Avery clears waivers; not going to the Islanders


So Sean Avery is Connecticut (AHL) bound again. He cleared waivers at noon.

Apparently, the Islanders didn’t agree with some of the b.s. we may have read or heard about what a bounty it would be to grab Avery at a discounted price. Making that, how many times now that the entire NHL has passed on him?


review of Rangers-Panthers is below.



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  1. from last npost…

    thats another thing…I know Ranger fans that cant stand Torts? I’m sorry can someone explain why? He is a no nonsense coach, maybe you dont like his attitude but who else you want? The man has won a cup and he has this team on the right path…want to go back to the muckler, bergeron,Espo and the list can go on days?? Look at the patience the Steelers have with their coaches…this guy wants it done the right way and we are headed that way…he has even brought stability to Slats..Gone are the days of signing someone because of what they did, now we have the players that are going to do it for this team and not take all the $$$ to live at the country club…He’s got a big fan here…not sure what more you people want…maybe we can fire Torts and hire avery to be coach…

  2. I will say it again that I had given up on MDZ…i complained about his lack of foot speed (although stick talent was always apparent)…but MDZ has shown a hardness to his game along with the finesse. The Rangers coaching here and in minors has to be partly responsible. This organization seems to be the most solid it has been since I can remember.

  3. Buff, yes, Monday is a holiday, and pretty much the entire Rangers organization will be in Philadelphia. You can contact Cerny via his twitter account over in the widget ——>

    Keys, do you not see a direction … a complete rebuild since he got here? Does that not account for whatever failures the team might have had in the postseason? Do you not think this organization, top to bottom, is better off than it was three years ago, that this team plays harder and better and is building toward being an annual contender? That this is, in Tortorella’s word, a process, that has and will take time, even if that process has been accelerated this year?

    Mostly, do you not like the way this team plays?

  4. Orr, I understand people liked Avery…he was an entertaining player, but the thing that is lost on these knuckleheads is that the fact that the Rangers can cut Avery speaks volumes about team toughness, depth and now skill. Also, did Mitchell’s quietly solid and skilled play push Avery out definitively? Mitch and Hags are the kind of x-factors during a season that makes a team get to a level that is unexpected.

  5. Carp…hilarious:

    “To honor the Flyers hosting the Winter Classic, the Giants will be wearing Flyers jerseys against the Cowboys Sunday night. Eli Manning, Victor Cruz and Brandon Jacobs are going to wear the nameplates “GIROUX,” “JAGR” and “HARTNELL” on their backs. Rudy Giuliani and Spike Lee are going to wear Flyers hats. And MetLife Stadium is going to be called The Spectrum for one night.”

  6. Noah-aal-olski-auer-inger, 29 on

    Apparently all ORR has to do is watch Knicks games for them to lose…at least that’s what I recall from last year.

  7. Since you asked, Carp…

    “Ad the difference between me and you carp, is that if this team came out and looked great, i would be the first one to eat my words and say i was wrong about turderella, and be happy i was wrong. You,n the other hand, refuse to even acknowledge that there is a potential Ranger disaster here, and that the clueless coach “in charge” might be implicit in what is happening, or more accurately what is not happening.

    and also, i didnt mention Avery or my love of Avery in any of my comments because im over it, and know that with or without Avery this team is a mess.”

  8. Carp, even though I loathe “Torts”, I can appreciate the change in NYR philosophy…becoming an annual contender will seal the deal.

    Is “Torts” now in essence HC and GM-NYR?…

  9. Thanks, Carp ….. I will stop it now with that Kind of stuff…So i have to wait until Tuesday…
    And ilb i will Contact you on Thursday when i was sucessful to get my Message displayed at Garden Vision and give you the exact Time of it…

    Happy New Year to everybody !!!!

  10. Repost

    Listening to the way Torts talks about Callahan and watching them interact really helped me understand why Torts feels the way he does about Avery.
    Torts trusts Cally and respects him because, as he said, Cally “respects the game.”. Avery is the opposite of that, and I can imagine that Avery didn’t fit in well with the culture in the locker room, which Torts and Cally establish, for the most part.

    When Artie did the jackwagon goal celebration, Avery walked into the locker room and smirked his approval at Artie. Cally walked in, and with a look made Artie look sheepish. Cally respects the game, for Avery it is a show to promote himself.

    I liked Avery when he first became a Ranger, but to have someone on the team who so goes against the tone that has been set just isn’t going to work. I’ll take Cally’s work ethic and attitude over what Avery brings to the table ten times out of ten.

  11. Repost…damn Avery;)

    Carp, your game reviews are the best! You always seem to nail the most salient points of the game, which always has me nodding in agreement as I’m reading it.

    #1 62 is his number? I thought it was the speedometer attached to his jersey.

    #4 I agree, so can we stop talking about what young prospects to trade for some close to, if not already there, over-the-hill veteran. Or even for guys like Nash or Ryan who I suspect are not very motivated players; just my feeling. This team is successful because of its make-up and chemistry; if that’s not apparent, i don’t know what is. Team defense has been incredible and should be even moreso when Staal and Sauer get back, which hopefully they will. Don’t mess with success!

    #9 I’ll miss Sean Avery (big fan) but I guess that’s karma Kramer.

  12. Was going to avoid the conversation because it’s bordering on being ridiculous, but can’t help it: Winston, AMEN! And if anyone doesn’t see it it’s simply because you don’t want to.

    Buff, I’ll be very happy to do it, just email me. Wish I could help you with setting this up, but I have no clue how…

  13. Boom Boom Bathgate - FOUR CUPS since 1926 on

    I want to thank those here who have observed that Avery, in this recent stretch of games, could have helped the team more than E.C., Feds, and maybe one or two others. If this is true the coach put his personal (negative) feelings ahead of team-first considerations, which puts the coach in the negative spotlight and up for censure, to my mind.

    It just seems out of proportion here that Avery would be crucified as the “Anti-Christ” for bringing his mother around, by contrast with one disgusting (and may he not R.I.P) Steve Howe – seven times suspended from then restored to MLB for cocaine use, who used to bring all his coke-head and mobster friends into the Dodgers clubhouse, to the delight, apparently, of the most P.C. enabling manager who ever lived, one Tommy Lasorda.

    Sort of gets it all back to “The Golden Mean” ideal, that is, the perfect coach or manager would be someone midway between John Tortorella’s latter day Captain Bligh low-budget off-Broadway act, and Tommy Lasorda’s P.C. pathos. Meanwhile Tortorella’s hambone act is wearing thin, at least with me.

  14. Thanks, BBV. LMAO at Hagelin’s mph. Karma Kramer.

    Dore, no, this anti-Torts guy was serious. But this was early in the season when Sean Almighty was in Connecticut and the Rangers lost a couple of games in other countries.

  15. Stranger Nation on

    Carp – what does Torts have against Avery’s mother? How come a player cannot bring dear old mums into a room of naked men? Is Torts too PC? Did she step-an the logo or worse?

    Jeesh, who does Torts think he is coaching a first place and trying to instill a sense of pride and cohesion to a young developing team?

    Very PC of him…

  16. Boom Boom Bathgate - FOUR CUPS since 1926 on

    LW3H – When you talking about Sean scoring 50 times, you referring to hockey goals or women?

  17. Ilb i would post here on Thursday As i havent your Email on this Beautiful iPad..
    Man at homei could Watch this or that here i Cant do nothing…its so frustrating…

    But better Times are around hopefully

  18. Sean will love riding the buses in New England. It’s especially chilly this time of year…

    Voros lists Sean as his best friend, so at least Aaron will have his bestie now, aside from Wade…

  19. Anyone else watching this Islanders pre-game ceremony for Ken Morrow? Good for Ken Morrow, but whoever organized it needs to be canned immediately. It’s laughable.

  20. Kopecky needs to pay. Shanahan is soft. What happened, Brendan? You used to play the the game like a man, why not officiate it like one?

  21. Mister Delaware on

    “Wow! Kopecky escapes suspension and only gets fined, along with Del Z.”

    So does this mean if a Ranger gets high sticked on Thursday, they’re allowed to wait until the offender turns around then punch him in the head? Precedent?

  22. Torts is the best thing to happen to this team since Messier. There.

    And Avery, Feds, EC, Wolski, or any of our other 5th liners have no bearing on whether we win a Cup. Put Avery in for Rupp. Put EC in for Mitchell. It doesn’t matter. Gabby, Hank, Cally, Girardi, etc. decide where we go in May-June.

  23. It’s well established that Tortorella doesn’t like the fact that Avery gets all this attention and doesn’t want to keep around a player. It is not a hockey decision at all and is solely based on the fact that Tortorella wants to do things his way and doesn’t want a 4th line player being the talk of the town.

    While Avery has been a better option than Rupp, EC or Wolski, Tortorella doesn’t want him around b/c its his team and he wants to run things his way.

    If Avery was producing like he did in years past it would be one thing but playing Rupp over him is not going to cost the team anything going forward…

  24. Well, Hagelin autographed my hat for my son wit # 26, so maybe thats his preference, and since I dont see Feds givin up his number again (especially to a rookie), maybe he just figured to reverse it….

  25. If the Rangers win a Cup, THEN will the Avery lovers be happy? Or will they still find a way to complain…and I loved him, even got his jersey, but I know his waiving is irrelevant to anything the Rangers want to / will do….

  26. Yeah, I was just thinking that. I mean, I remember a lot of saying we thought the Almighty Sean was done before the start of last season, with the signing of Boogie (RIP). That was also before we knew guys like Stepan, Zuccarello, and Hagelin would even crack the lineup so soon…

  27. Im planing to DVR the alumni game and later watch using the fast forward button…I doubt it’ll be watchable otherwise….Dale Purinton? During his better times he looked like he was skating in the sand.

  28. btw hold off on your Hagelin jerseys since he will certainly change his number to 12 next season.

    Ken Gernander’s #12 is retired in HFD so that is probably why he was wearing 26 for the Whale and he probably had no say in the #62…

  29. loneranger December 30th, 2011 at 6:29 pm

    *The Bergen Record reported that before a 4-1 win over the Sabres in Buffalo on Dec. 10, “coach John Tortorella was angered when he found Avery’s mother and a family friend in the team’s dressing room.” John was probably beaten by his. Avery’s mom should have known better.*


    So now we know why Avery was scratched after the game in Buffalo and never saw the ice again

    wow… what a horrible thing Avery did… he invited his mom to the locker room! Please…as if Torts need a reason to get rid of Avery. I know that Avery isn’t the main player and we win with or w/o him but this is…this is why you scratch a player? c’mon… pure unfiltered bullcrap.

  30. Dore 33

    Many of the Tortorella disclaimers are what I think of as “emotional reviewers” who base most of their opinions not on the factual reality of what happens, but on their dislike of the coach’s policy and technique in running his team. If he has a caustic persona, that is a sometimes change of pace from the vanilla marshmellow attitudes of other coaches. It all blows over after his style becomes the norm, and turns out to be successful. I thought the game aainst Washington was absolutely an example of a team that had ” taken a nightoff”. It happens inevery field of endeavor…no one is at the peak of their profession every moment and every day. Relax, have a drink and cheer the team on. They’ll be there.

  31. Ilb you really think it wont Be watchable despite all those Big names on both Sides envolved?
    i am surprised…

  32. How’s the family, Fran? We got worried after not hearing from you for awhile, so I emailed you. And immediately remembered that you’d be traveling up north.

  33. I was kidding, Buff..I was referring to their speed. I’m sure it’ll be fun game to watch. A couple of soft scraps is a given too.

  34. still not the whole story? well..nobody is kind enough the share the rest of the story with us…so ima roll with what i know ;)

  35. healthier is great, no doubt… but what if we become “unhealthier” ? oh i know…we can call up another “useful” fourth liner like Kolarik or whatever to skate up and down the ice…

  36. Boy, Oilers DO suck! And seeing Renney sulking behind the bench makes me glad that he’s not here anymore.

    PAP still needs to be introduced to….aw, nevermind. Maybe we should have given him more time to produce for our team…

    I’m getting soft in my old age…. ;-/

  37. I agree, ORR. Even if he gets fourth line even strength minutes, he could definitely help the PP.

  38. HowlingsToday Mitchell R. Beck
    @JoeTucc26 Yes, #Zuccarello is injured. I’m GUESSING at least a few more weeks. According to Ken Gernander, he’s not even skating yet.

  39. Latona – how you be? ORR, are you still rooting for the fishsticks? It’s Ken Morrow Day, after all!

  40. I’ve forgotten – is Zucc a good skater? I know he has good hands, but is he good on his skates?

  41. Ilb

    Thanks much for the concerns…( it’s nice of you to be a friend…..I am up here in the wilds of Connecticut visiting graduating grand daughters ( all 6 of them), and all beautiful and intelligent and talented young ladies who take after tbw…hardly me…,,and a somewhat amusing feature is that, with the exception of the ten year old, …. ALL taller than me….I never noticed that before so disturbingly…I’m either shrinking, or they are really tall young ladies…whom no guy is worthy of.
    Arrrgh. ( little pirate lingo there.) Headed home to FL tomorrow….and this may be my last trip to CT in winter….my system can’t handle the cold any longer. Ah well…as long as I have my books, my piano, and my trusty Carp publications, I’ll be as content as probably is possible.

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