…

  13. McD is unreal. During one of the penalty kills he pinned the puck in the corner against 2 Pens, worked it and worked it so that no one could touch it and then cleared it out himself. WTF!!!!! This is a kid!!! I love it.
    And Staal going back at Cooke, I held my breath when that jackwipe hit him and then smiled when Staal gave it back!!! When Sauer is back and the D is healthy, just watching what is happening back there makes me want to shout with joy. This is a team we have ALL dreamed of for a long time and its coming. Maybe no cup this year, maybe they surprise us all, but its coming and I cant wait to see it actually happen again.

    Great job Carp!!

  14. It’s nice to be in a good mood so often right after the Rangers play. Keep it up boys.

  15. YorktownRanger on

    Carp, something about cw @ 539 made me throw something together (PhotoShop) that I would like to post somewhere. Nothing distasteful. I am not sure where I could drop it for bonehead consumption. Any ideas?

  16. It was the first week of January last year when MDZ was sent down and McDonagh got called up, supposedly with a chance that he wouldn’t see much or any action.

    Not sure anyone could’ve predicted how things have turned out for both of them a year on.

  17. Stranger Nation on

    So McD now has a full season under his belt? Wow – very impressive development cycle.

    Thought Pens had a lot of cheap stick stuff not being called. McD on the first goal was cross checked in the back which almost knocked him down. A lesser skater may have been on his knees. The reason B Rich was so pissed at Vitale is he crossed checked him in the back after a neutral zone face off.

    Rangers do not let it bother them. Team toughness may be their best attribute and it starts from the top. No, not Jimmy the grease ball owner, no, not Smokey Saviour, but from the mad f bomber, Tortles!

  18. >>Haven’t posted in a long time (since the Sam days I think) but this team has inspired me, LOL

    Are you sure it wasn’t the mention of a certain NHL Network young lady’s name that inspired you?

  19. This team just continues to impress. They didn’t play a great 1st period and fell behind FL 1-0 and I figured that this was a letdown game for them and not a big deal considering the week they had. But not them – found their game and came back to win.

    Last night, same thing and during the 1st, I’m thinking that the week caught up with them and the Penguins caught a break by the scheduler. But not them – found their game and came back to win.

    This team cannot be counted out in any game they play. It’s great to be along for this ride.

  20. #9: 3rd and 4th line did not show up in the scoring statistics but they were as big a part of this win as any other player, save for Carp’s 3 stars who were out-of-this-world, because they play as a team, not as a team of individuals.

  21. hopefully this magical carpet ride the rangers are taking us on ends in june.

    they shock me every night.


    few afternoon games today

    nucks/bruins rematch go nucks
    sens/flyers go sens go

  22. Love General Torts!

    Love our Rangers!

    At times I’m waiting for the other shoe to fall, after years of disappointment, but I just keep waiting…

    I love their response to being down, to being challenged and to the now uncommon loss.

    Pens were shooting for Hank’s glove but it was stellar.

  23. The CONSOL center is the right name for that place. The Pens and their crowd have to be consoled after every Ranger game.

  24. Intended or not, Rupp sent a loud and clear message to the rest of the league – mess with our star players and yours will pay the price. Ain’t payback a bi**ch?

  25. Bet HBO wishes they had camera’s in the Canucks dressing room to catch the reaction of Luongo when he was told he isn’t playing in Boston.

  26. So who gets in the All-Star Game from the Rangers this year? Hank, Gaborik, and Del Zotto? How about Richards or Callahan?

  27. Carp agree with most of what you are saying but Boyle is playing bad. Watch the tape. He is slow to release his shot, does not get the puck deep, turns it over all the time.

    If he was on the 4th line that would be acceptable but on the 3rd line his play objectivley has been real bad, watch the tape…….

  28. I’d have a problem with Richards getting in. Yes, he’s been clutch, but I don’t find his overall performance to be of the All-Star calibre. I’d like to see Hagelin chosen for the rookies match.

  29. onecupin72yearsandounting on

    The dreaded Presidents trophy may loom ahead.. don’t burn out the troops Torts

  30. I am not yelling at you guys!

    I am just yelling at the insanity of the all-star game and how ridiculous it is. JAMES REIMER was the leading vote getter for goalies. Enough said.

  31. Rangers @ Bruins Jan 21st, 1pm, Charlie.

    This team reminds me more and more of the Florida Panthers with Vanbiesbrouck, think it was 1996, that went to the finals.

    We don’t trap. And our 5 skaters don’t just collapse in front of their own net like FLA did.
    The NYR take away the middle, just like Girardi said last night. They rope-a-dope the hell out of you, they wait you out. And they work and work and work.

    For years we watched the Rangers press and other teams counter and score.
    Now the Rangers do it. They are incredibly opportunistic (again, Richards = freak in this regard), another welcomed change.
    We frustrate the hell out of teams and force mistakes.

    Imagine scratching and clawing to get through 5 sets of arms and legs and sliding bodies everywhere only to find Hank waiting for you. That’s rough.

    Turbo-boost the offense and power play, there’s no telling what can happen.

  32. Stuart – And his stick lift of Kennedy from an open shot on the PP led to a clear and a change. The little things matter. They don’t need Boyle to score, they need him to be physical at all times and strong defensively. His points will come.

  33. They most likely will add a veteran scorer to this team like a Prospal or a Ray Whitney but they won’t be sacrificing an ounce of their defensive style to add offense so if people are looking for the big splash it’s not going to happen. They will not disrupt the chemistry of the group by adding an outsider with a big name that has to adapt, won’t happen. They don’t care if they don’t score 6 goals because they barely allow 3.

  34. i am not in favor of bringing up avery but boyle has been bad. the first goal for the Pens he got stopped just inside the blueline with a turnover and fell down and the Pens turned it around quickly and scored. Boyle is bad.. He is a turnover machine and forwards come to his line to stop scoring. No one scores when they are on his line I wonder why?

    does he block shots yep. offensively he is inept, nice guy or not…..

  35. Good morning, boneheads!

    Great review, Carp. Your first paragraph is very interesting. I had a similar thought last night. Started to watch the game well after 11, after a long day at work, traveling upstate for a couple of hours. And after watching the game for 10-12 min. I thought that if it was bound to happen, this would the game. You know, back-to-back games, Pittsburgh well rested for 6 days, the boys playing after a couple of emotional wins, blah blah….I almost resigned to a loss last night. And that something clicked- maybe they find a way to win because they feel they’re entitled to win? Maybe they believe they’re a better team every night? And that’s how they win. Well, they did. And Hank knows this year that if he keeps them in the game, they will win.

    Stall is almost there, isn’t he? Another week, perhaps?

  36. Going back to az tonite. We really had a great time. My family met carp & lots of boneheads & we got to watch our boys win another game.
    I love NY – see youse again during the playoffs

  37. I don’t think BB is playing bad. I just think some of us are expecting more offensively because of his year last season.

    I think he’s playing offensively, at his true level.

    Remember, 15 of those goals came in the first half of last year, meaning he’s gotten something like 7 goals in almost a full season now.

    That, IMO, is more to his talent level.

    Nothing wrong with that provided he keeps doing what he’s doing.

  38. They’ve allowed:

    4 goals – 7 times
    3+ goals – 12 times total
    That means
    2 or less 27 times.

    That’s why they don’t worry about the scoring. It will come. They average 3 goals a game as it is.

  39. Another impressive win by this blood and guts TEAM. I had already forgiven them the loss halfway through the first period. Tort’s time out was like turning the gas stove on under a pot of cold water. He looked passionate not angry, appeared to be encouraging instead of insulting. That’s smart and effective coaching. He gets as much credit as our King for last night’s win.

    A look at the schedule for the remainder of the season:
    Jan. – 12 games in 31 days, 3 back to back games, no instances of 3 games in 4 nights
    Feb. – 13 games in 28 days, 2 games back to back, 2 instances of 3 games in 4 nights
    March – 17 games in 31 days, 4 games back to back, 4 instances of 3 games in 4 nights
    April – 4 games total, no back to back games, no instances of 3 games in 4 nights

    Reg. season ends April 7th.

    I know I’m counting my chickens before they hatch but this year we WILL be in the PO’s. Getting as many points in Jan/Feb will be vital. LQ (and others?) need to be rested at appropriate times for the remainder of the season, especially in March, which looks like a brutal month.

  40. Respectfully disagree on Boyle, Stuart A. He’s been very good. He is trusted by Torts to play against opponents’ top lines, wins face offs, has thrown his body around very effectively, is good in his own zone. He, and his line, is also summoned by Torts to start the shift when there is a need for momentum swing: either by our team, or when they expect the opposition to come out hard. He’s done his job well. Scoring an odd goal would be a bonus at the moment.

  41. Jim – Makes zero sense to do it. He’s not worth 7 mil next year for starters. Plus, you are asking a guy who was the captain go-to-guy for a franchise to come in here and be a role player while asking a young group of guys who the Coach correctly wants to be the leadership of the group not to defer to him and remain the backbone. Bad dynamic.

  42. Doesn’t matter, who would slide down to allow Iginla to fit in? I like the lines as is…an Iggy trade could throw this whole thing we got going out of balance…I’ll pass…

  43. HWirth: Disagree.

    First to someone with Iggie’s character, the fact that the leadership is already well entrenched in NY would be irrelevant. He’s be cogizant of it and respect it. This dude personifies character.

    Second, he wouldn’t be a role player. He’d likely play alongside Richards on the 2nd line and get PP duty.

    Third, he’s in his 30s and if agreed to be traded (he’s got a NTC) it’s because he wants to come to NY and have a legitimate chance at a long PO run and not just this year, but next year, too.

    Fourth, yes he’s got a big contract, but getting rid of WW slices away nearly 1/2 of that and the Rangers cap space currently sits around $5,000,000.

    My biggest concern with him is what you might have to give up (not sold on trading AA, just know that to get something valuable you have to give up more than EC and WW) and that his contract likely means no pursuing Zach Parise in the off-season (assuming of course, Parise goes on the market, which isn’t a guarantee – part of the pending trade that LL will make could include a new deal for Parise and the team he goes to).

  44. Iggie would play beside Richards. If AA goes in the deal, bump Dubi up to the 1st line. If he doesn’t bump Dubi to the 3rd. Nice problem to have!

  45. Zero sense Wirth? Zero?

    Everything you said is wrong, yet again.

    Role player? A top line left wing, a guy that’d be our most intimidating Top 6 forward by far, and PP specialist is a little more than a 4th line energy guy, sheesh.

    Bad dynamic? The guy is one of if not the most respected guys in the league!

    You think a captain doesn’t know how to act? Iginla’s a smart, classy dude.
    I dont think he’ll land here, but those are just lame-ass arguments.

    Oh, I forgot, the $7m comes out of your pocket. Sorry.

  46. Jim – Again. You are glossing over the key component. You are asking a guy who has forever been the face of a franchise to come here and not have the current young team defer to him and wait for him to lead. The organization correctly does not want that.

  47. Rod: Just musing because I’m I think he’d be a wonderful addition to the Rangers and I’m
    convinced Iggie will be moved by the deadline.

    It makes zero sense for Calgary not to deal him. Now is the time, when his new team will pay more because he’ll be available the remainder of this year and next year.

  48. So bringing in a Superstar to a locker room won’t change the chemistry? Your kidding right? He could be the greatest guy in the World and it will still change the chemistry of the lockerroom. So bringing in Jagr didn’t change that team in Phily? Hell yeah it did. They are a much softer group with him.

  49. HW: No, I get your point – I’m disagreeing with you; I’m saying Iggie will respect the current leadership of the Rangers.

    I honestly feel if Iggie is in play, Sather needs to investigate.

    I will say this: Rumours are that the Bruins are interested – if they get him, YIKES!

  50. Jim, big *NO* to that trade. But I would be careful about saying no to Iginla trade. If he could be had for the right price, I’d go for it. And I wouldn’t worry about chemistry, HWirth. If anyone understands the team concept, it’s Jarome. I’m also going to say that he wouldn’t interfere with our leadership. He would come here to win the Cup..In terms of position, he is a R handed shot, he can play L.
    Let me throw something else here : if any possible contender in the East lands him, that changes a lot of scenarios….

  51. HW: That’s because JJ is soft. And yeah, the chemistry could and likely would change, at least somewhat, but why would it necessarily be for the worse?

    With his character and ability to score goals, it just might even strengthen the team and it’s chemistry (not to mention his willingness to battle, which is legendary).

  52. ilb: As I just mentioned, the Bruins are reportedly pursuing him. So, too, are the Caps.

    Him on the former is for, downright scary.

  53. I’ve said several times, you can draw a lot of comparisions to the last time a terrific young Rangers team added an aging yet still productive power forward.

    Would Igina effect their chemistry?

    What about if he IMPROVED it? Duh.

  54. Jim: I understand your points and have total respect for Iginla but think about you what just said the chemistry could and likely would change. If they are still 1st overall and playing this style to perfection, why take the risk when they could make a quieter move for a guy like a Whitney or Prospal.

  55. Jim, you’re saying everything I would, so I’m gettin’ breakfast LOL.

    Put PITT in the mix too.

    Again, balance of power is going to be affected this deadline.

    What are we going to add? Cause they’re not good enough Not yet.

  56. Plus… If I am going to make a move for a player at the deadline that is a big name I’d rather a guy that walks in with a Cup ring or two on his finger and is there to say “I’ve done it before and here’s how it’s done”

  57. Let me add a little footnote here: if the Bruins, or the Caps are willing to mortgage their future for him, I wouldn’t blink. Let them have it. I would not brake our core for anyone at the moment, unless it’s Nash and Co.

  58. Because that’s the risk you take (minimal IMO) when you feel you’re a legitimate cup contender to get you that much closer to the grand prize.

    I honestly feel the chemistry issue isn’t a concern (given Iggie’s character). It’s what you might have to give up that worries me.

  59. IMO, there’s more risk taking on Nash over Iggie. The only thing the former has over the latter, IMO, is age.

    Iggie has a resume Nash can, so far, only dream about.

    And Nash’s contract is over the top – $7,800,000 for the next 6 years (after this one). OUCH!

  60. There, you did it again Jim haha.

    I don’t know if the deal is there, that’s the main thing.

    And while I think you’re wrong on several counts Wirth (including that bit about having a ring; Iginla should be a very hungry player, whomever lands him), the combination of having to stretch yourself to make the deal, and potentially disrupting a very happy group, is why I think they add someone on the periphery.

    Kreider is the wildcard here. Can he make the team? Can he jump in and play stretch hockey? These are big calls they have to make coming up.

    But I don’t think there’s much doubt Hank and Gaborik are having the seasons of their lives.
    15 years of ‘rebuilding’, it’s time to start going for it.

  61. Here’s a vet guy I’d look to but I don’t know if he’ll except even for a Cup run is Milan Hejduk. He’s still a good goal scorer. He’s played 112 playoff games in his career. Cheap UFA contract and would probably cost a pick or 2 low level prospects to get him. Doesn’t change anything in the lockerroom because they are not removing anyone from the group.

  62. and of course Richards and his Conn Smythe are pretty good in the ‘here’s how it’s done’ dept.

  63. HW: Reasonable suggestion, but I don’t know if he’s an upgrade over Cally or Dubi on the 2nd line.

    Lightening in a bottle maybe…he’s 36 and while clearly slowing down, still on pace for a low 20 goal season. But is he better than a healthy motivated WW?

    Mmmm…I’d wait and see (ie give WW a spin or 2 alongside Richards) before pursuing Hejduk.

  64. As much as I have respect for Iginla, he’s only been out of the first round once in his career. People want to compare to 94, they brought in guys that either (Tik and McTavish even Larmer) that have been successful in the playoffs their whole careers or (Noonan and Matteau) guys that coach was successful with the Blackhawks two years earlier.

  65. The idea of adding Nash makes some pretty grizzled hockey people salivate. But……

    Most big-time scorers, unless they’re heading to the HHOF, have their best years between the ages of 21-26. Nash already has six 30+ goal seasons.
    He’s 27, and having the worst statistical year of his career.

    Point being, he’s probably not a 40+ goal guy anymore.
    Not that a 30+ goal guy the next 10 year is bad thing LOL.

    But we are a playoff team now. That means regular season scoring is lessened in importance. Who will perform when it counts most?

  66. I’m with ilb2001 on Iginla; let someone else empty their prospect cupboard. I prefer the Rangers stay the course and don’t prematurely evacuate the foundation of this team.

  67. Ask Carp, Wirth.

    Rangers didn’t even have to make half those trades in 94.

    I’ve always believed that team pre-deadline was better, more dynamic,
    and they actually made things harder on themselves.

  68. LMFAO at General Torts, Yorktown.

    For the record, if you could add Iginla to this team at reasonable cost, you’d be crazy to not do it. Where would he fit? First line. No matter which side or with whom. So you might have to drop somebody down? So? Whatever line he’s on is the first line. Great character guy. Rugged. Leader. No problem playing Tortorella’s style and fitting in (think Richards on a more legit superstar level).

    That all said, if you think J.P. Parise’s kid might be a UFA July 1, you don’t spend your money on Iginla or anybody with that type of contract this season.

    Good morning, Sally!

  69. HWirth- just look at the teams and the coaches Iginla played for. On the other hand, that SC finals run against Tampa ( I’d like to hear what Torts has to say about Iginla since he was Tampa’s coach ) in 2004 was all because of iginla’s heart, grit, and abillity to score.

  70. 1. What a setup by Cally on that goal.

    2. Lundqvist is again ‘unreal.’

    3. Wow, this is an amazing ride, let’s soak this up.

  71. Is Larry Brooks on vacation? Or is he similar to one of our own NNs who only appear here after they lose?

  72. Boom Boom Bathgate / "Sloppy Firsts" on

    It makes no sense for the Rangers to mortgage a part of the future for an outside shot at winning the Cup, this year. Whatever trade they make they will still be no better than the third-best team in the league. In fact, everthing is in place for NEXT YEAR for realizing the dream.

    Boston could beat an NHL all-star team in the Finals this year without working up a sweat. Hope Slats doesn’t selfishly throw away the future which is almost ready for delivery because his time is short.

  73. Carp – I know you don’t like to do the whole trade proposal thing but what’s reasonable? You gotta figure Calgary is trading the face of the franchise here, they need to sell to their fans their return for this move are guys that will still be Flames long after Iggy is retired. Therefore, start with names like Stepan, McDonagh, Sauer, Dubinsky. not unknowns like Christian Thomas or even a Krieder.

  74. What’s in place next year that’s different this year, beyond the continued maturity of some of the Rangers younger players?

    Am I missing something here?

  75. Stepan – no. McDonagh – no. Dubi – mmmm…on the fence, but preferably no. Sauer – yes. And if the price is too high, you walk away.

  76. stuart a

    Complaining about Boyle when we are 1st in the NHL overall? maybe stop drinking the haterade and wake up….

    Troll much?

  77. I also like the idea of Selanne….he is a guy who would be a great rental…could definitely add scoring and improve a mediocre power play….

  78. stuart, I have to strongly disagree about Boyle. But I guess no more evidence is required than this: If he stunk, Tortorella wouldn’t be playing the hell out of him. End of story.

  79. Fantastic review, Carp. As always, RR remains the best place to talk Rangers hockey! Other blogs wish they could be this cool….

  80. That’s a very interesting thing you pointed to there ILB.

    Its what came up months ago when I inquired about all this.

  81. I dont see the Rangers sacrificing the future for a big time rental. But who knows, lockout looming may not be a season next year, could try to make a splash. i just dont think they shake up the roster, has to be prospects/picks involved, maybe 1 player off current roster max.

  82. We are pretty cool here, aren’t we, NYR?

    The traffic has been ridiculously good lately. You guys are nuts … in a great way.

  83. I just think Teemu would work because he has a 1 yr contract…picks and prospects would probably get it done…

    But, if Parise is the plan, then I have no problem waiting until July 1 :)

  84. And one more to this Iginla argument. Isn’t this the same fan base that wanted Sather burned at the stake for bringing high priced (7mil – sound familiar) guys late in their 30’s and those were UFA’s. Now we have give up a player or two from the core to do it. No thanks. Let Boston trade Marchand for him.

  85. … Iginla’s cap hit is $7M for the rest of this year and $7M next year. If you don’t think there’s going to be a big ticket guy that you’ll be able to get this summer, there’s not much risk to adding Iginla for one-plus years. And though I wouldn’t want to give up Stepan or Anisimov, you have to think this way: Will either of them ever be a legit No. 1 line scorer? I don’t know that they will. I think they’ll be 20-plus goal guys, and Stepan might be a 60-70 point guy, and I think they both do things without the puck that make them very valuable. But it’s not like trading a young Gaborik. It just isn’t.

    And I think as the Flames get closer to D-day on Iginla, the price won’t be that high. First-rounder, young player and prospect. Maybe two prospects. I don’t know.

    But I think Iginla would be great on this team for the short-term.

  86. I’m the one who has said time n again they have to get better offensively.

    But I do think you have to ask yourself, how ‘outside’ are their chances when halfway point, they have the No. 1 record overall?

  87. Carp – That problem with giving up Stepan or Anisimov is if you don’t win the Cup. You’ve given up a guy or two that would have been core members of the team for the next 5 years+ for a guy who will be gone after next. Don’t see the need for that risk with this group when other solid players can be had for a lot less.

  88. I don’t know, Carpy…Stepan is developing exponentially….He’s only 21

    He is drawing comparisons to a young Pavel Datsyuk….Where will he be in 5 years?

  89. There are the UFA forwards for this summer. I stopped at around 1 mil because well you know… EC is at 925K and no wants him.

    Semin, Alexander » F WAS 27 $6,700,000 2012 (UFA)
    Smyth, Ryan » F EDM 35 $6,250,000 2012 (UFA)
    Parise, Zach » F NJD 27 $6,000,000 2012 (UFA)
    Rolston, Brian » F NYI 38 $5,062,500 2012 (UFA)
    Huselius, Kristian » F CLB 33 $4,750,000 2012 (UFA)
    Doan, Shane » F PHO 35 $4,550,000 2012 (UFA)
    Langkow, Daymond » F PHO 35 $4,500,000 2012 (UFA)
    Penner, Dustin » F LAK 29 $4,250,000 2012 (UFA)
    Hemsky, Ales » F EDM 28 $4,100,000 2012 (UFA)
    Boyes, Brad » F BUF 29 $4,000,000 2012 (UFA)
    Selanne, Teemu » F ANA 41 $4,000,000 2012 (UFA)
    Blake, Jason » F ANA 38 $4,000,000 2012 (UFA)
    Avery, Sean » F NYR 31 $3,875,000 2012 (UFA)
    Ruutu, Tuomo » F CAR 28 $3,800,000 2012 (UFA)
    Stoll, Jarret » F LAK 29 $3,600,000 2012 (UFA)
    Hecht, Jochen » F BUF 34 $3,525,000 2012 (UFA)
    Jagr, Jaromir » F PHI 39 $3,300,000 2012 (UFA)
    Kostitsyn, Andrei » F MTL 26 $3,250,000 2012 (UFA)
    Hejduk, Milan » F COL 35 $3,000,000 2012 (UFA)
    Jokinen, Olli » F CGY 33 $3,000,000 2012 (UFA)
    Whitney, Ray » F PHO 39 $3,000,000 2012 (UFA)
    Hagman, Niklas » F ANA 32 $3,000,000 2012 (UFA)
    Kotalik, Ales » F BUF 33 $3,000,000 2012 (UFA)
    Grabovski, Mikhail » F TOR 27 $2,900,000 2012 (UFA)
    Hudler, Jiri » F DET 28 $2,875,000 2012 (UFA)
    Arnott, Jason » F STL 37 $2,875,000 2012 (UFA)
    Langenbrunner, Jamie » F STL 36 $2,750,000 2012 (UFA)
    Pahlsson, Samuel » F CLB 34 $2,650,000 2012 (UFA)
    Prospal, Vaclav » F CLB 36 $2,500,000 2012 (UFA)
    Koivu, Saku » F ANA 37 $2,500,000 2012 (UFA)
    Samuelsson, Mikael » F FLA 35 $2,500,000 2012 (UFA)
    Jones, David » F COL 27 $2,500,000 2012 (UFA)
    Gaustad, Paul » F BUF 29 $2,300,000 2012 (UFA)
    Sturm, Marco » F FLA 33 $2,250,000 2012 (UFA)
    Kelly, Chris » F BOS 31 $2,125,000 2012 (UFA)
    Reinprecht, Steven » F VAN 35 $2,050,000 2012 (UFA)
    Knuble, Mike » F WAS 39 $2,000,000 2012 (UFA)
    Brunette, Andrew » F CHI 38 $2,000,000 2012 (UFA)
    Bertuzzi, Todd » F DET 36 $1,937,500 2012 (UFA)
    Stempniak, Lee » F CGY 28 $1,900,000 2012 (UFA)
    Holmstrom, Tomas » F DET 38 $1,875,000 2012 (UFA)
    Dvorak, Radek » F DAL 34 $1,500,000 2012 (UFA)
    Moen, Travis » F MTL 29 $1,500,000 2012 (UFA)
    Sullivan, Steve » F PIT 37 $1,500,000 2012 (UFA)
    Ponikarovsky, Alexei » F CAR 31 $1,500,000 2012 (UFA)
    McClement, Jay » F COL 28 $1,450,000 2012 (UFA)
    Pandolfo, Jay » F NYI 37 $1,400,000 2012 (UFA)
    Fedotenko, Ruslan » F NYR 32 $1,400,000 2012 (UFA)
    Mitchell, Torrey » F SAN 26 $1,366,667 2012 (UFA)
    Moss, David » F CGY 30 $1,300,000 2012 (UFA)
    Morrison, Brendan » F CGY 36 $1,250,000 2012 (UFA)
    Parenteau, Pierre-Alexandre » F NYI 28 $1,250,000 2012 (UFA)
    Tootoo, Jordin » F NAS 28 $1,250,000 2012 (UFA)
    Brodziak, Kyle » F MIN 27 $1,150,000 2012 (UFA)
    Burish, Adam » F DAL 29 $1,150,000 2012 (UFA)
    Moore, Dominic » F TBL 31 $1,100,000 2012 (UFA)
    Campbell, Greg » F BOS 28 $1,100,000 2012 (UFA)
    Paille, Daniel » F BOS 27 $1,075,000 2012 (UFA)
    McLeod, Cody » F COL 27 $1,033,333 2012 (UFA)
    Pyatt, Taylor » F PHO 30 $1,000,000 2012 (UFA)
    Slater, Jim » F WIN 29 $1,000,000 2012 (UFA)

  90. billybleedsblue on

    YorktownRanger — nice job on the General! Hahaha, that’s really funny!

    Would you make an image of Rupper saluting with a giant waving American flag in the background — like a political poster that says “Rupper for President” ??? I bet it could go ‘viral’ (well, in hockey circles anyways) hahaha, anyways…

    …the trouble with showing your talents sometimes is that people make dumb requests like mine. Great Patton pic though! :D

  91. Look, I like Stepan and I think he’s got a chance to be really good and I would avoid trading him at all if I could.

    But we’re talking Pavel Datsyuk? The Pavel Datsyuk who is 233-458-691 in 701 career games, with 32 goals and 91 points in 121 playoff games, and two Stanley Cups, three Selke Trophies and generally considered one of the best, if not the best, all-around forward in the NHL?

    Might be aiming a little high.

  92. As long as you’re considering Iginla, you’d have to consider the poorer mans option, which would be Doan, who’d come cheaper.

    But these guys, including Teemu, all have full NMCs.

    Question is, would they come at all?

  93. Carp – LOL. Other than Parise, all those names are either old or the young ones are having down years (semin, Stoll, Penner, Boyes – all 10 goals or under)

  94. No, Carp, his style of play has been compared to a young Datsyuk ;) Step is a guy who is a heady player. Great one-on-one skills. Dave Maloney has said his moves are sometimes “Datsyukian”. And, he is on pace to put up close to 60 points this year….Of course, he has a long way to go before he could ever really be considered up there with a great future HOF like Datsyuk…

    When was the last time the Rangers drafted a player that was playing on the 1st line as a 21 year old?

    I see your point, though…

  95. I wouldn’t give up either Stepan or AA for Iginla. But I do believe he might be available at some lower prospects and high picks. The Rangers have plenty of former and can certainly afford to lose a few of the latter, considering we are looking at mid/upper 20th draft level. Remember, Iginla will be the one to tell them where he wants to go for many reasons, one being his NMC. Where he wants to go is a different story. By the way, his current contract isn’t considered “over 35”, so if it doesn’t work out this year and Parise is available, they can just buy him out, most likely without any cap hit since the new CBA will have that provision, as it did before.

  96. NYR, I agree about Stepan … I love his hockey IQ and his skill and even like his battle level. I wouldn’t trade him if I could somehow work the trade another way. I’m certainly not looking to get rid of him.

    But if Iginla is coming this way, that makes a third-liner out of either Anisimov or Stepan. Just sayin.’

  97. also, to set a personal record and agree with Rod twice in one day, I’d rent Doan at a cheaper price if Calgary wants too much for Iginla.

  98. It does, Carp. For a year and a half. If that what it takes to win the Cap, you can live with that. They are still young.

  99. I’ll have an order of General Torts. But with extra peppers. James likes his chicken spicy.

  100. Doan is the right style of player for this team. Was supposedly on Sather’s radar once upon a time too. I could live with that.

  101. Ugh! I am so jealous HWirth – PIP is so hard for me to even figure out. My cable box only has one HDMI out so I need a whole cable wire thing.

  102. If there is any chance of getting Iginla, you do it. Realistically it will take 2 players, a good prospect and a pick. You still do it. Impact players win the cup. Even at his age he would be the team’s best player for the next three years- they should be able to sign him for less than 7m in exchange for the extension. I ‘d go as far as saying I’d rather have him than Parise the next three years so they shouldn’t forego the opportunity just to wait for Parise. They already built the core, adding the final winning pieces is the next step, even if you have to sacrifice some of the core.

  103. Thank God some of you bloggers aren’t the rangers GM. There is no reason what so ever for the rangers to mortgage there future for over the hill players. Please stop the insanity. You people were probably the same people who complained when Sather first took over the rangers organization and tried buying over the hill players. Sather and the rangers organization is finally doing it the right way and you people want to trade good young players for past there prime players, unbelievable. Let the insanity begin.

  104. No to Iginla. We are winning without him, why give up a locker room favorite for an older vet? Look I get that Iginla is proven, but if there is anything that 24/7 proved it’s that these guys really have great chemistry. The one guy that was the odd man out was Avery, and he’s gone.

    It’s taken awhile for Stralman to fit in, so why would we want to bring someone in late?

    Plus with Thomas/Kreider/Bourque filling in spots next year for guys that are leaving like Avery/EC/Wolski/Feds, I think we’d want to give our young guys more experience rather than bring in a LT rental like Iginla since he won’t be here in 2 years. Thomas/Kreider/Bourque can relate to the younger guys and have a better relationship with the vets through them and can undertand more of what Torts expects.

  105. also, by the way, anybody who even mentions trading Kris Krieder should have there head examined. Every thing I’ve read on this kid from analyst who are not even connected to the rangers are saying the sky is the limit. The kid is 6-3, over 200 pounds, skates like the wind, has very good ability and will only get better as his body matures. The rangers are set up to be very good for years to come and people on here want to mortgage that for a one year run at the cup.

  106. Tomg and Jonny D – Well said on all accounts. 100% agree with everything. Sather stops getting the over the hill players and now we want them! HUH!?

  107. Bullinsky! Dubi’s been getting hot! I think it has to do with him finding his groove in nose picking again and that translates good into his on ice performance! So…DIG DUBI DIG!

  108. Yeah NHL fans really hate fighting in their game! LOL! The other Garden is coming unglued!

  109. I understand all the talk of bringing someone in to possibly boost the offense. But I wouldn’t mortgage any youngsters for this or current players ice time and quality minutes. It is clear that Torts and Gordy are bringing in specific kind of players to this team and I have full faith in that. Don’t forget soon how many good young players we are going to have to throw new contracts and more money at to retain. I would rather keep these homegrown players then spend cap room on a players character that we have no idea about. These guys are coming up through the system and will be cheaper and more beneficial to the organization in the long run. This year won’t be a one time thing. There are many more like it to come.

  110. Rangers and Bruins are #1 and #2 in number of fights, respectively, and #1 and #2 in league standings. Interesting Trend…

  111. Our boys better stiffen up when they go up against Boston. They’ll get destroyed if they play soft.

  112. You guys who are worried about signing “over the hill vets” or “mortgaging the future” have it all wrong. The problem with Sather was he was exclusively building around over the hill stars. That doesn’t mean the established stars are always bad. Pretty much every cup winning team has added a couple of key players to their core. The Rangers now have the core, and the great thing is they now also (finally) have organizational strength to deal from to get an impact player like Iginla. I lover this Ranger team and have been waiting for one like it as much as anyone. But you are kidding yourself if you really think as currently configured they have the talent to win the cup. Trading Anisimov, a Dman, a prospect (other than Kreider), and a high pick, for Iginla is a no-brainer. If the team was just fighting to get in the playoffs? No way. But this team has something special and can go far, and when you have a chance to get an impact player to put you over the top you do it.

  113. Personally, I rather the Rangers do nothing at the deadline. We can improve this team from within the system…I am just musing ideas of Iggy and Teemu because they are great players and any team would be improved with such additions….

    MZA! Boom! Bring up the wizard and our PP will improve! Just needs a few warm up games in the AHL coming back from injury! He’s close, according to Mitch Beck!

  114. I’m all for making the right move. I’m personally not sure what that move is yet but I acknowledge that most cup winning teams have added pieces late. So I am not opposed to doing it. However, correct if I am wrong but don’t Iginla, Selanne and Doan all play the right side? I’m not sure if they would/could swap sides but our right wing spot is filled on our top 2 lines.

  115. Thanks Matteau. Then I would definitely be on board with going after Iginla. I personally don’t think he is going to come as cheap as some people believe though. There are going to be a ton of teams interested in adding him. Which usually means the asking price will be ridiculous and/or some team will end up giving a lot more then he is worth. imo.

  116. well, if Iginla is shopped, some contender is going to end up with him, so it’s not just one dumb owner/GM “mortgaging the future” to give his team a better chance to do something this spring. My only point is that Iginla makes them better right now and next year. He plays on the No. 1 line right now and next year.

    I’m not saying do it at any cost. I’m definitely saying that if I did make a major move, it would have to be a guy of Iginla’s character. And I definitely wouldn’t do a deal of that magnitude if I thought J.P. Parise Jr. was going to be available July 1.

  117. Czechthemout!!! on

    No to Iginla! No need to make a trade for an aging player on the down side of his career. This team has worked very hard over the last three or four seasons stockpiling good quality young homegrown players. The only way you trade any of them is for a player like Bobby Ryan or Eric Staal if available. Kind of like Boston did in acquiring Horton. Although Horton was not quite at the level of Ryan or Staal. Would only trade second and or a third round pick and maybe MZA for a guy like Iginla, especially if he is an impending FA. Perhaps Rod can shed some light on his contract status?

    Watching the Bruins game. I must say they are very impressive! Size,speed,skill,scoring,toughness. They will be very tough to beat In a seven game series. That’s why I think we need to bring in scoring with some size. A player like Ryan or Staal plus Kreider in late march would be a huge boost for a cup run.

  118. Czechthemout!!! on


    Totally with you on Parise!

    Had not been for the idiot Renney, Parise would have been a Ranger all along.

  119. I think the Rangers would be nuts not to offer something like Anissimov, Erixon, MZA, Wolski, and a 2nd rounder for Iginla. Unfortunately there will be a bidding war, and it will probably take more than this to get him.

  120. Marchand should be suspended for that. A deliberate attempt to injure his knee after they were pushing and shoving seconds earlier.

  121. Czechthemout!!! on

    A clipping call in hockey? In 38 years of watching the NHL, I don’t ever recall a clipping call! Lol.
    Does he also get a personal foul and fifteen yards for that?

  122. If Vancouver doesn’t take control on this five minute major, they can kiss the two points good-bye.

  123. Hard to have a reasonable discussion with so many internet GMs who wouldn’t trade
    a No. 2 pick for a No. 1.

    I forgot, Sather’s only been ‘building’ for 11 years, and you have to hoard every single prospect & pick in perpetuity. Trading one player & a pick is not mortgaging…
    I can’t even finish the sentence.

    One last time; Your franchise goalie and top sniper and new 60M man and your captain, only one of the hardest working guys you’ll ever see, along with Dan Girardi, DESERVE the help.

    Hello? Next year their prospects won’t even have a spot to play!
    A high-class problem, but a problem none the less.

    Rangers are in a far different place now than 5 years ago.
    Some people are going to have to get some new material. Really.

    Again, this may be all besides the point.
    Last I heard, the guy they want is someone most havent even heard of.
    And about 1,000 posters are going to go “Who?”

    But they’ll look at all options, they’d be irresponsible not to.
    And no one knows how the dominoes will fall..

  124. Yes. there are a handful of clipping calls each season.

    And nobody is going to want Wolski. … well, the Flames wanted Jokinen … twice.

  125. Carp,


    Yes – Iginla makes the Rangers better now and next season – and a change of scenery with a chance to go deep into the postseason would probably light a serious fire under him. That – and the crack of the Tortorella whip, to which no player on this team is immune to – regardless of salary.

    With that said – if a deal for Ryan or Eric Staal can be made without mortgaging too much – of course you have to give to get – or if the Rangers have a gut feeling that Zach Parise will get to July 1 – I’d rather see them do that.

    Additionally – the pressure is really on Sather now – as he must look out not only for his club – but for either Ray Shero and/or Paul Holmgren to pre-emptive strikes for a player/players he covets. The same can be said for Peter Chiarelli – but perhaps to a lesser degree because Boston is fully loaded.

    The aforementined GMs like to wheel and deal – and for the most part – do a good job of it.

  126. Jerome for Avery, WW and EC no? Oh they will want actual quality for their franchise player like a Stepan, Dubinsky, Sauer or McDonagh. They don’t have to trade Iggy yet so they are not just giving him away. Maybe next trade deadline but not this one. Why would they? They have time.

  127. Again everyone says reasonable, what’s reasonable? Teams aren’t stupid. They are starting every discussion with our high level, cheap for now young players.

  128. HWirth,

    I don’t think the Rangers will have the luxury of waiting til the deadline this year to make a deal.

    As I mentioned in my previous post – preemptive strikes will be made.

    Sather better be on the lookout – this could be the most important few weeks of his tenure with the team.

  129. Think if the Ducks send Teemu to a contender (he’d have to okay the trade) like the Rangers it’d cost less for a surefire rental like him in terms of pick(s)/player(s) than say someone of similar skillsets?

  130. of course I am complaining about Boyle while having the best record in the league, why not. that is like having the best record and not complaining about Roszival if he sucks..

    to win the cup this year the team needs to get better… they are a very good team but need to get even better to win it all…

    boston is the new bully team of the nhl. lucic is an animal…63 is a cheapshot artist. marchand needs to be suspend for low bridge… edler is playing terrbile today also.

    rangers as I say often need 2 more legit forwards………….

  131. I mentioned Wolski because I’m assuming Sather will convince them they need to take back some salary. And also it gives Calgary 2 NHL players to play now, while they develop Erixon and MZA. Doesn’t matter, Calgary will want more than this package anyway.

  132. I’d like to see them go after Doan(assuming him playing the left side isn’t an issue) I believe his contract is up at years end so he would strictly be a rental, probably cost us less, and it leaves us with the option of adding FA next year.

  133. erixon is not getting traded to calgary. he wanted out and got traded to the rangers…..
    boyle should be on the 4th line and play less minutes.. oops, i can’t complain about his performance else I am a hater….

  134. “Sather better be on the lookout – this could be the most important few weeks of his tenure with the team.”

    more important than signing Brashear to a multi year contract?

  135. Sens beating Flyers 2-1!

    “that is like having the best record and not complaining about Roszival if he sucks”

    Big difference between Boyle and Blowszival. One is useful, and doesn’t hurt the team, and the other is useless and hurts the team.

  136. Agree completely with the comments about Sather needing to pre-emptively strike. Now would be the ideal time to pull this off.

  137. Doan will more than likely be dealt before the deadline

    With at least 4 teams in the east – 5 if you count the caps – with a legit chance to go deep – quality players that are on the market will not last

    And also look out for Brian Burke – he is a big proponent of dealing before the deadline – as is
    Jim Rutherford in Carolina – although he will be holding a yard sale this time around.

  138. AuthorBen, you hit it on the head. THE most important few weeks.

    The future is bright but the opportunities are now.

    3 of 4 Winter Classic teams went to the Finals LOL.

    Lookout for Brian Burke. He’s about to go sick.

    They may not be able to do enough this year, but they’ll be a player going forward.

  139. Doan is good, would be a nice player to have, and would definitely cost less. But he’s not a 1st line impact player like Iginla.

  140. kick the tires everywhere

    just be careful what you give up

    and nobody wants Wolski – especially in the last year of a contract at almost 4 million per – except perhaps Pierre Gauthier in Montreal

    Hey – he took Gomez off their hands…

  141. Matteau, since you brought it up…

    I think you really have to look at the mindset of the player you’d be bringing in, assuming it was one of these bigger names.

    Iginla would have a lot to prove – for the duration of his stay.

    Doan, who’s real comfortable being a cowboy on his AZ farm, and has 3-4 little kids, could view it strictly as a hired gun situation.

  142. first in the NHL…playing great hockey…winning some important games and yet everyone wants to change this team… i dont get it.

  143. Rod,

    The next six weeks could be the most active in player movement that we’ve seen throughout the league in years.

    I am in favor of the pre-emptive strike – because the closer you get to the deadline – a lot of hand-wringing goes on with GMs whose teams are close enough to stay in the hunt for a playoff birth.

    They don’t want to move assets at that point.

  144. A lot of Boyle apologists out here. When he has a half decent game (only coughs up the puck a couple times and throws 1-2 hits) you’d think he scored a hatrick if you didn’t watch.

    I’m convinced that there is not a player in the league that cannot effortlessly knock Boyle off the puck. He’s going to be a bigger and bigger problem down the stretch if Tortorella keeps rolling 4 lines.

  145. The only negative part of Boyle’s game is his lack of scoring. But, he’s making up for that with solid defensive play. Yeah, he screws up here and there, but who the fugg doesn’t?

    I don’t see how he can be a “problem”

  146. Its not a matter of changing the team

    Its a matter of making improvements if you can – without upsetting the balance and chemistry in the room

    Boston has much more firepower than the Rangers do

    They need another game-breaking forward

    Someone who can break open a close game – get the key power play goal

  147. Good bit on guys after practice @ NYDN, including Dubi on re-alignment.
    When did he get so smart?. And this;

    Staal took several hits Friday night, most while battling in front of and behind the Rangers’ net. The Cooke hit, though, was the biggest he absorbed, and a clear indication not only that Staal was able to receive such a shot – but alert enough to retaliate.

    “Right when I got hit, I kind of got up and made sure I was good,” Staal said. “Then anger set in.”

    That’s when he chased down Cooke into the neutral zone to lay down a body check near the red line.


  148. Let’s not spend too much time on the Wolski suggestion, was just meant as a salary move and not meant to say another team would give any real value for him. Just thinking as part of a deal for a 7m player Wolski and his 4m would have to go the other way with the receiving team only needing to carry him for the remainder of this season.

    So the offer is really Anissimov, MZA, Erixon and a 2nd rounder for Iginla, with them also taking on Wolski for cap purposes.

    Rod I agree about Iginla’s mindset he would be hungry until he got the cup.

  149. AA, Erixon and 2 for the face of their franchise. Not a chance! How do they even begin to explain that one to their fan base. Yes, we traded our best player for an above average player and young d that may or may not make it a draft pick. The Flames will say, sorry but we will wait to next year.

  150. Noonan do not say anything bad about 2 goal slow mo BOyle. After all he gets the puck deep at least 33% of the time….

  151. Didn’t see your earlier post, Ben.

    Correct, been saying that for weeks about how busy it could be.
    And the combination, with so many impact players available, can change things in big hurry.

    I don’t know I’ve ever seen it like this. Because I think the rich are really about to get a lot richer. And there should be enough big talent to go around,though 1-2 teams in the end will probably get stiffed. So let’s just hope we’re not one of them.

  152. Rod,

    Your points are right on.

    What about kicking the tires on Marty St. Louis?

    A proven Cup winner who is familiar with both Torts and Richards

    Big salary – but Rangers have a lot of $$$$ coming off the books on July 1

    Just a thought…

  153. Orr: It’s not just his lack of scoring. It’s how weak he is on the puck (which I mentioned in my last post).

    If you don’t see it during games then you could even see it on the last 24/7 episode where Tortorella is telling Boyle to not even try and outmaneuver a defender behind his own net (“Eat it”) even when he had an edge on him.

    So Boyle’s job in the forechecking situation is to:

    Be a human wrecking ball
    Get rid of the puck as soon as possible
    Eat it/tie yourself up along the boards and hope you get help or the defender makes a mistake when he takes it away from you

  154. noonan, i completely respectfully disagree again about Boyle.

    This coach wouldn’t put up with a weak, buffoon of a player playing those minutes. which is kind of obvious.

  155. ORR,

    Perhaps the price has come down because of his age – and the truth is – Tampa has taken steps back this year

    I believe they overachieved with that crew last season

    So maybe Mr. Yzerman will be willing to listen this time around

  156. Love this board! Everyone hates Sather (bad contracts as the reasoning) and now people are pleading with him to do it!

  157. HWirth that’s why I said Calagary wouldn’t do that deal- but it is certainly a credible opening offer. Question becomes what would we have to upgrade/add to make it happen and would it be worth it.

    Ben the thing with StLouis is of course size. Bruins are tough. If we see them in playoffs it will be an old fashoned early70’s type war.

  158. St. Louis? Ok wanna give up McDonagh, Stepan and a first rounder? Cause that’s what they will want. He’s one of their franchise players. They are not just giving him up!

  159. also, have you noticed how TV analysts and opposing coaches talk about the Rangers’ size?

    do you think they see Rupp and Boyle as soft? Do you think those guys Boyle has run over these past couple of weeks think he’s soft? Do you just ignore those train wrecks and just pay attention to when he messed up, or gets knocked on his keyster? Because the coach doesn’t.

  160. Ray Whitney wouldn’t be bad either for the stretch run

    Can still put the puck in the net – wouldn’t cost more than draft pick

    Strictly a rental however

  161. Doan and Iginla scare me because all they know is their team since they’ve been there for their whole careers. I personally don’t think Doan wants to leave since he’s mentioned how much his family loves it there. Iginla would have an easier transition, but still tough to play under Torts.

  162. ask yourself this. does Ray Whitney, at this stage of his career, really fit this team and the style of play? Any player they acquire will have to be a straight-ahead, right-at-’em guy … which kind of eliminates the Selanne type.

  163. Carp,

    The most delicious irony would be the Rangers and Sharks in the Stanley Cup Finals.

    That “soft” comment he made about the Rangers early on may come back to haunt him.

    Personally, I think the Rangers would grind that team into a pulp.

  164. Fair enough Carp. However Tortorella did put up with a lot of Redden minutes!

    Orr: Nobody said Boyle was perfect. Jesus who talks like that?

    If the Rangers aren’t having so much success (goaltending, defense, seamless youth, forechecking) what does Boyle’s team-low(?) +5 look like? I also wonder how many of these “devastating hits” he has for someone touted as such a physical presence on the ice. More than most the other forwards, yes?

  165. Matteau – Reading every word. You all keep saying reasonable offer? What is reasonable for you to give up? Other GMs realize we have really good young talent. They are not just going to hand over their star players for guys who they have no idea if they will make it or not. Look at the Richards and Carter trades. They weren’t just given away.

  166. Paul in sunrise on

    Am I late? Iginla would be great. Depends on price. Great thing about WW is he can be sent to Hartford with his cap hit and no worries. Keep stepan. Think a package can be made that will not upset the apple cart too much. But to get both Doan and Iginla. Cup time. At what cost? A couple of players with repeating initials? A couple of prospects not named Kreider. A pick or two. Done.

  167. 1940- fair point about Erixon/Calgary, I was just throwing out his name as an example of how the Rangers have a lot of assets to move to acquire someone to put them over the top. Could be another prospect (non-kreider) instead of Erixon.

  168. Carp,

    See your point about Whitney

    I was thinking offense – but then again – he doesn’t fit the Ranger mold

  169. It’s a pleasure to read someone else who’s so….. right CCCP!

    I cant speak to MSTL (you’d be crazy not to want that guy on your team; owed like 17.5m after this year, btw.), but I heard Stevie Y was again quietly exploring moving Vinny.

    And that’d be Burk’s fallback option, after Getzlaf and Staal.

  170. Tortorella put up with Redden only as long as he had to. He now has his team. He doesn’t put up with anything anymore, even his step-son Christensen.

    Boyle is not only good enough, he’s a very valuable member of the whole style this team plays. so I disagree with those who think he’s soft or some weak-link.

  171. OK so Boyle has more hits than I anticipated (95). I guess I expected less for a guy that moves like molasses!

    Also I expected more blocked shots (28) from a player who plays with “such grace in his own zone”.

  172. Carp you are right on, Iginla is exactly Torts type of player. He has Messier type skills and leadership and getting him could have similar impact. Before people freak out I’m not saying Iginla is Messier, just that there are similarities.

    HWirth I was responding to your comment about people complaining about Sather’s big contracts and now wanting him to go after those players. The point was made that it is a different context. Before, that’s all Sather did, and you can’t build a team that way. Now, the core is there, and you have to add the impact players to go all the way.

  173. Philly wins in OT. Why must these teams in the West keep doing this to us!

    Other thoughts:

    Since Boyle is so valuable, then perhaps we can include him in a trade!

  174. Iginla is the last of the dying breed of great Power Forwards. Of course he would work in Torts system–the transition would be seamless.

    With all of his skills he would work in any system. Probably get frustrated in Tampa or Minny, though.

  175. Well said, Matteau!

    I’m starting to warm up to the Iggy idea

    Only if Sather doesn’t give up too much – i.e.: front line player, top prospect, 1st and or 2nd rounder

    He will more than likely be moved before the deadline – and you certainly don’t want him falling into the hateful hands of Mr. Holmgren – and even Mr. Shero.

  176. Matteau – I know exactly what you are saying but everyone’s trade proposals all seem to involve expendable parts and nothing from the core. Do you really think NHL GM’s are this stupid? Making these trades will cost them a player or two from their core.

  177. the time to strike is coming

    let the Rangers be proactive

    let other teams react to what they’re doing

    not the other way around

    time to change the pecking order here, folks

  178. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Don Fehr is a byfuglien piece of carcillo….and just an effin dirt bag….just sayin

  179. Author – So the Flames should trade their best player who is still under contract for one more season for a non-top prospect, non top pick and a non-top current players. If you were a Flames fan you’d want your GM fired for even considering it.

    Iggy will cost them at least one from Dubi, Stepan, McDonagh.

  180. HWirth,

    I know what you’re saying – and I agree that Jay Feaster wont just hand the Rangers the keys to a Stanley Cup.

    However, I would not include any of those three players in a deal

    Dubi is really coming on – don’t be surprise if he nets at least 15 goals in the second half

    Stepan is going to be a terrific all-around player for years to come – works so well with Gabby

    McD – Untouchable – can’t teach what he does

    Both he and Step learned well at the U. of Wisconsin. That is one big-time college program.

    I start with Artie and two second-rounders – again with hopes of meeting a middle ground

  181. OK let me play GM for a day:

    for Iginla TODAY I’d give up Stepan, Hagelin (or a lower tier Dman), a first rounder, and a 2nd rounder. Too much/little?

  182. Doan for Sauer, MZA and a conditional pick? I’d think that’s at least reasonable for their captain and one of their best players. And that’s assuming they are out of the playoffs by then which right now is not yet the case.

  183. Paul in sunrise on

    Do you make a trade to keep that player from ending up on Pitt or in DC. I think Iginla and or Doan are worth pursuing. I don’t think they will require the bounty of a getzlaf or Ryan. That’s why it’s important to try.

  184. I cannot stand the Canucks

    So they beat the B’s today

    Think back to how they laid down in game 7 of the finals last year – at home no less

    And how they let Marchand give one of the Sedins a major face-washing in the game before in Boston

    Think the Rangers would stand for that type of Byfuglien nonsense?

    Heartless and gutless – far as I’m concerned

    Another team the Rangers would grind into the ice – if they got a crack at them in the Finals.

  185. Noonan – Please tell me you are kidding? You want to mortgage two guys who could be keys to the team for the next 6 – 10 years for a 7 mil dollar old man. And people want Sather fired. At least Drury at 7 mil was free in terms of not giving to get.

  186. Noonan,

    Gotta say no to Hagelin

    Not only does he have the speed – but he knows what to do with it

    Rangers have not had a player like that in years

    That would be like giving up Todd Marchant at the deadline in 94

    no thanks

    And Step isn’t going anywhere, either

  187. Author – It’s easy to say we want this guy and that guy, but when every good current Ranger that teams will ask for are mentioned, you say no deal. See how this works. Feaster is no Sutter or Gauthier. He’s not handing Iggy over.

  188. Gotta play hardball in making these deals

    You offer the least amount right away – and come up to a point in the middle that both teams can be happy with

    Anisimov is the one player in the core that I would use at the starting point of negotiations with Jay Feaster

    Feaster gets back more years – much less salary – and a player he can build with

    not to mention the draft picks he would be getting in return as well

  189. No, you don’t do a deal just to prevent somebody else from getting him. what you do is drive up the price. there’s no guarantee you will meet the team that gets him — in fact it would be a long shot at best.

    Too many teams make it for you to worry about any particular team — for example, and I hate to always go back to ’94, but the top two threats to the Rangers were Detroit, the best team in the West, and two-time defending champ Pittsburgh, and both got upended in the first round.

  190. Paul in sunrise on

    Here is a short list of players that I think IMO can be traded. Means nothing but since we are playing.

    JT Miller

    Could a package of these be made to Calgary that would work? Probably.

  191. hmm maybe including Hagelin was a little much. I think it’s going to cost at least a Stepan since he has another year on his contract. and the “old man” can still play.

    they are going to want an nhl-ready player not the Hobbit Wizard with an injured Sauer. I know you’d like to think every other GM is stupid, and maybe PHX is trade friendly again but please you have got to be joking in your trade for Doan as well!

  192. HWirth,

    I agree with you that Feaster won’t hand him over

    But Sather is no slouch when it comes to making deals

    The Gomez heist is a perfect example

    AA is a solid building block piece for the Flames – he’d step into their top six immediately

  193. Noonan, not troubled by giving up a No1 at this point since it is likely to be a late rounder but I would do what I could to make it Anissimov rather than Stepan because I think Stepan has more upside (also why Calgary would probably demand him). Also would try to make it Sauer rather than Haguelin because Hagelin’s speed provides an important dimension.

    How about Anissimov, Sauer, MZA and a 1st rounder?

  194. Pretty difficult to include Sauer in any trade proposals since no one can say for sure that he will ever play again at this point in time.

  195. Noonan – So wait a minute. Let me get this right… PHX wouldn’t take Sauer, MZA and Pick for a UFA in Doan….. than what exactly do you think it’s take to get Iggy – a better player with still a year left so CGY isn’t in any need or rush to move him. We are talking Dubi, Stepan, McDonagh for starters then and again tell me why the Rangers need to do this when they are 1st overall.

    By the way, everyone fears the Bruins, where exactly is there big 40 goal scorer? They win on depth not superstars.

  196. in terms of not wanting to give up any of these young players — Anisimov, Stepan, Hagelin, Kreider, whomever — tell me which of them is going to be a legit first-line player? Because I don’t think any of them is a no-doubter. And if they’re just second-liners, the Rangers have a lot of those already, don’t they? And more coming.

    I would seriously consider giving up one of those and a first-rounder … AGAIN … if I think J.P. Jr. isn’t going to be a free agent July 1. If he is, I don’t take on any salary-cap hit for next year.

  197. “How about Anissimov, Sauer, MZA and a 1st rounder?”

    Looks close. If you’re going to dangle MZA out there like that they are going to ask for an upgrade or another high pick instead. It’s almost insulting.

    IMO it looks like a trade they would do next season if Sauer stayed healthy.

  198. JimboWoodside on

    Hello ‘Heads…

    Was the Philthy-Ottawa game on Center Ice or NBC/Versus? I was watching the Bruins-Van game, but I didn’t see the other game listed anywhere.

    It just would have aggravated me to see Philthy win again, anyway..

  199. Yeah, I think it will be difficult to get anything of value for Sauer until he is cleard, comes back and plays for a while.

    Doan, as a rental, will cost less than that proposal.

  200. Paul in sunrise on

    Btw. Not saying rangers should make any deals. This team is good. Real good. They can do it as currently constructed. Getting pieces back. Sauer. And adding pieces like Kreider maybe. MZA maybe. Maybe WW turns out to be a second Hal surprise. Would be nice.

  201. “Noonan – So wait a minute. Let me get this right… PHX wouldn’t take Sauer, MZA and Pick for a UFA in Doan…..”

    Yes. Your offer was insulting. And what kind of pick? First? Second?

    “than what exactly do you think it’s take to get Iggy”

    Stepan + a few high draft picks (1 first) and player to be named?

  202. Paul in sunrise on

    Carp. I think Doan comes the cheapest. Minor league/junior level top prospect and pick. No roster players. You think?

  203. It’s amazing how the same fan base that for years complained about not building from within always wanting to buy the championship now would have no problem moving from the core to get a high price star back even the core thing is working just fine as there in 1st place, 3 pts better than the scary Bruins who play in a very weak division compared to the Rangers. I’d say our 9-1 divisional record vs. Pitt, Phi and NJ is better than their 9-1 record vs. Ott, Buff, Tor and Mtl. Just saying.

  204. perhaps the best thing about Doan is it will free us up to go after that fella from NJ(if available)

  205. Hate to knock a guy I do respect but we are guaranteeing success for a guy in the playoffs that has been out of the first round less than most of his current teammates. He’s been out one time.

  206. JimboWoodside on

    I wouldn’t move Stepan, Hagelin, or Kreider – perhaps Anisimov, but none of the others.

  207. I see PHX getting a 2nd or 3rd rounder for Doan. 4th if it’s the Rangers. But they aren’t just going to take a midget and an injured player because that’d be pretty stupid.

    The only NHL-ready young players that are untouchable for me:


    I’d be willing to part with Stepan but the price would have to be right! Yes including him WITH Hagelin in my fantasy GM trade was STUPID

  208. JimboWoodside on

    Someone earlier on seemed to hint that Lou Lam would be trading away Parise, rather than signing him – where does that information come from?

  209. hey man you are preaching to the choir. im just wondering what it would take to acquire certain players.

    I don’t want the Rangers to make any big deadline moves. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

    No need to cough up the farm for a rental… wait for the UFAs and sign them.

  210. “Someone earlier on seemed to hint that Lou Lam would be trading away Parise, rather than signing him – where does that information come from?”

    Probably the best thing the Devils can do if they aren’t going to make the playoffs. Hope to retain him in the offseason after a trade. Because Fatso and Kovalchoke are hoarding a bunch of cap space!

  211. “Not for Iginla,. Bobby Ryan? I’m listening.”

    I want Teemu if I’m listening to offers from Anaheim. He’d probably agree to a trade with the Rangers.

    Bobby Ryan can score goals and he’s not the worst skater just not a good forechecker at all IMO.

  212. JimboWoodside on

    I’m not understanding this, noonan – trade him, then get him back after the trade for next season? You mean trade him away as a rental player for someone else’s playoff run?

  213. Selanne is 41 yrs old and a 1 year deal. Ryan is 24 yrs old and is signed for another 3 yrs.

  214. “I’m not understanding this, noonan – trade him, then get him back after the trade for next season? You mean trade him away as a rental player for someone else’s playoff run?”

    Exactly. If they can’t keep him anyways, why not get something for him?

    He’s going to be listening to offers from other teams as a UFA–he’s not tied down to the Devils as soon as the season is over.

    I don’t see him playing for peanuts and it doesn’t look like Fatso is going to retire. Given the risk of him going elsewhere as a UFA it makes sense for the Devils to do it IMHO.

  215. JimboWoodside on

    If Parise moves from the debbies, it won’t be for a quick return there, I don’t think. If he is moved, it will be because they can’t sign him for what he wants, under their cap restrictions.

    I can’t imagine that Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarty is going to hang on too much longer, though..

  216. The Devils will be adding not subtracting this deadline. They have the same amount of pts as the Pens and have just as good a shot to make playoffs as anyone in the 6-12 slot. That’s why you gotta be careful when talking about big sell offs at the deadline. Teams still think they are in it won’t be trading away their top players. Look at the usual trade deadline moves. Usually depth guys more than stars unless it’s the rare occasion with an upcoming UFA that needs to go on a definite non playoff team.

  217. I hope he never had the chance to explore the pink cave! I mean, c’mon, he’s a loser! Overrated! He doesn’t deserve the satisfaction!

    Dirty Sanchez!

    I’m a little bummed out that I have to wait until next week to watch my Pats. Hope my boy Brady’s foot is okay!!

    Bill Belichick = One of the greatest coaches in sports!

  218. “Ryan is 24 yrs old and is signed for another 3 yrs.”

    That means it’ll take a lot to get him.

    Anaheim has been shopping this kid in his prime for a reason.

    He’s just not getting any better. He’s already hit his ceiling, I’m telling you. Kid can’t even forecheck. You’d think by now his all around game would be getting better but it isn’t.

  219. JimboWoodside on

    Noonan, I can definitely see them moving him if they can’t sign him, but how then would they get him back? Once he’s gone, I don’t think he’ll be going back there.

    I hope he just goes UFA, and we sign him – and jam it up Looie’s…..well………

  220. I know these blockbusters sound fun and all but go back and look at the deals last Feb. and tell me what superstar was traded. NONE! Very rare when it happens. CGY and PHX still in the hunt. Call me when they get to 10-12 pts out before they start discussing blowing it up.

  221. “Noonan, I can definitely see them moving him if they can’t sign him, but how then would they get him back? Once he’s gone, I don’t think he’ll be going back there.”

    He’s gone at the end of the season or if he’s traded. So I don’t think he’s “going back” either way. Catch my drift?

    When he’s a UFA he’ll have the pick of the litter! Do you really think he wants to go back to dirty NJ (esp with all their cap issues)?! I’d rather play in Winnipeg!

  222. Ranger fans always over value other teams players and under value ranger players.

    stepan is a 1st liner. he is playing center on there first line and he is 21 years old. on pace for 22 goals in his 2nd season in the league. he also can kill penalties. He has a ton of value. Also he is a very smart player…

  223. Kreider will be a first liner… He has a ton of value on the trade market. he is the best big forward in college hockey………….

    if he does not become a 1st liner then he was a bad pick……….

  224. Stuart – I disagreed with you about BB, but I am in total agreement on that last statement. I think you are totally bang on. It’s a very pessimistic fan base (i guess rightfully so- but still). They are the best team in the NHL and everyone wants to get rid of the core of the team it’s taken 4 years to build and is actually paying off early.

  225. Yea Noonan, obviously it would take more to get him. That was my point when I said I wouldn’t give up Stepan, Hagelin, Kreider for Iginla but I would for Bobby Ryan. The guy is 24 years old, he has played 3 full seasons each time scoring over 30 goals and his point totals have increased each year. Now because the entire team is having a down year, you are writing him off?

  226. JimboWoodside on

    Oh! I must have misunderstood you then, noonan – I thought you said something about the NJD retaining him somehow after trading him away – then we agree, as I don’t see him going back there if he gets moved to another team which will make *sure* that he will sign with them before pulling the trigger.

    I think NJ will try very hard to sign him – but if they can’t, he’s done in NJ – and that would be fine with me, especially if he goes out west somewhere. I don’t want to see him in the Patrick Division unless he’s wearing the red, white & blue.

  227. And best line I love is that Hank isn’t getting any younger when Tim Thomas is 8 years older and WON the Stanley Cup and Vezina last year and will be right there again with Hank this year.

  228. Step-On is “supposively” ready for prime time!!!

    NYR, true, but everybody cheats in the NFL, so he had to adjust to the way the game is being played. For that, I salute him!

    Speaking of saluting, why does everyone keep saying Bill Clinton did the Jagr salute?? Why is it the Jagr salute. He’s the former fuggin president, you think it’s the first time he ever saluted??

  229. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Afternoon ILB, Kathryn tappen, and all!!

    Working of course, so a late arrival to this party…

    So now we are on Boyle now?? Seriously?? The game I watched last night I saw him limp off the ice three or four times after a shift and come right back out on his next shift and do his job effectively

    Character and who is wearing the “C” might actually mean something in hockey….sorry to disappoint some of you

    I’d deal Thomas for iggy in a heartbeat

    Thomas is a bust anyhow, no WJC roster spot

  230. ON BB. All is am saying is he plays like a 4th liner. he turns the puck over too much etc. I like the guy, I appreciate the effort he plays with etc….

    the Rangers lead hockey in points, the Bruins have played a greater % of there games YTD at home compared to the Rangers. Do I think as is the Rangers are the favorite for the cup?? No way. But this team is not all smoke and mirrors.

    They are more then Henrik and pray.

    Girardi is better defensively then any of the canucks d men, so is staal(soon) and Mcdonagh may be……. This team has some real talent. They just need more forwards who can skate, score, and receive and make a pass……..

    When healthy to me they have the best 6 d in hockey. better then boston better then vancouver etc….Bold statement but I believe it also their d are kids……………….

    if dubi was on a 30 goal pace, AA doing a little more and same with Stepan then you are talking another story and time will tell on those 3.. .BB gets a ton of time for his little offensive production.

  231. Recongizing the Rangers are at least one impact player short of being a serious cup contender is not pessimistic, it’s realistic. Having the most points in January doesn’t make you the best team in the NHL. Not even most points at the end of the regular season- otherwise the Caps would have been a dynasty over the last few years.

  232. Hank is 2 years younger than Miller, 3 years younger than Luongo, 2 years older than Fleury, Same age as rinne who just got a 7 year deal, 2 years younger than Universe.

    So this idea that they NEED to win NOW because Hank and Gabby are old is ridiculous. Gabby is 5 years younger than Iggy who this board thinks we should trade core young players for because he still has much left.

  233. WW, EC, avery, stralman, and others come off the books at the end of the year. Rangers cap wise are in good shape.. the core guys are signed to fairly reasonable deals……

    happy times are here to stay for the Rangers unless the king goes down.

    remember when Cally got hurt before the playoffs that really hurt the rangers because they do not have enough quality forward. they can absorb that injury better this year because they have richards, stepan, AA are a year older and maybe maybe Kreider signs after the college season………..

  234. henrik may have 5 really good years… gabby is 30 in February not exactly like trading for Glenn Anderson in 1994……

    rangers 6th youngest team in the league and there young guys do it all……………

  235. Matteau – One impact player that removes a key player from the core doesn’t make sense, especially when that player is old, will cost 7 mil again next year. You better WIN the CUP in that scenario! Otherwise people will want Sather fired for having another old player worth too much money.

    It was bad when Sather had Drury, Redden, Gomez etc. but now it’s not. C’mon. How about we let this core of the team show what they can do first before we start taking them off. They just got here! It’s barely year 2 of the process and now guys like Stepan or AA need to go in order to win now and then when it doesn’t work, the cupboard goes bare again. Patience.

  236. feds., ec, ww,avery, and stralman will not be on the team next year….there will be in house guys playing for each of them

    erixon or mcilrath for stralman or even bickell possibly..

    feds is a 4th liner or on occassion a 3rd liner(easily replaced)

    other guys donot play ………

  237. rangers won in 94. but who says they could not have won with amonte and weight.

    how would they have been going forward if they kept those 2 guys? 2 really good players for many years………

  238. Stepan, Hags, McDonagh, Sauer, MDZ, AA all have played less than 3 NHL seasons and we need to make NOW moves. Why? Staal 5th, Cally’s 6th, Dubi’s 5th. Are they now too old to sustain this for a long run that we need be rushing to move guys. Makes no sense to me at all. Even guys like Krieder, McIIIrath and Erixon. What’s the rush? If we lose in the playoffs this year, that’s it. They will never get back. They are building around one of the youngest teams in the League and by the way are showing tons of winning character. Why mess with it.

  239. And again this idea of the big bad scary Bruins. Where is there 40 goal scorer? They WON the cup with Lucic as their leading scorer with 30. The idea you need this 40 goal sniper to win is not true. Depth wins in the playoffs, otherwise the Caps would be a dynasty with all their talent and nothing to show for it. I’d rather add toughness ad depth and not be so worried about offense. As the WC showed again, it’s the grinders that usually score in the tough games.

  240. In the playoffs, their leading goal scorers were Marchand and Krejci. Not exactly the grand 7 mil dollar superstars are they?

  241. stepan will not be 22 until this summer…. hagelin is 23… the only older players that are key are richards, gabby, and hank(not even 30) else the key players on this team are all 28 years old or younger. Most much younger.. Dubi has been around forever and he is 25 years old. Cally is 26……..Staal is younger.

  242. But Stuart A – But let’s trade one or two of them for a 35 year old has been who’s been out of the 1st round once in his career and can really show the way of losing in the first round since he’s done the majority of his career. And i’m sorry to knock a guy like him but facts are facts.

  243. JimboWoodside on

    Grant *Clitsome* just scored the first goal of the game for Columbus against the LA Kings. It’s his 4th goal of the season…. ;-D

  244. i would trade for Iginla for a trade that works for the rangers. that would entail trading no key young guys on the big club and no absolute elite prospectsie(kreider, mcilrath, ?)

    I would give up some picks even high picks(1st) and some ? prospects like thomas or others that I am not aware of.. for calgary to get 4 pieces(or potential pieces in picks) is not exactly nothing.

    why trade kreider who may become a version of Iginla(probably a lesser version)and is 21.

    ranger fans think their prospects and players are not that good… stepan is holding his own on the first line at 21 years old in his 2nd season. ranger fans would think he is not even worth a 1st round pick!!!the guy is the center on the 1st line on the team in the NHL with the most points, he can play the point on the PP or down low, can kill penalites and is 21………..

  245. Who exactly are the Rangers supposed to be fearing in the Eastern Conference that they need to make a now move and give up anything from the core? The Pens minus Sid? NO! Florida? I really don’t think they fear Jose Three of More for 7 games. Phily? Ok, we have the better goal tending and they are right now much softer. Ott? Anderson! NJD? Marty! Toronto? Not quite.

    That leaves Boston and there’s reason to panic over 1 team that by the way was 1 OT goal away from being eliminated by TB in the playoffs and look where TB is now.

  246. correct, LW. Pitt won in ’91 and ’92. Montreal got the fluke cup in ’93 when David Volek undid the Penguins.

  247. do ranger fans think Marc Staal has more value on the trade market or Iginla? I say Staal by a ton. their age is 9 years difference. Staal is a D man..

    Ranger fans would disagree….

    a reasonable person would assume the key ranger players are actually on the upswing versus the downswing based on age and experience alone. I assume Richards has plateued or is on his descent hopefully a slow descent but who else on the Rangers would you expect in the next 2 years to be less productive not more??? AA, Stepan,Hagelin, MDZ, Mcdonagh, etc. these guys may get better, a lot better.

  248. Stuart – Stepan was a 20 goal scorer in his ROOKIE year. He’s on pace to do it again. So we are trading what’s already a prenniel 20 goal scorer for a 7 mil dollar 35 year old. And if you don’t win the Cup in the next two years and Stepan is still what 24 years old and still a 20 goal scorer. Doesn’t make much sense to me.

  249. Bruins and rangers are hot right now but how many times have I seen a top team get knock off in the first round. I think the rangers are good enough to make it to the cup and that’s because the rangers have the king. In the playoffs it’s about goal tending. If the rangers keep Henrik fresh the rangers have a good shot. This has been the best team the rangers have had in front of Lundqvist. I will admit though like someone else had mentioned if the rangers get certain injuries that will decrease there chances considerably.

  250. Tomg – which is exactly why I don’t give up anything from the young core to get a 35 year old who will cost them another 7 mil last year and then be gone while the core will still be under 25.

  251. Hwirth we agree totally. Yes you may need to trade young guys when you are on the precipace for the cup if you are a older team without reinforcements on the way or guys who are going to continue to get better…

    here is a totally hypothetical trade for Iginla. It will never happen but this is more on the lines on what I would accept…WW, thomas(or st croix), yogan, and a 1st… I would maybe trade erixon instead of the 1st rounder but he is not going to calgary for obvious reasons… that would be a very fair trade…I doubt the Rangers would even give that much.. Iginlas cap hit is a ton..

  252. HWirth,

    I’m with you. All I can say is thank god some of these GM’s on this blog aren’t the rangers gm.

  253. erixon is 20 or 21 and while he did not shine in the nhl he did not look overmatched and I bet he will be better the nthe stralman we se now in about 2 years or so.

    for a 5th or 6th d man that aint bad……..

  254. HW

    I’m reasonably wary about an Iginla trade too, but not really fair to suggest he’s some kind of perennial loser just because he’s been on a string of mostly mediocre Flames teams his whole career. And he was still a 2-1 Game 7 score away from being marked down as a Cup winner for the rest of his life. (Equivalent point being that a lot of pretty average players with no magic playoff aura have probably won Cups.)

  255. Rangers should stand pat IMO. No bigtime trade unless Anaheim does Teemu a favor by trading him to a contender (a la Borque to Avs minus the Cup) for not much in return.

    Stepan is one of my favorite players and I was generally musing in what Calgary would want for Iginla. I think Iginla will stay in Calgary because they’ll be wanting too much in return with one full year left on his contract.

    I don’t think it’d cost that much to get Doan but probably not worth it. Worth a third rounder and Hagelin? Maybe but I’ll take my chances.

    “Yea Noonan, obviously it would take more to get him. That was my point when I said I wouldn’t give up Stepan, Hagelin, Kreider for Iginla but I would for Bobby Ryan. The guy is 24 years old, he has played 3 full seasons each time scoring over 30 goals and his point totals have increased each year. Now because the entire team is having a down year, you are writing him off?”

    See this is the PERFECT time to trade Bobby Ryan. They can blame the team having an off-year and move a guy (Ryan) they have been trying to move for a few years.

    They are desperately trying to move Getzlaugh first. Because after that who else do they trade? The entire team?

    Why have they been trying to trade Bobby Ryan after the numbers he puts up? Because Teemu will be gone no longer able to feed him the puck and Bobby Ryan has ALREADY hit his ceiling. He’s young, can score goals, but teams are figuring him out, he can’t forecheck and his all-around game has not improved. Hence him playing on the 3rd line and getting less icetime.

    Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t think I am.

  256. And that would be a string of mostly mediocre Flames teams with Craig Conroy being just about the best centre he’s played with.

  257. LW – I’m not calling him a loser. My point was If you are going to bring in the older vet scorer, I’d rather a guy that been through the wars several times where one of his values is that the younger guys can look to him and say what now? and he says I’ve been through this 7 – 8 times and there’s no need to panic.

  258. My whole point to this is that why would the NYR trade anything from the core to get Iggy and that $$ when for probably a 5th round pick get Proposal who we already know fits in the team. (and by the way has scored 4 less points at no money to Iggy)

  259. Or even a Ruutu (who I don’t particularly) like that also cost nothing of importance and has same amount of goals as Iggy this year. And before people say, look at the team Iggy is on, both those guys play on worse teams.

  260. “Or even a Ruutu (who I don’t particularly) like that also cost nothing of importance and has same amount of goals as Iggy this year. And before people say, look at the team Iggy is on, both those guys play on worse teams.”

    Well you probably answered why Carolina isn’t trading Ruutu. Neither team will be realistic about his true value.


  261. Can’t see younger players looking at Iginla and saying: “Hmm, he’s not been through much pressure hockey, let’s keep looking”.

  262. Paul in sunrise on

    Trading Hagelin would be like trading Cally when he was a rookie. Hagelin has two things you cannot teach. Speed and more speed. Even if he is not a first liner he is part of the future.

  263. “Trading Hagelin would be like trading Cally when he was a rookie. Hagelin has two things you cannot teach. Speed and more speed. Even if he is not a first liner he is part of the future.”

    Hagelin has speed and certainly knows how to use it whether the puck is on his stick or at the other end of the ice. Great ice vision.

    I hope you’re right but that statement did make me laugh. I’m high on the kid too but WOW

  264. Cally is riding a seven game point streak, 2 goals, 8 points. He’s having an awesome season.

    Cally’s rookie season, he had 8 goals, 13 points, in 50 games, more or less…

    Hags has 7 goals, 11 points in 21 games.

    Hags = Future Captain!!

  265. Noonan you allow your dislike for Boyle color your judgement. Give it a rest! As far as Iginla goes too much salary and too old and if he sucks next year you would have a hard time getting rid of him. Hagelin is at full speed after his first step and he can score are you nuts.

  266. “Noonan you allow your dislike for Boyle color your judgement. Give it a rest! As far as Iginla goes too much salary and too old and if he sucks next year you would have a hard time getting rid of him. Hagelin is at full speed after his first step and he can score are you nuts.”

    I’ll reserve any more scrutiny for the turnover machine until Tuesday, k?

    I never said we should get Iginla, guy. I don’t want him for Stepan or Hagelin. BUT KEEP SHOVING WORDS IN MY MOUTH WHEN IT MAKES YOUR ARGUMENT CONVENIENT! THAT MAKES ME NUTS RIGHT!

  267. “So are you just going to call out Boyle for every mistake? Will you do the same for everyone else, or is it just Boyle?”

    I’m going to make him one of my three stars whenever he finishes a game with at least one hit, no less than a -1 +/-, and has no more than 3 takeaways like his disciples on this board. For he is the Messiah and can do no wrong if he gets 1 hit in a game.

  268. It’s a simple yes or no question. You’re sounding like you have something personal against him, Noonan. That would make a ton of sense.

    Nobody is saying he’s the “messiah”. Now you’re “shoving words down everyone’s mouths”

  269. Hey Yorktown,
    LOVE THAT PICTURE!!! LOL!!!!! It is now my avatar on twitter…assuming there is no copyright infractions!!!!

    I Byfuglien LOVE IT!!!!

  270. The Iginla ship has sailed a long time ago. He is playing like he is the last year and a half of a monster deal.

  271. Calgary isn’t sending him to NYR in an Oli Jokinen type package. Iginla is gonna cost big time. And Boyle IS playing half assed hockey right now. Nothing like last year. But if you are the best team in the NHL, why the hell are you trading for anyone?

  272. Orr – I like this progression. First Torts hates Avery. That was proven wrong. Then it was Dubi until he started scoring. Then it was also Rupp until he started knocking people around and scoring 2g in the WC, then it was Feds until he scored on Dec. 23, and now it’s Boyle. So basically, people can only look at goals and assists and not the actual game. Quite honestly, who scores the goals and assists on this team is irrelevant since as we’ve seen on 24/7 that if you play physical and smart on defense goals will come.

    My question is when BB continues to do just fine and maybe score a goal or two who is next? Stepan? Young kid like that with only 9 goals. How dare he?! LOL

  273. I will say this: Hagelin looks a hell of a lot better than Cally or Dubi did when they made their debuts.

  274. These are happy times. Let’s enjoy and appreciate it. Save the trade talk for after the whooping Boston gives the NYR :-)

  275. Also Prust was thrown under the bus a few weeks ago. LOL!

    These people are just fools.

    And they get so excited when the player screws up, because it makes them feel smart. Ohhh, Boyle just coughed up the puck, I told you he was worthless. Ahaha! Unreal!

    I don’t know why it suprises me, but it always does.

  276. Again, it’s funny how the same people who hate Sather and when asked why bring up the prelockout all skill no bite teams and then complain about any player that isn’t scoring yet doing all the dirty work. And I’m the idiot Sather apologist! HA!

  277. Hwirth save your “Boyle is not a goal scorer” and “nobody said Boyle was perfect” memes. Also save your speaking for other fans. You don’t speak for everyone.

    Dubinsky DID need to pick up his game and has. Right now the past is a wash. If you weren’t getting on Dubinsky then there is something wrong with you because nobody was more hard on Dubinsky than himself.

    Fedotenko doesn’t have much left in the tanko. Does he deserve 2nd or even 3rd line minutes? Of course not that’s on Tortorella.

    Rupp has been sticking up for his mates and is a leader on the team. Do you really think fans were on him for getting injured? Give me a break.

    BB doing just fine is like your opinion, man. For a guy his size he gets knocked off the puck like a little girl and is a turnover machine. Puck possession does not exist with BB. Maybe next we’ll get on Gaborik if he doesn’t win the Art Ross!

  278. Oh yeah, Girardi. That’s been ongoing. Every season, some delusional NYR fans pick a week, here and there, where they complain aboot specific things that Girardi does that annoy them, and debate aboot whether or not they should trade him.

    I remember last season, just before the playoffs, waaah, G can’t defend a 2 on 1, he sucks, NYR fans overrate him. Then the playoffs started, and he was our best d-man.

  279. “HAHA Prust and also Girardi. Forgot that one a couple of weeks ago.”

    Yes the majority of Rangers fans were all over Prust and Girardi because some moron on a message board wrote something negative about them. Because surely a probable jealous Devils troll speaks for all Rangers fans!

    And now the conspiracy has chosen Boyle. For he is the Chosen One.

    You guys are hilarious.

  280. Orr am i wrong? Was that not an accurate description of the process of bashing that’s gone on this year?

  281. Noonan you troll. I was not saying Rangers fans. I was saying the so called “fans” on this board who by the way are nowhere to be found on this board anymore. Wonder why!?

  282. Guy has an opinion. If we all agreed on everything that everybody posted on these boards there would be no sense reading them in the first place.

  283. CW – OK Sorry. Contrarian. Whatever, BB and the Feds are a problem on a team that’s now 3 points up on those big scary Bruins who’ve played more home fgames in a weaker division. Whatever, Sorry for wasting my time.

  284. Czechthemout!!! on

    Any trade talk the Rangers get into regarding anyone from any team according to some arm chair G.M’s always begins with a bounty of three or four Rangers players and the favorite term is ” just to start” so let’s play this game shall we?

    Iginla– the talk should involve Stepan,AA,MCD,Erixon, a #1 ” just to start”

    Sure, the so called ” face of the franchise” who has led the Flames to all of ZERO cups, is 35 years old on the down side of his career with one season left on a hefty contract is going to cost arguably your best center,second best damn,a first round pick,a young much better than average versatile forward and sure fire top four damn prospect. In what universe do some of you guys live?
    So than we should start any Staal or Getzlaf/Perry/Ryan trade talk with let’s see.

    How about Cally, LQ, Girardi,MCD,Gabby,and Marc Staal and of course that first round pick” just to Start”

    It’s amazing how many of you undervalue the current crop of Rangers players while you all laud them for their fantastic play.


  285. No HWirth you and Orr are so delusional as to why I dared to attack the Golden Boy I can no longer wonder why. I’m assuming they were trolls. Or you think you triumphed over them for being wrong, hence they were pwnd off the internets.

    Your transition from me criticizing Boyle to random trolls attacking Girardi is what worries me.

  286. BB – Golden Boy!! HAHA

    He’s a very solid 3rd line defensive center on a defense first team and now he’s my golden boy! I love this place! No one can be realistic about any player. He’s either great or trade him. God forbid a 3rd or 4th line player is playing like one and doing it effectively. I know only goals and assists count in hockey. Like its fantasy sports.

  287. Boyle sucks. He gives up the puck every now and then, and gets knocked down every time someone touches them. Yada, yada, yada, trade him, waive him, fire him, send him to Alaska, blah, blah, blah.

    Brian Boyle is the PROBLEM! If we lose, it’s because of him, because he’s the PROBLEM.

  288. Blocking shots doesn’t count, or maybe lining up nightly against the other teams top lines and still being a plus player. They don’t matter because the 3rd line center doesn’t score enough. Even though we are still 10th in scoring in NHL. Sheesh!

  289. “He’s a very solid 3rd line defensive center on a defense first team and now he’s my golden boy! I love this place! No one can be realistic about any player. He’s either great or trade him. God forbid a 3rd or 4th line player is playing like one and doing it effectively. I know only goals and assists count in hockey. Like its fantasy sports.”

    that must be it, Hwirth. Because Boyle is not scoring I must attack him. His lack of speed and minimal amount of blocked shots, inability to forecheck or protect the puck and his turnovers don’t worry me in the least bit. It’s all about his scoring.

    That reminds me Dan Girardi isn’t scoring either. 3 measly goals? LOL what has he ever done for this team? Eric Nystrom has 3x as many goals as Girardi. We should make that trade and maybe throw in Hagelin to sweeten the deal (only 10 goals between the both of them) and Nystrom can score from Girardi’s spot on defense. The scoring will be an added bonus.

  290. Czechthemout!!! on


    BB is someone who busts his ass every game. He blocks shots, he sticks up for his teammates and is a pretty good to good face off man. He also has a limited offensive game. He has a lack of vision when it come to picking out an open teammate for a pass. He also does not have much of a shot .
    Last years numbers were nothing more than an aberration. He is NOT a third line forward. But he is a heck of a fourth line forward who should be used as such.

  291. His lack of block shots? Yeah because those real time stats are reliable. Like in the Isles game when he took 2 off the shoulder in one sequence and got credit for 1 block shot the whole game.

  292. “His lack of block shots? Yeah because those real time stats are reliable. Like in the Isles game when he took 2 off the shoulder in one sequence and got credit for 1 block shot the whole game.”

    You touted him as a defensive center and a shot blocker. I figured he’d have more than 28 after being put on such a high pedestal? But he’s the Anointed One I understand.

  293. “Last years numbers were nothing more than an aberration. He is NOT a third line forward. But he is a heck of a fourth line forward who should be used as such.”


    Thank you, voice of reason. Or are you an anti-Boyle conspirator?

  294. Honestly, I think this convo should end. Noonan has a personal issue with Boyle, so it’s pointless to argue with him over Boyle’s value, despite the fact that the *COACH AND HIS TEAMMATES* know his value to this team, and appreciate what he does.

    It is what it is…

  295. Czech – 3rd/4th line is really the same difference, sorry to break it to everyone. When Rupp/Mitchell/Prust was our best line Thursday early vs. Florida. what line were they? Then when hags-mitchell-boyle has something going better than Richards who was in a “slump” what line were they. 2nd? It’s not that important.

  296. Boyle isn’t ready for prime time! That’s for damn sure!

    Why isn’t anybody complaining about Eurostinko today? Boom Boom?

    Where is Eddie^3^?


  297. “His lack of block shots? Yeah because those real time stats are reliable. Like in the Isles game when he took 2 off the shoulder in one sequence and got credit for 1 block shot the whole game.”

    I guess it’s a conspiracy against Boyle because plenty of other players who aren’t praised with such defense shotblocking honors as you bestow upon him have more blocked shots.

  298. I’m done with this place for the night. Between the rotating hate on the role players and the trading of the core for a 35 yr old 7 mil dollar player when its the exact thing people hated on Sather for doing, Im getting a headache today from this nonsense.

  299. Your red herrings and refusals to respond to my main (albeit sarcastic) points are laughable, kids.

    I’ll enjoy first while you Boyle apologists can well apologize for anything Boyle does and treat him like a 60 goal scorer whenever he doesn’t cough up the puck 4 times in a game.

  300. “Czech – 3rd/4th line is really the same difference, sorry to break it to everyone. When Rupp/Mitchell/Prust was our best line Thursday early vs. Florida. what line were they? Then when hags-mitchell-boyle has something going better than Richards who was in a “slump” what line were they. 2nd? It’s not that important.

    With so many second and third line forwards yes it is a huge difference between the third and fourth line. The fourth line should be the checking/shutdown line. Give it a rest, kid.

  301. Czechthemout!!! on


    There is a vast difference between 3 rd and 4th lines third line gets a lot of ice time and is expected to produce some offense. The fourth is an energies/checking/goon line that gets about
    5-6 minutes a night. The third line gets 10 – 13 minutes a night and needs to produce between 45-55 goals as a unit.

  302. This team is full of amateur-hour. I wouldn’t trade a bag of pucks for any of these clowns.

  303. Carp,
    No to letting Step on go for any rental, can we say Rick Middleton, either Sather fleeces someone or stand pat. How about some Ruutu talk he will gives grit against Flyer or Boston. I went to another road game last night. Domi and Rick Tocceht right by us scouting for somebody? Btw I’m on the thumbs down side on Boyle. Has to punish people, he’s the best we got though, thats why hes playing.

  304. “Does anyone know if Sour has been blocking shots? Hell, I haven’t even noticed Sour on the ice the last few games! TRADE HIM! WAIVE HIM! DO SOMETHING!!!”

    Keep throwing out red herrings. They make you look more delusional than childish.

    I’ve never seen someone call out another player for being injured on this board–but I’ve seen you accuse people that no longer post on this board for doing so (how convenient). Even more pathetic is you compare it to anyone dare questioning your Golden Boy BB.

    Hilarious you mention Sauer I’ve been talking up that kid since he first started skating with the Rangers.

  305. “Stahl hasn’t blocked enough shots in his few games back. TRADE HIM! SIGN WEBER & SUTER!

    Trade Everyone! Who cares if we’re 1st place! We suck!”

    Umh yea I’m going to have to pretty much ignore you until next game. Jesus you need help, son. You’ll be in my prayers tonight ;)

  306. Red herring is a figurative expression in which a clue or piece of information is or is intended to be misleading, or distracting from the actual question.[1] For example, in mystery fiction, where the identity of a criminal is being sought, an innocent party may be purposefully cast in a guilty light by the author through the employment of deceptive clues, false emphasis, “loaded” words or other descriptive tricks of the trade. The reader’s suspicions are thus misdirected, allowing the true culprit to go (temporarily at least) undetected. A false protagonist is another example of a red herring.

  307. “You know what? Boyle has too many siblings. Trade him! BOOM!”

    I would trade him for his family of sisters and a used bag of pucks. THOSE GIRLS ARE GORGEOUS HOOOOWEY!

  308. “ORR!! What Is It Good For?!?! January 7th, 2012 at 8:16 pm

    They probably don’t know how to skate, and wont block shots, so you wont like them.

    Even with negative 60 +/- rating as long as they get 20 goals who cares?! Don’t you even remember your shtick?

  309. Hartnell! I am soooooo behind! Carp, I couldn’t agree with 8 more…..

    Good evening all! When I have some time (thanks for the heads up Sally!) I gotta respond to billybleeds’ beerabilility post…..that was too awesome…and thanks! Wish I were higher on the list, but I least I bested C3 :)

    have I missed anything?

  310. “have I missed anything?”

    The Rangers are in first and don’t play until Tuesday.

    Boston lost, Philly won.

    Brian Boyle is now not only the embodiment of the Rangers franchise he should rip the C off of Cally’s chest. For he is the Chosen One.

    That’s pretty much it.

  311. Thanks guys! Um, OK, so I guess for blog post purposes, Boyle is the new Avery?

    post 24/7 thoughts….all around, I’d give it an 8, maybe 8.5 overall. Flyers are boring as carcillo. Lav = coach? hahahahah! And the last show? Waaaaayyyyyyyy too much Hartnell. Got to the point where I held my hand up to block the TV…

  312. JimboWoodside on

    Hi, Mama!!

    Dammit, Debbies leading the Pens, 2-1 in the 2nd….these Pens are looking lousy lately…

  313. I wouldn’t say Avery, Mama. He’s just the new whipping boy. Doesn’t matter how good things are. Some people just *HAVE* to complain aboot a Ranger.

    Rupp has been doing to well, so they have to move on. It’s time for Boyle. I get it though. Nobody has complained aboot him all that much. It’s time to complain aboot someone new.

    Hagelin is up next! He has Tom Cruise’s hair and barely has a Swedish accent. Trade him!

  314. “post 24/7 thoughts….all around, I’d give it an 8, maybe 8.5 overall. Flyers are boring as carcillo. Lav = coach? hahahahah! And the last show? Waaaaayyyyyyyy too much Hartnell. Got to the point where I held my hand up to block the TV…”

    Lav is not a good coach and he’s classless media horde. Eyeballing Dallas players like a goon as they walk through… WOW. Then gets called out by Steve Ott for trying to walk through the same time as the Stars. You can’t wait your turn, “Lavs”? Are you bigger than the team’s traditions and everyone in that building? I’d say get this man some anointing oil but Philly needs a goaltender first.

    I’d give it a B+ maybe even an A- after the last two epsidoes. Didn’t have as much magical mystique as it did in season one, but still the best documentary sports show there is. Should be ONE more episode in the season IMO.

    Hartnell got so much attention when he’s scoring goals. Funny how HBO cameras didn’t show him swinging his stick like a sore loser baby when the gameS ended. I guess they don’t want the world to know what a bunch of dirtbags Philly are.

  315. Fozzy calls Hagelin Shaggy Haggy, which I just adore!!! Don’t knock him, or compare him to Tom Cruise??? WTB? Insult!

    For crying out loud, what is there to complain about, about this team now? Seriously????

    Hi Jimbo!!!

  316. JimboWoodside on

    Yeah, ORR – I was just thinking the same thing…..Pens have lost 3 in a row, could this be #4? I hate the debbies, but I don’t exactly love the Pens either……best thing that could happen is a big hole opens up on the ice in PGH, and both teams fall in, never to be seen again..

  317. “For crying out loud, what is there to complain about, about this team now? Seriously????”

    Listen to Orr and his minion HWirth if you want to be dearly misinformed.

  318. JimboWoodside on

    Hi Mama! I’m not getting involved in any arguments here – I love this team, and I feel like it’s all a GOOD dream! I don’t want to see any of our kids get traded away!

  319. “I love this team, and I feel like it’s all a GOOD dream! I don’t want to see any of our kids get traded away!”


  320. JimboWoodside on

    C’mon, noonan – does there always have to be an argument going on here?

    Why the bad feelings?

  321. Obviously, I’m biased toward our boys, but I felt like HBO bent over backward to try to make the Flyers stuff more than it needed to be, maybe because they had nothing to work with! :) I dunno…I enjoyed it, and sure loved the behind the scenes Rangers, yet the show felt kind of flat to me….

    also, I am dear, but rarely misinformed…..this isn’t mama’s first time at the rodeo :) Hence, since there seems to be an issue going on here that I’m late to, and not interested in, it may be time to say ta….

  322. I know I’m late to the party, but the highlight of last night’s game was Staal returning fire on Cooke after that piece of cooke hit him a little late in the 3rd. GREAT to see. Also, remember last season that the King’s glove was a topic of MUCH negative discussion last season, nice to see that change this season.

  323. Hey, I didn’t compare him to Tom Cruise! Just his hair!

    Mama, we have to complain aboot the lack of shots, and foot speed. BOYLE IS A PROBLEM! Right, Noonan??

    “He’s going to be a bigger and bigger problem down the stretch”

    LOL! Brian Boyle will be the reason we don’t win the Stanley Cup!

  324. JimboWoodside on

    And I know nothing about Boyle’s sisters – are they hot? I haven’t seen them, and I don’t think they would be able to crack our lineup!

  325. “C’mon, noonan – does there always have to be an argument going on here?

    Why the bad feelings?”

    Wasn’t against you, kid. I stooped too low I know. I’ll stop. If you read half of Orr’s comments you’d agree but screw it I’m done with it!


  326. Wicky©"I think the NHL Network host was named Kathryn Tappen" on

    I love this type of convo..
    so, for what it is worth (just my opinion here folks)..

    Iggy, Doan, and Ruutu would probably be my first 3 choices for different reasons

    Iggy and Doan are vets with that dreaded character trait that many of you “hate” and underrate. The thing about iggy that I think some of you are forgetting is that he kind of holds the proverbial cards with being dealt. If he doesn’t want to go anywhere he doesn’t go anywhere.

    My guess is if he requests a trade, he will go where HE wants to go and the Flames will grant him his wish and it WILL NOT be a king’s ransom for him to go.

    Doan isn’t quite the scorer iggy is (obviously) and I agree it would probably cost less to get him than the other two, but unless the going the other way player/asset is EC or a 7th round pick, anything is too much to give up for a non-returning/rental player IMHO. Also like Iggy, Doan would be a fantastic lockerroom guy and a would buy into the system without ego.

    Ruutu is younger player than the other two (again common knowledge here) and very gritty and can put some goals in the back of the net as well. He seems to be liked by his teammates wherever he plays and is hated by the opposition because he plays on the edge. He could definitely play 2nd or 3rd line minutes for us I think.

    oh well, have to go get some milk!

  327. “this isn’t mama’s first time at the rodeo :) Hence, since there seems to be an issue going on here that I’m late to, and not interested in, it may be time to say ta….”

    It’s honestly nothing to get into, blogmama. Just some childish tomfoolery. Tata, kind lady!

  328. “And I know nothing about Boyle’s sisters – are they hot?”

    They are all seriously hot. Except maybe 1 and he has TONS of sisters! Watch 24/7 I think it’s the third episode.

  329. JimboWoodside on

    My ideal situation would be that the NYR go *very* deep in this year’s playoffs, and that our two territorial poacher teams finish below 8th place – it may not be probable, but that’s my wish!

  330. “Doan isn’t quite the scorer iggy is (obviously) and I agree it would probably cost less to get him than the other two, but unless the going the other way player/asset is EC or a 7th round pick, anything is too much to give up for a non-returning/rental player IMHO. ”

    Would you throw in anything else for Doan? Or do you really think they’d part with him for just EC or a 7th rounder. Because that’s pretty funny.

  331. Joekuh…hey!!! And I agree.

    ORR, how can you compare Hartnell’s hair to Cruise’s? I don’t get that.

    there’s wishing for improvement on things, and complaining….we’re number one. Jeez.

  332. “What would Jimbo be agreeing with? That Boyle is a solid reliable 3rd/4th liner? Actually, most SANE Rangers fans would agree with me.”

    He’s a solid 4th liner. That’s all.

    Despite what your minion said there is a big difference between the 3rd and 4th lines. And that includes this team.

  333. “there’s wishing for improvement on things, and complaining….we’re number one. Jeez.”

    If you dare call out the Chosen One (Brian Boyle) for anything you’re complaining in Orr’s world. You also hate Girardi because he only has 3 goals. He’ll go off on multiple red herring tangents ruining the board if you don’t agree.

    Brian Boyle is a hockey God I give up, okay? Can you just stop, Orr?

  334. “Forget that, Noonan, the point is, he’s a reliable player. You don’t agree? Fine. You’re in the minority on that one.”

    Reliable on the first line? No.

    Second? No.

    Third? Probably not.

    Fourth checking/shutdown line? Yes.

    I take it all back he’s a hockey God and whatever line he plays on his good. You win, buddy. Let it go.

  335. No, please keep going, I’m enjoying it. Please explain to me what else aboot Boyle you don’t like. His hair is too long, huh? He’s too tall? He has too much of a Boston accent. Does he blink too much.

    LOL! Ahh, NYR fans….

  336. Ahhhh….RR fans :) ….I have to work tomorrow, am still sick, and am not getting into this! Just wanted to check in….yeesh!

    Later all….niters, and TA!

    oh, yeah, and LGR!!!!!!!!!!!

  337. JimboWoodside on

    Wow!! Wings just tied the game in TO – 3-3 in the 3rd….they were down 3-0 early in the first…

  338. Noonan why dont you get on the ice with Boyle and see what girl he is! Orr & Hwirth sometimes rub me the wrong way but not like you. You do stick to your convictions but sound like a broken record.

  339. Paul in sunrise on

    I think I was the one who said having the islanders was good for hockey. I grew up watching the rivalry. I am die hard rangers fan but folding all close rivals would make every game look like that st Louis game. Rivals make the game better. Just my position.

    Oh I think Boyle is a good player and brings intangibles. Plus he has torts trust which means something. For the record I have always supported torts and said boyles trade value was at its peak once he signed his new deal. We have Boyle in the system plenty. If you can get something then great. But I think he is a good penalty killer and solid player knows his role and likes the sauce.

    Doan won’t cost more than a farm system player that is NHL projected plus a 2nd rounder. He would be a good get.

  340. “This team”, you know…the 2011-2012 team, not the 2010-2011 one, has yet to play one single playoff game and already so many are ready to throw the baby out with the bathwater. We already have our Iginla; his name is Richards, you know…the Conn Smythe winning one. I think this team, as presently constructed, has earned the right to see how far they can go in the playoffs. Let’s see where they end up this year and then we’ll talk.

  341. “Noonan why dont you get on the ice with Boyle and see what girl he is! Orr & Hwirth sometimes rub me the wrong way but not like you. You do stick to your convictions but sound like a broken record.”

    I dared to criticize Brian “The Rocket” Boyle on this board and got bombarded by those two clowns you mention. They’ve made twice as many posts as I did trying to belittle me (i.e., comparing my criticism of Boyle to “wrath” towards Girardi this season) and I can only apologize for stooping to their level.

    You would think I was called out for saying Jagr didn’t do enough to prune Prucha the Beast. I’ll stop responding if it makes you happy but why you’d go after me and not those two Boyle apologist excuse artists is beyond me. Their tired red herring excuses are a joke.

    I would love to get on the ice with Boyle if I had 3-4 months to train. Screw it I’d do it now and get wrecked. But I’d get back up. And knock him off the puck along the boards on his weak side.

  342. We’re clowns because we appreciate Boyle for the the things he’s done…

    Yet, you’re not a clown because you complain that he doesn’t block enough shots, and he’s not fast enough?

    Oh right, clown isn’t a harsh enough word. Moron. Idiot. Dope. Ricky Retardo. Etc. All appropriate.

    If I get a Brian Boyle autograph and send it to you, will you drop your hatred for him??

  343. JimboWoodside on

    Toronto won their game 4-3…looked like they might let it slip away there, though…Wings didn’t quit!

    OK on Boyle’s sisters, noonan – I’ll have to check ’em out – I like Irish girls…

  344. No Orr you and your little minion are clowns because you just won’t let one piece of criticism about your Dear Leader go. You have resorted to this and I already told you I’m done responding.

    “Yet, you’re not a clown because you complain that he doesn’t block enough shots, and he’s not fast enough?”

    Funny I was joking about him not blocking enough shots and yes him being slow is a factor but it’s the LEAST of my criticisms. You didn’t even read them did you?

    If I had any idea that Boyle’s kids were on this board I wouldn’t have dared to say anything about their Messiah. I’m sorry and that’s all. Let it go you’re making us both look bad.

  345. So, what did you say, he didn’t hit enough, then you saw that he had more hits than you thought, then you label him as a giveaway machine, yet, he only has six giveaways. What else are you crying aboot? He’s not the best skater, sure I’ll give you that. What else was the issue? He’s weak on the puck.

    So, basically you don’t like Boyle because he’s not a fast enough skater, he gets knocked down too easily, he’s not scoring, and because of that, at least according to you, he’s going to be a “big problem down the stretch”

    LMAO! You’re a girl. I’d love to know the real reason why you don’t like Boyle. I mean, jeez, I can be hard on Dublowsky when he’s off his game, but you’re worse.

  346. “Is this stat right? Boyle is listed as having six giveaways this season. But, Noonan calls him a “giveaway machine”

    He had 20 last season, officially.

    Give away machine, huh?”

    Do you mean 6 giveaways in ONE GAME? LOL dude you are a joke. Where’s that source?

    Yes I’m sure Boyle has only coughed up the puck 6 times this season. How many does Girardi have -100? Someone doesn’t watch the games and/or is a delusional little Boyle Junior.

  347. “So, what did you say, he didn’t hit enough, then you saw that he had more hits than you thought, then you label him as a giveaway machine, yet, he only has six giveaways. What else are you crying aboot? He’s not the best skater, sure I’ll give you that. What else was the issue? He’s weak on the puck. ”

    Funny you are seeming to remember my other points now other than the one you made up in your pathetic longwinded red herring mantras (he can’t score).

    I said I thought he’d have more devastating hits. For his icetime he does have enough hits. And gets knocked on his butt more than he dishes them out. I appreciate him being a human wrecking ball. When he brings it along the boards and behind the net he brings it. WHEN being the key word.

    He is a giveaway machine. I don’t care what source you show me he’s coughed up the puck more than 6 times this season. Girardi has probably given up the puck nearly that many times this season. You are a joke, son.

    Slow, yes. Being a “defensive guru” as you describe him no. He’s good, but a 4th liner shutdown guy.

    Sorry little Boyle Junior but you’re a joke.

  348. I mean your stat isn’t far off because of his icetime but to act like he’s a Jagr-esque puck possession player shows what a delusional little Boyle Junior you are. LOL

  349. So, you don’t care aboot the *official* stats. Did Boyle screw your girlfriend? That must be it. It has to be!


    Okay, so here it is officially…

    +Noonan Hates Brian Boyle Because+

    1) His hits are not devastating enough
    2) He doesn’t block enough shots
    3) He gets knocked off the puck easily
    4) He’s a giveaway machine, even though he has six giveaways
    5) He isn’t a fast skater
    6) He doesn’t score enough

    No, no, no, Noonan, *YOU* are the joke.

  350. I mean if you tie up the puck and your teammate gets a stick on it to help you out, but it gets turned over is that a giveaway?

    If you make a terrible pass that your teammate gets a stick on but cannot handle and it’s turned over is it your giveaway?

    If you throw the puck at the boards and decide you want to hit the other players instead of play it is that a giveaway?

    Gee I’d like to know the official scorekeeping rules. Being that Boyle has only six giveaways. Really they need to use TOI as a factor here for it to mean anything. Hell use +/- only on the shift you give it away on! Make that a new stat!

    And they say +/- is a misleading stat.

  351. wow Orr has blown a gasket. I’m sorry you had to watch that kids. I am going to ignore any of his Boyle related posts for the rest of the season.

    “4) He’s a giveaway machine, even though he has six giveaways”

    And in regard to his icetime versus say Gaborik or Girardi he should have what 170? Can you crunch those numbers for me, statboy?

  352. “I mean your stat isn’t far off because of his icetime but to act like he’s a Jagr-esque puck possession player shows what a delusional little Boyle Junior you are. LOL”

    You didn’t like when Steve put words in your posts, yet you do the same to mine? When did I even hint at the fact that I thought he was anywhere near an offensive player as talented as Jagr, or anyone else?

    Talk aboot delusional.

  353. Just stop, dude. I will too.

    We have a sick first place team. So much to look forward to for years. We have so much talent we forget how grateful we are to have Lundqvist at 28/29. I even forget how good Staal will be (and I LOVED his last game as it was a testament to his future health). The Flyboiz have Bryzy til he’s 40 and at big money!!!!

    I haven’t been this excited since Renney got fired. (I’m curious to know what you felt about the whole thing. And not right before he got fired ;)

    The only team I see the Rangers losing to right now in the EC is Boston. I feel like discussing it with real fans. I didn’t know criticizing 1 of them would come to this but I’m willing to let it go. So truce okay?

  354. So I read everybody’s remarks on potential trades;
    some really good & insightful, some bad and some ugly LOL.

    Here’s another way to look at the issue of potentially dealing a (single) core player.
    It’d take a massive move I don’t think is in the cards anywhere right now for them to do more than that. And btw, Stepan is going nowhere. He’s the guy setting up Gaborik every night for what appears to be a 45+ goal season.

    But just look @ LW for a second, and I posted this last week, and they weren’t really my words. Has Hagelin’s emergence changed their outlook? The consensus from people I talked to was hell yes it has, largely because there’s no logical basis to assume he’ll tail off.
    He’s been so outstanding, and his goals have been of the common sense variety, from speed and smarts, both of which he has in abundance.

    Now, factor in Rupp’s return, which was a bit of a question mark since answered in the affirmative. Yes he’s playing center right now, but he can do either.
    Then you have Wolski ready. You also have Mitchell who’s shown he can handle a regular shift no problem, and he plays all three forward positions.
    Then you still have Krieder waiting in the wings.
    It doesn’t take much to see where their position of strength is, and that was before Dubinsky returned to being “a bull” from wherever the heck he was.

    What’s it all mean? Well, they can easily afford to deal one quality player from their roster, which is something many playoff contenders cannot afford to do. So that’s a step up.
    You add your No. 1 into the mix, you’re real close to what has become the ‘standard’ deal for a big-time player this time of year. An NHL player, top pick, very good prospect.

    But there are more factors, like what is Torts going to say if Sather attempts to deal one of his ‘glue’ guys? Sather will hear Torts out but it’s clearly his call.

    And you know, you can be a lion or a mouse. LOL.

    One last thing, cause Ive seen Carp (and the coach and others) mention it several times when the PP stalls. That they appear to be ‘standing around’; it is in large measure because there are no feasible angles, they’re comprised of 5 left-handed shots!
    It’s the absence of a one-timer, which they have neither down-low/cross-ice or from the point, the PP becomes so predictable there are no openings.

    And as opposed to years back when they ran a reversed/right side PP looking for Jagr, neither Gaborik nor Richards can really bomb from that side – or there’s no offsetting pressure to provide them the room to do so.

    And that brings you back to who can help & what would it cost?

  355. “Yeah, I highly recommend we stop this convo. You must save face. It’s a long season.”

    I’ll take that as a truce. Again I’m sorry for daring to criticize Dear Leader AKA Brian “The Rocket” Boyle AKA The Golden Boy. Will never do it again.

  356. True. Rupp takes the draws though.

    We’ve become like the old Devils.

    An interchangable flock of forwards.

  357. Ill back Carp up on something from yesterday.

    I dont see how anyone can get on Boyle.

    He’s been such a horse for us.

    It ain’t all about points, though I’m sure we’d all like to see him put some numbers up,
    himself included.

  358. Paul in sunrise on

    Girardi played power play point recently too but he does not shoot … Enough. Same difference.

  359. Keenan angling for another job

    Knew his MSG gig was just for the visibility.

    Funny thing is, someone will give him a shot!

  360. True Paul.

    Stralman would be the guy for the left side (that’s why he was signed, presumably. it’s where he played in Columbus), but Torts hates using a lefty anywhere but left point, righty right point. So he gives that up right off for fear of a SH goal.

    Ok, but down low you must have somebody atop the left circle.

    He’s tried Cally & Step, but you really need a killer there.

    Someone who loves to fire it.

  361. Keenan has coached eight teams in the NHL, most recently the Calgary Flames.
    Prior to the Flames, he coached the Flyers, Blackhawks, Rangers, Blues, Canucks, Bruins, and Panthers.

    Ok, so 22 to go!

  362. Jeez, didn’t realize TB was so far back. 9 pts out, no games in hand.
    Them possibly dumping VL means salary concerns.
    So that idea Ben had today is something I could see them trying, St Louis.
    Nobody’s idea of a rugged power forward but man is he a game-breaker,
    I don’t care how old he is.

    That little maniac had 99 pts last year, 94 year before, 80, 83, 102.

  363. haha….yeah, that wasn’t really so funny at the time!

    Unbelievable. Truly…..

    Carp, you think Torts would be happy getting MStL?

    it’d be like 94 all over again, when we raided a championship EDM team.

  364. For what it’s worth (and I wouldn’t pretend the real time stats are always especially consistent across the league), Boyle’s “only” 28 blocked shots rank tied for 39th among forwards. The league leader has 47, Callahan has 43 and Eurostinko has quit his way to 32, for comparison.

    Given he was second in the league for forwards with 86 last year, that could be used as an argument to say he doesn’t block enough any more, I guess…

  365. Hi folks, just dropping by to say hi and let you all know I am back in MO, sadly. And that I just watched 24/7 and my only reaction is ‘Holy Hell was that awesome!’ Now to sleep all the sleeps after traveling all day.

  366. JimboWoodside on

    Hi, Mickey! Sorry that you had to go back to Missouri, but at least you were home for the holidays! Goodnight!

  367. Boom Boom Bathgate / "Sloppy Firsts" on

    ORR –

    The Knicks have a player who is not over-rated, he is under-rated and under-used on offense – that being Tyson Chandler in the middle. Chandler is almost invisible because the two “Glamorous” forwards, who have about half Chandler’s all-around game and skill, are your typical, over-salaried ballhogs, which overpaid NBA players are expected to be, for “P.R.” purposes.

    Talk about a brilliant trade acquisition, this was it, the Knicks just need to get Chandler the ball, more often. The coach made a sharp move, Saturday, benching Douglas and installing Shumpert as a starting guard. Maybe he will see the light re upgrading Chandler’s place in the offensive scheme, as well?

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