Winter Classic switched to 3 p.m. … and some numbers


A couple of things. First, as you know by now — probably — the Winter Classic (aka Hyper Bowl) has been moved from a 1 p.m. start to 3 p.m. because of sunny conditions … in other words, hockey is the only sport in the world that gets postponed or switched due to nice weather.

Also, W.C. Fields said today that he’s glad the Empire State Building honored the Flyers last week because he loves Philadelphia and he “spent a week there one day.”

As I tweeted earlier (yes, I tweeted), the Empire State Building is going to honor the Cowboys by going half silver-and-blue tonight when they play the Giants. And the other half orange to honor the Flyers again.

Philadelphia. The city so nice they named it once.


from the NHL:


PHILADELPHIA — A look at the 2012 Bridgestone NHL
Winter Classic “By the Numbers.”

1     Cable cam that will be used in network coverage by NBC and CBC

2     Current Rangers who have played in past NHL Winter Classics (Mike
Rupp, Pittsburgh, 2011 and Erik Christensen, Pittsburgh, 2008)

3     Baseball parks that have hosted an NHL Winter Classic – Wrigley
Field, Fenway Park and Citizens Bank Park™

3     Rangers who had seasons of 50 or more goals (Vic Hadfield 50 in
1971-72, Adam Graves 52 in 1993-94, Jaromir Jagr 54 in 2005-06)

4     Colors were used to light the Empire State Building on Dec. 28 in
celebration of the NHL Winter Classic (Flyers orange and white,
Rangers blue and red)

4     Of the five most-watched NHL regular-season games in the U.S. since
1975 were NHL Winter Classic games.

6     Flyers who had seasons of 50 or more goals (Reggie Leach 61 in
1975-76, 50 in 1979-80; Tim Kerr 54 in 1983-84, 54 in 1984-85, 58 in
1985-86, 58 in 1986-87; Mark Recchi 53 in 1992-93; John LeClair 51 in
1995-96, 50 in 1996-97, 51 in 1997-98; Bill Barber 50 in 1975-76,
Rick MacLeish 50 in 1972-73)

9     Members of the 1994 Stanley Cup Champion New York Rangers (including
coaches) are participating in the Molson Canadian 2012 NHL Alumni
Game: Glenn Anderson, Colin Campbell, Adam Graves, Mike Keenan, Nick
Kypreos, Brian Leetch, Stephane Matteau, Mark Messier, Mike Richter

9     Active Flyers who have played in past Winter Classics: Daniel Briere,
Philadelphia, 2010; Matt Carle, Philadelphia, 2010; Braydon Coburn,
Philadelphia, 2010; Claude Giroux, Philadelphia,  2010; Scott
Hartnell, Philadelphia, 2010; Maxime Talbot, Pittsburgh, 2011; Kimmo
Timonen, Philadelphia, 2010; James Van Riemsdyk, Philadelphia, 2010;
and Matt Walker, Chicago, 2009

10    Playoff meetings between the Flyers and Rangers (Flyers have won six)

14    Members of Stanley Cup champion Philadelphia Flyers team
participating in the Molson Canadian 2012 NHL Alumni Game, including
coaches and off-ice ambassadors: Bill Barber, Bob Clarke, Terry Crisp
, Gary Dornhoefer, Larrry Goodenough, Bob Kelly, Orest Kindrachuk,
Reggie Leach, Bernie Parent, Jimmy Watson, Joe Watson, Mike Nykoluk,
Dave Schultz, Don Saleski

25.5  Hours of NHL Network live coverage of Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic

39    Average temperature in Fahrenheit at puck drop for the four NHL
Winter Classics (2008 – 31.1, 2009 – 31.9, 2010 – 39.6, 2011 – 51.7)

51    NHL Alumni will play in the Molson Canadian 2012 NHL Alumni Game on
Dec. 31 (1 p.m., ET VERSUS, CBC, CSN Philly)

53       Length, in feet, of the world’s largest mobile rink refrigeration
unit, specially built for the NHL Winter Classic

66    Goals scored by Eric Lindros as a member of the Rangers (over 3

69    Players in NHL history who have played for both the Rangers and

70    Broadcast cameras (all networks) that will capture all the NHL Winter
Classic action at Citizens Bank Park, including a cable cam and an
airplane cam

93    Miles separate Philadelphia and New York City

112    All-time regular-season games won by the Rangers over the Flyers

114   All-time regular-season games won by the Flyers over the Rangers

134   Goals scored by Jaromir Jagr as a member of the Rangers

300   Ton capacity of refrigeration trailer that will keep the ice cool at
Citizens Bank Park™

311   Regular-season and playoff games between the New York Rangers and
Philadelphia Flyers including the 2012 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic

314   Goals scored by Eric Lindros as a member of the Flyers (over 8

350   Gallons of paint used to make Citizens Bank Park™ ice white

2003  The year the Heritage Classic was played in Edmonton between the
Oilers and the Montreal Canadiens, the first regular season NHL
outdoor game in history

2008  The year the first NHL Winter Classic was played in Buffalo between
the Sabres and Pittsburgh Penguins, with Sidney Crosby netting the
game-winner in a shootout

3,000 Gallons of coolant used to freeze the Citizens Bank Park™ rink

4,500 Soft pretzels projected to be purchased by fans during the
Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic*

9,000 Cheese steaks projected to be purchased by fans during the
Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic*

10,000      Hot Dogs projected to be purchased by fans during the
Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic*

12,000      Cups of hot chocolate and coffee projected to be purchased by
fans during the Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic*

20,000      Gallons of water needed to create a two-inch ice surface on
Citizens Bank Park™

27,000 Plastic bags prevented from entering circulation thanks to the
continuing NHL Green initiative to provide reusable commemorative
bags free with purchase at official merchandise locations.

47,000       Fans are expected to attend the 2012 Bridgestone NHL Winter
Classic at Citizens Bank Park™

75,000 People are expected to pass through Spectator Plaza between
Saturday, Dec. 31 through Monday, Jan. 2

218,259 Total spectators in attendance at the first four Winter Classics

*According to ARAMARK

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  1. I wonder if Olivia Munn will be at the game.

    Carp-love the blog! You and the rest of the crew here have made a tough personal time for me (family passing) a lot more tolerable

  2. Good evening all!

    ANF, sorry for the loss, and glad we could bring a smile to you every now and then….

    LGR tomorrow, and WTB with the change in start time. Bush league.

  3. And….goodnight all. No foosball for me….Tomorrow I get to meet Tony and the family…wonder if he’ll wear pants??!!

  4. Haven’t had a chance to post yet this busy weekend here in Phily. Went to the Alumni game on Saturday. I was one of the maybe 5% of the crowd that were Rangers fans. Couple of things abt. the event so far. Loved the fan fest stuff outside the building in the parking lot. Makes more a great atmosphere. Only complaint is they charged $25 for parking (it’s barely ok the for the game – but it’s alot for people who just wanna partake in the fanfest).

    As for the game, the game is the after thought. I liked the intros (Although someone will have to explain to me the point of booing long retired players like Messier, Graves and Leetch but whatever) I liked the Bernie Parent (Ranger fan or not I am a hockey fan first and that was cool). I’d hope fans would show same respect to eddie giancomin if he did that.

    Today, I spent the day in atlantic city so I am first reading and looking at the pics of the practice. But, if you pay a goalie 9 yrs. 51 mil and he’s the backup for Penguins and now this game you have a major problem on your hands.

    Anyway, didn’t get chance last night, so HAPPY and a HEALTHY to everyone in the Hockey World (I used to say Universe but that word has a whole new meaning now)!

  5. If anyone has seats and has questions about the sightlines I’d say this unless you are behind home plate in the first 10 rows, the majority of the seats have very good sightlines. They are not many real not the worth money seats.

  6. Nice weekend HW!

    Just caught up with the live chat from earlier in the week….LMAO!!!

    Now I must find this…YouTube the Trottier/Stevens/Bellows video….

  7. Woe, that’s a lot of bleeps in there……especially the one bleep bleep comment….I don’t even know what that means!! :)

  8. Re-post for Johnny LaRue:

    Carp January 1st, 2012 at 7:56 pm e

    Johnny, there are a bunch of regulars who play multiple parts, but the ones that jump out to me are that lady who has the baby shower and who blabs about the unadvertised sale; the girl that “like likes” George because looks aren’t that important to her and the woman who’s in charge of the bra company whose material George feels; and Jake Jarmel, who is also a cop when Kramer is wanted as a serial killer in L.A.

  9. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    Happy new year to you mama!!

    and mama, remember with tony just maintain eye contact (don’t look down)!!


  10. JimboWoodside on

    >>>I’m glad they changed the time. I’d prefer the game to be played when the sun goes down.

    Too bad they didn’t change the location as well.

  11. I hate Time Warner (wish Fios was available in my building), and I hate MSG. Hope the two of them get their act together before the next game (luckily the WC is on NBC), then they can both go to hell.

  12. N.CountryNYRFan on

    I think everyone should bombard the greedy MSG Network with Phone calls, emails, Tweets, facebook messages, etc… until they strike a deal with TWC. This sucks!!!! It’s not easy for everyone to just switch providers!!!! And online streaming quality usually sucks!!!!!

    Doesn’t the NHL have any say in the matter, I mean the NHL just lost like 2 million viewers. Get on it Buttman!

  13. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Why couldn’t this have happened when the Rangers sucked, no of course not…they are actually having a great season and they pull the plug. Fuggin Carcillo Cooke eaters!!!!!

  14. Thanks Carp and Wicky. Carp do you think that the rangers could use an older veteran defenseman sort of like a modern day Kevin Lowe to add some playoff experience to the younger d corps for the playoff push?

  15. Happy New Year’s Night gang.

    Dang time change, I could have gotten my hair done earlier.

    Missed all the festivities and coverage from earlier, as we had a house full of people for a party/open house. Just catching up on the news now and such a shame that McD is sick, but no way in hell do I want Staal anywhere near this game.

  16. “I don’t trust Dublowsky’s though. She did something to him.”

    Hafta admit Orr, you have your moments.

  17. wicky, no can do….Sally and Tony are gonna have a show ball fight… can I not witness that!!

  18. Carp: Re why would the Oilers take WW and agreed to a draft position swap:

    If they did it, it would be to get Erixon. The Rangers offer up Erixon because they have to dangle something worthy if they want a decent return.

    The WW inclusion is for cap purposes (ie Hemsky vs WW).

    Hemsky, because of his injury concerns and pending UFA comes with warts. The Oilers mitigate the warts via the drafting position swap.

    I believe the Rangers strength depth wise is on the backline (and the fact they’ve come through all these injuries there quite well is clear evidence of that).

    I realize I’m just musing here, but I do believe the Rangers need another top 6 winger to be legitimate cup contenders and Hemsky is that. The big question mark is his ability to stay healthy (which is why he won’t fetch a big return).

  19. We need a winger, yes…and I accept Hemsky cause of his hot factor :) ummmm….how does he play? Just kidding!!!! (kinda….) lol

  20. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    ahhh, the show ball fight, forgot…My money is on sally, anybody that has a beard like her has to have some serious pecans!!!

  21. Jim,

    If you wanted to get pumped about the idea of Hemsky and what he could add, take a gander at some of his Youtube clips.

    The Ranger simply don’t have a player who does what he once did. Once did. There’s a real question whether he’s the same player with the injuries, or whether his confidence is fixable, but one thing in particular is intriguing, his work on the left hashes on the PP.

    At one time he was quite adept at either curling in and firing or breaking the box and finding the man for the open ice pass, the precise thing the NYR power play hasn’t had.

    So if a reasonable price is quoted, I don’t think you can dismiss it.
    And the idea itself isn’t too far-fetched because supposedly Detroit, LA and several others looking for potential high-end offensive help on the cheap are said interested.

  22. mundo...FREE HD FREE HD FREE HD! on

    Carp, love you to death but don’t ever, ever, ever, call Victor Cruz a clown again!

  23. ANF, I don’t think they’ll go for a veteran D-man unless they can get one better than the six or seven that they have when everybody’s healthy. Might be hard to find one that’s better than those guys.

    mundo, I was talking about his dancing, not his pass-catching. looks like a clown to me.

  24. Voice, I was at a family thing all day. How’d the two-time defending and multiple future Super Ball champions make out today?

    Seriously, though, how sweet is it to see both Ryan buffoons eliminated on the same day?

    Sally and Tony in a show ball contest? Man, glad I’m not going to be there.

  25. Are we talking about the Ales Hemsky who is coming off a major shoulder injury and who has fewer goals than Brandon Dubinsky?

  26. Yes Carp. His injuries have been noted. Worrisome, definitely.

    But the guy was once a legit player. He’s only 27.
    All depends on the price.
    I dont think he’s their first option, even for a rental.

    But if all you want to part with is the perennial No. 2, then beggars can’t be so choosey.

  27. billybleedsblue on

    “Seriously, though, how sweet is it to see both Ryan buffoons eliminated on the same day?”

    :D WEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  28. Hemsky’s also had 19 or more goals 3 times, and 65 points or more 3 times.

    Dubinsky’s never hit 65 once in his career (a high of 54).

    And I’m not the big proponent of acquiring Ales Hemsky.

    But let’s be fair here.

    Might be a broken down player, but not terribly long ago was a Top 6er,
    helped Oilers go to the finals, and at least had some wicked one-on-one moves.

  29. Speaking of Aleš….

    What about Aleš Kotalík? Huuuuge forearms. Second chances are welcome in NY. Maybe we can make a deal with HC Mountfield ?eské Bud?jovice of the Czech Extraliga? Is that allowed?

  30. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    I hope they don’t do that stupid god bless song before the game tomorrow!!

  31. Boom Boom Bathgate - FOUR CUPS since 1926 on

    Hey “Wicky,” Just to accomodate you, maybe instead of someone singing “That Stupid” – “God Bless America” song, we can have you or Rev. Wrong get up there and do “God Damn Amerika” in honor of those who attacked the WTC. Whatever works for you, little buddy.

  32. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    Boom Boom
    Little buddy? You are a weird one for sure! Who the Hell is Rev Wrong?

    Sing the NATIONAL ANTHEM, Not some stupid religious based crap!!!

    And FYI JACKASS, Spent 5 yrs active duty in the army at war so you might want to keep your fat fuggin mouth SHUT!!

  33. Boom Boom Bathgate - FOUR CUPS since 1926 on

    Are you and ORR related (?), because you are two chipmunks in a barrel of cookies, to me.

  34. Carp: Of course, the FO issues cannot be explained, but I think part of reason his skating seems slow is that he’s slowing things down hoping his wingers find the time/space to get to open ice (JMHO).

    Regarding the missing the net alot – wasn’t it you who blogged that he picks the corners and therefore, misses the net at times? To me, given the fact that perhaps as many as 1/2 his goals have been scored because of this, personally I don’t have an issue with it – it’s no different than firing the puck into the chest of a crouching goalie, which is the same as putting the puck right the middle of the net.

    Now if he had open nets and was missing, that’s another thing altogether.

    And yes, I think Hemsky is a better option than any of Hagelin, Dubi or Callahan. His skillset is more akin to Richards, IMO.

    The risk is his health and because of that (plus the fact that he’s a rental player) you don’t give up much to get him (or he’s part of a bigger return).

    I don’t see this team going deep in the POs if they spend 1/2 the game struggling to get out of their own zone and are relying on the King to ensure they don’t get too far behind on the scoreboard as they do.

    This isn’t to say I’m dissatisfied overall because I’m not. In fact, on the contrary; I’m seeing more potential to go deep here if Sather is able to fill a couple of holes. I’m also not advocating a must-do trade because the team isn’t built for today – 3 of their important cogs (Lundqvist, Richards and Gaborik) are still 31 and younger – but that doesn’t mean you don’t explore and try to address now.

    Sather’s in a position right now that’s probably uncharted waters for him – it’s one thing to engineer deals when your team isn’t very good and almost any trade would be welcomed by fans and media; it’s quite another when you’re trying to fill holes on a winning team without compromising what’s already working.

    Has he ever been in this position? Certainly not in modern times (ie with a cap)…

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