Tortorella will be fined, not suspended


Rangers coach John Tortorella will not be suspended, but he will be fined (the amount expected to be announced later today) for his comments about the officiating and an NBC conspiracy he made after the Winter Classic.

Tortorella spoke with NHL VP Colin Campbell about the comments, and told reporters today that he regretted the words he chose, and that he will personally apologize to the two referees — Ian Walsh and Denis LaRue. He also said he called and apologized to Flyers GM Paul Holmgren. He said he “tainted” the Winter Classic, and that “I screwed up with my mouth.”

In case you missed it, here were the post-game remarks from Tortorella and Henrik Lundqvist on the officiating, including the penalty shot and some non-calls, during the Q&A at the podium:

Q.  You just touched on it, the penalty shot and the few calls late, that they could have been made for the event; were you thinking the same thing?
JOHN TORTORELLA:  I’m not sure if NBC got together with the refs or what to turn this into an overtime game.  It started with the non-call on Gaby’s, and he gets pitchforked in the stomach and everything starts going against us.  So for two good refs, I thought the game was reffed horribly.
So I’m not sure what happened there.  Maybe they wanted to get into overtime.  I’m not sure if they had meetings about that or what.  But we stood in there.  We stood in there.  And again, I don’t want to — because they are good guys.  I just thought tonight, it was — in that third period, it was disgusting.


Q.  People who watch this game nationally never really watch a lot of hockey.  You mentioned before you were surprised they called the penalty shot; do you think it was done to add to the drama so people would have something more to talk about?
HENRIK LUNDQVIST:   Maybe that’s the only reason why he called it.  You know, it would have been tough to swallow that one if they scored.  But luckily he didn’t, and I think there was a couple of calls in the end there where I was really surprised, I must say.  But, again, we came up big in the end with the penalty kill and just the way we worked

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  1. What a bunch of nonsense. The refs and NBC tainted the Winter Classic. This stupid PC crap is destroying the purity of the game.

    Bunch of yes man the NHL front office has become.

  2. He shouldn’t have said it, vogs. It was completely wrong to suggest a conspiracy. If he wants to say the refs sucked or that they blew the call(s), fine. You don’t irresponsibly suggest a conspiracy or crooked refereeing. You don’t.

    1940, how do you know what the referee saw on the penalty shot? because he was there, and we had no view of what he saw. I’m not saying he was right. i’m saying there’s no way any of us can say he was right or wrong based on what we were shown.

  3. Whatever. Was sick of Winter Classic before it was ever played.

    Sauer’s working out; Wolski’s ready.

    Might be interesting to see what this team looks like healthy.

  4. If we were down 3-2 and a flyer jumped on the puck like that in the crease (even though from the lateral camera angle you see the puck leave the crease after Mcdonut jumps on it) I would be screaming for the rangers to get a penalty shot too.

    That being said, the non-call on Gaborik, the delay of game on McDonut, and call on Callahan just make the penalty shot call that less credible.

  5. I obviously can’t. Just looking at how quick it all happened and all the bodies in the net I find it hard to believe he definitively saw it one way or the other. With the calls I have seen this year and in that game I have little faith. Which is why I thought it was a bad call. Just my opinion.

  6. stranger nation on

    What are the pairings when Sauer Power returns?


    MDZ – Sauer

    Staal – Bickel

    Like to keep Mr. Bickels up with the club given his toughness and no frills yet effective game. We actually have some nice size back there now.

  7. I’m glad to see Torts got what he deserved and I’m as big a Torts supporter as there is on this board. But, it’s one thing to question officiating after a game and it’s another to suggest the game is fixed and question the integrity of the NHL, the broadcasters and MOST IMPORTANTLY two refs that have been on the job for probably over 20 years (You don’t just show up and ref in the NHL) at all different levels. I’m sure Torts would “appreciate” if Dennis LaRue or Ian Walsh spoke to a reporter after a game and said “I think Torts cares more about his own ego rather than playing Sean Avery over Christensen” How’d ya think he’s react to that?

  8. Carp, what was it Clarke or Snyder said in the elevator after the game the year the Rangers were eliminated by Filthy in a shootout? The Flys don’t deserve an apology.

  9. I think the Winter Classic was “tainted” long before Torts said anything. Maybe he shouldn’t have said it but he was right on the money with his comments.

  10. Anybody know how Section 341 is at MSG is for a Rangers game? I’m going to a game in February.

  11. I liked Orr and wish him well, but it’s another indication that signing enforcers to multi-year, $1m+ contracts is nuts.

  12. Torts is doing the right thing at the moment. He knows he could’ve said it differently, but it’s now too late. He decides to take a full responsibility and get this little distraction out of the team’s way. No need to dwell on it. I’m sure he is now all about the game tomorrow. It takes a man to admit to your mistakes…

  13. I’d swap Sauer and Staal but thats if and when Sauer comes back and if they BOTH have no further problems. Although, it would be tough to complain about any of the pairings you can put together with those guys.

  14. Mmm… Sauer Bickels…

    Orr on waivers? Wonder how much I could get him for. I always liked that guy.

  15. The only calls that were really blown when you think about it were the McD delay of game, the Gaby no-call, and the play called dead when Henrik wasn’t even close to having the puck covered up (which saved us).

    Also, Torts HAS to be fined. It would do two things A) admit that he was right and B) set a precedent going forward that coaches/players can say whatever they want about the league. They’ve fined coaches before for much less than this, could you imagine the uproar if Torts wasn’t fined?

    No surprise here and the correct call by the league, the only call really.

  16. I think Stralman has something to say about our defensive lineup when Sauer comes back…

  17. If EVER the integrity of the game, the broadcast, and the refs were to be questioned,
    the disgrace called the Winter Classic was it!

    Sather, Tortorella, and Lundqvist all said it, DIRECTLY, as did everyone here watching it.

    They’re being forced to walk it back now, for reasons I don’t understand (it’s not like they can’t afford the fines).

  18. Yeah, I think as it stands, Stralman probably would see 3rd pair minutes over Bickel. Lets just hope we eventually have this problem to discuss.

  19. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    Read the question again “that the calls were made for the event” that reporter lured Torts into making that response. Was that Brooks who asked that question? Conspiracy I tell yah even asked Hank a similar question.

  20. No Jonny D, the non-calls on Hagelin and Boyle, either of which might have resulted in a 2-goal lead and nullified any possibility for last-minute ref-fueled drama, started the sequence.

    Plus the nonsense with Cally.

  21. And my guess is they’re fearful for what the refs/league will do to them the remainder of the

    season, and that’s the only reason for this about-face.

  22. I was watching a talk show segment before the Wings vs Stars last night (the show before the NHL pre-game show, so the pre-pre-game show I suppose) and they had Mad Mike discussing Torts’ comments and while he may have been right about criticizing Torts’ remarks VS/NBCSportsBabble could have certainly used someone that didn’t live in a glass house as a commentator when it comes to respecting integrity of the league and the sport.

    Oh and Mad Mike walked by our section several times at the WC, he heard it from both fanbases. We also had a Don Cherry sighting too. That guy dresses like he was an extra in a Richard Roundtree movie.

  23. Belated greetings all! Sally, hahahaha at SB :)

    Needless to say, a grand time was had Monday, and Carp, loved your review of the broadcast.

  24. So when all the D is healthy who is our 7th guy..if we even keep a 7th D man… Stralman, Woywitka, Eminger, or Bickel?

  25. Milbury actually lives in a 15-bedroom glass mansion with a glass swimming pool and purpose built stone throwing enclosure.

  26. Speaking of Gomez. I was thinking the other day how much would Montreal be willing to give up for McDonagh now, considering they had no choice but to sign Georges for 6 years at almost $4M per?

  27. Rod, it’s been touched on here before. The Cally penalty was the correct one. He was trying to protect himself, yes, but he grabbed the stick. He would’ve either been called for that or diving, either of which I’m ok with. By the book, that is the correct call.

  28. I know Jonny. But the book wasn’t within a thousand mile radius of Philadelphia.

    Sather said it perfectly.

    “Look at the whole thing (the whole sequence).

    “You see three or four calls that are enough to blow your mind.”

  29. stralman will play over Bickell when Sauer comes back. Sauer is a better Bickell.

    Stralman can skate, play the PP, and adds some skill. Bickell will be there 7th d man.

    Torts only mistake was the conspiracy stuff, should have just said those calls were wrong and why so many wrong in a row against our team and left it at that…

  30. hey btw how was that Bickell trade. ANother bad 1 by Sather?

    Sather has been on a roll for the last few years. Korpi for Lisin was a dog but what can you say. Korpi would be playing. he is a good well rounded player not great but good.

  31. Carp – I have watched the post-game interview of Torts a few times now, and to me Torts and his comments about a conspiracy were tongue in cheek. The comments about the officiating were from the heart and he even went far enough to say he thought both refs were good guys during the interview.

    But in my mind the NHL should acknowledge that the officiating was poor, the calls were ill timed and but one team at a disadvantage over the other. It should not be Torts who takes the fall here. The league owes the fans and the players better than that, because in the end, the real fans and the players know who is right.

  32. billybleedsblue on

    Let’s hope and pray there’s no backlash for this one… I can see it now… late 3rd period, playoffs game 5, tied 2-2 in the series and the game, and then a phantom call goes our opponents’ way. Torts did the right thing in apologizing and we all better pray this thing just blows-over, because if it doesn’t, there may be hell to pay for it. And, Kathryn Tappen.

  33. Shoot the puck, Barry on

    All I can say is that you gotta love Torts for saying what we fans were thinking– it sure was funny how lopsided the calls were, particularly towards the end of the game. Of couse he shouldn’t have thrown around the conspiracy stuff, but he was mad. He’s taking it like a man, so I have no problem with it, the fine, etc. More importantly, we won the game, even despite the nonsense!

  34. jay riemenschneider on

    The NHL is McDonalds. A bunch of crappy restaurants that all have to kowtow to the corporate monster—serving up whatever pile of “product” the franchise agreement states. Want to build your own website? Tough, you have to use the one we designed for you so you have no individuality. Want to have your own logo? Tough, we have to approve it so that it fits in with the National Hockeytainment brand machine. Heck, you could probably shuffle every NHL player to another team and 90% of the viewing audience would never notice they had a bunch of different players in their teams sweater. Except for Scott Hartnell. That guy would stand out in the sale rack at an ugly store.

  35. >> Anybody know how Section 341 is at MSG is for a Rangers game? I’m going to a game in February.

    It’s in the corner on the side that the Rangers defend twice. It’s right below me two sections to the left. What game are you going to?

  36. billybleedsblue on

    “That guy would stand out in the sale rack at an ugly store.”

    Wow, thanks for the chuckle. I am takin’ that one with me, btw :D lol so funny

  37. Doodie Machetto on

    eric, you’ll have an easier go of not seeing the Rangers score than I did because it won’t be a headline on ESPN or similar websites. You just can’t go looking for any hockey news or come here for a couple of days. Withdrawal might be your biggest issue.

  38. He’s just apologizing now because this is the first time the media has had access since the event, because the team was off yesterday. What he said was wrong, and he’s manned up and admitted it — unlike when he waited after the water bottle incident. If he had just said the refs stunk, or that they made the wrong call, or even left in the “disgusting” comment, none of this would be an issue. to suggest a conspiracy, that the refs were crooked, or had motives for the calls they made, was just wrong. and tortorella is right in apologizing for it.

    Johnny, OK. I’m sorry I didn’t want your bulbous head stretching out the collar of my finely knit sweater. There, i sad it.

  39. and, yes, Tortorella was being sarcastic with the comment about meetings with NBC. …

    let’s just say this, if the Rangers owner/GM/coach really believed there was a conspiracy, we’d sure be drowning in that controversy by now. and that would get hockey onto the back pages and into Francesa’s consciousness.

  40. Taking it like a man would be standing by what you said, and dealing with the consequences.

    Torts is taking it like a man that’s worried about what will happen to his team going forward,
    to which I have to ask;

    If this was the NHL’s grandest stage and they had no problem so BLATANTLY trying to screw us so many different ways, what in the world makes the NYR think it won’t happen in the playoffs?

    He now says ‘they reffed a good game”. After talking to Colie Campbell (and apparently they’re not done talking)?

    Give me a break.

  41. The more REAL problem with officiating in NHL will be silenced, the referee’s corp. will stay untouchable and biggest accent on cases like that will always be on person who TALK about it, the more chances, that this smoke and mirrors politic will lead to more and more controversial situations. “Zebras” are humans too and make mistakes, have personal preferences and emotional attachments, as well as understanding of games dynamic and scenarios and always have it in their subconscious during a game; hence there are all elements of reality. (How statistically often you see ANY calls in OT, which are decisive, for example). I would like for change, hear some referee, publically admitting at least some mistakes, leave alone apologizing for it. Now, call me naïve idiot, I’m ready.

  42. John Tortorella will join the Michael Kay Show on 1050-ESPN Radio today at 4:30 PM.

    More apologies, no doubt.

    My guess is the Rangers received some type of acknowledgment that “mistakes were made”, or the refs got caught up in the moment, etc.

    Everyone will try to put it behind them
    (though if HBO was in the refs room after I’d love to hear it!).

    Thus the pr blitz.

  43. I wouldn’t worry too much about any negatives regarding Torts and his comments. The Devils eventually lived down the whole Schoenfeld-Koharski-Donut controversy. Hmm, wait a minute, Schoeny is a Rangers assistant – maybe Torts was right! :-)

  44. I’m trying to play for the New York Rangers, it is, but John Torrarerra wont let me!! You like peanuts, it is?

  45. stranger nation on

    Seriously 4ever – the closest we have now is Kerry ‘the Hair’ Fraser providing commentary on disputed calls. While you may not agree with his take on the calls, at least he provide some context from someone who effed (I mean reffed) the game. His take on the Cally call was similar to Carp and others who thought if was overly dramatic or grabbing stick. I don’t agree as it was a defensive act as the stick was up at his throat.

    The most egregious IMO was the McD penalty ‘jarring’ the net which no one can, OK maybe some scuz bucket from Philthy, can dispute was a horrendous call which started the whole ball of Carcillo rolling.

  46. Yeah I would like to hear what the refs and the NHL have to say about the officiating in the game.

    What’s the news with Wolski? and does he even fit on this team anymore?

  47. So, why hasn’t NBC/NHL asked Milbury to apologise to the Rangers for calling them “the Bluesh*ts”? That’s the apology I’d be interested in.

  48. Or for making his Eurotrash comment at the 2010 Olympics or for calling the Sedin Twins Thelma and Louise or for…

  49. Torts did what we had to do publicly…we’ll never know what was said privately.

    Of course, anyone with a pair of working eyes could see how the ice was slanted heavily those last few minutes.

    All this being said, I hope it’s over and done with. Because I have a very healthy memory in regards to “The Messier Effect” some years ago.

    If Carp can maybe help me on this one, Messier ripped the refs one game (I believe Mess’ quote was “I said f*%*, I didn’t call him a f*%*”) somewhere between 95-97.

    For the next month, statistical figures showed the Rangers constantly getting called for more penalties than their opponents. Sometimes ridiculously so. And as a Rangers fan, I remember clearly thinking he had ticked off the officials and they then came to the rink with a grudge against the Rangers.

    So, let’s hope this matter is put to a rest. It’s bad enough the thought of what if Crosby returns for the playoffs. How many calls will go in the Pens favor then?

    I would just like the NHL to acknowledge the poor officiating and that maybe, just maybe, it’s a bad idea to have a ref from Philadelphia who PLAYED FOR THE FLYERS LITTLE LEAGUE TEAM officiate such a big event.

    I won’t hold my breath.

    24/7 should be interesting…after Laviolette’s diatribe on the legendary bias in Montreal and the disgrace we saw at the end of the Winter Classic, the NHL officiating crews are really gonna come out of this looking like morons.

    Wonder if Gary and the NHL are pressuring HBO to tone down the final episode in regards to the Rangers being upset at the calls?

  50. It hasn’t been pointed out that Torts comments about NBC/conspiracy came after he did not see the broadcast, which was only the most lopsided national telecast one could ever imagine.

    I dont want to argue this but every single poster here had the same reaction to the combination of events – on-ice & on-air.

    There’s your team scratching it’s way back from 0-2 and you’re under siege from every conceivable angle. Afterward, the GM, coach, and franchise goalie all call a spade a spade.

    I’m not getting into conspiracy talk, but how is it no one in the entire league stepped in when the Flyers ran not one but two 20-minute between-periods commercials for their disgusting franchise? Please, this is sickening.

  51. Gregm_section403 on

    Integrity of the game? What horseschneider! Torts was right to apologize for the conspiracy theory comments, but the refs tarnished the integrity, not Torts.

  52. That is the only way Fatso can get his name anywhere near one of the top goalies in the league because it sure isn’t in the stats column.

  53. Gregm_section403 on

    Oh, and every time i hear someone talk about the ‘integrity of the game,’ whether in baseball or hockey or any other sport, i laugh.

    When someone cites ‘integrity of the game’ in their argument, it likely means that your criticism is pretty much spot on and accurate, and the ‘integrity’ poser is grasping at straws.

  54. You can’t prevent a official from officiating a game based on things like where he grew up or where he may have worked in the past because doing so implies that officials are not infallible, golden gods who are correct even when they’re wrong.

    If you prevent one guy from doing it, then every franchise in the league is going to start looking into the history of officials and complaining when they dig up some info about how the guy owned a Sabres hat when he was a kid or how the guy once met the uncle of neighbor of the Red Wing’s current captain.

    The party line of the NHL is that officials should not be scrutinized in public in any way. Implying they may possess the biases of mortal humans is in direct contrast to the way the league presents its officials, and as such barring one from officiating any game is out of the question.

  55. Yeah NBC (you know the one where their lead broadcaster won a Stanley Cup with the Rangers and prior to that hired the Rangers TV analyst and yesterday used Kenny and Joe Mic on their game) hates the Rangers. LOL!!

  56. Carp

    what bothers me is all these hockey experts especially the TSN guys have refused to even acknowledge the fact that the refereeing (which I thought was excellent through 2.75 periods btw) turned into a joke.

    Even my friends down in South Jersey that are huge Flyers fans knew what was going on. Now I get that its wrong to accuse anyone of rigging games but it certainly looked that way.

    I personally disregard any conspiracy theories, however, I do believe the refs got lost in the moment and helped out the Flyers a bit. I do believe it was innocent and unintentional and 100% free of any league or network interference but those calls would not have been made even if it was game 7 of the Stanley Cup in Philly…

    I applaud Tortorella for speaking out especially when none of the goons at NBC even mentioned the fact that those were horrible calls.

  57. This just in from NHL headquarters: Tortorella has been ordered to become Mr. Snider’s butler.

  58. HWirth, you weren’t on during the game that day.

    You should check the thread. EVERYONE was going ballistic, and rightly so.

    It’s been made quite clear you’re some sort of company man.

    Question I’d have is, which company?

    Because NO ONE could be this clueless.

  59. You think maybe people outside of NY think Eddie O might be biased to NYR when they watch him do a Rangers game on NBC? Everyone ALWAYS thinks the National TV broadcast is biased against their team because they are used to home team centric broadcast that they normally get. As for the intermissions, it was Phily’s HOME GAME When the game is in NY, it will Rangers centric. When it’s in Detroit next year, you’ll see lots of Gordie Howe and Ted Lindsay.

  60. if you go on TSN and look at the fan reaction, everyone was in agreement that the calls were horrendous and many thought the same as we did.

    And those are not Rangers fans btw…

  61. Don’t you think there will be possible kind of hidden retribution from officiating zebras against Torts Rangers, … or they will be more cautious after that?
    Oh, and BTW, about conspiracy theories, as well as any corruptions; it is not necessarily giving or receiving greedy hands, it sometimes on the back of someone brains or falling pair of balls, so to speak. Just thoughts…

  62. Rod – If by company man you mean have I worked on an NHL TV broadcast? Then yes, I am a company man. And since I was a company man for both National and Local TV broadcasts, you can rest assure the Network and Broadcasters are more interested in what bar they will partake in the post game beer then on which team won, ESPECIALLY the National Broadcasts.

  63. HWirth

    EXACTLY and same with the officials, however, I do believe subconsciously the referees tried to get that game tied especially after the ref blew that puck dead when the Flyers had a likely goal…

  64. Brodeur on Lundqvist: “He’s always been really good, but this season has been pretty impressive. I think his game is a lot more aggressive.”


    The interview was clearly done over a bad phone line. He actually said: “Cheese is always really good, but this seasoning has been pretty in dressing. My thing is cake a lot more than lettuce.”

  65. Someday you’ll tell me something I don’t know Wirth. But not today.

    You might want to start considering a name change,

    because I’m about to permanently dub you Wirth-less.

  66. No one cared when Lindy Ruff and Darcy Reiger complained about open season on goaltenders or when Bob Murray called Ray Shero a hypocrite for complaining about headshots at the GM meetings and then defended Cindy for his elbow on a Ottawa player. Torts was fine until he brought up (even though it was tongue and cheek) about the conspiracy. Yes, the officiating was questionable but it’s questionable on most nights and when coaches complain it’s fine.

  67. Totrs was simply told by Bettman and Campbell what exactly he HAS to do in terms of appologies and the related media comments. In case he refused, it would have brought huge heat on the team itself. WC is done and we’ve won it but there is more than half a season ahead and the last think we need is a chip revenge from the officials, which I can easily envision in case Torts doesn’t follow Betman’s instructions.

  68. Ok Rod… I wouldn’t want to give you facts about what really goes on. It’ll take away from your mindless bashing on everything that goes on with a sport you supposedly enjoy.

  69. Jeff

    The conspiracy thing is way overboard, but in other sports (maybe not in North America, I don’t know), preventing officials from working games involving a team from their place of birth or residence happens all the time, if only to avoid the perception of bias.

  70. stranger nation on

    We need to stop associating Eddie No-check with the NYR. He played 1, that’s right, 1 playoff game when they one the Cup. While he was with the big club for parts of 3 seasons, mostly as part of the Black Aces. He has played for 5 other teams including the hated Pens. Enough.

    It is not that NBC hates the Rangers, but the league definitely would have preferred a Flyer win for Mr. Snider, the class of Philthy – HA!

  71. LW – If they prevented refs from working home games they wouldn’t have enough different refs to work the Montreal and Toronto games. You know how many Ontario guys work Leafs games and I’m pretty sure based on their 40+ year cup drought it hasn’t helped.

  72. I’ve been dealing with ‘what really goes on’ since before you were born.

    What I don’t deal with, you HACK, are people that are WIRTHLESS.

  73. billybleedsblue on

    CT, that’s crazy! Nice link. DP is just ‘that guy’ I guess?!

    Besides the actual hockey ‘meat and potatoes,’ around here, this site is so entertaining– what with all of the back-and-forth of some of the more idiotic assenclowns. And, Kathryn Tappen.

  74. Ok Rod. It’s amazing your anger problems. The second someone says something you disagree you go for the immature personal shot. That’s ok. You are a serious journalist with serious connections to nothing you could prove. But I am the hack! HAHA

    Remember this post:

    Rod November 29th, 2011 at 1:16 am
    Was used to trumpet the new Patrick administration, I meant to say.

    Anyhow, heard Iginla has submitted his list of teams he’ll wave his NMC for and we’re not on it.
    (Ill get into reasons I’ve been told IF he’s dealt elsewhere; until then, you never know…)

    All kinds of stuff flying on him, because he’ll be dealt soon, before Xmas for sure.
    Supposedly he’s said he doesnt want to be far from his young children and Calgary will remain home. Same time I’ve heard he grew up a Habs fan and would love to play there. Dallas, who drafted him, and with tons of cap space, supposedly also in hot pursuit.

    Still waiting on that trade. “for sure”

  75. Carp,

    Great recap the other day – couldn’t agree more with your comments. While some thought you were being a bit of a windbag, I think you were absolutely spot on and you called out a few things that I think have been problems for a while.

    I’mI don’t have any hometown bias as far as how the Rangers should be treated but I have to ask – Within media circles, do you get a sense that there is a bias against the Rangers and NYC hockey in general? The NBC/VS presentations have been unbearable since the start and their commentators have made little effort in hiding their contempt for the Rangers – I actually thought it was starting to changes since their success has proven to be sustainable – but what gives? I mean Mike never missed a chance to bash Jags while in Blue but he sure didn’t have much to say on Monday, well, except for the bluesharts gaffe. Doc and crew just completely baffled me – missed a lot of action on the Rangers side while pining about the event and Philly and other drivel. I just muted it after the second period as I tend to do with just about any game on NBC/VS — I miss ESPN broadcasts immensely.

    Anyway, my question was…do you think there is a bias from the media? Do you think there is a bias from the officials and NHL HQ? I think all this nonsense of Torts getting on his knees an publicly falling on his sword is ridiculous — I know it’s part of the rules but if no one else is going to point out the obvious than at least he did. As if the NHL and NBC are beyond reproach and that it is completely ridiculous to suggest they manipulated a lot in Bettman’s reign — certainly the playing up of Ovie and Crosby and what I think is a pretty mild rivalry between PIT and WSH. And NBC/VS deserves a ton of criticism — those camera angles were terrible — I think they rival that stupid dot and laser garbage from the days on FOX in how amateur it all seemed…as if the people broadcasting the game had never seen a hockey game on TV before. Some idiots who are making 10x my annual salary came up with those useless gimmicks.

    I don’t think it is a conspiracy but I do think there is bias and I think Torts should be applauded for questioning.

  76. DiPietro should just do himself a favor and retire. But, I have to say, I worry aboot his mental state. I mean, once upon a time, he was a pretty good goalie, but all these injuries have made everyone forget that. Pretty unfair!

    Still not deserving of that massive contract though, injured or not.

  77. Anyway, back to actual hockey, I’d like to see what happens tomorrow with Kopecky. Will the Rangers force him to answer the bell? It won’t be Barch, I’d think he’d lay low right now with what he’s dealing with. Maybe Santorelli will challenge Rupp, but I’d be more interested in a Del Zotto – Kopecky fight. Easy to throw a sucker punch when you have no desire to have an actual fight.

  78. HW

    Not suggesting there is any bias or that the Leafs could be “helped”, or that there are sufficient numbers of NHL officials to have “non-locals” do each game. Clearly it’s not an outrageous idea in principle though, seeing as it’s commonplace in other sports.

  79. You guys think Depietro has ever injured himself by jumping off his bed into a pile of 67 million 1 dollar bills…… would have to say its plausible.

  80. Maybe because Calgary won like 8 of 10, and climbed back into the race when no one thought they could? Wirthless.

    If you like going back into threads so much, why not read the one titled ‘Winter Classic’?
    Every single poster here was losing their minds, with total justification.

    Oh, and why not argue with these 3 guys?

    NYT: “Lundqvist seemed less understanding. He said twice he “couldn’t believe it” when the penalty shot was called. He was asked if he thought the penalty shot was called to add drama for viewers new to hockey.
    “Maybe — maybe that’s the only reason why he called it,” Lundqvist said with a smile, but then turned serious. “It would have been tough to swallow that one if they scored,” he said. “There were a couple of calls at the end there where I was really surprised, I must say.”

    “I’m not sure if NBC got together with the refs and wanted to turn this into an overtime game,” said Tortorella. “For two good referees, I thought that game was reffed horribly.”

    “Look at the whole thing. “You see three or four calls that are enough to blow your mind,” Sather told The Record.

  81. Malt,

    When one of their on-air guys literally calls you sh*t, yeah, there could be a problem.

  82. Wicky©"I think the NHL Network host was named Kathryn Tappen" on

    Morning ILB, Kathryn Tappen, and all!!

    So did I miss anything??

    Nevermind, don’t answer the last question!

    Orr (not ours) on waivers…flyers or fishies probably pick him up just because that is how it works…

    I keep bickel up and pair him with staal until staal is playing like he was pre concussion, and then I do not pair staal and OPG together.

    damn, I was looking forward to the pics, but oh well

  83. Malt, I don’t know what to say. Are there people who don’t like New York or who are jealous of N.Y.? Of course. Are there people who don’t like Tortorella? Heck, there’s a majority of media in N.Y. that doesn’t like him, including some in his own company.

    Milbury has never liked the Rangers, from his whining as Boston player and then coach to his days as a GM legend on Long Island. The league, as somebody pointed out the other day, is just loaded with people who came from the Rangers organization and/or who covered the Rangers. NBC’s lead analyst loves the Rangers’ organization.

    ps, we don’t use the word you used to describe Milbury, so consider this a warning.

    As for Tortorella falling on his sword … do you guys still not have any idea who this coach is or what he’s about? He wouldn’t apologize to anybody anywhere under any circumstances if he didn’t think it was warranted. He apologized because it was the right thing to do. He really doesn’t give a crap what anybody thinks about him.

  84. I hate Philly more after watching the Winter Classic. It is a garbage town and the Flyers are a garbage team. Bob Clarke can go to hell. Jagr is the only player I respect in that franschise…

    It was not the “Winter Classic”, it was the “Celebration of Philadelphia” and the Rangers sent all those orange losers home! It was the sweetest victory against the Flyers in my lifetime…

  85. Wicky©"I think the NHL Network host was named Kathryn Tappen" on

    JAM and MZA going to AHL allstar game…

  86. Rod – Do you know where the majority of the NBC Execs are from? Especially the crew for the NHL on NBC? I do. The majority are NYers and grew up Rangers or Isles fans. But, of course I worked with them regularly so what do I know! If you want, I can name them.. Jeff Simon lives in Nassau County about grew up going to the Old MSG as a kid. Here’s an article about him if you need some actual fact, I’d hate to take you away from your fantasy conspiracy theories.

  87. Wicky©"I think the NHL Network host was named Kathryn Tappen" on

    The only player on the flyers, right off of the top of my head, that I immediately think of that I have respect for is coburn.

  88. “What are the pairings when Sauer Power returns?


    MDZ – Sauer

    Staal – Bickel”

    I like. Maybe switch Sauer with Staal though. One stay-at home and one offense-minded!

    Hope Bickel stays in the lineup cuz he’s a big boy!

  89. Wicky©"I think the NHL Network host was named Kathryn Tappen" on

    Here we go again…Orr Kathryn Tappen’d info on JAM and MZA

  90. Also remember that Torts is one of a few coaches who is very respectful to the referees during tge games. He never yells at them, all he needs is an explanation. It was a right thing to do from many different angles, and he apologized. Move on.

    And can we please stop with personal stuff already? It’s getting old

  91. Yes, it was indeed the “Celebration of Philadelphia” and the Rangers celebrated in style by winning the game and making Clark and Hartnell clowns.

  92. Doodie Machetto on

    “Staal, Del Zotto and McDonagh all play left side.”

    You have to figure that if Sauer is slow to come back, one of them will play out of position on the 2nd pair though, right?

  93. Carp – I was the one who pointed at about the majority of NHL execs/Lead Commentators on the grounds of the Winter Classic had something to do with the Rangers organization at some point.

    1. Frank Brown (beat writer)
    2. John Dellapina (beat writer with an unabashed bias towards Brian Leetch)
    3. Kris King (Ranger)
    4. Shanny (Ranger)
    5. Eddie O (94 Ranger)
    6. Healy (94 Ranger)
    7. Weeks (Ranger and more impt Teammate with current guys)
    8. Colie (former Rangers coach who was supposed to be on Alumni game bench with Keenan)
    9. Mike Murphy (fomer Rangers draft pick and coach)

    If I was a fan from outside NY, looking at this list, I’d say there’s probably a pro-Rangers (bias but of course lousy results would say otherwise.)

  94. Wicky©"I think the NHL Network host was named Kathryn Tappen" on

    I think her name is Deb something…covered the fishies I think!!

    I think as a surprise gift, I’m going to get you a special iphone with a key board where tGe “G” and “H” keys are on opposite sides!!! LMFAO!!

  95. Carp,

    I’m surprised you think neither Sather nor the NHL got to Torts.

    How else would you explain his 180 on all this?

    Remember, none of Sather, Torts or Hank saw the broadcast at the time of their remarks.

    I’m quite sure if Torts ever sees the accompanying telecast, rather than issuing apologies,

    he’d go into a full-on Jihad.

  96. ““Staal, Del Zotto and McDonagh all play left side.”

    Think one of them could switch? Or would that make no sense?

    Who was it last season that they made switch sides? Gilroy right?

    Glad he’s gone!

  97. how about this Rod: He knew he shouldn’t have said it the minute he said it, and today was his first interaction with the media and opportunity to apologize.

    I totally disagree. I think when Tortorella sees the call on Callahan he’ll understand it was the correct call. The penalty shot call was impossible to argue for/against based on the TV replays. The McDonagh call was blown, obviously, and the Gaborik non-call probably was a case of a ref not wanting to decide a game on the sport’s biggest stage and before 46,000 home fans.

    Not a chance he’s apologizing because he was told to apologize. Not a chance.

  98. It’s interesting debate on whether or not to put Girardi w/ Staal or keep him with Mcdonagh. I think Torts will put Staal back with Girardi and ride them for the 27 mins. a game you’d expect (sorry Doodie – don’t let your head explode :) while McD, MDZ, a returning Sauer with Bickel depending on chemistry comfort with side of the ice combine for the remaining pair. I could see MCD – Sauer and Bickel with MDZ.

  99. Rod he probably apologized because it was the right thing to do (and he doesn’t want to get suspended). Complaining about the officiating is one thing but questioning the league’s integrity after such a high profile game is a little brash. I thought his comment was funny, but others probably didn’t. Just my two cents.

  100. JimboWoodside on

    I’m disgusted but not surprised that Torts is being forced to do a “mea culpa” for his comments following that awful officiating performance on Monday – you just knew that the league was gonna land on him with both feet for what he said. It had to happen, but everyone who saw the game knew why he said what he did.

    On another topic, what (if anything) have you folks done about lining up alternate ways of seeing the games if you are Time-Warner Cable subscribers? I am, and I’m hoping that they come to a settlement sooner, if not later, but I don’t think that anything good is going to happen in time for tomorrow’s game.

  101. Unfortunately for you Jimbo and the rest of you guys in TWC territories, Cablevision and these other cable outlets are pretty stubborn on this garbage. Remember the YES network stuff. Heck, I’m pretty sure Dish Networks has no rights deals with any of the sports packages. What amazed me a little bit, but then again nothing should surprise anyone anymore, is I thought with DirecTV and now Verizon FIOS that the lack of monopoly would lead to less of this stuff.

  102. Afternoon gang.

    Not surprised Torts apologized. I’m sure he figured out that it was the best thing to do to just put this behind them and let the team move forward. And I would not be shocked if he re-read what he said and thought better of it after the fact.

    Colton Orr, eh? Liked the guy, but no thanks, unless he wants to be the water boy.

  103. all I know is I thought the exact same thing what Tortorella was thinking and after the game I read a bunch of different forums on this subject and every where I read thought the same thing. The NHL wonders why they can’t expand there fan base. Stupid freaking canadians and Buttman, idiots.

  104. Carp, you really wrote this?

    “and the Gaborik non-call probably was a case of a ref not wanting to decide a game on the sport’s biggest stage and before 46,000 home fans.”

    But it was okay for the same ref to issue a penalty shot with 19 seconds remaining?

    I’m not sure there’s anything left I can say, to the delight I’m sure of many here.

  105. bull dog line on

    Bickel will be Whaled when all are healthy. I think all are making to much about a hand full of games by a career minor leaguer. he has been a nice story, but he is not going to play over Stralman, and Woywitka will be 7th Damn until Eminger is healthy.

  106. stranger nation on

    Tough when the content (MSG/Rangers) is owned by one of the competitor distribution channels (Cablevision). Do TWC customers need a consent decree to watch the Blueshirts in 2012?

    Bottom line – Dolan is a scuz bucket in the sewer that is Cable TV.

  107. stranger nation on

    If those are the pairings, they should start MDZ/Stral on the 1st pair PP. Tired of the four forwards look which yields little, save for another penalty last game when B Rich had to stop a potential SH breakaway.

  108. Only way I would take Orr would be on re-entry waivers and if something happened to Prust or Rupp, long-term.

  109. The interview was clearly done over a bad phone line. He actually said: “Cheese is always really good, but this seasoning has been pretty in dressing. My thing is cake a lot more than lettuce.”

    FUNNY!! : )))

  110. JimboWoodside on

    HW, it is a bit surprising, but there are many people who are not able to get DirecTV or Fios service in their homes, for many different reasons.

    On the subject of Colton Orr, I think his days of being a top-line enforcer are over – he was concussed at least once in the last few seasons, and once a fighter has been concussed, it appears that recovery to the point of being able to trade shots with opponents like before the injury is not good.

  111. OH HOLY HELL no to bringing back ORR…NOT what this team needs for Katheryn Tappin sake!

  112. Carp

    What you are not accounting for is the DELAY between the McDonagh crease play and the
    resultant penalty shot call. Every time I’ve seen that call made, the ref on site is pointing to
    center ice like a banshee. That did not happen, and that is the problem with the call. They
    surmised rather than witnessed.

  113. Wicky©"I think the NHL Network host was named Kathryn Tappen" on

    oh, kathryn tappen, that’s right!

  114. Hospodar, how many times do I have to say this? They probably wanted to confer before making such an enormous call at that stage of that particular game. And if they did, then I applaud that.

    Rod, have you actually seen a replay that shows McDonagh didn’t cover the puck? Becuase I sure as hell haven’t. also your last comment has been deleted for a particular word, and you of all people know better. But of course you’ll think I’m picking on you and letting everybody else slide.

  115. How dare you, Dore! I’m exactly what this team needs! The Avery effect! I’m an agitator on RR, so according to Czech’s “chemistry” lesson, “supposively” I’d give the team @chemistry@

    Slats, make me an offer I can’t refuse!

    +Hint+ – I like Ice Cream….

  116. First its squirting fans, now its tin foil hat conspiracy theories aboot NBC, the NHL and Philthy…when will the madness stop? Fire Torts!

  117. Carp,

    Neither have I seen a replay that shows McDonagh did cover the puck.

    As such, how is it inconclusive?

    And if you delete my comments, how will anybody know the real deal? LOL.

    Back to something you said, real quick.

    I don’t think Torts knew the minute he said it he was wrong.

    I think Torts knew the second he said it, he was going to have to go through this walk-it-back charade, which is just where we are.

  118. Next with Torts, Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!
    Gotta watch these guys like hawks.

  119. OK, one more time. You have no idea what the referee saw that we didn’t see. Simple as that. If the official(s) saw McDonagh cover the puck, then it’s the correct call, whether NBC or CBC showed conclusive evidence or not. Capice?

    I’m not saying they made the right call. I’m saying you, I, we, have no way of knowing it was the right or wrong call based on what we saw. Again, capice?

  120. HWirth,

    Thanks for posting that link. I love reading his posts, but always forget to check up on them even though I frequent TSN much more than the NHL website.

  121. stranger nation on

    Ian ‘the little Flyer’ Walsh. They stopped talking about it when they realized what they were saying. right edzo?

  122. Carp – Maybe the refs made up the call and didn’t see or not see if he covered the puck because they were checking the flight status reports on their IPhones as they both were assigned to games the next day.

  123. I have a much bigger problem with the incorrect calls on McDonagh’s delay of game penalty and on the non-hook on Gaborik … and the loose puck whistled dead.

  124. How much is the Turk paying you Carp?


    I refer you to the remarks of one Mr. Lundqvist, and speak no more of this

  125. It should be. Yes, definitely.

    In a world where only the liars and crooks can win, it is entirely consistent.

  126. If what Dreger suggested comes to fruition… $50,000?!?!?!? WTB?!?!?!?

    Sounds WAY too significant to me, especially when Kopecky got fined $2,500 with a move that could have potentially ended MDZ’s career.

    There should be a fine. But $50,000?!?!?!?

  127. Carp

    As you would say, “how many times” do you need to be advised that NONE of the refs was in a position to see the puck being covered by McDonagh?? Therefore there can be no such call! If the closest ref
    saw him do it, there is no need for consultation with anyone else who obviously didn’t see it due to their distance! Do you not see that you are defeating your own argument with your very own words?

    Having said that, I admire and appreciate your tireless hard work on this blog. And I mean that
    very sincerely.

  128. This fine is a joke, obviously. The players should get together and pitch in to cover it for him. He was clearly protecting them AND telling the truth. Long Live Torts!

  129. Yeah, the movie’s called “The Day the Flyers, the NHL & NBC Tried Their Very Best to Screw the New York Rangers Before A National TV Audience.”

    The sequel will be called, “Here’s How to Excessively Fine a Coach for saying the NHL Has No Integrity after the NHL Just Proved in Every Conceivable Way It Has No Integrity.”

  130. Sorry ORR not you ORR but the other ORR!! You are exactly what this team needs well you and Katheryn Tappen or Tappin!

    Could you imagine what this site would have sounded like if we actually LOST that game!! Holy Hell!!! That’s what!!

    What is sad is that the NHL covers for these guys…In baseball and football if a mistake is made you hear the ump apologize or explain what they did…The NHL does not allow for these guys to speak from what I can tell…I hope 24\7 sheads some light on this entire debate…

  131. Sorry to come back from my hiatus with the wife and be a whiney baby but….SHEESH!

    I don’t understand. The clear solution to this debacle is to just make the Ref’s available to the reporters and let THEM ask whether the call was deliberate to push an OT. Maybe Brooksie could ask the question without getting fined and the point would have been made.

  132. Torts’ ties are a joke.

    Who fines the coaches, anyway? It’s not softy Shanahan…I can guarantee you that!

    Is it Kris King? Another former Ranger?

  133. Thank you, Hospodar. Just askin … are you the same guy who comes here as boxcar?

    First of all, there is an integrity issue. Whether you want to be so blinded by your blue-colored glasses or not.

    Second, there is a maximum fine for on-ice garbage among players because it’s part of the CBA — key word: bargained. But players who are suspended also lose pay. Tortorella would also lose a lot more if he was suspended for a few games.

    And the fine has to be high because no matter what it is, the owner is going to pay it, so if it’s $5,000 or $10,000 it might as well be a nickel.

  134. MANY MANY THANKS!!!!!!
    to the kind words from Boneheads (and Carp)
    after i spoke about
    my uncle’s
    medical situation

    confusing and shocking
    and just hoping
    and bumming
    since i spoke to my cousin several days ago
    and matters seemed to be stable to positive.

    just hope, pray, wait and see…

  135. Wicky©"I think the NHL Network host was named Kathryn Tappen" on

    what do you think of the Andi Petrillo girl from HNIC?

  136. Yeah, really.

    For all the talk of how ex-Rangers permeate the braodcast ranks,
    who is it putting the arm on Tortorella?

    Colie Campbell! Their CLUELESS former coach.

    The guy who couldn’t tap Bill Berg on the shoulder enough!

    The whole thing is a disgrace.

  137. now, as far as Torts

    after i watched the presser a second time
    i could tell that he was attempting to
    be sarcastically funny but was too angry
    right then to get it right
    and was doing a horrible job.

    hockey fans have eyes and could see what they saw
    roenick and jones on nbc sports agreed with him.
    Hank agreed with him.

    of course, he had to say what he said cause it’s the nhl
    they don’t fix the problem they just try to ignore it.

    still would like to do some type of raising money
    with a SARCASTIC title that shows that the nhl isn’t fooling
    anyone by forcing him to apologize
    and then send the money to charity — Garden of Dreams or to Liam or…

  138. Wicky©"I think the NHL Network host was named Kathryn Tappen" on

    any pics for public consumption?

  139. Thanks, Carp! Met a sports journalist that you must know (writes about Golf and Baseball) at my bed and breakfast. Super nice guy. Had a blast, of course.

    I will have pics on Facebook soon, boys.

  140. I finally got a chance to watch the “game” at my son/s house ( with some antsiness from Dtr in law who was eager to watch some thing ” not so gory”);;;;and the thing that struck me most about it was the blatantly contrived artificialness that was worked into it, that one seldom sees in real games. Oh it was played as a
    “real” game by the skaters, but they were the only ones unaware of the. What you’ve heard of body checks? Here’s one. kabam. delivered as ordered. What do you mean by spearing” ( How’s this one, right to the gut) How’d it feel Gabby?) You’ve hard of what? holding a stick? Here watch this one, “Hey flyboy,, hook that Ranger around the head…..heh heh,
    heck no- that guy that hooked him doesn’t get the penalty…….that guy with the stick wrapped around his neck got penalized for “slowing up the game! Ain’t that clever? Why did they let that guy take the puck and skate in alone on the goalie, with no one bothering him? Why that’s the rule that says when the
    regular skaters on =a teamtry to keep a puck from rolling into his net, and uses his gloved hand ( they don’t skate around this ice bare handed,( if he wants to keep all his fingers), but you see therule says he is allowed to brush the puck away but not close his hands on the puck, but when the puck is practically under the goalie;s body and a hand comes fromm some unseen spot, why all they have to do is SAY he closed his hand on it…doesn’t matter if he did or not. And they give him a penalty shot…the skater alone against the goalie. Now stuff like this doesnt normally happen in real games, but this was a show piece “game” and the NHL wanted many new folks to see how this game is played, and what can happen in real games…but we’re so lucky today! We got just about every kind of weird happening that CAN happen in a game, all wrapped up in one single game. How about that? (One thing that the producers probqbly didn’t expect though, is how artificial, and contrived it all seemed, to long active real hockey fans. And of course in this kind of game it’s only POLITE to let the home
    team win. YEP. Flyers were supposed to win, and the refs did all they could to insure it, but shame also has a part in this and eventually it caught up to them. And Rangers weren’t told that they were supposed to fall down and let the Flyers win, but hey…….they’ll probably do this again somewhere and some poor team will have to sacrifice their honor to keep Bettman’s eerie smile on his face as he extolls the wonder of it all. Great a game as it is…it can be brought down by the shysters who run things from afar. So let’s raise a glass to the men in the red white and blue shirts, and their steadfastness to uphold the honor of the game, their team, and in a quirky way, the honor of the Flyers at the same time.

  141. Wicky©"I think the NHL Network host was named Kathryn Tappen" on

    I thought campbell was a pretty good coach, liked his passion

  142. Abraham Zapruder on

    If you look at the tape after the McDonagh play,
    you see the referee behind
    the net blow his whistle and start
    to point to the faceoff dot to LQ’s right when
    the camera cuts away.
    Not even the shadow of a suggestion that he has
    seen an infraction. The confab
    afterwards with other zebras who had no sightline is
    not regular and smells of the NBA (uggh).

  143. MGaborik10 Marian Gaborik
    Not happy about no Knicks on TV tonight!

    Keep earning that $7.5 mil, Butt-Chin! LMAO!

  144. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    Wow they just showed on Fox 5 news the flyers fans beating up a Rangers fan @WC , turns out he was an off duty policeman from N.J.

  145. stranger nation on

    Wicky – that is priceless – what a bufoon! Did you read the posts on the blog? They were trying to turn the ingrate into police and also had some funny lines at his expense.

  146. Wicky©"I think the NHL Network host was named Kathryn Tappen" on

    best part is he is bragging about it on FB, moron

  147. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    I know, what an idiot.

    Yep, typical Philly

    Great minds

  148. billybleedsblue on

    HAHAHA what a maroon that guy is! Some of the comments on that page are pretty funny, like, “Dave Brown University” LOL. And, Kathryn Tappen.

  149. I can understood the TV people towing the company line on the TWC vs MSG thing, but the players being so brazenly on message too?

    They’re hardly going to get fired or traded for not tweeting Dolan’s propaganda. Am I being cynical for thinking perhsps not every single one of them is a TWC consumer too?

  150. Snider must be so proud of those guys. I’d like to choke them and I wouldn’t stop even if they were Tappen out.

  151. @MichaelDelZotto Michael Del Zotto
    @Amareisreal @carmeloanthony Missing my boys on tv. #goknicksgo

    LOL! Go Knicks Go! Who says that?

  152. JimboWoodside on

    Manny!!! Mazel Tov!!! Did your little kitchen friend attend the wedding? Was he dressed formally? ;-D

  153. carp–i just got done with daily news(late,i know)…two days after the winter classic,nothing about hockey…i mean no rangers,no isles,no devils….do you know why? you cover it,the post and the bergen record do great jobs but since dellapena left the daily news sucks…i cancelled my long-time subscription and wrote an e-mail to the sports editor,but of course no response….how can idiots say no one cares but there are three teams here,one too many but that’s another story…check out attendance when all three play home on the same nite…you get 45-48 thousand in live let me ask again….in your media background,in your opinion,why is hockey dissed so much? it deserves so much more….

  154. JimboWoodside on

    Fran, I’d just like to say that I agree with your last post 100% – I’ve been watching pro hockey since 1967, and I can honestly say, without reservation, that the officiating in the 3rd period of the WC game (ask a Brit what a WC is..) was the most one-sided, contrived-looking performance in my memory….

    There may have been worse examples that I’ve witnessed, but at this point, I just can’t recall them – that ending was brutal, and bravo to our boys didn’t give in to all that was being done to make that game a *coronation* of the Flyers franchise.

  155. There is nobody to blame for the lack of hockey coverage except the newspaper and media heads. Hockey only appeals to a select amount of people, being a niche sport. So newspapers and the like treat hockey with the same regard

  156. the ranger players should be watching bruins/devils not worrying about what the crappy knicks are doing. i hope they lose every game. please nba go back to a lockout

  157. “Bickel will be Whaled when all are healthy. I think all are making to much about a hand full of games by a career minor leaguer. he has been a nice story, but he is not going to play over Stralman, and Woywitka will be 7th Damn until Eminger is healthy.”

    Are they going to roll with 7 D-men?

    Bickel has been nice why not ride the wave? Is responsible and knows how to throw the puck at the net. We need a strong, tall D-man who put the fear of God into other players skating with the puck and will clear the crease and TCB if anyone runs into Lundqvist and who better to take an instigating penalty?

    They can send him down whenever, right?

  158. “please nba go back to a lockout”

    Wasn’t the world a much better place without it? ESPN will hopefully get crushed for favoring NBA over NHL. Did Bettman pull one over on them with the long game? ONLY TIME WILL TELL!

  159. Manny, I missed you so much! All these Rangers fans are pretty stupid.

    First of all I’m tired of trying to defend my absolute knowledge of the situation. It’s really clear that that was a penalty shot right Manny? Second, these boneheads don’t even see this one fact: whether or not there is or isn’t conclusive evidence that he closed his hand on the puck, the refs still have the right to call a penalty if they think it happened -even in an important game! It doesn’t seem like all these “fans” have their heads on straight!

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