King Henrik … best in the business?



I’m sure I told you my boss is a pretty serious Rangers fan. So he was one of the happiest guys on the planet Monday and, still, Tuesday.

In speaking to his smiling self, he made a point that I couldn’t argue.

He told me, and asked if I agree, that Henrik Lundqvist is now the best goalie in hockey.

You know what? He is.

He’s probably the best on breakaways. His glove has improved a lot this year. He plays behind a team that defends well and blocks a ton of shots, but one that is outshot often and, despite the Rangers’ success, he has had to steal a bunch of points — including the Winter Classic.

Who’s better?

You want to tell me Tim Thomas? Well, he’s been great for a while now, and was superhuman last year. But I still don’t buy it. Brian Elliott is having an amazing season in St. Louis. So are Jimmy Howard in Detroit and Jonathan Quick in L.A.

But I wouldn’t trade Lundqvist for any of those … and probably wouldn’t trade Lundqvist for one of those guys AND a first-round pick. Remember, the great goalies hit their primes later, and those primes last longer, than forwards and defensemen.

Lundqvist is third in goals-against average (1.92), fourth in save percentage (.937), fifth in wins (17), fifth in shutouts (3). In the first two categories, one of those ahead of him is Tuukka Rask, who has only played 13 games. In the second two categories, the guys ahead of him have played more games.

If the season ended today, or soon, he’d win the Vezina Trophy.

Here are some other things about Lundqvist.

There isn’t a more competitive guy in the NHL at any position.

He’s a leader; could easily be the Rangers’ captain if goalies held such positions.

He’s a great person, unbelievably smart, thoughtful and articulate. There’s not a better interview in the league, nor a more willing interview.

He gets it. He just gets it. All the stuff about where his team is, where it’s headed, how it plays, how it needs to play, how it and he need to prepare. Everything.

Plus he’s a great dresser.

And my mom’s got a serious crush on him.


AP photo, above.

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  1. LOL…my mom, my sister and my wife have a crush on him !!
    He is certainly making an argument for being the best with performances like Mondays.

  2. Francesa told Henrik that he didn’t know anything about ‘the guy’ who took the penalty shot. It would be great if I got paid as much as Francesa and didn’t have to know about the parts of my job I didn’t like. Unfortunately, I’m held accountable on what I don’t like, too.

  3. I don’t even think I need one hand to count the number of Rangers wins where Carp didn’t list Hank as one of his 3 stars.

  4. My wife just shakes her head when she sees him during interviews and proceeds to tell me he’s gorgeous. Then breaks my chops further by reminding me that Hank checked her out when we went to an autograph signing years back!

    Hank is definitely the best in the league, hope he can match last year’s double digit shutout figure to bolster his credentials for the Vezina.

    I’m proud of him and the team for their accomplishments thus far. I hope they come out with fire and take care of FLA tomorrow (especially cheapshot artist Kopecky).


  5. Mike Francesa is a dinosaur in the sports radio business. That was the hottest event of the weekend, yet he acts ignorant like the NHL is beneath him. Fine. But if that is the way he feels, let Henke go on with Boomer Esiason. Get a passionate interview that us 21st century people can listen to on a podcast anytime we want. Fat Mike is retiring in a couple years anyway. He should. He rejects Twitter, favors his teams (Yanks and Giants), and brown-noses anyone with influence (Parcells, etc.) He, like all dinosaurs will die out. Then we can get a respectful interview of the best athlete in New York today: Hank

  6. Speaking of Boomer, I have a problem with him. He should be landing more interviews with the NY Rangers. He is the biggest fan in all NY media. He should step up and get these new era Rangers on the air.

  7. Boom Boom Bathgate / "Sloppy Firsts" on

    Mike Francesa gets paid for knowing that everything that is not NOOO YAHK, NOO YAHK is Green Bay. Now if Mike had a “Philadelphia accent” he might go over a little better. lol.

  8. Morning Carp! I have a crush on Henrik too! ( : He is the best in the league, no doubt. So quick on his feet, nobody quicker. Hank for the Vezina!

  9. Lundqvist’s leadership qualities are what stand out to me. So many goalies are weird, standoffish, and seperate from the team identity (see mr. Universe). Lundqvist is not only part of the team, but one of its leaders.
    He seems to know and like his teammates.

    On one of the 24/7 episodes they showed him giving the broadway hat to dubi (I can’t remember which game it was after) but I thought to myself that he was demonstrating leadership by giving the hat to a guy he knew needed it, and maybe needed a bit of a boost as Dubi was showing signs of coming out of his slump. It really impressed me.

  10. Hey Carp, do you know if your boss ever posts on here? I would be funny if he didn’t tell you and he turned out to be one of the people you’ve banned.

  11. Boom Boom Bathgate / "Sloppy Firsts" on

    Interesting, the virtual ignoring of the (“Bridgestone”) Winter Classic, over at WFAN, in that NO ONE there knows how to spell “college football,” either, and you know it was a rather big college football weekend, too. That station is almost 100% Knicks, Jets, Giants, Mets, and Bronx Zoo pinstripes.

    They almost never discuss or even mention any teams on the professional sports map outside of New York. I mean, how much A-Rod, Jeter, Eli “Mr. Charisma” Manning, Rex “Little Buddy” Ryan (lol), and “Melo” can one take in one lifetime? Answer: Not as much as they think over the FAN.

    And The FAN NEVER gives NHL scores, on their 20-minute updates, other than those for the local teams. So no wonder Mike F. doesn’t feel obligated to do his NHL homework. There is no National Hockey league to the smug boys over there. Yes, they give L.I.U., St. Peter’s, Seton Hall, Marist, and Rutgers hot updated hoops scores and other fluff we are all hanging onto to, but not the NHL.

    Makes me think that there are no phones in Gary Bettman’s P.R. office so that this step-child treatment of his league is ok with him, too, in that they can’t be bothered to pick up the phone and make arranagements to curry a little favor with The FAN over lunch, or something. Pathetic all around.

  12. One other thing, since Monday evening, I have had the overwhelming feeling that
    I LOVE OUR RANGERS. this team is special. I think it’s the timing of the HBO show that has let me see more of the players and the coach and that has allowed me to see the team in a different way, and I’m loving it!

  13. Year to year the best goalie since the lockout. Some goalies have had better individual years (Thomas last year, Miller the year before) but he’s consistently put up numbers that rank high in virtually every individual category for goalies. Just imagine had he been supported by even league average offenses in some of his years (08-10 in particular) and he might have the playoff record that any of his detractors say he lacks. Please don’t let him go the way of Rod Gilbert, and finish as a great contributor cum ambassador for the franchise but lacks seeing more than just his jersey raised to the rafters.

  14. Sather must go on

    CW- heard hank on the boomer and idiot morning show at tbe beg of the season…while boomer (who i dont like bit consider avg) was trying to ask serious question s his idiot partner kept doing his schtick – asking hank for his cell phone # and saying tbey wound “hang”….it was painful

  15. Anybody besides me wondering whether Jagr faked an injury and took himself out of the game?

  16. Every female with a pulse has a crush on Henrik. My woman has a crush on Dubi. On an unrelated note, I’m heading into NYC this Saturday, checking out the planetarium, can’t wait!

  17. Marji, sitting out the next 7-10 days with a groin injury is taking the faking a little too far?

  18. But CT, in the playoffs he just hasn’t “found a way to win” or “stolen” a series with any of the heavily favoured, powerhouse offensive Rangers teams he’s been on. Why should seven years’ worth of regular season numbers mean squat?

  19. Good morning, boneheads!

    Lol, Sean!
    Hank has been nominated for Vezina 3 times. Should’ve won at least twice IMO. If he had a team that could score more goals and defended a bit better in front of him, he would’ve. This his glove is as much a force as his down low coverage, but most importantly, he looks relaxed, concentrated and determined. And, like Carp said, he understands what it takes. He *IS* the best.
    Now, after that epic win, I think it’s time for the league to realize that this team is for real. I guess after all, hockey *IS* different here.

    Who is this Kathryn you’ve been all yapping about?

  20. Sorry, but Hank is as bush-league as it gets.

    His glove hand is as slow as a maple syrup collection stand and his puck control is rivaled only by the skills put forth by the Paraguayan national hockey squad.

    And don’t get me started with the way he dresses … I’ve seen hobos in the streets of Monaco with more class.

    Tops im amateur-hour is what he is.

  21. Carp: My wife always stops and watches when Lundqvist is being interviewed…she says ‘wow, what eyes’.

    I say ‘yeah, well what a goalie’….


  22. CT, 7 – 10 days translates to how many games missed? Three games if he comes back in 7 days and if he has a miraculous recovery, he can come back Sunday and miss only 2 games.

  23. Did u know up in boston they are having Frozen Fenway. They installed a rink at Fenway and are playing college and high school games. Why can’t the rangers or any team have a game outdoors. Do we really need the NHL to do this. The only reason would be cost, but if u had it at Met Life with great site lines and 80,000 rangers fans that would be great.

  24. stranger nation on

    John – agree that football stadiums are much preferred to baseball parks as someone mentioned yesterday. IMO they should hold the NHL All Star game outside and not have a regular season game decided in such crap conditions (referring of course to the Philthy biased show put on). Timing in Feb of AS game would get around potential conflict with football (not a problem for Jets though)

    Too much of a ratings grab now to change as long as Buttman is still in charge.

  25. Fat Guy in A Little Coat on

    Saw 24/7 for the first time last night. Flyers come across as a bunch of a-hole mercenaries..not even sure they like each other very much, and definitely don’t seem to have bought into whatever Laviolette is selling (which isn’t much – he doesn’t seem to talk strategy much and what he did to Ott was classless).

    The smack talk on the ice is relentless – soem of it goes too far, which makes it even more amazing how some of these guys brush it off and eventually become close teammates with yesterday’s enemy.

    Laviolette got one thing right, though, McCormacks over on lower 3rd Avenue is a GREAT place to watch games, even soccer and rugby. Been going there for years – menu, beers, atmosphere, chicks make it authentic pub and lots of TV screens. One of the best kept sports bar secrets in NYC

  26. Good morning, Carp!

    So happy to be back in finally-snowy Buffalo! I had a great time with Mama, Tiki, Fozzy & fam, and the Caminitis! I even got to meet Justin Bieber! And the Rangers won! Woo!!!

  27. Wicky, sorry to disappoint but there was NO show ball contest. Thanks for betting on me though.

  28. World Juniors on

    Can the replays of the 2012 World Juniors be watched anywhere online besides hockeystreams?

  29. Marji,

    What would be the reason for him to withdraw from the game? He had one of the best chances in the first period and the Flyers dominated play through most of the 2nd up until Rupp answered back with their first goal, thus a top line winger like he’s been used would have come in handy to keep the pressure on. He’s been about a point a game player for a team that’s very much in contention for first in the Atlantic/Eastern Conference/NHL. Those 2 games he might miss could be the difference between home ice advtange through the Eastern Conference playoffs. I just think there’s a little too much at stake for him and the Flyers to pull a charade and pretend he’s injured. There’s virutally zero upside to pulling a stunt like that.

  30. Carp, it seems like there was. I don’t know what goes on here when I’m not around…

    Having met Tony IRL I can honestly say that I wouldn’t bet against that man EVER.

  31. Carp wrote : “And my mom’s got a serious crush on him.”

    Sounds like Carp’s mom and my wife would be best friends! My wife might left Mamma Carp have The King as long as wifey gets Captain Callahan!

    As for me, I will have a serious crush on whomever scores the Stanley Cup winning goal for the Rangers! :-)

  32. As for me, I will have a serious crush on whomever scores the Stanley Cup winning goal for the Rangers! :-)


    @Be prepared to name your next kid, Wojtek@

  33. CTBlueshirt, it will have to be my next cat – not kid. Besides, they will credit the GWG to Captain Callahan like they did in 1994 when they credited Captain Messier with the goal. I still say Brian Noonan scored that goal

  34. I could ban him, BANJ, but he could un-ban himself. He could also permanently ban me.

    Who is that young lady on NHL Network? Anybody?

    Boom, to repeat, did you see the way the WC was treated in the New York papers? Buried behind Giants, Jets, Knicks, as usual.

  35. Good morning, Sally! I’m glad you didn’t win.

    and re: my mom. She has no idea who he is or what he does. It’s just, “Who is that guy on the Rangers with the blue eyes and that thick dark hair?”

  36. iDoodie machetto on

    Hey heads. The time change on the classic necessitated me watching it the next day. I maintained a complete information blackout so it wouldn’t be spoiled.

    What a game. Forget all of the BS calls. Just watch that game and tell me it wasn’t an AWESOME game. You can’t. It will make a GREAT finale for 24/7.

    As for Carp’s suggestion of Lundqvist, I still think that for this year alone in a vacuum that Thomas is better. Lundqvist is the better franchise player, but Thomas is still #1 this year.

  37. I’ve been saying this awhile now, he’s a great goalie, great ambassador for the Rangers, he gets the fans and playing here, knows what to say. Very similar to Messier leading us, I think he holds such a position of power now in the sport.

    He’s been unreal, with a battered defense, he gives them confidence. Very durable.

    I think he’s the front-runner for MVP as well.

    Biron needs to spell him to keep him fresh here and he has done a good job.

    People used to consider Luongo the best in the league, and I never once saw it in him. Not that I see many games but we all see the playoffs.

    Hands down he is the best, right at his peak now. I don’t think you could trade him for a healthy Crosby/Ovechkin at their peak just because of his relationship and admiration of the fans.

    He’s been the reason this team has had hope since the lockout, great draft pick.

  38. iDoodie machetto on

    I went to dinner with my wife in Manhattan and then went to Rockefeller Center to see the tree. Phone was turned off. No use of computer. No TV, I even avoided blocks in Rockefeller Center that have news crawls scrolling along the side of the building.

  39. yeah I wish I lived in canada or wasnt so cheap and got the XM – Sirius NHL radio because Francesa sucks. I know there’s no chance I’ll ever hear anything about hockey, not even on the trading deadline. i guess he just brings up wikipedia during an interview to prepare but being in the business as long as he has its insane he has no hockey knowledge. sad we have to rely on an ex football player to mention hockey once in a while.

  40. mundo...FREE HD FREE HD FREE HD! on

    My cousin is on the National Paraguayan Hockey Team! I keep having to send them pucks because they are hard to find in Paraguay

  41. Oh that Henrik Lundqvist, he is something. But he’s still not getting the water pick.

  42. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    I know I’ve mentioned this before but my wife calls him henrik yumqvist. She even has a jersey with that name on the back

  43. Agree, Carp, LQ is built for NY. He’s a winner because he competes every game, doesn’t complain, and more times than not gets the job done!

    Let’s not forget a contributing factor to LQ’s success this year: Marty Biron.

  44. Best in the league or not, he’s done more to turn this franchise around than any other individual player, which is what makes him special to me.

  45. CT, yeah, you are probably right. It just seemed to me that there was more going on there than met the eye.

  46. Henrik is a smart dude….

    going to be 30 in a little while… can’t believe the Rangers have accelerated there ascension to being a very good team this fast. I thought another year or 2 ..

    Henrik is for sure top 4 goalies and may be the best not as spectacular as thomas but i would not trade henrik for any goalie in hockey..

  47. doodie very impressive you didnt find out score to next day. i sometimes tape games at night and watch around 1030 11 if my wife drags me out. i couldnt imgaine waiting to the next day.

    heres one for you i will be away next week for work from mon-thurs getting back thurs afternoon. what is the chance of me not knowing ranger coyote score which is tues night until thurs when i get home and could watch on dvr. should i try it?

    sometimes when i watch these games on computer when i am away my computer sucks and the picture freezes

  48. >>13 comments and no Kathryn Tappen?

    Are we forgetting our priority? Kathryn Tappen will not be happy.

    Oh, is Kathryn Tappen on Tweeter?

  49. Boom Boom Bathgate / "Sloppy Firsts" on

    Maybe Carp should sit-in with Francesa or someone who is halfway NHL literate at THE FAN for a visit. Anyone, even Francesa, can fake his way through a “jock” interview, but you can’t fake having something to contribute when it comes to the serious issues confronting the National Hockey League.

    When you think about it, the Rangers were born 20 years before the Knicks (1926-1946), but it’s my guess that the Knicks and the NBA supplanted the Rangers and the NHL (as did college basketball, for a long time) as local favorites because basketball lends itself to betting, whereas hockey does not.

    Something about point-spread betting captivated this nation and therefore elevated the popularity of football and basketball, to the detriment of hockey and baseball. And horse racing is deader than Napolean. I see a similarity between the W.C. and The Breeders Cup in that each sport comes alive for that one big day, then fades into relative obscurity, when it comes to the media and public consciousness, for the next 364 days. Having an annual gimmick promotion, however dramatic and appealing it may be, cannot save a sinking ship.

  50. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    According to Brooks no suspension for Torts . I still wouldn’t be surprised if he got a fine though.

  51. Basketball (as well as football and baseball, and soccer on the global scale) are just easier games for people to get involved/interested in because you don’t need anywhere near the specialized equipment, weather conditions/costly indoor facilities or most of all money to get introduced to the sport.

  52. Ha / finally figured how to use my wifes phone!
    met some really cool boneheads while im in new york
    mama, sally, fozzy, tim &then the rest / thanks for a great time /finally youse guys rocks!!

  53. The bush-leaguering begins?

    It began 85 years ago with this team and it has been a runaway locomotive since.

    I’m already strapped in and ready to witness the coveted 7th-8th-9th place battle come March. I hope the Rodent has his nifty “playoff berth watch” ready to go.

    These amateur-hour amateurs we “root for” have been getting lucky for far too long. Once they wake up from this pipe dream, the season will derail faster than a Honduran-built cogtrain.

    Sleep tight, clowns.

  54. Been meaning to answer a question that was brought up twice … and I apologize for not doing so earlier, but it seemed each time I saw the question we had moved on to a new post.

    Somebody asked *(twice) about the different color jerseys at practices. Basically, all the D-men wear the same colored jerseys, say, red. Then each line has its own color. So, for example, Anisimov-Stepan-Gaborik might wear blue, Dubinsky-Richards-Callahan gold, etc. Another line green. Another line white. Then the injured guys will wear a non-contact color.

    Pretty simple, actually.

  55. Carp, we’re in section 113 row 20 seats 5-9 tomorrow
    if you have time stop by during the warm ups tomorrow night
    the family wants to meet you &then you can see Justin Beiber aka tiny tony

  56. I will be there at 6:30. If you want to email me your cell # … in case I can’t find you, that would help. (

  57. Boom Boom Bathgate / "Sloppy Firsts" on

    Yes, Carp, the NY dailies really fell down as regards an event in which it seems the public had more interest than the dailies and THE FAN understood. I am starting to think the worst thing to happen to the Rangers in a long time is the resurgence of the Knicks via a couple big-name acquisitions and the axing of that scandalous moron from Detroit.

  58. Lundqvist is undoubtedly the best regular season goalie playing right now but then again, he should be with the highest goalie cap hit in the league. Remember that – he’s the highest paid goalie in the league….

    Lundqvist’s regular season stats from 2006-2007 thru 2010-2011: 353 games, 2.33 GAA, .918 Save %. Lundqvist’s playoff stats: 32 games, 2.46 GAA, .915 Save % and two series wins in four years. Notice something? Lundqvist’s stats get worse in the playoffs.

    Carp brought up Tim Thomas, 06-07 to 10-11 regular season: 277 games, 2.46 GAA, .922 Save %. Playoffs: 43 games, 2.06 GAA, .934 Save %. Thomas gets better in the playoffs….

    No argument that Lundqvist’s a perfect fit for NY from a personality perspective and he’s homegrown, which helps too. But until he steps up his performance in the playoffs, I don’t think he’ll ever be worth his contract. For as good as he is in the regular season, I’ll never forget his inability to steal one of four games in that Washington series when the Rangers were up 3-0.

    The team in front of him this year is probably as good as it’s going to get for him in his career – he needs to execute in the playoffs before we start talking about best in the league……

  59. though the ratings in NY kind of bore out that it really wasn’t that important to the NY sports fan.

    BANJ, but there hasn’t been a tweet since springtime.

  60. JJP, I’d argue that he has performed in the playoffs … that he almost stole a series from the Capitals a few years back, a series in which the Rangers had no business being up 3-1. And was very good in the series last year.

  61. Does anyone really want Hockey to be as big as Football or Baseball? I have always felt that if it stays where it is on popularity the players dont become as distant as they are in other sports…just my opinion And Katheryn Tappin’s

  62. Hanks biggest virtue IMO, is his phenomenal ability for prolonged concentration, not to mention his combination of natural quickness, coordination and obtained technique and skills. However, my heart drops in the balls area every time he tries to play puck behind the net – still room for improvement on the way to be ideal, or simply The best in League.

  63. RR statistic is much less confusing than NHL’s and reflects directly useful “reality”

  64. Lungtwist is awesome! Love him! Def. our best player for many years now. BUT, he needs to take us past second round before we can say “yes, he is truly the best”…or something like that. Even Biron went to CF with Flys few years back… i hope this is the year where Henrik earns his nickname.

  65. Kopecky probably will come in NY, wearing full covered muzzle (you know, like they wear in junior hockey) and even sleep in it in his hotel here.

  66. Who cares if Torts was fined? The man saw bush-league and called it out.

    I appreciate that kind of candor.

    Dont worry, he’s not going to be driving home in a Yugo because of the fine …

  67. JJP,

    I know Carp brought this up last spring, but Rangers offense in 09 and 11 playoffs, 12 games and 19 goals.

    Even if Lundqvist’s save % and GAA converge toward Thomas’, Rangers still aren’t going to win many games and series with those type of goal scoring totals.

  68. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    Off topic my legs were so cold when I went out yesterday I had to look down to make sure I had my pants on ( for you Tony) LMAO

  69. Carp, any idea why Rupp wasn’t fined or suspended for ripping Kopecky from the grasp of the linesman and rained blows upon him?

  70. If you throw out the Devils series in his rookie year (not that it’s meaningless, but he had only been an established starter for a few months and tailed off post-Olympics long before the playoffs started), Lundqvist’s playoff numbers are not actually that different from his regular season numbers. The wonders of a small sample size…

    Tim Thomas has ridiculous playoff numbers now, but before last year his playoff winning history was mediocre (losing in upsets or being a backup), so “he needs to execute in the playoffs before we start talking about best in the league” presumably applied to him too.

    Wouldn’t argue Lundqvist has been flat out dominant in the playoffs, but I still can’t identify a series lost that he was responsible for. If happening to be on a team good enough to win a couple of rounds is the only mark of a “clutch” playoff goalie, let’s trade the guy for Michael Leighton while we have a chance.

  71. Question: I’m going to a Rangers game and have seats in Section 341. Anybody know how’s the view from there?

  72. well, last year Lundqvist did have Drury, Avery, Caber, a one-legged Prospal, Gilroy (at forward), a half-speed Gaborik, an injured Girardi, a concussed Staal, Christensen and Wolski playing in front of him against one of the best teams in the league.

  73. I’m sure the Rangers’ budget will handle Tortorella’s fine for him.

    Colton Orr’s coming back if he buys a ticket.

  74. Yeah, the Orr thing was not serious. Though it would be nice if he’d buy a ticket and help towards Torts’ fine.

  75. I am a 100% heterosexual male, and **I** have a huge crush on Hank. How could you not? Dude is King of NY, makes millions and millions of dollars, has the looks, accent, and style, plus he plays guitar!

    He’s like 1990’s Derek Jeter, but without the publicity.

  76. so the suits made Torts apologize. he meant everything he said because it was the truth . the ref’s calls were a joke. gabby got harpponed in the middle of the ice, no 1 except the harpponer timmonen with him going in on goal.

    the callahan call, joke. he got hooked near the shoulder area and lifted the guys stick under his arm and or up after it occured.

    the mcdonagh delay of game. that was from a blatant jvr interference that knocked mcdonut into the net.

    the penalty shot… no 1 can tell me they saw mcdonagh close his glove over the puck, no way. buttman and his stooges madetorts cower and apologize. god forbid you question the integrity of the officials after 4 bad calls in a 6 minute period,, nah… torts was just joking……….

    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ that is all buttman, snider, and cablevision care about and that is all they will ever care about. they pray at the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ temple or church……

  77. I think Henricks playoff stats reflect the teams defence more than his skill. He is a top 5 goalie and if the team continues to play defence as they have he should have better playoff stats. I don’t recall precisely what he said after the WC but he was intelligent enough to not say anything fineable about the 3rd period refereeing. He has almost totally lost his Swedish accent. I think is a shining example of how to represent the Rangers.

  78. I understand Panthers got mad Madden. Will he play tomorrow? Not like it will make a big difference…

  79. I think the cally call was legit. He was getting hooked but he folded up his arm pretty clearly and held the stick there for view. The rest of the calls: bullcarcillo.

  80. I though Cally definitely helped that call, which was too bad because he sure didn’t need to.

  81. John Tortorella says that Michael Sauer had a “good week” last week and is going to work out today.

  82. don’t think anyone can say the penalty shot call was or wasn’t legit given the replays that were shown.

    the call on Callahan was correct.

  83. Here is Hank post-game:

    Q. People who watch this game nationally never really watch a lot of hockey. You mentioned before you were surprised they called the penalty shot; do you think it was done to add to the drama so people would have something more to talk about?
    HENRIK LUNDQVIST: Maybe that’s the only reason why he called it. You know, it would have been tough to swallow that one if they scored. But luckily he didn’t, and I think there was a couple of calls in the end there where I was really surprised, I must say. But, again, we came up big in the end with the penalty kill and just the way we worked.

  84. Carp that is why I personally thought it was a bad call. I don’t think you should be calling penalties or worse, awarding penalty shots on something you couldn’t see or something you thought you saw. In my opinion if you aren’t sure then don’t call it. Looking at the replay, we sure couldn’t see for sure and I don’t think there was anyway the ref could either with all those bodies in there…….. but thats just me.

  85. *“King Henrik…best in the business?”*
    Is Avery the most talking about Rangers player on RR ever?…

  86. It was funny to see Hank celebrating on his own while the scrum was still going on behind him. He was definitely pumped.

  87. so the gabby harpponing non call was blatant on a real scoring chance and the JVR bump on mcdonagh who was called for delay of game was a shame. I think the other calls were equally horrible but let’s agree to disagree.

    philly will say they blew the whistle early late in the game on a goal crease scramble. I agree. the ref’s also always call the whistle early on these scrambles. they are obsessed that if they cannot see the puck to call the play dead, they do it all the time. it is stupid…..

    henrik has been very good in the playoffs also. the NJ series, his first. he was coming back from an injury, the team was floundering etc. he did let in a softie last year against wash that really hurt but he is human. lundqvist is elite, the team around him is getting better. playoff #’s for goalies hould be worse, they are not playing the islanders and other junk team sthat they play in the regualr season.

  88. WHAT?

    They should all be calling Torts to apologize.

    This is lame.

    Torts should’ve refused to apologize to anyone and paid his fine.

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