One more day: Hyper Bowl tomorrow


Happy New Year!

OK, I am going to admit I enjoyed the alumni game to a degree, even if it was a celebration of the city of Philadelphia, of Ed Snider (apparently everybody in Philly calls him Mr. Snider, because pretty much everybody works for him), and of all things Comcast.

Yech. Blech.

How about Bobby Clarke, that old humble gentleman, saying he didn’t think an event like this could happen in any other city. Huh?

Versus completely fouled up the intros by showing way, way, way too many crowd shots and didn’t have a camera on the, you know, rink, where the introductees were gathering and no doubt slapping hands, joking around, goofing off … we don’t know, because we didn’t get to see it.

And even though we complain about the Versus telecasts, how bad is it when Versus goes to its Philly affiliated scrubs instead of Doc, Edzo and Pierre?

A positive, in addition to seeing some favorite old Rangers (and yes, favorite old Flyers, too, especially Bernie Parent), is that it will be the last time we have to say Versus. It’s changing names tomorrow. Hopefully it changes a lot more than its name.


A source told Rangers Report that the Steinbrenner family was so touched by this whole Winter Classic being a tribute to Mr. Snider and the city of Philly, that after games this season, it will play a re-worked version of Frank Sinatra’s song, sung by Al Coates: “It’s up to you, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.”

As a matter of fact, we’re hearing that Alicia Keys, Jay-Z and Billy Joel are all recording “A Philadelphia State of Mind.”

And the city of New York, which loves Philly so much and just wants to pay tribute to the city to the South so much for graciously hosting the Winter Classic and allowing the Rangers to play a minor role, will do the same when the Yankees play the Red Sox in coming seasons. On those occasions, half the Empire State Building will be lit up in red lights.


I’m not 100 percent sure about this, but I thought I saw that MSG is going to broadcast the Rangers practice from the Phillies ballpark today. Also not 100 percent sure you can see anything on MSG as of today if you have Time Warner Cable.

And finally, to get the 2012 blog traffic off to a good start, two words: Sean. Avery.



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  1. Happy New, 2012, Black, Water Dragon, Year!!!
    May all of you have unlimited supply of everything you love!
    …and very special for you, ilb.

  2. …and hope to see Rangers around the Cup on MSG ice this year. Man can have a Dream?

  3. Staal Wart and the Overachievers on

    Carp thanks for all your hard work on maintaining this blog!
    Happy New Year Heads!!!

  4. onecupin72yearsandounting on

    Happy New Year.. I watched the game and at the closing I don’t know who said it but some fool said that the “winter classic is the Super Bowl of hockey “. poor NHL for that type of thinking.

  5. Happy New Year All!! Good News in Albany…we dont have to be subjected to Buffalo Sabres…bad news…no Rangers..sniff….good luck Boyz!!! I will see the Classic tomorrow! Lets hope that the new NBC Sports will play more Rangers..or at least show scores and highlights during other hockey games!

  6. Happy New Year to all!! Watching the Honeymooners and for some reason he is living and driving a bus in Philly this year?? I wonder why? HMMMM

  7. Happy New Year and good morning all!!!

    I dvr’d the HB cause I wasn’t home….hmmmmm. now maybe I’m glad I did so I can fast forward through all the boring stuff on New York.

    Alas, I’m starting off 2012 with work :( so later all!

  8. shoot, I didn’t mean the HB, I meant the alumni game….wow, I’m rushing through 2012 already :0

  9. OK – Someone please help me! No MSG on Time Warner Cable – what am I supposed to do?? Will MSG offer something on its Website? I am looking at a blank screen on all three – MSG, MSG+, and MSG HD –

  10. Forgot to say – Happy New Year everyone! Ill be at the game on Thursday – that should be interesting with all of the trash talking between Florida and our boys.

    Last year: at this point in the season, we were approximtely: 22-19.

    So far, I think things look a lot better this time around !

  11. true fans bleed rw&b on

    I haven’t had a chance to post often this past year, but I wanted to wish you, the boneheads, and Mr. Snider a very happy and healthy new year. Your posts are simply top notch and I look forward to reading everyday. Congratulations on reaching 10 million.

  12. Boom Boom Bathgate - FOUR CUPS since 1926 on

    Happy New Year, Carp and everyone. Happy New Year New York Rangers. For the first time in many years, they, and we as their fans, have a legitimate shot at the big prize.

  13. Happy New Year, Carp and every Bonehead.

    Even gave more coverage to Filthy on the alumni game. I don’t get why NYR is overlooked ALL OF THE TIME.

  14. Paul in sunrise on

    Any body catch lady gaga last night with the ball as big as the building on her face.

    Game on already. Let’s go rangers.

  15. Dore, LMAO at Honeymooners living and Ralph driving a bus in Philly.

    Happy 2012 to all! You guys make this place fun for me, and get me through the headaches caused by the rare asshat who comes here to harrass. I appreciate the humor and the hockey chatter.

  16. Happy New Year!

    Will NBC sports stream the game online Monday? If not, anyone know where to find it?

    Also, is Avery in the Hall of Fame yet?

  17. Carp – I am offended by the comment about crowd shots during the introductions – lol. You can see a close up of me with my wife and son in the crowd right after Dave Poulin was introduced. I know it’s not the same as a cameo of the top of my head on 24/7 but it will do for us!

    The atmosphere was a lot of fun yesterday with the exception of a few drunken idiots on both sides. Two of which were seated beside us in red, white and blue. However, 99% of the crowd was there for the right reason and had a lot of laughs throughout the day. I would like to thank Mr. Snider for allowing two Rangers clips to be shown on the board. I thought this was an NHL event but I understand it was a Comcast/NHL event.

    Happy New Year to everyone here, especially you Carp, this is the place to be for Ranger fans. Hopefully, 2012 includes a trip down Broadway in late June and we can have our own bonehead block on the parade route.

  18. What did the tickets for the alumni game cost? I heard they were free but doubt that so I was just wondering …


  19. Something’s gonna give in Edmonton soon, I suspect – they started the year off quite well, but now are back too familiar surroundings, sitting 5th worst in the entire league, their most current losing streak sits at 3 and over their last 10 games they’ve won only 2 of them. Hemsky’s gonna be moved and probably sooner rather than later.

    Is he headed to Rangerland perhaps? If Sather does work a deal with Tambellini, I gotta figure a defenseman goes the other way. Could Tim Erixon be part of a Ranger package?

    How about WW and Erixon to Edmonton for Hemsky, a 2nd and the right to swap first round spots in June’s draft?

    Would anyone do that? Would Sather? Would Tambellini??

  20. HageLinCalPruStepanlahan on

    HAPPY NEW YEAR ya bunch of Boneheads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  21. happy new year all.

    driving from long island to phil tom morning. the car is all gassesd up and will be pulling out at 530am and plan on being in parking lot for some tailgate by 8 when gates open.

  22. Rather than one big move, it could be Rangers make 2 smaller moves.

    Might be the prudent thing, too, with as many question marks (Wolski, Staal, Sauer, Dubinsky, Kreider) as they still have, for one reason or another.

    Don’t discount Hagelin’s emergence as a rationale for backing off a major trade.
    Everyone expected the speed and defense, but he’s been scoring at the best clip for rookies per game and shows no signs of slowing down.

  23. hemsky is a rental I do not give up erixon for that. erixon is 20, looked pretty good last few games in the NHL. Erixon is a regular top 6 next year for the Rangers.. He may turn out to be a very good player…

  24. stuart: True – maybe Sather does that only if he can work out a new contract for Hemsky as part of the trade?

  25. Rangers have a few guys down below who no one even thinks of who could be of interest.

    They also have a few guys they have to move or lose for nothing.

  26. Stranger Nation on

    If all D healthy, Erixon is fighting for our 6th D man slot with Bickel, McIlrath, Eminger, Stralman, Woywitka…

  27. if all D healthy, the Top 4 are Staal, Girardi, Sauer, MDZ.

    Leaves 5-6 spots for Bickel, McIlrath, Eminger, Stralman, Woywitka
    Have to assume (all healthy) Eminger and Stralman for last pairing.
    (though Bickel’s done little to disqualify himself IMO).

    Still, that’d leave Bickle, Erixon, McIlrath and Woywitka for 7th spot, and Torts only carries 6.

    Can’t really deal a D man with a clear conscience with Staal & Sauer injuries.

  28. Eminger, Stralman, Bickel and Woywitka also on one-year deals so no telling what next season’s D depth will look like.

  29. stuart – I paid $53 for outfield seats from the Rangers website. There were $83 tickets available and tickets for a higher amount that were sold out.

  30. stuart, a lot more than $0.

    jim, why the hell would anybody want Wolski? And why would Edmonton agree to swap first-rounders?

    Johnny, I’m wearing my red Bosco shirt under my sweater.

  31. Carp,
    I would think Wolski gets a look soon. he has something most Rangers do not have, and that is skill. there is room for his type of player on the Rangers. maybe he buys in to what Torts is selling, and the Rangers catch lightning in a bottle.

  32. iDoodie machetto on

    Rod, forgetting someone among your top 4? Look at them again.

    Anyone selling any tickets? I’m stuck with time Warner and without MSG. God I hate the dolans.

  33. Happy New Year, Carp and everyone!
    I hate dolan.
    No MSG for me.
    Rod, i guess McD is not top 4 for us. lol
    Who is going to the game tomorrow?

  34. iDoodie machetto on

    I’m in an area that doesn’t offer food and in an apartment building that doesn’t allow satellite dishes. I refuse to get cablevision, so I’m SOL and JWF.

  35. McD! LOL

    Man the D is sick if everyone gets healthy.

    Almost every name I’ve heard is now out there publicly, including Hemsky, excepting one guy.
    Not a big name.

    Like I was saying, I could see them upgrading two spots upfront, which could make some of Feds/Prust/Rupp/Mitchell new black aces on given nights.

    And you still don’t know what’ll be with Kreider. He’ll come and practice with team, but will he be effective, can he jump right in to play ‘stretch’ hockey, even though we should be comfortably in? If so, where the heck does he fit? Hmm….

  36. Happy New Year all you ‘Heads!

    No Happy New Years & a big Byfuglien you to MSG Network & Time Warner. However, Time Warner is offering the NHL Network for free for the month of January…channel 468. It’s been all Flyers this morning though…Carcillo!


  37. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Happy new year ILB and all!!

    I would stay away from hemsky. Not sure he fits the mold of the type of player we would add. I still think it willbe an iggy doan ruutu type….

    Also, still wouldn’t be shocked to see sauer moved

  38. LOL @ ED! I second that, and I’ll raise it! I hope when he does manage to get it up, he suffers PE every time!

    Go Larry Bird! Great Basketball Player, Great Dad! Doc Emrick! True Professional!

    Bills are blowing a 21 point lead against my Pats! Go Gisele!

  39. I would sure be upset to see Sauer moved!

    Too young, too big, and way too good!

    I know people are concerned because he’s had a history of injuries, and now other guys have stepped up, but that kid came in and played almost flawless defense all year last year, and, not that anyone was doubting him, was showing it was no fluke until he got Phaneuffed.

    Unless you were to deal him straight up for Ryan (which I wouldn’t do anyway), can’t see how you even get equal value from names out there.

  40. Carp, did you ever notice that the woman who threw chocolate sauce on George is the same one who later tells him about the unadvertised sale for the suit?

  41. All the talk of how the WC could effect us, and it’s the Flyers that seem in turmoil. Good.

  42. Think the outlook has changed Wicky, with Hags on a 30-goal pace and Dubinsky awakening.

    Now Dubi could return to La-La land any moment, I wouldnt be surprised.
    But Hagelin is scoring simple goals off speed & smarts, and he’s not losing either anytime soon.

  43. AGrossRecord Speculation? Staal wore an A on Winter Classic jersey, same as Girardi and
    Richards. Staal didn’t think he’d be ready for Winter Classic.

    Wow! Wouldn’t it be awesome if he came back tomorrow, just like Jordan last season.

  44. Czechthemout!!! on


    What are your thoughts on potential Eric Staal trade? I think what happened to Marc has impacted his play greatly this season. If Marc returns healthy I think Eric’s play will improve . Maybe that fact that the Canes are unlikely to make the playoffs can be used to our advantage.

    I think a package of AA ( have to give something to get something) Erixon, Thomas, WW ( for cap reasons, no one sane would really want him), and a 1st gets it done.

  45. Czech, I think you’re right on most of that.

    But think, where the heck would Staal play?

    Unless you’re shifting Step to wing.

    Staal’s in tomorrow.

  46. Happy New Year Boneheads!Question please does anybody know why they wear so many different color jerseys during practice?

  47. Sure, almost exact. And we’re just talking, so……

    I can’t dismiss the possibility because Staal’s name has been out there.
    He’s due 8.5, 9.25, 9.25 & 9.5, so if they’re rebuilding, I can see the Canes wanting to get out from under that contract.

    Thomas has too much pedigree for me to just throw in, whether he’s having an uneven year or not. He should’ve never been back in the O this year.
    His dad had a tremendous career with the same skill set and nearly identical body type.
    At a minimum I want to re-evalute him at camp next year.

    But they could just as substitute Zuc (whom I love and would also not want to deal), because they’re going to lose him as a FA for nothing.

  48. Hope the MSG/Time-Warner stuff doesn’t last too long. If/when it goes back on Time/Warner in the end the cost will get passed onto the consumer with each side doing as much as they can to blame the other. Just hope it doesn’t last over a damn month like the Fox football and Simpsons last year

  49. Rod

    They just dumped Avery=1.9

    WW = 3.8

    EC= 950k

    AA= 1.5?

    Pretty close no?

    how do they fit him in for next few seasons with richards, gaborik, lundqvist and several others making over 4 million a year

  50. Uh…. Bye-bye Dubi and his 4m+?

    I was just playing along, but it’s not the craziest idea I’ve heard.

    It’d be a cool way for the brothers to reconcile too.

    Apparently they’d have to beat Brian Burke off with a stick to make it happen.

  51. Carolina will have to take back at least one high salary contract if they move Staal. I’m not sure they want to move him at all, but if they did, aside from his $8.25M cap hit through 2016, you will have to start with McDonagh, Stepan and a couple of high picks. And then some. He is having an off year, but excluding his rookie year he scored less than 30 (29) only once. And he just turned 27.

  52. “My Pats with 41 straight points. Super Ball, here we come! Weee! Aha, Aha, I like it!”

    Are you also a Bruins and Cardinals fan?

  53. You think Dubi’s been a four million dollar player this year?

    Now I’m laughing.

    Rather than include AA I might demand Rutherford take him.

  54. This conversation is why I said week ago you could have the landscape of the league changing in the next 8 weeks.

    Iginla, Staal, Doan, Semin, Ryan (I heard Getzlaf could go first), Parise, etc.

    Could get crazy.


    Happy New Year.

  55. czechthemout!!!! on

    Gabby’s contract come off the books in two years. Staal trade can be done. Plus I think long term, Kreider will replace alot of Gabby’s goals.

    I just think as you get into the playoffs, you need some big forwards who can score and able to withstand the grind.

  56. just add kreider after the NCAA season. now you have another legit forward with big time speed.

    dubi has not earned his $4 mill per yr. yet this year but he plays hard, is tough, is 25, and not $9 mill a year……..

  57. Don’t even have to predict it … the clowns will completely bush-league it tomorrow … 9-0 loss

  58. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    Don’t worry some idiot will say character and rupp don’t matter!

  59. ” I mean these gas prices, they’re still really crazy, but if I’m getting 40, it doesn’t really phase me.”

  60. Eric,
    Got to look at the tix but im in row 21.down the 1st base line maybe 126? Looks to be real close in the corner, nice seats I think if there are any. Only problem is too much orange and booze. I’ll check them later.

  61. “Is football season over yet?”

    For the Jets it is… LOL!

    Anyone find it curious how lowkey the media has been about Staal’s injury(ies?)?

    I understand taking it cautious with young superstars nowadays and the only barometer I have to measure by is Crysob but I’ll pick my poison and hope it’s not just his head that was injured. Seriously if it’s this bad imagine how fragile he could be on-ice and how terrible his next one could be? Was he taking his brother lightly? OK he’s not soft enough with the negativity sorry about that just had to get it off my chest.

    I really think Kreider is going to be amazing. I see him having a hugely fun rivalry with Giroux (among others) down the line and the speedy, non-cocky winner WINNING!

  62. Happy New Year, Carp!

    Hanging out in Brooklyn and super excited about getting to hang out with some of my favorite ‘heads tomorrow! Lets Go Rangers!

  63. “Just a thought, the Rangers sure have had pretty good success with college players, huh?”

    In sports (NBA does not count) many of the most longevity, successful players finished college. If you look at it at a % of fail/success ratio that is.

    Carp there’s your next story!

  64. so Carp
    what are your thoughts on Universe today?
    isn’t a hockey thing that all goalies
    are a tad weird?

    as far as 24/7 i must be an oddball but
    i actually understand what he means with his fractured
    English and find most of it funny.
    of course,
    doesn’t mean that i want him and any other flyers
    goalie to lose every game from now thru forever

  65. haven’t read through the whole thread yet … but …

    Happy New Year, Sally!

    and luck with college players? Not serious, right?

    because I went back and these are the college players they’ve drafted other than Hagelin (who wasn’t in college when they drafted him) and Kreider, in relatively recent years:

    Al Montoya (1st round ’04), Darin Oliver (2nd round ’04), Huge Jessiman (1st round ’03), Corey Potter (4th round ’03), Lee Falardeau (2nd round ’02). Oh, and they signed Matt Gilroy as a UFA.

  66. “stepan(2nd round) and mcdonagh(Mtl. 1st rounder) are college players also Carp….”


    “Step-On wasn’t in College when NYR drafted him, unless I’m mistaken.”


  67. I wasn’t serious, Carp. Blog was quiet, figured it would create some controversy, which it did.

  68. Happy New Year Carp, Mama and all the Boneheads – wishing you all the best that life (and the Rangers) have to offer in 2012!

  69. Latona, I enjoyed your lyrics from the Kia commercial (Kia? right?)

    Stepan drafted out of HS. Most kids are, I guess.

    How about Hobey Baker winners? How have they done with those?

  70. Johnny, there are a bunch of regulars who play multiple parts, but the ones that jump out to me are that lady who has the baby shower and who blabs about the unadvertised sale; the girl that “like likes” George because looks aren’t that important to her and the woman who’s in charge of the bra company whose material George feels; and Jake Jarmel, who is also a cop when Kramer is wanted as a serial killer in L.A.

  71. I couldn’t even say, Carp. The lyrics are so appalling yet so intriguing that I never really even noticed what the manufacturer was. I noticed you posted the Christmas-edition lyrics the other day, and when the latest commercial came on, I had to post them.

  72. Carp: To get Erixon…the WW inclusion is for cap purposes (ie Hemsky vs WW). The Rangers have to dangle something worthy if they want a decent return.

    Hemsky, because of his injury concerns and pending UFA comes with warts. The Oilers mitigate the warts via the drafting position swap.

    I believe the Rangers strength depth wise is on the backline (and the fact they’ve come through all these injuries there quite well is clear evidence of that). Hemsky is a legitimate top 6 forward…

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