Winter Classic: Rangers-Flyers in review


Glad that’s over. The NHL will be thrilled — and Gary Bettman clearly was, bogarting the stage as NHL Network’s first interview on the never-ending post-game show — because it made a ton of money, got a zillion eyeballs to watch, sold a gazillion pieces of merchandise. But the all-Philadelphia presentation of the Hyper Bowl was a complete joke.

The first-place Rangers were the Washington Generals. Inconsequential innocent bystanders and accidental tourists. Until they won. Despite the ridiculous calls late in the game.

Guess what. The Rangers are better than the Flyers. I’m not a conspiracy theorist. But those calls — the two against Ryan McDonagh and the non-call on the Marian Gaborik breakaway — What in Holy Hell?

Thoughts on the game:

1) What a game for John Tortorella, who really understands all of this stuff, and who made some changes that worked during the game, who had his team play the way it always plays, and who has turned all these potential distractions this season into positive energy.

2) His wallet’s going to be losing some weight though because of this comment:

I’m not sure if NBC got together with the refs. It started with the non-call [when] Gabby was pitch-forked in the stomach, and then everything starts going against us. They’re two good referees; I thought the game was refereed horribly. So I’m not sure what happened there. Maybe they wanted to get it to an overtime. I’m not sure if they have meetings about that or what. But we stood in there. They’re good guys. But in that third period, it was disgusting.”

3) Who officiated that third period, Ed Snider? No, it was Philadelphia native Ian Walsh, who grew up in the Little Flyers organization. How in Holy Hell does he get an assignment for a Rangers-Flyers game ever, never mind this one?

4) Again, I take these stats with a grain of salt, because it varies wildly from arena to arena (were those baseball scorers keeping track?). But the Rangers had 50 hits (21 of those by Brandon Dubinsky and Ryan Callahan), 20 blocks (four by Block Ness Monster Girardi), nine takeaways (three by Marian Gaborik)!

5) That was Brandon Dubinsky’s best game of the year. He was a force, and he’s gotten better and better lately. As I said earlier, it’s like adding a 20-goal scorer without giving up anything in mid-season. Dubinsky=Beast.

6) Speaking of which, the Rangers also added an all-star defenseman with the return of alternate captain Marc Staal. I thought Staal looked like he hadn’t played in 10 months … but he made some terrific plays when Ryan McDonagh — who had a tough, tough game — was in the penalty box late. So you take the best team in the East and add two big pieces, and do the math. Though I do believe that Dan Girardi should not completely lose the “A” that was removed from his sweater. They ought to find a way to rotate the “A” among Staal, Brad Richards and Girardi, maybe to a home/away rotation as the Rangers did in ’93-94.

7) Mike Rupp. Talk about timing. And I liked the salute. Of course, that piece of carcillo Hartnell, who complained about Rupp disprespecting Jaromir Jagr, is somebody who should be addressing the topic of respect. The same guy who has gone off the ice after the last two losses to the Rangers swinging his stick. Shut up. And get a haircut.

8) Brad Richards was really struggling again … until he scored the game-winning goal. The guy’s got a knack for the moment, doesn’t he? Again, great plays by Dubinky and Callahan to set up that goal.

9) Is there a goalie on the planet (other than Mike Richter) that you’d rather have face a penalty shot in the final seconds of a one-goal game than King Henrik? The guy is just money. And he was pretty great before that save, too. Big as the building.

10) By my arithmetic, the Rangers’ record since Sean Avery was removed from the lineup: 8-3-0. What?

11) I thought Brian Boyle and Brandon Prust also had solid games, especially Boyle who gave the Rangers a jump-start when put between Callahan and Dubinsky, and who was rugged throughout. Just got a lot done. Rubbed out a lot of Flyers.


Thoughts on the presentation:

1) What a pile of crap, this whole celebration of Philadelphia, the Flyers, Ed Snider, the Broad Street Bullies. And worse, treating the Rangers like an insignificant foreign visitor who just happens to be lucky enough to be playing the sainted Flyers. And it started with the disgraceful lighting of the Empire State Building in orange crud Wednesday. Such garbage.

2) None more garbagy than celebrating Bobby Clarke, that dirty piece of cooke, who came right out and said how good it felt to break the ankle of a Soviet player with a vicious slash in the Summit Series. Freakin’ coward. And Phil Esposito, too. He said he would have killed to win. Yeah, really brave, against a team that wouldn’t fight.

3) Mike Milbury left out the “r” when he said Blueshi*ts on the telecast open. Which is what he probably calls the Rangers when he’s not on camera. The jackwagon.

4) NBC sells, sells, sells the hatred of the rivalry and the toughness and the hitting and confrontations. Then at the first sign of a confrontation, NBC repeatedly cuts to a close up of a goalie or somebody on the bench. Can’t get the cameras away from the action fast enough. As if a naked fan had run onto the field, or somebody flipped the bird. Why? Why? And NBC needs to lose some of those camera angles simply because it has no clue when or how to use them. Made you seasick at times cutting from the corner ice-level to the overhead or end zone. And missed a bunch of stuff, too.

5) Dubinsky buried Claude Giroux in the first. Wasn’t even mentioned on the broadcast. In the second, he had two hits behind the goal line, took the puck out front and got off a good shot. No mention. Then Anisimov won the next draw and got a dangerous shot. No mention. But, “Blah-blah-blah. … shadows, wind … blah-blah.”

6) The ice and glass were both dreadful. And NBC didn’t notice the ice deteriorating until Tortorella said it to Pierre McGuire in the middle of the second period.

7) Could they find a band with less talent than the one that “performed” during the second intermission?

8) Those 35,000 or so Flyers fans must have really enjoyed the fireworks after the final buzzer.

9) Are you kidding? The first press conference was Bettman? And the first player interview on NHL Network was Brayden Shenn? Then some talk about attendance. Apparently this wasn’t an actual hockey game at all.

10) Don’t know who that girl on NHL Network is, but from what I saw this weekend, she has more of a clue about what’s going on than Barry Melrose, Kevin “Without a doubt” Weekes, Jeremy Roenick (who said the fans were “Blazing the elements”), Milbury, all of them.

11) Can’t wait for the final episode of “24/7” Thursday. Then I’m canceling my HBO Friday.


My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Henrik Lundqvist.
2) Mike Rupp.
3) Brandon Dubinsky.


AP photos, above.

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  1. Check out the CBC broadcast if you have a chance. A lot your points about the broadcast were not an issue at all on the Canadian broadcast. Dubinskys hits and all that got mentioned, Rangers got a fair share of coverage, they even interviewed that Liam kid from 24/7 about 2 minutes before Rupp tied it.

    I almost feel sorry for those in the states who have to watch hockey through NBC.

  2. Sather must go on

    Great review of the game and the broadcast…funny, to see background shots of milbury on the ice with a bunch of kids, at the outset – i was waiting for him to cross-check one of them.

    Also, good of torts to mention that he felt bad about the last minute scrtach of woywitka…seems like he has been a good teammate throughout

  3. Shewww, carp you woke up on the wrong side of the California King this morning.

    Boyle had one of his best games and man, it looks like Dubi is back!!! LGR!!!!!!!

  4. Carp, the women on the NHLN was from NESN, the Bruins station. she is pretty sharp and easy on the eyes! Although I cant recall her name cuz I dont watch them. :)
    Agree 100% on your points about the broadcast and the shining tributes to the bullies, I turned the channel between periods. Flyers suck, they are dirty always have been , Bobby Clark is one of the most hated people from my youth…F HIM!!

    Go Rangers!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Great win for the Rangers, emotionally draining win for the fans. My hands were shaking I was so angry with the officiating in the third period.

    The NBC coverage was a disgrace and their disappointment with the Ranger victory was evident.

  6. And I like the use of “bogarting.”

    And beginning sentences with “and.”

    Thanks for the review, Carp. I looked forward to it since the end of the game.

  7. #3-Really? But then again why am I not surprised?

    Had no idea that CCCP sponsored that Soviet team. Way to to man!

    Hope the National TV ratings are not too high. Don’t want the rest of the league to know how awesome our New York Rangers are!

  8. Hear ye, hear ye, Brandon Dubinsky has played well as of late. And he played a very good game yesterday.

    But he is still grossly overpaid.

  9. Staal Wart and the Overachievers on

    And I think GH is from NBC or Bettmans office, and maybe more grammer police
    Like that GH?…

    Carp great review!
    Agreed with you. Torts will get fined for speaking the truth. I’m still wondering about that penalty shot.
    For all the hatred between these two teams, where were all the fights?

  10. Thanks, great writeup, Carp. Accurate observations, in my view. That the Rangers won in spite of the bad calls by refs at the end of the game speaks to their superiority over the Flyers. I have lost all respect for Hartnell after his unnecessary nastiness after the game(s) ended. He’s not a good sport. also agree with your starts of the game…Henrik was awesome…shades of Mike Richter in his heroics. Only negative is Tort’s excitable nature that resulted in regrettable public comments on air. He should have addressed these legitimate issues the commissioner’s office after the game. He won’t change, despite a fine. That comes with his personna.

  11. errata…”also agree with your stars of the game…” Thanks again for a perceptive writeup.

  12. Hey GH, what cell block are you in? Nobody comes down to where you work and knocks the license plate out of your hand.

  13. My thoughts exactly Carp. Glad you mentioned Bobby Clarke’s stunning “pride” over what he admits “you are not supposed to do in sports, and something kids shouldn’t see” was sickening. That’s a whole story in itself.

    Great coverage, real coverage. Glad we won or the whining would be unbearable.

  14. Carp, loved your review but MUST DISAGREE with one thing. I thought that the call involving Callahan at the end was eggregious as well. Did cally grab the stick? Technically yes, but give me a BREAK. He is going in for the kill on an empty net. His progress is being stopped by the flyers stick and he grabs it to try and free himself. I have watched it numerous times and that is clear. So I think that called sucked as well.

    Besides your post game review Carp, what I liked best was that you called this victory! You focused in on the character of the team and how they have risen to challenges this year. RIGHT ON TARGET!

    If goaltending and defense wins stanley cups, why can’t this ranger team win this year? With a healthy Staal and Sauer (god willing) and the emergence of Del Zotto; is there a team in the NHL with a better 6 defenseman?

    THANK GOD that Henrik stopped that penalty shot. Can you imagine if a “skills competition” would have decided that classic game?

    Again, I am proud of Torts and Sather for telling the truth about that horrific officiating yesterday!

    Can’t wait to watch 24/7!!


  15. Love the picture of Bobinsky (or whatever his name is) looking behind him into the net.

    Thank you Torts for being forthcoming about the refereeing. Sure, he’ll get fined for speaking the truth, but what can he do? Can he appeal to the league management? It was probably Bettman who put in the fix!

  16. “A late holding-the-stick call on Ryan Callahan was exceeded only in its peculiarity by the penalty shot awarded the Flyers with 19.6 seconds to go following a scramble in Henrik Lundqvist’s crease.”

    Seems like Larry Brooks agrees with me about the holding the stick call on Cally.

    Larry CAN have soup today!

  17. Pinpoint analysis Carp!

    I’ll take the underdog role as a Ranger any day rather than have my boots licked as a filthy flier! I can’t be more proud this morning!

    This team is very good and we still have room to improve!

  18. Stranger Nation on

    Ed snider = dirtbag

    Bobby Clark = bigger dirtbag

    Hartnell = biggest dirtbag

    Tired of these supposed tough guys wearing a visor and laying cheap shot like he did at the end of the game. Love the fact McDonut gave him a gloved fist to the face to answer the cheap shot from behind.

    Great pic of Feds tying up a Flyer along boards, no he wasn’t scoring a goal so many think we should bench him, sheesh.

  19. Good review and great performance by our boys ecen in the face of some terrible calls late. I didnt know Ian Walsh’s background till NBC said he is from Philadelphia and has roots with the Flyers organization, and I was shocked that he’d get the call for this game. I was also embarrassed to hear NBC glorifying an intentional and illegal play by Bobby Clarke.

    One thing I disagree with is your statement that the band during the second intermission (The Roots) is untalented. They’ve been around for decades and have been doing a great job as the house band for Jimmy Fallon the last few years. Maybe hip hop isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but those guys are good musicians and far from untalented.

  20. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Jeeezsch Carp…take a chill pill, lighten up.

    You really come off as a whining, complaining, nitpicking bahhumbug. I think someone is not happy about something and venting through this vehicle.

    We won, nobody got hurt except maybe Jagr, the NHL played to a national audience, Staal came back, 24/7 got some great stuff to use for the final episode, the game was exciting, we saw some new/different line combos, Rupper scored, Rupper scored, I’m just sayin……

  21. The White Plains Batman on

    Great review Carp. I agree with everything except the band; I’m a huge music fan and The Roots especially drummer ?estlove are talented fellows and have put out many great albums. They’re also Philly natives so it made sense for them to be there. I can’t stand seeing concerts at big stadiums (terrible acoustics and no intimacy) but for what they were dealt, they did a fine job.

  22. It wasn’t just NBC. I thought the NHL network’s coverage, interviews, etc. was about 70% Flyers, 20% Rangers, 10% other.

    Regarding the officiating, are we just looking at this with blue-tinted glasses on, or was it really that bad? What were the reactions on the Canadian broadcasts like? Because the NHL network didn’t say one thing about the officiating. Even more damning was the fact that they had absolutely NOTHING to say regarding Hank’s or Torts’ comments on the refs. Why is that? Is it because the NHL network is owned by the NHL and the NHL has a TV contract with NBC which is owned by Comcast, who also happens to own the Flyers?

    What a disgrace that coverage was. But we still prevailed, so I guess thats all that really matters.

  23. Mister Delaware on

    I liked the writeup, Carp showing more than just a little bit of jam there, especially calling out the glorification of Clarke. How can the way he still talks about that play be viewed in any way but racist? Because it was ok to be anti-Soviet back then its ok now? Ignoring that there were two Russians playing in today’s game and another getting paid $50MM to watch and give quirky interviews? That’s pretty embarrassing, although still second to the officiating. Quite the upset that Hartnell and his do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do routine can only finish a distant 3rd for the game.

    Also: Kathryn Tappen. And she’s legit in both ways.

  24. Boy, given your review Carp, I’m sure glad I got to watch the broadcast via CBC. Too bad you guys don’t get to hear Craig Simpson – he was as critical of the officials as someone on a national broadcast can be – he questioned bigtime the McDonagh pushing the net off call (‘that’s a bad call and the official is right there, too’) and was aghast at the subsequent non-call against Timonen when he hooked Gabbie.

    The CBC broadcast spent most of the first 2 periods talking about the Flyers because the Flyers controlled the play, but sure had lots to say about the Rangers in the 3rd period, especially after they got up 3-2 and until the flurry at the game’s end (thanks in large part to the inexplicable effort on the part of the officials to get the game to go into OT) and basically shut down the Flyers.

    They love the King.

    And Buttman’s an asshole….a tiny man with an enormous ego who needs to be put in his place. I’m no NHLPA enthusiast, but I wouldn’t mind seeing Fehr and company pound that little fart into the ground.

    Oh, and the entire Flyer organization stinks…

  25. Carp- great minds think alike – I posted between the 2nd and 3rd periods yesterday that I felt like a Wahington Generals fan watching the coverage.

  26. Carp I am a huge Roots fan so you come off as an old white guy who doesn’t get good music other than that, your review of the WC was spot on.

    With the exception of Doc Emrick NBC hockey coverage sucks. Why does Costa’s have to be on every NBC Sports telecast? He’s becoming another Howard Cosell showing up where he doesn’t belong.

    All of us Garden Faithful should kick in the price of a beer to pay Coach Torts fine when the Village Idiot (a/k/a Gary Bettman) levels it on Torts.

  27. And I actually had to leave the room during the opening act I got so sick of that song that kept going on and on and on and on….

    Zzzzzzzzzzzzz..PUKE..zzzzzzzzzzzzzz..PUKE..probably related to Ed Snider…

  28. John the ref was right behind the goal when the PS was called. There was NO replay that showed McD closing his hand on the puck. I thought it was a ridiculous call in that situation. There was NO way to tell if he did it or not. He might have, but I think to make that call there must be definitive evidence.

  29. Carp, absolutely spot on review of the game, the broadcast, and that pathetic attempt at officiating. I know fans get apranoid about conspiracy theories about the officials and their teams, but my goodness the end of that game was as bad as it ever has been.

    I loved the karma that “Crash and Burn” Briere’s penalty shot was at 19:40.

  30. Mister Delaware on

    The one little bright spot of the terrible officiating is that it makes the few logical Flyers fans feel even worse. The league did everything they could to hand over the game and their guys couldn’t take it.

  31. Carp, great column but I think the implication of the roots having no talent is patently disrespectful to one of the more talented/hard working bands around. Sure, I can understand not wanting to see a jazz band at the winter classic, but they mean a lot to that city and felt it was a good choice.

  32. I noticed that NBC didn’t show any replays of the McDonaugh-covering-the-puck-play, from any angles other than the one behind the net. I couldn’t tell if he covered it or if he shoved it under Lundqvist’s pads. I am skeptical that the ref could tell the difference that quickly; the decision to award a PS wa made awfully fast.

  33. Mister Delaware on

    I know its been pointed out by others, but there really is some amazing symmetry going from Bobby-Clarke-“awesomely”-breaking-a-Soviet-player’s-ankle to Bobby-Clarke’s-team-being-treated-like-the-1972-Soviet-Olympic-basketball-team. Except the Soviet’s were able to convert when they got two extra BS lives.

  34. How awful is the headline on “Hen-ridiculous”? Did a non-native speaker come up with that? Maybe the alternative was “Lundqu-astic”.

    Also, on “Rangers Play Spoiler, Win Classic”. It’s not as if Philly was raising a banner or needed the win to get into the playoffs. To suggest the Rangers were a spoiler more or less confirms the attitude that the Rangers were just filler.

    From now on they should just have the Flyers v. Capitals so that Comcast wins either way. The coverage was awful, the camera view was off-center, the chase cam isn’t intended for hockey.

  35. Carp, I feel our disdain for Kevin weekes is misplaced. Seeing him do late night CBC broadcasts is usually the highlight of Saturday nights. Much better color man than studio analyst. Also I may be biased because I am Canadian but I enjoy the fact that bobby Clarke still defends breaking kharlamovs ankle. It may not be right but it’s an iconic moment in hockey history (of which, a lage number or defining moments are violent). Although I would definitely agree about the NBC broadcast in general. I thought it was terriblely produced. Thy should be looking to CBC and tsn for guidance in that department.

  36. Carp, all the things said here, most of them anyway, were right on. And since I don’t pay for or have FIOS, i didn’t get any post game wrap-up!! After all this hype aboot this game and all the Flyer friendly treatment and they go to news after the game is over!!! No post game interviews, no reaction to playing outdoors, no interview with Hank on the ice by that annoying Pierre MaGuire (which I would mute anyway)!!! BUT, after venting my frustration about that, I thought to myself, I can’t wait to read Carp’s review of the game AND the broadcast!!! You didn’t disappoint!! Bottom line though = 2 points!

  37. Carp – great write-up. My only beef? Not giving us a Crosby update! Same goes for NBC – no Crosby updates at each whistle.

    GH = Gay for Hartnell


    The King for MVP!!!!

  38. wow what a game to be at. the ranger fans who were there were loud led by my section in 426. great view of the ice. the delay of game call and the dive on cally are such a disgrace the ref needs to be fined. ok the penalty shot i dont agree with it but can justify that a lot more then those two garbage calls.

    can someone explain to me how we lead the league in points. really for the life of me i am blown away. lets hope this carpet ride continues into june then i will really love life more then i do now.

    4th greatest day of my life.

    1. having son 10 minths ago
    2. ranger cup win 94.
    3. getting married
    4. beating the flyers outdoors in there ballpark. with that i salute jagr.

    hartnell get a haircut you piece of carcillo

  39. Newsflash, everybody else hates the rangers. Bettman, NHL HQ, and most of the non-NY media.

    TSN is where I go to get hockey news becuase they are fast. They are all over the stories and trades. But they are so biased, and they hate the rangers too. Even when they are (inter)national news they get short shrift. They are more intereseted in the “all canadien” matchup of the Jets Vs. Leafs…

    The Rangers are in First effin place in the LEAGUE. No one besides HBO is giving them any due press.

    Do realize that we wont get a fair shake in any of these outlets except MSG. So Carp Diem (read Carp everyday).

  40. Long time, first time…
    Guys, I need your help!
    Not sure if it’s been discussed here before… I lost MSG channel on Jan 1 like probably a lot of you did. Unfortunatelly where I live there’re no alternatives to TWC which I stuck with.
    Is there any other way (TV/Internet) to watch Rangers games?
    Been Rangers fan for more than 15 years, suffered through all those ugly years and now when we have the best Ranger team in years and hope of winning it all I’m loosing their broadcast! I hate both MSG and TWC, I just want to watch my Rangers!!!

  41. I agree, the Roots were a bad choice.

    Were Peaches and Herb unavailable? Boyz II Men too busy? Jesus Christensen, even Hall and Oates would have been a better choice. Although Ween mighta been the best option…

    No matter how good the Roots were, are, whatever, it was a lazy choice (they are a house band for NBC, no?) and the in-between periods entertainment was just sickeningly bad.

    When Mike Milbury is the “good cop” (with Clarke) you know you got problems.

  42. Carp,

    I hate it when i agree with almost all your observations.

    Kathryn Tappen does a good job. Her husband barely made the NHL, she worked for NESN Bruins previously.

    Rangers will add another good d man when Sauer comes back also. The flyers d as I stated is bad and they only have 1 injure Pronger. THe french dude stinks, Lilja, stinks, and Meszaros is inconsistent. Carle, TImmonen, and COburn are good not great. They will be trading some young forwards soooner or later for some blueline help….

    Henrik is top 3 goalie for sure in the NHL that is the bottom line. Rangers are real good and getting better. Imagin Philly’s hockey history claim to fame is then won the cup when they had a team literally of animals……They were goon maniacs and brutalized other teams… To me nothing to be proud of………

  43. another thing the experts/announcers have no clue this is not the valeri kamensky rangers.

    this is basically a north american team(mainly), home grown(mainly), and young.

    sather the moron has done mostly good things the last 3 or 4 years and the future of the organization is great….

  44. Mister Delaware on

    “another thing the experts/announcers have no clue this is not the valeri kamensky rangers.”

    Like how Milbury was talking as if Gaborik and Richards were typically linemates? Yeah. Not a great prep job.

  45. Carp, the women’s name is Kathryn Tappen who used to work for NESN coving the Bruins. She’s married to Jay Leach who is now in the Devils system with Albany.

  46. Boom Boom Bathgate / "Sloppy Firsts" on

    Think about this. By assigning a referee with a Philadelphia background it makes the one-sided calls look like a”homer” bias – not like a “fix” conspiracy. This is really smart. If you have two referees in there with no Philadelphia affiliation, it could lead to speculation that the slanted calls were dictated from “upstairs,” (which I am speculating, anyway).

    I have seen too many blantantly fixed sports events, in all professional sports in this country in recent years, to think that this game was on the up and up. At least one Super Bowl (Pittsburgh – Seattle); one World Series (Philadelphia – Tampa Bay), along with whatever was going on with HP umpire Eric Gregg of the three-foot wide strike zone in that Atlanta – Cleveland World Series years ago; plus two point-shaving NBA referees that we know of, etc.

    For us the major concern is the apparent NHL bias against the New York Rangers. So that now I am concerned as to whether this gutsy team will get anything suggestive of a fair shake, come playoff time. If yesterday is any indication, the Rangers will need to rejuvenate Gordie Howe, Bobby Orr and Wayne Gretzky to even have a shot at champagne this year.

  47. Mister Delaware on

    “For us the major concern is the apparent NHL bias against the New York Rangers.”

    I don’t buy this at all. The game being in Philadelphia was the mitigating factor, not the Rangers being the opponent. Same thing would have happened to the Sabres or the Devils or whoever else you want to put in the hypothetical.

  48. Mister Delaware on

    (And, if the game were being playing in Yankee Stadium, those calls don’t happen. It wasn’t anti-Ranger, it was pro-home team.)

  49. weekes and melrose mean well but if you do not follow the team on a daily basis you really have no idea..

    Recchi actually said some smart things the delivery was not great but his observations were pretty right on.

    rangers are a very good defensive team with a great goalie, with a few skilled forwards who win games with there d and forecheck. when they play hard and tough they are a very good team. when they do not play hard and tough you have the st louis game…..

  50. >>Carp, the women on the NHLN was from NESN, the Bruins station. she is pretty sharp and easy
    >> on the eyes! Although I cant recall her name cuz I dont watch them. :)

    Her name is Kathryn Tappen. We did discuss her briefly in the game thread.

  51. Mister Delaware on

    “rangers are a very good defensive team with a great goalie, with a few skilled forwards who win games with there d and forecheck. when they play hard and tough they are a very good team.”

    Which, if you can add another skilled two-way forward or two, is pretty much the ideal team. So that’s fun.

  52. Ian Walsh is just awful!!!!!

    He is the one who called Hagelin for “charging” in the Dallas game and he made the diving call on Callahan yesterday.

    He either has a bias against the Rangers or is just a terrible referee.

    Great game otherwise. Got to get one of these at Yankee Stadium.

  53. Boom Boom Bathgate / "Sloppy Firsts" on

    Delaware is Philadelphia’s back yard, so your take ranks right up there with yesterday’s officiating – not of this planet.

  54. >>2. ranger cup win 94.
    >>3. getting married

    For your sake, eric, I hope the wife doesn’t read the blog.

  55. Great analysis Carp.

    I think you were right on the “too much Flyers”. However, I agree with Mister Delaware that it wasn’t really anti-Rangers. They sang Henrik’s praises all day (rightly so). But I also agree that the calls at the end were terrible. I had a Flyer fan tell me those calls were BS.

    I like Kevin Weekes though – his analysis was insightful and he’s very well spoken. Would like to see more of him. He was also very good on the Alumni game.

    Boyle was a monster in that game. He had more than 4 or 5 hits for sure.

  56. Mister Delaware on

    “Delaware is Philadelphia’s back yard, so your take ranks right up there with yesterday’s officiating – not of this planet.”

    Born in NY, live in Boston. Sooo …

  57. Mister Delaware on

    “I had a Flyer fan tell me those calls were BS.”

    Same. Real hockey fans on both sides were disgusted.

  58. That was one for the ages. Rupper = Clutch

    Carp, I loved your review. I had a great time blogging with you all since the celebration of Philadelphia began.

    Philadelphia is the absolute worst sports town and yesterday should serve as confirmation of that. Their fans and “icons” (Bob Clarke) are disgusting individuals.

    If you are a Rangers fan, you definitely hate Philadelphia more today. I hate Bobby Clarke and Scott Hartnell more than ever. I hate Mike Vick. I despise Allen Iverson. The lowest class of players play in Filthy.

    “that piece of carcillo Hartnell, who complained about Rupp disprespecting Jaromir Jagr, is somebody who should be addressing the topic of respect. The same guy who has gone off the ice after the last two losses to the Rangers swinging his stick. Shut up. And get a haircut.”

    Bwaha! Priceless!

  59. Boom Boom Bathgate / "Sloppy Firsts" on

    It’s ok, JBytes, the wife puts Virginia Wade winning the 1977 U.S. Open ahead of her own wedding day in importance, too, so that all is fair.

  60. The good news is, we’ve beaten the Flyers 3x this year, inside, outside, at home, away, with ice tilted their way, as seen in the 3rd of this game, with a penalty shot…we beat them no matter what!! The sweetest revenge of all!

  61. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    Morning ILB and all!!

    great write up, thanks!

    I actually thought in the “one” review, it did look like mcdonut covered the puck (I will say because there was only ONE review angle apparently), that it is hard to say whether he just shoved it under hank’s pads or was still covering it and keeping it out of the net.

    The other 3 calls (mcdonut “knocking” the net off, the cally dual call, and the non-hooking call with gabby) were just horrible.

    btw carp, if I’m not mistaken I think the girls name is Kathryn Tappen. I think I’m the first one to post that!

    thanks for the response on the last thread!

  62. Anyone who is being “Ian walshed” by the Time warner/MSg dispute, you might want to try I have used that to watch some Iona College college basketball games this year and my niece was able to watch the end of the Steelers game on Sunday.

  63. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    thanks for the pics btw, absolutely AWESOME!!! I appreciate you shareing!

  64. You better believe there is a bias, in the worst place…HQ.

    The NHL HQ and Rangers front office hate each other. The Lawsuit and conflicts over website/marketing being primary evidence. But it goes a way back, and is more complicated. Dolan is seen as a troublemaker and an enabler of bad front office behaviour. (See “Mills” and “”the Knicks”) Who wants that kind of publicity? Who allows that to happen? Not to mention the other owners and GMs are still spiteful of the escalation in salaries they see the Dolans as responsible for. Hell, even Sather use to hate them for that.

    The NHL plays favorites, and Bettman rewards the owners he likes, (or needs to curry favor with) with perks.

    Flyers (Snider owns Comcast, has a lot of pull), and Pens (face of league, good story with Lemieux as owner) have played the classic twice each in six years, yet Original Sixes Montreal (weak ownership) and Toronto (weak teams) have not played yet.

    No Canadien Winter classic game yet. WTF?

    Makes sense next year is Leaves/Habs. but I’ll bet they’ll do something like Canucks vs. Avalanche or something west, like Vancouver. But really, just figure out which owner is the squeakiest…

  65. Mister Delaware on

    “btw carp, if I’m not mistaken I think the girls name is Kathryn Tappen. I think I’m the first one to post that!”

    Seriously. Did I screw this up by not yelling FIRST! or something?

  66. Carp – Two things:

    1) The girl on NHL Network is Kathryn Tappen. She’s great. She did the games for the Bruins for a few years for NESN and definitely knows her stuff about the game. She was a fan favorite in Boston.

    2) I was lucky enough to be at the game so I didn’t see it on TV, but I will say that the Flyers put on a much better show AT the stadium. I really enjoyed my time, the stadium was great, Flyers fans for the most part were better than expected (always cracking jokes’and had a pretty good sense of humor). It was by far the most enjoyable hockey game I’ve ever been too and the elements helped out with that.

    Also credit to the Rangers for putting together a GREAT pre-game tailgate at Lincoln Financial Field. The team that put that together did a great job. The players that were there (Fotiu, Greschner, Graves, Turcotte, and Beezer) were great, had some awesome conversations with Fotiu. And the staff that helped run it were very helpful through the whole thing. Definitely had a lot of fun.

    Anybody else join in at the tailgate?

  67. NHL is never going to have two Canadian teams in a “Winter Classic” because it is not a TV draw in the U.S. Actually, the Habs have played two outdoor games – the first one during the regular season as part of the Heritage Classic in 2003 at Edmonton and again last year in Calgary as part of the 2011 Heritage Classic.

  68. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    I just forgot to put ///sarcasm at the end of my post (so many others had posted her name, I just thought it was funny)

  69. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    plus I might end up in grammar jail, I forgot the apostrophe in girl’s

  70. GH, I will take your writing advice. Obviously, you’d know better.

    On the calls: Callahan was called for holding the stick, not embellishment. And he did hold the stick. We couldn’t see whether McDonagh covered the puck in the crease, so I’m not judging that call (though suspicious with 19.6 left). But the non-call on the Gaborik breakaway — after all the pansification hooking calls we’ve seen this year — and more so, the McDonagh delay of game when the Flyer pushed him into the net, were embarrassingly bad.

    And, to be honest, I wrote this review before I went to bed and worried that I might have been too harsh. Glad to see most of you didn’t think so.

    As for the Roots, I really disliked that song they played. Maybe they have other stuff. I’ve never heard of them.

  71. Mister Delaware on

    “Flyers fans for the most part were better than expected (always cracking jokes’and had a pretty good sense of humor).”

    That’s because there isn’t a huge diehard Flyer fanbase there. Always Eagles first then whatever the most appealing bandwagon is. Right now its the Phillies.

  72. I’m not sure, but I think the NHL Network host was named Kathryn Tappen. Or has somebody mentioned that yet?

    Good morning, Sally!

    Johnny, I’ll talk slower.

  73. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    I know a lot of people here dislike melrose, but I think his laugh is awesome, plus it was pretty cool he was stopping and taking pics with fans after the game.

  74. Yeah they were picked because of their Philly roots (no pun intended). Wasn’t a great choice just because of the event and their style of music, also the fact they wanted to get off stage as quickly as possible it seemed haha.

    Did they mention anything about the snow on TV? Late in the 2nd and middle of the 3rd we had some small flurries, but it added to how cool the event was.

    I’m afraid to watch the replay on TV since it seems like NBC did a terrible job.

  75. Carp I’m disappointed with this review. You didn’t touch on Schenn’s first career goal or the other amazing young talent Philly has.

    Most of you guys don’t know me very well but those who do will tell you I never complain about officiating. Good teams win despite bad calls but that third was the most shamefully called period of hockey I’ve ever endured. They did everything they could to let Philly tie the game. Probably hoping to get them to a shootout so Emerick could scream dramatically every time a Flyer broke in to shoot and so they could show 4000 replays of Philly winning that shootout in game 82 from 2 seasons ago. Well as I said before- good teams win despite bad calls.

    I’m over this Winter Classic crap. I hoped for it for years and now I am hoping our team doesn’t play another for a long long time.

    You guys think Sather was wearing that trademark smirk when the buzzer sounded? I sure hope so. Last night was the first time since 2000 that I woulda been happy to buy him a beer and a cigar. Guaranteed victory. Good for him.

    I realized after this game that the Rangers aren’t being portrayed as an allstar studded mega bucks team anymore. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. It sucked being written off by NBC but I enjoy them in the “lesser team” role. Let people talk about the Flyers and Pens and Bruins. Long as we keep winning games.

    And now back to our regularly scheduled season. LGR!!

  76. Hey Guys
    Looks like I’m not going to make it to the game on Thursday so if anyone is interested email me at
    2 tix, Sec. 426 Row C right off the aisle. Face value for the heads but let me know asap before I list them on the web.

  77. nice name switch, Wick.

    Johnny, I thought it meant they had black hair under their blond hair.

    Jonny, yes, they showed the snow. Pretty cool.

    CTB, thanks for posting the photos.

    Brooks via twitter thinks next WC will be in Detroit, then Minny, and maybe in Yankee Stadium in 2016.

  78. Carp, what a wonderful piece of writing it is; this is amazing review and rare case, when I agree with every written letter. May be it is cliché’, but yesterday I felt immensely proud for the team, which pulled out Victory together with a phlyers stomach’s enzymes, despite all forces of evil, for our coach, who managed right game adjustments and his emotions in front of many red _muletas_ in his face during the game, and his natural courage in expressing himself. I’m proud to watch how Carp came down from his objective, slightly elevated Olympus, deep in the Rangerland with such a wonderful real passion, without sacrificing one scintilla of objectiveness. Finally, I ‘m proud to be a part of this great brotherhood –Rangers fans in general and RR in particular.

  79. Mister Delaware on

    Same, 4ever, just a really, really likeable bunch. Best part? No key player other than Prust is a UFA before 2014-15.

  80. Looking at the schedule, the next ‘big’ game is @ Boston, Jan 21.

    But Thurs. night we have the return of FLA and that unfinished business involving Kopecky, MDZ, and Rupp – our new marquee scorer.

  81. I should also mention we were sitting right next to Sather/Dolan. Sather actually got cheers from the fans and gave everyone a thumbs up. Then Dolan stood up and all the boos came out. He laughed and sat immediately back down.

  82. Mister Delaware on

    Good, he should get cheers. He was awful at the beginning of his tenure and probably deserved to be fired, but the team he’s built now is really solid. I don’t even see how that can be argued.

  83. I think the NHL would be better off sticking to Football stadiums for the Winter Classic. I think it is a pretty awkward setup for the fans when it is done on a baseball diamond. It also looks weird.

    I’d much rather have the 2015 game at Met Life Stadium than Yankees Stadium. Prust sayin’!

  84. Carp, I think that’s my favorite and your best game review I have read since I started reading this blog years ago. I’m so happy Torts bashed the reffing and NBC. Both the NHL and NBC should be ashamed of themselves. That was absolutely atrocious. Bobby Clarke is a scumbag and Mike Milbury, well, I’m not even going to waste any of my precious words on him.

    My friends and I were watching at “The Flying Puck” bar right next to MSG (great place btw), and I tell ya, that place is lucky nobody broke any of their TVs after that late third period NBC comedy hour.

    It’s amazing though, how Brad Richards can stay so quiet throughout the game, but find still find a way to stay on his game and somehow come through in the clutch. Assistant-Captain Clutch!

  85. Nice win – Could argue the calls all day but I think this is just typical poor NHL officiating just on a larger scale…McD’s call was terrible but have seen it before..Cally’s penalty was weak but nothing new…The one call to question would be who called the penalty shot? because I watched it again this morning and there is no way to tell his hand was on puck or if he shoveled it under Hank. I hope 24/7 catches a lot of the on ice stuff.

    And…what the holy hell!!

  86. NYR_FAN, the problem with football stadiums is that there’s still football being played at this point in the season. however, if the NHL waits til maybe after the All-Star break to do the winter classic, a football stadium would be feasible and probably a better viewing option for fans.

  87. Mister Delaware on

    “The one call to question would be who called the penalty shot? because I watched it again this morning and there is no way to tell his hand was on puck or if he shoveled it under Hank.”

    Was just about to post the same. I’m watching the replay right now and LaRue is the ref right on top of the play but you never see him do more than blow the whistle.

    (Worth noting it was LaRue, and not Walsh, who called McDonagh for knocking the net off and didn’t call the hook on Gaborik. So the perfect conspiracy theory isn’t quite perfect.)

  88. and we would be 11 – 0 with the “model” in the lineup! Great job Torts\Slats you both should be fired…

  89. I am still yet to see anything definitive that would lead to the penalty shot being called but I do understand the argument for it. However, the thing that got me was the time that it took to decide they were going to award one. It seemed that they took forever to make the call. If one of the refs actually saw McD move the puck, wouldn’t it be so egregious that it would be called immediately and emphatically?! Similar when pointing to the net when a goal is scored? If you saw it happen then call it. I can only surmise from the time it took to make the call that they A: never actually saw it happen or B: they didn’t know the rule. Either way it was embarrassing.

  90. So I had to DVR the game yesterday and unfortunately while I was out my friend texted me. So I knew they had won, I just didn’t know how. Then I watched the Flyers go up 2-0 and it made me so happy to know the Rangers would score the next 3 goals. I love crushing comeback defeats especially against the Philthy’s.
    There is nothing more satisfying than knowing after all the hype in the Flyers vs “that other team” WC, Plus the NHL’s lame attempt to send the game to overtime that our boys still found a way to win.

  91. NHL Network right now has the CBC call of the game.

    girardi reading the starting lineup is classic….

    mcdonagh is the mack truck…..

  92. Carp,

    Good summary of things. I agree on just about every aspect, although I feel the penalty shot should have been awarded, if only for the reason that the cam angle didn’t show it well enough but the ref (however bais he may be) was right there.

    Not sure if anyone pointed it out but, with regards to NBC treating the Flyers like they’re gods and the Rangers like aslo-rans…

    Comcast owns NBC, Comcast began and is headquartered in Philly. Doesn’t take a genius to put 2+2 together there. It also explains the NHL’s role in the “leaning in one direction”being that NBC and the NHL are in business together.

    HBO however has no such alliances… it’ll be interesting to see how they handle it all.

  93. as for the penalty shot … I don’t think the replay showed it clearly, but it sure looked as if McDonagh might have covered the puck in the crease. It doesn’t have to be closing the hand or glove on the puck. And if that’s what the ref saw:

    Rule 63.5:

    No defending player, except the goalkeeper, will be permitted to fall on the puck, hold the puck, pick up the puck, or gather the puck into the body or hands when the puck is within the goal crease. For infringement of this rule, play shall immediately be stopped and a penalty shot shall be ordered against the offending team, but no other penalty shall be given. The rule shall be interpreted so that a penalty shot will be awarded only when the puck is in the crease at the instant the offense occurs. However, in cases where the puck is outside the crease, Rule 63 may still apply and a minor penalty may be imposed, even though no penalty shot is awarded. The significant factor when determining whether or not a penalty shot is warranted is the location of the puck at the time it was held, grabbed or gathered into the body. If the puck is in the crease, penalty shot. If the puck is outside the crease and gathered into the body of a player (other than the goalkeeper) who is inside the crease, minor penalty).

  94. NYRFAN – The setup was a little weird, but it actually wasn’t that bad. We had seats on the 3rd base line and for the most part we could see everything. Anything in the near corner we’d just look up at the huge scoreboard. Might have helped that Philly is a pretty small park, but the view wasn’t terrible.

    Also in regards to the pro-Flyers coverage, I’m sure that has more to do with Comcast owning NBC Sports now (and also owning the Flyers), but I wonder if it also has to do with Torts. He’s mentioned many times how he hates all the distractions and wants his players to focus on the game. I think that’s why we usually see more about the Flyers than the Rangers on 24/7. Maybe since they know that Torts would rather coach than talk to the media and have his players play, they don’t give them as much face time.

  95. Come on Carp , Shame on you that you don’t Know Kathryn Tappen ? I still liked her when she worked for NESN !

  96. hey carp, i picked the same guys for my 3 stars as well, although prust got an HM.

    honestly you hit a walk-off grand slam with this rant. i wish you could hae elaborated even more on NBC cutting to some flyers rookie on the bench whenever any action went down that favored the rangers. if you watch it closely, they were even panning the camera AWAY from huge hits if a flyer player was on the receiving end!

    honestly what is this garbage about the weather and shadows when the rangers are making huge plays, throwing devastating hits and almost scoring? it’s like they neglected to recognize that the rangers are a hockey team and they’re an original 6 team! no team deserves that amount of disrespect. what a circus last night was. it was like a WWE event and if it keeps going like this, i hope they cancel it.

    thanks for telling it like it happened


  97. Like I said last night, I have no problem with the Cally call, and the penalty shot call. If the roles were reversed, I’d expect the same to be awarded to NYR.

    There were a few soft calls, and a lot of non-calls that went both way. The Flyers can complain just as much as NYR, in my opinion.

  98. I think part of Richards issues lately is that he doesn’t have someone of his talent level to play with.

    Time and time again he has the puck in the opposition’s zone (often brought into the zone by him) and he’s looking for someone to play give and go with. It’s worked with Cally a few times (and resulted in goals, too) but more often than not both of his wingers aren’t on the same wavelength and therefore, aren’t moving to the open areas of the ice.

    Instead, they are hugging the boards, looking to generate the cycling game. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that, but a guy like Richards has more in his set of skills than just that.

    I sure hope Sather is scouring the league for available 1st or 2nd line wingers. I maintain Hemsky of the Oilers is a viable option, based, of course, on what you have to give up to get him.

  99. following that rule there better be a lot more penalty shots awarded because d-men have been doing that for years…they dive and put the puck back into the goalie…

    I think this was a great mental test for this young team and I think they passed with flying colors…hopefully this will help them in the playoffs….

  100. stranger nation on

    McD is allowed to move the puck, just cannot close his hand on it. My understanding is he could swipe at puck, knock back under Hank and all is legal. Moot point given desire to create drama by Buttman and his trolls Snider and Clark.

    The filth lived up to its name!

  101. ORR: One call that no one’s talking about that definitely was in the Rangers favour was the play where a stoppage was called when clearly the puck was not smothered by Lundvqist.

    The puck ended up beside the Ranger net with the King slightly out and on his knees. He ended up flopping on the puck, but didn’t smother it.

    The official blew the play dead nonetheless, but by the time everyone realized it, a Flyer had the puck in the slot with the open net facing him.

    I cannot recall the score at the time, but I think it was 2 – 0. 3 – 0 and that very well may have been the game.

  102. Ropio, how am I supposed to know who she is?

    Jim, how does not having better wingers affect Richards’ skating, which has been awful for a couple of weeks? Or his missing the net? Or getting killed on faceoffs? Or bad decisions on the PP point?

    and do you really think Hemsky is a better winger than the wingers they have on the first two lines?

  103. that play was in the third period and the Rangers were winning…If we are thinking about the same play…the difference there was the ref lost sight of the puck and he has to blow the whistle…the way hank was on the ice it almost looks like he has it covered…

  104. Like I said earlier, I understand the argument for the penalty shot call but what I don’t get is why it took so long to make the call. I just don’t believe that if a referee saw such an egregious penalty, at that point in the game, he wouldn’t call it right away and emphatically. They took way to long to make the call, imo.

  105. Jim – agreed. I think that was a make up call for the soft penalty call on McD when he was pushed into the net.

    And I’m pretty sure that was when it was already 3-2 though. Mind you I had a few Coors in my system, but I thought we were up already.

  106. Oh I know Carp lol… look at my email address ;-)

    Just pointing out the really obvious.

  107. Yeah dore, but you have to be sure that puck is covered. I think since we were down a man, they gave us benefit of the doubt there. The Flyer and Rangers fans in my section both agreed since nobody knew why McD got a penalty anyway.

  108. Also, how about Rupp? 7 minutes of ice time and scored the 2 goals to get us back in it. Want to talk about production…

  109. Carp, I thought that too, definitely plausible. In all sincerity, what do you think they would be conferring about?

    The only thing I can come up with is the rule itself. Which I guess is good that they got it right then but that is a pretty important rule to not know. Personally I don’t think more then one of them actually had the sight line to make the call. Just my opinion.

  110. My understanding is once they lose sight of the puck they have to blow it dead…whether its covered or not…I dont believe verifying its covered is the exact rule…Carp, you have that rule handy?

  111. Exactly, Jim. That was a key screw up on the refs part that could have, and probably would have, led to the game being tied. I think it was 3-2 at that time.

    Another play, which doesn’t matter because they scored off the faceoff right after, is when intentionally Artie dislodged the net. *That* is a delay of game penalty.

  112. Richards skating, or lack there of, has been alarming…..
    If it isn’t a nagging injury, IDK… he wasn’t just quick in TB, he had blazing speed.
    Some days lately he looks worse than Wolski.

    That said, he’s getting where he needs to be to put up points.

    And, as we’ve all seen, the guy is a little freakish with his ‘big moment’ ability.

    Hank on FAN @ 5.

  113. LOL, riche.

    watching the CBC telecast now. All hockey. Great coverage. Who is the ex-Ranger doing color? Anybody know?

    Just remembered the penalty vs. Giroux in first. NBC went to commercial, came back, gave us some fluff and finally went back to the ice. Probably four or five minutes went by before we were told that Giroux was called for a penalty. And no replay.

    CBC picked it up right away, told us, went to commercial, came back and showed a replay of the slash on Stepan. Right on top of it.

  114. From Zip’s Twitter: NBC’s Winter Classic overnight is a 2.4, down from l2.8 (in primetime on New Year’s Day) and ’10’s 2.6 on New Year’s Day

  115. Wow, CBC even had a Raul Ibanez reference. Proving not only do they know more hockey then the NBC team but they probably know more baseball too.

  116. Carp: Of course, the FO issues cannot be explained, but I think part of reason his skating seems slow is that he?s slowing things down hoping his wingers find the time/space to get to open ice (JMHO).

    Regarding the missing the net alot ? wasn?t it you who blogged that he picks the corners and therefore, misses the net at times? To me, given the fact that perhaps as many as 1/2 his goals have been scored because of this, personally I don?t have an issue with it ? it?s no different than firing the puck into the chest of a crouching goalie, which is the same as putting the puck right the middle of the net.

    Now if he had open nets and was missing, that?s another thing altogether.

    And yes, I think Hemsky is a better option than any of Hagelin, Dubi or Callahan. His skillset is more akin to Richards, IMO.

    The risk is his health and because of that (plus the fact that he?s a rental player) you don?t give up much to get him (or he?s part of a bigger return).

    I don?t see this team going deep in the POs if they spend 1/2 the game struggling to get out of their own zone and are relying on the King to ensure they don?t get too far behind on the scoreboard as they do.

    This isn?t to say I?m dissatisfied overall because I?m not. In fact, on the contrary; I?m seeing more potential to go deep here if Sather is able to fill a couple of holes. I?m also not advocating a must-do trade because the team isn?t built for today ? 3 of their important cogs (Lundqvist, Richards and Gaborik) are still 31 and younger ? but that doesn?t mean you don?t explore and try to address now.

    Sather?s in a position right now that?s probably uncharted waters for him ? it?s one thing to engineer deals when your team isn?t very good and almost any trade would be welcomed by fans and media; it?s quite another when you?re trying to fill holes on a winning team without compromising what?s already working.

    Has he ever been in this position? Certainly not in modern times (ie with a cap)…

  117. It’s _supposively_ cold today. I was really @blazing the elements@ earlier. It’s adismal.

  118. Winter Classic Is When We Say Goodbye To NBC

    Winter Classic is When We Get An Extra Three Hours Of Z’s

  119. CBC had a poll on its web site. Who was the big winner of the Winter Classic? Fans of Philly or the refs?

    25 percent said the fans of Philly.

    75 percent said the refs.

  120. anybody know who this color analyst on CBC is? He played for the Rangers and Keenan and the following year, and his voice certainly doesn’t sound like Healy.

  121. Carp: Craig Simpson….didn’t play for the Rangers. Played a lot of his career for the Oilers and Penguins and had to retire early due to back problems because he was one of those crease crowders and used to get crosschecked visciously all the time because of it (back when cross checking in front was allowed).

    He was Pittsburgh first pick (2nd overall) in 1985.

    He was very good yesterday, calling out the officials (as much as a national broadcaster can do).

  122. Stranger Nation – Agree on Hartnell, when is he going to get beatdown by someone? Glad Avery used to talk sh*t about him and his divorce.

    Carp – NHL is investigating your writeup, look forward to max fine of $2,500. Same as Downie.

  123. but he said that he played for the Rangers the year after the Cup … talked about needing to beat the Flyers late in the season without Messier to make the playoffs … or maybe that was Healy speaking at that point.

  124. Carp: Probably Healy. He was the CBC guy at ice-level (jockeying for position with McGuire).

  125. ORR!! What Is It Good For?!?! January 3rd, 2012 at 12:58 pm
    Like I said last night, I have no problem with the Cally call, and the penalty shot call. If the roles were reversed, I’d expect the same to be awarded to NYR.

    That is dopey. Cally got hooked and there was no clear evidence via replay that mcdonagh covered the puck. The old saying goes that the officials should not decide a game in the final moments unless there is something egregious. Those calls should not have been made. Torts agrees.

  126. The Rupp salute has no place in hockey. Hockey is a game of sportsmanship. Similar to Artie. No place.

  127. Sorry, I meant Lidster was gone before the season after the Cup. He was a huge contributor in the ’94 finals.

    Anybody have any thoughts on Laviolette’s decision to not dress his tough guys?

  128. Tostitos I was told by a Flyer fan this morning was sent down to the minors…he was just a fanatsy camp guy anyway. I personally am glad they didnt try to goon it up…lets see some legit players out there…

  129. Before the game I thought it was a smart move. Don’t want them taking bad penalties, tough to control your emotions in a game like that. Also, thought they have enough toughness without them. While we do throw our weight around, we aren’t a particularly large team. So yea I thought it was the right move……shows what I know.

  130. Shelley is useless…that was a good call by Torts and Slats to let him leave and keep Prust…
    According to my Flyer freind here Rinaldi not playing was a bit of a surprise…he has not read anything that explains why they didnt play…

  131. maybe since they were 0-2 this year so far against us they decided to outskill our boys??

  132. this may have been said and I tried catching up on the posts but what happened to Purinton? Wasnt he suppose to play Sat?

  133. Perhaps after the first two games and seeing how well we play team defense, he decided they had a better shot sitting the bangers and putting in a couple guys that can actually score a goal or two.

  134. Did anyone catch the CBC broadcast on replay on the NHL Network? It’s a totally different experience. A real pleasure to watch.

  135. Just quick if it’s possible; with all the talk of how good this Ranger D is, it’s pretty interesting to compare it to the 94 defense, the makeup of which was just fabulous.

    Everyone knows Leetch & Zubie were unbelievable individually and the all-time point pair, but if you look at the rest of that defense, it had just the right amount if viciousness, intelligence and ability.
    I loved Doug Lidster; for a depth guy he was worry-free and rock-solid.

    Kevin Lowe was probably the smartest of all of them, competed like a MFer, and always had his pitchfork ready LOL. Jay Wells was a swashbuckler, he’d cut your heart out if he had to. And of course Beuk, to my mind the measure for a pure physical defenseman which no one ever seems to match. As much as Beuk crunched people, he was great at playing a simple smart game that let Leetch be Leetch.

    This current D is nowhere near as nasty but on balance probably much better skaters and puck-movers (and definitely busier shot-blockers) which reflects the change in the game.

    Not sure where that all came from, but perhaps it enhanced someone’s afternoon!

  136. It was definitely Healy on CBC, Carp. He’s not that great on TV either, but at least sticks up for the Rangers more than most.

    Don’t get why the Flyers would ever dress Shelley, Rinaldo or Sestito other than because they’re the Flyers. Almost as redundant dressing those lunks as it was for the Devils to play Boulton, Janssen and the other Sestito last week. I’d be happy for the Rangers to play against teams sacrificing three forward spots like that every time.

  137. CBC broadcast is phenomenal watching now.

    alot more ranger fans in the stand then you can see on nbc…

  138. “Flyers general manager Paul Holmgren announced that forward Jaromir Jagr will be sidelined 7-to-10 days with a mild left groin strain.” TSN

  139. stranger nation on

    Carp – so McD can knock/slide/push puck under Hank w/out covering it, correct?

    Just do not see why there was no replay on the biggest play of the game and they called it after a weird 30 second pause while the ref stared at Buttman. Well, we know why there was no replay – maybe CBC feed has it.

  140. LW3 – Agree completely about those guys. I have absolutely no problem with teams wasting roster spots on them.

  141. Odd That shows you how bad the conditions were if Rupp can score two, and what a professional he is with that salute. What respect for the game there.

  142. Wicky©"I think the NHL Network host was named Kathryn Tappen" on

    The more I think about it, I’m not shocked at all that we won the game, having played outdoors in vegas and more recently Alaska.

    Does anyone have a good online/youtube link for the first 3 episodes of 24/7??


  143. Forgot to mention, obviously this current D cannot even dream of the offensive production
    the 94 team enjoyed.

    Zubov had 77 points that year, Leetch 79! Wow.

    A few years earlier, Leetch had 102. Ridiculous.

    The game wasn’t that much different!

  144. Orr – Obviously, Jagr has the salute copyrighted. I just wonder why he never took legal action against Terrell Davis and the mile high salute back in the day in Denver.

  145. I am still trying to Contact either Jim Cerny or Joe Tolleson in Order to get a missage displayed on Garden Vision .. I called MSG Ten minutes ago here from Germany but they saying on an answering machine that you Need to make a donation One Week Prior to the Game, which wont work… I don’t how its working with Zwitter but i Read somewhere that Jim Cerny from the Rangers made a twitter Command 40 minutes ago.. Is there anyone here which is a member to reach him please check your Email with the Rangers please ?

  146. billybleedsblue on

    And I will try not to ‘Bogart’ *this* stage, but seriously, what the Hartnell happened to Jagr yesterday? I suspect he realized after his early set-play failures (I saw at least 2) that he would be ineffective and he took himself out of the game (rather than suffer the failure on the big stage).

    Ha, I said it the other day, and I’ll say it again: Let Philly have their Jagr– there’s no way he can maintain this pace throughout the regular season and the playoffs. Come crunch time he will back off of the big stage and Philly will phail once again.

    In other news, LET’S GO RANGERS!!!!!

  147. stranger nation on

    Jay Wells played with all heart and no skill it seemed. I remember being at games, looking over to the bench, scared of the sight of Wells coming on for one of his three shifts per period.

    Very tough, would take no prisoners in front of the net but had trouble handling puck and skating.

    Don’t forget Karpovtsev (RIP) who played the whole season as a young, but steady point.

  148. Good reporting Carp.

    I have a feeling the next time Hartnell swings his stick like a baby after the buzzer like that he’s going to get a fistfull of Prust. And I wouldn’t even mind if it was a gloves on suckerpunch under his visor. “Live by the sword; die by the sword”

    When Dubinsky pwnd Giroux it felt like the crowd spoke for the announcers who had to bite their tongue. YEA LET’S NOT TALK ABOUT THAT! LOL

    Had no idea Girardi isn’t wearing an A. If our best D-man cannot wear the A, then rip it off Brad Richard’s chest. Maybe it’ll spark something.

  149. Leetchhalloffame on

    Yes, NBC should have billed it as “The Philthy Flyers Festival” instead of the Winter Classic. Disgusting coverage as if the Rangers weren’t even there, no less a historical original 6 team. We got the last laugh, and that’s all that matters. Great time to be a Rangers fan.

  150. billybleedsblue on

    And another thing, I’m 99% sure that the NHL was doing their worst to not only Bogart the stage at the end of the game, but also to fix yesterday’s outcome. And the Rangers are in First Place despite all of this!!!

  151. I too just watched the CBC broadcast of yesterdays game and the announcers sounded very confused by the calls at the end of the game as well.

  152. First, Carp, this column “nailed it!” Great article.

    Second, I’d take Kathryn Tappen over that Deb, what’s her name any day. I’ve spoken with males and females alike and we thought she did an outstanding job. More of her and less, of the other female, who we still can’t figure out how she holds her job.

    Third, Let the league and NHL officials keep under estimating the Rangers. It may just breathe success, in the end, for the NYR.

  153. The NBC guys yesterday just went with the flow while the CBC guys called it like it was.

  154. Do the players really give two shyte’s aboot the letters [excluding the “C”]?? I sure as hell wouldn’t.

    I mean, unless the letter was taken from Danny G and given to Mitchell or EC, then I’d be pissed.

  155. >>CBC broadcast is phenomenal watching now.

    Yeah, I just finished watching their broadcast on NHLN. HUGE difference in commentary. They questioned all the questionable penalty calls and non calls in the third. They also had a lot more shots of Rangers fans in the crowd.

  156. The NBC coverage really makes you appreciate Sam and Joe, doesn’t it? Joe Mich might be annoying, but at least he notices what’s going on on the ice, as well as Sam.

    I like Doc Emrick, obviously he’s a *true professional*, but I don’t enjoy the NBC games. I prefer when he does Versus games.

  157. 1940!: Yeah, they didn’t. In fact, the color guy was going on about the play prior to it and their sideline guy had to interrupt him to say there was a penalty shot coming. McD very obviously pushed the puck with the front of his hand. Refs, just because it disappeared doesn’t mean it went under his glove.

    Frankly, penalty shot calls that stem from that specific play should be subject to review. I get that breakaways are a judgment call, but a review should be able to show whether someone covered the puck or not. And if it the replay doesn’t show it, stick with the call on the ice.

  158. I purposely listened to Kenny Albert and Dave Maloney during the game yesterday. It wasn’t that hard to sync up the NBC feed with my radio. It was great. In fact, I do it a lot because Sam and Joe are so annoying with their ‘holier than thou’ praise of certain Rangers….

    Kenny and Dave are the best in the business. Dave Maloney speaks his mind and sure didn’t have Comcast or Cablevision editing what he was saying….

  159. Besides my Andre Dore jerseys, yes I have two. I must admit my favorite 94 ranger was none other than Jay Wells. Have the jersey, have not worn it since 95 at the banner raising! Love the tough D-men. The tougher and nastier the better! Remember without him taking that hit in Vancouver and Bure getting tossed we may have lost that game 10 -1…

  160. Rod – Zubov have 77 ASSISTS, not points. He had 89 points and led all d-men on our team. Probably the most underrated d-man we’ve ever had.

  161. LW3H – the colour guy is Craig Simpson, not Glenn Healy.

    Simpson was critical of the officiating on more than 1 occasion yesterday.

    Healy always supports the Rangers because it was with them that he got his only cup ring. He interviewed Mike Richter on the broadcast before the game started.

    Richter is very well-spoken.

  162. You are of course correct Jonny D!
    Thought that number seemed weird.

    Zubie was never underrated to me; brought smart & slick to a whole new level.
    Probably one of my 3 favorite Rangers to watch ever.

    OMG, who trades a 24-year old 89-point defenseman?!

    Worst trade ever; made me sick; they made it even worse when they
    didn’t use Robitaille properly.
    Mess supposedly pushed for it too. Our next GM. Uh-oh, LOL.

  163. NYR_FAN if you listen to any of the Philly or Boston broadcasts (not sure if the Ice Mets have one anymore), you’ll realize that Joe and Sam are as neutral home ice announcers as they come. They even make fun of each other for being “Homers” from time to time.

    Now Maloney is the real deal. Albert too. Mad respect. They don’t give you any BS and will call out a Ranger before praising him. If the radio had the same delay as TV I’d probably listen to them too.

  164. And attempting to replace Zubov with a one-armed Bruce Driver could well be the worst single executive decision in the history of the game!

    There. Finally purged on that one. Been a long time coming.

  165. Jim

    I know it was Simpson in the booth. Carp asked about who was talking about the Rangers being without Messier for a game in ’95 – that was Healy, who had the prime spot next to McGuire between the benches.

  166. noonan – Oh, I know. But, they are very lame.

    Actually, the Isles have Howie Rose, who I wish would get national games. Talk about an underrated play by play guy…

    Called, perhaps, the most famous call in hockey (certainly, NY Rangers) history…

    “The Rrrrrrangers have one more hill to climb, baby! Mt. Vancouver!”

  167. billybleedsblue on

    And I’ll tell you why I think the coverage and choice of shots was so adysmal, it’s because some exec producer who knows NOTHING about hockey insisted that he or she get to produce this game (because it was on the big stage). And that was his or her chance to *Bogart* the attention of the studio for that day– and what does the studio care, they are also clueless about how a hockey game needs to be broadcasted.

    And that’s what you get as a hockey fan– the big game on the *2nd* of January, crooked refs favoring the Philthiest team, AND adysmal coverage of the game.

    And that’s all for now…

  168. Again read it in some blog about Rupp salute…
    What really annoyed me recently is hypocritical “political correction” which eroded hockey now. Give a brake to Artie The Shooter and Rupper The Salute Mocker, will ya… It’s preposterous, to seriously talk about that so much and long, compare to some ugly, really disgusting and more than dangerous recent sucker punch, for example. How in a game, with nonstop deliberately insulting trash talks, intentional player’s “takeouts”, tactical goalies overruns, premeditated fistfights, with occasional KO for bragging rights and etc., so sensitive appeared such an innocent gestures (even rifled stick toward goal, or why than we call net – “a target” and puck throwing motion “a shot “, “shooting”). Besides, Jag doesn’t have a “salute” trade mark logo on his jersey. So, tired of this drunken sailor’s: “do you respect me” bullcooke.(no disrespect to sailors). Real respect for the game and players is not in any expression of joy after scoring. Can’t take it – play checkers with Avery and see how it will go…

  169. ORR,

    Is that the guy who just says “scores” in that short, somber voice and then doesn’t speak until the analyst reviews the goal?

  170. Doc Emrick is a professional. He uses to many catch words for my taste. How many times did he use rattled? I don’t know what roulette wheeled around means? I didn’t notice pitchforked at all. I was pretty chapped at the calls in the 3rd period. McDonough was pushed into the post,but it was hard to tell exactly what McDonaugh did with the penalty shot call, so tha twas ok. Hank sure teased Briere with five hole that’s why his pads are so long over his knees. As far as the Callahan holding the stick penalty I would grab the stick too if it was bearing down on my neck but you can’t grab it. It was just tremendously tremendous that they overcame adversity to win. Carp my wife had to mute the TV when the Roots were on, she said “what the hell is that racket!

  171. At the time, I believe Zubov was the only D-man to ever lead a regular-season (or presidents trophy) winner in scoring. Don’t know if any other have since.

    Might be a tad premature (and crazy) to compare this D with that D. As much of a risk-taker as Zubov was, he was phenomenal offensively, and Leetch was even better. Beukeboom and Lowe would be on this team’s top four. Wells, Karpovtsev and Lidster were probably all better than this team’s No. 6.

  172. That penalty shot call was ridiculous. McDonut slides across the crease and swaps the puck away while the puck is lose they call a penalty shot. The other penalties where just as hideous.

  173. LOL! Nobody brought up Mattias Norstrom? Granted, he wasn’t a factor in ’94 but he was on the roster!

    Yeah…I guess that’s because on March 14, 1996, he was traded with Nathan LaFayette, Ian Laperrière, Ray Ferraro and a draft pick to the Los Angeles Kings for Marty McSorley, Jari Kurri and Shane Churla.

    Another great trade…

  174. I didn’t see any evidence that suggests the penalty shot call was incorrect. Nor any that said it was correct.

    and the call on Callahan was correct.

  175. I was at the game , and Philly fans are brutal and ignorant. had beers cans thrown at me, called a-hole, b*tch and homophobic slurs…and this was just in the parking lot

  176. saw a few minor fan altercations in stands too. security stepped in before they escalated, but man it felt good to chant let’s go rangers and sing the rangers’ goal song in Philly right in their faces

  177. Didn’t Emrick say something like “And there’s all the evidence you could need!” when the replay came up on NBC?

    Bizarre. Unless he had just spotted the Brodeur-sized fingerprints on Edzo’s personal lunchbox.

  178. Talk about pathetic… Mike Francesa on the fan now interviewing Henrik. There is SO MUCH to talk about in terms of this team. So many players worthy of discussion. This is such a generic interview. It is clear that Mike has not watched one single Ranger game this year..


  179. Carp, I did’t see the relay but from what I saw the stick blade was around Cally’s neck and Cally grabbed the stick trying to push it away.

  180. stranger nation on

    Blowhard Mike – big surprise Mike doesn’t know Rangers’ hockey/// Fat smug know it all – go back to wrong island and stay there.

    to think his former clown partner actually would be missed. What a Byfuglein Carcillo hole, Cooke sucking mother Hartneller.

  181. I have to admit. I’ve been down on Sather but better late than never. It took Sather a while to get somebody (Gordie Clarke) who knows a thing or two about drafting and development and for the most part Sather has been very good at trading garbage for decent to good returns. The rangers have a good farm system and is one of the youngest teams in the league. It took Sather a while but the past 5 years he has done well and it shows.

  182. Valerie Kharlamov was without doubt, the most perfect and sensational forward I have ever seen play this game… and I go back a long way. In every department of the game. Too bad he passed away so young. ( Was a car crash wasn’t it?)

  183. Yeah I just got home from CT…great flight but I lost some of my luggage….stupid, let it down for a few moments and it was gone. I can replace the prescription medication that I have to take ( The VA has plenty more), but my prescription sun glasses are a different story. Also a pair of Library books, which are really going to cost me. Ah well….nobody’s perfect.

    It’s as cold right now here in Cocoa FL as it was up in East Haddam Connecticut last night. ( My grand daughters are exceptional. Not only all beautiful, but very very intelligent, and all get high honors in school.

    And all but the ten year old are taller than me,

  184. stranger nation on

    Staal Wart – with you on Emrick – what an annoying wing-bag. Screaming every time the puck leaves someones stick with some chance of going on goal. what a tool.

  185. Comcast-Spectacor is the Philadelphia-based sports and entertainment firm, which owns the Philadelphia Flyers of the National Hockey League and the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA — home of the Flyers and the National Basketball Association’s Philadelphia 76ers.

    Comcast is the majority owner and manager of NBCUniversal, which owns and operates entertainment and news cable networks, the NBC and Telemundo broadcast networks, local television station groups, television production operations, a major motion picture company and theme parks. Comcast Corporation owns a controlling 51% interest in NBCUniversal, with GE holding a 49% stake

  186. francesca’s interview showed that he was
    an arrogant and complete aassen
    piece of carcillo

    a so-called professional he didn’t even remotely
    try to do his job.

    my praise goes out to Hank for being professional
    enough to deal with that carcillo interview
    if he would have hung up early i wouldn’t have blamed him
    at all

  187. @CarlHagelin I wonder if @BrandonPrust8 wrists are sore today after sending sick backhand passes left and right yesterday #thenewdatsyuk?

    @Rupper17 if the passes were to the left and right, wouldn’t that make one of them a forehand pass?! #Theywerebeauties

    @BrandonPrust8 @Rupper17 I made a couple spin-a-rama back handed passes.. I think that’s what speedy gonzalez might be referring to

    @CarlHagelin @Rupper17 his backhand is so good that he can make passes to the right with it

    LOL! Speedy Gonzalez!

  188. LOVE that Prust called Hagelin “Speedy Gonzalez”. CLASSIC!

    In terms of Sather, no one was harder on that guy than me. I spent untold thousands on my season tickets for a product that was PATHETIC. The truth of the matter is that the salary cap is the best thing that ever happened to this organization. The trades and the draft picks are FINALLY paying off.

    I used to pray for a young, homegrown ranger team. I wanted a team that wouldn’t be good for a season or two, but that would compete for a decade like Lamarillio did for the Dev’s. If Chris Kreider turns into the impact power forward that I think he will be, we might have a great run for the next 5 years. The core of the team is young. I think Hank has another 5 years at the top of his game. (He is 29).


  189. Again, for developing the theme. In one NJ blog, some, so called Rangers fan, “you know his name” worshiper, commented on Rupp vs. this “you know, who..” and whining (?!) about lack of class…Not even funny. So, how come that being a pest = fan favorite, telling opponents dirty stuff about their mothers, sisters, etc. is classy (and they supposedly have to control themselves and not to react), but simple act of understandable emotional celebration is not? (i.e. condemned act of disrespect, needed to be punished).Phwee.

  190. Scary looking team this Rangers…If BRich will peak his abilities, Staal get back to his pre-hit self, Sauer just get back healthy and Duby will keep going like yesterday, only Lord Stanley of Preston mug will be a limit!

  191. Oh, and we have to keep Torts out of trouble. (To create a Fund to bail him out of fines or jail)

  192. Hahahahahahah

    Brandon Prust @BrandonPrust8 9m Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    @Anisimov42 do u feel free today? I hope so.. I love when u feel free! And I hope u had another delicious coffee, u deserve it #feelfree

  193. let’s face it…having “the roots” play at the biggest hockey event of the year is like having iggy pop sing the national anthem at game 7 of the nba finals

  194. miked – that’s weird because my friend and I had no problems with the fans. I mean we were definitely booed and heard some things from the fans, but for the most part it was hilarious. I guess it helped that my buddy wore his Zherdev Rangers jersey. The Philly fans loved it. I had my Baranka jersey on so people had no idea who that was (outside of a couple Rangers fans).

    I heard some other people had some issues, but I definitely didn’t. We even went around chatting and tailgating with some of the Flyers fans in the parking lot after we left the Rangers tailgate. Had some funny conversations.

  195. you guys should reply to Prust’s tweets and encourage him to come over here once in a while and visit the Prustbyterians.

  196. damn emj

    i would love to see Iggy do that!!!

    i would watch that, even if it was done for
    a (yawn) basketball game

  197. Carp, Forgive me if you have answered this before…I know that some player come to this site often…Do you know any who post any comments?

  198. when is the coach getting avery-ied by buttman? ….the refs will be vindictive……..

  199. I’m a baptized Prustbyterian.

    Hey Carp I was looking back in the RR archives. Its pretty cool to see how many people have come and gone. I wonder if people have changed their names? I remember Salty, and Beer Me and Prucha25 and lots of others…some great posters, some stupid trolls etc.
    When did you officially take over? It’s been awhile but, I can’t seem to remember.

  200. billybleedsblue on

    And Carp, I’m 99% sure that was Kathryn Tappen bogarting all that face time in the NHL Network studio.

  201. I started when Sam left, just before Renney got fired. Spent maybe a month or so doing this with him as coach.

    A lot of people have left. A few have been forced to leave. And we’ve added a whole bunch since then.

    billy, Kathryn Tappen?

  202. billybleedsblue on

    And her name is on today’s blog so often, I wouldn’t be surprised if Kathryn Tappen starts reading the blog after web-searching her own name… (And something tells me this isn’t the end of aimlessly repeating her name again and again)

    And seriously though, thank goodness this “Classic” game is gone. And it couldn’t have been more of a distraction for these guys no matter how much they won’t say it was. And now it’s time to get down to business…

    And Captain Callahan, come and get the Stanley Cup!

  203. billybleedsblue on

    And ‘wait, what?’ which part? And I thought it was all pretty clear: Kathryn Tappen.

  204. i listened to the interview driving home from work…hank was good, francesca is a doofus. it wasn’t Carton/Richards bad, but it wasn’t great.

  205. Oh my…Unbelievable stream of angry bullcarsillo from Mulebury(intended)about Torts yesterday’s presser on NHL Live. What a dispicable idiot …

  206. Most disturbing part, – he try to sound like NHL purity and tradition keeper…BUM!!!

  207. first time i’ve listened to the Fan in many, many years. i used to like the Shmoozer talking Rangers hockey…at like 3am.

  208. Anyone catch Milbury a few minutes ago on the New Versus….he took great offense to Tort’s comments about NBC and the refs. Says Torts shud be fined and fined heavily. He’s upset that Tort’s is questioning the integrity of the game. Sounds like he’s just kissing NBC’s ass. He’s lucky he’s back on the air and not in jail for his recent actions. Integrity….this is the same guy who went into the stands at MSG to beat on a fan. The crap that comes out of this guy.

  209. NO EXCUSES PHILLY!!! You had your chances!! No doubt in my mind Bettman gave marching orders… “GET THE GAME INTO OVERTIME!” Why? Because it makes for great ratings, excitement, cheers. Well there comes a time where a line should be drawn and given a the blatant disregard for the game with some shady calls… you take away from the very heart of the sport we love.

    But despite those calls and many many opportunities for Philly to, at the least, tie the game.. they couldn’t seal the deal and they now have NO EXCUSES! HA-HA! Rangers worked hard and they earned that win… Hank earns that win (like many other games). Philly, you had the power play, you had the penalty shot, you had the 5 on 4…. and you still lost. Good because if it was the other way around they would be crying with excuses flying out of all their mouths about any injustices they had to endure… well, they didn’t!

    Hartnell is the poster boy for Philly and fans of Philly… start swinging that stick around because you LOST. Such horrible sportsmanship… bad sports, bad attitudes, and bad to think playing the Rangers would be a cake walk.

    Hail the King!!!

  210. I guess you were watching a different game. The rangers won and you’re still whinning. Philly was the host city so of course they would be featured. Rangers are totally classless, just like their fans!

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