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John Tortorella (I believe the first question is about Gaborik’s line; he had some interesting things to say about the rest of this season; and also late in the interview, about Ruslan Fedotenko having Wojtek Wolski looking over his shoulder):


Brad Richards:


Marian Gaborik:


Martin Biron:


Marc Staal:



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  1. Correct, Jimbo. He’s of Iranian descent. I think I remember them mentioning at the draft he speaks Farsi, Swedish, Finnish, and English. I think his dad was from Sweden and his mom from Finland with someone somewhere along the lines hailing from the sands of Persia.

  2. Boom Boom Bathgate / "Sloppy Firsts" on

    NOONAN –

    I answered your question as best as I could at the end of the previous post – then I got “Carped.” lol.

  3. Carp – please cancel my HBO as I just watched 24/7. In response to your question, I thought the program was rather (boring) good because in the end they made the Rangers look great. You will be shocked to see the panic with which Lavi-eau-de-toilette coaches. He’s not stable and I doubt he can get that team behind him with his worrisome-chang-on-the-fly ideas.

    Also – Remember when people were knocking Rupper? Man – that guy is clutch.

  4. Wow, Latona! Four languages – and he looks like a pretty good hockey player, too! Somebody somewhere must have made the trip from Iran to Sweden!

  5. I’ll spare you the full review Carp.

    (hey, we saw the back of Sather’s head, and Dolan saying “we’re proud of our hockey club!)

    But HBO does a beautiful job, they know which buttons to push.

    Torts with the line of the series IMO. (Parphrasing)

    “They were a dead team, you guys had a night off. And someday you’ll have another one.

    But it’d better not effin be tonight.”

    Roared on that….

  6. Latona – is that real? I might have to be INTO Hartnell. That’s impressive. Plus he kind of looks like Sammy Hagar

  7. but he can’t score indoors, Manny. I have to wait another day to cancel my HBO because I can’t watch it until tomorrow. Dammit.

  8. @ Carp (Potential Spoilers)

    pretty sure more of the same, Hartnell’s a douche, Flyers talk to much, They show the Cally “diving” call and mcdonaugh “delay of game/ps”, but they show it from the Philly point of view with Pete L picking Danny B, not Torts flipping out. Once again Flyers get prime spotlight… Little sidenote, Flyers were pissed Rangers didn’t shake their hands after the game. W.E. still a regular season game. Not looking to ruin the episode just some notes.

  9. You mean that an end-of-game handshake was planned? I find it hard to believe that our guys would have refused to shake, even though Hartnell was thugging it up at the game’s end – maybe that had something to do with it!?

  10. Do we have what it takes to win the Cup? I do think we are a contender for sure. The only team I see beating us in the East in 7 games is Boston.

    But I also don’t think we should give up a #1 pick in ANY trade this deadline. Even if it’s all we give up (unless there is a ridiculous salary dump in our favor). Teams are going to try and str8 FLEECE the Rangers. Our time doesn’t have to be now and lose for years at no sureshot (i.e., Chicago).

    Play the long game, and don’t fix what ain’t broken I say cuz it’s worked so far.

  11. Boom Boom Bathgate / "Sloppy Firsts" on

    Since December 1st, when I started this tracking, Boston shows a 69 % goal share at Even-Strength, vs. opponents; and a 74% goal share vs. opponents on PP/PK special teams play.

    The Rangers, on the other hand, show a 55 1/2 % goal share at E.S; and a 61 % share on PP/PK special teams play.

    Boston is playing in a higher league than the NHL, it seems.

  12. Sounded like Callahan saying no handshake (f that s!)
    and Torts saying ok, go to the locker room.

    It’s still the regular season, no way they should’ve shaken hands, especially with that team after that debacle.

    Playoffs only works for me.

  13. Stranger Nation on

    Did Rangers decide not to skake hands? My take was the Flyers left early as the Rangers were celebrating immediately after the game.

    Net-net: we kicken their byfuglein assen! LGR!

  14. Aha! It was Cally’s call? Maybe he was making a silent protest against the officiating…..not to open that can of worms again.

  15. billybleedsblue on

    Carp, the show is pretty good, especially since the good guys won the big game. I wish there was more audio from the ice level throughout the series though. Some of the audio from the ice is priceless and, gosh, I know they can’t make EVERYBODY happy ALL OF THE TIME, but I sure would have liked more of it.

    In the post-game audio I feel like Torts is talking to a misbehaving child when he addresses Stan Fischler, lol.

    Rupper for President.

  16. Couldn’t disagree more Noonan.

    This is exactly the time to give up your No. 1 in the right deal.
    You’re talking #22-7 probably overall in a so-so draft.

    Your franchise goalie is 28, having the year of his life (or so its starting to seem).

    Something special’s happening with this team.

    And our competitors will be bulking up, big-time. Gotta do it for the right deal.

  17. Boom, they’re looking great now, but maybe they’re peaking too early – there’s a half a season to go before the playoffs. They might just cool off before then.

  18. The Flyers should spend less time talking carcillo, and more time playing hockey. They looked like a bunch of punks with a desperate coach, while the Rangers look like a bunch of guys who go play (and win) their games as if it’s the only thing they know how to do.

    Also, while they’re all business on the ice, the Rangers look much more cohesive and fun than the Flyers off the ice. Likely because half the Philly roster is new after their surprising wholesale rebuild during the offseason, while this Rangers core has been together a few years. But still, the Rangers are so much more likable.

  19. BBB if you got those statistics yourself I need you for a small project. It involves the Penguins. It involves them getting powerplays over other teams. HOWEVER my conspiracy theory goes deeper. If you give a team a PP when they are behind by 2+ goals in the third (for instance) then it = a different algorithm. Do you get what I’m saying, mang?

  20. I’m not sure they have peaked Jimbo.

    Individually there’s still more upside, lots of guys can produce more than they have.

    Staal’s just back, Sauer not even.

    The right move, + maybe Kreider, it could get very serious.

  21. Stranger Nation on

    Noonan – like the enthusiasm but let’s wait till playoff seedings before anointing us top 4 team. Still very early as we are a third of the way through the 3 seasons, 1st half, 2nd half, and playoffs.

    Thought 24/7 was best yet. Mostly on ice or hockey related stuff with a waivery cameo – who would you rather have playing Rupp or Avery, thought so…

    Torts comes out head and shoulders above la toilette. He does have a little Capt in him, which works with the youngsters.

  22. Loved the flyers trying to trash talk after Rupp scored the rags 1st goalie saying it’s only his second career goal and then BANG thunder from the sky and he nets another one. Just GREAT. Great show put it did miss a lot of the controversies on the calls.

  23. Gotta do what, Rod? This team is literally on fire and the D is getting healthy. Sometimes the best trade is not making one.

    If the trade is right I agree: MAKE IT! But if I’m the GM we’re not going to fleece our own team for a chance at one Cup like the Hawks. This team is too good and with the right capologist we’ll get it.

    Don’t just pull a baseless hit-and-run you smug jerk. Name a deal you’d make.

  24. HBO should have shown the full extent of the refs ineptitude and let the viewers make their opinions on how blatantly they were cheating for philly

  25. I have a photograph among my trivia of myself, my mother and father, and my recent bride ( forever after referred to as “tbw” ) taken by a passing Giants fan
    at the final game of the season and the last game the Giants played at the Polo Grounds……..I was a big Giants fan back then and the date was Sept 29 l957.

    If you would be interested, I’ll dig it up, make a copy, and forward it to Ilb. (This was several years after my Trucking career), and I was already reenlisted in the Air Force, and bound for Panama.

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