Live game-day chat at 11:30 today


Last game of 2011 tonight, and first game-day chat of 2011 today. (and last game-day chat of 2011 today).

So get your questions and comments ready, because those in early will have a much better chance of being answered. Also, please use a screen name or a real name or some name when you make a comment or ask a question. It just makes it easier for me.

We can talk about the five-game winning streak, the one-game losing streak, the game tonight, the Hyper Bowl on Monday, “24/7”, the disgraceful, disgusting lighting of two sides of the Empire State Building right in the middle of New York freakin’ City in Flyers orange crud, Sean Avery, John Tortorella, whatever.

We’ll go for 45 minutes or an hour and get to as many of your topics as possible.

So be there. Or else.

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  1. Hi Morning,

    I have a Crazy idea ! Do you Know Guys how its working if you Want to Greet someone over the scoreboard who is in attendance during a Rangers Game ?

    Do i need to Contact the Rangers or the Garden directly, and do you think it will Be possible here from overseas As well ?

  2. I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this:

    Did anyone see Avery at the Ugly Sweater Christmas Party?

  3. billybleedsblue on

    I didn’t notice Avery there (in any of the footage), and it seems that Cally having his sunglasses ‘on’ indoors may have been a knock at Avery, although who knows. What I do know is that Mister Boyle better lay off the sauce and start scoring some goals, wtb, dude?

  4. Count me out, I’m swimming. Old man Leland is busting my hump over these reports. If I don’t get them done by 9:00 I’m toast.

  5. Staal Wart and the Overachievers on

    Are you asking how to get a message up on the scoreboard?
    I’d contact MSG

  6. If I’m not around for the chat, can someone ask Carp which six franchise players he thinks will get moved before the deadline please? Thanks.

  7. Dan Girardi is getting mad love in that poll.

    And for those of you who voted for Gaborik…come on. It’s Callahan or Girardi. A guy like Gaborik will never be appreciated on a team like this. He’s a very gifted player but this team is about grit, pain and hard work. Gaborik makes it look too effortless.

    Carp: I can’t make the live chat – can you answer my question though: How long will it take my wife-to-be to leave me?

  8. *Buff*: You have to think tactically. Your’e going to get a restraining order filed against you if you’re not careful!

  9. Good morning, Carp! That would have been super to meet you on this trip to NYC! Bummer it won’t work out. Next time I’m gonna try to make it to a game at the Garden… It’s been way too long.

    Jimbo, Bayside tonight. Not sure exactly where tomorrow, but I think it’s another something-side neighborhood.

  10. Manny are you kidding me ? :) the Lady is responsible for my Recovery and i thought it would Be a Nice idea to greet her in this Specific Way! First i thought about Sending Someone from the RR to the AirPort to Welcome her to present a Gift from me:)

  11. Hey Manny, when’s the wedding again? Tomorrow? You sure you don’t want a bunch of us to crash it? We don’t mind.

  12. Avery was at the party. You could see him in the background in one of the shots.

    Also, how about Jagr? 31 points in 32 games so far this year. I remember a bunch of people around here didn’t want him back, but considering the only reason he didn’t stay is because the Rangers wanted to have Scott Gomez as the highest paid player on the team, it was pretty embarassing.

    What’s Scotty doing this year other than dipping chew and taking shots from the goal line? Oh, that’s right. Absolutely nothing.

  13. Loved that third episode of 24/7, especially the Boyle family.

    but, the best line in the episode was pure MUSIC TO MY EARS!!


    over the many years of washed up overpaid old veterans, I have longed to hear that said about our team. I think we have some good years to look forward to with this bunch!


  14. LW, I’m sure the Rangers will get one of them for Christensen, Wolski, Avery and Zuccarello.

    Johnny, what’s in your briefcase? crackers?

    Manny, she won’t ever leave you.

    Good morning, Sally!

  15. Never said I wanted Jagr on this team, I just thought it was funny that we kept Gomez over him. Although, Gomez turned into McDonagh, so I guess I can’t complain haha.

  16. billybleedsblue on

    I say LET Philly get their false sense of Jagr. He can’t keep up this pace all season and through the playoffs. Something’s gotta give.

  17. There can never be enough, Buff! I am legally married in that my wife-to-be and I have had a civil ceremony at city hall. Tomorrow we are having a real ceremony. My poor wife marrying me, just some English Pig with no brain.

    Wedding is New Year’s Eve, Sally. It’s at a little place you might have heard of called the 35th Precinct! Join us Boneheads!

  18. Doodie Machetto on

    “but considering the only reason he didn’t stay is because the Rangers wanted to have Scott Gomez as the highest paid player on the team, it was pretty embarassing.”

    Actually it was because he wanted a 2 year deal and the Rangers only were offering 1. But hey, who ever let facts get in the way of their argument?

  19. Doodie Machetto on

    After this summer? Absolutely. In a few years from now when they want to do the 25th anniversary of the first Penguins Cup team, I bet Jagr doesn’t get invited.

  20. Manny, it’s not a party til we’re there. Just remember that.

    “You go to the box, two minutes, by yourself. You feel shame and then you get free.”

  21. Being cute again LW? I mean, I know I can’t say anything cause you can do whatever you want to me, Carp even said so. Unless you’ve kidnapped his pets, like he said.
    Then we’d be on even footing I guess.

    But be serious a second; use your noodle. is Ryan a franchise guy? No. 2 overall?
    What about Jeff Carter, 11th overall, a former 46-goal scorer? We could quibble about exactly what that phrase means, franchise guy and all. But let’ say big-time players.

    You should know a few more already, they’ve been in the news more than enough, though you may have been busy polishing your comedy routine.

    Carter, btw, is signed thru 2022. Now that’s funny.

  22. Doodie, you are right. My bad. I thought it was the money.

    As you said though, who needs facts? haha

  23. I heff to be mad because I routinely get sucker-punched around here for trying to talk hockey.

    Then, I usually get banned for taking.

    LW is funny, Carp’s No. 1 Humorist.

    So he’s untouchable.

  24. Oh Rod, loves to come on here with what he’s been “hearing” or more like reading right off of twitter or Pierre Lebrun’s cross check blog. Then when you call him out for it, he starts with the childish comments or threats. Makes me laugh every time. I’ve been hearing too that a last place with several upcoming UFA’s might be looking to trade some of their guys off to get something back. Real deep inside there.

  25. Rod, LW3H is your less than average internet bully, and you know what they say about bullies, they act like they’re tough, but they’re really meek and have esteem issues. Ignore him.

  26. see, now here’s Wirth, 3rd man in.

    They’re like maggots, the ’76 Flyers.

    I give you guys hints, cause that’s all I can safely give.

    if you’re too stupid to put 2 and 2 together, or you don’t care enough to even try, fine.

    I already know this stuff!

  27. duckBill PLA-t-pus on

    the duckbill enjoys Rod’s imput…I also find LW hilarious, and i hope the two continue their kindly-hearted banter.

  28. duckBill PLA-t-pus on

    Mannnyel, i think your wife will leave you as soon as she can…not sure how she could put up with all the time you spend on the internets.

  29. Here’s yesterday….

    Rod December 29th, 2011 at 8:52 pm
    Here’s a little something for ya, Jimbo.

    Sure sounds like Canes are getting ready to rip it down and rebuild around Skinner.

    Man, if some of these bottom teams start dealing off major assets, like Eric Staal for instance,

    Now wait… look at this… Pierre’s Cross Check Blog dated Dec 28 3:55 PM. Trade winds blow in Carolina

    Whether they’ve been buyers or sellers over the years, the Carolina Hurricanes have usually been an active team ahead of the trade deadline and often much before the actual deadline day.
    And they have five pending UFAs on their roster who could be in play: defensemen Tim Gleason, Bryan Allen and Jaroslav Spacek as well as forwards Tuomo Ruutu and Alexei Ponikarovsky.
    Here’s the catch for the Hurricanes right now, however: They can’t just go ahead with straight-up salary dumps in January in any trade because it risks moving them below the payroll floor. According to, the Canes are at $51.4 million in payroll with the league’s floor set at $48.3 million this year. Any deal they make in the short term has to be more of a hockey deal. Instead of just getting a draft pick or a prospect in return, they’ll need to get an NHL roster player back.
    If they decide to wait right up until the Feb. 27 trade deadline, by then the cap hit (and payroll hit) should be minimized, so they can go ahead and make any kind of deal they want.
    Lots of teams, as always, will be looking for defensemen, so veteran Canes GM Jim Rutherford will be a popular phone call with his colleagues around the league.

    You really got that inside info. like every other not credentialed blogger in the World.

  30. Agreed, Doodie. No way Jagr gets invited.

    Sally: Here’s a name for you nostalgia fans: Clarence “Screaming Buffalo” Swamptown. I’ll never forget an exclusive interview in which Swamptown revealed that he calls his hockey stick the “Big Tomahawk,” and he usually refers to the opposing players as “the little scalps”.

  31. Rod – be nice to HWirth and LW. I got their backs.

    Who is Duckbill? Which one of youse guys is posting under dat funny alias?

  32. Now do you know I’m not credentialed, you nit-wit?

    And yeah, some of it has become public knowledge. Some hasn’t.

    There I was making the point, our ‘top-of-the-standings’ standing might be in jeopardy if say, Washington goes and snags Iginla, which I certainly don’t want to see.

    BTW, at least HBO said Gaborik was slashed and not ‘crashed into the boards’ like your MSG buds said for days.

    Too bad they still haven’t shown even 5 seconds of say, Sather tutoring Messier, our next GM.

    But at least we got to see 5 boring Xmas parties & Gaborik buying his tree. Sheesh.

  33. Rod are you mad at HWirth for 24/7? I don’t think he’s responsible for it. I think a woman named Bentley Weiner is in charge.

  34. There is it… the childish insult… Right on cue. A real journalist would always do that if they were trying to gain readers or subscriptions. HAHAHA!

  35. I’m doing the internet equivalent of sticking my fingers in my ears and screaming “LALALALA”.


  36. Manny so i wish you a wonderful Event with a Lot of boneheads in attendance ! I Wrote an Email in the Interim to MSG explaining them my Case asking for displaying a Personal Message during the Game against the Panthers. It would Be wonderful if they would do it :) i have stated you Guys and Carp in the email thats a true Story which is very true.. But the Chat Starts now

  37. Manny – No he’s mad because he like other Internet bloggers with no actual sources doesn’t like to be called out for using actual people in the business stuff. It’s the twitter problem. These guys give out their good stuff on twitter and then a bunch of guys who have never seen an NHL locker room act like they found something out.

  38. Twitter really has changed everything, eh? No more, news in the morning. Guys sitting on things at night or giving an exclusive scoop to a writer. It’s just tweet and re-tweet. Problem is, I don’t really understand twitter.

  39. Right Wirth.

    Except I never “tweeted” anything in my entire life.

    And I don’t desire ‘readers”.

    Just cause you got up close n personal with Sean Avery’s jock doesn’t put you in the know, pal.

  40. Sally, what’s the internet version of poking your own eyes out? ‘Cause I’m about to resort to that one….

  41. Light Willie Mitchell’s medical papers and retire…

    Rod – in all seriousness, find any post where I’ve been abusive, aggressive, whatever to you (or indeed anybody on here) and I’ll graciously apologise. Otherwise maybe lighten up, grow up and drop the persecution complex, OK?

  42. duckBill PLA-t-pus on

    this is great theater..i would suggest those of you who dont enjoy to please allow us that do the chance to eat our bonbons and popcorn without resorting to eye poking or ear covering.

  43. Well, I gotta run so youse are saved.

    Sorry to miss the informative chat, where Carp is going to tell you how he sees them maybe trading a pick for a rental, same (and ONLY) thing he’s been ‘reporting’ for about 10 years running.

    LW, no need to apologize, though it’s kind you offered.

    Just knock off the smartypants stuff with me, ok? Ok.

  44. In all seriousness, LW3H only picks at a certain few posters repeatedly and passes it off as simply humor. It is not a persecution complex if a person is being persecuted. Rod is being persecuted.

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