Some Winter Classic images, from the Associated Press


I saved some of the best photos for my review of the game in the morning. Just sayin’.

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  1. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    yes, those are the ones i saw on the Daily News, i lifted a bunch. Future profile pics lol

  2. oh wow i got it first!

    another Flyer I’ve started to dislike: Wayne Simmons (sp?). dude is a complainer and a racebaiter. I hope I spelled his name right so I don’t get called a racist by him or his PR crew. Too lazy to look it up now.

    made a HUGE deal of a fan throwing a banana peel at him when he was on the ice and equated it with racism. if you can find that racist then i’m sorry but you’re thinking way too hard and trying to get sympathy.

    classless philly never ceases to amaze me

  3. Just getting settled in from the Winter Classic. I know all of the jaded fans here weren’t excited for the game and complained about everything about it but it was a terrific experience. Atmosphere was fantastic. For the most part, the fans were good. There are always idiots from all teams but this game didn’t have the same feistiness in the stands (personally I think people were more afraid of frost bite than fighting). The players, especially the alumni were great. They walked around the stands signing autographs taking pictures (my wife got her pic with Eric Lindros). Yes, the event was about making money (but then again, it’s not the Soviet Union so it’s not exactly a surprise) and for all the complaining people do about the prices of merchandize the lines were out the door with people walking out with several bags of stuff. I see there were complaints about the broadcast being pro-Flyer. And I’m sure the Flyer fans were upset that they talked Rangers and that Eddie O is a former Rangers so who cares. NBC is anti-Rangers yet Eddie was hugging all the Rangers staffers prior to the game on the field. So ok! As for the intermissions, it’s a FLYERS home game so of course it was Flyer centric. When it’s in NY, it will be a 1994 fest I’m sure. And if JD was still the lead NHL announcer people would say he’s a NYR homer. The fact is if you are so worried about the broadcasters are saying put it on mute and just watch the game, because who cares! Watch the game and you shouldn’t need them. Watch how this game is played. Aikman does NYG playoff game Sunday at 1 on Fox. Go on a Giants blog and you will hear how Aikman is anti-NYG. Whatever.

  4. Well Noonan, that was racist. It’s also pretty funny, but whatever.

    Saw what you wrote @ end of last thread.

    You want to compare Boyle to Wavery? Really?

    Could do so in lots of ways, but here’s the overriding argument.

    Boyle’s been playing against the top lines all year, he’s our best faceoff man, and is +6.

    Wavery’s not even on the team.

    Boyle, I would argue, an integral part of it.

  5. And here’s another example of people just liking to complain and being jaded. Ed Snider is a jerk because he is a visible owner involved in the game and James Dolan is a jerk because he is invisible and never involved. So which is better or worse? See how that works. It’s what I call the Phil Mushnick rule – If all you do is complain about everything about sports why are you even bothering to watch.

  6. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    any time i can be of help Carpy!

    Great job today ‘Heads!!! Did game thread actually hit one thousand?

  7. “Well Noonan, that was racist. It’s also pretty funny, but whatever.”

    A piece of fried chicken I’d maybe consider racist but a banana peel? It’s a stretch, but I get it. World is becoming WAY too PC nowadays.

  8. The NHL hates the Rangers and is pro-Flyers yet the two NHL PR people walking around with Bettman and all over the field where Frank Brown and John Delllapina both former great Ranger scribes. I’m sure fans around the rest of the League might think that’s pro NY.

  9. Complaints, Wirth?

    LOL, take a gander @ the prior threads.

    I’m not going thru all that again!

    Night all.

  10. Boom Boom Bathgate / "Sloppy Firsts" on

    Wonderful pictures, and how appropos it would have been if the Rangers had given the Philly fans and the network-tv cameras the traditional “stick salute” after winning the game. Right in their back yard.

    In fact I think the Rangers should do that following road victories, from now on.

  11. I dont disagree on the PC part, Noonan, but cmon, how many people bring bananas to hockey games and accidentally throw them on the ice, where on of the few black players happens to reside?

    You gotta laugh.

  12. The NHL does hate the Rangers true to that. Cuz they are or were one of the last privately owned teams. Or arena/merchandizing? I forgot

  13. Rod – If you hate everything about the Broadcasts, the League… than don’t watch. But watching and then complaining is just whatever. I don’t like the NBA therefore I dont watch.

  14. Boom Boom Bathgate / "Sloppy Firsts" on

    HWirth –

    Ed Snider’s middle name, when it comes to his “business ethics” is “corruption,” with “Fraud” not far behind. He destroyed, unethically, former Philadelphia Eagles owner, and his own business partner at the time, Jerry Wolman, who was an honest, ethical, and principled man – personal qualities Ed Snider never bothered to lay claim to.

  15. The League hates the Rangers? Yet half their top employees all were involved in the Ranger organization is some capacity at one point.

  16. anyways enough with my negativity.

    great to have Staal back. i think he surprised a lot of people returning for this big game.

    and GREAT to put the Philthy dirtbags in their place AGAIN in front of so many fans on national TV.

  17. Boom Boom Bathgate / "Sloppy Firsts" on

    Actually Rod, the banana was thrown TO not AT Simmonds because he looked like he might be hungry – like the line in “Godfather ll,” – “Rocco, why don’t you take Johnny’s men out to get something to eat, they look like they might be hungry.”

  18. What about if you love the game, Wirth? What about if you love your team?

    Then is it okay to watch? Don’t be an idiot.

    Every single poster on Rangers Report was KILLING the officiating and the broadcast today, along with your coach and GM.

    You wanna line up against that, go ahead. I’ve got work to do.

  19. I’m not getting into this because it’s a really dumb conversation to have because all you had to be was be down by the dugouts before this game and watch all the hugs and hand shakes that went between people who have all sorts of different roles in the NHL you’d realize this notion that the Broadcasters or NHL hates certain teams is just silly.

  20. Rod – I didn’t say anything about the officiating. It was terrible but this notion that League told them to call that penalty shot is really an insult to the integrity of guys who are professionals and have been working at their craft for probably 25 years each.

  21. >>>Wonderful pictures, and how appropos it would have been if the Rangers had given the Philly fans and the network-tv cameras the traditional “stick salute” after winning the game. Right in their back yard.

    They definitely should have done that! That’s a salute to the fans, whether they support the Rangers or not.

  22. What I don’t get is was the banana thrown at Wayde because of the racist monkey insinuation or the blacks can’t skate myth (trip over a banana peel)? many ways it can be interpreted.

  23. Boom Boom Bathgate / "Sloppy Firsts" on

    I think I will do a survey on fouls called in Knicks games, for and against the Knicks. Just to see if there is a slant, one way or another. Because if the Knicks are getting considerably more foul shots per game than their opponents, I will have to reach the conclusion that the Friggin’ NBA is actually influencing, if not outright running the National Hockey League.

    The NHL should pass a rule prohibiting its owners from owning other major professional sports franchises, because it is coming to light that this conflict of interest is negatively impacting the NHL game.

  24. Boom Boom Bathgate / "Sloppy Firsts" on

    Hey, Jimbo, you may give me credit when you quote me, or reproduce my original material here. Copyright infringement is punishable by having to shake Eric Lindros’ hand and tell him how much you admire him for his “contributions to hockey.”

  25. Boom, maybe another time we can all get together – they had quite a get-together today in the city, but I had a previous engagement, or I would have liked to meet more of the ‘Heads…

  26. classy Jagr interview on Rupp goal NHL network. haha he’s still got it!

    “maybe that’s how he celebrate.. i mean he doesn’t score many goals, so…”

  27. Hahaha! Well, Eric has finally made his peace with the Flyers organization – maybe they’ll let him drive the Zamboni between periods in a few games or something!

    For all the crap that Bob Clarke threw at him back when he was getting hurt, you would have thought that he would prefer to play on the Ranger alumni team, but no……

    But who cares? We won the game that actually counted in the standings!

  28. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    damn, a laurel!

    Did anyone else see biron bump giroux off the centre line in the pregame??

  29. One more on this… This post is from a Flyer Message Board. Just an example of what anyone who works for a National broadcast says: When both teams fans think you are bias towards the other, you are doing a good job.

    “Tough to win when the Flyers always have to play against the goddamn officials. We’re the most penalized team in the entire league, but only due to those corrupt zebras. Not because we’re goons.

    I have to laugh every time Pilsbury (Milbury) calls the Flyers “the dirtiest team in hockey”. Apparently he hasn’t looked away from his hoagie long enough to actually watch a Flyers game (or a Bruins game, for that matter…those guys are textbook examples of classless filth).

    And god DAMN do I hate hearing Olcyzk, Pilsbury, McGuire and those *******s. Someone needs to get those scumbags fired. They’re always so anti-Flyer that it makes me sick just having to listen to their mindless B.S.

    Whenever a shot flew wide past Lundqvist it was always “OH HUGE SAVE BY LUNDQVIST” but whenever Bob stepped up and made a save they’d just say “deflected off Bobrovsky”…I can’t believe some of the **** that comes out of these guys’ mouths. “

  30. Czechthemout!!! on

    Watched the game here in Aruba. Thrilled at the results! Good gutsy win for the boys. Had to run out for Dinner with the family right after or would be in the dog house.

    Thought the first period was good even in the face of some understandable jitters. Terrible second period accept for Rupp’s big goal.

    Big game for Rupp! But it’s only one game and so far in my opinion he has played like a washed up goon in most games but this one. Hope that this will get him going. I would love to be proven wrong about him.

    All hail the King! By far the best player on both teams in this game. The Flyers have not had a goalie like him since Bernie Parent.

    I was thrilled to see Staal back in. He was of course shaky but as the game moved along, you could see his game starting come. Big pk by him and Girardi late in the third.

    Thought that Hagelin was really good again. This kid is already one heck of a player!

    Gabby and Stepan were good but Step has to take that shot in close.

    Thought that MDZ and Stralman were a little nervous at times.

    Dubi played a strong physical game.

    Prust channeled his in inner Gretzky with those two gorgeous passes to Rupp.

    Danny G and McD were good accept they were caught standing around a bit on the Fly’s first goal.

    Federenko was terrible and needs to pick up his game or he will join EC in street clothes.

    And of course I still see while reading through the comments the usual glue sniffing OCD Avery haters continuing to spew their hatred. Particularly, mOrron. You guys really need to go talk to a professional for your paranoid Avery mania. Seriously, move on. He is not in the lineup now. Take a deep breath and a good sniff of some glue and be happy. The Rangers won!

  31. Czechthemout!!! on

    And now for what I really wanted to say about this game.

    The NHL had a marvelous day almost ruined by one of the worst officiated games in a long time.
    This clown Ian Walsh should be fined and suspended for what he tried to pull today. Wow! I was shaking with anger at those last six minutes. I mean if ever a referee should be investigated for possible shenannigins it’s this idiot! Boy I know that he probably grew up a Flyers fan and all but that was just ridiculous. The McD call when he was pushed into the net just left me speechless. He was looking right at that play from no more than ten feet away. I guess he is as clueless about what are and are not penalties as mOrron is about his knowledge of hockey.Than the call on Cally for taking a stick around his collar bone was just absurd! Than he followed that bit of greatness with that rediculous penalty shot call. Just amazing.

    Kudos to Torts and even Sather for calling this crew out for this horrid display of officiating.

    Anyway, that’s all from the islands, flying home in the morning after a great vacation and a wonderful sports weekend. My Giants destroyed the Cowgirls and of course the Rangers not only beat the refs and win the winter classic but are in first place in the east at almost the half way mark. Very very nice.

    One more thing. A BIG F U to Hartnell the ahole!

  32. Boom Boom Bathgate / "Sloppy Firsts" on

    Nice sentiment, Jimbo, thanks. Hope to get down there, NYC that is, this summer. Got the son of a good friend of mine from Denmark coming into town for a few months on business. I need to extend him the same hospitality his father extended me when I spent one fall in Copenhagen. So I am working toward that.

  33. Boom Boom Bathgate / "Sloppy Firsts" on

    Czech, yes, we agree, the refs can be bought, but I am more interested in who brought the “Fix” if that’s what it was, into the refs domain, because, you know what, if a ref turns down a fix coming from high up, he is out of a job.

    Refs are just factory workers on skates, they really have no power. And if they fixed games among themselves they would be exposed and prosecuted by those administering the game, and Federal authorities, in a heartbeat.

    I think this rot-gut officials misconduct came from upstairs, Czech. Bettman, colluding with Dolan and NBC, to be blunt about it. Especially as no job will be lost and no one will be called on the carpet for this public disgrace of the National Hockey League’s “integrity.”

    Hell, they may already have decided who will win this years Cup Finals. This may have just been a test case as to how much they can get away with. Bettman is a cancerous spirit who infects everyone around him. If the fix is in re the Stanley Cup, the Rangers season is already over because the primary motivation behind that would be to make sure the Rangers don’t win it.

  34. Did anybody else notice late in the game Boyler getting his stick between Giroux’s legs and whacking him right in the sestito’s? That’s a special talent, could come in handy in playoff games. Another reason to be psyched he’s on the team.

  35. >>A piece of fried chicken I’d maybe consider racist but a banana peel? It’s a stretch, but I get it.

    If you do not know why throwing a banana at a black person is considered a racist act, then you’re pretty uninformed. Stop trying to defend your ignorance and do some research instead.

  36. >>Did anyone else see biron bump giroux off the centre line in the pre game??

    Funny enough, I did catch it. I think it was friendly bump, though.

  37. Boom Boom Bathgate / "Sloppy Firsts" on

    Kris Newbury just named AHL Player of The Week. Also hot right now is JAM, who notched goal #12 on the year on Monday. Newbury could replace about four Ranger forwards, seamlessly, and with an upgrade of offensive production.

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