It’s Go Time! … the Winter Classic, finally


Time for the Hyper Bowl.

Game 37.

THE BIG, BIG NEWS: Marc Staal will play today, and John Tortorella said he will be on the third pair.

Don’t forget, they pushed the start time back to 3 p.m.

Last of a three-game trip. Ya boys winners of six of their last seven and leading the Flys by a pair (of points) in the East.

Here are the transcripts from yesterday’s media conferences.

And here is Tortorella’s pre-gamer from this afternoon.

Otherwise, same Rangers lineup. That means one of the D-men and Erik Christensen will be prucha’d.

Ilya Bryzgalov announced from outer space that Sergei Bobrovsky will start in goal … though I wouldn’t put it past Peter Laviolette to change his mind. Nor would I be surprised if Bryzgalov was simply trying to earn more air time on HBO by faking this whole thing.

And here’s what I completely expect:

That the Rangers will play one of their best games of the year today. Because they have risen to every challenge, and because they have a single focus. And because they have managed to turn all of their many potential distractions this season into positives, and used the energy from odd situations — Europe, the seven-game road trip, HBO’s intrusion, and all the Hyper Bowl hype — to fuel them. They have thrived where other teams might have folded. They have been motivated while others might have found excuses.


Oh, and to honor Philadelphia for hosting this whole thing and allowing the Rangers to play a small part of it, Jim Dolan will wear an Ed Snider mask today. Also, Snider’s likeness will cover the Statue of Liberty’s face. The lights on the Empire State Building will be lit to say “Go Flyers!” down all four sides of the structure. Sidney Crosby will wear his Eric Lindros jersey. Buddy Ryan and Michael Vick will be honorary captains. All Rangers players will be identified as “that guy from the other team.”

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  1. The Snider ring kissing is obscene. Sather is not exactly the most visible GM in the league…

    look at that d; mdz, girardi, stall, mcdonagh, etc. all 27 or less……….

  2. Repost:

    I’ve heard the fishing is tremendously tremendous these days in Manitoba….Otherwise I’m sure they’d be able to interview Sather too….

  3. N.CountryNYRFAN on

    Orr we didn’t get the “new Post” post we were all talking on the other thread.

  4. Geez, they took Girardi’s A off his shirt … I hope they find a way to rotate the A, because Girardi sure deserves his.

  5. Boom Boom Bathgate / "Sloppy Firsts" on

    Network listed game time of 3 PM, means the first puck drops closer to 3:30, so long as there are trucks and tires to be sold. If the first puck drops closer to 3:15, believe me, this economy is in REAL trouble.

  6. N.CountryNYRFAN on

    biggest story of the game is the flygirls goaltending situation….what BS! How about Staal! Fuggin Melrose!

  7. It won’t be at 3, Boom. Bet on that. What time did the warmup start? Then add 37 minutes under normal circumstances, then add ??? for NHL sponsors’ sell-a-thon. Plus NBC has to send reporters scrambling to find out who the Flyers are playing.

  8. Goooood afternoon gang!!!

    Staal is playing??!! WTB!!!??? I sure hope Torts asked everyone TWICE is he was ready to go.

  9. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    agree, he deserved to keep it as well.

    No bickel? Seriously?

  10. Classic jersey looks really good!

    Glad Staall is back! Torts should keep him away from Danny G


  11. RE-POST

    “N.CountryNYRFAN January 2nd, 2012 at 2:24 pm
    oh my god, the NHLN coverage is like a total Philly Love fest…i feel sick.”

    You are so right! This should have been named the “Philly Classic” brought to you by the Ed Snider Hockey League. However, perhaps “slighting” the Rangers with the spotlight on the Filthy Flyers could be a good thing.

    This game should have been in New York. What disrespect to an original six team. But hey, look who’s in charge, Big Man Buttman!!!!

    Let’s Do it Rangers!!!!

  12. Ok Boys lets get 2 boys!!

    Girardi = no A = bad day. : )

    wow looks amazing…Clark was right no other city could pull off this type of event…; )

  13. Looks like NBC is going to cover this like the Olympics … in other words, the telecast aimed at non-hockey fans and moms. (no offense, moms). Oh, and wave the flag at every opportunity.

  14. Hello all! I’m lucky that the game center feed doesn’t have any pre game, in between periods or post game only that stupid ad and horrible music.


  15. But, Carp, everyone in Philadelphia loves hockey, thanks to the impeccable work of one E. Snider!

  16. That is what, number 3 of 80 bazillion Geico ads? Man I would LOVE to know what the :30s were sold for, lol.

  17. Bob Costas is the mostest all-knowingest sports historian in the history of sports! Of course he is there!

    God help us all.

  18. He really did say that. That’s probably what he calls the Rangers off camera. He should stick to fighting his son’s battles.

  19. No pre-game for me either yet. Any gratuitous, obligatory NBC *Crosby update* yet, or are they really just catering for the Flyers fans?

  20. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    I heard E. Snider was leading both political parties in the polls, a shoe in for presidant

  21. Milbury just hit one of the kids on the other rink with their own skate…this guy is out of control!!

  22. Carp, I saw your comment on Twitter before I stopped by here – my son is trying to nap, and I literally guffawed when I read it (and now he’s not sleeping). Totally worth it, though! =)

  23. wrong Mike. They split the third period at the 10:00 mark so conditions won’t be an advantage. And, according to everybody else, the Rangers will be with the wind in the first, against it in the second.

  24. Swede

    CBC coverage is on the away feed on GameCenter it seems. Just as many *Crosby updates* but no Milbury and not run by the Comcast empire.

  25. Bloody NBC in LA just cut to a “breaking news” press conference by the cops!! Geez, this is annoying as carcillo.

  26. Olga Folkyerself on

    They all seem so surprised that they are outdoors. Didn’t anyone tell them ahead of time?

  27. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    ok all, enjoy the game and see you afterwards!!

    LGR and later aasens!

  28. hello EVERYBODY!!!

    eating some leftover cavatelli

    soon to drink yuengling

    all for good luck!!

  29. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!

    poor bob costas, stuck with the two bouchernozzles

  30. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " RANGERS in the HOUWSEE!!!"...says Greg L. on



    WINTER CLASSIC!!! THis is sick!!!!

    Nice uniforms , sweeeeet!!!

  31. Laviolette: Have fun but don’t mess up cause everybody will remember it

    Rangers: MUHAHA!!

    We will win!

  32. Carp
    here’s an idea for a story
    why in the hell wouldn’t yankees or mets stadiums
    host this game?

    especially Mets since they’re not using the place
    after october

  33. Yankees because of their football bowl games.

    Mets because NHL doesn’t want to play at Citi Field in a city where Yankee Stadium stands.

  34. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    ILBZO! every since Milbury added his name at the end of “BLUE” i’ve been ready!!!

  35. thanks for the info Carp

    didn’t realize yankees hosted
    bowl games
    since i barely pay attention

  36. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " RANGERS in the HOUWSEE!!!"...says Greg L. on


    First place overall is up for grabs!!!

    BIG GAME!!!!

    MARC STAAL!! Can you believe it!!???

  37. Mister Delaware on

    “soon to drink yuengling”

    Pennsylvania beer for a game versus the Flyers? C’mon man.

  38. Noah-olski-auer-inger, 29 on

    Amirante better sing it if it’s in New York. I don’t care how old he is.

  39. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " RANGERS in the HOUWSEE!!!"...says Greg L. on



    The stage is OURS!!!

    Lets not dissapoint!!

  40. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    lmfao ‘two wonderful anthems” he’s already watching a different game

  41. Do you ever wonder what it costs the U.S. government every time a sports event gets one of those flyovers? Or if the event sponsor has to pay for it?

  42. YorktownRanger on

    OK, first major screw up during the opening ceremonies, I did not see on Coastie in the color guard crew. Not Happy

  43. I still wish the Flyers had gone with those “I broke out of jail to go hunting on Halloween” jerseys I saw on the net a while back…

  44. what is it with Boyle unable to
    get puck out of zone?

    does he need some extra time in the weight room?

  45. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    i would have preferred her ear bleeding version over patty labelles roseanne barr imitation any day BANJy

  46. N.CountryNYRFAN on

    yeah, wtb is with all of these stupid press conference commercials, real original all these advertiser’s are.

  47. Simmonds trying to punch staaal in the head, guessing it’s not the last try tonight….

  48. ThisYearsModel on

    Someone here said……”Who decided to put a cat into a blender tail first?” during the anthem.

  49. Dubinsky buried Giroux, who then went off … and not a mention by the broadcast crew. Good thing they have Pierre at ice level.

  50. really LW?

    and not even good for hockey
    in the way he kept
    adding the word
    as an afterthought

  51. just sent this

    @NHLShanahan message getting through? flyers’ simmonds punching Staal — just back from concussion — in the head.

  52. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " RANGERS in the HOUWSEE!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Mickey , it does remind me of the Azzlanders uniforms …

    I can’t stand all the bias coverage by these clowns.

  53. Think so, jpg. Last player after all the dead Dallas Cowboys. Agree it sounds pretty obvious that they shot the commercial without any hockey reference at all and just tacked on some audio and a picture of Doughty for today.

  54. is this game on radio?

    i’m really getting sick to my stomach with all
    the flyer talk.

    maybe at some point during the broadcast
    bob costas will start promoting the national capital
    returning to philly

  55. You might not know it but Hank’s really fighting the puck.

    Probably having trouble picking it up, looks dark out there.

  56. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    everytime a flyer checks a Ranger they are ‘worked over’ but when a Ranger checks a flyer, its a check

  57. BRich takes a dumb penalty…again, I don’t like him so much on the point on the PP….

    Hartnell was a beast that period….we need Dubi to play like that…

  58. LMAO, Carp. Kenny Albert thinks it was an equipment issue…

    Btw, I feel bad for anyone actually listening to the NBC broadcast….

  59. Not their best period, but could have been worse. Hank was really good. Gotta get more time in the Flyers zone.

  60. we just didn’t look as fast as they did.

    wouldn’t surprise me if flyers put molasses
    on walkway to the rink.

  61. forgot to check Rangers radio broadcast.

    now i have it on but it’s almost
    5 seconds behind tv

  62. NYR

    Richards had to take that penalty or the flyer
    would have been on a breakaway

    more unhappy with our overall lack of play
    in offensive zone

  63. Sure, a tribute to the Broad Street Scummers.

    Because they’re so deserving of praise.

    That plus the news Ron Artest has changed to Metta World Peace;
    It’s all enough to make you lose it sometimes…

  64. If you think Drew Doughty is a strange choice to be in a commercial, CBC just aired one featuring those legends of the NHL game, Mike Zigomanis and Luca Caputi.

  65. ThisYearsModel on

    Hank really looks like he is fighting it at times. We need to get more shots at Bob.

  66. This shots that “don’t go” when a goalie makes an awesome save is annoying. It’s not that shot didn’t go.

  67. Did Milbury really just credit Brad Richards with Gabby’s return? Say that BR has been riding shotgun? Idiot.

  68. N.CountryNYRFAN on

    does Milbury realize that Richards doesn’t even play on Gabby’s line…what a buffoon.

  69. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    NBC needs to change their name to COMCAST since they are owned by them. Here comes more flyers bs propaganda

  70. ThisYearsModel on

    Change the channel now if you don’t want to watch Dale Rolfe get pounded by Schultz for the 150th time.

  71. LW, Cheeta energy drink, made we want to import to Norway when I saw those guys not score!

  72. Jackwagon Milbury … getting like Melrose and Roenick. Just say anything, Mike, doesn’t matter if it’s inaccurate.

    I thought Dubinsky was very physical in the first, especially with Giroux.

    But Hartnell and Mezsaros were the two best non-goalies in the period.

    And Richards stunk, before the penalty.

  73. I was watching the Schultz-Park fight, and how many times Schultz hit him after he was down and held by the linesmen.

  74. More than a little concern with Richards, Carp.

    Still think it’s such a bad idea to call Rutherford and say hello?

  75. wow! more stuff dedicated to
    flyers goonery

    funny how any flyer highlight
    features some neanderthal on skates
    beating the crap out of someone else

  76. who is THIS singer??!?!?!?

    so much being done in favor of flyers
    do you think they’re going to make
    the Rangers skate without sticks in
    the 2nd period
    but not allowed to kick the puck in the goal?

  77. Yeah, Richards needs to stop dating hotties and focus on hockey. Hope this isn’t a “can’t handle NY” situation. Though he hasn’t been terrible by any means.

  78. N.CountryNYRFAN on

    I don’t remember the other Winter Classics being so one team orientated!! WTB!!!

    And why are they singing again!!!! This is so DuGUAY!!!!!!!!

  79. Our boys have to do a much better job neutralizing flyers top line. Damn Jags looks good for a 39 year old guy! Anybody know if he had an injury or an equipment issue? Rangers were lucky to come out of the period tied! HANK RULES!!!!


  80. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    Yalzin, we get our analysis here, the boneheads are better than the talking heads

  81. Our guys owe Hank some…
    BRich need hot liquid hockey Viagra in intermission…
    All, so called commentators/narrators clowns, – to exile in Miami, Pimp-warded bush-league camp.

  82. NBC, of course, had the shots on goal reversed. It was 12-9 Flyers. Perhaps the most simple stat ever, it’s right up on the scoreboard.

  83. onecupin72yearsandounting on

    This game reminds me of the Olympics with all the pageantry …
    Bettman is hoping that the game goes to a shoot out ..preferably for the flyers.

  84. If/when the Rangers host the Winter Classic, the national audience should be forced to “enjoy” an anthem by Ace Frehley, a slightly creepy intermission interview by Trautwig and a special bonus MSG 300 from Pidto.

  85. Dubinsky two hits and a scoring chance. No mention. Anisimov wins a draw and gets a good shot. No mention. WTF.

  86. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    bush league announcing going on right now. Almost as if it’s a flyhers scrimmage, but good thing we know how many pretzles are on hand

  87. Olga Folkyerself on

    Next thing you know, they’ll all be reminiscing about the Broadway Bullies…

  88. Carp, there is time to discuss the Rangers when they are brown nosing the Flyers, Philly and Comcast

  89. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    i felt that way this morning when i heard it Carp. maybe richards is rubbing off on him lol

  90. Ive rarely seen such a blatant non call for interference. The flyer turned his back to the puck to grab hagelin and hold onto him. Grrrrr

  91. Where’s Wirth?

    Tried to tell him about the corporatization of sports.

    Well, as if MSG weren’t enough, now you’re hearing it!

  92. On the Performance Balls commercial, as well as the token hockey player (and slight glimpse of Melrose), there’s some female athlete on the sidebar of the video screen too as it scrolls through the athletes, but she isn’t shown. Must be saving it for the next women’s sporting event to feature on NBC and be sponsored by Bridgestone.

  93. This was all because somebody, might’ve been Prust, chose to knock down a clearing pass from inside the zone.

    Yeah, somebody called somebody an effin D.

  94. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    Thanks Rod, i thought i was hearing things. I think some guy yelled it about Briere

  95. It was Richards who knocked puck down. When will torts bench him. Doesn’t backcheck and appears lazy…

  96. well
    this has turned out to be exactly as nbc/comcast/hbo

    way to go boys!

    looking like carcillo so far

  97. We need to wake up and fast. We are really struggling on the face offs. Its not over, but we have a big hill to climb.

  98. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on


  99. We need to start bringing this game to Bob. Must get the pressure out of our damn zone!

  100. They’ve been saying Jagr must be injured for about the last 15 minutes on the CBC broadcast. Only just noticed on NBC?

  101. Rangers’ best need to step up and deliver great individual efforts. And they need to get the D more effectively involved in the O.

  102. Gotta love the Flyers getting away with so much interference in this game.. and having the entire intermissions devoted to them. Why did the Rangers even show up? It’s been a Flyer kiss assen show the entire time.

  103. boxcareddiehospodar on

    boyle must have pictures of torts.
    why else would he be getting so much ice time.

  104. Rangers lucky to be in this game. Very flat effort overall and oh man, their FO prowess has been pathetic….constantly losing the draw in your own end is one big reason why the Flyers are hemming the Rangers in so much.

    Sooner or later, goals result, as we’ve seen.

  105. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    well it IS a flyers home game after all. like i said, NEUTRAL SITE. this is bullcarcillo to the nth degree

  106. boxcareddiehospodar on

    hope this is our first and last winter classic.

    playing outdoors is ridiculous. no speed. looks like a game from the 70’s.

  107. Don’t worry, next two intermissions they’ll have Gilbert and a tribute to Rangers’ history.

    Oh, except there are no more intermissions.

    Somebody should tell HWirth.

    He told me I was clueless & thinks it’s okay when teams ‘own’ the broadcast.

  108. As amazing Hunk was in 1st, the first goal was a result of lack of concentration from both him and McD. He kind of didn’t anticipate this lazy shot from blue line, allowing juicy rebound in a last millisecond, and #27 was just watching, totally unaware who’s behind.

  109. Yeah, a loss here makes this whole WC thing a huge time and emotion suck for the Rangers.

  110. unfortunately the bad ice is a big hindrance to the Rangers as they rely on the forecheck so much. That Rupp goal was huge though as it seemed to give the Rangers some hope and a little momentum.

    Also awful job by NBC. With all the guys they have coverring the game it should be so easy to find out why Jagr has been on the bench most of the game instead of wondering about it. Pierre is right there just ask the guy instead of asking stupid generic questions about the conditions and the pace

  111. and stop whining about the pro Philly atmosphere. Unless Crosby is playing the home team is going to get the majority of the airtime and discussion especially when they are outplaying the Rangers in every aspect…

  112. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    i love the mute button

    great post oleo. this is truly a bush league fest of announcing! Instead of telling us whats up with Jagr, or saying anything about the Rangers that is almost good, we were told how many hot dogs, pretzels and cups of coffee were on hand. unprofessional and bush leauge all around

  113. Majority?


    Overwhelming majority would be a understatement.

    Goddamn 2-hour Flyer commercial.

  114. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    as much as I love to watch our boys on TV, i prefer watching on the computer. at least i get to hear sam and joe and occassional good things about the Rangers. When they are on national games, its a friggin nightmare. and THIS has been a total disgrace

  115. I think, weather and ice condition kind of equalize summary of skills and favors a team who pressure more and spend more time in offensive zone. So called “road model” not necessarily works because of the frequency of random bounces and not as much from pure defensive skills and efforts. Rangers must be more aggressive in last period.

  116. Not watching the slanted NBC broadcast, but lots of Philly talk from the CBC duded, but that’s more because the Rangers, other than Lundqvist, haven’t given them much to discuss.

    They gushed over the Rupp goal…desperate to try to even the balance! LOL…

  117. That one musta got by him somehow Carp. Haha…

    Philly-based band, I could really care less.

    But if this game was @ Yankee stadium on MSG,

    even they wouldn’t treat the visitors like this.

  118. I might be a bit biased having been born in the Ukraine (although I wasn’t born till after the series and didn’t become a fan until I was in the States), but I never understood why Clarke was glorified for hacking a great player’s ankle. How is there any pride in something so cheap and unsportsmanlike?

  119. well, I wouldn’t put anything past the Steinbrenner boys, Randy Levine and Lonn Trost … you know, given the way they’ve priced out fans, built a moat to protect the really rich from the rich, and built a monument the size of Rhode Island for the late convicted felon owner.

  120. hey Carp
    can you okay my photo
    i put on here?

    it’s a New York Rangers puck cake my mom made

    shared it on twitter and facebook.
    where the links come from.

  121. Tortorella starting to mix up his lines – trying to find something that works. Best Ranger forward for me has been Dubinsky, but that’s only based on his boardwork.

    Nobody is generating anything in terms of genuine scoring chances…especially with any resemblance of consistency.

    Too bad – this goalie’s vulnerable to rebounds…

  122. >>Ditto for that P.O.S. Clarke.

    I want to get violent with the TV screen every time his ugly face comes on.

  123. N.CountryNYRFAN on

    This is a nationally televised game, not a local broadcast with the Flyers announcers, why does the NHL think this garbage is good for the national audience? I guess everybody must be a Flyers fan. Yeah it’s in Philly but does the NFL or MLB make it all about one team during Monday night Football, or basebalgames that are broadcast nationally? No! This is a disgrace. The NHL is a disgrace for airing all this garbage!

  124. Ted


    see, since Canada ended up winning then they (and the nhl)
    look past that bit

    just like they look past all the goonery of the flyers as
    just boys being boys
    are so
    shocked SHOCKED
    that a hockey player could say such
    mean mean words on or off the ice.

  125. Carp

    it probably freaked because i put both
    links up (forgot about not doing that)

    redid it with just one link

    hope the rally cake

  126. This coverage is so one sided that I feel like a Washington Generals fan at a Harlem Globetrotter’s game.

  127. All of these Flyer – Ranger highlights….how about showing Steve Vickers diving into the Flyer bench to get at Dave “The Hammer’ Shultz who wouldn’t fight Vickers or Ron Harris pitchforking Bob “The Hound” Kelly and then beating the crap out of him at the Garden. Fond Memories.

  128. apparently N Country

    now that cindy is off ice
    and snider’s comcast owns nbc
    then i guess
    we’re going to be shoved
    orange and black
    slap shot attacks
    on a regular basis

  129. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    its a good thing the NHL values ALL of their Original Six franchises………oh ………wait

  130. Glenn Healy said that Rupp didn’t salute the second time just because Hartnell told him not to. Riiiiiiiggghhht….

  131. Yeah, right, Heals. Of course, Healy thought the Islanders were legit when they went to the conference final in 1993.

  132. Maloney is making me laugh
    saying that flyers are moving away
    from sense that they need to get
    players beating other people up

    i guess all the comcast stuff
    has given him stockholm syndrome

  133. N.CountryNYRFAN on

    all of the eye black on the Flyers players is running and it’s not from sweat, it’s tears!

  134. did someone put lead in the sticks of some of our

    sheesh!! clear the puck outta the zone!

  135. Mister Delaware on

    “all of the eye black on the Flyers players is running and it’s not from sweat, it’s tears!”

    Who is the dopey guy who has the uni-black?

  136. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    two regulation points in this game would go a long way to making up for the absolutely horrific broadcast

  137. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    Mr. D, i think bettman sent a ‘no intereference calls’ ruling down for this game.

  138. This’d go down as a monsterous win, especially if Staalsie finishes the game.

    That said, I sense shootout.

  139. Carp
    and everyone else
    you score extra sympathy points
    for sticking with the nbc broadcast.
    even with 5 second delay
    i’m much more relaxed listening to Maloney
    to calm my nerves i’m listening to a live bootleg
    Husker Du

  140. N.CountryNYRFAN on

    did they switch ends at the 10 min. mark? I thought they did that during these outdoor games?

  141. great flurry! I cannot believe the flys are starting Bob. Did they even show him once on 24/7?

  142. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    nonexistent officiating in this game… so much interference, high sticks and holding, yet the flyers are getting a pp now… bs

  143. Man, Briere just bounced off Gabby. Making Gabby look like a big bruiser out there.

    Also, I hate that these announcers don’t tell us what the penalty is.

  144. Maloney called it a rinkydink call

    and it was

    if anything he tripped

    how idiotic
    but it’s a comcast world
    we just live in it

  145. The NHL shod be proud….had to call something since this whole thing is not going according to plan

  146. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    this has to be one of the worst officiated games of the season, and for a marquee game where you want to attract new fans, it’s a disgrace

  147. ThisYearsModel on

    Textbook hooking against Gaborik. Offside on the last rush. Next thing will be the refs inventing a penalty shot for the Flyers.

  148. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    We are the Championsssss , my friendss ….

    No time for LOSERS cuz WE are the champions…OF THE WORLD!!!

    RANGERSSS baby!!!!

  149. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on


  150. What a win!! Enjoy your team, folks! It took years, but they’ve arrived! How about all these character guys?



  152. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on


  153. I wondering if anybody now doesn’t think the NHL is corrupted. That was the worst disgrace of the NHL and the refs trying there hardest for philly to tie the game when the penalties were actually against the flyers. The nhl is a joke.



  155. Did anyone see a single image of his hand closed on the puck in the crease? Did I miss something? What a huge crock.

  156. The refs tried their best to give the game to the Flyers. The penalty on Callahan was a joke. But, you know what? This Ranger team is pretty darned good.

    Glad to see Rupp channeling his inner Gretzky.

  157. Boom Boom Bathgate / "Sloppy Firsts" on

    One bad ref is better than TWO bad refs, right Gary? Oh, not so, ok.

  158. N.CountryNYRFAN on

    no post game on classless NBC wow! Time to turn on NHLN since I don’t have MSG Network who also sucks!

  159. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    i cannot stop shaking!!!!!!!!! nothing but profanities at the tv the last 2 minutes of the games. I”m kinda waiting for HPD to knock on my door

  160. Wow, the Zebras (and the NHL?) really tried to rob the Rangers out of the two points there. Sickening sweet to win after all that!

  161. On its grandest stage, the NHL reverts to roller derby.


    That said, having survived that is good for the mental strength of the team.

    They do not crack!

  162. The NHL under Bettman has lost integrity.

    Leave the game alone.

    The call on Callahan:

    I didn’t think things could get worse, or attempt to make this an Over Time game. Then, I saw what happened with the penalty shot.


  163. Linda

    i was shaking too but it was a matter of intensity of situation
    and anger at horrible callls
    and hartnell

  164. Why don’t they do this for the All-Star game instead of a regular season game? Wouldn’t that make more sense? The All-Star game is more of an event than a regular season game and despite all the pomp and fireworks and refs trying to influence the outcome, it’s just 1 of 82 games.

    Anyway, what a weekend. First the Giants and now this. Great sports weekend.

  165. I called with my comments about the bias of the Winter Classic Coverage and to remind them that the NEW YORK RANGERS WON THE WINTER CLASSIC. Here is the phone number os 212-664-4444. A woman answers and you can ask for comment line or call on Mnoday. It is the local Channel 4 affiliate, I think.

  166. Boom Boom Bathgate / "Sloppy Firsts" on

    Listening online to WIP Flyers network, some post-game drip just said: “This game was a great celebration of Flyers hockey and the National Hockey League.” Guess the Rangers still haven’t shown up for the game.

  167. The NHL is corrupt, no news, clear evidence today.

    Need to cool down in the shower. Party hard Boneheads!


  168. Let’s not forget the biggest story of the day: staal’s return. Wanna know how he feels.

  169. Nope, MSG has us beating the Nordiques, which is nice to see again.

    What happened to being all over it? Not so much.

  170. Say what you want about Mr. Sather

    His two key acquisitions this past summer won the game today

    And once again – it shows that in big games – you cannot underestimate the importance of the foot soldiers

    Rupp rocked it

    Loved the salute

    First time Filth lost this season when leading after 2

    Nice comeback boys

  171. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    you know the officiating was horrible when the man was sittin here yelling at the tv!!!

  172. This team just takes anything thrown at them and throws it right back, double fold. All those people whining about character, well character and a little skill got a win today. And Hank, who was spectacular the entire game.

  173. doubt we’ll see many replays of mcdonagh’s delay of game penalty… FAR the worst call of the game

  174. Boom Boom Bathgate / "Sloppy Firsts" on

    Always impressed when a team climbs out from under a 2-0 rock. Especially in a neutral ice game. lol


    Now, let’s talk about that bogus call leading to the penalty shot. Are you freaking kidding me? There was no way to see his hand close over the puck. That was some of the worst officiating I have ever seen. Can you imagine if they had scored on that? Disgraceful!!!

    I believe in this team…


  176. Unbelievable … For the First Time ever here in the Hospital i was able to Watch a live Game here on the ipad and then it was that One, and Top it off the RAngers rally to Win it 3-2 ..
    It Cant get better for me tonight !!!!!

  177. According to Melrose, “the Rangers are one of the best teams in the east.” Hey Barry, pull your mullet back from your eyes and check the standings!! We ARE the best team in the east!!

  178. first off people the NHL does not tell the refs to cheat. However, that ref from Philly might have slanted the calls.

    The penalty shot is arguable. Dont think it was the right call but that can be debated. The penalty on McDonagh and Callahan was absolutely ridiculous…

  179. N.CountryNYRFAN on

    omg now we have a Buttman press conference on NHLN. He sounds bummed that Philly lost and of course is kissing Phillies assen.

  180. you can offer your thoughts on the lopside ref work here.

    National Hockey League
    1185 Avenue Of The Americas,
    12th Fl.
    New York, NY
    Phone: 212-789-2000
    Fax: 212-789-2020

  181. honestly, though, Rangers probably have a better chance with Lundqvist vs. a penalty shot than a minor penalty.

  182. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    i wonder if some flyer fans are gonna jump off the bridges they live under

  183. That win will go a long way….Especially the way it was officiated. And because of who won it for us….

  184. Gary Bettman is on NHL talking about the WC and not a single person has the balls to ask Gary about the crappy officiating that teams have to deal with on regular basis…

  185. Nothing else to say, other than my fiancee who is not much of a hockey fan was cursing and unbelieving that the officials could call it so blatantly one-sided. She said her heart rate was skyrocketing just like mine was.

    Complete and total joke of an officiating crew. Disgrace to the sport. Possibly the worst I’ve ever seen in my life.

    Flyers down by a goal? We should get them a PP? How about that Flyer tossing a Ranger into the net? That’ll work? That blatant hook on Callahan…nah, better even that up. Uh oh…time running out…penalty shot! Yeah, that’ll work!

    This is the sweetest Ranger victory since they beat the Pens and the refs last season.


    I really would hope Torts would let it be known how disgraceful the officiating was…but he won’t.

    The Flyers aren’t worth it.

    Bush league team. Bush league owner. Bush league NHL w/ Buttman licking Comcasts boots.

    WE BEAT YOU!!!!

    Where’s my celebratory drink? HEHEHE!!!!

  186. Mister Delaware on

    It should be noted that I don’t think anyone believes this was anti-Ranger. Us down 3-2 in NY, I imagine the same garbage would have taken place.

  187. Last 5 minutes of that game was like watching the World Wrestling Federation. The only thing missing was the refs getting knocked out then the Flyers sending out 10 guys to score a goal and the refs waking up just in time to see the puck in the net to tie the game.

  188. Noah-olski-auer-inger, 29 on

    Johnny, that cracked me up.

    I could see Hartnell using a steel chair on Henrik, then Briere shoveling the puck in the net…then waking up the ref.

  189. Note to the league: If the star players in your game are questioning the motives of the officiating you may have a problem.

  190. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on



    Loved the salute (where was money bags anyhow? Did he get hurt?)

    This game reminded me a lot of a playoff game and you know what wins in the playoffs…CHARACTER!!

    I usually don’t say too much about the officiating, but this game was BAAAAD!

    Staal, didn’t look so hot, but that was expected I would think.

    I still worry about the physicality of the GAS line in tough games like this.

    Did anyone else see biron bump giroux off of the centre line during the warm ups? AWESOME!!!

    BRICH is clutch!!

  191. Hey hey hey, I read a lot of “bush-league” in the message board today …

    If we’re going to use it, could we at least have some respect and maintain the hyphen?!

  192. Boom Boom Bathgate / "Sloppy Firsts" on

    One positive note, one negative.

    The positive(s) is the remarkable contributions of Rupp and Prust, 2 E.S. goals for Rupp, 2 E.S. primary assists for Prust, and they eacg played just 7 1/2 minutes, E.S! That is cookin.’

    On the other side, of course Fedostinko rates more ice time than that, 10 minutes, and what did he “contribute” tonight? Well the entire line is 1 giveaway, 1 of 2 face off wins. And, again, and it’s every damn game now – ZERO HITS, ZERO SHOTS ON GOAL, ZERO BLOCKED SHOTS, ZERO TAKEAWAYS!

    DAMMIT New York Rangers, this guy has retired from the National Hockey League, with full time pay. Can you just stop being conned now? Every damn game he does not show up – for six weeks now!

    WAKE UP SATHER AND TORTORELLA, just come out of the ether on this guy!

  193. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    The boys win as a wedding gift for the Manny clan!!

  194. well Linda
    i posted the NHL headquarters
    phone and fax number earlier here
    at 6:20

    maybe if they get enough loud complaints
    they may actually do something

    it’s very early in the year, a man dream, can’t he!?!?

  195. What a load of glitz, glitter and crap that was. A good win for the Rangers, in a game that they had a lot of things going against them.

  196. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    well said mon!

    Rupp yours flyers has to be post of the year!

  197. Theae clowns are complete garbage. A good team would never have allowed a 2-0 deficit.

    Amateur-hour to the max.

  198. This win really pumped me up! I’m still stiff!

    Torts saying “maybe NBC and the refs got together and tried to get this game to OT”

    Also said the refs were horrible. Maybe he gets fined. Which pisses me off. Girly refs.

  199. Wow. Tortorella’s wallet is going to lose some weight after those comments about the refs, including “It was disgusting.”

  200. Torts Fund



  201. Proud of Torts! Just saw him in post game conference call the ref’ing in the 3rd period “DISGUSTING”!!

  202. Boneheads
    i will send over some
    just for symbolic sake
    for Torts
    speaking the TRUTH!!!

    my mind is spinning and it’s nothing to do with the yuengling
    which is
    6 and 1 btw

  203. JimboWoodside on

    >>>This is the sweetest Ranger victory since they beat the Pens and the refs last season.

    These are my sentiments, exactly! The refs absolutely, positively tried to affect the outcome of this game with those late 3rd period calls, and nothing that anyone can say will change my mind…..

    These were *blatant* mistakes – ones *so* blatant that there should be an investigation of the officials involved…I know it will go nowhere, but this was a travesty.

  204. Greetings all ‘Heads!! Great start to 2012!!! Sorry I couldn’t be with youse guys but the local bar (upper east side) was packed with hockey fans & it was great!

    Hi Linda!

    JPG – where do I send the check? The folks watching the game were all BS about the ref calls.


  205. Kill two birds with one stone by throwing coins for the Torts fund at Scott Hartnell next time he’s at the Garden.

  206. I’m all for starting a ‘let’s pay Torts fine’ fund, but something tells me he can afford it himself, lol.

  207. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    lol sure he can afford it… but it’s bogus these guys get fined for speaking the truth

  208. Oh, I knew Sather would finally speak after this one.
    (and the words carry more weight when you win!)
    And he’s right one quote I saw; Look at the whole thing.

    There were 3-4 non-calls on Flyers and 3 fabricated calls for them closing minutes alone.
    Basically a 6 penalty swing.

    Anyway, you feel like you won cause of the victory but lost cause you see in technicolor the game has zero integrity.

    OMG, just saw Clarke’s 72′ Canada Cup slash. Bad as can be. Butcher.

  209. Kathryn Tappen used to do Bruins broadcasts. Glad she’s on NHL Network now. Much better than Deb Placey to look at!

  210. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    Kudos to torts for acknowledging woywitka—> and feeling bad about pulling him!

  211. kathryn Tappen was on the Bruins telecast.

    Torts presser was classic. 3 bad calls off the top of my head; the gaborik breakaway harpoon non call on timmonen, the callahan dual penalty, and the mcdonagh delay of game no interference on van reimsdyk.

    then the penalty shot call. 4 bad calls, is that paranoia or what the hell are the ref’s doing???

  212. another example of why Doc Emrick is the worst announcer in sports. How he can sit there blabbing about nonesense and not even acknowledge the 3 horrible calls were just shameful

  213. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    good on jagr!!! but funny when he said ‘he dont score many goals, maybe thats how he celebrates

  214. Boom Boom Bathgate / "Sloppy Firsts" on

    BANJ –

    Yours is a good point in that it brings to mind that the Rangers are step-children to Bettman and the NHL office; stepchildren to MSG relative to the Knicks; and step-children to the networks who obviously wanted a home team win today; and definitely step-children to all NHL officiating crews they have to overcome in addition to overcoming their on-ice competition.

    I keep wishing the Rangers could get a divorce from MSG Corp and get their own building and identity, but Trump or someone keeps postponing showing up and saving the day.

  215. boxcareddiehospodar on


    not kidding.

    Outside of all the hype was this a good game?

    Not really. Slow play; bad bounces of the puck; pretty much a boring game.

    So bad the refs had to try and keep it close at the end.

  216. JimboWoodside on

    Anybody speculating on what happened to Jagr? Lavi completely ducked the question…

  217. Stranger Nation on

    Ice was bad, puck would not slide.

    Agree with idea of playing All Star game outdoors instead of a reg season game. They can hold at neutral site and do a whole outdoor fan fest around game. Also in Feb when the weather is less of a factor.

  218. JimboWoodside on

    That’s what happened to him? Everybody was speculating that he got hurt somehow on that breakaway that he had in the first period, but it was actually a continuation of an injury that happened in his last game!?

    Thanks, ORR – I had not heard that.

  219. mentioned this on facebook:

    maybe just send money to Torts….give it a nice name cause i’m sure he won’t take it, which will then allow it to go to charity. a WIN WIN. make a statement and he know how we feel and $ to charity.

  220. Correct, Orr. But that loss to the Isles in game #3 was so bad, it was a sign of the impending disaster facing this team.

    I highly recommend reading the game in review post for that game for a few laughs.

  221. No, bull dog, all these hockey geniuses who used to say he (and Prust) was useless took a day off, it seems….You can still find a great hockey mind who is bashing Fedotenko, if that entertains you…

  222. JimboWoodside on

    Those calls and non-calls at the end of the game were atrocious – it’s like something you would see in WWE or Roller Derby officiating – calls made up, simply to add “drama” to an already predetermined outcome….

  223. Imagine how terrible the calls would have been with Avery on the ice. He would have gotten a 37-minute major for having too much tape on his stick.

  224. Yeah, forgot about that big bum Boyle, Carp. Was he even playing tonight?

    BTW, it’s a few games in a row when Torts sends Boyle and Co. to play in important situations and change the game or defend. And he delivers.

  225. Im still feeling stunned by the officiating at the end but what a great feeling when Hank stopped little DannyB.
    I’ve enjoyed how much more likable the Rangers are than the flyers on 24/7.

  226. Actually, every goal the Rangers ever score against the Flyers from now on, the scorer should salute in Hartnell’s direction.

  227. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    Flavah played a hard game today Ilbzo
    and Dubi also.. awesome check on that bon bon dude lol

  228. best game of the year by dubinsky.

    Sather to Andrew Gross:

    “You see three or four calls that are enough to blow your mind.”

  229. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    lol LW, that would be freakin awesome

    UGH/ not only are we playin the pen()s friday, but its on NHL Network… i sure hope first row sports is working that night

  230. bull dog line on

    i am not a Referee conspiracy guy, but I have seen 2 games this year that make you go Hmm. the Giants, Packer game, and this one. I think this game may have been more obvious.

  231. just had a thought. Wonder what poor fatalistic eric was going through, being in the ballpark for all the crap that was going down in the third period.

  232. JimboWoodside on

    I mean, I hate to dwell on it, but Cally is going for the loose puck to score a probable empty-net goal, he is *interfered* with, so he gets no shot, and they call *him* for “embellishment” – diving!? If he gets to that puck, it’s most likely game over – the Flyer should have been called for a penalty shot! Or a goal should have been awarded, since there was no goaltender in net.

  233. Im not a conspiracy theorist either, but one particular game against Cindy last year made me wonder. This was far worse. It’s like at the end of the game it became Opposite Day.

  234. Classless Flyboiz and zebras bested by the Rangers!

    Great game by the King and company. Really proud of this team.

    Amazing Hartnell tried to get on his high horse with Rupp but continues to be one of the biggest dirtbags in the league. He’s going to get his one day, that is for sure. If I’m Tortorella I tell Rupp to crosscheck the CRAP out of him until he drops the gloves if he’s out there at the end of the game next time. There’s no place for that chippy BS once the game is over and he’s pulled that petty stuff twice already.

    OK I officially hate the Flyers more than any other team again.

  235. so now i’m getting into an argument with

    in regards to officiating
    and the penalty shot call on us.

  236. “I’m not sure if NBC got together with the refs,” said Tortorella, after the Rangers’ 3-2 victory on Monday, regarding Ian Walsh and Dennis LaRue.

    “It started with the non-call [when] Gabby was pitch-forked in the stomach, and then everything starts going against us. They’re two good referees; I thought the game was refereed horribly. So I’m not sure what happened there. Maybe they wanted to get it to an overtime. I’m not sure if they have meetings about that or what. But we stood in there. They’re good guys. But in that third period, it was disgusting.”

  237. “I’m not sure if NBC got together with the refs,” said Tortorella

    Gotta love our coach.

  238. I don’t have a problem with the call on Cally. He pressed the Flyers stick against his chest, so that’s called, more often than not. Dumb move by a smart guy like Cally, and it nearly cost us the game.

    The McDonut penalty was the worst.

  239. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    i heard Flavah bashed him in that thing he calls a face.. i didnt see it, i was jumping up and down screamin like a lunatic!

  240. Hartnell is a flat out punk. He acts all tough for a guy who wears a face shield. I can’t stand Hartnell. My most hated philthy phlyer.

  241. i still think the worst call of the day was the delay of game on McD………at least the other calls, there is another side to the argument(however silly that side may be). At least in humble opnion there is no other side to the delay of game call on McD. Straight up Del Zastrous officiating.

  242. Boom Boom Bathgate / "Sloppy Firsts" on

    Let me tell you something, ILB – Fedo is bashing himself right out of the National Hockey League and if pretending you don’t see that to hit me up for a cheap shot six times per week takes second fiddle to your loyalty and support of the New York Rangers as a fan who wants to see them win it all, then you have you “priorities” mixed up.

    I bash guys who are not delivering on their contract with the New York Rangers because I feel a life-long connection with, and passion for this team.

    But to demonstrate that I am not entirely negative, let me give some credit here…

    Since Bickel’s arrival, seven games ago, Dubi is on fire. Whether coincidence or a collolation there, hard to say, but it Dubi’s turnaround certainly is noteworthy.

    Others who have stepped up over the past two weeks include AA, Cally – who was already producing; Hags in brilliant fashion from day one, here; Rupp just came alive today and not a minute too soon; Prust is quietly producing on offense, to go with his obvious physical responsibilities; Bickel, quiet offensively lately, but he’s been a force all along, as we know; and Woywitka, who should get time on at least a rotation basis on the blueline.

    Maybe I don’t cite the positives often enough, but we add Kreider this year, plus if we can acquire or promote one other bona fide sniper, we will really have a shot as one of the three best teams in this league.

  243. The flyer player checked Mcdonut into the net while Mcdonut was trying to chase the puck along the boards. That is a interference call on the flyer player, normally. The callahan penalty was stupid also but apparently the nhl and Buttman wanted this game to go to overtime so than the come up with a ridiculous penalty shot call. Buttman’s new nhl.

  244. No Shelley, no Rinaldo, no Sestito. The Flyers decided to go all business this game. That worked.

  245. Boom Boom, I’m not going to be able to change your opinion on Fedotenko, obviously….But let me ask you, what do you think Tortorella would tell you if you presented your full assessment on Fedostinko to him?

  246. Watching SJ- Vancouver. Got to root for Joe Thornton, who saved our season. 20-6-1 since he called them soft.

  247. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    lmfao ilbzo, if it wasnt for the fact that i was cleaning and cutting chicken, i was going to post about lil joe earlier! Well done my friend! Who’s soft now beyatch lol

  248. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    how can you root against bieksa, burrows, and lapierre?

  249. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    I know, just goofing around!!! You shouldn’t root for someone with character like manny, bad thing you know!

  250. >>Got to root for Joe Thornton, who saved our season. 20-6-1 since he called them soft.

    I always root against his team since that comment. I think he was also on a little streak of his own – goal-less for almost twenty matches or something.

  251. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Did anyone notice that the Flyers had too many men on the ice in the third period?

    They had seven, counting the two referees.

  252. Boom Boom Bathgate / "Sloppy Firsts" on

    That is a fair question, ILB, although, as a fan, neither you nor I would ever get to pose that question to Torts in a press conference, much less one-on-one over coffee.

    Let’s say Fedo is somewhere between “good” which you seem to espouse, and “bad” and “disinterested” the position I take. That would make him “fair” – to meet you halfway.

    What I am saying is that I think this club is just two forward upgrades from being right there, come Stanley Cup finals time, and Fedo, to me, is definitely on the bubble, and maybe with the club too, although they are not going to issue a press release to that effect.

    Newberry is hot lately, down on the farm. JAM is getting closer by the week of deserving a shot; Miller has stepped up big-time and looking like he could become a force in this league. We hit such a goldmine with Hags, I say go for the gold again, and soon. Kreider is gold, can you imagine one more top-calibre forward joining up, to go with the additions of Hags and Kreider – what that would mean for this club? I can.

    And if and when Fedo starts hitting people, blocking shots, putting shots on net and into the goal; assiting on goals; winning a higher percentage of face offs, and recording takeaways instead of strictly giveaways, I won’t be too proud to acknowledge his turnaround. Dubi did it, and we have some others who need to follow suit. This close to Stanley Cup champagne we cannot afford to carry one single struggling player, whatever valid excuse he may have for his lack of production, and however “popular” he may be in the locker room and with the blogger nation.

  253. Just to remind everyone that when Glenn Sather had the news conference to announce that the rangers were going to the winter classic. He said “The Rangers will be going to Philadelphia to play the Flyers in this years winter classic,and we will win.
    Just look at all our players that he traded for and drafted. He should be in the running for executive of the year. He is doing a great job.

  254. Paul in sunrise on

    They are rioting in Vancouver. Wondering why they could not have these two ref game seven.

  255. I’m guessing this wasn’t mentioned on the Flyer slanted NBC broadcast, given the fact that no one’s mentioned it on here yet: On CBC, at the outset of the game, the colour guy (Craig Simpson) recited a story that unfolded yesterday (I think) about Ilya Bryzgalov tweets over his not starting today.

    I cannot quote verbatim, but essentially he made silly remarks about not starting (like ‘they don’t want to lose, so I’m not starting’) and yipped about the thermos he intended to take with him on the bench and actually took a picture of it and tweeted it (the CBC broadcast showed it and Simpson wondered allowed, as they showed Bryzgalov hunkered down on the bench, if he had it with him).

    LOLOL….can you imagine the King doing something like that after 4 straight loses and being benched for something as public as the WC? Of course not! LOLOLOL…all that money for this flakey dude?

    Guaranteed Flyer management aint happy about all of this. LOVE IT!

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