Sean Avery headed to the Nutmeg State


According to several reports, Sean Avery was placed on waivers again, for the purpose of assigning him to the CT Whale.

I doubt there’s any chance at all that another team claims him … though wouldn’t it be interesting if the Islanders did? And why not. He’s a better player than their resident clown, Haley.

So … discuss. I know you don’t need me to tell you that.


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  1. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, to answer you suggestion, if the Islanders wanted him, they would have grabbed him when he was half price and when it would have hurt the Rangers to claim him.

  2. if they want him now, all they have to do is ask the rangers to put him on re-entry waivers again. I’m sure they’d oblige.

  3. Mister Delaware on

    I’m an Avery guy but have no problem here given that the other current lineup options (Rupp, Mitchell, Wolski) all bring more to the table. I had a problem when Avery was sitting behind inferior players like Newbury and Christensen.

  4. Sean Waivery.

    Wirth, that u consider being compared to Bill Barber a compliment tells how little u know about the Rangers.

    The guy was filthy.

    I’m done bickering with you people.

    And its not sensitivity LW. Just like to talk hockey.

  5. LOL! They almost had me, NYR. That Avery boot camp was brutal. They had us tied to chairs, with our eyelids glued to our eyebrows while watching home videos of Avery picking out his wardrobe for the week.

    Carp, oh yeah, I approve of that babe he was with. I think she’s some French Canadian actress. Also nice to see Step-On’s “sister”

  6. I am an Avery fan, and find this news sad. I don’t think he’s our savior or anything like that, but I do think he is a good enough player to be in the NHL, and would complement our fourth line nicely (although I also like Feds, so that is an admittedly tough decision). Still, it’s clear to me Torts doesn’t like/trust Avery, which stinks because I think if used properly he could be an asset to our team. Yes, I know we’re winning games without him, and will continue to win without him, but that doesn’t automatically make all other personnel irrelevant.

    And I’ve never been as anti-shoot out as Carp, but if the reason EC is still here is because of the shoot out, then that is crazy. This is a team game and the best team players belong on the team.

  7. Latona, leftover Burmese curry w/ potatoes, cilantro, and super yummy tender pork. Off the charts.

  8. Orr, wow! That sounds like torture!

    She looks great as a blonde. Didn’t realize that’s the same girl he has been with. Didn’t he make out with some other chick last year and made her cry? I think I remember reading that on Page 6….

  9. Czechthemout!!! on

    Mitchell,EC,Rupp,and WW( because he is lazy and has no heart) are all inferior players to Avery.
    Anyone who thinks otherwise is simply not being honest. That said, you simply cannot force a player on a coach who despises that player. It makes for a bad situation. Torts obviously is operating from a position of strength right now and the teams current state means that you have to defer to his judgement on this even though many fans myself included don’t like. Not because we have some obsession for Avery, but because he is just a better option than the crap playing in front of him from a bunch of different perspectives.

    Cheers and a happy new year to all from sunny Aruba!

  10. EC stays around and Avery gets sent down. If it is anything more then his bigger cap hit I think that is wrong. WHy EC is still on the team to me is a joke. EC and Wolski are 2 of the same, skilled, underachiving, softee’s. Who will both not be on the team next year under any circumstance…..

  11. i thought Rupp would be better. He seemed to be better last year with Pitt but maybe he only played well against the Rangers. Rupp may be able to play center but he cannot win a faceoff to save his life, and has less then 1 shot on gola per game so his performance has been bad.

    Mitchell has been played ok, defensivley he is much better then avery but avery is more valuable to this team then EC and maybe WOlski(depending on if wolski competes)….

    none of these guys are in the long term plan……

  12. My favorite part of episode 3 was when Boyle (dressed as the Will Ferell in Elf) first sees Dubi dressed as Santa at the Ugly Sweater Party. Boyle’s reaction is priceless…

    “Santa! I know him! HEYYYYYY DUBAYY!”

    Bwaha! He was very intoxicated…

  13. Not gonna get into the whole Avery thing. I consider myself an Avery fan, but more of a fan of the Avery from a few years ago. A player who gave it his all and contributed all over the ice and embraced the idea of being a Ranger. Being a New Yorker.

    Of course, then he ran for the absurd money Dallas gave him. Who could blame him?

    Torts doesn’t like Avery. We all know that. And based on the mindset of the team – I am not sure Avery fits into it anymore. I’m not even sure how important hockey is to him considering all of his other interests.

    It’s not worth getting into. A fourth liner with minimal ice time is on waivers. Yes, he was a BIG part of our team’s success a few years ago. YES, he gave a soft Rangers team the bite they needed.

    But these Rangers I’m not sure need him anymore.

    That being said, how Christiansen still collects a salary is beyond me. And I don’t think Wolski is all that much better. Torts can’t make soft players play hard. At least not for more than one or two games.

    Let’s get a win tonight and gear up for the Winter Classic…let’s send those Filthy fans home unhappy. :-)

    Happy New Year everybody!!!

    P.S. – Got the Kindle Fire for christmas…talk about a time suck device. Lovin’ every minute, but damn I gotta get some shit done. LOL!

  14. NYR, that was pretty entertaining stuff. I really got a kick out of MDZ’s sweater though. Where did he find that thing???

  15. Laudable stuff, Rod. If you ever stuck around here long enough between tantrums, you might have seen that I occasionally talk hockey as well.

    Like I said before, I’m genuinely interested in what an insider like you has to say about the Capitals’ links to PEDs that hasn’t been in the public domain. But you didn’t seem interested in prolonging that discussion.

    And if confidentiality is the reason you can’t divulge anything on this or your many trade rumours, then, like it or not, you’re telling us outsiders next to nothing, hence the lack of kudos that you seem so keen to be showered with.

  16. Welcome back ORR.

    As for the Avery stuff, until it was announced he was being waived didn’t even noticed he wasn’t around. Oh Wait… that’s why he was sent down.

  17. LW – That’s all my point was to him. But of course, we get the childish reaction.

    Orr – That’s a good point but I doubt it. Maybe we’ll see Torts telling him. Zero chance it’s Sather.

  18. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    I just read on ranger rants that Avery invited his mother & a friend into the locker room before the Buffalo game which angered Torts & i’m sure there was an exchange of words between the 2 so now we know something about the “Buffalo incident”

  19. That’s how sneaky Barber was, even you didn’t pick up on it Carp.

    He was almost as bad as Bobby Clarke with the stick n elbows, then the both of them would run and hide behind Schultz.

    Kinda like what goes on @ Rangers Report.

  20. You should’ve just posted a link to the thread from last time Avery got waived, Carp. This one will be exactly the same.

  21. If that’s the story, the issue is why are they near the team before the game, especially on the road. At home, sometimes they are kids or parent/child visitors through a charity but that’s handled by the community relations staff. Clearly, that wasn’t case. After the game is another story completely.

  22. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    I think its Avery’s respect for authority rather than what he does on the ice IMO

  23. EC is not getting bounced yet, quite honestly, because his prorated 925K cap hit as injury protection isn’t killing anyone.

  24. As a Avery fan this hurts. While I realize he is not the best player on this team I do believe there is a place for him here. It baffles me to see EC still on this team. Torts obviously doesnt take too kindly to Avery but I believe this will hurt us somewhere during the season ( hope I’m wrong ). The team would respond and Madison Square Garden would respond when he was in the lineup. Sad to see him go.

  25. ORR – is that where you’ve been lately!? With Victoria’s Secret models, despoiling them? ;-P

  26. Avery is a 1.9 mil cap hit. EC is under a million. With all the injuries we have on D, if we had to free up room to get a d-man, Avery’s contract doesn’t help us. Plus just like last time, we are arguing over two guys who are 14th or 15th forwards at best on this team and are only touching the ice in practice or when there is a guy out.

    Plus despite his complete lack of consistency, Christensen is the better skilled player. I will say that Avery did much more this year in his short time in both sides of his game than last year when fans tried to convince themselves he was the Avery of old. EC will be next to go anyway and both won’t be coming back next season.

  27. Jimbo!!! I wasn’t going to go there but since you did….. Hey Orr, see you’ve been busy while you were not posting.

  28. Latona, I’m doing OK, except that I just found out that a tree in my backyard has partially fallen down during that wicked rain/windstorm we had a couple of nights ago – I was not home when it happened. I’m going out to survey the damages now…

    “It’s always something!”

  29. Also, lets remember, Staal is expected to come back sometime in the next two weeks. His $4 million is going back onto the books (pro-rated at whatever it would be for half the season). So by ditching Avery’s cap hit, it leaves more room to fit Staal back on there without worrying about using all of the cap space.

  30. boxcareddiehospodar on

    Amazing how when the dirty work needs to be done they call Avery.

    Love the Rangers and Torts but it is about time Torts gets over his disdain of Avery.

    Torts opened his big mouth years ago about Avery and then karma bite Torts in the a$$ and Torts had to coach him!

    Anyone who thinks boyle/fedetanko/mitchell are more valuable and harder working than Avery keep drinking the Torts kool-aid.

    Avery does not get one call from the refs and he still outperforms the stiffs I mentioned.

    Here’s hoping the Flyers pick him up for the winter classic.

    Would serve Torts right!!!!!!!

  31. HageLinCalPruStepanlahanickle on

    NYR i have been recuperating from surgery and a trip to Indiana! Missed u guys

  32. OnFrozenPond George Richards
    Friday’s #FlaPanthers #NYRangers Pregame Notebook: Mike Weaver Gets New Deal; Scott Clemmensen v Henrik Lundqvist; N…

    He’s the Panthers beat writer.

  33. Florida Lines in practice for those interested

    OnFrozenPond George Richards
    #FlaPanthers Santorelli centering Repik and Kennedy; Matthias w/ Fleischmann and Bradley; Cullen w/ Barch and Thomas. Dads odd man out
    3 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply

    OnFrozenPond George Richards
    #FlaPanthers new top line: Kopecky-Weiss-Versteeg

  34. So do we recall Avery again after struggling, lose 4 out of the next 16 games, then waive him again?

  35. why isnt ec on waivers as well. hes just as useless. hopefully wolski goes on waivers after a few games. hope for some goals then waive him too. hes a del zaster

  36. Alright, I’m outta here. Gotta catch a plane to NYC! I may not get to stop in again over the next few days, so hope you all have a great New Year and LETS GO RANGERS!!!

    Thanks again, Carp, for the chat and everything!

  37. Czechthemout!!! – I’d agree there up until you put Wolski into that equation. He may have a rep for being a slacker, but the kid has talent and size.

    But with everyone else, we’re on the same page. Why Christensen is still with the team is beyond me. And as much as HBO has been trying to endear us all to Rupp, I still think he’s all but worthless. Not quite as worthless as Brashear or Boogaard(god rest his soul), but along the same lines.

    I’d bet money that we’ll see Avery in New York again before the year is out.

  38. LW, let’s end this.

    I never asked for kudos, could care less.
    But it isn’t too much to ask not be ridiculed just for trying to share. It just isn’t.

    I’d be happy if some people here were more interested in the personel side and took the time to work with the hints I can provide, but I get it – not everyone is into this like myself & friends.

    I remember quite well you wanting to discuss PEDs, and here’s where you can separate me from the loose cannons and posers and cowboys and much of what you see on the net.

    Certain things are sensitive.

    I would never specifically name, and thereby accuse, a player of cheating without being able to substantiate it. It’s not fair. Same time, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with pointing out, “hey, isn’t it something that so & so was producing X and now it’s Y” and it doesn’t seem to add up, and seeing what others think for the sake of discussion.

    But you have to understand, often times something like that isn’t even on my radar until someone tells me. And I can’t go around repeating what they said that very day in confidence, in detail, because SURPRISE!, everybody reads everything; players, management, media people, u name it. And I have to face some of them. So I just try to straddle the line, give you guys something to work with.

    And for sure, at this point in the Rangers cycle, with the deadline 8 weeks away, I won’t be blurting out names unless the talks are dead.

    If you’ve followed this even remotely you’d know several deals have fallen apart because word got out, specifically on the internets.

  39. JohnyD – Erixon was sent down already so they didn’t have you use LTIR exception anymore. Sending Avery to AHL at this point allows the team to take on additional contract at around $2.2M by trade deadline. Sending EC down would allow them to add around $1M contract.

    Hey, Linda!

    Sally txt me when arrive.

  40. I’ll go on the record as saying Avery should be with the team.

    On the other hand, this could be clearing room for Wolski to come back on the roster and a potential trade to clear room for Avery.

    I don’t understand the logic of not having Avery available for the playoffs to get under the other teams’ skin. Especially Malkin, OV, Semin, etc.

  41. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    morning ILB and all!!

    safe travels!

    welcome back bro!

    I think Rupp is in the “long term plans” (at least 3 years).

    nice live chat, I had no idea!

    re avery
    The only reason I am bringing this up at all is I find it a bit interesting if true….
    when avery was taken out of the line up a couple weeks ago, some said it was due to an off ice issue, i’ve seen a couple of things on twitter (who the hell knows how valid they are) that he slept with another ranger’s wife/significant other??? Anyone heard anything similar?

    Again, not saying this happened, just curious if anyone else has heard this?

  42. As much as I’d *love* to believe that Staal will be coming back soon, in my heart I really don’t believe that it will happen within the next month or so.

  43. I was still Not able find anything in the Net about the Full Episode 3! Youtube didnt do it for me !
    You Guys have an idea ?

  44. Guarantee that as soon as the Rangers have a game or 2 at home where they are flat and non-physical and listless, that the Avery chants will get loud again and I don’t blame the fans because they are right that Rupp is not as good a player as Avery, and Wusski and Snitchensen are about as inspiring as dead cold fish

  45. See LW, that thing Wicky’s doing? Don’t do that either.

    Why would you even care, Wicky? If it’s some random tweet, why put any stock in it?

    It’s also a cliched hockey rumor I’ve seen applied to several different clubhouse situations through the years now. Someone’s wife? Or brother? Who cares?

    BTW, I’ve seen Carp mention this several times on Parise and the Rangers maybe opening the checkbook. Nope, not me.
    You”ll not only have Kreider here but Parise isn’t the fit for what we need in several ways.
    And he has a rebuilt knee. Smells like a Gomez-lite situation to me.

    Plus I think Lou is going to move him and he signs with his new team, but that’s just a feeling.

  46. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    I didn’t really put stock in it, I just found it interesting because of the original reports of why avery came out of the line up a few weeks ago…I could honestly care less about the actual “soap opera” itself, I have a couple other things going on!

  47. OK, ORR – well, welcome back from PA – of course, that just might be a “cover story” you’re giving us to lessen your implication with the Victoria’s Secret pregnancies – but DNA doesn’t lie! :)

    Welcome back from Indiana, Linda – good to see you’re back!

  48. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    I thought we didn’t want ex-devils on our roster?

    I still think iggy would be a good fit

  49. Seems like this thing with Avery’s Mom has some credibility. Have heard it from a few different sources, including Gross. And, Carp alluded to something happening in Buffalo…Prust sayin’!

  50. Wicky – I heard that. It was all BS though. Someone just trying to make up a story.

    Either way we have bigger things to worry about than EC/Avery.

  51. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    I apologize to Rod and everyone for burning up so much blog space with that question, it’s my silly gallic nature I guess!

  52. Rod – Gomez put up the numbers that were expected. He just got more money. Same with Holik, Fleury, Lindros, and pretty much every big name FA we signed. Gomez was a career 50-55 point scorer on average, which is exactly what he did for us. Parise is an elite scorer that has proven he can net 35-40 goals a season.

    That being said, I don’t want him. Not with the growth that we’ve had with the kids coming up.

  53. Now you’re talking Wicky. But it doesn’t look good.

    God, Brooks couldn’t resist pom-poming one last time;

    “GM Glen Sather, The Post has learned, had given Avery’s agent, Pat Morris, permission to talk to NHL general managers during the Dec. 19-27 holiday roster freeze to try to find a landing spot for the winger, who is anathema to Rangers head coach John Tortorella.

    He performed energetically, effectively and with discipline on the ice (drawing one penalty that left the team shorthanded) but was progressively marginalized by Tortorella, who almost never used him the third period of games even in which he had played well.
    Avery averaged 7:00 per game, getting the least amount of ice time in each of his final eight games in a Rangers uniform.

  54. So 29 GM’s passed on Avery, and likely are about to again, making for a total of 58 passes
    on Sean Avery.

    But Torts is an idiot, according to Brooks.

  55. NYR, I’ve been waiting for someone who was present to write about this incident before I did, since I wasn’t there.

    but everybody on the beat knows about it. i don’t know why it hasn’t been reported.

  56. Oh, wait – it happened in Buffalo – maybe they have a portable logo that they carry around from one visiting locker room to another on the road – and she stepped on it!? ;-D

  57. Wonder if HBO knows about it too? They should show what happened….if there was a camera there…

    You would think the beat reporters would try to make exclusive story out of it…

  58. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    any capologists out there ? is the timing of this a cap move for Wolski’s imminent return ?

  59. HBO opted for the touchy feely Xmas parties, for reasons unspecified.

    You’re right John. Thata little harsh on Parise, who’s a helluva player.
    Don’t think it’ll happen, and Just not what Id like to see, but I don’t care how much of Dolan’s cash they try to spend to improve.

    And he n Step are real good friends.

  60. the behavior of the canadian jerk fans is hard to watch. they boo Team USA, even when it has no bearing on their own team. they even boo a USA kid who is injured. it is pathetic. but what do I expect from cretins who rioted because they lost.

  61. I never heard about the Buffalo argument but trust Gross that it happened (and sounds like Carp has heard it frommanysources too). Not the smartest thing of Avery to do given his situation, but not the end of the world either. You think Dubinsky or Boyle would’ve been benched for that? I don’t. The bottom line is that Torts does not like Avery and has him on a shorter leash than anyone else. I once had a job where my boss was like that and it is so difficult to perform under those circumstances, and even more so for a guy like Avery who plays on the edge and is bound to mess up here or there.

    He was good when he played and doesn’t deserve the demotion, but I guess if it comes down to Torts versus Avery while the team is winning, Torts will get the last word. If we were sitting in 9th place right now I have a feeling things may be different.

  62. Nessier December 30th, 2011 at 1:05 pm – “I am an Avery fan, and find this news sad. I don’t think he’s our savior or anything like that, but I do think he is a good enough player to be in the NHL, and would complement our fourth line nicely (although I also like Feds, so that is an admittedly tough decision). Still, it’s clear to me Torts doesn’t like/trust Avery, which stinks because I think if used properly he could be an asset to our team. Yes, I know we’re winning games without him, and will continue to win without him, but that doesn’t automatically make all other personnel irrelevant.

    And I’ve never been as anti-shoot out as Carp, but if the reason EC is still here is because of the shoot out, then that is crazy. This is a team game and the best team players belong on the team.”

    Well said.

  63. Paul in sunrise on

    Avery of a few years ago was great. Avery of today is nice. Like him as a ranger but not in the plans. So moving on. EC is pure cheap filler. Rangers lacking depth scoring from Boyle and prust this year. Richards is who we should all be talkin about. 1 goal for 1 point last 8 games. He needs to get out of this funk or the rangers may skid.

  64. Paul in sunrise on

    Twitter conflict. Gross said torts angered by Avery. Leonard says was there but did not see torts angered. Carp???

  65. ORR other teams dont want to take a chance with his history of other past issues, everyone on the rangers loves avery, he plays hard, has a lot of talents, hits people, is a pest and takes people off their game. what does mitchell or fedotenko do?

  66. 2 inflated egos cannot co-exist. therefore, the inflated ego with the clout of determining playing time wins out, and the other inflated ego goes packing.

  67. Avery blew it. He was given a second chance by a coach…He was on a short leash and blew it…

    “what does mitchell or fedotenko do?”

    Well, for starters…They behave off the ice. They understand that rules apply to them. They don’t think they are bigger than the team. The coach likes them more. Easy to understand, really…

  68. The Avery Rose Colored glasses are all out in record numbers. I love listening to all the things that people say Avery does when I’ve seen these things for maybe a combined 6 games in the last 2 seasons…

  69. Paul in sunrise on

    Avery willing to play for anyone. I do like him. He’s a fourth liner. But who sits. Feds kills penalties. Rupp is someone I hope is auditioning for a deadline trade. Wolski has more talent and is younger. Have to stick with Boyle and Prust. Cannot sit Dubi. Mitchell has played well and his cap hit is one third. Oh well. Enjoyed him. He got a raw deal in Dallas for his comment. Good luck Sean.

  70. Plus Mitchell and Fedotenko are much better defensive players than Avery. They keep it simple in the offensive zone (Mitchell’s hands actually impress me) and they aren’t afraid to block shots. Avery only started diving to block shots this year. Last year he pulled what Gaby does and would just stand up (and in turn screen Hank).

    Avery is like Tebow apparently. You either love him or hate him. Yet it’s like nobody can make an actual assessment on his play because they are so skewed by their own opinion.

    If you actually watch him play, you’ll see that yes, he can be effective at times and he is a good skater and has some creativity in his offensive play. He also can somewhat effectively agitate players to draw them into penalties (which he is nowhere near as good as he used to be since most players know his act by now).

    However, he also is a defensive liability that won’t lay down to block shots (which is key to being a 3rd or 4th liner on this Rangers team), doesn’t pay attention to the play in many areas (hence all the offsides calls), and has a tendency to kill the Rangers momentum with a stupid and selfish penalty when they are finally pressing a team, especially when down a goal or two.

    He has his pluses and his minuses, but the fact is that on THIS team, there isn’t a fit. Maybe the team 3 years ago when we were throwing out Blair Betts, Colton Orr, and Ryan Hollweg (3 borderline AHL players, let alone NHL players), he had a spot on the team. But looking purely at hockey skill/effectiveness and not being overly biased towards (as a fan favorite) or against (to the people who don’t like him), it’s clear that we have players more talented than him that can be more effective on offense and defense.

    Hell I’d argue with have guys in the AHL that would contribute more to the team than he would at the current time.

  71. Staal Wart and the Overachievers on

    Avery is a defensive liability…He plays 1-2 Good games then sucks…mr. Coughcoughupthepuck…
    I hope its IF not WHEN he comes back…

  72. Wuusski is a gutless, half-effort player. don’t want him on this team no matter whether 16 is here or not.

  73. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Is Rupp the new Avery? I mean, the four minutes logged per game is as useless as it gets.

    Just me, but I would like to see all roster players getting at least 10 minutes a game so that we don’t have some who are mashed into granulated powder, like Girardi, and some who go rusty from the inactivity of either being Prucha’d or given just 4-5 four-minutes to make a contribution to the team on a nightly basis, so that it is impossible to stay mentally and physically sharp, with a positive attitude.

    I hope Sean catches on with another team where he will be given the opportunity to make a tangible contribution and not be used as a scapegoat or whipping boy for an over-bearing, ego-maniacal, control-freak coach to dump on.

    And I do like the way Sean tooks his lumps like a man and didn’t run down the coach or the organization all these weeks he has been sweating out his future either here, down on the farm, elsewhere, or out of hockey. That took some restrain and maturity many in his position would not have demonstrated.

    I wish Sean all the best for his life.

  74. You people who are still claiming Avery didn’t show you anything are even bigger liars than Tortorella.

    Anyway, this news is hardly surprising. On the plus side you can all go back to focusing on the brilliance of guys like Mike Rupp who are capable of nothing more than inciting a few platitudes from the coach.

  75. “Tortarella is a joke. Avery is better than Mitchell hands down, plus a few other players. This is absolutely absurd that he is not in the lineup.” Warren, couldn’t agree with you more. Aves did nothing to warrent his being waived. He played the good soldier on ice. Unfortunately, Tortsh-t has this unbelievable hatred for this man and waited for the appropriate time to avenge him and feed his own ego and self-esteem. I don’t know if I dislike this egotistical jerk as much as I feel sorry for him. Never knew someone that could harbor such hatred for another individual. Hope Aves comes back with maybe the Flyers or Isles and sticks it in this insecure coaches face.

  76. iWicky (Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass) on

    I would also be ok with an add like ruutu of Carolina at some point.

    As far as Avery goes, well he just went!

    I liked him as a player and he was pretty valuable to the rangers the first time on a pretty soft team, this team isn’t as soft so his value is a lot less than before. He just isn’t worth the cap hit any longer the way this roster is configured.

  77. Stranger Nation on

    Avery’s TOI and relevance is reduced by Rupp signing and Hags emergence. Mitchell plays RW and EC plays center so they don’t factor in the equation.

    Torts likes Rupp’s locker room presence, ability to play center and size, that, along with his new deal leaves Avery out of the mix. It’s a long season and he can be brought back up if need be. If Rupp does not play well, but the team continues to win, no problem. If the team falters and Rupp does not play well, he may hear it from the Avery faithful at MSG.

  78. Rangers has the Cup wrapped up in mid December. Now that Wolski is coming back, the final piece of the puzzle is in place for years to come – can you say “dynasty?”

  79. Staal – finally someone who actually watches the games and has seen him play with a valid response.

    Hence why I don’t listen to all of the people saying “OMG HE’S THE MOST EFFECTIVE PLAYER” or “OMG HE SUCKS, GET RID OF HIM”.

  80. Avery didn’t play 7 bad games this season, sorry. Regurgitating the coach’s nonsense doesn’t make it any more true. Avery played fine and was pushed to the periphery because the coach hates his guts. End of story.

    Speaking of great Rangers, Brian Boyle, Brandon Prust, and John Mitchell have combined for two points in the last 8 games (one of which was an empty net goal). I sure hope the coach can find more ice time for his heart and soul guys. And then there’s the great Brandon Dubinsky who is clearly back to lighting it up after doing absolutely nothing for most of the season.

  81. I never thought I would actually root against this team because of this coaches atttitude. ( Granted I have no problem with his ability to teach defense and make the Rangers a better team), but get a life and a personality and be fair. I’ve been a fan for one hell of a long time. Doug Harvey, the Bathgate line years, GAG Line. John Fergerson who hired a coach in a warm-up suit. The changing of the Ranger uniform. The division between Gilbert & Espo. John Fererson actually hated Gilbert (Ummmmh sounds familiar) Ulfie & Anders and their poetic passing. And finally, Freddie Shero, John Davidson, Bobby Sheehan, Dugay and the look on Dennis Potvan’s face along the far board when we beat the Isles in 78-79. That combined with Messier’s miracle of 1994. and I’m still a little hoarse. It ain’t the same guys, not with this coach. I’m a Libran that values fairness and being just. Happy New Year to all you great Bloggers and to Carp most of all for making this format a reality. It’s been great theater and very informative. So long and take care.

  82. …looks like the hypocritical “do as I say not as I do” HC-NYR finally got his way for good…maybe one of these seasons “Torts” will win a playoff series with NYR…we’ll see.

  83. The Avery haters are plain wrong when they say he doesn’t bring more to the lineup than Fedotenko, Mitchell, EC, Rupp to name a few. Offensively he is better than those plus Boyle and Prust. It is ok to be not AS talented defensively when you bring a lot of other assets to the ice like toughness, fighting, speed, solid passer and proved this year he can put the puck in the net. How many times has Richards been on the ice even strength for goals against. Avery isn’t half has bad in his own end.

  84. The real reason why Torts is so set on gettting rid of Aves is because he peeked when they were both at the clubhouse urinal and saw who had the biggest balls in the room

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