Henrik Lundqvist post-game presser


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HENRIK LUNDQVIST:   He’s a tricky guy, obviously there’s a lot of pressure on me there.  I couldn’t believe it when he called the penalty shot, but it was exciting.  The whole game was exciting.  Pretty intense.  It was great.  But yeah, just tried to be patient and it worked out.

Q.  Talk about the play that led to the penalty shot right there in the crease, what you saw and the ruling.
HENRIK LUNDQVIST:   Yeah, you know what, it was just a big scramble in the end.  They tried to get pucks in front, and I didn’t really see the puck.  I just stretch out my right leg and tried to stay on the post there.  Then I hear the whistle, and I couldn’t believe it.
You know, the last five, six minutes, it was a big battle and I think we really did a good job of keeping things simple.  We talked about going into the game.  We have to keep it simple because it’s a different game and different approach to it.  You need to keep things simple and you know, good things will happen.
They were really good, and after they scored the second goal there, we kind of regrouped a little bit and when we scored the first one, it was a big change for us.

Q.  Can you talk about the whole experience of playing in the Winter Classic and what it’s been like?
HENRIK LUNDQVIST:   It’s been amazing.  The whole build up, we had two games against the Flyers going into this, and then good games, there’s been a lot of talk about this game already during camp.
So it was exciting to be here and already at practice yesterday, it was fun to get a feeling for it, and today, it was just amazing, the atmosphere.  I thought they did a great job with the ice.  It was all great I think, and coming out with two points and a big win, obviously adds to it.

Q.  Twenty years down the road, what do you think you’ll remember the most?
HENRIK LUNDQVIST:   Walking out in the warmup, it was a great crowd, and you got really excited, and then you kind of have to calm yourself down a little bit.  You’ll be tired after warm up because you go so hard.
Just the whole game, the way we bounced back and the finish obviously later in the game.  But so far the build up and all of the talk, all of the focus, it was worth it.  It’s been an amazing experience.

Q.  Can you just talk about the visibility of the puck, through the middle to the end?
HENRIK LUNDQVIST:   Toughest part was warmup.  It was really bright.  So I had the trainers put some black stuff, whatever that is.
But after that, it kind of slowed down a little bit.  To see the puck during the game?? it was a little bright.  Like I said, the ice was great, and yeah, the lighting was good.

Q.  People who watch this game nationally never really watch a lot of hockey.  You mentioned before you were surprised they called the penalty shot; do you think it was done to add to the drama so people would have something more to talk about?
HENRIK LUNDQVIST:   Maybe that’s the only reason why he called it.  You know, it would have been tough to swallow that one if they scored.  But luckily he didn’t, and I think there was a couple of calls in the end there where I was really surprised, I must say.  But, again, we came up big in the end with the penalty kill and just the way we worked.
And it’s been our thing this year.  You know, I don’t think we are more skilled than anybody else, but we worked really hard and it’s been paying off.

Q.  Can you talk about what it means to get a guy like Marc Staal back on a day like this?
HENRIK LUNDQVIST:   I was really impressed by the ice, but I was almost more impressed by Staal coming back.  I actually didn’t know he was going to play the game.  It was?? when I saw him out there, I was shocked.  Obviously we told everybody he was not going to play, and he did an amazing job.  It’s not easy to come in here and play your first game in over ten months, outstanding.
The confidence he will bring through our group, it’s going to be big.

Q.  Talk about playing relaxed and playing the way you normally play in a game like this.
HENRIK LUNDQVIST:   You want to find a good balance.  I’m always very focused going into the game and during the game but at the same time, you want to be able to enjoy this.  I caught myself a couple of times being too relaxed and then a couple of times I just had to calm down.  You want to find that perfect balance where you enjoy it but at the same time you get the job done.  I felt like most of the time, I did that.

Q.  I know you had not played since you were a kid outside; can you talk about that, and also was there a point you forgot you were playing outside and you were just in the game?
HENRIK LUNDQVIST:   I don’t know.  You know, it was great.  When it starts snowing in the second period, that was awesome.  I liked when it was a little darker, too.  It was easy to see the puck, too.  Again, last time I played outside I was ten, and a lot of things have happened since.  It’s still the same game, it really is.  And then you try to?? like today, you try to keep it simple.

Q.  Do you forget you are outside.
HENRIK LUNDQVIST:   No, you don’t.  It’s very different, especially for me trying to track down the puck, because usually you have the fans right behind the glass.  But now it’s different.  You know?? not in a bad way, but I did not forget I was outside.  I did not.

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  1. JimboWoodside on

    Carp even Carped himself tonight!!

    Carp, thank you for the explanation on the stick holding penalty – I must admit, I didn’t see that happen, but the announcers said that he was called for diving/embellishment, at least initially. I was having an apoplectic fit while watching Cally get interfered with, and it must have clouded my vision!

    Why would he hold the stick of the guy who interfered with him, though? It’s kind of counter-intuitive, since what he was trying hard to do was to get to the loose puck in front of him.

    Ah well, thanks anyway – the other calls (McDonut being thrown into his own goalpost and getting a penalty for it!) were incredibly bad also….in my mind, that was way too many “coincidences” just to be bad calls, and I guess Torts agrees with that, too!

  2. LOL! I heard Rex Ryan cried after the Jets loss yesterday! Hahahaha! That’s hilarious!

    Also classless by some of the Jets players, avoiding the media after the loss, and one of them flipped the bird.

    You’d never see that from my Pats!

  3. JimboWoodside on

    Buttman, on the phone to *MR.* Snider……

    “But, but but, Mr. Snider, stop screaming at me, for just a minute, pleeease?! My boys did all that they possibly could to have your team pull off a cinderella ending – your guys just didn’t get it done….it’s not *OUR* fault!”

  4. We win, We win…..that’s all that matters!!! Had a great time tonight!!!

    and…..here comes Sally, from mama’s house!…

    “Good night, Carp!”

  5. JimboWoodside on

    “*MR*. Snider, I know that you own our league now, and that you expect to get the calls going your way all the time, and you got them tonight – your guys have to cooperate and not act like idiots and score when we give them so many chances….”

    “What? Replace me!? With who? Bob Clarke!? Well, that’s a great idea *MR.* Snider, but don’t you think that will look too obvious?”

  6. “LOL! I heard Rex Ryan cried after the Jets loss yesterday! Hahahaha! That’s hilarious!

    Also classless by some of the Jets players, avoiding the media after the loss, and one of them flipped the bird.

    You’d never see that from my Pats!”

    Cheatriots are classless cheaters. LOL

  7. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    here is a quote from a philly website i had been told about, the WOW words are capitalized:

    “The Rangers’ ALREADY IMPOSING DEFENSE got an unexpected boost: Marc Staal, an all-star defenseman last season, made his season debut after battling a concussion.”

    ALREADY IMPOSING DEFENSE… i sure do like the sound of that

  8. Rangers coach John Tortorella wondered if the officials wanted their own time in the spotlight to build the drama.

    “They called a penalty shot which I still don’t understand,” he said. “I’m not sure if NBC got together with the refs to turn this into an overtime game. I thought the game was reffed horrible.

    “I just thought tonight, in that third period, it was disgusting.”

  9. Jimbo, I think he did it to make sure he got the call. Grabbed the stick in his mid-section, under his arm, to be sure the ref saw it … so yeah it could have been an embellishment call. But he definitely grabbed the stick. (the only call the Philly-born ref got right in the third period).

    More Bettman to Snider:
    “But Mr. Snider, we displayed our undying love for your team, your city, your cable empire, by lighting the Empire State Building in orange crud. We gave you a Philly-born ref, who made all the calls for your team. We did everything we could. But your idiot coach (ex-Ranger) decided to start the goalie you spent $51 million to replace. And the Rangers got better goaltending, which never happens to your team. We love you. You can have the next five Winter Classics. Only next time we’ll set you up with the Islanders.”

  10. “Yes, *MR.* Snider, yes…of course…..that whole team of officials will only work in Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg for the rest of the season, so don’t worry about it – we’ll teach them to screw up our setup of this game…and I’m going to talk to Shanny to see if we can suspend Rupp for doing that *salute* gesture and scoring two goals, too…we’ll get to the bottom of this…”

  11. That orange crud on ESB must look like a big middle finger if yo can see it from Philadelphia

  12. Good one, Carp – I mean, they even did a “love affair” piece on the “Broad Street Bullies” team of the middle 70’s, which was the most disgraceful band of criminals who ever laced up skates – could there be any doubt about how this whole thing was a Philly/Comcast/NBC kiss-aasen session?

  13. if we get sauer back, plus addin staal now, i feel we have the best D corps in the NHL, if not, def top 4….mcD, girardi, sauer, staal? then MDZ, STRALMAN, EMINGER, WOYWHATEVER, CARP, it doesnt matter!!

  14. wow what game just got home drover 2 hours there and back. no traffic breezed there from long island. what an atmosphere. it seems all of section 426 was all ranger fans. we def were loudest ranger fans there all being bunched together. had some screaming jabs with flyer fans but in all it was an unreal setting and I LOVE THE KING. he saved our butts once again

  15. Yeah, my Pats cheated, but sometimes you have to play dirty to win! Weeee! KG! Larry Bird! Red Socks FTW!

    Speaking of, my Celts just won another game while the Knickerbockers lost. Just need to Devs to lose, and this day is perfect!

  16. this team is something special though, isn’t it?

    also, does anyone else feel that hartnell needs take that stupid visor off if he’s gonna act like a goon? what a clown. i think i hate him more than carcillo.

  17. Congrats, eric! That’s quite a drive, but at least you went home happy!

    That’s funny – when I used to go to a lot of Ranger games, I often sat in section 426, but in the blue nosebleed seats at the Garden – maybe they arranged for that to be the honorary NYR section for you guys!

  18. Eric
    Just got back as well 2 hrs the other way to MD. Great scene in there in sec. 112 behind the net lots of blue in my section and a pretty good brawl to end the game there. Philly is sad tonight. Thought Boyle was good and I never say that along with Dubi and of course Rupp. But you know what Carp, Gabby was strong tonight as well, kind of boring first period and quiet in there then it kept getting better. Winning in the sea of orange with the NHL, NBC and the refs against you PRICELESS. Worth the ride, smiled all the way home. Thanks Hank

  19. Ed Snider and the homage to me is over the top. Ed Snider is a “Don”. He is like a mafia leader, the homage and ass kissing given to this guy is obscene.

    I live in LA but I am from NY. I notice the smaller big cities like boston, philly., pittsburgh, etc It is almost heresy to be for another team besides the hometown team, they do not have many transplants and there cities seem very insular…

    Philly fans make Boston fans seem gentlemanly…. The ref’s tried today but even they could not win the game for the flyers. whatabout the Gaborik harpooning? He was hooked/harpooned at the waist as he was skating down the middle with the puck for multiple seconds….

    Philly has not had an elite goalie for about 25 years.. Bryzgalov will probably turn things around but is he elite and is he worth 9 years?????????

  20. Enjoying some Tastycakes in honor of our awesome win today! Screw the Flyers, the refs, Bettman, and Snider! LGR!

  21. stuart: unless you are elite you aren’t worth 9 years because it’s guaranteed money. Bryzy is not elite and not worth 9 years. Unproven in the playoffs and not the youngest either. He’ll be 40 when his contract expires?

    Philly did a good job trying to find a solution but they got fleeced at the length of the contract. He’s not the next Rick Dipietro but you think teams would learn.

  22. I’m guessing this wasn’t mentioned on the Flyer slanted NBC broadcast, given the fact that no one’s mentioned it on here yet: On CBC, at the outset of the game, the colour guy (Craig Simpson) recited a story that unfolded yesterday (I think) about Ilya Bryzgalov tweets over his not starting today.

    I cannot quote verbatim, but essentially he made silly remarks about not starting (like ‘they don’t want to lose, so I’m not starting’) and yipped about the thermos he intended to take with him on the bench and actually took a picture of it and tweeted it (the CBC broadcast showed it and Simpson wondered allowed, as they showed Bryzgalov hunkered down on the bench, if he had it with him).

    LOLOL….can you imagine the King doing something like that after 4 straight loses and being benched for something as public as the WC? Of course not! LOLOLOL…all that money for this flakey dude?

    Guaranteed Flyer management aint happy about all of this. LOVE IT!

  23. Yum! Tastycakes!! I don’t see them around here any more – used to, a long time ago…..

    Enjoy, Latona – and cry, you Philthy Bastages….

  24. eric, glad it turned out to be a great experience for you! That third musta been killer on you, though :)

  25. If Carp already said this my apologies: I think because Cally clearly did hold the Flyers stick (albeit it briefly) the ref had no choice but to call a minor each (other than no call, which probably would have been worse) because if the Flyer hadn`t been hooking, Cally likely would have scored.

    You call the lone penalty on the Flyer, it`s not a a penalty – it`s a goal because the goalie`s pulled. But how impeded was Cally when he was also clearly holding the Flyers`stick…

  26. Thanks, Mickey! I was just imagining Bettman in his whiny, shaky voice, trying to placate the new *KING* of the NHL, *MR.* Snider……

    I wonder how the Canadians feel about their once-proud league being purchased by this fleecemeister from a second-rate city in the USA?

  27. I really do think Avery should be playing over Boyle. Sean Avery won’t be getting the benefit of the doubt anymore though. At least not in NY

  28. boyle is hands of stone but he kills penalties, can cycle down low and is overall better then Avery. it is true Boyle needs to score more but he is better then Avery. Rupp, EC, better then Avery that is up for debate.

    fedetenko is like boyle can kill penalties, better defensively then avery but hands of stone also…

  29. Boyle and Feds.. and Prust and Rupp.. none of them are counted on being the goal scorers for this team. They are here to defend and grind and kill penalties and occasionally fight.

  30. The only player on NYR that I’d play Avery over is EC. That’s it. Nobody else. Everyone, including Mitchell, and even Wolski, for that matter. I know everyone is not a fan of Wolski, and I know he’s as inconsistent as they come, but I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt before throwing him under the bus.

  31. Yeah, Jimbo, I am. Sitting here watching TV with a sleeping puppy on the floor. My life is SO exciting, lol

  32. Stranger Nation on

    Thanks Mickey. Some people aren’t pleased unless you score points. Obvious to most hockey fans…

  33. Stranger Nation on

    Why would we need Wolski? Who is sitting for him? Artie, dubi, Feds or Hags?

    Addition by subtraction, keep that wuss bag out of the lineup.

  34. Anytime, Stranger! I just call them as I see them, scoring isn’t the be all end all of the game.

  35. duckBill PLA-t-pus on

    1. tortillarella veiled reasoning for Avery bootage (aside from talent): re: Ruppster “There’s a respect he brings to that room and he’s a great pro and he brings an intangible. And Brad does the same thing, brings an intangible to a room with a really young core that need it.” …bingo!

    2. i saw the lydia brizgaloff video and posted it here ayer…acted like a total idiot…i thought he was the moron of the 24/7 series sponsored by 7/11 stores.

  36. The only person I’d sit for Wolski, is Mitchell. But, that being said, I like how Mitchell’s playing.

    I’m not saying we “need” Wolski, but it’s worth it to just give him a chance. Unlike EC, at least he’ll try and throw his body around.

    Prust sayin’!

  37. duckBill PLA-t-pus on

    Wolfski is also a lot more talented offensively than EC could ever dream of even if those dreams were mojados.

  38. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    Boyle played a hard game today, he was mean, he was hitting and gettin the job done. I also gotta give props to Gabby, he was pretty feisty today, he had two or 3 good hits that just made me smile! It was good to see him get a bit physical.

  39. Boom Boom Bathgate / "Sloppy Firsts" on

    The Board of Governors sees this officiating with an agenda crap going on, yet retains the NBA-mole /network TV lackey in the Commissioner’s position, regardless. This is looking like a lifetime appointment for this hideous little cretin who really should be in the House of Representatives on Capitol Hill taking backroom bag money from defense contractor “Lobbyists” for a living.

    I see him as the Eliot Spitzer of hockey, errr, make that basketball. He never did earn the right to be called “A Hockey Man.”

    Do the Rangers continue to get the fuzzy end of the lollipop because Bettman,Dolan, and the networks don’t want them to steal the Knicks thunder? Sure seems like it. Hard to be a Rangers fan and a Knicks fan, they are like arch-rivals now. At least I was never a Knicks fan, that is out of the way.

    If you think today (Monday’s game) was bad, imagine if the Rangers get to the finals and Vancouver, Detroit, or Chicago gets all the big calls and all the bad calls in all the games? That looms as a strong probability now, see, the NBA and the Knicks-Dolan just can’t afford to have the Rangers win the Stanley Cup. It would be bad for NBA P.R.

  40. Not sure if Bettman understands it fully, but what the officials were doing during last 2-3 minutes can do more damage to the integrity of the game than any problems with the failing franchises, financial issues, etc.

  41. Well, Mickey, you had a great win today to watch, and you’re enjoying the evening with your family, pooch, and sangria, (and you don’t have to go to work tomorrow morning!) so it sounds like a good spot to be in to me! :-)

  42. The best of Gabby came about 3 minutes to play when he got the puck, accelerated and delivered it to the Fliers zone for the offensive face-off. I believe, we’ll win the Cup this year.

  43. I didn’t realize it, but Briere had a wide open top shelf right before the refs gave him a penalty shot. The little elf had two great chances to tie the game and failed! Bwaha! Love it!

    I’ve watched the highlights of that game so many times today, and haven’t stopped thinking aboot it. I know it’s only a regular season game, but with how much hype surrounded this, and all the BS endless Philly love from NBC, NHLN, etc, this win is more sweeter than any other this season.

  44. duckBill PLA-t-pus on

    wolfski adds depth…eventually we’ll have to overcome some injuries…byfuglien EC!

  45. Boom Boom Bathgate / "Sloppy Firsts" on

    What is scary is that refs don’t slant, or attempt to slant the outcome of a game without being PAID for doing that. Wish one of them in hockey or the NFL, or baseball would write the ultimate expose book just to make a million dollars instead of a crummy little $2500 for fixing a game.

    Where is their instinct for making real capital gains? Exposing scandal is where the real payoffs are in this country.

  46. ORR, I’m feeling the same way – and this game was the NYR opportunity to *shine* before the rest of the league – no other game this season has been so immensely-hyped as this one, and our guys did a great job of showing poise and skill, not giving up after getting 2 goals scored against them, and taking the game *away* from Philly in the third period – they couldn’t have had a better stage to perform on than the occasion of this game.

  47. Eliot Spitzer of hockey. LOL!!! Love that! That man made my work life a living hell for a few days. Then again, that was before this upcoming election!

  48. Sally says hi back, Carp!

    Vibz, sorry we missed you….!!!

    Ta all, great night!!!

    ilb, will fill you in later…..Sally says hi to you and mrs. ilb :)

  49. just curious, TV coverage went away so quickly, I didn’t see, did they have the congratulatory handshake between blueshirts and the flyers after the win?

  50. Boom Boom Bathgate / "Sloppy Firsts" on

    So what I am suggesting is the possibility that the owner of the New York Rangers has other priorities, when it comes to his hockey team winning the Stanley Cup. And today’s garbage -stench officiating really brings that into focus.

    The bigger question, to my mind, is who the hell master-minded the hatchet job on the Rangers, today, Bettman, with his NBA ties and loyalty; Dolan, not wanting his big-name Knicks acquisitions and investment wanting to get second billing in New York; or the disgusting TV network which orchestrates everything we are spoon-fed in this society. This is classic detective novel fare, far beyond the maid in the parlor doing it with a rope. lol.

  51. Boom Boom Bathgate / "Sloppy Firsts" on


    I wrote a six-point indictment of Spitzer letter to the editor of the local paper around here, and he refused to print it because he said it was “too long.” Right, like even 10 minutes of Eliot Spitzer in Albany was “too long” for the United States of America.

  52. Boom Boom Bathgate / "Sloppy Firsts" on

    But his GF was kinda cute, anybody taking bids on her phone number?

  53. Boom Boom,

    Gotta say, I think you’re starting to irritate me, or maybe not you so much as me, because
    I couldn’t scroll past one of your posts fast enough w/o catching too much of a glimpse.

    The “Eliot Spitzer of hockey” in one breath, ‘expose scandal’ in another?
    You did notice once Spitzer was gone they raided the U.S. Treasury for trillions, right?
    I mean, I hope you don’t think it’s SOP to have 500 FBI agents investigate a single act of prostitution. Anyway….

    speaking of conspiracy theories, that’s just the phrase NBC made sure their host used as the intro to Torts’ remarks. Because how better to denigrate what the man was about to say? Never mind if it actually IS a conspiracy. NBC of course knows this, because they’ve had so much practice thru the years.

    H.Wirth, where are you hiding?

    How’d you’re friggin’ corporate owned & run media operate today?

    It made a MOCKERY of the game. That’s what your coach & GM were saying, as well as every Ranger fan who witnessed it!

    Worst combined broadcast & on-ice official conduct I’ve seen in over 40 years!

    In case you can’t tell, I’m not happy.

  54. Boyle good TODAY being the keyword. Probably gave it an extra effort because it was the last day the HBO cameras would be there. For a big guy he’s as soft as they come. Wish he could bring it more often (consistency). Good game TODAY though!

  55. “Worst combined broadcast & on-ice official conduct I’ve seen in over 40 years!”

    Someone hasn’t seen enough Penguins games! I swear they should just make their uniforms white with black stripes already.

  56. thanks, Orr Good point/observation about Hartnell and Mc Donough, last year if I remember correctly, Pens walked off the ice before handshake could happen.

  57. Boom Boom Bathgate / "Sloppy Firsts" on

    That’s funny, Rod, you “can’t scroll past my posts fast enough,” but then it seems you have the time to slow down and give me a big non-sequitur response, anyway.

    When it comes to hockey matters, I am interested in your opinion and viewpoint, understanding that no two people here are always on the same page. When it comes to personalities, I enjoy the darts and the slings, back and forth, and put no more stock into it than that. You want to give me the power to spoil your evening because I am cynical and have an opinion of my own and don’t harbor a compulsive need for “group approval,” I say, that is your mis-directed choice – there are too many good books to read to get side-tracked like that.

    What we exhange here is really not that important, in the context of world events.

  58. Noonan,

    I’m not looking to fight with everybody, please believe me.

    But aside from not scoring, I dont see where the knocks on Boyle come from.
    I really don’t. If we didn’t have him we’d be looking to deal our No. 1 pick for a checking center.
    Not to mention he’s a total team guy and our primary faceoff guy.

    You really think he’s that soft? Because he leaves a lot of wiped out players in his wake.

  59. Boom Boom- Ha! You should been here in Albany then, our local 24 hour news station was all over that like white on rice and did a magnificent job covering that carcillo-storm.

  60. Actually you wrote thing while I was busy posting which I quite agreed with Boom Boom.

    The rest of it I wish I scrolled past haha.

    Don’t mind me, I just ornery as hell right now.

  61. Nobody expected Boyle to score so IDK where this caveat of “he’s not a goal scorer” keeps coming from. We get it.

    Fact of the matter is: he’s inconsistent and soft. But Avery is the problem, right?

    Maybe I’m watching a different Boyle than all of his apologists?

  62. Boom Boom Bathgate / "Sloppy Firsts" on

    MickeyM –

    I have a good friend in Albany, an old Navy buddy of mine who made it up here to Lewis County to visit and have dinner with me, a couple years ago. Hope to get down that way sometime next summer, in combination with a NYC trip, although I am too prudent to tell anyone here when I will be arriving in NYC on AmTrak. lol.

  63. Noonan,

    I like Boyle and his play, his contributions = unsung hero, Broadway hat please, just my opinion

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