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  1. Sunnyside!? WooHoo! Are you just visiting for a short time, or are you sticking around for awhile?

  2. Where’s BBB – He made a GREAT point with the Hartford game in MSG. I actually have no idea why they haven’t done that already but they did the BU – Cornell College game?

  3. Marcel Hossa (Marian’s brother) and Jozef Stümpel (who knew he was still playing) had their contracts terminated by their #KHL club today.

    Get on it, Slats.. ;)

  4. No doubt this will get lost in the new Waivery news, but if anyone else wants to be added to the list of people too sensitive to react rationally to even the most innocuous, barely serious comments of mine, please let me know.

    Current list:

    (Note the partial overlap with the list of people too sensitive to even post with a regular pseudonym when making bizarre accusations against me.)

  5. That was a great point he made, HW – harkens back to the really old days when the Rangers had a minor-league farm team playing regularly at the Garden.

  6. LW – And I do apologize that coming to your defense led to that annoying scrum in the corner. Although being referred to as Bill Barber a guy that team felt good enough about to retire his jersey wasn’t exactly an insult.

  7. got to completely disagree with the comments about Stepan. Gaborik did NOT score much paired with Richards, so Stepan has had a BIG impact on Gaborik’s success this season. also, just like the Richards situation, there is NO certainty that Nash would mesh well with the rangers current forwards, and there is plenty of evidence that Nash does NOT lift his team, as they have been a complete flop in Columbus. I would NOT trade Stepan under any circumstances, as he has had a big impact on the Rangers success this season.

    besides, Columbus would probably be demanding Kreider and McDonagh in a trade for Nash, which again I would not do, no way no how.

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