It’s Go Time!


Game 36.

Your boys on a one-game losing streak, play the second of a three-game trip that concludes with the Hyper Bowl Monday. This is the final game of 2011.

Henrik Lundqvist starts in goal. Otherwise the lineup is the same, which means Sean Avery (on waivers en route to another stint in Connecticut with the AHL Whale) and Erik Christensen are prucha’d.

If the Islanders are indeed interested in Avery, then clearly they are doing it for the clown factor more than anything else … because they could have had him at a quarter of the cap hit earlier and didn’t. What changed? Has Avery become a better player by not playing? Or have the Islanders improved to the point where they’re one agitator away?

And as for the Bergen Record report about the incident at the morning skate in Buffalo, there was a little bit more to it than that.


In case you missed it, tomorrow’s Alumni game between the Rangers and Flyers old-timers has been switched from 1 p.m. to a 3 p.m. start because of a poor weather forecast earlier in the day. It’s on Versus, which is also changing its name on Monday.

Tonight, Central Park and all of mid-town Manhattan, including Times Square, will be bathed in Flyers orange lights. They are going to paint Broadway orange, too. All of New York City’s restaurants will be serving only cheesesteaks to honor the Flyers and Monday’s game in Philly. And the George Washington and Brooklyn bridges will be renamed the Ben Franklin and Walt Whitman bridges. The Rocky statue is going to replace Ralph Kramden at the Port Authority.

Also, the Flyers logo will be stuck on the Waterford crystal ball that will drop at midnight on New Year’s Eve. Bobby Clarke will fill in for Dick Clark.

Oh, and jerseys and wool hats are for sale. Not on sale. For sale.

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  1. Mandelbaum? first? second? 3rd? fire torts? we want avery? I’m a nutmegger Carp! we dont want him back! lol

  2. I was brutally CARPED!!! :-(


    Rod, I am not an Avery hater, or a die-hard defender – I liked what he did for the team in the past, and if he could have played that effectively for us this season, I would love to see him in the lineup.

    But, he’s been a “marked man” since the unfortunate “sloppy” comment – the NHL seems to want him to disappear. And Torts hates him – he said as much before he got this coaching gig, when he was a TSN commentator.

    I don’t think Avery can play the way he used to before the comment – the refs call him on everything now. And when he gets called it hurts his team – Torts doesn’t need that, especially from someone he considers a so-so player.

    Don’t forget – he got chastised by the league for annoying Maaaaaaaarty, even before the “sloppy” comment – he’s been in their cross-hairs for some time now.

  3. If you have a Time Warner house (I happened to be at my parents place in Queens for this one) the non HD feed for MSG is not working but the HD channel is.

  4. OK, enough! LET’S GO RANGERS!! Last game of 2011 – let’s get 2 points to close out the year the right way!

  5. LGR!!! Dubi heating up!!! CAAAARRRRLLLL!!!!

    need lots of shots, facing Clemmenson, get to him early!!!

  6. Momentary instance of panic and thinking how fast it would take to get back to my place in Long Island averted.

  7. Good evening all! Sigh, what a way to close out 2011…I’m avoiding the rest of the talk on this. oh well. Gotta run…LGR!!!

  8. Pretty funny watching game on TWC as opposed to the normal Cablevision. Ironically, the commercials about the dispute are different. Wonder why?

  9. and I love how they are posting Messier’s stats while he speaks..Does anyone NOT know his resume? :)

  10. In my part of Queens, there’s nothing but a black screen on channel 27! Thank you, Time-Warner – maybe this is an advance on the blackout threats!?

  11. Sounds like you’re seeing what I’m seeing, ORR – just the B.S. spots, but no other conten….

  12. Boom Boom Bathgate - FOUR CUPS since 1926 on

    Avery would be forgiven in New York, and by the National Hockey League for his verbal apostasy if he would just marry a man. Then the P.C. crowd and the media would talk him up like strawberry parfait.

  13. I called twc to complain twice. They claim the contract ends December 31 but we shouldn’t be having the problem today.

  14. Yes, ORR – I see those channels too – I don’t have the HD service, so I can’t view the channel that HW told us about…

  15. As of now 727 is working but if it goes I wonder if my car goes 90mph to return home without missing too much. Screw the family dinner. we finished eating anyway.

  16. And I have the Center Ice package, but of course, the local coverage is blacked out, by league rule…

  17. N.CountryNYRFan on

    I have TWC and both my HD and non HD channels are working fine, maybe a local outage? I live Upstate.



  18. Good that they’ve moved the camera slightly closer to the ice than Venus after the last Rangers game in this building.

  19. Boom Boom Bathgate - FOUR CUPS since 1926 on

    A 2-0 lead early is great, providing they don’t screw it up by putting Hags out there on the PP.

    Just realized something, that when Hags is out there at “even strength” it really is a power play! So that putting him out there in a 5-on-4 situation would be a “grand larceny power play.”

  20. I know they are playing outdoors next, but no need for a pond hockey game. Lots of open ice all around so far in this one.

  21. I may have to fire up the old DirecTV dish, if it still works – I’ll have to re-subscribe, though…


  22. Have they mentioned that Mike Weaver uses a long stick yet? It’s the Panthers equivalent of Jeff Skinner’s figure skating.

  23. LaGreca just made an interesting observation – Hagelin has 3 of the last 5 Ranger goals!

  24. BTW, I swear I saw McD leaving the game with what looked like some family members after the game and not on the team bus. Oh and I saw Emrick and Eddie O walking out of the arena, and no one else noticed them. I was kinda funny.

  25. Sadly, I doubt it! Dad does not like corned beef and the dog distrusts any strange men that he has never met before.

  26. Mister Delaware on

    I don’t know that I’m going to be able to watch Staal’s first game back. I’ll just be nervous.

  27. Mickey, I could have brought Dad a turkey sammich – or whatever other kind he likes! A knish? Chopped liver…? ;-)

  28. >>>Santorelli is the character who brings Christmas presents to Italian kids, right?


  29. >>>It comes back just to play commercials. Unbelievable!!

    Same here – call the Attorney-General!!

  30. Bologna? I can do that – hmmm…..can I get there before the game is over, I wonder….? :-)

  31. Carp, TWC blacking out their Queens customers should be a front-page story for you in tomorrow’s edition! You’ve got a scoop here!

  32. Can’t say that MSG didn’t warn you, Jimbo. That doesn’t mean Cablevision is blameless in this.

    by the way, what a disgrace National Geographic channel has become.

  33. And just like that Manchester makes it 4-2 with a goal by Marc-Andre Cliche with 5:33 remaining in the second period

    Umm, wasn’t he traded for Avery once?!?!

  34. Didn’t Cullen have the Gene Carr/Dubi disease while he was here? He couldn’t hit the net if he was 2 feet in front of it that last season…? Or am I mistaking him for another castaway?

  35. Anybody have a live feed that is working correctly? I have online feeds, but they do not have any sound/audio. thanks!

  36. So Florida is the 3rd in EC? Are they really that bad? Their speed doesn’t bother NYR as much as it used to, in fact, I think NY outskated them. Total domination, and they didn’t even have the PP yet :-)

  37. LMAO @ Scott Clemmensen has a Vitamin D deficiency after being stuck behind Brodeur for five years.

  38. >>>by the way, what a disgrace National Geographic channel has become.

    I haven’t looked at it for awhile, Carp – I was seeing all those African womens naked breasts, and it was making me feel uncomfortable! ;-P

    But seriously, what have they done lately?

  39. Sorry, Jimbo, they just showed an ad for NatGeo, and a reality show about drug dealers. Rock bottom just keeps getting lower and lower … as we head to 2012, or the apocalypse.

  40. Carp, the shills in the broadcast booth in Pittsburgh last night said that the fans wanted to thank Talbot for practically winning that last Stanley Cup for them in the last game of that series…(if I recall what they were saying correctly) that he scored two goals or something..

  41. CTB is going to CBP on

    What Carp, something’s wrong with cheering for glorified role players that left for the biggest contract they could find?

  42. Drug dealers? on NatGeo? Hmm…is that a fit? I don’t think so!

    The Mayans have us going bust later this year, so who knows….

  43. Talbot is also idolised in Pensland for getting his face beaten in by Carcillo and supposedly turning around a series that the Pens were winning and going to win regardless.

  44. Steve, MSG came back for us – if you need the audio, you can get the radio feed for free on the NY Rangers website…

  45. I could see cheering for Talbot if he went anywhere but in the division or caps. But Flyers, no way! BOO him!

  46. And since he left 10 years ago, a good 85% of Penguins fans don’t know who Jagr is, compared to Talbot, who close to 100% of the fans who haven’t become Blackhawks or Bruins fans still recognise.

  47. Funny you mention NGC, Carp, I have an old friend from high school who hosts a show on that network.

    Can we get 3 more goals this period?

  48. CTB is going to CBP on

    Why couldn’t the Rangers play this hard the last time Avery wasn’t in the line up?

  49. I guess McD is a good player again. He has 2 assists in this one. Girardi, though, still sucks I guess.

  50. Hey guys, did you hear that Time Warner might drop MSG tomorrow?

    Also, can we declare that Dubi is back?

  51. the only good thing about Pittsburgh is the Warhol museum…

    David Dubinsky’s game has been back for a few games now….puck sticking to his blade and his confidence back…gooo dubi!!

  52. N.CountryNYRFan on

    now MSG is saying TWC customers may lose MSG for the rest of the season? Shows how much they are willing to negotiate! This blows. I have TWC, what are my fellow boneheads doing that also have TWC?

  53. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    ilb, why would you want to trade dubinksys the minute he starts to turn things around? I noticed you continually mention trading the players immediately after they achieve something for the greater goods.

  54. N.CountryNYRFan on

    wow Three-or-more looks shaky, keep firing away boys. McD’s limp wrister almost fooled him!

  55. I’m planning to march with a group of Boneheads on TWC’s offices wielding torches and pitchforks, like in the Frankenstein flicks!!

  56. duckbill Plat-y-pus on

    also, duckbill enjoyed immensely massively the Live Chit-Chat today…hope to see mores.

  57. What separates Hagelin and his speed from Fatas and Lisins of the league is that he knows how to use it.

  58. Whew!! That’s a relief, N Country – I was afraid that Joe had lapsed back towards Wolski’s groin area….

  59. >>>110,000 people were in Al Arbour?

    I hope so! That would explode the sonovabeachball for sure!

    Yeah, I hate the Isles coaches too, Czech….

  60. Did someone ask what if anyone is doing anything about TWC? Verizon FiOS next week. I’ve been looking for an excuse to switch anyway….

  61. Through 40 minutes with no *Crosby update* and no *Knickerbocker update* so far?

    Over/under on the number of invisible darts thrown by Pidto in 150 seconds: 8

  62. HWirth, I considered it, but it’s dinner time for the puppy and he won’t eat his food if I’m eating so alas, it was the lame 150.

  63. MickeyM… LOL. That’s cause ur food is better. My dog would eat her food and my food at the same time if I’d let her

  64. Is Rob Martell kidding? Calls a soft trip on Stepan and Cally gets hogged tied and no call. Go get em Cally!

  65. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Yuengling Black & Tan.

    Did you guys here Cally scream “that was a byufilglien trip” hahahaha

  66. Lol Mickey, I still call my seven year old cats kitties…..ok guys, did my Sally work, off to watch the rest of this wonderousness….ta!

  67. I am SO not a girly-girl. I turned down an appointment with my hair dresser when she offered Monday at 1:30. No way in heck am I missing the game!

  68. “Boom Boom just shot Eurostinko with a sniper’s rifle from the upper deck.”

    When men were men they didn’t take’em out at long distance, they carved their adversaries heart out with their bare hands and ate it.

  69. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Feds stole Cally’s goal. I think Cally was shooting for the empty net and Feds intercepted it.

  70. Sorry but that’s Eurotrash right there. Kopecky would never actually fight but has no problem throwing a sucker punch!

  71. if Rupp gets an instigator here he could face a suspension. And I don’t know if they changed the rule, but Tortorella could get a game, too.

  72. For some reason, if there ARE suspensions for Rupp and Torts, no way do they come down in time for Monday’s game. At least, imo

  73. 50 pts! Let me put it in perspective. If they go .500 the rest of the way, they’ll still have 96 points. Which is 3 points more than last year.

  74. CTB is going to CBP on

    Somewhere Lloyd must be finding his way to the bottom of a long bottle. Avery waived and Dubi scoring again.

  75. They’ve usually found a way to not suspend anyone for instigating in the last five minutes, despite the rule. This one doesn’t really fit the profile of a coach throwing a goon on late to start something, so I’d be surprised if anything more than a fine resulted.

  76. CTB is going to CBP on

    They need to give Hagelin a better number. 62 is like spring training numbers for the first round of roster cuts. Maybe give him Caber’s number?

  77. Carp, if Shanny was still on the team and he saw that kind of cowardly play, he would have probably done the same thing that Rupp did…..but he’s an official now, so who knows…?

  78. Suspension for instigating in last five minutes is automatic but “pending a review” – pretty sure a few players have had the ban reviewed away. Only a fine for the coach in any case.

    Plus Rupp doesn’t appear to have been called for instigating – only says game misconduct without the extra two minutes in the boxscore.

    46.22 Fines and Suspensions – Instigator in Final Five Minutes of Regulation Time (or Anytime in Overtime) – A player who is deemed to be the instigator of an altercation in the final five (5) minutes of regulation time or at anytime in overtime (see 46.12) hall be suspended for one game, pending a review of the incident. 
    When the one-game suspension is imposed, the Coach shall be fined $10,000 – a fine that will double for each subsequent incident.
    The suspension shall be served unless, upon review of the incident, the Director of Hockey Operations, at his discretion, deems the incident is not related to the score, previous incidents in the game or prior games, retaliatory in nature, “message sending”, etc. The length of suspension will double for each subsequent offense. This suspension shall be served in addition to any other automatic suspensions a player may incur for an accumulation of three or more instigator penalties.

    No team appeals will be permitted either verbally or in writing regarding the assessment of this automatic suspension as all incidents are reviewed by the Director of Hockey Operations as outlined above.

  79. Excellent point by Torts on the WC. As much as its hyped, it is STILL 2 huge division points.

    LOL, oh Torts, sticking up for DZ and raking the league over the coals. Go get’em man!

  80. Beavis & Butt-head movie on one of the HBO channels now. HBO making a last-ditch effort to keep me as a subscriber beyond Thursday.

  81. torts postgame comments wee classic. How can you not like this guy.

    rupp stinks but I really enjoyed him punching Kepocky about 5 times in the face….

  82. Noah-aal-olski-auer-inger, 29 on

    I honestly am not sure Rupp is better than Avery skill-wise. HOWEVER, he is disciplined and knows when to jump in to defend his teammates.

    So I’m a-okay with Rupp staying in.

    I just hope he doesn’t reprise what he did here against Orr a few years ago:

  83. I just realized something, Jimbo. When Czech calls someone a “moron”, it really means “knowledgeable fan”

    I have no problem with it!

    But, he’s a legit moron, and delusional Avery lover! Maybe even an Isles fan too.

  84. I can forgive almost anything, ORR – but an Islander fan, sorry, no way……. ;-)

    I will wear my moron badge with pride!

  85. >>>I just hope he doesn’t reprise what he did here against Orr a few years ago:

    I miss Colton Orr – I just can’t help it!

  86. LOL! We’re morons, because we want the Isles/Pens/Flyers/Devils to miss the playoffs. Hahaha!

    He complains aboot NYR. He only loves Avery, so it seems. He wants the Isles/Devs/Pens/Flyers to have success, and he’s a real Rangers fan? Interesting!!

  87. Maybe they simultaneously knock each other out? No, I didn’t think so either…..I think Rupp is at a disadvantage with Shelley.

    Shelley did a good job for us for a short time – knowing what we know now, I sure wish that we would have re-signed him, and left Boogie (RIP) in Minnesota…

  88. No, not Hollweg!

    Orr was the best enforcer we’ve had since Joey Kocur – nobody in their right mind wanted to tangle with him, unless they were young and wanted to make a name for themselves.

    I just think of Fedoruk – total annihilation….

  89. LMAO! Found this comment gem on TSN:

    “The bias against Avery is ridiculous. His worst crime was talking about an ex-girlfriend. And he received a ridiculous sentence for that crime. Jeez, players get less time for spearing players in the head.

    Avery is not a cancer, the Rangers loved him. Everynight they were hanging out in his bar. I doubt that would happen if they felt that he was a terrible teammate.

    Some team should take a flyer on him. An agitating third line/fourth line winger, at a cheap price.

    Torts hated him, that’s why he was playing three minutes a game.”

  90. Stranger Nation on

    Hags very impressive on low cycle keeping control of puck. Opened up some ice for B Rich who made great feed to MDZ who let it rip.

    Like bickel’s break out passing, firm and usually on the tape. Stralman on PK is a little scary.

    Was Artie playing tonite? He can disappear at times.

  91. Noah-aal-olski-auer-inger, 29 on

    Was very much kidding about Hollweg. I despised him (though he did have his moments).

    But yes, I do miss Orr.

  92. Mister Delaware on

    I’ve updated Kopecky’s wiki page to reflect what happened tonight. I imagine it will be fixed within the next few minutes.

  93. “Some guy crosschecks you in the back he deserves a smash in the face. He got what he deserved and then guys that play five minutes a night, that’s typical they go out there and grab one of our skilled players,” Dineen said. “We’ll see what the response is.”

    Panthers enforcer Krystopher Barch jumped in trying to get at Rupp, and received a game misconduct while Del Zotto only got two minutes for high sticking.

    “I’m sure we’ll have a meeting next week in New York,” Barch said of next Thursday’s rematch against the Rangers. “You can’t allow that stuff to happen. … That’s just not allowed to go on in terms of a teammate getting jumped like that. We’ll take care of that next week.”

  94. Mister Delaware on

    “Shelley did a good job for us for a short time – knowing what we know now, I sure wish that we would have re-signed him, and left Boogie (RIP) in Minnesota…”

    I know just shy of one million Flyers fans and every single one of them laments the Shelley contract.

  95. Mister Delaware on

    “Really, Mr. Del? Who would they have as their enforcer-type guy instead?”

    A guy not tying up $1.1MM in cap space to fight once in 14 games?

  96. Yeah, I see their point, somewhat – but enforcers like that come at a higher price than they used to – if you’re gonna carry a goon, you have to pay for him. It wouldn’t be like Philthy to NOT have a goon on their team…

  97. Czechthemout!!! on

    So I turned on my iPad here in Aruba to read through the comments hoping to get a sense of what this game was like and alot of what I am reading about is snarky comments from Avery obsessed haters and their glue sniffing enablers making reference about some of my comments. Gee I am thrilled that I hit a nerve particularly with regard to one particular poster who regards himself as a ” knowledgable ” fan. It seems that he takes great pride in him being labeled by me as a moron. In fact I will continue to oblige him. The fact that after posting here with me for the last several years he can actually question my being a Rangers fan only underscores as to how appropriate the moron label fits him. Only I spelled it mORRon originally. I guess he cannot read either. Oh well.


  98. Not looking to argue about Shelley – but in the short time we had him, he seemed to do everything that was asked of him – just saying….and his not being re-signed made Slats go after Boogie, which was a total disaster…

  99. Czech, I don’t know what’s biting your aasen today, but I’m more of an Avery fan than a hater, which I am totally *not*. But his time on this team has ended because there are differences between him and the coach, and in this case, the coach has the upper hand.

    I don’t sniff glue, either…..and if the Islanders shut down operations tomorrow, I could care less – we had a great rivalry with Boston, Montreal, Toronto, Chicago, Detroit and Philadelphia long before that poorly-conceived franchise was awarded to Nassau, simply to freeze out a WHA opportunity to get a toehold in our market.

  100. Czechthemout!!! on

    So I turned on my iPad here in Aruba to read through the comments hoping to get a sense of what this game was like and alot of what I am reading about is snarky comments from Avery obsessed haters and their glue sniffing enablers making reference about some of my comments. Gee I am thrilled that I hit a nerve particularly with regard to one particular poster who regards himself as a ” knowledgable ” fan. It seems that he takes great pride in him being labeled by me as a moron. In fact I will continue to oblige him. The fact that after posting here with me for the last several years he can actually question my being a Rangers fan only underscores as to how appropriate the moron label fits him. Only I spelled it mORRon originally. I guess he cannot read either. Oh well.

    Jimbo never called you a moron. I only stated my opinion about certain players who are on the team and what I believe they contribute or not. That’s it. And I still don’t want to see the Islanders fail. I believe it’s bad for the league to have a team fail from this part of the country. Don’t give two Orrs about the Thrashers or Panthers should they go under.

    Didn’t comment on this game or the last two because I had no ability to watch them although if I tried hard enough I am sure I could have found some way. However don’t think that it would go over to well with my wife and two daughters.

    Anyway, happy New Year to all !

  101. Mister Delaware on

    “Not looking to argue about Shelley – but in the short time we had him, he seemed to do everything that was asked of him – just saying….and his not being re-signed made Slats go after Boogie, which was a total disaster…”

    Slats got it half right by not giving Shelley several million.

  102. Where was MDZ’s crosscheck? Was it in the back? /Below the neck? I couldn’t tell exactly, but from what think I saw, Wow Dineen. When men were men… oh never mind

  103. Billy Ray Valentine on

    You know, you can’t just go around and shoot people in the kneecaps with a double-barreled shotgun ’cause you pissed at ’em.

  104. Czechthemout!!! on


    You were not the one I believe who said in an earlier post about hoping the Flyers,Devils,Islanders
    would all disappear so I was not referring to you.

    As for Avery, the moment he is no longer Rangers property I will be one of the first to say I don’t care about him anymore. But as it stands tonight, he still is an in my option a far better option on the ice than EC,WW,Rupp,Mitchell and even Feds because I think Feds looks almost done.

  105. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    Loved Rupp and Prust instantly jumping in a Rupp pulling kopecky away from ref to pummel him.

    I love that show as well!!

    Re the enforcer/rupp vs orr/ etc convo
    Rupp in that stretch of like 3 or 4 fights between him and orr when he was with the devils, flattened orr in one of those fights as well.

    That being said, orr is the 2nd best enforcer we have had since kocur.

  106. OK, Czech – but we’re all entitled to our opinions – ORR is, you are, I am….we don’t need to get nasty with each other.

    You and I disagree about certain things, but probably not so much about the players. I’d rather not have franchises fail, but the league is being made to look foolish with an owner like Wang.

    And I do still resent the fact that the NHL poached the Rangers territorial area when they would never dream of doing the same to Toronto, Montreal, Boston or any other of the original six teams. Nowhere else in the league have so many teams been placed in such close proximity.

  107. Czech, I may agree with you on who is a better player – but the coach doesn’t, obviously. And right now, he’s holding the cards – I wish Avery well, and I hope that his pro career isn’t over. The league seems to want to be rid of him, however.

    I don’t relish seeing him coming back to the Garden to burn us, though – I’d be nuts to want to see that.

  108. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Czech – Yes, Feds IS done. The real question here is how long it will take the club to address it? They do take their time making obvious decisions, such as the GM and the coach not getting together as regards Avery and dispatching him a month ago, if he was not going to play, rather than than having him sit on his butt for a useless month for the club and himself.

    I am not optimistic that Feds will be gone at all, this season, however much more evidence we accumulate that he has regressed from being a contributor to being a glaring liability who is just clogging up the ice and the roster.

  109. I just think it’s hysterical that the Panthers think they’re going to take care of us.

    Seriously? Is Dineen serious? You think you’re going to come into MSG and take care of us?

  110. Czechthemout!!! Can we try an experiment?? I’d like to see if you remove a couple of those exclamation marks, if I feel like you are no longer shouting down at me. You can always go back to shouting, and calling me dishonest because I don’t agree with you on who the best player is in certain instances.

  111. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Montreal had two NHL teams when the Maroons were operative. And more recently they had an AHL franchise in the Voyagers. I liked it when the Nordiques encroached upon the Canadiens backyard in the competition for native Quebec talent, and siphoned some off.

    Also Ottawa is just a few hours drive from Toronto. I bet Toronto doesn’t like sharing Ontario with them.

  112. Wicky©"suspend the hittee..LW compliant version" on

    oops, btw Simon is the best enforcer we have had since kocur (hit enter too soon on my last post)

  113. Panthers will claim Wavery, and come in & take care of us.

    Where do they get the audacity after Del Zotto was the one who got suckered?

  114. BBB, yes they did – and even in *hockey-mad* Montreal/Quebec, what happened? The Maroons and the Nords folded or moved away – the Voyageurs were the farm team of the Habs, so they weren’t competition, but a convenience to have around.

    Ottawa wasn’t in the league for what, like 50 years or more? Not exactly big competition for the Leafs.

    But within a 10 year span, the NHL plants *two* teams in OUR MARKET – whether the Ranger organization agreed with it or not, as a Ranger fan, I resent it.

  115. Let’s try this one. I’m sorry CCCP, but it’s my opinion. Dineen says they will settle it next Thursday. Ok Kopecky is a big tough guy when DZ isn’t looking, now try dropping the gloves evenly with someone. But of course, not it’ll be the typical Barch vs. Rupp fight. But he won’t. That’s why I don’t like those kinda guys. Bertuzzi did do a dirty thing no question and probably shouldn’t have been allowed back in NHL for more than just a year. But, at least he’ll drop the gloves when challenged as well.

  116. OK, Wicky – I forgot about Simon – we didn’t have him for very long, so I guess that’s why I forgot him. A very tough kid.

  117. Czechthemout!!! on


    I didn’t insult anyone on here. I simply came on to post my opinion about Avery being first sent down and then scratched in favor of far lessar players. For that, mOrron called me a delusional Avery lover among other things. Because in his warped mind, coming up with snarky nicknames equates with hockey knowledge.

    As for the politics of hockey, I agree with you about the fact that we got screwd somewhat by the NHL back in 1972 but solid the leafs somewhat when the Sabers came into existence and the Habs when the Nordiques were merged into the league in 1979. The Bruins also got the shaft a bit when the Whalers came in 1979 .

    As for Wang, I don’t think he is a bad owner at all . He has taken tens of millions of dollars in losses and could have easily walked away years ago but is trying to save that sorry franchise because they are a staple in that community and employ directly or indirectly thousands of people.
    What is truly sad is the politicians and how they are so outwardly looking to be greased by Wang but he refuses. It is all a symptom of crony capitalism which is destroying this country and needs to be stopped!

  118. And by the way, make fighting a suspendable offense. See, how many more sucker punches and stick fouls you’ll see when cowards like Kopecky know they don’t have to answer the bell.

  119. It looked like Kopecky was playing a very chippy game all night – he was running around hitting people, so let’s not make a choir boy out of him.

  120. If I’m Torts. I don’t want Rupp wasting 5 minutes of Barch who is not important. I’d tell Rupp everytime Kopecky is on the ice challenge him to drop the gloves fairly. It’ll never happen.

  121. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Yes, Rod Seiling wore #16, here. I remember how I learned he had been dealt to Washington, I believe it was. I was at a Rangers – Kings game at the Forum when a fan sitting next to me told me about it. Took a long time to recover from the shock and get over it. It really hurt. Rod was quiet but abundantly talented. ‘

    I often wonder how his career would have gone if he had played LW, which he could play as well as D when he came up to the Rangers as a 19-year old kid, shortly after the Bathgate trade. Had he been put on the wing we could have kept Bobby Plager in our organization, as a masher on our blue line. Really liked both those kids so much.

  122. And by the way, they will be nothing in terms of anything from the League on this. The same their wasn’t for Downie. Like I said then, they always err on the side of finding ways not to suspend guys.

  123. Czech, we can agree to disagree on the politics of hockey – but in my mind, the final answer is this – the Whalers failed, the Nords failed, and Buffalo *almost* failed (and who knows if the new owner will hold serve for a few years if they don’t make the playoffs), even Ottawa was in financial/attendance trouble a few years back, I think.

    I think a certain geographical area can support a hockey team – a large area. The Devils aren’t lighting up the league in attendance either, *despite* winning what is it, 3 Cups in a relatively short time? The Isles had a dynasty, but their fans didn’t stick with them when the cups stopped coming – they are fickle.

  124. And I’m sorry for ranting on this again, but I love pointing out the hypocrisy when it happens. Dineen has no problem with MDZ being punched in the side of the head but he does when Rupp punched Kopecky. As always, GM’s and Coaches are only interested in THEIR OWN player’s safety and when guys like Shero in Pitt say otherwise they are flat out liars.

  125. Czech continues to respond to my posts, despite saying he doesn’t care aboot them. LOL! Just can’t resist.

    Can you tell me aboot chemistry again, please? Your chemistry lessons are fun! Go Devils/Isles/Pens/Flyers/Rangers! Weee!

  126. Czechthemout!!! on


    We can agree to disagree. Nothing wrong with that.

    Not sure about Ottawa. Whalers failed because they couldn’t get a new arena. Same for the Nordiques and the Sabers had a head case in Tom Galisano but who knows what this new guy will do. He hasn’t been smart so far in that most if not all of his big ticket fa’s have not played that well except for maybe Erhoff who is very good but not worth a ten year contract.

  127. I thought Seiling wore #16, BBB – and yes, those Plager boys were tough sonsaguns – we could have used a few of them in the late 60’s-early 70’s. I discovered the Rangers in 1967, so I’m kinda weak on the history before then.

  128. Orr,

    I’m not getting into any more battles and I dont want to talk about Wavery again,
    but you should think twice before posting inflammatory stuff like that.

    Torts is wrong for not wanting Avery to corrupt a team of talented young guys Ranger fans have waited decades for?

  129. I think Carp bailed on us Boneheads a long time ago! Too much rancor amongst the ‘Heads..

  130. Boy, I really hope John Tavares breaks Gretzky’s record. That would just be soooo great for NYR. But I’d much rather the Isles win the Cup. That would be soooo great for hockey, and NYR, and the rivalry, oh, oh, oh, but I also want the Devs/Isles/and Flyers to come close, just to be fair.

    I know I don’t sound like a -Avery- Rangers fan, but I really am! I love NYR! Weee!

  131. I’m not getting into the Avery stuff but if there are still people that think they will even remotely miss him, they were sulking about the news with the 3 goal 1st period. Not to mention the we need him for divisional games and went 4-0 in them w/o him.

  132. And here’s another controversial opinion – as Long Island’s demographics continues to change, I think that the Isles potential fan base is shrinking more every day.

    Many of the people who used to live on Long Island that were big Isles fans during the winning years just don’t live there anymore – they’ve moved on. Long Island is tax hell.

  133. Czechthemout!!! on


    Calm down. Avery is almost gone. Soon you will be able to watch the games angst free. After all Rupp brings a lot of presence to the lockeroom. He should be able to singlehandedly remove any corrupting influence Avery ever had on all those young players. After all, a kid like Hagelin when he goes into a slump can come to Rupp’s lockeroom stall and be enlightened by his vast knowledge and experience having amassed an impressive 40 goals in his hall of fame career.

  134. Czech – That post suckered me in. Rupp being a problem? Exactly how? Did you miss his reaction to that Eurotrash (yeah I said it again) Kopecky throwing a sucker punch to MDZ? He went right after him. Chances of the great 16 ever doing that? Beyond zero! If you can’t understand Rupp’s importance to that locker room just in that one instance, you really should stop talking because you really don’t understand how an NHL locker room works.

  135. If Rupp never scores a goal this year, a play like that earns him all the respect he needs in the locker room and on the ice.

  136. Right on there Jimbo, exact thing that happened in Bklyn & Queens 20 years ago,
    though for different reasons.

    Anyway, Wong is full of it. He wears his Isles sweatshirt and plays the part of hockey lover (all while he gladly writes them off as a loss he needs against his mountain of money),
    but he was more than ready to hit up taxpayers for his new arena and Lighthouse Project, from which the majority of proceeds would flow directly to him!

    It’s the oldest trick in the book, and how every state in the country got new building at taxpayers expense. Of course, it does create those high-paying PT vendor jobs.

    Bottom line for Isles is it has been their hockey decisions that have killed them.

    There are probably still enough fans to support a competitive team, but when you look at what Maloney and Milbury and Snow did, it’s mind-boggling.

    And Maloney was clearly the worst of the bunch.

    That’s not counting Neil Smith, who worked there a week LOL

  137. Czechthemout!!! on


    Agree with you on L.I. Being tax hell. We will see what happens there. I think that the bigger reason is the lack of a good team and a nice place to come and watch them play in. Many fans I think have just tuned them out out of frustration. I think Wang was hoping to ignite that with a new arena and a competitive team. Neither of which has happened.

  138. Czech,

    I am calm. Hoping to stay that way.

    Tonight, in a move I’m sure Wavery wouldn’t have matched,

    Rupp brought some presence to the crease!

  139. “If Rupp never scores a goal this year”

    Rupp broke a scoreless tie in the 3rd period against Vancouver. Just sayin. ;) But I hear ya

  140. HWirth- Yes “another” is what you meant but that goal was pretty damn big and I think people overlook it.

  141. Rod, yes – for different reasons, but I’m not “bullish” on Long Island’s prospects in the near future.

    The mean income of Long Islanders has been going down in recent years – the folks with the big bucks are abandoning the place (or dying off – and their kids can’t afford to live there), and they’re being replaced by people who don’t usually attend hockey games. The tax base (and the hockey-attending public) is shrinking out there.

  142. Czechthemout!!! on


    Did you not watch the game last year against the Flyers when Gabby was punched in the face by Carcillio in front of Girardi who just stood there while it happened. The great 16 as you call him went after Carcillio at the first opportunity. Oh and he beat the crap out of Hartnell as well.

    I did not see the game because I am on vacation and have no access to it. Rupp was right to go after Kopecki who is a lowlife that has to resort to a sucker punch instead of challenging a kid who is smaller than him. Rupp was right to after him but than why did he chicken out of fight Erskine when he challenged him? Was it because Rupp got his ass kicked by him last year? The euro trash is not a fighter so big tuff Rupp goes after him . Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t that why they overpayed him to come here?

    The one thing that even most Avery haters will never argue is that Avery stood up for his teammates even scum like EC who threw him under the bus to Edmonton Oilers t.v.crew.

  143. Right again Jim. No doubt. Sad to see.

    Kid living next to my mom married and moved out of state for that very reason.

    Highly political stuff, this is.

    I remember Rupper’s goal, DD. Nice snapper left circle. Was big.

  144. Czechthemout!!! on


    If you can honestly post that Avery did not defend his teammates than we have nothing to talk about. Look, I get it. You hate the guy so much that even if he were to score the cup clinching goal you would be angry at him for it. But at least be honest. Unreal!

  145. Czechthemout!!! on

    Again I don’t understand the love from a select few here for a former Devil and Penguin thug who took many a cheap shot against a bunch of our players while with those teams and is only here because once again Sather the fool overpaid for a player because he had two great games against us. Unreal!

  146. I’ve said & posted the OPPOSITE, Czech.

    I dont hate the guy; actually admire the career he put together on minimal talent.

    You don’t make things up & be honest.

    Wavery picked his spots sticking up for teammates too.

    Czech, I dont want to discuss this non-Ranger anymore.

    He’s gone.

  147. Oh yeah, he’s a great teammate, especially loved in Dallas. The first time I’ve ever seen a team on record bash a guy from their lockerroom in the NHL. You may never see that again. That’s how much his teammates loved him. He’s not a team guy and will be out of the NHL in the next 12 hours and what’s best is based on his comments about the team they should do what Dallas and not send him to hartford but force to find an AHL that will take him.

  148. >>>Kid living next to my mom married and moved out of state for that very reason.

    >>>Highly political stuff, this is.

    Rod, it sure is – the bills are coming due for all the things that have been going on for decades here in New York and environs – and there’s going to be a shakeout.

    That’s why the sunbelt states are gaining in population – and unfortunately, when folks leave this area, hockey isn’t a prime concern where they are heading – especially in places like Phoenix or Carolina, despite all efforts to make it survive there.

  149. The Great 16 as written by Michael Farber, who I am pretty sure has been covering the NHL since Rocket Richard played.

    The ethos is different. Unlike baseball clubhouses, where players sit facing their stalls, or football locker rooms, where players are segregated by position, a hockey dressing room is designed so all players face toward the center, gazing at one another. Avery did not look at his teammates in Dallas. Between periods he would often sit by himself in the hallway, headphones on, a citizen of Planet Sean. When Avery was in the dressing room, according to Stars veteran Mike Modano, he was often on his phone, discussing a potential book deal or his movie project, a romantic comedy based on the life of the only NHL player to spend his summer as an intern at Vogue. ( Avery handled a variety of assignments including assisting on fashion shoots and “guest editing” on during his time at the magazine last year.)

    Avery wore shorts with his sport coats to preseason games because, Modano said, “he didn’t feel he could express himself if he dressed the same as everybody [else]…. He just seemed unwilling to do what we were all asked to do, on and off the ice. He wanted to march to his own beat.” Avery was the iconoclast clown, throwing spitballs at hockey’s ways.

  150. You mean this from that same article:

    Forget trading him. The Stars, who don’t have an American Hockey League affiliate, haven’t found even a minor league team, let alone an NHL one, that wants Avery. When co–general manager Les Jackson contacted the coach of an AHL team whose parent NHL organization is known for taking on project players, he got a one-word answer: “No.”

  151. ORR, I think it was Dallas’ AHL team that didn’t want Avery – is that what you meant?

  152. HW – thanks for that – I forgot or didn’t know that Dallas didn’t have an AHL team. Who is their farm team?

  153. Now they have a farm team in Texas also called the Stars who I believe play in Cedar Park in some small Arena.

  154. Wow – OK…never heard of Cedar Park, but I’m no Texan! Is that in the Central Hockey League? I thought they folded? Rangers used to have a CHL affiliate way back in the day…

  155. Wirth,

    Avery’s a different kind of cat. He’s an ex-Ranger.

    Let’s move on something , see if you’ll listen to me for once and Im packing it in.

    I’m sure you read or heard about the Booegard piece in the NYT.
    It’s horrendous what these guys go thru.
    Rupp is a pro, at a minimum he deserves some respect, because let’s face it, he’s really really risking long term pain in answering the bell, and tonight he did it exactly as he was supposed to (does he pick his spots, as Czech alluded to? Of course. The guy’s not a top-flight heavyweight, he can play a little, that’s the tradeoff)

    But remember too his season is only about 4 weeks old. Give him a chance. He’s the best we have right now and certainly better than what we had previously.

    And when he & Bickel are on the ice together, it’s snarly look we badly need and haven’t had in a long time. Later.

  156. HWirth December 31st, 2011 at 1:24 am
    If Rupp never scores a(nother) goal this year, a play like that earns him all the respect he needs in the locker room and on the ice.

  157. Czechthemout!!! on


    Like I give a damn what happened in Dallas. Or what Madano or that writer says. The Vogue stuff is non of Madano’s business and it is a phony fact written to back up the writers story. Avery interned at Vogue while with the Rangers or in the off season. Seems Brad Richards sure likes him. As does the king and a bunch of other teammates.

    mOrron being the glue sniffer that he is selectively posted a link to something to make Avery look bad. But of course did not post the other links from YouTube where Avery got the better of Hartnell twice and of course did not post the fight where Avery bested Hartnell later in that same game. So of course he is being dishonest. But he already knew that or maybe not because glue can do that to a brain I guess.

  158. Czech – Well don’t worry. You don’t have to care about what a hall of famer like Modano says but the NHL GM’s will because they care more about his opinion than a minor part of the Ranger fan base, as those are his only supporters. Therefore, Sean Avery is now 10 hours away from the last time he’ll ever be on an NHL roster. Unlike Glen Sather leaves the NYR in the next year or two and works for a different team.

  159. Czechthemout!!! on


    Yes that was when Avery committed the mortal sin of ” sloppy seconds” that’s right the entire NHL got their little panties into a tizzy. Not because Avery cross checked someone from behind and ended their season. Not because he used his legs to blow out a knee, a Matt Cooke special, not because he sucker punched a player ending his career or not even blind siding his own brother deliberately causing him a concussion and very possibly almost ending his career. No! Damn it. He said sloppy seconds! For that he got suspended and had to enroll in anger management classes because in today’s pc society, it is more dangerous to besmirch an ex girlfriend than to deliberately injure someone.

    You make me laugh!

    Anyway, let’s not talk about Avery anymore. He is soon going to be an ex ranger and then at that point he is irrelevant to me.

  160. >>>For that he got suspended and had to enroll in anger management classes because in today’s pc society, it is more dangerous to besmirch an ex girlfriend than to deliberately injure someone.

    But she’s obviously the Goddess of the Canadian Film Industry! She must have her virtue protected, at all costs!

    What an asinine way this whole thing played out – you would think that the guy was a reincarnation of Ted Bundy…

  161. And anyway, in the context of what he said, he was goofing on Dion Phaneuf, although it wasn’t a “nice” thing to say about his ex-girlfriend either…

  162. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    The Avery saga is boiling down to society’s frenetic suppression of individuality, and badgering insistence upon “conformity.” Anybody can be a sheep, Sean Avery will always be his own man.

    John Wayne was an individual, Frank Sinatra was over the top individualistic. We celebrated these men. Today Wayne would be slandered and maligned for his politics by the same Hollywood crowd which admired him, back then. Today Sinatra would crucified for the way he treated women – like women, not like they were men. Sean Avery is cut from this old-time leading man mold. Too bad the control-freak pansy crowd cannot handle it.

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