It’s Go Time!


Game 38.

HBO’s finale of “24/7” debuts tonight at 10, replayed again at 11.

The Winter Classic and all the other distractions are now in the rear-view mirror as ya boys approach the mid-way point of the season and the all-star break having won two in a row and seven of their last eight. The Rangers are 21-6-2 since Oct. 29 and in first place in the East.

As if these Rangers needed help avoiding letdowns — they sure don’t — Florida provided some help in the last meeting, last week in Sunrise, when Tomas Kopecky sucker-punched Michael Del Zotto in the final seconds of the game. Tough guy Krys Barch, who was supposed to be one of the Panthers annoyed at Mike Rupp for pounding Kopecky after the incident, has been suspended for a game for an alleged slur against Montreal’s P.K. Slewfoot, I mean, Subban.

Martin Biron starts in goal for the Rangers, who stick with the same lineup. Wojtek Wolski is healthy again, but he will be prucha’d along with Erik Christensen and a defenseman. Marc Staal makes his 2011-12 Garden debut after returning to action in the Winter Classic victory in Philly Monday.

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  1. Just met Tony from AZ and his family. As expected, nice guy. And he was wearing his pants too :-)

  2. Doodie Machetto on

    rangersreport Not happy about no Knicks on TV last night! The Dolan’s BS propaganda machine? Et tu Carp?

  3. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    WERE NUMBER 1!!!!



  4. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    RANGERS RULE!!! CATS drool!!!!!



    LETS GO !!!!




  5. JimboWoodside on


    Thank you, Latona! – sometime in the future we’ll have have a get-together, perhaps with a few of the other local ‘Heads. Do you come into the city fairly regularly?

  6. Doodie, it was a joke for LW from an earlier thread.

    billy, no, that’s an imposter’s twitter account you mentioned earlier. not me.

  7. I rarely venture into the city, Jimbo – even though I’m so close. I think a Bonehead gathering would be a good reason for me to make an excursion, however.


  8. JimboWoodside on

    Good thing Tony was wearing pants – he can’t get away with that pants-less stuff around here, unless he’s an Occupy Wall Street protester…

  9. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    LW,there’s proof on FB that the family is wearing pants, but not tony lol we’ll have to take Carpy and ilbzo’s words for it

  10. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    I can’t WAIT!!!!!!!

    NEW YORK RANGERS , greatest team in the WORLD!!!!

    Lets win boys, win win win win …..Lets keep up this momentum!!!!

  11. My wife?

    Don’t do that.

    If I saw you guys were actually interested, instead of being sarcastic (you too Carp)

    and interested only in this Ms. Tappen person, maybe I would!

  12. Good evening, Carp!

    Jimbo, thanks for the respect but fair is fair! If you tied me in lunch points then it’s just more motivation for me to step up my game and eat more exciting lunches.

    Wicky, there’s no need to exaggerate my skills at winning. I didn’t win the show ball fight cause it never happened! More than likely I *would* have won, but we’ll never know.

  13. billybleedsblue on

    Carp, gotcha! I will pay no mind to that sort, sorry to bring it up.

    It’s @rangersreport for anyone that is a twIDIOT, like me. I don’t have time for that sort of stuff and am not an ‘expert’ at anything… but of course now, I don’t want to miss out on all the ‘fun’ so… arrrrrgh… YEAH. I’m a bit of a technophobe I guess, which is weird because… oh nevermind.

    Funny Tweet for whatever it’s worth!

    I hopes the Rangers come out flyin’ tonight!

  14. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    duckbill is watching game on a mobility devise. go byfuglien you cheapos who aren’t using profligate spending measures to assure NY rangerrs watchability.

  15. Let me guess: anyone in the New York area who has Time Warner and a GameCenter or Center Ice subscription can’t watch the game though those other methods either, right?

  16. Scott Clemmensen spent five years of his career sat down wearing a baseball cap watching Marty Brodeur.

    An experience shared by thousands of KFC drive-thru workers across the state of New Jersey.

  17. If Time Warner customers can’t get MSG now there is no reason for MSG to mention it to the rest of us now right?

  18. The Panthers are in New Jersey tomorrow? Krys Barch better keep quiet when he sees all the discarded foodstuff on the ice around one goalmouth.

  19. is there a new post and i’m just talking to myself

    just waiting for some Stiffness tonight

  20. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    i’ll be missing the pen()S love in on NHL Network tomorrow, I’m going to a game! WOOOOOO!!
    and i promise i WON’T bang on the glass!

  21. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    Tony and the family better start some kind of chant, or he should take off his pants to get the cdrowd going

  22. I have to watch this garbage on FSFlorida … talk about amateur-hour … this broadcast takes the cake.

  23. ooooh. we are behind already? I knew I should’ve left work early.

    Staal is minus 1? he needs some more conditioning? nah. this is what he needs.

  24. AHA!!! i think the refs brought over
    the pucks from philly
    and let ’em thaw since monday
    that’s why they’re boucning on us!!!

  25. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    wasnt the goc a bully from the ol diffrent strokes sitcom? whatchyou talking about goc?

  26. Interesting that the Panthers defenseman slid to force Prust into a tougher pass, while the Giroux goal on Monday and the goal tonight were scored off passes through a standing Rangers defenseman on the odd-man rush.

  27. watching the non-calls
    is Ian Walsh reffing tonight
    is every night now
    going to be like it’s
    Avery on the ice?

  28. hi Linda.

    Carp you cracked me up.

    I was just noticing the line combos. I see Carp is skating Dubi with Richards. trying his game going. ha ha

  29. every time i hear the panthers goalie
    mentioned i think
    of Zal Cleminson of
    Sensational Alex Harvey Band

  30. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    lol tomb.. that’s NOT totallly true..

    mine LIVED in NY for a few years lol

  31. Turnover forced by Eurostinko on that goal. But it won’t be recorded as a “takeaway” on the stat sheet, so he remains a shameless quitter in my eyes.

  32. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    does manny’s wife let him watch the game or did she make sure they had TWC??

  33. For Månnu, it was either Rangers games or the subscription to Buttman magazine.

    He’s clearly not watching tonight, so…

  34. if anybody saw me laughing at my computer right now, they would know I am a little off center.

    Carp you are cracking me up tonight.

    pretty darned good reporting too if Ive never mentioned it before.

  35. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    carcillo needs to be out of the league. what a asshat

    i bet st louis is disgusted by the Eller goal

  36. Tried taking my pants off but rose wont let me
    I love love msg/ feel like I belong here
    but why so quiet?

  37. anyone just watch Giannone
    with the 150?

    showed the montreal player doing
    the spin-a-rama move
    during the shootout.

    i always thought that the puck had to be moving
    forward during the skills competition.
    doesn’t quite seem like that happens with
    the spin move.

  38. the fans voted?

    the ballot stuffing game, popularity contest? formerly ALL-Star game? it has become a joke.

    I agree 100%.

  39. Miami Pimp: isn’t the FSFlorida broadcast color man no other than our MSG whipping boy, Dennis Potvin?

    Anyone else on the First Row site watching and have to deal with some annoying pop-up ads and occasional choppiness? I feel dirty doing this….. but anything to see our boys!


  40. Jog… The player, no matter the speed, has to remain moving forward… You can drag the back back as long as your still making a move at the net


  41. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    the pop ups are frustrating.

    if you dont mind paying a bit… check out hockeystreams

  42. Spin-o-ramas are specifically permitted in the rules for shootouts, aren’t they?

    The officials seem to permit most attempts now, continuous forward motion or not anyway.

  43. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    i think i originally got the link from CT or spider… so thank them lol!!

  44. Without wishing to go all Boom Boom on the schedule-makers, nice to see the Rangers have to play on the road tomorrow night when the Penguins haven’t played in six days.

  45. IBleedRangersBlue on

    Whats with that subway commercial (directtv – Sorry to the TWC people) singing about subway and says “new york” and then showing 3 people in a devils jerseys!

  46. Oh snap, weed-be-gone, I totally knew that…. I’ve even seen the YouTube video! He is hilarious!


  47. JimboWoodside on

    Now Filthy ahead 4-1 – Ray Emery *sucks* – he doesn’t belong in the big leagues…

  48. JimboWoodside on

    Thanks, Tomb – I’ve got the game now, but it was a real struggle – missed half the first period fighting popups!

  49. Ever since I talked carcillo about the pop-ups and chops, it has been perfect! Not kidding.

    Panthers got some flow going


  50. Bruins up 6-0 halfway through the game. Maybe Iginla is begging to be traded right about……..NOW

  51. If the league wants to allow players to crouch-down, get hit and DRAW a penalty, they might as well start playing on all fours!


  52. I don’t know if Iggy is begging but Boston sure is.

    From The Hockey News, the Players Poll has determined that Sean Avery
    is the most hated and the most overrated player in hockey.

    Predictably, Avery embraces the first part… but “overrated”? But elation soon turns to disbelief when Avery finds out he was also voted the most overrated player, too.

    “What?” he says. “You’ve got to be kidding me. I’ve never really heard anybody say I was good. Did you put candidates on the ballot?” No, we did not.
    “Then how come Shane Doan wasn’t named most overrated,” Avery continues. “Hey, if I’m going to take shots, I’m going to dish them out, too.”

  53. watching Dubi on the boards
    at the end of the period
    makes me wonder
    how much extra love
    we’d have Don Maloney
    if he was playing for us
    right now.

  54. JimboWoodside on

    Bruins were absolutely toying with the debbies in the 3rd period last night – it was like men playing against little boys…

  55. To answer someone’s earlier question:

    FSFlorida has Steve Goldstein and Bill Lindsay as the two clowns calling the game.


  56. Jmbo, you watching this?

    Thought I remembered you saying about why can’t someone develop a helmet that disperses the impact.

  57. billybleedsblue on

    Somebody tell Del Zotto he’s a Defenseman, NOT a forward, please, thank you. And, Kathryn Tappen.

  58. JimboWoodside on

    Yes, Rod – I am! I hope that Mess’ helmet can make a difference – I’d like to see a few Rangers (Staal?) try it out….

  59. I’d posted their web link last week when I had it, cause I remembered you’d said.

    They had a good breakdown on it, though I guess you just got the cliffnotes version.


  61. JimboWoodside on

    Yeah, Rod – they didn’t go into too much detail – it sounds like a good idea, though – worth a try, certainly!

    Manny! Was your little kitchen friend at the wedding? Was he dressed in formal attire? ;-)

  62. Not usually on here during games cause I watch games DVD’d, but this is fun and crazy. I can’t believe I’m on a pc and phone watching….

    Damn Hags….


  63. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on


    i hate this delay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. that Biron
    was too reminiscent
    of Hank from last year

    not protecting short side

  65. Stralman got the man
    w/out puck coming across

    that was MDZ’s man
    and he let him get past him

  66. after tonight’s game
    you think Rangers will
    help clemmmmmmenson
    get voted into allstar game?

    (smart aassen)

  67. for the marine commercial
    did they really need to have an
    af-am saying that he didn’t know how to swim?

  68. They’re letting Samuelsson play with the puck as if he’s TGO. They cannot let that Tappen.

  69. Always liked Sameulsson. Heads up player.
    Couldn’t remember who (or why) they traded him;

    Late in the season, he was dealt to the Pittsburgh Penguins in an eight-player trade on February 10, 2003. Along with Samuelsson, the Rangers sent Rico Fata, Joel Bouchard, Richard Lintner, and cash to the Penguins in exchange for Alexei Kovalev, Dan LaCouture, Janne Laukkanen, and Mike Wilson

  70. No wait, what am I saying?

    IDK, who Carp?

    I know Fata had problems, mostly knowing what he should do!

  71. Do any of you guys remember when Clinton spoke to Leetch on the phone immediately after the Rangers won the Cup? That was cool…

  72. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on


  73. who was 3rd star?

    idiot director of broadcast
    was too busy showing prez
    a bunch of times

    (even screwed up the Salute by zooming in too close
    than showing whole team)

  74. huge win boys and girls. the beat goes on. first post of night been bad computer night but wow what a gutsy effort after the winter classic.


  75. anyone thinking of me after florida repsonded less then a min after we scored. the most important shift of game is after you score. i almost blew a gasket.

    oh well moot point tonite

    keep pace with phil after there big win

  76. Paul in sunrise on

    Gabby looked hungry. Get some. He was awesome in third. Good two points. Great for hockey. Haha.

  77. JimboWoodside on

    Maybe he brought his own in – or, the Secret Service guys did – maybe they don’t trust the concession guys to give him drinks. They might poison him…?

  78. iDoodie Machetto on

    Sweden Russia junior game is crazy. Shots 39-4 after 2nd period, but score still 0-0

  79. No way the people at MSG would tell Clinton he can’t bring what ever he wants in. He could bring in Thai prostitutes, and they wouldn’t say a thing.

    24/7!!! Can’t wait!!! I hope it’s more Rangers than Flyers!

  80. JimboWoodside on

    It’s probably all taken care of by the Secret Service – their rules, when protecting someone.

  81. JimboWoodside on

    Wow!! the Swedes are going wild! I can’t believe that the Russians only have 4 SOG after 2 periods…how is that possible?

  82. “I LOVE how this team can give up the first goal and it ain’t no thing….”

    I know EXACTLY what you mean, my man. Two years ago if the Rangers gave up the first goal or were down by two = DUNZO. If they were lucky they got to OT or a shootout trailing the entire game.

    This team never gives up. EVER. Even if they aren’t getting the bounces or scoring chances they keep forechecking and grinding hard and just find a way to win. I can’t remember being this satisfied with the Rangers. Coaching, offense, defense, goaltending, and prospects. Even Sather’s most recent decisions are turning into gold. McIlwrath could be a beast and Kreider is the real deal. We have a lot to look forward to.

    I disagreed with starting Biron especially after his last performance against the Cats. But it worked out.

    I know the season isn’t near over but I am not looking forward to facing the Rangers in round 1 if I am any team. Because not only will you see this tough young team that NEVER gives up: you’ll be seeing Lundqvist every game.

  83. Where was all the retribution from Florida tonight!? Too bad nobody smacked Kopecky in the puss for his cheapshot the other day….

  84. Boom Boom Bathgate / "Sloppy Firsts" on

    Well, Feds, seeing WW looking over his shoulder, gets 8 hits, one assist, and two takeaways, tonight. Not impressed at all because this means he can turn it on when he wants to and it implicates him for going through the motions for two damn months. So I was right about his ongoing clown act since early November.

    Any athlete who just plays as hard as he feels he has to, to retain his job, is a shirker and a selfish SOB. I don’t think he has it in him to contribute two games in a row. It’s against his “work ethic.” Watch him now go back into the tank for another month, while the coach doesn’t bat an eyelash. Wish I could lead such a phony-baloney charmed life.

  85. Sather has done a great job with trades in the past few years and making Gordie Clarke the head of player drafting and development in 2007 the drafting has been allot better. This team is set up to be good for years to come.

  86. That scene with Tortorella calling out McDonut was great. Until the projecter jammed. Jesus why show that get back to bidness!!!!! I understand it’s HBO

    “Lavy” reminds me a bit of Bordeau. Given a team with a bunch of speedy goalscorers, suspect defense, and no goaltender. Haven’t heard anything of strategy out of his mouth though. Coincidence?!

    I understand it’s HBO!

  87. Boom, you’re going to love Torts on Fedotenko tonight. Exactly what you said about Wolski looking over his shoulder.

  88. BoomBoom I agree to an extent

    Feds only got so much in the tank, yo. When it’s full there’s nobody I want grinding along the boards other than Cally.

    Why do you think he is so inconsistently consistent?

  89. billybleedsblue on

    Hahahahahaaa, I was just like (to myself), “Oh, Lav’s family looks so nice, maybe they aren’t such bad people afterall…” Then one of the young ladies said “Rangers Suck!” when they were all on the staircase for the family photo. LOL WAY TO GO LAV FAMILY. hahahahaha…….

  90. ok i talked a bit of trash about 247 but its redeemed itself. great series and still the best documentary in my eyes

  91. Sweden wins in OT! Great goal by Mika Zibanejad.. Swedes were dominating the game, good for them. Bet Hank and Hags and Stralman are happy!

  92. wow that really was #28 Flyers. what a classless notallowedtosayitonthissite

    is this kid serious? taking Richards number, playing the concussion sympathy card, swearing to the refs and talking smack he can’t back up to vets?

    he’s going to get KO’d and nobody is going to be sorry for him

  93. Boom Boom Bathgate / "Sloppy Firsts" on

    SEVEN of the Bruins goals tonight were E.S. goals. All but the third and ninth goals they scored were E.S. goals. They are just toying with this entire league, now, on a par with the 1927 Yankees, etc.

  94. billybleedsblue on

    Wow, I really don’t like Hartnell. Ha, I know, news flash. Or is it news-flash? Miami?

  95. Boom Boom Bathgate / "Sloppy Firsts" on

    Noonan –

    I keep tabs so I know who is making it and who is faking it, or just not capable of contributing at this level, but my numbers really don’t tell me WHY a player is under-achieving. Might be physical problems he is playing through; might be he’s a lazy-ass; might be his wife beats him up at home all the time, or a divorce is on the table, etc. Might be he is homesick for Europe, Sweden, Russia, or wherever?

    We just never know what these players are burdened with away from the game. All I want to know is who is helping this team and who is dragging it down with his inferior game. Happy to say I am not a psychologist, and neither is any coach.

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